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UMS Concert Program, March 24, 1977: National Folk Ballet Of Yugoslavia -- Branko Markovich

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Concert: Seventeenth
Complete Series: 4055
Power Center For The Performing Arts Ann Arbor, Michigan

The University Musical Society
The H
National Folk Ballet of Yugoslavia
BRANKO MARKOVICH, Artistic Director
Thursday Evening, March 24, 1977, at 8:00
Power Center for the Performing Arts
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Brankovo Kolo.......Choreography: Branko Markovich
The words and music tell about the unity and fraternity of all the Yugoslavian people. The dancers are wearing colorful costumes from different Yugoslavian regions.
Suite of Albanian Dances from Rugovo . . Choreography: Branko Markovich Men's Dance -Wedding Dance -Fight for the Girl Tupan (drum): Slavko Antovich Soloists: Darinka Lukich Srboljub Ninkovich MnrvojE Ilich
The traveler passing by chance on a Sunday or on a feast day through the wild and magnifi?cent canyon of the Rugovo mountain might witness a spontaneous concert of folk dances and songs in their original form. Few are able to express their feeling through dancing as well as the Albanian people who live in that part of Yugoslavia (Kosovo). The suite also shows their old wedding customs.
Dances from Posavina......Choreography: Branko Markovich
The carefree disposition of the inhabitants of the Sava River Valley (Croatia) is expressed in these dances, characterized by "drmez" steps. Through happy songs and lively dances, the young people show their joys.
Selected Folk Songs
The Vocal Group
Seventeenth Program Sixth Annual Choice Series Complete Programs 4055
Bunjevka Dances.......Choreography: Branko Markovich
One of the more popular dances is the "Bachelor's Dance" when competing men dance with tiny bells attached to their boots. The results are rhythmically unique! Traditional culture and unique elements of folklore are also preserved in Backa where Croats named Bunjevci live.
Dalmatian Dance "Lindzo" .... Choreography: Branko Markovich
The beautiful climate of Dubrovnik and the beating of the Adriatic waves against its shores are presented in this dance. To the lively and spirited command of one dancer, Mediterranean atmosphere as well as the enthusiastic Dalmatian are exquisitely depicted.
Dances from Macedonia.....Choreography: Branko Markovich
Women's Dance -Men's Dance Tupan: Slavko Antovich Soloist: Srboljub Ninkovich
From the point of folklore, Macedonia is certainly one of the most interesting regions. The strong oriental influence, the highly developed rhythm as well as the melodies and graceful move?ments give us an almost insurmountable variety and wealth of folk songs and dances.
Dances from Serbia......Choreography: Branko Markovich
Valahian Dances -Dances from Shumadia -Chopsko
The unrestrained character of the Homolje mountain people, the merriness of the singing Shumadia, the joyful shepherds of Eastern Serbia wearing decorative costumes give much color to these dances.
Gypsy Songs
Soloist: Dracana Savkovich
War Dance of the Komitas......Choreography: Mira Sanjina
Soloist: Milivoje Ilich
Yugoslavia has many times been occupied but never conquered. This dance portrays the struggle of the Komitas for freedom and independence, their bravery, their friendship, and the selfsacrifice they have towards their comrades and commander.
Potpourri of Folk Melodies
The Folk Orchestra, conducted by Grujica Milojevich
Suite from Vranje......Choreography: Branko Markovich
Vranjanka -Teshkoto -Chochek Tupan: Slavko Antovich Soloists: Radovan Gmizovich Darinka Lukich Aleksandar Masktjlovich
Vranje, a southeastern Serbian town is strongly influenced by the Orient, and "Chochek" shows the freedom of the gypsies as they are accompanied by tambourine and a drum.
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