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UMS Concert Program, November 4: Sixty-sixth Annual Choral Union Concert Series -- Helen Traubel

UMS Concert Program, November 4: Sixty-sixth Annual Choral Union Concert Series -- Helen Traubel image UMS Concert Program, November 4: Sixty-sixth Annual Choral Union Concert Series -- Helen Traubel image
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Season: 1944-1945
Concert: First
Complete Series: 2889
Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan

First Concert 1944-1945 Complete Series 2889
Sixty-Sixth Annual
Choral Union Concert Series
COENRAAD V. BOS at the piano
Saturday Evening, November 4, at 8:30 Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan
God is My Song (Gottes Macht und Vorsehung) . . Beethoven
My song is to God! Great is His name and great are His works. All Heaven does His bidding.
Joy of Sorrow (Wonne der Wehmuth).....Beethoven
Dry not, dry not those tears of unhappy love. Only those whose eyes are wet know how lonely the world can be.
I Love You (Ich liebe dich).......Beethoven
I love you as you love me. In joy and sorrow we are one. May God's blessing ever be upon our love!
"Voi lo sapete" from "Cavalleria Rusticana" . . . Mascagni
Santuzza relates to her lover's mother, simply but with great pathos, then with growing agitation, and finally despair, how Turiddu has forsaken her for his former sweetheart, Lola, who is now married, but because of jealousy has enticed her former lover away from Santuzza.
My Abode (Aufenthalt) ........Schubert
Murmuring stream, rustling wood, cold senseless rock -my lone abode.
Cradle Song (Wiegenlied)........Schubert
How heavenly is your beauty. As an angel folds his hands, so you go to sleep. How sweet is the awakening for an innocent mind.
Note: Helen Traubel has been heard in the Choral Union Series on one previous occasion: May 8, 1942.
(Over) In service.
The Steinway piano, furnished through the courtesy of Grinnell Brothers, is the official concert instrument of the University Musical Society
Ecstasy (Seligkeit)..........Schubert
What joy there is in your celestial beauty. With you I wish to stay.
Rest Thee My Soul (Ruhe meine Seele) . . . Richard Strauss
Rest, rest troubled spirit. Thou has fought and trembled like the stormbeaten ocean. Rest and forget -thy suffering will soon be over.
Caecilie...........Richard Strauss
If you but knew the anguish of my loneliness, if I could tell you what living is in the creative breath of God -you would dwell with me.
Song Without Words (Duet in A-flat) .... Mendelssohn
Coenraad V. Bos
Elsa's Dream, from "Lohengrin".......Wagner
Elsa's Dream occurs in the first act. Brought before the king on a charge of having killed her brother, she tells of a dream in which a knight in shining armor came to protect her. Woven in this melody is the Grail motif (which Wagner uses later in Parsifal), for it is foretelling the coming of Lohengrin, a knight of the Holy Grail. We can only wonder today that such sheer beauty of music could have been traduced at one time with such bitter hostility.
Deep river ) XT . . , ait.
Swing low, sweet chariot Ne§ro spirituals . . Arr. by Burleigh
Sea shell............Carl Engel
A memory..........Blair Fairchild
Blow, blow, thou winter wind.....McNair Ilgenfritz
Choral Union Concerts
Cleveland Orchestra . . . (7:00 p.m.) Sunday, November 12 George Szell, Guest Conductor
(broadcast nationally and by short wave, at 7:00 p.m.)
Fritz Kreisler, Violinist.....Friday, November 17
Simon Barere, Pianist......Monday, November 27
(Mr. Barere will take the place of Josef Lhevinne)
Carroll Glenn, Violinist.....Tuesday, December 5
Boston Symphony Orchestra .... Monday, December 11 Serge Koussevitzky, Conductor
Vladimir Horowitz, Pianist.....Monday, January IS
Dorothy Maynor, Soprano.....Saturday, February 3
Westminster Choir . . . . (3:00 p.m.) Sunday, February 11 John Finley Williamson, Conductor
Chicago Symphony Orchestra .... Monday, March 19 Desire Defauw, Conductor
Tickets now on sale at the offices of the University Musical Society, Burton Memorial Tower.

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