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UMS Concert Program, April 14, 1965: Marian Anderson -- Franz Rupp

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Season: Eighty-sixth
Complete Series: 3469
Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan

1964 Eighty-sixth Season 196S
Charles A. Sink, President Gail W. Rector, Executive Director Lester McCoy, Conductor
Special Presentation Complete Series 3469
The Farewell Concert Tour of
FRANZ RUPP at the Piano
Wednesday Evening, April 14,1965, at 8:30 Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Tutta raccolta ancor.........G. F. Handel
Hear me, Ye winds and waves! And torn from all I love,
Your help proud Caesar craves! Despair now holds me!
Bring to my aching breast Forsaken and undone
Peace and eternal rest! I pray for Death alone.
No hope in Heav'n above,
Chio mai vi possa.........G. F. Handel
I hope I shall never cease loving you, believe me, dear eyes. Nor that I will ever in jest betray you--No! No! You have been and are my inspiration, and you will always be, dear eyes, my ardent fire--as long as I live.
The Spirit's Song.........Joseph Haydn
Sombre in mood, the Spirit's Song is the message of a departed love to the sorrowing lover.
My Mother Bids Me Bind My Hair .... Joseph Haydn My mother bids me bind my hair with bands of rosy hue, Tie up my sleeves with ribbons rare and lace my bodice blue. For why, she cries, sit still and weep, when others dance and play. Alas, I scarce can go or creep, while Lubin is away. 'Tis sad to think the days are gone, when those we love are near. I sit upon this mossy stone, and sigh where none can hear, And while I spin my flaxen thread and sing my simple lay, The village seems asleep or dead, now Lubin is away.
Suleika...........Franz Schubert
I envy you your humid wings, oh western wind,
For you can tell him how I suffer, now we are parted!
Your pinions' motion wakes silent longing in my bosom.
Flowers, meadows, woods and hills dissolve in tears at your breath,
Yet your mild and balmy blowing cools my burning eyelids.
Oh ! I would die of anguish could I not hope to see him !
So haste to my love, murmur softly to his heart,
Yet do not grieve him, but hide my sorrow.
Tell him, modestly, that his love is my life,
That if I am with him, two will rejoice.
Note--The University Musical Society has presented Miss Anderson on nine previous occasions since 1937.
Liebesbotschaft.........Franz Schubert
Murmuring brook, hasten to my beloved. Take her my greetings and bring her sweet dreams as she sleeps.
Der Doppelganger.........Franz Schubert
The night is still. The streets arc sleeping...
She used to live in yonder house;
Though long ago she left the city.
The house still stands in that same place.
Who is that man He looks aloft.
I shudder when I see his face,
The moonlight shows me my own features.
Thou wraith, thou pallid fellow!
Why dost thou ape the pains of love
That tortured me in these surroundings,
Through many nights in olden times
Der Erlkonig..........Franz Schubert
Who rides there so late through night so wild
A loving father with his young child
Has clasped his boy close with his fond arm,
And closer, closer to keep him warm.
"Dear son, what makes thy sweet face grow so white "
"See, father, 'tis the Erl King in sight!
The Erl King stands there with crown and shroud!"
"Dear son, it is some misty cloud."
"Thou dearest boy, wilt come with me
And many games I'll play with thee;
Where varied blossoms grow on the wold,
And my mother hath many a robe of gold."
"Dear father, my father, say, did'st thou not hear
The Erl King whispers so low in my car"
"Be tranquil, then, my child;
Among withered leaves the wind bloweth wild."
"Wilt come, proud boy, wilt thou come with me
Where my beauteous daughter doth wait for thee
With my daughter thou'll join in the dances every night.
She'll lull thee with sweet songs to give thee delight."
"Dear father, my father, can'st thou not trace
The Erl King's daughter in yon dark place"
"Dear son, dear son, the form you there see
Is only the hollow grey willow tree."
"I love thee well; with me thou shalt ride on my course,
And if thou'rt unwilling, I seize thee by force!"
"0 father, my father, thy child closer clasp,
Erl King hath seized me with icy grasp!"
His father shuddered, his face grew more wild,
He held to his bosom his poor swooning child.
He reached that house with toil and dread,
But in his arms, lo ! his child lay dead.
Nocturne...........Samuel Barber
The Negro Speaks of Rivers..... Howard Swanson
The Ploughboy.......Arr. by Benjamin Britten
Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind......Roger Quilter
Negro Spirituals
Let us Break Bread Together . . Arr. by William Lawrence O What a Beautiful City .... Arr. by Edward Boatner Hear de Lam's A-Cryin' . . . Arr. by Lawrence Brown Ride on King Jesus.....Arr. by H. T. Burleigh
Done Foun' my Los' Sheep . . Arr. by Rosamund Johnson Lord I Can't Stay Away .... Arr. by Roland Hayes
Le's Have a Union......Arr. by Hall Johnson
He's Got the Whole World in His Hands Arr. by Hamilton Forrest
Slcinway Piano RCA Victor Records

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