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UMS Concert Program, November 27, 1971: The National Ballet --

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Concert: Ninth
Complete Series: 3748
Power Center For The Performing Arts, Ann Arbor, Michigan

The University Musical Society
The University of Michigan
James Capp Christine Knoblauch Edward Myers Elizabeth Risen
Joanne Danto Michelle Lees Kirk Peterson Raymond Serrano
Hiller Huhn Jane Miller Judith Rhodes Fredric Strobel
Mariana Alvarez Nancy Davis Charlene Gehm Edmund LaFosse Dennis Poole Stuart Sebastian Patricia Sorrell
Charlotte Belchere Diane Duffy Linda Kintz Rosemary Miles Andrea Price Stephen Shaw
Michelle Benash Susan Frazer Susan Loehr Robert Petersen Juli Richardson Susan Smith Christine Spizzo
Saturday Afternoon, November 27, 1971, at 3:00 Power Center for the Performing Arts, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Ninth Program
International Presentations in Power Center
Complete Programs 3748
Staged and Choreographed by Ben Stevenson
Music by Serge Prokofiev
Scenery designed by Edward Haynes
Costumes designed by Norman McDowell
Conductor: Ottavio DeRosa
Cinderella..............Carmen Mathe
Ugly Sisters.......Frederic Franklin, Robert Petersen
Father................James Capp
Fairy Godmother (old woman).........Stephen Shaw
Fairy Godmother (fairy)..........Michelle Lees
Dressmaker............Charlotte Belchere
Assistant..............Diane Duffy
Wig Maker..............Edward Myers
Dancing Master............Fredric Strobel
Violinist.............Raymond Serrano
Four Dragon Flies.......Edward Myers, Kirk Peterson,
Hiller Huhn, Raymond Serrano
Spring Fairy.............Judith Rhodes
Summer Fairy............Mariana Alvarez
Autumn Fairy.............Andrea Price
Winter Fairy.............Joanne Danto
Four White Horses.......Michelle Benash, Linda Kintz,
Juli Richardson, Christine Spizzo
Jester...............Kirk Peterson
Prince..............Stuart Sebastian
Guests . . Mariana Alvarez, Diane Duffy, Charlene Gehm, Susan Frazer,
Christine Knoblauch, Susan Smith, Hiller Huhn, Edmund LaFosse,
Edward Myers, Dennis Poole, Raymond Serrano, Fredric Strobel
Two little boys carrying oranges . . . Michael Tudor and James Starzec
Prince's Friends........Hiller Huhn, Fredric Strobel
Priest................James Capp
Cinderella's father watches his two stepdaughters embroidering scarves to be worn to a ball given that evening by the Prince. The cruel stepdaughters tease their stepfather with the scarves. Cinderella enters and stops them. The stepsisters are furious and order Cinderella to clean the kitchen as they drag their father from the room. Her only friend now seems to be the broom.
Cinderella, remembering a picture of her mother, takes it from its hiding place and sits gazing at it. Her father enters and is overcome with remorse when he sees how much Cinderella resembles his first loving wife. She tries to comfort him when the stepsisters enter and are enraged to see Cinderella in her father's arms. They pull them apart and snatch the picture away. Suddenly the door opens and an old beggar woman enters. The stepsisters decide to give her the picture, but the old woman sees the resemblance between the picture and Cinderella and returns it to Cinderella. Cinderella gives the old woman her last crust of bread.
The Dressmaker and the Wigmaker arrive to ready the stepsisters for the ball. A Dancing Master also arrives with the impossible task of teaching the stepsisters how to dance. Cinderella is alone again, pretending she is at the ball, and dances with the broom, then bursts into tears realizing it is only a daydream. The old beggar returns and much to Cinderella's amazement is transformed into a beautiful Fairy Godmother. The kitchen changes into a magic glade with dragon flies swooping among the trees. The Fairy Godmother asks Cinderella to find a pumpkin and four lizards, and gives them to one of the dragon flies who darts off into the trees. The Fairy Godmother g'.ves a pair of glass slippers to Cinderella. The Fairies of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter arrive and dance for Cinderella, changing the seasons as they do. Cinderella's rags become a beautiful dress. The Fairy Godmother shows Cinderella a magic clock and warns her that at midnight her magic clothes will turn again into rags. The Fairy Godmother changes the pumpkin and lizards into a coach and horses and Cinderella drives to the ball like a Princess.
A jester greets the guests as they arrive in the ballroom. The guests are amazed when the ugly stepsisters arrive. The Prince enters, and he, too, is amused by the sight of the sisters; however, he asks them each in turn to dance with him to the amusement of the crowd. Cinderella arrives in her coach, and the Prince falls in love with her at first sight. He offers his guests oranges, as they are the very rarest fruit in the land. One of the sisters is left without an orange; Cinderella sees this and gives up her own. The stepsister accepts without recognizing Cinderella.
While the Prince and Cinderella are dancing together, the clock strikes midnight, and Cinderella's beautiful clothes turn to rags. The Prince rushes after her to find only one of her glass slippers on the stairs.
Cinderella waits among the cinders in the kitchen, thinking the ball only a dream until she finds the other glass slipper in her pocket. She quickly hides it as the ugly sisters arrive. They show Cinderella the oranges they received from the Prince. Suddenly the jester enters the room, heralding the arrival of the Prince and two of his friends who have with them the glass slipper. The stepsisters vainly try to squeeze their big feet into the tiny slipper. The Prince sees Cinderella sitting by the fire and asks her father if she may try it. As Cinderella gets up from the stool, she drops the other glass slipper. The Prince is overjoyed! The stepsisters beg Cinderella's forgiveness and the Fairy Godmother arrives accompanied by the fairies of the seasons.
The Prince returns the glass slippers to them and the kitchen once again changes into a magic glade. Cinderella and her Prince dance a romantic pas de deux, and at its conclusion, the guests arrive for the coronation of Cinderella, the cruellymistreated girl who rose from the cinders to a royal throne.
Ottavio DeRosa, Principal Conductor
Bruce Steeg, Associate Conductor
James Capp, Assistant to Directors
Eugene Lowery, Production Stage Manager
Martha Vreeland, Costumer
THE MESSIAH--Handel's great oratorio Friday and Saturday, December 3 and 4
(afternoon) Sunday, December 5
Donald Bryant conducts the 325member Choral Union, Interlochen Arts Academy Or?chestra, and soli in this traditional event of the Christmas season. Soloists are Helen Boatwright, Soprano; Batyah Godfrey, Contralto; Dan Marek, Tenor; and Donald Bell, Bass.
Pierre Boulez, conductor.....Wednesday, December 8
Jeux, Debussy; The Miraculous Mandarin, Bartok; Symphony No. 3, Schumann
The next programs in The Power Center Series: PAUL KUENTZ CHAMBER ORCHESTRA FROM PARIS
Monday, January 17, at 8:00 p.m.
(Mozart, Vivaldi, Bach, Telemann and DanielLesur)
Wednesday, January 19, at 8:00 p.m.
Vivaldi: "The Seasons," Paul Kuentz, conducting, and Handel: "Ode on St. Cecilia's Day," Donald Bryant, conducting the Festival Chorus; Barbara Schlick, soprano; John McCollum, tenor; Adolph Scherbaum, trumpet.
Announcing Special Added Attractions in Hill Auditorium
The Russians are Coming!
MSTISLAV ROSTROPOVICH, Cellist.....Saturday, January IS
Stars of the Bolshoi Opera........Tuesday, February 8
Public sale begins November 22 at Burton Tower Regular Prices--$7, $6.50, $6, $5, $3.50, $2.50
Burton Memorial Tower, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104 (Phone 6653717)

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