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UMS Concert Program, September 23, 1977: Beverly Sills Soprano -- Charles Wadsworth

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Concert: First
Complete Series: 4068
Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan

The University Musical Society
The University of Michigan
Beverly Sills
Friday Evening, September 23, 1977, at 8:30 Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Let the Bright Seraphim from Samson........Handel
Let the bright seraphim in burning row, Their loud, uplifted angel trumpets blow!
Let the cherubic hosts in tuneful choir Touch their immortal harps with golden wire.
Un moto di gioia, K. 579............Mozart
A tender emotion I feel in my being
Which tells of the pleasure of life and of love.
I hope that my fears may forever be banished and changed to joy.
Bester Jungling from Der Schatispicldircktor, K. 486.....Mozart
Dearest youth, with delight I accept your love. For in your charming glance I can find my happiness. But oh if sad sorrow should come after our love, perhaps it might cancel its joy. Young man, think it over! Nothing is as precious and dear to me as your heart and hand. With the purest passion of love I pledge my heart to you.
Alleluia from Exsultate Jubilate, K. 165........Mozart
Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia . . .
ABCDunltill, Audio Treasury Scries; Angel Records First Concert Ninetyninth Annual Choral Union Series Complete Programs 4068
Recitative: Oui, pour ce soir je suis reine des fees!
Polonaise: Je suis Titania, from Mignon........Thomas
Yes, for the evening I am queen of the fairies! Here is my golden sceptre, and here are my trophies! I am Titania the fair, I am Titania daughter of air! I go laughing through the world more swiftly than the birds, more sudden than lightning! The playful troop of elves follows my chariot which flies and glides past in the night! Around me all my court goes around singing in praise of pleasure and love. The playful troop of elves follows my chariot. Among the flowers that dawn opens, through the woods and diapered meadows, over the spraycovered waves in the mist I am seen lightly fluttering! Ah! I am Titania, daughter of air I
Si tu le veux..............Koechlin
If you wish it, oh my love, this evening, when the end of day will have come, when the stars will arise and will set golden nails in the blue depth of the sky, we shall go alone, the two of us, into the dark night; lovingly, without being seen. And tenderly I shall sing you a song of love, which I shall fill with all my joy. But when you will return home, if anyone asks you why, lovely fairy, your hair is more tangled than before, you will answer that only the wind has disarranged it. If you wish it, oh my love.
Oh, quand je dors..............Liszt
Oh, when I slumber, come close to my couch, like to Petrarch appeared Laura. And when in passing your breath touches me, then my lips will suddenly open. On my mournful forehead, where perhaps is ending a dark dream which lasted too long, let your glance like a star arise; suddenly my dream will become radiant! Then on my lips, where a flame is fluttering lightning of love, by God Himself made pure, place a kiss and change from angel into woman, and suddenly my soul will be awakened! Oh, come, as to Petrarch appeared Laura!
Les Filles de Cadix.............Delibes
Three lads, three maids we all did go to see the sportive fighting. The sky was clear, fresh winds did blow, we danced the joyous bolero. Its strains our hearts delighting. Neighbor, I ask you how do I look today Come! Do you think these colors gay Ah, ah, ah! To words like these the Cadiz maidens are partial. La, la, la. . . . While we danced the bolero, one Sunday gaily, there came to us a hidalgo. A feather from his hat did flow. 'Twas thus he strutted daily: If thou will be mine, dark eyes smiling sweetly, I'll behave most discreetly. Speak and this gold is yours! Be gone noble Lord. Ah, ah, ah! Such words to the Cadiz maidens arc always distasteful! La, la, la. ...
La Promessa from Serate Musicali.........Rossini
Do not believe that I could ever stop loving you or ever deceive you. You alone are my beloved.
Per pieta, bell' idol mio from Composizioni da Camera .... Bellini
I beg you, beloved, not to call me ungrateful. Heaven makes me unhappy enough. If I am faithful to you, if I long for your beautiful eyes, love knows it, the gods know it, your soul knows it.
La Pastorella delle Alpi from Serate Musicali.......Rossini
I am a pretty shepherdess who comes down every morning and offers a basket of fresh fruits and flowers. Whoever comes at dawn will have pretty roses and red apples.
Una voce poco fa from Barbicrc di Siviglia.......Rossini
You alone have won my heart with your son;; not long ago. As I heard you from afar, Love was born, I seemed to know.Yes, Lindoro dear, you are, you are mine--it shall be so! Though my tutor will object, that's no more than I expect. I'll rely on wit and use, do exactly as I choose. Yes, Lindoro dear, you are, you are mine--it shall be so! I am so well behaved, so easygoing, always obedient, cheerful and knowing. To guide and manage me is never hard. But if you cross my will, that is another thing, then I have a viper's sting. A hundred traps I lay until I have my way. Be on your guard! A thousand tricks I play until I have my way. Be on your guard!
Vladimir Horowitz
Opens his Golden Jubilee Year
A recital in Hill Auditorium on Sunday afternoon, October 9, at 4:00 p.m.
A special aura surrounds this occasion as Mr. Horowitz begins his 50th anniversary season here in Ann Arbor, performing works by Mozart, Liszt, Faure, Rachmaninoff, Scriabin, and Chopin. Tickets go on sale Monday morning, September 26, at 9:00, in our Burton Tower office. Mail orders will also be accepted as long as seats are available. If your choice of seat location is not available, next best remaining seats will be sub?stituted. (When ordering by mail, enclose selfaddressed, stamped envelope; check payable to University Musical Society.) Absolutely no phone orders.
Main floor: $15, $12, 10; First balcony: $12, $10, $8; Second balcony: $7, $6, $5
Coming Events -1977--78 Season
Vladimir Horowitz, Pianist........Sunday, October 9
Beaux Arts Trio..........Wednesday, October 12
Soviet Georgian Dancers & Polyphonic Choir . . . Friday, October 14
Murray Louis Dance Company.......Monday & Tuesday
October 17 & 18
George Shearing Quintet.......Wednesday, October 19
The Hoofers--Jazz Tap Dance......Saturday, October 22
Philharmonia Hungarica Rosnay......Sunday, October 23
Suk Trio............Tuesday, October 25
Murray Perahia, Pianist........Thursday, October 27
Preservation Hall Jazz Band.......Friday, October 28
Lazar Berman, Pianist........Thursday, November 3
Concord String Quartet........Sunday, November 6
Mirelli Freni, Soprano........Tuesday, November 8
Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestrade Waart . . Friday, November 11 Penca & Topeng Babakan, West Java .... Saturday, November 12 The Pennsylvanian Ballet . . . . . Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
November 14, 15, 16
Ballet Folklorico Mexicano......Saturday, November 19
Symphony Orchestra of BrazilKarabtchevsky . . Sunday, November 20
Handel's Messiah.........Friday, Saturday, Sunday
December 2, 3, 4
Ensemble for Early Music.......Friday, December 9
Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Ballet .... Thursday, Friday, Saturday
The Pittsburgh Ballet........December 15, 16, 17
Marcel Marceau, Pantomimist.......Saturday & Sunday
January 7 & 8
Jose Molina Bailes Espanoles......Wednesday, January 11
Rossini's Barber of Seville .... ... Sunday, January 15
Canadian Opera Company
Hungarian Folk Ballet........Tuesday, January 17
Rudolf Serkin, Pianist........Wednesday, January 18
Camerata Orchestra of Salzburg Janigro .... Friday, January 20
Leontyne Price. Soprano.......Wednesday, January 25
French String Trio & Michel Debost, Flutist . . . Friday, February 3
Eliot Feld Ballet.......Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
February 20, 21, 22
Carlos Montoya, Guitarist.......Thursday, February 23
Aleksander Slobodyanik, Pianist......Saturday, February 25
Thovil, Sri Lanka..........Wednesday, March 1
Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Comissiona . . . Sunday, March 19
Nikolais Dance Theatre.......Tuesday & Wednesday
'March 21 & 22
KyungWha Chung, Violinist.......Thursday, March 23
Orpheus Chamber Ensemble Festival Chorus . . . Saturday, March 25
Okinawan Dancers..........Tuesday, March 28
Amadei's String Quartei.........Thursday, April 6
Bavarian Symphony Orchestra Kubelik.....Saturday, April 8
Tickets available for all concerts--call or write for jrce brochure.
Burton Memorial Tower, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109 Phone: 6653717, 7642538

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