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UMS Concert Program, November 15: Sixty-fifth Annual Choral Union Concert Series -- Marian Anderson

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Season: 1943-1944
Concert: Second
Complete Series: 2870
Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Second Concert 1943-1944 Complete Series 2870
Sixty-Fifth Annual
Choral Union Concert Series
FRANZ RUPP at the Piano
Monday Evening, November 15, at 8:30 Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Se Florindo e fedele..........Scarlatti
La Vie...............Haydn
My mother bids me bind my hair . . ¦......Haydn
Sind es Schmerzen, sind es Freuden
Dein blaues Auge . .
Der Schmied
Aria, "Pleurez mes yeux" from "Le Cid".....Massenet
Silent Noon .......Vaughan Williams
The Roadside Fire )
Amuri, Amuri............Sadero
Evening Song............Griffes
Negro Spirituals:
Ride on, King Jesus ........Arr. by Burleigh
Lord, I can't stay away.......Arr. by Hayes
Sometimes I feel like a motherless child . . . Arr. by Brown Honor, Honor.........Arr. by Johnson
In service.
Note: Marian Anderson has been heard in the Choral Union and May Festival Series on previous occasions as follows: Mar. 20, 1937; May 11, 1938; May 12, 1939; Oct. 23, 1940; and May 6, 1942.
The Steinway piano, furnished through the courtesy of Grinnell Brothers, is the . official concert instrument of the University Musical Society
Son, see down the cheeks of your aged father, tears are streaming. Long after I have been in the grave, your name and glory will fill the world.
Se Florindo e fedele............Scarlatti
My heart I can defend against luring smiles, pleading and weeping, but if Florindo be faithful, I'll surely fall in love.
La Vie................Haydn
Life, life is a slumber
A light dream, vanishing
Dark sometimes and sometimes golden
Mixed with shadow and with sun
Until the moment when man dies.
And then the wakening comes.
Life, life is a slumber
Love there glitters in a dream,
A will-o-the-wisp it seems to be
He who has turned his heart to love
Will soon find nothing but a lie
And then the wakening comes.
My mother bids me bind my hair.........Haydn
My mother bids me bind my hair with bands of rosy hue
Tie up my sleeves with ribbons rare and lace my bodice blue
For why, she cries, sit still and weep, while others dance and play.
Alas! I scarce can go or creep, while Lubin is away.
'Tis sad to think the days are gone, when those we love are near.
I sit upon this mossy stone, and sigh where none can hear.
And while I spin my flaxen thread and sing my simple lay
The village seems asleep or dead, now Lubin is away.
Sind es Schmerzen, sind es Freuden........ Brahms
Is it joy or grief awaking, what will my heart unfold
All my hopes of old forsaking, brighter blossoms I behold
Through the blinding tears of yearning, distant suns to me appear,
Light of hope is brightly burning, shall I boldly venture near.
Ah, my tears are vainly flowing, all is dark and cold and dead;
Ne'er a gleam a brightness showing, ev'ry hope of joy has fled.
My throbbing heart colder grows, my scalding tears dim all I see.
Ah, joy is our deeper woe, life is a grave to me
Hapless, despairing, sorrow I'm bearing
My thoughts as in a dream, lightly are straying
Rising, falling, swaying.
Botschaft............... Brahms
Gentle zephyrs, wander softly o'er my fair one's cheek
When ye toy among her tresses, rest awhile;
Nor fly away, rest awhile, nor fly away.
Then if she should ask ye how I bear my lot of sorrow,
My lot of sorrow, say, say; with tears he greets the morrow
And the pangs of absence rend him
But if thou a message send him, joy within his heart will waken
When he knows it comes from thee, when oh fairest,
When he knows it comes from thee.
Dein blaues Auge.............Brahms
So clear thine eyes to gaze within
Those depths of April blue
Thou askest what I seek therein.
I seek my life made new.
Two burning eyes enthralled my soul
And still and still the smart is dear;
But thine, love, like the sea are cool,
And like the sea are clear, and like the sea are clear.
Der Schmied..............Brahms
My love I can hear, his hammer is banging
And clashing and clanging! Afar it resoundeth
Like church bells, it soundeth through alley and square
Beside his black forge is standing my lover
And yet I cross over, for bellows are roaring
And round him are pouring the flames they disgorge.
Aria, "Pleurez mes yeux" from "Le Cid".......Massenet
I emerge from this terrible conflict with a broken soul
But at last I am free and from now on I will sigh unconstrained and suffer unobserved.
Cry! Cry, O my eyesl Fall, 0 sad dew,
Which shall never be dried by a ray of the sun! If there is one hope left, It is to die soon.
Cry! O my eyes, cry out all your tears! But who has wished upon us this eternity of tears O dear buried, do you really find joy In bequeathing to the living implacable pain Alas! I remember he said to me; With your tender smile You could only lead To glorious roads And to blessed paths! Ah! my father! Alas! Cry, 0 my eyes!
Silent Noon...........Vaughan Williams
Your hands lie open in the long fresh grass,
The finger points look through like rosy blooms;
Your eyes smile peace. The pasture gleams and glooms
'Neath billowing skies that scatter and amass
All around our nest, far as the eye can pass
Are golden kingcup fields with silveredge
Where the cowparsley skirts the hawthorn hedge
'Tis visible silence, still as the hourglass
Deep in the sunsearch'd growths the dragonfly
Hangs like a blue thread loosen'd from the sky;
So this wing'd hour is dropt to us from above
Oh! clasp we to our hearts, for deathless dower,
This close-companion inarticulate hour,
When twofold silence was the song, the song of love.
The Roadside Fire.........Vaughan Williams
I will make you brooches and toys for your delight
Of birdsong at morning and starshine at night
I will make a palace fit for you and me
Of green days in forests, and blue days at sea.
I will make my kitchen, and you shall keep your room.
Where white flows the river and bright blows the broom;
And you shall wash your linen, and keep your body white
In rainfall at morning, and dewfall at night.
And this shall be for music when no one else is near,
The fine song for singing, the rare song to hear!
That only I remember, that only you admire.
Of the broad road that stretches and the roadside fire.
Amuri, Amuri..............Sadero
A Sicilian carter walks at the side of his horse, and full of grief, thinks of what love has made of him, while he is saying now and then to his horse: "Trot along, old man, we are driving home."
Evening Song...........Charles Griffes
Look off dear love, across the shallow sands
And watch yon meeting of sun and sea
How long they kiss in sight of all the lands.
Ah! longer, longer we.
Now as the sea's red vintage melts the sun
As Egypt's pearl dissolved in rosy wine
And Cleopatra nigh drinks all
'Tis done, love, lay thine hand in mine.
Come forth, sweet stars, and comfort heaven's heart;
Glimmer, ye waves, round else unlighted sands
O night! divorce our sun and sky apart
Never our lips, our hands.
Annual "Messiah" Concert
The annual performance of Handel's MESSIAH will be given Sunday afternoon, December 19, at 3:00 p.m., in Hill Auditorium.
Agnes Davis, Soprano William Miller, Tenor
Lillian Knowles, Contralto Wellington Ezekiel, Bass
University Choral Union Special "Messiah" Orchestra
Palmer Christian, Organist Hardin Van Deursen, Conductor
Reserved seat tickets, including tax, now on sale: main floor, 60 cents; first balcony, SO cents; and top balcony, 30 cents.
Chamber Music Festival
The FOURTH ANNUAL CHAMBER MUSIC FESTIVAL, consisting of three concerts, will be given Friday evening and Saturday afternoon and evening, January 21 and 22, in Rackham Lecture Hall.
THE ROTH STRING QUARTET Feri Roth, Violin Julius Shaier, Viola
Michael Kuttner, Violin Oliver Edel, Violoncello
Series tickets, including tax, now on sale: $2.75, $2.00, and $1.10; single concerts, $1.10 and $.55.
Choral Union Concerts
Yehudi Menuhin, Violinist......Tuesday, November 23
Claudio Arrau, Pianist........Friday, December 3
Boston Symphony Orchestra.....Wednesday, December 8
Serge Koussevitzky, Conductor
Don Cossack Chorus........Tuesday, December 14
Serge Jaroff, Conductor
Artur Rubinstein, Pianist .......Tuesday, January 18
Marjorie Lawrence, Soprano . . . Sunday (3:00 p.m.), January 30
Mischa Elman, Violinist.......Thursday, February 10
Ezio Pinza, Bass..........Monday, March 6
A limited number of tickets for most of the individual concerts are still available.
All tickets now on sale at the offices of the University Musical Society, Burton Memorial Tower.
Mail orders for any of these concerts should include self-addressed stamped envelope, and be mailed to University Musical Society, Charles A. Sink, President, Burton Memorial Tower, Ann Arbor, Michigan

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