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UMS Concert Program, October 18, 1963: Koutev Bulgarian National Ensemble -- Philip Koutev

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Season: Eighty-fifth
Concert: Fourth
Complete Series: 3398
Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan

1963 Eighty-fifth Season 1964
Charles A. Sink, President Gail W. Rector, Executive Director Lester McCoy, Conductor
Fourth Concert Eighty-fifth Annual Choral Union Series Complete Series 3398
Koutev Bulgarian National Ensemble
PHILIP KOUTEV, Artistic Director
Friday Evening, October 18, 1963, at 8:30 Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Music composed and arranged by Philip Koutev, Ivan Kavaldjiev, and Zinka Klinkova
Country Festival in Thrace......Entire Company
A koro or circular dance from the district of Thrace, which includes the Valley of Roses; the song from the village of Kasanluk.
Folk Melodies from the Sofia District.....Orchestra
This dance is from the Dobrudza region of Bulgaria, close to the Rumanian border. It depicts men playing with the shinitzi (wooden wheat containers) after a day's work in the fields.
Sunset: The sun is hiding behind the hills, where the grass is green and the water
is clear. Stojan Returns: Stojan returns from Istanbul with soft, fine boots for Maria (the
traditional Bulgarian wedding present); he now asks for her hand and a kiss in
exchange. The Two Radas: Two girls named Rada attempt to swim the currents of the
Danube. One easily reached the shore but the second became tangled in the
rushes until her lover rescued her.
Shopsky Dance for Girls..........Dance
The Shopi are the people of the district of Sofia; their dances are concentrated mainly on the nimble and agile movement of the feet rather than the independent movements of the body.
A carnival dance from near Karlova, in the Valley of Roses, which is performed not only around the week preceding Lent but on other feast days as well and depicts the struggle of the Good and Evil Spirits.
Folk Songs.............Chorus
Jelka: The turtle went for food for her children, but she met the hedgehog; they
began to dance and forgot about the children. Todora's Dream: Todora is angry with the wind which awoke her just as she was
dreaming of her sweetheart coming with a flower and a ring. Vasa, Give Me Your Hand: A girl's plea to her lover to give her his hand and a
carnation for her hair.
Improvisations on Folk Tunes for Bagpipe . Three Gaidas (Bagpipes)
Tryphon Zaresan (Wine Festival).....Entire Company
In February, in the wine-growing areas, one can see these traditional festivities cele?brating the holiday of the vineyards. This horo has the fascinating 1116 rhythm.
The Rucheniza is perhaps the most popular national dance and is always required in folk dance competitions. The handkerchiefs indicate the unmarried girls.
Spring Songs............Chorus
Oh, My Dream!: The maiden fell asleep and couldn't warn her sweetheart not to
drink the poisonous water of the river.
The Wild Flowers: The wild flowers in the wood invite the girls to pick them. Come, Girls, and Dance: An invitation to join the dancing group. The greens and
yellows in the costumes signify spring and the new tree branches.
The Shepherds............Dance
The merry and free life of the shepherds is presented in this dance--here accom?panied by two kavals (flutes), the ever-constant companions.
Macedonian Suite...........Dance
The suite is in four parts--the first, Ispaitsche, is danced by the men; the second, Deninka, by the girls; the third is a dramatic dance performed by the men to the accompaniment of two drums; and the fourth is a mixed horo of the Pirin district.
Yana.............Vocal Solo
Yana went to the woods pretending to pick flowers, but she really wanted to join the freedom-fighters and her brother among them.
Folk Songs.........Chorus and Orchestra
Dilmano Dilbero: Tell me, Dilmano, how do you plant the paprika Make a hole
... the plant grows... and then you pick and pick and pick. Stanka's Betrothal: The villagers are bringing gifts to the pretty dark-eyed bride.
A traveling gadoulka (rebec) player performs with four rag puppets.
The Moon Is Shining.........Vocal Duet
A peasant nonsense song which is performed in a very fascinating primitive colora?tura style.
Shopsky Suite.........Entire Company
These Sofia peasant dances begin with the lovely singing accompaniment of Oh, My Dove, followed by a young men's competitive dance, and concluding with Petruncliize, a wonderful shimmering mixed horo.
Monitor Records
Margarita Dikova Choreographer Marhka Kouteva Artistic Adviser Kirtl Djenev Stage Manager
Stoian Vassilev Wardrobe Master
University Musical Society acknowledges with thanks the co-operation of the American Federation of Musicians in making possible the appearance in the United States of the Koulev Bulgarian National Ensemble.
All presentations are at 8:30 p.m. unless otherwise noted.
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