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UMS Concert Program, October 14, 1948: Third Annual Extra Concert Series -- Marian Anderson

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Season: 1948-1949
Concert: FIRST
Complete Series: 2982
Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Seefid Concert
Complete Series 2982
Third Annual
Extra Concert Series
FRANZ RUPP at the Piano
Thursday Evening, October 14, 1948, at 8:30 Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Te Deum .... Serse, Recitative and Aria Come raggio di sol Che fiero costume
Der Doppelganger
Der Erlkonig
Aria, "Suicidio" from "La Gioconda"
Night on Ways Unknown Has Fallen Blow, Blow Thou Winter Wind . Sweet Nightingale (traditional) . Yarmouth Fair.......
Negro Spirituals:
Steal Away.....
Oh, What a Beautiful City .
Roll, Jord'n, Roll ....
Handel Handel
Antonio Caldara Giovanni Legrenzi
Charles Griffes
Roger Quilter
Arr. by Franz Rupr
Arr. by Peter Warlock
Arr. by Burleigh
Arr. by Boatner
Arr. by Payne
Arr. by Hall Johnson
Note: Marian Anderson has been heard in the Choral Union and May Festival Series on previous occasions as follows: March 20. 1937; May 11, 1938; May 12, 1939; October 23, 1940; May 6, 1942; and November IS, 1943.
The Steihway is the official concert piano of the University Musical Society
L 0 N G A
PROGRAM NOTES Te Deum...........G. F. Handel
Have pity on us, O Lord, On this sinless day; Have mercy on us, Lord, Let Thy forgiveness come on us, For we trust in Thee.
Serse, Recitative and Aria........G. F. Handel
(New edition by E. V. Wolff)
To win one's true treasure one must be cunning. A vivacious laugh, a quick glance can make one fall in love. Sometimes it is necessary to trick and fool--ah, I can do all these things!
Come raggio di sol........Antonio Caldara
As on the swelling wave in idle motion, Wanton sunbeams at play are gaily riding, While in the bosom of th' unfathom'd ocean There lies a tempest in hiding: So are many that wear a mien contented, Many a visage whereon a smile e'er hovers, While deep within the bosom a heart tormented In secret anguish covers.
Che fiero costume........Giovanni Legrenzi
What strange whim pursuing when for our undoing Blind Cupid thro' torments our love doth compel! A fair face perceiving the God so deceiving Perforce made me worship as under a spell. Now harsh Fate's decreeing that Cupid unseeing In public esteem should a place win so high. This tyrant persistent on suff'ring insistent, My vision has captured and forced me to sigh!
Suleika...........Franz Schubert
I envy you your humid wings, oh western wind
For you can tell him how I suffer, now we are parted!
Your pinions' motion wakes silent longing in my breast.
Flowers, meadows, woods and hills dissolve at your breath.
Yet your mild and balmy blowing cools my burning eyelids.
Oh! I would die of anguish could I not hope to see him!
So haste to my love, murmur softly to his heart,
Yet do not grieve him, but hide my sorrow.
Tell him modestly, that his love is my life,
That if I am with him, two will rejoice.
Wohin...........Franz Schubert
I heard a clear brook gushing as on its way it sped,
Far down the valley rushing, upon its rocky bed,
And as I stood and pondered the thoughts within me rose,
I'll wander ever onward where'er the brooklet flows.
And onward, ever onward I follow the rippling rill,
And hear its murmur growing more clear and sweeter still.
O whither do we wander O speak, dear brook, and tell,
O whither Pray thee, tell. Thy murmur sweet is holding
My spirit 'neath its spell.
But no, 'tis not a murmur, that can no murmur be,
The water-nymphs are singing a wondrous melody.
Ah, heed not the song nor the murmur, but follow without fear,
The sound of mill-wheel turning in every brook I hear.
Der Doppelganger.........Franz Schubert
A man goes at night to gaze at the house where his beloved used to dwell. In front of the house, to his dismay, he beholds a pale man gazing at her window, wringing his hands in agony; and the moonlight shows him that the other man is his own self, his double.
Der Erlkonig..........Franz Schubert
Who rides there so late through night so wild
A loving father with his young child
Has clasped his boy close with his fond arm
And closer, closer to keep him warm.
Dear son, what makes thy sweet face grow so white"
"The Erl King stands there with crown and shroud!"
"Dear Son, it is some misty cloud."
"Thou dearest boy, wilt come with me
And many games I'll play with thee;
Where varied blossoms grow on the wold,
And my mother hath many a robe of gold."
"Dear father, my father say, didst thou not hear,
The Erl King whispers so low in my ear"
"Be tranquil then, my child;
Among withered leaves the wind bloweth wild."
"Wilt come, proud boy, wilt thou come with me
Where my beauteous daughter doth wait for thee;
With my daughter thou'Il join in the dances every night;
She'll lull thee with sweet songs to give thee delight."
"Dear father, my father, canst thou not trace
The Erl King's daughter in yon dark place"
"Dear son, dear son, the form you there see
Is only the hollow grey willow tree."
"I love thee well, with me thou shalt ride on my course,
And if thou'rt unwilling I'll seize thee by force!"
"O father, my father! thy child closer clasp.
Erl King hath seized me with icy grasp!"
His father shuddered, his face grew more wild,
He held to his bosom his poor swooning child.
He reached that house with toil and dread,
But in his arms, lo! his child lay dead.
Aria, "Suicidio" from "La Gioconda".....Ponchielli
Ah! Suicide! 'Tis that alone may release me from all this anguish
Since Fate relentless my life hath blighted.
Calm, unaffrighted, now let me end it,
And welcome my doom. Ah! years of gladness yet all too lightly cherished
Ere I had lost her, my darling mother, Ere love had perished!
Maddened by jealousy, by passion burning, be death the solace.
For all my yearning, mine hour approaches, mine hour of doom.
May heaven in mercy her peace accord me within the tomb.
Short Extra Series
Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra . . . Monday, November 15 Thor Johnson, Conductor
Rudolf Serkin, Pianist.......Friday, December 3
Heifetz, Violinist.......Saturday, February 19
Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra .... Sunday, March 13 Fabien Sevitzky, Conductor
Single Concerts: $3:00--$2.40--$1.80--$1.50
Choral Union Series
French National Orchestra.....Monday, October 25
Charles Munch, Conductor
Cleveland Orchestra.......Sunday, November 7
George Szeix, Conductor
Ezio Pinza, Bass.......Thursday, November 18
Clifford Curzon, Pianist.....Saturday, November 27
Boston Symphony Orchestra .... Monday, December 6 Serge Koussevitzky, Conductor
Ginette Neveu, Violinist......Saturday, January 8
Vladimir Horowitz, Pianist......Friday, February 11
Nathan Milstein, Violinist......Friday, March 4
Chicago Symphony Orchestra.....Sunday, March 27
Fritz Busch, Guest Conductor
Single Concerts (inc. tax): $3.00--$2.40--$1.80--$1.50
Tickets for the Chamber Music Festival, January 14, 15, 16, 1949 ($3.60 and $2.40); and for the "Messiah" concerts, December 11 and 12 (70£ and 50) now on sale.
For tickets or for further information, please address: Charles A. Sink, President, University Musical Society, Burton Memorial Tower.

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