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UMS Concert Program, March 16, 1974: The Norwegian National Ballet -- Anne Borg

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Concert: Fourteenth
Complete Series: 3872
Power Center For The Performing Arts Ann Arbor, Michigan

The University Musical Society
The University of Michigan
The Norwegian National Ballet
ANNE BORG, Artistic Director
Marte Saether Anne Merete Sundberg
Antony Geeves Frederic Konrad Terje Solberg
Guri Pahle Glad Gro Rakeng Sissel Westnes
Andrej Ludwicki Stefan Pettersson
Bj0rn Olav Berg, Ellen Damsund, G0ril Eie, Anne Frodahl, Karen GriinerHegge, Lisbeth Hagen, Toni Herlofson, Yngve Horn, Annemari Johansen, Thorill Johannessen, Grete Kleivdal, Peter Lewis, Indra Lorentzen, Inger Lynne, Wayne McKnight, Alejandro Meza, Kathryn Moriarty, Alan Mugglestone, Grete Nerdrum, Elin Osjord, Bodil Ousdal, Mona Pettersen, Kjersti R0dsten, Per Arne Skar, Alan 'Watson, Erik Wenes
Saturday Evening, March 16, 1974, at 8:00
Power Center for the Performing Arts
Ann Arbor, Michigan
? Guest Artist from The Stuttgart Ballet
Fourteenth Program Third Annual Choice Series, Power Center Complete Programs 3872
Romeo and Juliet
A Ballet in Three Acts
Music by Serge Prokofiev
Choreography by Witold Borkowski
Set Design Alistar Powell
Production Paul Podolski
Music Recorded by the Norwegian Opera Orchestra
Conductor Per Ake Andersson
Mercutio, Romeo's Friend
Tybalt, Lady Capulet's Nephew
Benvolio, Lord Montague's Nephew
Prince Paris
Lord Capulct
Lady Capulct
Juliet's Nanny
Fra Lorenzo
The Gypsy
Lord Montague
Peter, Capulet's Servant
Juliet's Friends
Bernd Berg
Sissel Westnes
Andrej Ludwicki
Antony Geeves
Frederic Konrad
Paul Podolski
Indris Leipa
Marte Saether
bodil ousdal
Poul Gnatt
IngerJohanne Rutter
Poul Gnatt
Stefan Pettersson
Goril Eie, Guri Pahle Glad,
Indra Lorentzen, Kathryn
moriarty, gro rakeng,
Guests, Servants, and Citizens of Verona
G0ril Eie, Anne Frodahl, Guri Pahle Glad, Tony Herlofson, Grete Kleivdal, Kathryn Moriarty, Mona Pettersen, Gro Rakeng, Kjersti R0dsten, Anne Merete Sundberg Ellen Damsund, Karen GrunerHegge, Lisbeth Hagen, Thorill Johannessen, Annemarie Johansen, Indra Lorentzen, Grete Nerd rum, Elin Osjord, Bj0rn Berg, Yngve Horn, Peter Lewis, Wayne McKnight, Alejandro Meza, Alan Mugglestone, Per Arne Skar, Erik Wenes
Scene 1. A Street in Verona
The families of Lords Capulet and Montague have been feuding for years. While Romeo wanders the street, a disagreement arises between the servants of the two families. Benvolio attempts to settle the argument but the hottempered Tybalt persists and fighting begins in earnest.
The Duke of Verona enters. He, weary of the continuing feud, orders an immed'P.te settlemjnt of the family quarrel and threatens those guilty of any disturbance of the peace with death or exile.
Prince Paris, a close friend and relative of the Duke, approaches Capulet with a request for the hand of the latter's daughter, Juliet. In celebration of the match, Capulet plans a grand ball in her honor. The guest list is given to Peter, an illiterate servant; Benvolio and Mercutio read to him the contents of the list and then decide to join the festivities, bringing Romeo with them.
Scene 2. Juliet's Chamber
Juliet, playing joyfully with her nanny, is interrupted by her mother who brings news of the arranged marriage. This announcement forces the girl to a realization of the fact that her child?hood has reached its end.
The guests, en route to the ball, are joined by Romeo, Benvolio, and Mercutio, who wear masks.
Scene 3. The Ballroom
Romeo, Bcnvolio, and Mcrcutio arrive at the ball, which is already in progress. While Murcutio distracts the guests, Juliet interrupts her conversation with Paris in order to meet Romeo.
A short while later, she removes Romeo's mask, and he is recognized by Tybalt. During the ensuing confusion the three friends make their exit. Intermezzo
Benvolio and Mercutio search for Romeo, who has hidden in the gardens behind Lord Capulet's castle.
Scene 4. Juliet's Balcony, Overlooking the Gardens
Juliet muses upon the realization that she is in love with Romeo--the son of her father's enemy. Romeo enters and declares his love for her.
Scene 1. The Street
A carnival is in progress. Juliet's nanny, bearing a letter for Romeo from her mistress, searches for him in the crowd. Intermezzo
Romeo is found and receives Juliet's letter, which tells him that she returns his love.
Scene 2. The Monastery of Fra Lorenzo
Romeo, approaching Fra Lorenzo, requests that the latter marry the two young people. To this the monk agrees, hoping he might help to end the bitter family rivalry. Upon Juliet's entrance the ceremony takes place. Intermezzo
Benvolio and Mercutio, meeting Tybalt on the street, seize their opportunity to goad him. Tybalt, in turn, vows that he will have revenge.
Scene 3. The Street
As Romeo returns from his wedding, the carnival reaches its climax. Tybalt spots Romeo but, at the latter's offer of friendship, he brushes Romeo away, slaps his hand and draws his sword. On Romeo's behalf, Mcrcutio accepts the challenge. Romeo attempts to intervene; Tybalt takes advantage of this and buries his sword in Mcrcutio's body. Romeo, distraught at the death of his friend, takes up the challenge; he kills Tybalt and then realizes that he has brought upon himself banishment from Verona--or worse.
ACT III Scene 1. Juliet's Chamber
At dawn, Romeo rises; in order to avoid punishment for violation of his exile he must leave his wife. After his departure Juliet's nanny, parents, and fiance enter; Lady Capulet informs her daughter that the marriage will shortly take place. Juliet's refusal causes her the rebuke and anger of her father.
Juliet rushes to Fra Lorenzo for help.
Scene 2. The Monastery of Fra Lorenzo
Juliet recounts to the sympathetic monk the sad happenings and begs his aid in finding a solution. He, being one who grows and experiments with various herbs and drugs, gives to her a phial of liquid which, when consumed, will induce a deathlike sleep. Thinking her dead, the Capulets will bury their daughter in the family crypt; Romeo, who will be made aware of the true state of affairs, will flee with her to the city of Mantua when she awakes.
Juliet returns to her father's house.
Scene 3. Juliet's Chamber
Lord and Lady Capulet again approach Juliet in regard to the marriage with Paris. Juliet, seemingly, assents; when left alone she drinks the contents of the phial and sleeps. The following morning her parents call for her with Paris; they find her, to all appearances, dead.
Romeo rushes back to Verona; the news of Juliet's death has reached him before any message from Fra Lorenzo.
Scene 4. The Capulet Family Crypt
Romeo enters for a final embrace with his beloved wife, prepared to take his own life with poison since he cannot live without her. After he has expired Juliet awakens and finds him on the floor; realizing that he is dead, she removes his dagger from his belt, stabs herself and dies beside his body.
Norwegian National Ballet .... Sunday, 3:00 and 8:00, March 17 Romero Quartet, Guitarists......Wednesday, 8:30, March 20
Interlochen Arts Academy Orchestra .... Sunday, 3:00, March 24 Thor Johnson, Music Director
Milhaud: Suite provenc.ale; Debussy: La Mer; Revueltas: Sensemaya; Elgar: Enigma Variations.
Roumanian Folk Ballet.......Friday, 8:00, March 29
Kathak Dancers, North India.....Wednesday, 8:30, April 3
Early Music Consort of London.....Saturday, 8:30, April 13
Nikolais Dance Theatre.......Thursday, 8:00, April 18
and Friday, 8:00, April 19
Four Concerts -May 1, 2, 3, and 4
THE PHILADELPHIA ORCHESTRA, Eugene Ormandy, Conductor THE UNIVERSITY CHORAL UNION, Jindrich Rohan, Guest Conductor
Yehudi Menuhin, Violinist; Beverly Sills, Soprano; Byron Janis, Pianist;
Janice Harsanyi, Soprano; Joanna Simon, Mezzosoprano;
Kenneth Riegel, Tenor; Michael Devlin, Bass.
May 1: Beethoven: Symphony No. 4 in Bflat; Lutoslawski: Livre pour orchestra; Brahms: Violin Concerto in D, Yehudi Menuhin, violinist.
May 2: CouperinMilhaud: Overture and Allegro from La Sultane; Bizet: Symphony in C; SaintSaens: Piano Concerto No. 5 in F major, Byron Janis, pianist; Debussy: Iberia.
May 3: Dvorak: Requiem Mass: University Choral Union; Janice Harsanyi, soprano; Joanna Simon, mezzosoprano; Kenneth Riegel, tenor; Michael Devlin, bass.
May 4: Shostakovich: Five Pieces for Small Orchestra; Haydn: Symphony No. 88 in G major; Mozart: "Exsultate, jubilate"; Charpentier: "Dupuis le jour" from Louise; Donizetti: Final Scene from Anna Bolena, Beverly Sills, soprano; Respighi: Roman Festivals.
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Burton Memorial Tower, Ann Arbor, Michigan Phone 66S3717
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