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UMS Concert Program, February 16, 1960: Bach Aria Group -- William H. Scheide

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Concert: Eighth
Complete Series: 3284
Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan

1959 Eightyfirst Season 1960
Charles A. Sink, President Gail W. Rector, Executive Director Lester McCoy, Conductor
Eighth Concert EightyFirst Annual Choral Union Series Complete Series 3284
William H. Scheide, Director
Julius Baker, flute Bernard Greenhouse, cello
Robert Bloom, oboe Jan Peerce, tenor
Eileen Farrell, soprano Carol Smith, alto
Norman Farrow, bassbaritone Paul Ulanowsky, piano Maurice Wilk, violin
Tuesday Evening, February 16, 1960, at 8:30 Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan
A Program of Cantatas and Arias from the Cantatas of JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH
Opening of Cantata US, for entire group--Make thyself, my spirit, ready. Watch, beseech and pray, that the evil time not meet you unforeseen; for it is Satan's craft over many of the pious that has come for a temptation.
Recitative and arioso from Cantata 60, for alto, bass, and continuo--
Fear: Death still remains hateful to human nature and almost tears hope wholly to the ground.
Voice of the Holy Spirit: Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth.
Fear: 2d Rec.--Ah, but ah, how much danger presents itself to the soul, to travel the way of death. Perhaps the jaws of hell will make death frightful for it, when they try to swallow it up; perhaps it is already accursed to eternal destruction.
3d Rec.--If I die in the Lord is then blessedness my share and inheritance The body becomes surely food for worms, Yes, my limbs will turn to dust and earth again. Since I a child of death am called, so do I appear in the grave to perish.
4th Rec.--So now, shall I be blessed from henceforth: return, oh hope. My body may without fear in sleep repose, the spirit can take a glimpse of that joy.
Aria from Mass in F major, for alto, violin, and continuo--For Thou only art holy, Thou only art the Lord, Thou art most high Jesus Christ.
Aria from the Secular Wedding Can?tata 202, for soprano, oboe, cello, and piano--Yield, melancholy shades, frost and winds, go to rest! Flora's delight will grant to the breast nothing but happy good fortune, for she is bringing flowers.
The Steinway is the official piano of the University Musical Society A R S LONGA VITA BREVIS
Aria from Cantata 113, for tenor, flute, and continuo--Jesus receives sinners: sweet word full of comfort and life! He gives the soul's true rest and calls to each one comfortingly: thy sin is for?given thee.
Aria from Cantata 97, for bass and continuo--There is no end to all my ef?forts, my cares are in vain. He may dis?pose my affairs in accordance with His will, I place them in His keeping.
Aria from Cantata 94, for alto, flute, and continuo--Deluded world! Even your riches, poods and money, are de?ceit and false appearance. You may reckon up vain Mammon, I will instead for myself choose Jesus; Jesus, Jesus shall alone of my soul the riches be.
Aria from Cantata 14, for bass, oboe, violin, and continuo--God, by Thy strong protection we are free from our enemies. When they like wild waves out of wrath array themselves against us, Thy hands stand by us.
Aria from Cantata 97, for tenor, vio?lin, and continuo--I trust His grace, which shields me from all disgrace, from all evil. If I live according to His laws, so will nothing hurt me, nothing be lacking that is useful to me.
Aria from Cantata 68, for soprano, 'cello, violin, oboe, and continuo--My believing heart, shout for joy, sing, frolic, your Jesus is there; away, terror, away, complaining, I will merely say to you: my Jesus is near.
Selections from the secular cantata Der Zufriedcngeslellte Aeolus (composed for the birthday of Professor August Mueller of Leipzig University).
(No applause until conclusion of this work.)
Characters in order of performance:
Aeolus, king of the winds........bass
Zephyr ........................tenor
Pomona, goddess of fruits.........alto
Pallas ......................soprano
Aeolus gleefully anticipates the destruc?tion that will be wrought by his fierce winds when he releases them from their cavern. Zephyr and Pomona beg him not to let them out but all entreaties are vain until Pallas informs them that such a commotion would spoil Professor Mueller's birthday party. This is too
much for Aeolus, who grants their re?quest, whereupon the other three are very relieved and happy.
Aria for Aeolus, flute, oboe, violin, and continuo--How hilariously will I laugh, when everything goes in confu?sion ! When even the cliff does not stand secure and when the roofs crash in.
Recitative jor Zephyr and continuo-Oh, fearful Aeolus, in whose lap I once lay, and enjoyed thy rest, let thy hard decision not all too early terrify me; withdraw it, let in thee as a favor to me, sympathy yet awake.
Aria jor Zephyr, violin, cello, and continuo--Oh fresh shades, my joy, see, how painfully I part, come, lament my shame. Rustle ye desolate twigs. Ah, I am silent, only gaze grieving after me.
Recitative jor Aeolus and continuo-Almost will you move me. What Do I not see Pomona here, and, if I am right, Pallas also with her Say, worthy one, say what would you ask of me For surely you are very much concerned about it.
Aria jor Pomona, oboe, and continuo --Cannot the red cheeks with which my fruits shine capture thy furious heart. Ah, just say, can't you see how the leaves from the twigs bow sadly down to earth in order to avert their misery that is to happen to them.
Recitative jor Pomona, Pallas, and continuo--
Pomona: So wilt thou, wrathful Aeo?lus, just like a cliff and rock be to my request
Pallas: Very well! I will and must also dare my sobs, perhaps will to me what he, Pomona, to thee silently re?jected by him be granted.
BoTn: Good! if he to meyou de?clares himself kinder.
Aria jor Pallas, violin, and continuo-Delightful Zephyr, thy kiss rich in scent of musk, and thy listening coolness shall play upon my heights. Great King, Aeolus, just say to Zephyr, that his muskrich kiss and his listening cool?nesses shall play upon my heights.
Recitative jor Pallas, Aeolus, flute, violin, and continuo--
Pallas: My Aeolus, ah, do not spoil the festivities, since my Muses' Helicon has planned a feast, a pleasant celebra?tion upon his heights.
Aeolus: Then tell me why this day especially seems to you so precious, so worthy and sacred (aside) Oh nui?sance! and annoyance! shall I then carry out a woman's will with my com?mands
Pallas: My Mueller, my August, the Muses' joy and delight.
Aeolus: Your Mueller, your August! Pallas: and my beloved son Aeolus: Your Mueller, your August!
Pallas: comes now upon delightful times since his wise name prophesies eternity for him.
Aeolus: Your Mueller! your August! the Muses' joy and delight, and your beloved son comes now upon delightful times since his wise name prophesies eternity for him Very well, I let my?self be convinced, your wish shall be granted.
Arioso and recitative for Pallas, Po?mona, Zephyr, and continuo--
All: What delight: what joy: what pleasure: arises in the breast, that ac?cording to our desire the wishes must work themselves out.
Zephyr: So I can by green twigs still show myself delighted.
Pomona: So I can see my pleasure in my ripe treasures.
Pallas: So I prepare in delightful quiet my August's feast.
Pomona and Zephyr: We arc for your happiness with similar desire prepared.
Duet for Pomona, Zephyr, flute, and continuo--
Pomona: Twigs and branches con?tribute to thy feast the abundance of their gifts.
Zephyr: And my happy task shall be to honor thy August and increase the joy of this day.
Pomona: I bring you fruits with joy
Zephyr: I bring my whisperings with joy
Both: that everything for jollity may be more complete.
Aria (duet) from Cantata 63, for so?prano, bass, oboe, and continuo, for Christmas Day--God, thou hast it well disposed which is now happening to us. Therefore, let us ever trust in Him and build upon His grace, for He has be?stowed this upon us which delights us now forever.
Recitative from the Christmas Oratario, Part VI, for soprano, alto, tenor, bass, and continuo--What will the ter?rors of hell now, what will the world and sin do to us, since we rest in Jesus's hands
Aria from Cantata 157, for bass, flute, violin, and continuo--Yes, yes, I hold Jesus firmly, thus I go also into Heaven, where God and the guests of His Lamb with crowns are at the wedding. There part I not, my salvation, from Thee, there stays Thy blessing also with me.
1st Rec. Ay, how delightful is to me my coffin, because Jesus lies in my arms --So can my spirit right joyfully rest.
2d Rec. Oh beautiful place! Come, soft death, and lead me away.
3d Rec. I am glad to put aside the wretchedness of this time from me even today; for Jesus waits for me in Heaven with His blessing.
Chorale from Cantata 157--My Jesus I do not leave, go always at His side; Christ has me forever led to the stream of life; blessed, who speaks thus with me: My Jesus I do not leave!
Chorale from Cantata 70--Not after the world, not after Heaven does my soul wish and long, Jesus I wish and His light, who has reconciled me with God, who makes me free from judg?ment, I do not leave my Jesus.
Decca, Gold Label, RCA Victor, MGM, and Vox Records
Translations prepared by William H. Scheide
MAY 5, 6, 7, 8, 1960
THURSDAY, MAY 5, 8:30 P.M.
Rudolf Serkin, Pianist. All Beethoven program: "Leonore" Overture No. 3; Symphony No. 7 in A major; and Piano Concerto No. 5 ("Emperor"). Eugene Ormandy, Conductor.
FRIDAY, MAY 6, 8:30 P.M.
Andres Segovia, Guitarist. -Concerto in D major (CastelnuovoTedesco); and Fantasia for Guitar and Orchestra (Rodrigo). University Choral Union in Alleluia (Thompson); Symphonie de Psalmes (Stravinsky); Cftoros No. 10 (VillaLobos); and Corrido de "El Sol" (Chavez). Thor Johnson, Conductor.
SATURDAY, MAY 7, 2:30 P.M.
William Kincaid, Flutist, and Marilyn Cosiello, Harpist. Overture "Le Corsaire"; Concerto for Flute and Harp, K. 299 (Mozart); Divertissement (Ibert); Variaciones Concertantes (Ginastera); and "Till Eulenspiegel" (Strauss). William Smith, Conductor.
SATURDAY, MAY 7, 8:30 P.M.
Anshel Brusilow, Violinist, and Lome Munroe, Cellist. Symphony No. 7 in C major. Op. 105 (Sibelius); Concerto for Cello, Op. 107 (Shostakovich); Concerto for Violin, Op. 77 (Brahms). Eugene Ormandy, Conductor.
SUNDAY, MAY 8, 2:30 P.M.
Leontyne Price, Soprano; Frances Bible, Mezzosoprano; Albert da Costa, Tenor; Kim Borg, Bass; University Choral Union; in Verdi Requiem. Thor Johnson, Conductor.
SUNDAY, MAY 8, 8:30 P.M.
Lisa Delia Casa, Metropolitan Opera Soprano--arias from Don Gio?vanni and Marriage of Figaro (Mozart); Ariadne auj Naxos and Capriccio (R. Strauss). Toccata and Fugue in D minor (Bach-Ormandy); Symphony No. 2 (Ross Lee Finney); and Suite from Der Rosenkavalier (Strauss). Eugene Ormandy, Conductor.
Season Tickets: $15.00--12.00--$9.00--$8.00 Single concert tickets will be on sale beginning March IS.
Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.............Monday, February 29
William Steinberg, Conductor
Program: Sonata, "Pian e Forte"....................................Gabrieli
Symphony No. 2, D major..............................Beethoven
Overture to Don Giovanni.................................Mozart
Pittsburgh Symphony...................................Hindemith
Prelude to Die Meistersinger...............................Wagner
Giulietta Simionato, Mezzosoprano..............Sunday, March 13
Program of arias from II Barbiere di Siviglia (Rossini) ; Rinaldo (Handel) ; La Favorita (Donizetti) ; Don Carlo (Verdi); and songs by Spontini, Bellini, Verdi, Favara, Tomasi, and Granados.
For tickets or information, address: University Musical Society, Burton Memorial Tower.

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