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UMS Concert Program, February 26, 1976: The Intimate P.d.q. Bach -- Professor Peter Schickele

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Concert: Tenth
Complete Series: 3983
Power Center For The Performing Arts Ann Arbor, Michigan

The University Musical Society
The Intimate P.D.Q. Bach
By arrangement with Harold Shaw, in association with Stephen Schmidt and The SemiPro Musica Antiqua
JOHN FERRAXTE, bargain counter tenor DAVID OEI. keyboardist
Thursday Evening, February 26, 1976, at 8:00
Power Center for the Performing Arts
Ann Arbor, Michigan
From the "Notebook For BettySue Bach" (S. 13 going on 14) For unaccompanied piano
allemand left oh! courante! corrate
"Erotica Variations" (S. 36EE)
For banned instruments and piano
theme: windbreaker variation I: balloons variation II: slide whistle variation III: slide windbreaker variation IV: lasso d'amore variation V: foghorn, bell, kazoo
Toot Suite in C Minor (S. 212?)
For calliope four hands
preloud O.K. chorale fuga vulgaris
Vanguard Records Tenth Program Fifth Annual Choice Series, Power Center Complete Programs 3983
From "Diverse Ayres on Sundrie Notions" (S. 99 44100) For bargain counter tenor and discontinuo
"Do you suffer" "Hear me through" "If vou have never"
P. D. Q. Bach: His Life and Times
Lecture with illustrative slides
"Hansel and Gretel and Ted and Alice" (S. 2nl) Opera in one unnatural act
Due to a colossal misunderstanding, much of P. D. Q. Bach's music is being made available to the public in printed form by Theodore Presser Co.
Professor Schickele plays whatever piano is available, exclusively.
Second Annual Benefit Concert for the University Musical Society and School of Music
Yehudi Menuhin, Violinist and Conductor Gyorgy Sandor, Pianist
with The University Symphony Orchestra
Saturday. February 28. at 8:30. in Hill Auditorium
Mozart: Violin Concerto Xo. 5, K. 219 Bartok: Divertimento for Strings Beethoven: Piano Concerto No. 5 ("Emperor")
Tickets at S8, S7. S6, and S4
Marcel Marceau
gives two performances in the Power Center on Saturday, March 6, at 3:00 and 8:00
Inquire for ticket availability
Burton Memorial Tower, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109
Phones: 6653717, 7642538

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