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UMS Concert Program, March 17, 1974: The Norwegian National Ballet -- Anne Borg

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Concert: Fifteenth
Complete Series: 3873
Power Center For The Performing Arts Ann Arbor, Michigan

The University Musical Society
The University of Michigan
The Norwegian National Ballet
ANNE BORG, Artistic Director
Marte Saether Anne Merete Sundberg
Antony Geeves Frederic Konrad Terje Solberg
Guri Pahle Glad Gro Rakeng Sissel Westnes
Andrej Ludwicki Stefan Pettersson
Bj0rn Olav Berg, Ellen Damsund, G0ril Eie, Anne Frodahl, Karen GriinerHegge, Lisbeth Hagen, Toni Herlofson, Yngve Horn, Annemari Johansen, Thorill Johannessen, Grete Kleivdal, Peter Lewis, Indra Lorentzen, Inger Lynne, Wayne McKnight, Alejandro Meza, Kathryn Moriarty, Alan Mugglestone, Grete Nerdrum, Elin Osjord, Bodil Ousdal, Mona Pettersen, Kjersti R0dsten, Per Arne Skar, Alan Watson, Erik Wenes
Orchestra conducted by Zdenko Peharda
Sunday Afternoon, March 17, 1974, at 3:00 Power Center for the Performing Arts Ann Arbor, Michigan
Guest Artist from The Stuttgart Ballet
Fifteenth Program Third Annual Choice Series, Power Center Complete Series 3873
Music by Antonio Vivaldi "The Four Seasons"
Choreography by Kari Blakstad
PART I: La Primavera Guri Pahle Glad and Yngve Horn
PART II: L'Inverno Ellen Kjellberg and Terje Solberg
PART III: L'Estate Marte Saeter and Roger Lucas
PART IV: L'Autumno
The sculptures of Gustav Vigeland and their reproduction and interpretation through various photographic techniques provided the source of inspiration for the choreographer. Funda?mental to Vigeland was a circular motif which is, in turn, the basis of the ballet's expression of movement. This circular, or cyclic nature is an obvious connection with the music chosen-Vivaldi's suite, "The Four Seasons."
LA SYLPHIDE A Ballet in Two Acts
Music by Herman Severin Lovenskjold Choreographic Arrangement by Erik Bruhn Based on the Ballet by August Bournonville
Set design by Alistar Powell Production by T. Westmoreland
The Mansion of the Rich, Scottish Widow, Anna
The Sylphide.............Leonie Leahy
James..............Bernard Hourseau
Madge...............Marte Saeter
?31.............IngerJohanne Rutter
Gum...............Terje Solberg
The Mother.............Bodil Ousdal
The Little Girl.............Gro Rakeng
Nancy..............Sissel Westnes
Guests.....Ellen Damsund, Anne Frodahl, Toni Herlofson,
Annemarie Johansen, Grete Kleivdal, Indra Lorentzen, Grete Nerdrum,
Mona Pettersen, Kjersti Rodsten, Bjorn Berg, Yngve Horn, Peter Lewis,
Frederic Konrad, Andrej Ludwicki, Wayne McKnight, Alan Mugglestone,
Stefan Pettersson, Per Arne Skar, Erik Wenes
It is the wedding day of Anna's son, James, who is resting in his chair before the ceremony. His sleep is restless and filled with dreams: The Sylphide kneels beside him; she loves the hand?some, young nobleman. As he turns his head she kisses him, and he wakes. She enchants him with her graceful dancing; he wants to touch her but she warns him never to do so, and vanishes through the chimney as the wedding guests enter the room.
James seems absentminded to his guests, and is teased especially by his brother, Gum, who is in love with Effy, the bridetobe. The girl is unhappy because of James' preoccupied behavior, but easily consoled when he apologizes.
An old fortuneteller, Madge, enters as the presents are brought in. She tells Gurn that, since James' affections for Effy are insincere, Gurn will be Effy's husband. James, infuriated, throws the old witch out of the house.
James is left alone while Effy goes to another room in order to change into her bridal gown. The window opens, and the Sylphide reenters; she tells James that she loves him and then vanishes. Throughout the ceremony she reappears and vanishes and, after the big dance--the reel--as James is about to bring to Effy the ring, the Sylphide appears and snatches it from his hand. She vanishes into the forest and James dashes off in pursuit.
It is discovered that James has disappeared, and all are ordered to search for him. Upon Gum's return he tells Anna, his mother, that he saw James running senselessly about in the forest. (He is unaware that James is following the Sylphide, as she is not visible to others.) In despair, Effy tries to follow James but is restrained by her friends and she falls, in distress, into the chair.
Three Witches.....Yngve Horn, Peter Lewis, Per Arne Skar
A Sylphide.............Sissel Westnes
Two Sylphs.........Gro Rakeng, Kjersti Rodsten
Sylphides......Ellen Damsund, Goril Eie, Anne Frodahl,
Lisbeth Hagen, Toni Herlofson, Thorill Johannessen,
Annemarie Johansen, Grete Kleivdal. Indra Lorentzen,
Kathryn Moriarty, Grete Nerdrum, Mona Pettersen,
Anne Merete Sundberg, Karen GrunerHegge
Scene 1. The Forest
In the dark forest, Madge weaves a veil which, being magic, will destroy James. Scene 2. A Clearing in the Forest
As the mist clears, the Sylphide and James are found together; their happiness is apparent. She brings to him berries and spring water; with her sisters she inspires James to join the dances.
Gurn arrives and finds his brother's coat. Madge, who is with him, throws it away and together they persuade Effy to marry Gurn.
When James returns Madge approaches with her magic veil; she tells him that it will cause the Sylphide to lose her wings and thus, of necessity, stay with him. James, eager to test his talisman, places the veil upon the Sylphide when she flies to meet him. The wings drop to the ground; the Sylphide falls, stricken, and when James clasps her in his arms she pushes him away. She returns to him his ring, but forgives him before the mourning sylphs bear her away.
Left alone in the forest, James hears the sound of the pipes in the distance and sees a bridal procession through the trees. As the tunes of the pipes diminish he falls, heartbroken, to the ground, and only the sinister laugh of old Madge breaks the silence.
Norwegian National Ballet . ... Sunday, 8:00, March 17 Romero Quartet, Guitarists......Wednesday, 8:30, March 20
Interlochen Arts Academy Orchestra .... Sunday, 3:00, March 24 Thor Johnson', Music Director
Milhaud: Suite provenc.ale; Debussy: La Mer; Revueltas: Sensemaya; Elgar: Enigma Variations.
Roumanian Folk Ballet.......Friday, 8:00, March 29
Kathak Dancers, North India.....Wednesday, 8:30, April 3
Early Music Consort of London.....Saturday, 8:30, April 13
Nikolais Dance Theatre.......Thursday, 8:00, April 18
and Friday, 8:00, April 19
Four Concerts -May 1, 2, 3, and 4
THE PHILADELPHIA ORCHESTRA, Eugene Ormandy, Conductor THE UNIVERSITY CHORAL UNION, Jindrich Rohan, Guest Conductor
Yehudi Menuhin, Violinist; Beverly Sills, Soprano; Byron Janis, Pianist;
Janice Harsanyi, Soprano; Joanna Simon, Mezzosoprano;
Kenneth Riegel, Tenor; Michael Devlin, Bass.
May 1: Beethoven: Symphony No. 4 in Bflat; Lutoslawski: Livre pour orchestra; Brahms: Violin Concerto in D, Yehudi Menuhin, violinist.
May 2: CouperinMilhaud: Overture and Allegro from La Sultane; Bizet: Symphony in C; SaintSaens: Piano Concerto No. 5 in F major, Byron Janis, pianist; Debussy: Iberia.
May 3: Dvorak: Requiem Mass: University Choral Union; Janice Harsanyi, soprano; Joanna Simon, mezzosoprano; Kenneth Riegel, tenor; Michael Devlin, bass.
May 4: Shostakovich: Five Pieces for Small Orchestra; Haydn: Symphony No. 88 in G major; Mozart: "Exsultate, jubilate"; Charpentier: "Dupuis le jour" from Louise; Donizetti: Final Scene from Anna Bolena, Beverly Sills, soprano; Respighi: Roman Festivals.
Single concert tickets from $3.50 to $10.00
Burton Memorial Tower, Ann Arbor, Michigan Phone 6653717
The University Musical Society relies on public support in order to maintain the scope and artistic quality of these programs. Taxdeductible contributions to our Gift Program are welcome.

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