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UMS Concert Program, : Ars Antiqua De Paris --

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The Ars Antiqua de Paris, consisting of four instrumentalists, one of whom is also a singer, perfcrss music antedating the 18th century. With a countertenor voice and ancient instruments, the Ars Antiqua de Paris is reviving numerous early works composed for such an ensemble.
According to the programs, these four musicians use the following ancient instruments: lute, vihuoia, regal, krvamhorns, bagpipes, bombardes, viol, set of bells, percussion and psaltry.
Ars Antiqua de Paris has already participated in many major festivals. The group is regularly touring in the U.S.A., Canada, South America and the Far East.
In addition to their activities within the group, the musicians of the Ars Antiqua de Paris have mzr.y outside interests. MICHEL SANVOISIN, soloist and recorder teacher, regularly publishes numerous works of ancient music, especially of the 17th century. KLEBER BESSON plays many concerts and recitals in Europe and all over the world while being, at the s.ime tine, guitar and lute teacher in several schools and academies of music. PHILIPPE MATHAREL makes his own ??nstruments. JOSEPH SAGE, countertenor, is one of the few Frenchmen capable cf singing in the threeoctave range of the counter?tenor. He has just recorded the g Is of Cherubino in Mozart's "The Marriage of Figaro" for German television.
During this tcur Ars Antiqua de Paris will perform its 1500th concert.
Ars Antiqua de Paris wculd be very happy to know what you think of their performance, and they ask you to let them know your impressions by writing them on the form provided and leaving it at the door.

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