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UMS Concert Program, November 14, 15, 16, 1977: Pennsylvania Ballet --

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Ann Arbor, Michigan

Pennsylvania Ballet
November 14, 15, 16, 1977 Ann Arbor, Michigan University Musical Society
Judith von Scheven, Company Manager Rosemary Cunningham, Stage Manager Marsha Goode, Director of Development Geoffrey Thomas, Business Manager Kip Thompson, Director of Marketing and Public Relations
Production Staff
Tony Tucci, Resident Lighting Designer Joel Fischman, Assistant Stage Manager Frank Quinlan, Master Carpenter George W. Parker, Master Electrician J. J. Mclntyre, Assistant Electrician
Joseph Corbo, Jr., Property Man James Leitner, Production Assistant E. Huntington Parker, Costume Supervisor Lillian Avery, Wardrobe Mistress
Music Staff Daniel Forlano, Assistant Conductor and Librarian
Martha Koeneman, Solo Pianist
Marian Head, Personnel Manager
School of the Pennsylvania Ballet
Lupe Serrano, Director
Mildred Keil, School Administrator
The Pennsylvania Ballet gratefully acknowledges the support of the Knight Foundation
toward the expenses of the Michigan residencies.

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