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UMS Concert Program, December 14: Sixty-fifth Annual Choral Union Concert Series -- Don Cossack Chorus

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Season: 1943-1944
Concert: Sixth
Complete Series: 2874
Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Sixth Concert
Complete Series 2874
Sixty-Fifth Annual
Choral Union Concert Series
Tuesday Evening, December 14, at 8:30 Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Blessed is the Man . Legend
Blessed Art Thou, O Lord In Thy Kingdom .
From Kievo-Pechersky Monastery
.......P. Tchaikovsky
(Arr. by S. Jaroff)
.......P. Tchaikovsky
Russian Fair . .....
From the Opera "Prince Igor" ....
(Arr. by C. Shvedoff)
Parting (A Russian Song).....
Through the Street
C. Shvedoff A. Borodin
From Border to Border
Arr. by C. Shvedoff A. Varlanoff
New Russian Song
(Arr. by S. Jaroff)
(Arr. by S. Jaroff) Dance Finale
The Morning Greets Us.....
(Hymn of the United Nations)
(Arr. by S. Jaroff)
Song of an Apple.......
Marching Song.......
The Monotonous Bell......
Campaign Song.......
Dance Finale
In service.
Note: The Don Cossack Chorus has been heard in the Choral Union Series on previous occasions as follows: November 20, 1930; January 13, 1932; November 19, 1934; November 11, 1935; November 18, 1940; and October 20, 1942.
The Steinway piano, furnished through the courtesy of Grinnell Brothers, is the official concert instrument of the University Musical Society
D. Shostakovich
Arr. by C. Shvedoff
C. Shvedoff
Arr. by S. Jaroff
Arr. by C. Shvedoff
Blessed is the Man.....From Kievo-Pechersky Monastery
This psalm was sung at the evening church services, which sometimes lasted several hours, in the monasteries of Kiev. The psalm starts with a sombre melody in the chorus. The meter is typical of old Russian church music. It is free, varying as to words. The Don Cossack Chorus sings the psalm in its original arrangement.
Legend...........P. Tchaikovsky
Arr. by S. Jaroff
The Christ child planted a garden of roses. When the flowers were in bloom He called the children who picked the roses and left the garden bare. They asked Him how He would make a wreath for himself. The Christ child answered, "The thorns are there."
Blessed Art Thou, O Lord.......P. Tchaikovsky
This song is used during the night church service. The melody is very old and Tchaikovsky's arrangement expresses humility and meekness.
In Thy Kingdom.........P. Tchesnokoff
The Eight Beatitudes which are sung in Russian churches during the Liturgy, set to the sincere and warm Tchesnokoff music.
Russian Fair...........C. Shvedoff
This song depicts the jollity at a fair, with the cries of the vendors, beggars, music of the street organ, and the enthusiasm of the crowds.
From the Opera "Prince Igor".......A. Borodin
Arr. by C. Shvedoff
Parting (A Russian Song)......Arr. by C. Shvedoff
This comic song tells of a young lad and his sweetheart who are returning to the girl's home after an evening party. They were not successful in reaching their destination--it was impossible for them to say the last "good-bye." The chorus starts with an imitation of the accordion--the instrument most commonly used in this kind of song.
Through the Street.........A. Varlanoff
Arr. by S. Jaeoff Through the street a snowstorm rages, as my beloved comes to me.
From Border to Border.......New Russian Song
Arr. by S. Jaroff A popular song of the Red Army about the valiant fight against the Nazis.
Dance Finale intermission
The Morning Greets Us . . . . . . . D. Shostakovich
(Hymn of the United Nations) Arr. by S. Jaroff
Soviet Russia's world-famous composer expresses confidence in the Red Army's victory and the day of ultimate world democracy.
Song of an Apple........Arr. by C. Shvedoff
The song begins with a plaint about an apple tree which after a long drought had grown weak and unable to hold the apples on its branches. This would symbolize the material and moral bankruptcy of Russia before the Revolution. As a result of this cancerous condition, the Russian Revolution burst. Some Russians fled the new regime and emigrated to other countries. Separated from their native land, they were-in the words of the song--like apples which fell from the tree and rolled away.
Marching Song..........C. Shvedoff
From all over Russia troops, stubbornly, implacably march to the front. Knowing the eyes of their people are upon them, they find the enemy wherever he may be.
The Monotonous Bell........Arr. by S. Jaroff
The horse bell echoes the driver's song, sad with hopeless longing. The white dust rises on the long, empty road.
Campaign Song........Arr. by C. Shvedoff
A distant song--who can it be--the Cossacks
Nearer and nearer it comes--it is our men!
Let us go out to greet them.
The Village Chief welcomes them and we sing
"Long live the Cossacks."--(from two Cossack melodies)
Dance Finale
Annual "Messiah" Concert
Sunday afternoon, December 19, at 3:00 p.m., Hill Auditorium.
Agnes Davis, Soprano William Miller, Tenor
Lillian Knowles, Contralto Wellington Ezekiel, Bass
University Choral Union Special "Messiah" Orchestra
Palmer Christian, Organist
Hardin Van Deursen, Conductor
Reserved seat tickets, including tax, now on sale: main floor, 60 cents; first balcony, 50 cents; and top balcony, 30 cents.
Fourth Annual Chamber Music Festival
The ROTH QUARTET will give three programs in the main Lecture Hall, Rackham Building, as follows:
Friday Evening, January 21, 8:30
Quartet in E-flat major, Op. 50, No. 3..... . Haydn
Quartet in F.............Ravel
Quartet in D minor, Op. posthumus.......Schubert
Saturday Afternoon, January 22, 2:30
Seven Chorale Preludes...........Bach
Quartet in F major, Op. 135........Beethoven
First String Quartet...........Casella
Saturday Evening, January 22, 8:30
Quartet in F major, Op. 41, No. 2.......Schumann
Quartet No. 2...........Harold Morris
Choral and Fugue............Brahms
Italian Serenade.............Wolff
Course tickets, tax included, $2.75, $2.20, and $1.10. Single concerts, $1.10 and 55 cents.
Choral Union Concerts
Artur Rubinstein, Pianist.......Tuesday, January 18
Marjorie Lawrence, Soprano . . . Sunday (3:00 p.m.), January 30
Mischa Elman, Violinist.......Thursday, February 10
Ezio Pinza, Bass..........Monday, March 6
Single concert tickets $2.75, $2.20, $1.65 and $1.10.
Christmas Concerts
Candlelight Service. Sigma Alpha Iota Sorority will provide its annual candlelight service on Friday, December 17, at 8:30 p.m. in the Presbyterian Church. No admission charge.
Christmas Sing. The Annual Community Christmas Sing will be held Wednesday evening, December 22, at 7:30 p.m. in Hill Auditorium. No admission charge.
A limited number of tickets for most of the concerts are still available, and are on sale at the offices of the University Musical Society, Burton Memorial Tower. Mail orders should include self-addressed stamped envelope, and be addressed to University Musical Society, Charles A. Sink, President, Burton Memorial Tower, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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