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UMS Concert Program, April 4, 1976: Don Cossacks Of Rostov --

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Concert: Special
Complete Series: 3997
Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan

The University Musical Society
The University
Don Cossacks of Rostov
Anatolij Kvasov, Artistic Director of the Ensemble Grigorij Galperin, Artistic Director oj the Dance Group {Ballet Master)
Nadezhda Lomanova, Chicj Choirmaster Raisa Shaposhnikova, Choirmaster and Folklorist
Boris Ogurtsov, Conccrtmaster
Paulina Korotkova, Costume Designer
Nikolai Tchkan', Director oj the Ensemble (Manager)
Sunday Afternoon, April 4, 1976, at 2:30 Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Bylina (Russian Folkloric Epic) Traditional Music
Words: Boris Kulikov The Entire Company Bylina is a musical story about the heroic past as well as the present.
Kundubochka Choreography: Mikhail Godenko
The Entire Company Words and Music: Traditional
Musical arrangement: Vladimir Kornev
To the people who live along the Don River, "Kundubochka" is a cute little girl with a turned up nose. In this joyous work, young men dance to the accompaniment of gay and happy music. Playing traditional drums, they dance around "Kundubochka," each trying to win her favor.
Black Raven Words and Music: Traditional
The Chorus
Soloist: Georcij Gorshenev
According to an ancient legend, the raven is considered a prophetic bird. This song tells of a black raven who brings the sad news to a Cossack woman that her beloved has died in a strange, faraway land.
Oh You Fierce Frosts Words and Music: Traditional
The Chorus
Soloist: Ljubov Ushakova
A Cossack dance song; it tells the story of a Cossack woman who is trying to persuade her beloved to come and visit her so he can rest after a long and weary journey.
Special Concert Complete Programs 3997
At Maidon Choreography: Mikhail Godenko
Music: Vladimir Kornev The Male Dancers Soloists: Vasily Bugajev and Mikhail Kolesnikov
Maidon is a place where the Cossacks gathered in olden times to discuss and take care of matters of state. They also organized massive gala celebrations in honor of their victories.
A Wedding Play Words and Music: Traditional
The Entire Company Groom: Yurij Bondarenko Bride: Luumila Vladimirova Matchmaker (Male): Anotolij Mesechan Matchmaker (Female): Xina Ivanova Best Man: Pvotr Makarov
A vocal and choreographic work consisting of some of the traditional "round" dances and ritualistic songs which are performed during the wedding celebration.
At the Well Choreography: Grigorij Galperin
Performers: Ina Kolesnikova, Lyubov Bondarenko, and Galina Ogurtsova
Polka on a Heel Choreography: Grigorij Galperin
Music: Boris Ogurtsov The Dancers This delightful dance received its name because it is performed by stomping one's heel.
You're Growing and Blooming You Kalina Tree Words and Music: Traditional
(Guelder-Rose Tree) The Female Chorus Soloist: Lyubov Ushakova
An ancient Cossack song, it tells of the sad fate of a young girl who is forced to marry a man she does not love.
Winter Play
Choreography: Alexander Khmelnitsky Music: Boris Ogurtsov
One of the most beloved celebrations in the Don region is that of winter. The young people organize games, contests, and amusing snow-ball fights. Songs, joy, and laughter do not cease for several days.
Young and Old Cossacks Choreography: Alexander Khmelnitsky
Music: Boris Ogurtsov The Dancers Soloists: Lyubov Bondarenko, Victor Aleksyenko, and Pyotr Makarov
In this dance, the children attempt to imitate their parents but their efforts are understand?ably clumsy and humorous, and the adults make fun of them. The little Cossacks are angry and convinced that they are capable of emerging victorious in a duel with the adults. Obviously the skill and expertise of their opponents preclude a victory for the youths, and dazzled by the agility and daring of the adults, the children retreat. The finale is a triumphant procession of the young and old.
Oh, in the Valley, in the Valley The Chorus This is a happy song about Cossack life and love along the River Don.
Words and Music: Traditional
Horse-Herders Choreography: Grigorij Galperin
Music: Boris Ogurtsov The Male Dancers Soloist: Vasilij Bucayev
Along the Don, people who watch over herds of horses are called "Tabunshchiki" or "Horse-Herders." They enjoy a deserved fame for their bravery and agility and for raising such swift-footed horses in the steppes.
Don't Awaken Me Young Music: Traditional
The Female Chorus
A comic song about an unhappy shepherd who gets so carried away while dancing with a young girl that he forgets to watch his herd and thus loses all his sheep.
Dance Miniature
Rendezvous Choreography: G. Galperin
Performers: Olga Shashunina and Ivan Krf.vf.lski
When Cossacks Cry Choreography: Victor Kopylov
The Dancers Musk: B?RIS OgURTSOV
While the Cossack women are at work in the fields and at home, the men are enjoying themselves with friends--spending their time idly talking, laughing, etc. The women decide to teach their lazy husbands a lesson. What comes of it You be the judge of that.
Kalinushka (The Guelder-Rose Tree) Words and Music: Traditional
The Male Chorus Soloist: Alexander Varavskin
"Kalinushka" is an ancient, lyrical song about a young Cossack who is asking his Colonel to release him from military service so he can return to the Don and to his parents and young wife.
Riders-Friends Words and Music: Traditional
The Male Chorus
An ancient military Cossack song, it is usually sung to the accompaniment of the traditional regimental brass band.
Sing in the Garden, You Nightingale Choreography: A. Khmeinitsky
Words and Music: Traditional Music Arranged: Boris Ogurtsov The Company A lyrical scene from the life of a small Cossack village.
Grandfathers Choreography: G. Galperin
Music: B. Ogurtsov
Performers: Svetlana Svasiichenko, Anatolij Gurf.v, Yevgenij Yeremenko, and Mikhail Shisiikin
A humorous dance about old rivals, who, oblivious to their age and their ailments, start dancing, wanting to outdo each other.
The Sun Rose High Words and Music: Traditional
Performers: Svetlana Kokosheva and Nina IvANOVA
An old comical song about a girl who is begging her mother not to marry her off while she is still so young.
The Fog Came From Behind the Hill Words and Music: Traditional
Performers: Svetlana Kokosheva and Nina Ivanova
A traditional comic song about a cunning young woman who invites a handsome young man over while her jealous, old husband is away. She and the young man are dancing merrily when her husband unexpectedly returns. He becomes furious and she tries to mollify him by feeding him blini and pic.
Dance on the Don River Choreography: Grigorij Galperin
Music: Boris Ogurtsov The Dancers A traditional Cossack dance.
Sitara, Kathak Dancer..........Tuesday, April 6
Vladimir Horowitz, Pianist.........Sunday, April 11
May Festival
Four Concerts in Mill Auditorium April 28, 20. 30 and May 1
The Philadelphia Orchestra Eugene Ormandy, Conductor
The Festival Chorus Aaron Copland, Guest Conductor
Andre Watts, Pianist Marilyn Horne, Soprano
-Festival Prelude -The Start of a Perfect Evening
A cocktail and dinner party in the Power Center Lobby
at 6 o'clock preceding the Wednesday night concert
(Dinner ticket, $15 per person)
Wednesday: Haydn: Symphony No. 31 ("Hornsignal") ; Leslie Bassett: "Echoes from an Invisible World"; Weber: Invitation to the Dance; Copland: Suite from Billy the Kid; Ravel: La Valse.
Tickets from $4 to $12
Thursday: Sibelius: Symphony No. 7 in C; MacDowell: Piano Concerto No. 2; Strauss: Death and Transfiguration; Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue. (Sold out.)
Friday: Copland: Fanfare for the Common Man, Clarinet Concerto (Anthony Gigliotti), Suite from The Tender Land (Festival Chorus); Barber: "School for Scandal" Overture; Ives: Decoration Day; Schuman: New England Tryptich. (Sold out.)
Saturday: Beethoven: Overture to "Coriolanus"; Persichetti: Symphony No. 4; Ravel: "Shehc-razade" Song Cycle; Rossini: "Una voce poco fa" from 11 Barbiere di Siviglia; Strauss: Rosen-kavalier Waltzes.
Tickets from $4 to $12
New 1976-77 Season International Presentations of Music and Dance
will be announced in April. Inquire in our Burton Tower office for new brochure with complete information.
To insure the ongoing cultural presentations of the University Musical Society in these times of increasing financial demands, a new membership organization called Encore has been formed, embracing all current contributors to the gift program (established in 1968) and reaching out to all concertgoers who wish to see these many fine performances continued. The privilege of advance notice for all events is given to Encore members, in addition to other courtesies extended throughout the year. For further information about Encore and membership categories, contact the office of the Musical Society in Burton Tower.
Burton Memorial Tower, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109 Phones: 665-3717, 764-2538

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