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UMS Concert Program, January 20, 1980: Les Grands Ballets Canadiens --

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Season: 101st
Concert: Thirty-eighth
Power Center For The Performing Arts Ann Arbor, Michigan

Les Grands Ballets Canadiens
COLIN McINTYRE Director General
BRIAN MACDONALD and FERN AND NAULT Resident Choreographers
LINDA STEARNS Ballet Mistress
DANIEL JACKSON Repetiteur and Production Assistant
NICHOLAS CERNOVITCH Resident Lighting Designer
Artistic Committee: Colin McIntyre, Linda Stearns, Daniel Jackson
Annette av Paul Betsy Baron James Bates Josephine Baurac Christiane Berardelli Denise Biggi Karen Brown Sheri Cook Jerilyn Dana Rey Dizon Louise Dore Jacques Drapeau Heather Farquharson
On leave of absence for 1979-80.
Claude Freva Helene Grenier Edward Hillyer Judith Johnson Sylvie Kinal-Chevalier Andrew Kuharsky Catherine Lafortune Sylvain Lafortune David La Hay Josee Ledoux Maurice Lemay Daphne Loomis Lucie Martineau
Miryam Moutillet Ruth Norgaard Suzanne Paquette Michelle Proulx Jean-Hugues Rochette Sylvie Roy Jacques St-Cyr Sylvain Senez Dwight Shelton John Shields Colin Simpson Peter Toth-Horgosi Wendy Wright
Sunday Afternoon, January 20, 1980, at 3:00
Power Center for the Performing Arts
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Les Grands Ballet Canadiens will appear again this evening at 8:00, performing Concerto Barocco (BalanchineBach), Double Quartet (MacdonaldSchubert and Schafer), Les Noces (LubovitchStravinsky), and Tarn ti delam.
101st Season -Thirty-eighth Concert
Ninth Annual Choice Series
Choreography: George Balanchine Costumes: Nicole Martinet
Music: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (K. 287) Lighting: Nicholas Cernovitch
Staged by Sarah Leland and first performed by Les Grands Ballets Canadiens in 1979, this intricate series of variations, pas de deux, and ensembles is considered to be one of Balanchine's finest abstract ballets.
Annette av Paul Jerilyn Dana
Karen Brown Louise Dore Heather Farquharson
Jacques Drapeau David La Hay Edward Hillyer
Betsy Baron, Christiane Berardelli, Denise Biggi, Helene Grenier, Josee Ledoux, Daphne Loomis, Sylvie Roy, Wendy Wright
Theme and Variations
Theme: Jacques Drapeau Edward Hillyer
1st Variation: Louise Dore
2nd Variation: Karen Brown
3rd Variation: Heather Farquharson
4th Variation: Jerilyn Dana
Sth Variation: David La Hay
6th Variation: Annette av Paul
Betsy Baron, Christiane Berardelli, Denise Biggi, Helene Grenier, Josee Ledoux, Daphne Loomis, Sylvie Roy, Wendy Wright
Annette av Paul Jerilyn Dana
Karen Brown Louise Dore Heather Farquharson
Jacques Drapeau David La Hay Edward Hillyer
Finale The Ensemble
AUREOLE (1962)
Choreography: Paul Taylor
Music: G. F. Handel (Excerpts from Concerti
Grossi in C and F and the oratorio Jeptha)
Lighting: Nicholas Cernovitch after the original
design of Jennifer Tipton
Among the score of dances Paul Taylor has created, there is none more popular with audiences than this simple and joyous dance for two men and three women. All exists in a world that is full of light and playfulness. Their relations with one another are always just a moment away from the friendly lilt of laughter and are expressed with great tenderness. Aureole was first performed by the Paul Taylor Dance Company.
1st Movement:
2nd Movement: 3rd Movement:
Wendy Wright or Karen Brown, Louise Dore, Betsy Baron and Maurice Lemay
Dwight Shelton
Wendy Wright or Karen Brown, Louise Dore, Betsy Baron and Maurice Lemay
4th Movement: Louise Dore, Dwight Shelton 5th Movement: Full Cast
Choreography: Maurice Bejart
Music: Igor Stravinsky
Costumes: Roger Bernard and Joel Roustan
Lighting: Nicholas Cernovitch
"My work is entirely different from the Diaghilev version but it is still spiritually about the Firebird--the Phoenix--the revolutionary spirit one can never kill, born from fire."
--Maurice Bejart
The Firebird: Dwight Shelton or Rey Dizon
The Partisans: Maurice Lemay or David La Hay, James Bates or Edward Hillyer, Louise Dore or Heather Farquharson, Sheri Cook or Betsy Baron, Karen Brown or Wendy Wright, Jacques St-Cyr or Peter Toth-Horgosi, Andrew Kuharsky or Colin Simpson, Edward Hillyer or John Shields
The Phoenix: David La Hay or Claude Freva
The Birds: Josephine Baurac, Christiane Berardelli, Helene Grenier, Josee
Ledoux, Daphne Loomis, Lucie Martineau, Michelle Proulx, Sylvie Roy, Rey Dizon, Jacques Drapeau, Sylvain Lafortune, Jean-Hugues Rochette, Sylvain Senez, John Shields, Colin Simpson, Peter Toth-Horgosi
Choreography: Brian Macdonald Costumes: Francois Laplante
Music: Gilles Vigneault Lighting: Nicholas Cernovitch
Orchestration and arrangements: Edmund Assaly
Gilles Vigneault is Quebec--its music, its poetry, its wide open spaces, its ancestors, and its children.
1st Movement:
2nd Movement: 1st Couple: 2nd Couple: 3rd Couple:
3rd Movement:
4th Movement: 5th Movement:
Jacques St-Cyr
Heather Farquharson David La Hay Annette av Paul or Josee Ledoux James Bates Wendy Wright Jacques Drapeau
Dwight Sheldon or David La Hay
James Bates, Jacques Drapeau, Edward Hillyer, Andrew Kuharsky, David La Hay, John Shields, Peter Toth-Horgosi
Annette av Paul or Josee Ledoux Dwight Shelton or Andrew Kuharsky
Jacques St-Cyr with Wendy Wright Heather Farquharson
Betsy Baron, Josephine Baurac, Christiane Berardelli, Denise Biggi, Helene Grenier, Josee Ledoux, Michelle Proulx, Sylvie Roy
6th Movement: The Company
Important Concert Changes
Two attractions in our current season have recently cancelled their tours to the United States: the Glinka Chorus of Leningrad and the Krasnayarsk Dancers from Siberia, scheduled for January 29 and February 29 respectively. We're pleased to announce the following groups as replacements on the same dates:
Roger Wagner Chorale--foremost among American choral ensembles for three decades (replacing Glinka Chorus, same date, Tues. Jan. 29 at 8:30, Hill Auditorium)
Massenkoff Russian Folk Festival--Nikolai Massenkoff, bass, and his California-based ensemble of folk dancers and balalaika players, all of Russian heritage, in a program spanning a thousand years of Russian history--ballads, war songs, love songs, dances (replacing Krasnayarsk Dancers, same date, Fri. Feb. 29 at 8:30, Hill Auditorium)
Glinka Chorus tickets should be used for admission to the Wagner Chorale, and Krasnayarsk tickets for the Massenkoff Folk Festival. Additional tickets are also available for both concerts. Ticket exchanges, if desired, may be made up to two days prior to each performance.
Burton Memorial Tower, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109
Phones: 665-3717, 764-2S38

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