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UMS Concert Program, : Franz Schubert --

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Chor der fogel (Chorus of Angels) Christ is arise.!. Joy be to mortal raen.
Psalra 23
The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
He maketh aie to lie down in green pastures;
He leadeth rae beside the still waters.
He restoreth my soul;
He guideth me in straight paths for His name's sake.
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil,
For Thou art with me,
Thy rod and Thy staff, thy comfort me.
Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies;
Thou hast anointed ny head with oil; ray cup runneth over.
Surely goodness and nercy shall follow me all the days of ay life;
Arid I shall dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.
Widerspruch (Contradiction)
On a narrow path, heuimed by bushes and preen branches, it seens so
spacious to ne, that :ay heart feels like bursting. The walls of the woodland house move outward and the roof of branches
arches over ne at dizzying heights.
I swing with the leaves; uy freed heart reachss to infinity. But when, frora the heights of the mountain I look out over the
valley, how enclosed 1 feel in all that space! The clouds seem to press down upon ne. The evening sky threatens ne, and ray heart yearns for my little roon.
Standchen (Serenade)
Hesitatingly and softly in the still of the night darkness we are
hers, our fingers gently carved. Coftly we knock on the door of the beloved one. But now, increasingly and swellingly, with a unified voice we call
out loudly, don't sleep if the voice of love speaks. If a wise nan should search far and near with a lantern how touch
tiiore valuable than gold are our beloved perso: 3 to us. Therefore, when friendship and love speak, don't sleep. Lvowever, what in all the world can conpare to sleep Therefore, instead of words and instead of gifts, you should now
have your rest.
Yet a greeting, yet a word; the happy tune dies out. Softly, softly we steal away.
Par Gondelfahrer (The Gondolier)
Moon and stars dance a shiiamering, ghostly dance. flio cau then be bound by earthly cares P.ock thou ray boat in the moonbeans and, free fron all bonds,
the sea will cradle thee.
Frou the tower of St. lark rings the midnight word. All are sleeping peacefully, only the boatman is awake.
Gott in der atur (God in Mature)
The Lord is great. The heavens without number are the rooxas of
His castle.
His vehicle is stom, and thunder and lightning are the horses. The sunrise is only the hea of His garment and, with respect to
ilis glory, the sun is only a flawing light. lie looks upon earth with a gracious glance. The earth turns green and flowers. If he scolds, fire emerges frou rock, and sea and heavens tremble
Praise the powerful, the reat Lord.
Tnou lights of His castle, thy arnies of suns, flane up to Kis g
The earth sings His praises.
Gebet (Prayer)
hou source of all oocness, Thou source of all power, breathing softly from the blossom., thundering loudly fron the battle.
For Thou is prepared everywhere a teiaple and a festival.
'Mho ever wants to be led by You is led by You everywhere.
Thou knowest its joy and need.
The candle of hone flickers softly.
Glorious death shouts boldly.
I am prepared to die in battle for those things our ancestors held dear.
I an ready to die, just keep wife and child safe.
The love which i have for wife and child are Thine.
If it can happen peacefully, then, Lord, let it be.
Let peace continue.
If not, then give us light in storm's night.
Thine eternal, love and strength; Thy will be done.
I am ready to go wherever you want me to; into love and also
into battle; to do Thy will in battle and also in the quiet of home.
I will 3oon rest in Heaven.'
.Jachtelle (Clear x'ig
The night is clear and bright.
The houses stand in silvery enchantment.
I act suffused with a wonderful brightness,
it reigns within ne free and clear, without sorrow or plaint. ily heart cannot contain it. The light within ne strains to be free; the last barrier breaks.
Gott ia Ungewitter (God in the Storra)
Thou fearful one, who can stand before You in Your thunder
The Lord is great, why do v;e spite Him
He beckons and we pass out.
He clothes Himself in the black night and the people tremble.
Death awakes.
A winged death waits around His fearful throne.
Glowing redly .is hand throws lightning from the dark heights.
Thunder crashes down on the land in a sea of fire.
so that even the firm ground of earth shakes from the anger
of the thunder and all that lives on it and in its depths. Trembling nature recognizes the Lord and His arm,
so that all around 'leaven and earth burn. Who shall protect rae nortal one me dust if "le who is in
Heaven and picks worlds like dry leaves does not protect ne We have a God full of grace. Even when lie appears angry, He rules with protective patience,
Friend of graat persons.
Gott der Weltschopfar (God the Creator)
Fly up to God above all the spheres,
sing unto the Sternal One, a joyful song.
ordered the void to give birth and His allpowerful word wa 3 comp elling.
Fron all creatures praise is given to "lim, the source of all being. In Heaven and earth praise to His vise power. Fly up to God, my song.
Soloists in Gott in Ungewitter
Ashley Putnam, Soprano Sally Carpenter, Alto Jerroid Vander Gchaaf, Tenor Z. Edmund Toliver, Sass

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