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UMS Concert Program, March 26, 1977: Osipov Balalaika Orchestra Of Moscow --

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Concert: Special
Complete Series: 4056
Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan

The University Musical Society
The University oi Michigan
Osipov Balalaika Orchestra of Moscow
VICTOR DUBROVSKY, Artistic Director and Chief Conductor VALERI PETROV, Assistant Conductor
Galina Kovaleva, Soprano Ivan Ponomarenko, Baritone
Maria Smolich and Sergei Lukin, Dancers
Anatoli Tikhonov, Balalaika Alexander Tzygankov, Domra
Vera Gorodovskaya, Psaltery Vladimir Yakovlev, Domra
Nina Chekanova, Psaltery
Saturday Evening, March 26, 1977, at 8:30 Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Overture to the opera Russian and Ludmilla.....Mikhail Glinka
The Evening Bell (Chime)........Russian Folk Song
Shutochnaya (Comical)..........Margarita Kuss
The Orchestra
Kaby Volga (If only Volga).......Russian Folk Song
Roberto's aria from the opera Yolanta.......Tchaikovsky
Ivan Ponomarenko, Baritone and the Orchestra
Russian Folk Song--"Utushka Lugovaya" (Arr. by Vladimir Ivanov 1927 )
Valeri Petrov, Accordian and the Orchestra
Special Concert Complete Programs 40S6
Pliasovaya ("Dance Tune")........Boris Kravchenko
The Orchestra
People Blame Me (Viniat Menia V Narodia) .... Russian Folk Song (Arr. by Alexander Shalov 1929 )
Anatoli Tikhonov, Balalaika and the Orchestra
Spring Waters, Choreographic minature; set to music by Rachmaninoff Maria Smolicii and Sergei Lukia, Dancers
Na Molodiozhnom Gulianye (At the youthful party) . . Igor Yakushenko The Orchestra conducted by Victor Dubrovsky
The Dance of the Coachmen (Grooms)......Igor Stravinsky
from the ballet Petrushka
The Orchestra
Nocturne.............Mikhail Glinka
Vera Gorodovskaya and Nina Chekanova, Psalteries
Volga Rechen'ka (Volga River)......Russian Folk Song
The Nightingale..........Alexander Alabyev
Galina Kovaleva, Soprano and the Orchestra
Chastooshki...........Alexander Tzygankov
Alexander Tzycankov, Domra and the Orchestra
Venetian Carnival............N. Paganini
Alexander Tzygankov and Vladimir Yakovlev, Domrisls
Ukrainian Dance
Maria Smolich and Sergei Lukin, Dancers
Waltz from the film Golden Mountains.....Dmitri Shostakovich
Overture to the opera La Gazza Ladra (SorokaVorovka) . . . G. Rossini The Orchestra conducted by Victor Dubrovsky
MelodiyaAngel Recordings
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Burton Memorial Tower, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109 Phones: 6653717, 7642S38

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