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UMS Concert Program, January 30, 1964: Mazowsze -- Mme Mira Ziminskasygietynska

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Season: Eighty-fifth
Concert: Eighth
Complete Series: 3414
Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan

1963 Eighty-fifth Season 1964
Charles A. Sink, President Gail W. Rector, Executive Director Lester McCoy, Conductor
Eighth Concert Eighty-fifth Annual Choral Union Series Complete Series 3414
Polish Song and Dance Company Mme Mira Ziminska-Sygietynska, Director
Thursday Evening, January 30, 1964, at 8:30 Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Chodzony: "Round and Round" Music: Tadeusz Sygietynski
Choreography: Witold Zapala A song and dance of greeting
Oberek, from Opoczno Music: Tadeusz Sygietynski
Choreography: Fugeniusz Paplinski
"We'd love to dance but the room is too small, and I'd love to marry, but not a nobleman. I want a husband of my own class."
Dance from Kurpie Region Music: Tadeusz Sygietynski
with couplets Choreography: Witold Zapala
Mary is in the forest, playing with tree twigs. Her boy-friend loves her, but will he remember her when she grows old and her hair turns grey "Don't worry," he says, "I'll be faithful to you until my death."
"Spindle" Polka, from Sieradz Music: Tadeusz Sygietynski
Choreography: Jerzy Kaplinski
Polka from Warsaw Suburbs Music: Adam Karasinski
Choreography: Zbigniew Kilinski
Songs from Lancut Region Music: Tadeusz Sygietynski
Here Come The Guests
"Here come the guests, but they won't come to me. They don't come to me because I have no dowry. My mother will not have me marry anyone. People say I am spoiled and conceited. But that's not true. I'm a nice, well brought up girl."
"Why have you come to woo me I don't want you. I'm poor, I live in a wooden hut, so I want a rich husband. But if I fell in love with one of you, I'd forget about riches and I'd follow my lover bare footed."
Dances from Biskupizna Wieikopolska Arr. by Tadeusz Sygietynski
Choreography: Witold Zapala
Kaszuby Dances and Songs Arr. by Mira Ziminska-Sygietynska
Choreography: Witold Zapala
"Kiss me, my love," the boy implores. The girl is shy and reluctant. She has nothing against kissing, but what if the boy should tell his friends about it
Jokes and Dances from Podegrodzie Arr. by Mira Ziminska-Sygietynska
Choreography: Witold Zapala
"I'm a Podegrodzian, a gay and merry fellow, just like our forefathers used to be. Love is a wonderful game, but what's love without love-making It's like coffee without sugar, like dancing without music and girls . . ."
Cracow Dances and Songs Choreography: Witold Zapala
"As long a the Vistula keeps flowing across the Polish land, Poland will be alive. If you want to know a real Pole, make him sing and dance the Krakowiak."
Krakowiak Music: Tadeusz Sygietynski
Choreography: Elwira Kaminska
Polonaise, Goodbye to Homeland Music: Michal Kleofas Oginski
Choreography: Witold Zapala
Mazurka Music: Karol Kurpinski
Choreography: Witold Zapala
Cieszyn Songs Arr. by Mira Ziminska-Sygietynska
"My dear heart, the sun is down. Let's walk in the woods; the birds are waiting for us. The stars and the moon have seen us under the trees, but I hope they won't give away our secrets."
Carnival in Wilamowice Music: Traditional, arranged by
Stanislaw Wysocki Choreography: Witold Zapala
Folk-play with songs and dances
Dances and Songs from Wielkopolska
Arr. by Mira Ziminska-Sygietynska Choreography: Zbigniew Kilinski
"The swineherd comes to see me every Sunday; I want him to make love to me, but he's always in a hurry to get back to his swine. He wrote me a letter saying that he loved me as much as his pigs. Dear me, I replied, why don't you marry one of them"
"Pretty maiden, will you dance with me No, I can't, I've hurt my leg. And if I find a lover for you Let's dance, my leg has healed."
Kujawiak Music: Tadeusz Sygietynski
Choreography: Zbigniew Kilinski
Tatra Dances and Songs Music: Tadeusz Sygietynski
Choreography: Witold Zapala
"The legend of Janosik, or Janicek, the noble-hearted brigand who robbed the rich and rewarded the poor, lives on in the Tatra Mountains.
Polonaise from Zywiec Arr by Tadeusz Sygietynski
Choreography: Witold Zapala
Songs and Dances from Lowicz Music: Tadeusz Sygietynski
Choreography: Witold Zapala
Get Married, Mary
Apples are ripening in the orchard, and Mary's getting ready for marriage. She has found four boys to choose from and she can't make up her mind which will prove the best husband--Wojtek, Kacper, Jakub, or Jasio.
Matthew Is a Lucky Man
Matthew is a lucky man--handsome and rich and loved by pretty girls. The Marsians are looking at us from afar. Will men keep away from harm Let them kiss and be friends, and then they'll all be as happy as Matthew.
The Lowicz Maiden
Zdzislawa Grabkowska, Adela Kolebacka, Daniela Krzeminska, Bogumila Oledzka, Halina Ossowska, Jan Grabkowski, Bogdan Jedrzejak, Stanislaw Jopek, Marian Kopera, Tadeusz Kruk, Stanislaw Paduchowski, Alojzy Rogocki, Witold Zapala
Conductors.........Ryszard Pierchala, Stanislaw Wysocki
Arranging, selection of costumes, staging and
folk song adaptations........Mira Ziminska-Sygietynska
Chief Choreographer.............Witold Zapala
Managing Director............Gusti Jackowska
Stage Manager.............Waclaw Zukowski
All presentations are at 8:30 p.m. unless otherwise noted.
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Tickets: $3.50--$2.50--$2.00 (Series tickets for Chamber Music Festival: $6.00--$5.00--$4.00)
Ann Arbor May Festival, April 30, May 1, 2, 3
Season Tickets: $22.00--$18.00--$15.00-12.00--$9.00
Single Concerts: Beginning March 2, any remaining tickets will be
placed on sale for single concerts.
For tickets and information, address UNIVERSITY MUSICAL SOCIETY, Burton Tower

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