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UMS Concert Program, October 14, 1977: Soviet Georgian Dancers With Tbilisi Polyphonic Choir -- Guran Bakradze

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Concert: Second
Complete Series: 4071
Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan

The University Musical Society
The University of Michigan
Soviet Georgian Dancers
Tbilisi Polyphonic Choir
GURAN BAKRADZE, Artistic Director and Principal Conductor
Friday Evening, October 14, 1'977, at 8:30 Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Perkhuli--An exciting Georgian round dance, featuring the entire company, welcoming all to a holiday celebration.
Arkhalalo--A Georgian folk work song.
The Choir
"O', Tall Mountains"--An ancient Georgian song of the 12th century, dedicated to the beauty of Georgia.
The Choir
Khorumi--An intense war dance dating from conflicts of the 18th century.
The Dancers
Tsangala and His Girl--Playful Georgian folk song with dance. "Tsangala" is the name of a young man who captivates all with his joy and enthusiasm.
The Company
Kazbcguri--Georgian mountain dance.
The Dancers
Chakrulo--Patriotic Georgian folk song translated as "Unity,'1 expressing the suffer?ing of feudal peasants and eventual revolt against their Lords. Krimanchulis (Yodel) is heard in this song.
The Choir
Mipatizheba--Ensemble dance expressing the nobility of men and their respectful attitudes toward women.
The Dancers
Second Concert Ninetyninth Annual Choral Union Series Complete Programs 4071
Mgzavruli--A spirited Georgian marching song.
The Choir
Kviriya--Pagan, Georgian folk song over two thousand years old.
The Choir
Parikaoba--A Georgian folk war dance featuring a dazzling display of fearless swordsmanship, all in the spirit of a mountain tournament.
The Dancers
Svanuri--The festivities resume with this Georgian round dance.
The Company
Two Selections
Gazakhuli--An ode to spring.
Sikhavruli Arekaneba Zalida--In humor, "one cannot force love." Members from the Choir
Kakhnri--Georgian folk song with dance.
The Company
Batonebo--A chorale from the middle ages invoking aid from affliction.
The Choir
Doluri--A simple folk song with drumlike vocal rhythms.
The Choir
Kauri--Shepherds' dance depicting the virility and endurance of these tireless nomads.
The Dancers
Kalos Khelkavi--Folk song expressing the joys to be found in work.
The Choir
Odoiya--"Odoiya! Odoiya! Wave your hoe. Sing louder friends, the voice of the workers gladdens the heart."
The Choir
Salkhino--A stirring climax befitting the Georgian spirit of music, song and dance.
Georgii Darakhvelidze, Principal Choreographer Apollon Kipiani, Tour Director
Burton Memorial Tower, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109 Phones: 6653717, 7642538

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