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UMS Concert Program, September 30, 1973: Detroit Symphony Orchestra --

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Concert: First
Complete Series: 3831
Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan

The University Musical Society
The University of Michigan
Detroit Symphony Orchestra
Sunday Afternoon, September 30, 1973, at 2:30 Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Concerto No. 2 for Violin and Orchestra in B minor, Op. 7 ... Paganini
Allegro maestoso Adagio
Rondo: andantino allegretto moderato
Franco Gulli
Symphony No. 1 in F minor, Op. 10.......Shostakovich
Allegretto; allegro non troppo Allegro Lento
Allegro molto
The Detroit Symphony Orchestra will appear again in Hill Auditorium on Thursday evening, January 17, 1974, in a special AllBrubeck program, featuring "Two Generations of Brubeck" and the Festival Chorus, Erich Kunzel and Don Th. Jaeger conducting.
First Concert Ninetyfifth Annual Choral Union Series Complete Programs 3831
The University Musical Society expresses its appreciation to the individuals and business firms named below, and extends an invitation to the general public to join with them in support of the programs offered. Today's program is the first of fiftyfive events from this date through May Festival, making this season our most ambitious ever. It is made possible with the wide support in attendance and contributions.
Contributor categories are: Sustaining Member--Gift of $25; Patron--Gift of $100; Sponsor--Gift of $500; Guarantor--Gift of $1,000 or more.
All contributors recorded since January 1, 1973, are listed on these pages.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Berger Mr. and Mrs. William L. Brittain Mr. and Mrs. Douglas D. Crary Mr. and Mrs. Lou Dexter Mr. and Mrs. Peter N. Heydon Mr. Maurice B. Hodges Mr. and Mrs. John McColIum Mr. and Mrs. Edwin E. Meader
Mr. and Mrs. George C. Cameron
Mrs. Fanni Epstein
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Herbert
Mrs. Lester McCoy
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Palmer
Dr. and Mrs. Bernard Patmos
Mr. and Mrs. Gardner Ackley
Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Adams, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Robert G. Aldrich
Dr. and Mrs. David G. Anderson
Mrs. Donald H. Bacon
Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. Benford
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Bishop, Jr.
Mr. C. John Blankley
Mr. and Mrs. Milford Boersma
Mr. and Mrs. Allen P. Britton
Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Brown
Dr. and Mrs. K. M. Brownson
Mr. and Mrs. Wellington R. Burt
Dr. and Mrs. Alfred Y. T. Ching
Mr. and Mrs. Gage R. Cooper
Mrs. Arthur H. Copeland
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil C. Craig
Mr. and Mrs. Earl H. Cress
Dr. and Mrs. James M. Dahl
Mr. James A. Davies
Dr. and Mrs. Russell Dejong
Mr. Richard Earhart
Miss Linda Eberbach
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Eberbach
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Evans
Miss Florence B. Fuller
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Gallatin
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph M. Gibson
Dr. and Mrs. Alexander Gotz
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Graham
Mr. and Mrs. Clare E. Griffin
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer F. Hamel
Mr. and Mrs. J. Donald Hanawalt
Dr. and Mrs. Frederic B. House
Dr. and Mrs. W. N. Hubbard, Jr.
Mr. Frederick G. L. Huetwell
Mr. and Mrs. K. D. Jensen
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert V. Johe
Mr. Thor Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Kaplan
Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Kauper
Mrs. Donald Kehl
Mr. William R. Kinney
Mr. Arthur T. Lanning
Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. McCracken
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn McGeoch
Dr. and Mrs. Barry Miller
Dr. and Mrs. Joe D. Morris
Mr. B. J. Naughton, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Niehuss
Mr. and Mrs. A. Geoffrey Norman
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Papo
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Park
Mr. and Mrs. D. Maynard Phelps
Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur K. Pierpont
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Power
Mr. and Mrs. Millard H. Pryor
Mr. Ernst Pulgram
Dr. and Mrs. Gardner C. Quarton
Mr. and Mrs. Gail W. Rector
Mr. and Mrs. William Revelli
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Rigan
Miss Sara L. Rowe
Mr. and Mrs. Carl F. Schemm
Dr. and Mrs. David W. Schmidt
Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Sergeant
Mr. and Mrs. Everett J. Soop
Mrs. James H. Spencer
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Stegeman
Mr. and Mrs. J. Wilner Sundelson
Dr. and Mrs. E. Thurston Thieme
Dr. and Mrs. Paul M. Vanek
Mrs. Charles W. Wagner
Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Wagner
Mr. and Mrs. Fred G. Walcott
Mr. and Mrs. Erich A. Walter
Mr. and Mrs. Russell West
Dr. and Mrs. Sherwood B. Winslow
Mrs. Earl S. Wolaver
American Metal Climax Foundation, Inc. Edwards Brothers, Inc. Ford Motor Company Parke, Davis & Company
Sam's Stores, Inc. University Microfilms YpsiAnn Land Company
Acacia Fraternity, Ohio State
Miss Adelaide A. Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Adams, Jr.
Mrs. John Alexander
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Aliferis
Mr. and Mrs. Francis A. Allen
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Allington
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest E. Andrews
Dr. and Mrs. Oliver C. Applegate
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Asleson
Mrs. Stephen S. Attwood
Mr. and Mrs. Max K. Aupperle
Dr. and Mrs. Noyes L. Avery, Jr.
Mrs. A. W. Baker
Mr. Harris H. Ball
Mrs. R. W. Barnard
Mrs. T. Howe Bartholomew
Mr. A. VV. Bennett
Miss Alice R. Bensen
Mr. Viktors Berstis
Mr. and Mrs. Jay A. Bolt
Mrs. C. E. Bottum
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Bottum, Jr.
Miss Elinor J. Boyd
Miss Lola M. Bradstreet
Mrs. Joseph Brinkman
Mr. and Mrs. George VV. Brooks
Mr. Robert H. Brower
Mr. and Mrs. Carl R. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Webster Brumbaugh
Mr. and Mrs. Robbins Burling
Mrs. Helen S. Butz
Miss Ruth A. Campbell
Miss Hope H. Chipman
Mrs. William S. Clarkson
Mr. and Mrs. VV. Oscar Collins
Dr. and Mrs. Leslie Corsa, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn M. Coulter
Mr. and Mrs. H. Richard Crane
Miss Grace Crockett
Mr. and Mrs. Horace W. Davenport
Mr. and Mrs. Julio del Toro
Miss Mildred F. Denecke
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Dennison
Mr. and Mrs. Benning VV. Dexter
Dr. and Mrs. Richard P. Dorr
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Gould Dow
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Draper
Dr. and Mrs. Paul F. Durkee
Mr. and Mrs. Emil E. Engel, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Faber
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Feldman
Mr. and Mrs. Carl H. Fischer
Mr. and Mrs. Howard P. Fox
Mrs. Thomas Francis, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Gallagher
Mr. and Mrs. Garnet Garrison
Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Gault
Mr. William Alexis Golz
Mr. and Mrs. Otto Graf
Miss Pearl Graves
Miss Barbara J. Gross
Miss Ethel Hedrick
Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. Heins
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Henderson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Highhill
Mr. T. H. Hildebrandt
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Hooper
Mrs. John H. Hough
Mrs. Virginia Hunt
Miss Ella M. Hyrnans
Mr. and Mrs. Albert C. Jacobs
Mr. and Mrs. Emil Jebe
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Jones
Mr. J. Warren Kays
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Klein
Dr. and Mrs. Karl S. Klicka
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Donald S. Lowe
Miss Doris L. Luecke
Dr. and Mrs. Donald W. Martin
Dr. and Mrs. Josip Matovinovic
Mr. and Mrs. F. N. McOmber
Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Meranda
Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Meyers
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Mohler
Miss Dorothy V. Mummery
Miss Yoshiko Nagamatsu
Mrs. Clifford T. Nelson
Mr. Kurt K. Neumann
Mrs. Gretchen Stanger Newsom
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Ondey
Dr. and Mrs. F. D. Ostrander
Mr. and Mrs. Pedro Paz
Dr. and Mrs. Edwin P. Peterson
Dr. and Mrs. Charles W. Phillips
Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Pollak
Dr. and Mrs. H. Marvin Pollard
Mr. and Mrs. Emerson F. Powrie
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Radock
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver C. Reedy
Miss Mary RomigdeYoung
Mr. Charles H. Rubin
Miss Mabel E. Rugen
Miss Margaret R. Runge
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert O. Schlager
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert E. Schlesinger
Mr. Neill R. Schmeichel
Mr. James D. Shortt, Jr.
Dr. Bruce M. Siegan
Mr. and Mrs. Keeve M. Siegel
Dr. and Mrs. Vergil N. Slee
Mrs. Helen M. Snyder
Mrs. Mira Stoll
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Stubbins
Dr. and Mrs. Walter H. Swartz
Mrs. John S. Thomas
Miss Virginia W. Tibbals
Mrs. John E. Tracy
Miss Rose Vainstein
Mr. B. Arnell Van Sickle
Mrs. Elena Vlisides
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Vogt
Mrs. George Wadley
Mrs. B. T. Whipple
Mrs. Albert E. White
Mrs. George W. Willard
Miss Charlotte Wolfe
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest A. H. Woodman
Choral Union Series Hill Auditorium
Julian Bream, Guitar and Lute.......Sunday, October 21
London Bach Society..........Friday, October 26
Leningrad Philharmonic........Saturday, November 3
Budapest Symphony Orchestra......Saturday, November 10
Martina Arroyo, Soprano........Monday, November 19
Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra......Sunday, January 27
Luciano Pavarotti, Tenor.......Wednesday, February 27
An Evening of Viennese Operetta.......Friday, March 1
Yehudi Menuhin, Violinist, and
Hephzibah Menuhin, Pianist......Wednesday, March 13
Two Added Attractions Hill Auditorium
Leningrad Philharmonic........Sunday, November 4
AllBrubeck Concert.........Thursday, January 17
Choice Series Power Center
Ballet Repertory Company of the American
Ballet Theatre......Thursday and Friday, October 4 & 5
Bayanihan Philippine Dance Company.....Sunday, October 14
Ballet West, U.S.A......Friday and Saturday, October 19 & 20
Claude Kipnis Mime Theatre.......Saturday, October 2 7
Modern Jazz Quartet........Thursday, November IS
Krasnayarsk Dance Company, Siberia .... Saturday, December 1 Mozart's Impresario and Menotti's Old Maid and the Thief,
Goldovsky Opera Company . . Saturday and Sunday, February 23 & 24
Vienna Choir Boys..........Monday, March 11
Norwegian National Ballet . . . Saturday and Sunday, March 16 & 17
Roumanian Folk Ballet.........Friday, March 29
Nikolais Dance Theatre .... Thursday and Friday, April 18 & 19
Chamber Arts Series Rackham Auditorium
Gyorgy Sandor, Pianist.........Friday, October 12
Slovak Chamber Orchestra........Tuesday, October 23
Baroque Ensemble, USSR........Sunday, October 28
Tel Aviv String Quartet.......Wednesday, November 14
LaSalle String Quartet.........Sunday, January 20
Roumanian Trio (Piano, Violin, Cello).....Friday, February 22
Netherlands Wind Ensemble......Thursday, February 28
Early Music Consort of London......Saturday, April 13
Asian Series Rackham Auditorium
Music from Iran.........Wednesday, October 31
The Little Angels, Korea.......Sunday, November 11
Awaji Puppet Theater of Japan .... . Tuesday, February 19 Kathak, North Indian Dance.......Wednesday, April 3
Guitar Series Rackham Auditorium
Abreu Brothers, Argentina......Wednesday, November 7
Narciso Yepes, Spain........Wednesday, November 28
Carlos BarbosaLima, Brazil,.......Saturday, February 2
Romero Quartet (family of guitarists).....Wednesday, March 20
Single tickets now on sale; limited scries still available. Inquire at our Burton Tower office--Phone 6653717

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