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UMS Concert Program, October 10, 1954: Ninth Annual Extra Concert Series -- Eleanor Steber

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Season: 1954-1955
Concert: First
Complete Series: 3138
Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Charles A. Sink, President
Thor Johnson, Guest Conductor
Lester McCoy, Associate Conductor
First Concert
Complete Series 3138
Ninth Annual
Extra Concert Series
ELEANOR STEBER, Soprano James Quillian at the Piano
Sunday Evening, October io, 1954, at 8:30 Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Donna Anna's Aria, "Non mir dir," from Don Giovanni.....
Schlagende Herzen
Freundliche Vision
Du meines Herzen's Kronelein
"Un bel di" from Madama Butterfly Musetta's Waltz Song from La Bohetne "Vissi d'arte" from Tosca
Richard Strauss
The Song of the Dew .
Two Old American Songs . Long Time Ago (Ballad) Simple Gifts (Shaker song)
Nancy Hanks ....
Summer Evening
I Saw the White Daisies .
Stravinsky Arr. Aaron Copland
Katherine K. Davis Orvis Ross
Kent Kennan
Columbia Masterworks Records
NOTE--The University Musical Society has presented Eleanor Steber on previous occasions, as follows: May 6, 194S; and May 1, 1952.
The Steinway is the official piano of the University Musical Society.
Donna Anna's Aria, "Non mi dir," from Don Giovanni (Act II).........Mozart
Don Ottavio gently chides his betrothed, Donna Anna, whose father has been slain by the Don, for postponing their wedding day, and she replies with this lovely aria-that she is not "cruel," he well knows that she loves him and that they will find happiness together.
Five Songs..........Richard Strauss
Slandchen (Serenade)--Open the door softly, that none may waken, with steps light as an elf's, run lightly to me in the moonlit garden. The nightingale shall dream of our kisses and the rose blush at our happiness.
Schlagende Herzen (Beating Hearts)--A youth, wandering over hill and dale while his heart beats loudly "Kling--Klang!" sings and gathers flowers. He dreams of his sweetheart, standing in the meadow, her heart, too, beating "Kling--Klang!" as she awaits him.
Freundliche Vision (Pleasant Vision)--I did not dream it; I saw it in broad day?light. A meadow full of daisies, a white house deep in verdure, and I am walking with one who loves me into the peace that awaits our coming.
Du meines Herzen's Kronelein (Thou, my heart's diadem)--Thou my heart's diadem of purest gold, outshining all others a thousand times. Thou art like the wild rose, unconscious of her loveliness, yet every passer-by must own her beauty.
Bejreit (Released)--The husband comforts his wife as death draws near, "Oh, do not weep, my love! Bid me farewell and fondly kiss me. Leave our children with a mother's caress. Soon we shall both find release from sorrow."
Three Arias............Puccini
Un bel di, from Madama Butterfly--Butterfly, who has been abandoned by Pinker-ton, affirms her belief that some day he will return. One fine day a great ship will appear on the horizon--the boom of cannon will announce its arrival in the harbor . . . they will see him coming from a distance. Butterfly will hide for a moment just to tease him ... he will call for her by the old names of endearment ... so let fears be banished, for he will return, she knows it!
Musetta's Waltz Song, from La Bohime--Musetta coquettishly sings this charm?ing waltz song to her lover, Marcel, who is sitting at a nearby table in the Cafe Momus. Without arousing the suspicions of her aged escort, she informs Marcel, with whom she quarreled, that she is still in love with him.
Vissi d'arte, from Tosca--Tosca, after saving her lover Cavaradossi, with a promise of herself to the wicked Scarpia, indulges in a passionate exposition of fate's cruelty. She has lived for music and love, never harmed a living thing, always aided the dis?tressed, ever a fervent believer, her prayers offered to the saints--her recompense only sorrow and humiliation.
Three Songs.............Berlioz
Villanelk--It is spring; let us wander in the woods and tell each other of our love.
Absence--Return, beloved, for the flower of my life is faded without you and the world is waste.
Zaide--"My city is Granada of the cool gardens, where Alladin's Palace rivals those of Cordova and Seville," sang the young Zaide seated at the feet of the Queen. "Have
you no family, my child" "Your affection is all my wealth, O my Queen. My father is this gentle sun, the Sierra my mother, and the stars my sisters." Yet in the night Zaide wept. A cavalier spied the beauty, lifted her to his golden saddle. Granada, alas, is far away, but Zaide still dreams of it.
The Song of the Dew.........Stravinsky
O mother earth, O dear one, O fruitful one, 0 brown one! The dingy hut is empty. Oh come celestial spirit, and bring us holy water; with faith we'll glean each droplet. We have lingered, we have languished, while our locks we plaited. Sad and weary, lonely pining, while we gleaned the dew drops. And at each cool drop we murmured and we sang in chorus, gently thrusting slender branches toward each other. Spinster shall re?main a maiden. Would she be a bride Bringcst thou fine gifts, O maiden that wouldst be a bride Blush not, show the mark so dainty that adorns thy nape. Blush not, give a cross of ash! Hear ye how in the yard proudly strutting, mounting guard, a fine cockerel crows high! Rustles spreading far and wide; soon, aye, soon, at eventide, each of you shall be a bride. A seat of earth well trodden, dull panes in every window, the dingy hut stands empty. He comes, the Holy Spirit, He casts o'er us His shadow.
0 sisters, praise the Maker!
Nancy Hanks--Abraham Lincoln's Mother
(Poem by Rosemary Benet).....Katherine K. Davis
If Nancy Hanks came back as a ghost, Seeking news of what she loved most, She'd ask first, "Where's my son What's happened to Abe What's he done" Poor little Abe, left all alone except for Tom, who's a rolling stone; he was only nine the year I died. I remember still how hard he cried. Scraping along in a little shack with hardly a shirt to cover his back, and a prairie wind to blow him down, or pinching times if he went to town. You wouldn't know about my son Did he grow tall Did he have fun Did he learn to read Did he get to town Do you know his name Did he get on"
Summer Evening (Poem by R. H. Mottram) .... Orvis Ross
Down endless vistas of the evening cloud the golden shafting glitters, and the pomp of the day declines to wistful peace. The birds are still, and the human triflings cease. Folk are dispersed in garden, field, and lane, and the distant figures sprig the twilit plain. While, at high windows, voices low and mild are heard to hush softly the wakeful child. Calling his mother, inconsolable, a small boy weeps, but why, he cannot tell: "It is so lovely, lovely, and so far, the Heaven where you, and I, you say, must go. Empty--except one tiny evening star . . . Shall I find you there Will the angels know"
1 Saw the White Daisies (Poem by Bliss Carman) . . Kent Kennan
Over the shoulder and slope of the dune I saw the white daisies go down to the sea; a host in the sunshine, an army in June, the people God sends us to set our hearts free. The bobolink rallied them up from the dell, the oriole whistled them out of the wood--And all of their singing was "Earth, it is well!" And all of their dancing was "Life, life, thou art good I"
CONCERTGEBOUW ORCHESTRA OF AMSTERDAM, Eduard Van Beinum, Conductor . . Wednesday, October 27, 8:30 p.m.
Program: Symphony No. 4...........Beethoven
L'Apres midi d'un faune..........Debussy
Musique pour l'esprit en deuil.........Esciier
Firebird Suite............Stravinsky
Extra Concert Series
Eleanor Steber, Soprano......Sunday, October 10
Concertgebouw Orchestra of Amsterdam . Wednesday, October 27 Eduard Van Beinum, Conductor
Robert Shaw Chorale.....Monday, December 6
Isaac Stern, Violinist......Thursday, February 10
Walter Gieseking, Pianist.....Tuesday, March 22
Orchestras: $3.50--$3.00--$2.50--$2.00--$1.50 Other Concerts: $3.00--$2.50--$2.00--$1.50
Choral Union Concert Series
The Societa Corelli.......Friday, October 15
Boston Symphony Orchestra .... Wednesday, October 20
Charles Munch, Conductor The Cleveland Orchestra.....Sunday, November 7
George Szell, Conductor
Jorge Bolet, Pianist......Monday, November 15
Leonard Warren, Baritone.....Sunday, November 21
Vienna Choir Boys.......Sunday, January 16
Zino Francescatti, Violinist.....Monday, March 7
Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra .... Tuesday, March 15
Wilhelm Furtwangler, Conductor New York Philharmonic Orchestra . . . Sunday, May 22
Dimitri Mitropoulos, Conductor
Orchestras: $3.50--$3.00--$2.50--$2.00--$1.50 Other Concerts: $3.00--$2.50--$2.00--$1.50
First Concert: Saturday, December 4, 8:30 p.m.
Repeat Concert: Sunday, December 5, 2:30 p.m.
Lucine Amara, Soprano Charles Curtis, Tenor
Lillian Chookasian, Contralto Donald Gramm, Bass
University Choral Union and Orchestra
Mary McCall Stubbins, Organist
Lester McCoy, Conductor
Tickets (either performance): 75 cents and 50 cents On sale beginning October 15
Chamber Music Festival
Budapest String Quartet .... February 18, 19, 20, 1955
Season Tickets: $3.50 and $2.50; Single Concerts: $1.75 and $1.25 On sale beginning October 15
For tickets or for further information, please address: Charles A. Sink, President, University Musical Society, Burton Memorial Tower.

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