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UMS Concert Program, October 24, 1968: The Romanian Folk Ballet -- Petre Nastovici

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Season: Ninetieth
Concert: Second
Complete Series: 3627
Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan

1968 Ninetieth Season 1969
Charles A. Sink, President Gail W. Rector, Executive Director Lester McCoy, Conductor
Second Program First Annual Dance Scries Complete Series 3627
("Ciocirlia") PETRE NASTOVICI, Director
victor predescu constantin arvixte
Thursday Evening, October 24, 1968, at 8:30 Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Vocal Soloists Ion Cristoreanu and Maria Butaciu
Dance Soloists
Corina Alecu Rodica Beresteau Mircea Popastere Ion Christian Magda Popescu Elena Tircolea Ion Hie
Marin Alecu Gheorghe Hie Vasile Paraschivescu
Violinist Pan Pipes Cymbalom
Tudor Pana Simion Stanciu Filip Dinu
Hie Alecu
Fluer and Kaval (Shepherd's)
Taragot (Clarinet) Kobsa (Ten-stringed guitar) Flute and Long Pipe
Ion Milu Ion Cerban Florea Burnea
? A Merited Artist of the Republic
Dance from the Oltenia Region
Choreograph: Tamara Cap Music: Constantin Arvinte
This dance is an excerpt from a suite of Oltenian dances. Oltenia is in the southwestern section of Romania, an area between the Danube, the river Olt and Carpathian mountains.
Hora Staccata
Music: Gricoras Dinicu Folk Orchestra
Briu and Pair Dance
Taragol Soloist: Ion Milu
Familiar in the Banat Region is the taraeot--a sort of clarinet whose sound is particu?larly its own, given its individual timbre by the skill of the performer. Briu (The Girdle) and Pair Dance are a vehicle for the virtuosity of Mr. Milu, descendant of a long line of taragot players.
Two Traditional Songs--I Love Romanian Dance!
Our Weddings Are Marvelous Soloist: Ion Cristoreanu
Folk Orchestra A lively oriental tune
Suite of Dances from the Codru Mountains
Choreography: Ion Ilie Music: Constant? Arvinte
These dances from the Codru Mountains in Northern Transylvania call for the girls to support their partners in the most difficult figures of the dance.
Two Traditional Melodies--Love Song
Hora Kaval and Fluier Soloist: Florea Burnea
Dialogue on Two Cymbaloms
Soloists: Filip Dinu and Ilie Alecu
Girdle Dance
Choreography: Gheorghe Popescu-Judet Music: Constantin Arvinte
Doina, The River Olt, Sirba
Soloist: Simion Stanciu Three melodies which demonstrate the unusual qualities of the seldom heard pan-pipes.
The Girls of Capilna
Choreography: Iacob Lascu Music: Constantin Arvinte
A graceful dance, performed by village girls who have gathered to prepare the bride?groom's shirt for the boy who is about to marry one of the girls.
The Calushari Dance
Choreography: Ion Ilie and Gheorghe Ilie
Music: Constantin Arvinte
A traditional dance in which the men of the village execute various dance steps and athletic feats under the guidance of the best dancer of the town.
Muntanian Dance
Choreography: Gavirla Ciobanu Music: Iacob Ciortea
Arrangements: Viorel Dobosh Folk Orchestra
Two Traditional Songs--I'm Climbing Cluj's Hill Song from Bihor
Soloist: Maria Butactu
The Enchanted Flute
Choreography: Eugenia Popescu-Judet
Music: Mircea Chiriac A bounding dance based on a popular joke
Moldavian Dance
Choreography: Gheorghe Popescu-Judet
Music: Viorel Dobosh Moldavia is in the eastern part of Romania, which borders the U.S.S.R.
Sirba in the Cart
Folk Orchestra
This is one of the most popular folk compositions in Romania. It is based on one note consistently struck on the cymbalom. The sound is characteristic of the monotonous amble of a wagon on a country road.
Ciocirlia (The Skylark)
Soloist: Simion Stanciu "Ciocirlia" (The Skylark), a traditional melody, has long been an outstanding favorite.
The Somesh Wedding
Music: Viorel Dobosh
The dance depicts a wedding in the Somesh region, a valley which is crossed by the Somesh river in the northwestern part of Transylvania. It is bordered on three sides by mountains.
Hill Auditorium
BAVARIAN SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA OF MUNICH, Saturday, October 26 Rafael Kubelik, Conductor
Program: Symphony No. 104 in D major........Haydn
Double Concerto for Two String Orchestras,
Piano, and Timpani.........Martinu
Symphony in D minor..........France
UDAY SHANKAR COMPANY.....Tuesday, October 29
Dancers and musicians from India
BIRGIT NILSSON, Soprano.....Thursday, November 14
Program of operatic arias and Iieder by Wagner, Schubert, Strauss, Sibelius,
Melartin, Grieg, and Catalani YEHUDI MENUHIN, Violinist, and
HEPHZIBAH MENUHIN, Pianist . . (2:30) Sunday, November 24
Program: Sonata in A major No. 2, Op. 100.......Brahms
Sonata No. 1............Bartok
Sonata in A major ("Kreutzer")......Beethoven
GREGG SMITH SINGERS .... (2:30) Sunday, January 12
HAGUE PHILHARMONIC.......Friday, January 24
Willem Van Otterloo, Conductor
ALVIN AILEY AMERICAN DANCE THEATRE, Saturday, February 8 "CARMEN" (Goldovsky Opera Co.) . . (8:00) Saturday, February IS BALLET FOLKLORICO OF MEXICO . . Wednesday, February 26
RUDOLF SERKIN, Pianist......Wednesday, March 5
MOSCOW STATE SYMPHONY.....Thursday, March 13
Tickets: $6.00--$5.50--5.00--$4.00--$3.00--2.00 (Tickets at $6.C0 and $4.00 sold out for "Carmen", Serkin, and the Menuhins)
Rackham Auditorium
MELOS ENSEMBLE, from London . . . Thursday, November 7
JANET BAKER, English Mezzo-Soprano . . . Sunday, January 5
MUSIC FROM MARLBORO..... Saturday, February 1
ISRAEL CHAMBER ORCHESTRA .... Monday, February 10
COLOGNE CHAMBER ORCHESTRA . . . Saturday, February 22
Tickets: $5.00--$4.00--$3.00
Annual MESSIAH Performances In Hill Auditorium--December 6, 7, 8 (2:30)
University Choral Union, Interlochen Arts Academy Orchestra, Susan Belling, Soprano; Elizabeth Mannion, Contralto; Henry Nason, Tenor; David Clatworthy, Bass; Lester McCoy, Conductor Tickets: $3:OO-$2.OO-$1.5O-$l.OO
Programs begin at 8:30 p.m. unless otherwise indicated.
THE UNIVERSITY MUSICAL SOCIETY, Burton Tower Ann Arbor, Michigan 4S104
Hours: 9:00 to 4:30, Monday through Friday; Saturday 9:00 to 12:00 (Also V2 hours before performance at auditorium Box Office)

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