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UMS Concert Program, : The Stockholm University Chorus -- Eskil Hemberg

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Season: Eighty-eighth
Concert: Ninth
Complete Series: 3558
Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan

1966 Eighty-eighth Season 1967
Charles A. Sink, President Gail W. Rector, Executive Director Lester McCoy, Conductor
Ninth Program Eighty-eighth Annual Choral Union Series Complete Series 3558
Fourteenth program in the Sesquicentenniol Year of The University of Michigan
The Stockholm University Chorus
Thursday Evening, April 6, 1967, at 8:30 Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Firel Fire!..........Thomas Morley
Sfogava con le stelle.......Claudio Monteverdi
A distracted lover begs the stars, which have revealed to him the loveli?ness of the object of his worship, to have mercy and disclose to her his torment and passion.
Quand mon mari........Orlando di Lasso
When my husband comes in, he takes the spoon from the pot and puts me to the test. I am very afraid he will kill me. He is a treacherous, jealous villain. I am young and he is old.
V'amo di core............Mozart
I love you from the bottom of my heart. I have no other love. Oh what grief, what torment.
Nachtwache I............Brahms
Soft melodious tones by love in hearts new awakened, breathe ye haltingly forth. Open, may he find an ear; open, find a loving heart. And should none be open to thee, on the nightwind come sighing back to me.
Laudi alia Vergine Maria...........Verdi
Virgin Mother, lowly and uplifted more than any creature, Thou art She who didst ennoble human nature. In Thee is tenderness, pity, magnificence. In Thee is united whatever there is of goodness in human nature.
Trois chansons (texts by Charles d'Orleans).....Debussy
Dieul qu'il la fait bon regorder: Lord! lovely hast thou made my dear; a graceful, good and winsome creature. Excelling every other maiden, she reigns like a queen, homage compelling. Happy am I, dreaming but of her.
Quant j'ai ouy le tambourin: Whenever I hear the tambourine calling us all to may, snug I lie at break of day and lift not my head from the pillow.
Soloist: Monika Hagelin, soprano
Yver, vous n'estes qu'un villain: Cold winter, villain that thou art, how sweet to see the tokens of April and May, the sombre woodlands burst into leaf at spring's call. Cold winter, with snow, wind and hail, fain would I exile thee for aye.
Der Friihling (Spring, from "The Seasons") .... Ernst Krenek
Man discards sorrows from his mind when spring breaks into bloom. The fields become green, the hillsides are adorned with pleasant forests, and glorious is the air in open spaces.
Si puer cum puellula, from "Carmina Burana" .... Carl Orff
When a lad and a maid are alone together, happy is their union. Their love flows through their hearts, their arms, their lips.
Yugoslav Folk Songs.........Matyas Seiber
The Unjaithjul Lover. Burning sun, why do you shine so fiercely My sweetheart loves me no longer. Oh, woe is me.
Handsome Mirkko. From the ale-house Mirkko comes home in the dark. His sweet?heart throws her shutters wide apart and stretches out her hand. No one sees them kissing. Heigh-ho!
Eighteen Shining Buttons. Just to please the lasses, burnish all your brasses. Eighteen shining buttons. Come, my lads, no dreaming, set them all a-gleaming. Heaven Above. Heaven above. Oh, my dearest love, with your hands so tender your fingers slender, you have torn away my heart.
Hussars. See the bold hussars come riding, their swords shining brightly. Lasses, look out for our horses. We'll set your hearts breaking. Do not weep, mother and father, for no sweetheart is bolder than my fine young soldier. Fairy Tale. Down the mountain flows the icy stream, the wild roses grow in the valley. A maiden plucks a flower, falls asleep and begins to dream. Let me take you, lovely maiden, to a distant shore where we will be so happy evermore.
Three Songs for Chorus (Danish) .... Wilhelm Stenhammar September. All the gathering shadows were woven into one and in the heavens a bright star shimmered. The clouds were heavy, the flowers wept with dew. The evening wind sighed in the lime tree.
Seraillets Have (In the Seraglio Garden): The rose droops, heavy with fragrance and dew, the pines sway, the brooklet ripples. The minarets point heavenward in their Turkish faith. The half moon, drifting quietly, kisses the flowers in the seraglio garden.
Havde jeg, o havde )eg en Datterspn, o ja (If I Had a Grandson, Oh Yes): If I had a grandson and chests of money, I would have had a daughter and home and fields and also a loved one, Oh yes.
Stemning (Mood) (Danish).......Peterson-Berger
All the fleeting shadows are woven into one, alone in the heavens a star blinks. Strange is the evening breeze that sighs through the linden trees.
Dans! ropte Felen (Dance! shouted Fiddle) (Norwegian) . Peterson-Berger
"Dance!" shouted Fiddle and strummed on his strings . . . "Hey!" said Rasmus, "give me a kiss." "No!" answered Randi and slapped his face. "There's your answer--go!"
Two Songs in Folk Idiom......Lilli Bror Soderlundh
Jag blaste i min pipa (I Tootled on My Whistle). I tootled on my whistle. From her nest came a dove named Anna Lisa. I took her to my breast.
Soloist: Berth. Arn, tenor
Talgper (Titmouse): I play on my fiddle like a little titmouse. Sitt-si-tu-an-tu-antee is the happy little melody you sing for me.
Kung Liljekonvalje (King Lily of the Valley) . . . David Wikander
King Lily of the Valley, white as snow, grieves for his maiden. A call moans through the valley, the leaves carry it to the forest from the town.
Dalvisa (Song from Dalarna).......Carl Paulsson
The wind sighs in the woods, the full moon gleams between the clouds, alone in the quiet starry nights I watch my sheep and sing my songs. Soloist: Bertil Arn, tenor
Six Songs in Folk Idiom........August Soderman
Jungrun gick at lunden, den skb'na (The Maid Went to the Lovely Grove). The
maid went to the lovely grove and saw her sweetheart under the tree. "My dearest
love, I want to swear you my love." "I don't want your love--there are lots of
fish in the sea, my dear." How false is the world--God help the girl who believes
in a rogue.
Det star en dlsklig blomma (There Stands a Lovely Flower). There stands a flower
in the willow thicket, and the bird sings, hidden from the world. The beautiful
sounds of the forest.
Min van a'r den bdsta (My Friend Is the Best One). My friend is the best one. He
never fails me; he is wonderful and loving. My heart longs for him forever.
Och blomstren de dofta (The Flowers Lie Fragrant): The flowers lie fragrant on
the meadow green. There shines the sun so bright and serene.
Och jungjrun gick sig at lunden (The Maiden Went to the Grove). The maiden
went to the grove to wash her homespun. A nightingale sings there for her. She saw
the sun rise there in the rosy woods and she saw a knight's armor gleam. A
nightingale sings there for her.
Pojkar och jdntor ta 'n nu i ring (Lads and Lassies Now Form a Ring). Lads and
lassies form a ring and tread the wedding dance. The fiddler will play with all his
might; the bridal couple must dance tonight. Now make a hole in the beer barrel
so we can drink a skoal for our couple.
Four Swedish Folk Songs.........Hugo Alfven
Gladjens blomster (The Flowers of Pleasure). The flowers of pleasure in dusty earth never grow. Love itself too captious is for us here below. But if up above we sow, forever they abide. Can you not hear how spirits sweetly to the heart confide Tjuv och tjuv, det ska du heta (Thief, Oh Thief, That Is Your Name Now). Thief, Oh thief, that is your name now for you stole my darling, but my consolation is that I'll get her back again. Maybe.
Uti var hage (Out in Our Meadow). Out in our meadow where blueberries bear, come bland heart's-ease. If you would meet me, we'll dance and I'll make you a wreath. You are my dearest, my blossom most dear.
Och jungfrun hon gar i ringen (The Maid Marched in the Circle). The maid marched in the circle and tied a red ribbon around her lover's arm. "But please, not so tight. I'll not run away." Then she loosened the red ribbon and the rogue to the forest ran. With fifteen rifles they shot at him. "If you would meet me, you can find me here!"
Boston Symphony Orchestra.....8:30, Saturday, April 8
Program: Overture to II Seraglio (Mozart); Symphony No. 7 (Beethoven; Diptych (Schuller); Suite from "The Firebird" (Stravinsky).
Boston Chamber Players......2:30, Sunday, April 9
Program: Nonet, Op. 31 (Spohr); Fantasia for String Trio (Fine); Septet in E-flat, Op. 20 (Beethoven).
ANN ARBOR MAY FESTIVAL-April 22, 23, 24, 25, 1967
EUGENE ORMANDY, Conductor. GALINA VISHNEVSKAYA, Russian soprano, in arias from Eugen Onegin (Tchaikovsky); A'ida (Verdi); Puccini's Manon Lescaut. Passacaglia and Fugue in C minor (Bach); and Concerto for Orchestra (Bartok).
SUNDAY, APRIL 23, 2:30
THOR JOHNSON, Conductor. MSTISLAV ROSTROPOVICH, Cellist, in Dvorak Con?certo. Vivaldi "Magnificat" with University Choral Union. VERONICA TYLER, So?prano; and MILDRED MILLER, Contralto. Also, Choral Union in world premiere of "The Martyr's Elegy" (Finney), with WALDIE ANDERSON, Tenor.
?SUNDAY, APRIL 23, 8:30
EUGENE ORMANDY, Conductor. VAN CLIBURN, Pianist, in Brahms Concerto No. 2; "Haffner" Symphony (Mozart); New England Triptych (Schuman); Suite No. 2 from "Daphnis and Chloe" (Ravel).
MONDAY, APRIL 24, 8:30
THOR JOHNSON, Conductor. Verdi "Manzoni" Requiem with University Choral Union; GALINA VISHNEVSKAYA, Soprano; MILDRED MILLER, Contralto; GIUSEPPI CAMPORA, Tenor; and EZIO FLAGELLO, Bass.
EUGENE ORMANDY, Conductor. All-Brahms Orchestral concert; "Academic Festival" Overture; Symphony No. 1 and Symphony No. 3
Single Concerts: $6.00--$5.50--$5.00--$4.00--$3.00--$2.00 Tickets available at $2.00 only.
FAIR LANE FESTIVAL--June and July, on the Dearborn Campus of The University of Michigan. Ten concerts by Baroque Orchestra of Chicago Symphony; Bath Festival Orchestra; Stratford Festival Orchestra of Canada; and two Britten operas, "Curlew River" and "The Burning Fiery Furnace." Complete programs and artist listing with ticket prices, available in lobby.
1967-1968 International Presentations. Orders now accepted for Choral Union Series, Extra Series, and Chamber Arts Series. Information available at offices of University Musical Society, Burton Tower.

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