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UMS Concert Program, October 8, 1947: Sixty-ninth Annual Choral Union Concert Series -- Karin Branzell

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Season: 1947-1948
Concert: First
Complete Series: 2955
Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan

First Concert 1947-1948 Complete Series 2955
Sixty-ninth Annual
Choral Union Concert Series
DONALD COMRIE at the Piano
Wednesday Evening, October 8, 1947, at 8:30 Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Dido's Lament: "When I am Laid in Earth,"
from "Dido and Aeneas" . . . . . . . . Purcell
Meine Liebe ist griin..........Brahms
Das verlassene Magdlein..........Wolf
Gesang Weyla's............Wolf
Med en primula veris
Med en vandlilie
En Svane
Og jeg vil ha mig en hjertenskjaer
Der Lindenbaum 1
Fischerweise I..........Schubert
Nachtviolen I
Der Erlkonig I
The Cloths of Heaven..........Dunhill
The Cherry Tree..........Sam Barlow
Air de Lia, from "L'Enfant prodigue" ...... Debussy
The Steinway is the official concert piano of the University Musical Society ARS LONGA VITA BREVIS
"When I Am Laid In Earth" from "Dido and Aeneas" . . Purcell
Thy hand, Belinda! darkness shades me: When I am laid in earth, On thy bosom let me rest: May my wrongs create
More I would, but death invades me; No trouble in thy breast; Death is now a welcome guest. Remember me,
But ah! forget my fate.
The flowers have long since fallen asleep, And soon the little dustman will come To close my baby's eyes. Go away, little dustman -My baby is fast asleep.
Meine Liebe ist griin..........Brahms
My love is green as a lilac tree,
Laden with sweet blossoms in the sunlight.
My soul raises its nightingale wings,
Uplifted by the perfume,
And sings my rapture.
Das verlassene Magdlein (The Forsaken Maiden) .... Wolf
When stars are yet shining, must I rise and make the fire. Ah, then it comes to me that I did dream of thee, faithless lover, and the dream is over. My tears fall fast, my eyes are blinded; the day dawns at last--would it were ended!
Gesang Weyla's............Wolf
Hail sacred Isle! Dear land, far distant shining! . . . Before thine altar bending, great kings, thy vassals, throng thy marble fane.
Med en primula veris...........Grieg
Here is a primula, my darling,
Do not toss it away,
Though roses wait in the summer.
Spring is for us and our love,
So take my flowers and give me your young heart in return.
Med en vandlilie (With a water lily).......Grieg
See what I bring, Maria, a blossom with white wings. Will you wear it on your breast It will dream there, for your breast is like the stream where the lilies play and the water sprites pretend to sleep.
En Svane (A Swan)...........Grieg
My white swan, you swim, you fly in silence, though you know everything. You never whisper your wonderful thoughts. Until your death you hide your beautiful voice, but dying, you sing--my swan.
Og jeg vil ha mig en hjertenskjser (Oh, that I had a sweetheart) . Grieg
Oh that I had a sweetheart on Midsummer Night. With a silken vest and a feather in my cap I should carry her away on my prancing white steed.
Der Lindenbaum...........Schubert
A linden tree stands at the well by the gate where I dreamed happy dreams and carved dear words. When I left in the night, its leaves whispered "Here is peace." Now, far away, I still hear those words: Here is peace.
A fisherman's life is a joyous one. He sets out in his boat before the lark has risen into the sky and soon a catch is in sight. He sings as he toils, but he who would spread his net must have sharp eyes. Upon the bridge a sly maiden is fishing. Pull in your line . . . the fish can't be fooled.
Dark, soulful eyes looking seriously, without a word, into the mild spring air. You have struck sadness into my heart which recalls you in the lonely nights.
Der Erlkonig............Schubert
A tremendously dramatic setting of Goethe's familiar poem telling of the father who rides through the forest with a sick boy in his arms. The boy seems to hear the voice of the elfin Erlking, at first wheedling, then threatening, and, after repeated cries of terror, dies just as they reach an inn. The galloping of the horse and the voices of the three characters are all clearly brought out in the music.
Air de Lia, from "L'Enfant prodigue"......Debussy
The years roll by, no comfort bringing, spring comes smiling, gay flowers flinging
The birds' sweet song but makes my heart sadder pine:
My wounds bleed fresh my heart cries for joys once mine.
Along this silent shore I wander lonely,
My grief God knoweth only, ever, evermore Lia mourns for her child, the child
that once she bore.
Azael, ah! wherefore did'st thou leave me On my heart thou art graven, I sorrow for thee. Happy days to my memory start, when the elm trees waving o'er us Homeward the ruddy oxen bore us, weary with toil but light of heart Then as the shadows began to fall, we all the evening hymn did sing Thankfully to God our King, to God the Lord who giveth all Sweetly we slept, and glad uprose, youth and pure maidens wandered free, plighted
vows in sincerity
Even shades brought rest and calm repose. Happy ye parents! when to earth your children bind ye: How glad your lot appears! Its joys, its tender fears. With their lives hath their love entwined ye. Sadly must I alone drag out the leaden years! Azael! Ah! wherefore did'st thou leave me
Frances Yeend, Soprano
Mary Van Kirk, Contralto
Harold Haugh, Tenor
Mark Love, Bass
Freida Op't Holt Vogan, Organist
The University Choral Union
Special Symphony Orchestra
Lester McCoy, Conductor
TICKETS (tax included) Main Floor and First Balcony, 70; Top Balcony, 50
Short Extra Series
Patrice Munsel, Soprano......Saturday, October 18
Cleveland Orchestra . . . . (7:00 p.m.) Sunday, November 9 George Szell, Conductor
Don Cossack Chorus.......Tuesday, December 2
Serge Jaroef, Conductor
Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra . (7:00 p.m.) Sunday, February IS Dimitri Mitropoulos, Conductor
Alexander Brailowsky, Pianist .... Wednesday, March 10
Season Tickets (inc. tax): $7.80--$6.60--$5.40--$4.80 Single Concerts: $3.00--$2.40--$1.80--$1.50.
Choral Union Series
Chicago Symphony Orchestra . . (7:00 p.m.) Sunday, October 26 Artur Rodzinski, Conductor
Daniel Ericourt, Pianist......Tuesday, November 4
Set Svanholm, Tenor.......Friday, November 14
Westminster Choir.......Monday, November 24
John Finley Williamson, Conductor
Boston Symphony Orchestra .... Monday, December 8 Serge Koussevitzky, Conductor
Myra Hess, Pianist.......Saturday, January 10
Detroit Symphony Orchestra .... Monday, February 23 Karl Krueger, Conductor
Georges Enesco, Violinist......Tuesday, March 2
Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra .... Thursday, March 18 Thor Johnson, Conductor
Single Concerts (inc. tax): $3.00--$2.40--$1.80--$1.50.
Tickets for the Chamber Music Festival ($3.60 and $2.40); and for the "Messiah" concerts (70 and 50) now on sale.
For tickets or for further information, please address: Charles A. Sink, President, University Musical Society, Burton Memorial Tower.

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