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UMS Concert Program, January 8, 1963: Gerard Souzay Baritone -- Dalton Baldwin

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Season: Eighty-fourth
Concert: Seventh
Complete Series: 3373
Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan

1962 Eighty-fourth Season 1963
Charles A. Sink, President Gail W. Rector, Executive Director Lester McCoy, Conductor
Seventh Program Eighty-fourth Annual Choral Union Series Complete Series 3373
Baritone DALTON BALDWIN at the piano
Tuesday Evening, January 8, 1963, at 8:30 Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Air de Caron, from Alceste
Air de Cadmus, from Cadmus et Hermione Lully
Air de Ballet--Vous etes le charme, from Rajrina J
Friihlingsglaube .........Schubert
Die Sterne
Nacht und Traume
Der Schiffer
Kriegers Ahnung .........Schubert
Du bist die Run' Erlkonig J
Hommage a Claude Debussy (centenary of his birth): Mandoline Chevaux de bois Le Jet d'eau De soir
Trois Ballades de Villon: Ballade de Villon a s'amye Ballade que feit Villon a la requeste
de sa mere pour prier Notre-Dame Ballade des femmes de Paris
Standchen ........Strauss
Ruhe meine Seele Heimliche Aufforderung J
Epic, Capitol, and Angel Records
The Sleinway is the official piano of the University Musical Society. A R S L O N G A VITA B R E V I S
Air de Caron, from Alceste.........Lully
In the dismal regions where the river Acheron flows, Charon, the ferryman of the
dead, plies his gloomy trade:
"Be it soon or late, all must board my boat. Youth and age, king and shepherd,
I receive all of you on equal terms."
Air de Cadmus, from Cadmus ct Hermione.....Lully
Alas, lovely Hermione, I can find no happiness without you. Even the gods envied our love. How stern the fate which separates two hearts joined by such tender bonds!
Air de Ballet. Vous etes le charme, from Rajrina .... Lully Delight of my life, who subdues and enraptures my soul; my eyes seek in your own the promise of tenderness. My heart beats with feverish joy as I bend my lips to yours. A common rapture excites our souls which a divine flame illumines.
When through the woods and fields I go, I sense a mingled joy and woe within my breast arise; thus wedded, they enfold my heart when lovely meadows I behold beneath the May blue skies.
Spring has come--fear not, poor heart: now everything must change. The world will be more beautiful and who can know what happiness awaits me Poor heart, forget your pain--now everything must change.
Die Sterne............Schubert
How the stars sparkle in the night, quietly lighting the path of the pilgrim, drifting as messengers of love, or consoling the sufferer. Be blessed, Oh stars, give me your friendly, clear light, and if I should be in love, be gracious to our union and let your sparkle be our benediction.
Nacht und Traume..........Schubert
The night descends, bringing dreams that soothe to rest the aching heart. Descend again, Oh holy night, and bring us dreams that have no ending.
Der Schiffer............Schubert
In wind and storm on the river I fare, e'er hoping a kindlier sky. The waves madly roar as my bark rushes on, now threatens a reef and a whirlpool anon. 'Twas so I would have it, and so must it be. A life full of comfort is no life for me. To live my own life shall be my reward.
Kriegers Ahnung...........Schubert
The circle of my brothers-in-arms lies around me. My heart is heavy for my loved one. Good night, dearest of my heart.
Du bist die Ruh'...........Schubert
You are my peace and my rest. In your eyes my pain disappears. Oh, come and dwell within my heart. Enter and close the door, let my heart be your home forever.
The father rides through the night and wind carrying his sick child in his arms. The child sees the Erlking beckoning him to go away with him to different and beautiful places. The father in turn is trying to soothe the sick child's feverish state of mind. He hastens his pace but as he reaches home, tired and sorrowful, the child is dead in his arms.
Serenading beaux are courting fair ladies. Thyrsis strolls with his Aminta, there is that tiresome Clitander, and Damis charms hearts as cold as winter with his verses. Short silken doublets they wear, long dresses too, with trains trailing. Their vague shadows whirl and twirl in the moonlight, as on the light breeze comes the tinkling of the mandolin.
Chevaux de bois...........Debussy
Turn, turn, good horses of wood, a thousand times to the sound of oboes. The baby in red, the mother in white, boys and girls, all paying a penny for a gay Sunday. Turn, turn, mcrry-go-round, turn to the sound of trumpets. It makes you feel a little sick, dizzy in the head; but turn, turn, to the happy sounds of drums!
Le Jet d'eau............Debussy
Closed, at last, thine eyes, beloved! From the court the fountain's ceaseless song soothes me, too, with its gentle chatter. Oh thou, whose beauty scarce is mortal, I'll watch over thee till dawn. In thy dreams may'st thou think of me. Moonbeams, splash?ing water, murmuring trees, while my dear lady lies a-dreaming, speak to her of my faithful love.
De soir.............Debussy
Sunday in the towns, in our hearts! Sunday, as little children sing their roundelays. Sunday--the stations are full of silly people preparing for adventure, all waving frantic goodbyes. Sunday--in the blue of my dreams my sad thoughts grieve for the Sundays of long ago. Night with velvet tread comes to put to sleep the weary, blue skies and it is Sunday in the avenues of stars. O Virgin of gold and silver, shed thy grace upon these towns, upon our hearts.
Trois Ballades de Villon.........Debussy
Ballade de Villon a s'amye: False loveliness, costing a heavy price; hard as a rock, though it seems soft and fair. A cank'rous love, eating as rust eats iron! Cry it aloud, a captive bound am I. Love like a thief that steals on one unseen. Pride with a mask that kills unguarded men! Pitiless eyes that calmly view their work. It is enough: release a tortured soul.
Ballade que Villon a la requeste de sa mere pour prier Notre-Dame: Queen of Heaven, earth and all things here below, receive a humble Christian! Count me amongst thy chosen and elect. Well do I know I am nothing alone. Without thy help no one can hope to mount the starry skies. In this faith will I live and die.
Ballade des femmes de Paris: Ladies the world over all have many fine qualities. But when it comes to the art of talking, none can compete with the ladies of Paris!
Morgen...........Richard Strauss
Tomorrow the sun will shine again. Together, wrapped in the heavy silence of our happiness, we will go hand in hand toward that distant shore.
Standchen..........Richard Strauss
Awake, awake, and softly arise! So softly, dearest, that none may know. Haste thee to me in the garden below!
Ruhe meine Seele........Richard Strauss
Rest thee, troubled spirit! Thou hast suffered, now 'tis past. Forget what threatens thee.
Heimliche Aufforderung.......Richard Strauss
Lift now the sparkling gold cup and drink, rejoice and be happy this festive day. Then, come to the sheltering arbor where I will tell you of my love for you.
All presentations are at 8:30 p.m. unless otherwise noted. HILL AUDITORIUM
Hamburg Symphony Orchestra (Extra Series) . Wednesday, January 16 Istvan Kertesz, Conductor
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Symphony No. 4 in G major, Op. 88......Dvorak
Birgit Nilsson, Soprano (Extra Series) .... Monday, March 18
San Francisco Ballet (replacing Tokyo Ballet in
the Choral Union Series).......Friday, March 22
Special Recital
Artur Rubinstein, Pianist......Thursday, February 7
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Chamber Music Festival
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Julian Bream, Guitarist and Lutist . . . (2:30) Sunday, March 31 Tickets on sale January 10 -$2.50 and $2.00
For tickets and information, address: University Musical Society, Burton Memorial Tower

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