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UMS Concert Program, October 31, 1967: Christa Ludwig -- Erik Werba

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Season: Eighty-ninth
Concert: Fifth
Complete Series: 3593
Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan

1967 Eighty-ninth Season 1968
Charles A. Sink, President Gail W. Rector, Executive Director Lester McCoy, Conductor
Fifth Concert Eighty-ninth Annual Choral Union Series Complete Series 3593
Forty-ninth program in the Sesquicenlennial Year of The University of Michigan
Mezzo-Soprano ERIK WERBA, Pianist
Tuesday Evening, October 31, 1967, at 8:30 Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Ich ging mit Lust durch einen gruenen Wald .... Mahler
Des Antonius von Padua Fischpredigt......Mahler
Frauenliebe und Leben, Op. 42 (Adalbert von Chamisso) . Schumann
Seit ich ihn gesehen
Er, der Herrlichste von alien
Ich kann's nicht fassen, nicht glauben
Du Ring an meinem Finger
Helft mir, ihr Schwestern
Siisser Freund, du blickest
An meinem Herzen, an meiner Brust
Nun hast du mir den ersten Schmerz getan
Sapphische Ode, Op. 94, No. 4 (Hans Schmidt) .... Brahms
Die Mainacht, Op. 43, No. 2 (Ludwig Hoelty) .... Brahms
Maedchenlied, Op. 107, No. 5 (Heyse)...... Brahms
Von ewiger Liebe, Op. 43, No. 1 (Josef Wenzig) .... Brahms
Three Songs from the "Moerike-Lieder".....Hugo Wolf
Wo find' ich Trost Frage und Antwort Nimmersatte Liebe
Du meines Herzens Kroenelein, Op. 21, No. 2 (Dahn) Richard Strauss Schlechtes Wetter, Op. 69, No. 5 (Heine) . . . Richard Strauss Caecille, Op. 27, No. 2 (Hart).....Richard Strauss
Records: Angel, Deutsche Grammophon, London, Vox ARS LONGA VITA BREVIS
Ich ging mit Lust durch einen grunen Wald......Mahler
I wander cheerfully through a green forest
and hear the birds singing;
The green forest birds sing with voices
of youth and of wisdom.
I love to hear them sing.
Now sing, sing, Lady Nightingale, sing your song to my loved one: come, when darkness falls and no one is in the street and then come to me and I will let you in.
The day passed, the night began
he came to his sweetheart
he knocks lightly:
"Ah, are you asleep or awake, my child
I have been waiting for such a long time."
The moon shines through the little window
at the sweet, gentle beloved
The nightingale sings all night long.
You sleepy maiden, take care.
Where is your beloved
I am withdrawn from the world with whom I wasted so much time; My beloved has not heard from me for a long time. She may think I died.
And it does not matter to me at all
if she thinks I am dead.
I cannot say anything against this because I
am truly dead as far as the world is concerned.
I am numb to the worldly strife and I rest in a quiet world of my own. I live alone in my heaven in my loves, in my song.
I cut grass on the Neckar now, now on the
I have a sweetheart now, now I am alone. Why should I cut grass if the sickle's not sharp Why should I have a sweetheart, if she forsakes
So if I cut grass on the Neckar and on the
I'll throw my golden ring into the river. It will flow down the Neckar and down the
Rhine. Let it drift out to the deep sea.
And while it drifts, a fish will swallow it. The fish will get on the king's table. And the king will ask: Whose is the ring And my sweetheart will answer: the ring is mine.
My sweetheart will hurry over mountain and
To bring back to me my ring of gold. You may cut grass on the Neckar and on the
Rhine And safely throw in your little ring.
Des Antonius von Padua Fischpredigt.......Mahler
Anthony finds the church empty when he comes
to preach
So he goes to the river, to preach to the fishes. They shake their tails, glittering in the sunshine. The carps, male and female, have all come, Flinging wide open their mouths, better to
listen. Never have fishes enjoyed a sermon so muchl
Pikes with pointed noses, who always fight Have come running to hear the Saint. Even those dreamers who always fast, The stockfishes, I mean, are attending the
sermon. Never have fishes enjoyed a sermon so much!
The good eels and the sturgeons who love fine
cuisine Even they too!: the trouble to hear the sermon.
Also the crawfish and turtles, usually slow of
movement, Have hurriedly risen from the depth to listen
to this voice. Never before have stockfishes enjoyed a sermon
so much.
Fishes little and big, noble and lowly Are raising their heads like intelligent beings By God's wish to hear the sermon.
The sermon over, each one goes back: The pikes remain thieves, the eels go after
everything. They loved the sermon, they remain what they
were. The crawfish go home, the stockfishes remain
fat, The carps gorge themselves, the sermon's
Frairnlicbe und Leben, Op. 42 (Adalbert von Chamisso) . . Schumann
Seit ich ihn gesehen
Ah! since first I saw him, Sight indeed seems gone! For I see around me, His dear face alone! Like a waking vision, Rising to my view, Ever through the darkness Darting forth anew.
All that once could cheer me, Shapeless fades away, Oft I sit in silence, While my sisters play, And they find me weeping In my chamber alone! Ah! since first I saw him, Sight indeed seems gone!
Three Songs from the "Moerike-Lieder".......Wolf
Wo find ich Trost
I know a love which is true
and has been true since I discovered it
and with renewing deep sighs
I tied myself to this love and forgave everything.
One who once with heavenly patience drank bitter, bitter drops of death and hung on the cross and atoned for my sins until they sank into a sea of forgiveness.
And why is it now, that I am so sad that I cower on the ground anxiously Question: My Protector, will the night be over
And what will save me from death and sin Wicked heart, confess you have again
malicious longing, pious love, signs of pious faith, ach, they are long vanished.
Yes, that is why I am sad so that I am cowering on the ground with anxiety. Protector, Protector, will night be over soon And what will save me from death and sin
Frage und Antwort
Do you ask me from where this love came to my heart
and why I did not take out the bitter sting
a long time ago Tell me why the wind moves the wings with
such speed
and where the quiet spring's water leads to. Hold up the wind for me! Hold back the sweet spring with your magic
Nimmersatte Liebe
So is love, so is love!
It can't be quenched by kisses;
Who is the fool, that wants to fill a sieve
With nought but water
And if you'd ladle a thousand years, yes,
If you'd kiss eternally,
You cannot satisfy her.
All love brings every hour
Novel, strange desires;
Our bites brought blood upon our lips,
When today we were kissing.
The maiden is all in stride;
Like a compliant lamb beneath the cleaver.
Her eyes implored: by no means stop,
The more it hurts the betterl
So is love and always was as long as love's
And even Solomon the Wise Loved in this very fashion.
Du meines Herzens Kroenelein, Op. 21, No. 2 (Dahn) . . . Strauss
You are the crown of my heart, you are of pure gold
if others be around, yet you are the loveliest.
The others seem pretentious, you are sweet and quiet.
The others seek love and favors with a thousand false words.
You, without tricks of your mouth and eyes, are lovable everywhere.
You are like the rose in the woods, it does not know it is blooming,
Yet, it brings joy to the passerby.
Schlechtes Wetter, Op. 69, No. 5 (Heine)......Strauss
The weather is rough today: rain, storm, and sleet! I sit at my window and peer out into the darkness.
A lone little light glimmers out there, wandering slowly on: a little old woman with a lantern hobbles across the street.
I think she has been shopping, buying flour, eggs, and butter to bake a cake for her grown-up daughter.
The daughter sits at home, in the arm-chair winking sleepily into the light; her golden curls fall about her sweet face.
Caecille, Op. 27, No. 2 (Hart).........Strauss
If you but knew
what it is to dream
of burning kisses,
of roving and resting
with the one you love,
eye to eye,
and caressing and babbling;
if you but knew it,
you would incline your heart.
If you but knew
what it is to fret
in lonely nights,
while the rain is pouring
and no one there to comfort
with soft words your weary soul, if you only knew it you would come to me.
If you but knew what it is to live inspired by godhood's world-creating breath, to soar upward borne on the light to blessed heights-if you but knew it, you would live with me.
Er, der Herrlichstc von Allen
Ohl thou grandest, best of mortals! Who with thee can e'er compare Face, the noblest! Eyes, the brightest! Mind sublime and courage rarel
Like that star now shining brightly, Far in yonder azure sky, So dost shine, far, far above me, From thy heav'nly sphere on high I
Keep the path that lied before thee! Let me only see thy light; From afar let me behold thee, Happy in my cheerless night!
Hear not thou my fervent praying, For thy bliss and thine alone! Ne'er shouldst know the lowly maiden! Star that moves in loftier zone!
Oh! that one, all pure and worthy, Thou may'st choose to be my bride I would be the first to bless her, In my heartfelt pride!
I'd rejoice amid my weeping, Happy, happy I should be, Tho' my heart were slowly breaking, For the love, the love of theel
Ich kann's nicht jassen, nicht glauben
I dare not, cannot believe it! 'Tis like a dream of the night! How could one so poor and lowly, Be prized above all in his sight
And yet it seem'd that he whisper'd: "I'm thine, my love, for aye!" No, no! I cannot believe it! My dream is fading away!
Oh! let me die in my dreaming, Still folded unto his heart; Then death I would gladly welcome, In joy would my spirit depart!
Oh! ring upon my finger, Thou dear little golden ring! With purest of joy I caress thee Like a living thing!
My childhood's dream was over, With all its peace and pleasures rarel The world seem'd dreary and lonely, A desert unpeopled and bare!
Du Ring an meinem Finger
Thou ring upon my finger,
'Tis thou who hast made me see,
The world a lovely garden,
Where sweetest and fairest of flow'rs may be!
What joy to live but to serve him! To feel my soul grow bright, When-e'er his lov'd eyes gaze upon me, Illumin'd with their soft light!
Oh! ring, upon my finger, Thou seem'st like a living thing! With purest of joy I caress thee, My darling little golden ring!
Heljt mir, ihr Schwestern
Come, dearest sister,
Do draw near me,
In my happiness join me now I
Let thy deft fingers
Swiftly adorn me,
Place the myrtle wreath on my browl
Ah! how my dear one
Ardently pleaded,
When we were dreaming the moment away,
How, with his dear eyes
Radiantly beaming,
Oft he'd entreat me to hasten the dayl
Help me, dear sisters,
Stay my heart's beating.
Help me to stem these foolish tears!
So that in gladness
I may receive him,
When he, the light of my heart, appears!
Come, my belov'd one,
Come! I await thee,
Thou art my sunshine pure and bright I
Let me in meekness, joy and devotion,
Kneel at thy shrine, Ohl my fountain of light!
Come then, dear sisters 1
Scatter before him,
Sweetest of Rosebuds, all sparkling with dew!
Yet there's a grief
With my happiness mingled,
For in my joy I must part from you!
Siisser Freund, dn blickest
Ah! my love, thou wond'rest Why I weep today; What these glitt'ring dewdrops. In mine eyes, would sayl
Hail these tears, my darling, Even as jewels bright! For they are but heralds Of my pure delight!
Oh! could language tell thee, Half the joy I feel! Could my throbbing bosom, Half its bliss reveal! Come, my love, draw nearer! Bend thy head to mine, Let me softly whisper, All my joy divine!
Now you can understand, Why these glad tears flow I Thou, my own dear husband, You should surely, surely knowl Stay thou near my heart, love, Hear its pulse beat high! Let me draw thee nearer, Feel that thou art nih!
Place the little cradle Here, beside my bed, For it holds a vision, 'Neath its curtained head! When the morn is breaking From the cot will shine, Love, a dream no longer, But a face like thine!
An meinem Herzen, an meiner Brust
Here, to my heart, unto my glad breast, Ohl let my treasure, fondly be pressed! True love is true happiness; I my assertion am ready to provel
I never dreamed of joy like this, Far more than mortal seems my bliss!
No one can know, no one can feel Such joy as o'er my heart doth steal I
None but a mother! she alone
The pearl of Love's pure joy doth own!
Man, there's a boon can never be thine. Maternal lovel that spark divine!
Thou angel child from Heaven sent, Thou smilest on me with sweetest content!
Here, to my heart, unto my breast,
Let my sweet treasure be fondly pressed!
Nun hast du mir den ersten Schmerz getan
Now thou hast turned my joy to keenest woe, Since thou hast fled!
Aye, fled for evermore from Earth below; My love is dead I
And I in sorrow gaze on all around, Yet naught I see!
For life and joy in love alone I found; My world in thce!
I look within my heart to seek thee there; A face divine!
Shines forth like sunshine o'er my dark despair; Love I it is thine!
Sapphische Ode, Op. 94, No. 4 (Hans Schmidt).....Brahms
Roses I gathered at night in the dark grove Their scent was sweeter than ever during the
But the moving branches were dripping With dew which almost drenched me.
Also, the scent of kisses charmed me as never
before. Kisses I gathered at night from the bush of
your lips
But you too, moved just like them, Were dewy with tears.
Die Mainacht, Op. 43, No. 2 (Ludwig Hoelty).....Brahms
When the silvery moon gleams through the
bushes and casts his sleeping light on the grass,
when the nightingale calls-then I wander sadly from bush to bush.
A pair of turtle-doves, hidden among the leaves,
coo down their ecstasy; but I turn away,
seeking gloomier shadows,
and tears of loneliness steal into my eyes.
When, O smiling vision that shines
like the dawn through my soul, shall I find
you on earth And the lonely tear trembles, scalding, down my cheek.
Maedchenlied, Op. 107, No. S (Heyse).......Brahms
See the girls at their spinning
The lads coming after.
All happy and singing
The wheels hum with laughter.
Each looks at her distaff, As she works at her wheel. She hears music far off Her own wedding bell.
Oh, if I had only Some one to laugh with, If I were not so lonely, Some one to weep with!
The others are singing But I want to cry;
0 why am I spinning,
1 don't know why I
Von ewiger Liebe, Op. 43, No. 1 (Josef Wenzig).....Brahms
Dark, how dark it is in the woods and fields. Night is falling, the world is silent. Nowhere a light, and nowhere smoke. Yes, and the lark too is now silent.
There comes from the village a youth, Taking his girl home to her house. Leading her past the willows, Talking this and that.
"If you suffer disgrace and sorrow
If you suffer disgrace from others for my sake,
If love be separated fast,
As fast as we were united Let it rain and let it blow As fast as we were united."
The girl says:
"Our love cannot be separated. Steel is strong and so is iron too, Our love is even stronger.
Iron and steel are reforged
But who is going to change our love
Iron and steel can perish
Our love is eternal."
Yomiuri Japanese Orchestra......Friday, November 10
Arthur Fiedler, Conductor
Program: Overture to "Semiramide"...........Rossini
Piano Concerto No. 2, F minor, Op. 21.......Chopin
Hiro Imamura, Pianist
Symphony, Op. 25............Prokofieff
Selections from "West Side Story"........Bernstein
Suite from "Gaiete Parisienne"........Offenbach
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
of London.........Wednesday, January 17
National Ballet from Washington, D.C. . . Wednesday, January 24
Nathan Milstein, Violinist......Monday, January 29
Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra .... Saturday, February 24 Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra .... Friday, March 8
Antal Dorati, Conductor
Van Cliburn, Pianist.........Friday, March 15
Toronto Symphony Orchestra.....Thursday, March 28
Seiji Ozawa, Conductor
Tickets: $6.00--$5.SO--$5.00--$4.00--$3.00--$2.00
George Frederick Handel December 1 and 2, 8:30; December 3, 2:30
In Hill Auditorium
Elisabeth Mosher, Soprano Waldie Anderson, Tenor
Hucuette Touranceau, Contralto Ara Berberian, Bass
University Choral Union
Members op the Interlochen Arts Academy Orchestra Mary McCall Stubbins, Organist; Charles Fisher, Harpsichordist
Lester McCoy, Conductor Tickets: $2.50--$2.00--$1.50--$1.00
In Rackham Auditorium
Berlin Philharmonic Octet......Sunday, November 5
Berliner Camerata Musicale.....Monday, November 13
Tickets: $5.00--$4.00--$2.00
Chamber Music Festival
Loewenguth Quartet........Friday, February 16
Warsaw Chamber Orchestra......Saturday, February 17
Early Music Quartet......(2:30) Sunday, February 18
Series Tickets: $8.00--$6.00--$5.00
Single Concerts: $5.00--$4.00--$2.00
On Sale November 6.
Note: All programs begin at 8:30 p.m. unless otherwise indicated.
(Hours: Mon.-Fri., 9 to 4:30; Sat., 9 to 12 a.m.)
Telephone: 665-3717

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