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UMS Concert Program, April 7, 1972: Shantung Traditional Music --

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Concert: Third
Complete Series: 3769
Rackham Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan

The University Musical Society
The University of Michigan
Liu Fengsung Liu Fengtai Liu Chisheng
Liu Wentsai Chen Yukang Ko Minchiou
Liang Tsaiping, Director
Friday Evening, April 7, 1972, at 8:30 Rackham Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Ching Yang Chui (Song of the Chivalrous Gentlemen)
Shuangkuan (twin pipes)............Liu Fengsung
Accompanied by Liu Fengtai, Ltu Chisheng, Liu Wentsai, Ko Minchiou, Chen Yukang
In China, people from the northern part of the country are known as "The Chivalrous People." This piece depicts their chivalry.
Yu Fu Jung (Song of the Jade Lotus)
Sona (brassmouthed horn)............Lru Fengtai
Accompanied by Liu Fengsung, Liu Ciiisheng, Liu Wentsai, Ko Minchiou, Ciien Yukang
This is wedding music, popular in the provinces of Shantung and Honan. The theme, played mainly with a smaller sona, is graceful, flowing, and elegant, like a lovely young bride.
Yu Chou Chang Wan (Evening Song of a Returning Fisherman)
Cheng (16stringed zitherlike instrument).......Ko Minchiou
One of the most famous songs of Honan Province, the theme depicts a fisherman rowing on a lake. At first, the weather is fine and the wind calm. As he sets out to fish, a storm breaks, and he struggles against the rough waves.
Third Concert East Asian Series Complete Programs 3769
Yang Chun Pai Hsueh (Snow in the Sunny Spring)
P'iP'a (4stringed pearlike mandolin)........Chen Yukang
The theme of this piece is based on a popular folk tune. It is one of the most famous composi?tions for the p'ip'a in both south and north China.
Wang Chuang Tai (Before a Dressing Table)
Sheiii; (bamboo mouthorgan)......Liu Fengtai and Liu Fengsung
Accompanied by L:u Chisheng, Liu Wentsai, Ko Minchiou, Chen Yukang
This is traditional wedding music which depicts the happy progress of a wedding ceremony.
Wang Peh Ma Chin (An Old Lady's Curse)
Sona (brassmouthed organ)...........Lru Fengsung
Ponghu (fiddle)...............Liu Fengtai
Accompanied by Liu Chisheng, Lru Wentsai, Ko Minchiou, Chen Yukang
This comic and satirical folk music describes an old lady by the name of Wang who raises chickens. They are dear to her, and at feeding time she calls out their names and counts them. After calling and searching everywhere she finds that her favorite speckled chicken is missing. She then goes to a street corner and, in her anger, swears!
"If a blind man has stolen my rooster
let him fall into the latrine; If a student has stolen my rooster
let him be beaten by the teacher; If a beggar has stolen my rooster
let his shoes become worn out
wandering in search of food!"
Liang Hsiao (A Happy Evening)
Nan Hit (2stringed fiddle)............Ko Minchiou
Originally called "Song of a New Year's Eve" by Liu Tienhua, wellknown Chinese composer, this piece is distinguished by a vivid melody.
Hsiao Fang Niou (A Fair Lady and a Cowherd)
Pong ti (short bamboo flute)...........Chen Yukang
A young lady on her way to her mother's home happens to meet a cowherd, asking the way. Fascinated by her beauty, he tries to provoke her. The Pongti (short bamboo flute) is used to imitate his foolishness and her witty conversation.
Lo Chiang Yuan (Lamentation over the Lo River)
Shuangkuan (twin pipes)............Lru Fengsung
Accompanied by Liu Fengtai, Liu Chisheng, Liu Wentsai, Ko Minchiou, Chen Yukang
A famous song from opera, this is a favorite shuangkuan piece. The theme is described by the following poem:
"My lamentations have no limit, My love thoughts have no boundary, They are as long as the Yellow River; They are as deep as the Green Sea."
King Hua Jung (Song of a NewlyWedded Couple)
Sona (brassmouthed horn)............Lru Fengtai
Accompanied by Lru Fengsung, LrtJ Chisheng, Liu Wentsai, Ko Minchiou, Chen Yukang
A sister composition to Yu Fu Jung (Song of the Jade Lotus), also played on the smaller sona, it pictures the merry hours a newlywedded couple spend in their nuptial chamber.
Chun Chiang Hua Yueh Yeh (Spring River under the Flowery Moonlight)
Cheng (16stringed zitherlike instrument).......Ko Minchiou
A north Chinese folk song of the 7th century describes a homebound boat floating along a river in the spring.
Huai Yin Ping Chu (The Great Ambush)
P'iP'a (4stringed pearlike mandolin)........Chen Yukang
This work describes the great epic battle between the kingdoms of the Han and the Chu. The piece belongs to what is known as the Military School of Music, as opposed to the Civil School, which is more gentle.
Ta Teng Tian (Coronation of Kings)
Sona (brassmouthed horn)............Liu Fengtai
Ponghu (fiddle)...............Lru Fengsung
Accompanied by Liu Chisheng, Liu Wentsai, Ko MiNcniou, Chen Yukang This is the story of a coronation.
Lo Ma Kai Pang (An Old Lady's Adventure)
Sona (brassmouthed horn)............Lru Fengtai
Ponghu (fiddle)...............Lru Fengsung
Accompanied by Liu Chisheng, Liu Wentsai, Ko Minchiou, Chen Yukang
A humorous piece from Northern China about an old maid who boasts to her neighbors about her adventures in a large city.
Yueh Yeh (Moonlit Night)
NanHu (2stringed fiddle)............Ko Minchiou
Composed by the late professor Liu Tienkwa, this composition describes bright moonlight and a gentle breeze.
Pai Niao Yin (The Cry of Hundreds of Birds)
Pongti (short bamboo flute)...........Chen Yukang
Adapted from a Shantung folk song, it describes the cry of the birds.
Hung Tsung Leh Ma (Romance of a Returning Hero)
Sona (brassmouthed horn)............Liu Fengtai
Hit Ch'in (2stringed fiddle)...........Lru Fengsung
Accompanied by Liu Chisiieng, Liu Wentsai, Ko Minchiou, Chen Yukang
The music is in the form of a dialogue between a wife and her husband. He had departed when a young man, and returns as an old man and a hero. It describes his vigor and her gracefulness.
The second annual East Asian Series has been announced for the 197273 season. Four attractions in Rackham Auditorium: Ah Ahk (Korea), October 22; Chinese Skin Shadow Puppets, November 6; Saeko Ichinohe and Company (Japan), February 26; Topeng Dance Theater of Bali, March 27. Order series tickets now at $10 and $8.50 for all four events. Brochure describing all 35 International Presentations for next season available at the Musical Society office. Orders for series tickets now being accepted.
The Philadelphia Orchestra at all concerts-Eugene Ormandy and Thor Johnson, conductors
May 4--Harris: Symphony No. 3; Mahler: Kindertotenlieder, Dietrich FischerDieskau, baritone; Berlioz: Symphonie fantastique.
May 5--Mozart: Vespers, K. 339, Festival Chorus, Noelle Rogers, soprano, Eliza?beth Mannion, contralto, Waldie Anderson, tenor, Willis Patterson, bass; Wallace Berry: Intonation; Schumann: Concerto in A minor, Susan Starr, pianist.
May 6--AllBrahms program: Tragic Overture; Symphony No. 3; Concerto in D major, Mayumi Fujikawa, violinist.
May 7--(2:30) Mozart: Symphony No. 29, K. 201; Szymanowski: Stabat Mater, Festival Chorus, Noelle Rogers, soprano, Elizabeth Mannion, contralto, Leslie Guinn, baritone; Weber: Concerto No. 2, Malcom Frager, pianist.
May 7--Bach: Toccata, Adagio and Fugue; Rossini: three arias; Wagner: excerpts from Die Gotterdammerung, Marilyn Home, soprano.
(AH Festival concerts at 8:30 unless otherwise noted)
Gail W. Rector, President
?Roscoe O. Bonisteel, VicePresident
Erich A. Walter, Secretary
E. Thurton Tliieme, Treasurer
Died, February 25, 1972
William L. Brittain Allen P. Britton Douglas D. Crary Robbcn W. Fleming
Harlan Hatcher Paul K. Kauper Wilbur K. Pierpont Daniel H. Schurz

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