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UMS Concert Program, November 3, 1972: Batsheva Dance Company Of Israel -- William Louther

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Concert: Sixth
Complete Series: 3788
Power Center For The Performing Arts Ann Arbor, Michigan

The University Musical Society
The University of Michigan
WILLIAM LOUTHER, Artistic Director
Dancers Rena Gluck
Hugh Appel, Gabi Barr, Laurie Freedman, Yair Goldstein
Kenneth Gustafsson, Ruth Kleinfeld, Derek Linton, Esther Nadler
Joanna Peled, Robert Pomper, Yair Shapira, Yaakov Sharir
Pamela Sharni, Yair Vardi, Eve Walstrum
Friday Evening, November 3, 1972, at 8:00
Power Center for the Performing Arts
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Sixth Program International Presentations in Power Center Complete Programs 3788
Choreography, John Cranko Literary Adviser, Israel Ouval
Reader, Chana Maron Costumes, Yaakov Sharie, Yair Vardi
Music, Ruth BenZvi Lighting, Nicole Cernowitch
A Nation and Man Move in Parallel Cycles from Death to Regeneration
The work consists of two cycles. The greater, the destruction and resurrection of a nation, within which is depicted the smaller cycle of the life and death of the individual man.
All sections begin with the conclusion of the previous one, and "the man" is portrayed in dif?ferent episodes by different dancers, thereby suggesting all men, rather than an individual.
Excerpt from: "To The Mound of Corpses In The Snow" Poet, Uri Zvi Greenberg
The poet describes the brutal killing of his father in a concentration camp. This is seen in the dance as a canon implying not the death of one man, but a nation.
Yair Vardi, Kenneth Gustafsson, Yair Goldstein, Robert Pomper, Hugh Appet, Yair Shapiro
"Silent Night"..........Poet, Tuvia Greenberg
A lamentation for the holocaust.
Laurie Freedman, Pamela Sharni, Eve Walstrum, Esther Nadler, Ruth Kleinfeld, Joanna Peled
"The Amputation of The Wing"......Poet, Uri Zvi Greenberg
The poet describes a vision of a flock of migrating birds which fly with only one wing, the other having been cut off. Soon there will be no migration from "overhere" to "over there." In the dance the "Schina" (the Divine Spirit) makes her first appearance.
Gabi Barr
"Song of My People Forest People Sea" . . . Poet, Uri Zvi Greenberg
In multiple images the poet compares his people to the sterile sea, and the fertile forest. He awaits the birth of a prophetfool who will achieve the impossible miracle of the resurrection of his people. The dancers echo the poet's words and reenact the miraculous rebirth of man.
The Company
"Not By Chance"........Poet, Chaim Nachman Bialik
The man dances his determination to realize the spark in his heart which makes him unique. Yair Vardi
Excerpt from: "In Two"........Poet, Shlomo Tana'i
"Ma'ayan Ganim"..........Music, Dubi Zelzer
The man and the woman celebrate their union. Pamela Sharni, Yair Vardi
Excerpt from: "Messada"........Poet, Yitzhak Lamdan
"Hands of Israel"
"What are these They are the hands of Israel." The Company
"Spread Your Wings"........Poet, Chaim Nachman Bialik
The man expresses his need and agony for his belief. Gabi Barr, Yair Vardi
"God Lives"............Poet, I. Z. Rimon
A dance of praise to God. The Company
"I Shall Know"........Words: Else LaskerSchuler
Music: E. W. Sternberg Sung by Natanya Dovrat
The man is taken to death by the Schina, leaving the woman sorrowing. Pamela Sharni, Gabi Barr, Yair Vardi
"I Always Want Eyes".........Poet, Nathan Zach
In spite of grief new life must continue, the Schina returns to console the woman and ". . . give her eyes to see the beauty" of the world.
The Company
Choreography Linda Rabin
Music Gyorgy Ligeti, G. F. Handel
Costumes Susan and Fran
Lighting Haim Techelet
Joanna Peled
Pamela Sharni, Yair Vardi Gabi Barr, Hugh Appet, Eve Walstrum
DIVERTISSEMENT In the Playground of the Zodiac
Choreography William Louther
Music George Quincy
Decor Dani Karavan
Costumes William Louther
Lighting Nicholas Cernovitch
A Ughthearled display of pyrotecnics drawn from the Martha Graham technique, with fun from the Zodiac.
At Work -The Company
Leo's turn..............Hugh Appet.
Saggitarius' turn............Eve Walstrum
Aries' turn..............Gabi Barr.
Scorpio's turn............Robert Pomper
Taurus' turn............Yair Goldstein
Libra's turn............Ruth Kleinfeld
Time Out for Hoedown
Pisces VS. Cancer -Esther Nadler and Laurie Freedman
Quartet -Aries, Saggitarius, Scorpio, Taurus
Virgo's turn.............Pamela Sharni
Capricorn's turn.....Derek Linton with Saggitarius and Aries
In The Pond -Pisces and Cancer
Gemini's turn.............Gabi Barr
Duct.............Gemini and Acquartus
Acquarius ...........Kenneth Gustafsson
Back to Work -The Company
General Manager........Pinhas Postel
Principal Ballet Teacher .... Inessa Alexandrowitz
Production Manager......Nora Stapleton
Stage Manager........Jacob Erlich
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra......Saturday, November 4
(8:30, Hill Auditorium)
Chinese Skin Shadow Puppets.......Monday, November 6
(8:30, Rackham Auditorium)
Yuval Trio from Israel........Wednesday, November 8
(8:30, Rackham Auditorium)
Trio No. 4 in Bflat major, K. 502, Mozart; Trio in A minor (1914), Ravel; Trio No. 2 in C minor, Op. 66, Mendelssohn.
Duke Ellington and His Orchestra.....Saturday, November 11
(8:30, Hill Auditorium)
A special Benefit Concert for the Musical Society, with admission prices in?cluding contributions to help insure the longstanding tradition of excellent concerts in Ann Arbor. Tickets now on sale at Burton Tower offices.
Christopher Parkening, Guitarist.....Tuesday, November 14
(8:30, Rackham Auditorium)
Paniagua Quartet.........Saturday, November 18
(8:30, Rackham Auditorium)
Itzhak Perlman, Violinist........Tuesday, November 21
(8:30, Hill Auditorium) Handel's Messiah
For over ninety years, the University Choral Union has presented the Messiah in celebration of the Christmas Season. Donald Bryant conducts the chorus, members of the Interlochen Arts Academy Orchestra, and soloists Louise Rus?sell, soprano, Sofia Steffan, contralto, Waldie Anderson, tenor, and Benjamin Matthews, bass in three performances in Hill Auditorium. Tickets now on sale.
(8:30) Friday, December 1
(8:30) Saturday, December 2
(2:30) Sunday, December 3
Austral String Quartet from Sydney.....Tuesday, December 5
(8:30, Rackham Auditorium)
"Cosi Fan Tutte," Mozart's opera.......Friday, January 12
(8:00, Power Center)
Saturday, January 13 (3:00 and 8:00, Power Center)
Bartok String Quartet........Wednesday, January 17
(8:30, Rackham Auditorium)
Ko Iwasaki, Cellist..........Wednesday, January 24
(8:30, Hill Auditorium)
Michael Lorimer, Guitarist........Saturday, January 27
(8:30, Rackham Auditorium)
Burton Memorial Tower, Ann Arbor, Michigan Phone 66S3717

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