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UMS Concert Program, October 28, 1946: -- Dorothy Maynor

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Season: 1946-1947
Concert: 1
Complete Series: 2932
Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Extra Concert No. 1 1946-1947 Complete Series 2932
Dorothy Maynor
Soprano LUDWIG BERGMANN at the Piano
Monday Evening, October 28, 1946, at 8:30 Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Freue dich, erloste Schar.........J. S. Bach
Donna Elvira's aria from "Don Giovanni".....Mozart
Auf Fliigeln des Gesanges ....... Mendelssohn
Neue Liebe........... Mendelssohn
Verschwiegene Liebe......... Hugo Wolf
Hochbegliickt in deiner Liebe....... Hugo Wolf
L'Invitation au voyage..........Duparc
Airs chantes............Poulenc
Air romantique Air grave
Air champetre Air vif
Aria: Song to the Moon, from "Rusalka".....Dvorak
Mit Myrthen und Rosen.........Schumann
Rheinlegendchen "1
Ich atmet' einen linden Duft ........Mahler
Wer hat dies Liedlein erdacht J
Sweet Music..........Karol Rathaus
As I Ride...........Karol Rathaus
Negro Spirituals:
I'm a Trav'lin' to the Grave......Arr. by Dett
What Kind of Shoes........Arr. by Wolff
Go On, Brother..........Arr. by Dett
Note--Dorothy Maynor has been heard in the Choral Union and May Festival Series on previous occasions, as follows: May 9, 1940; May 9, 1941; and February 3, 1945.
The Steinway piano, furnished through the courtesy of GrinneU Brothers, is the official concert instrument of the University Musical Society
Freue dich, erloste Schar (Rejoice, Ye Ransomed Souls) . J. S. Bach "Come, rejoice, ye ransomed souls, Joyful sing in Zion's dwelling; Ever faithful, ever sure is God's promise. From his store, grace and love for us are welling."
Donna Elvira's aria from "Don Giovanni".....Mozart
While fleeing from Donna Anna and her betrothed, Don Ottavio, after mortally wounding Donna Anna's father in a duel, Giovanni meets Donna Elvira, whom he has deserted even while eloping with her. She berates him for his deceitfulness with "mi tradi quell' alma ingrata" (by him I've been betrayed ... my peace has fled. . .)
Auf FlUgeln des Gesanges (On Wings of Song) . . Mendelssohn "On wings of song, my darling, I'll bear thee on and on; I know the loveliest nook there, where Ganges' waters run."
Neue Liebe (New Love)........Mendelssohn
"With a nod and smile in passing, the Fairy Queen went by. Does it mean my love shall prosper, or can it be that death is nigh "
Verschwiegene Liebe (Silent Love)......Hugo Wolf
"Fond love thoughts concealing, who'll tell us their meaning, or stay their swift flight .... My love is as silent and fair as the night."
HochbegliAckt in deiner Liebe (Thro' Thy
Dear Love Fortuned Highly)......Hugo Wolf
"Thro' thy dear love fortuned highly I occasion could not blame, Tho' like thee, in robbing slyly, She so sweet a theft might claim! Make no just! Say not I've bound thee. Does not love enrich us both When mine arms are twined around thee, Fortune's dow'r finds fullest growth."
L'Invitation au voyage (Invitation to the Voyage) . . . Duparc "Dear one of my heart, what joy were ours to seek together that land of our dreams where we might live and love and die as one. ... to find that haven where all is beauty and peace!"
Airs chantes (A Cycle of Songs)......, . Poulenc
1. Air romantique (Romantic Song)
"The country-side I wandered, tho' storm and wind defied me, A raven, black as night, took wing as tho' to guide me, The distant lightning played and flashed in splendor fleeting, Yet was my heart for some vague terror loudly beating, Autumn, with jealous hand, her part in nature playing, Yet still the bird, aloft, no weariness betraying, For ever onward flew, and gave no thought to me."
2. Air champetre (A Country Song)
"Lake so silent! I must ever remember that I gazed on thy features so fair. Oh, Goddess! Oh, Nymph! To follow thee, and mingle for awhile with winds that round thee play, and reply, to thy hidden waves. Lake so silent! I must remember! Oh, Goddess, so fair!"
3. Air grave (Song of Grief)
"Oh, depart from me, all thoughts of pain, remorse, disgrace, cruel memories of old. Moss-cover'd, winding paths and fountains lightly flowing, rock-laden caverns, mild song of birds and wind, dim shadows of beast -Oh creatures, great and small! Oh, joy of living! Reject me not, oh Nature, hear me when I cry!
4. Air vif (Brisk Song)
"The orchard is white, the country-side rejoices, meadow and field and grove are breaking into bloom. Hark to the voices of winds! But thou, ocean serene, never shaken tho storms rage around, now in dreams thou art bound. . . . Alas! Hark to the voices of winds that sigh above."
Aria: Song to the Moon, from "Rusalka".....Dvorak
The story of "Rusalka" is the Czech version of the legend known to us as "Undine, the Water Sprite." Rusalka, a water sprite, falls in love with a young prince as he passes by the pool in which she lives. On the condition that she will not speak a word for one year, the king of the water sprites gives his consent to let her become a human being and marry the prince. But the prince, tiring of a wife who will not speak to him, is unfaithful to her, and Rusalka is called back to the water kingdom. It is when Rusalka first sees the handsome prince that she sings her "Song to the Moon."
"Oh, Moon, high up in the sky! Your light is seen far and wide; you wander the world over; you observe the fate of men. Oh, Moon, listen! Listen to me, tell me where my dear one is! Turn your light on him and tell him who is waiting for him. Does my sweetheart see me in his dreams, and, waking in the morning, think of me Oh, Moon, don't hide your light!"
Mit Myrthen und Rosen (With Myrtle and Roses) . . Schumann
"With myrtle and roses, fair to behold, With sweet-scented cypress and tinsel-gold, I would fain this my book like a coffin array, And there my songs to rest I would lay."
Auftrage (Messages).........Schumann
"Not so hasty, tiny streamlet -here's a message to my love; Tell her if I too were nearing, for a kiss I'd boldly sue. Not so hasty, little dove -bear my love a thousand greetings. Lazy moon, do not wait until I compel you to hear my love. Tell her had I on the moonbeams ridden, for a kiss I'd boldly sue. But you're too slow for an ardent wooer!"
Rheinlegendchen (Rhine Legend).......Mahler
"I mow by the Neckar, anon by the Rhine, At times I've a sweetheart, at times none is mine! What good is my sickle if sharp it not be! What good is a sweetheart who stays not with me! . . ."
Ich atmet' einen linden Duft (I Breathed the Breath
of Blossoms Red)..........Mahler
"I breathe a fragrance sweet and rare, of linden blossoms in the air. How sweet the soul of roses red, that on fond hearts the odor of love hath shed."
Wer hat dies Liedlein erdacht (Who Has Thought Up
This Ballad)...........Mahler
"Upon the hill, there is a house; within the house, a little maid. Her two red lips can heal my heart. Come maiden, then, and heal. Who could have thought up this little ballad Two gray geese and goose snow-white. And he who cannot sing my song, may whistle it with pleasure."
SAweTet Music 1..........Karol Rathaus
As I Ride J
These two songs, still in manuscript form, have been written by Karol Rathaus, internationally-known composer whose works have been widely performed in both hemispheres by leading symphony orchestras and artists.
From Act III, Scene I, of Shakespeare's "Henry VIII," Mr. Rathaus has selected the words of Queen Catherine -"Sweet Music is such an art, killing care and grief of heart."
In "As I Ride," a young Army officer addresses his Arab Chief, Aba-El-Kadr, at the time of the resistance of the French forces in Algeria in 1833.
Salvatore Baccaloni
Basso Buffo--Metropolitan Opera
Tickets: $1.50 --$1.00 --800
Two Concerts SATURDAY, DECEMBER 14, 8:30 P.M.
SUNDAY, DECEMBER 15, 3:00 P.M. Tickets (either concert): 700 -600 -400
Sixty-eighth Annual Choral Union Series
Eugene Istomik, Pianist.....Wednesday, October 30
Mr. Istomin is appearing in place of Egon Petri, who is ill. Cleveland Orchestra......Sunday, November 10
George Szell, Conductor
Yehudi Menuhin, Violinist.....Tuesday, November 19
Icelandic Singers.......Monday, November 25
Boston Symphony Orchestra .... Monday, December 9 Serge Koussevitzky, Conductor
Vladimir Horowitz, Pianist......Friday, January 17
Detroit Symphony Orchestra .... Monday, February 17 Karl Krtjegee, Conductor
Lotte Lehmann, Soprano.....Wednesday, February 26
Chicago Symphony Orchestra.....Sunday, March 16
Desire Depauw, Conductor
Seventh Rnnual Chamber music Festival
Friday Evening; Saturday Afternoon and Evening,
Lecture Hall--Rackham Building Season Tickets (with tax): $3.60--$3.00--$1.80
For tickets or for further information, please address: Charles A. Sink, President, University Musical Society, Burton Memorial Tower.

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