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UMS Concert Program, October 7, 1980: International Presentations Of Music & Dance -- Goldovsky Grand Opera Theater

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Season: 102nd
Concert: Seventh
Power Center For The Performing Arts Ann Arbor, Michigan

Goldovsky Grand Opera Theater
BORIS GOLDOVSKY, Artistic Director
Tuesday Evening, October 7, 1980, at 8:00
Power Center for the Performing Arts
Ann Arbor, Michigan
The Barber of Seville
A Comic Opera in Three Acts by Gioacchino Rossini
Text by Sterbini, after the play by Beaumarchais
English version by Boris Goldovsky Staged and conducted by Boris Goldovsky
Sets by Mel Dickerson Associate Conductor: Fredric Popper
Cast of Characters
(in order of appearance)
Fiorello, Count Almaviva's servant.......Paul Kroeger
Count A Imaviva, young nobleman
in love with Rosina......(Mon.) Lawrence Vincent
(Tues.) Wayne Behr
Figaro, barber and jack of all trades .... (Mon.) Boyd Mackus
(Tues.) James Javore
Rosina...........(Mon.) Daisy Newman
(Tues.) Susan Burghardt
Dr. Bartolo, Rosina's guardian......Stephen Markuson
Ambrogio, Dr. Bartolo's servant.......Leo Van Witsen
Don Basilio, music master......(Mon.) Richard Crist
(Tues.) David Midboe
Marcellina, Dr. Bartolo's housekeeper .... (Mon.) Harriet Couch
(Tues.) Susan Rodgers
Sergeant............Michael Willson
Notary............Daniel Hilfreich
Musicians, Soldiers, and Citizens of Seville . . Members of the Company
The action covers one day and evening and takes place outside and inside Dr. Bartolo's house in Seville during the 18th century. There will be a fifteen-minute intermission between each act.
102nd Season -Seventh Program Tenth Annual Choice Series
Synopsis of "The Barber of Seville"
ACT I Count Almaviva, a young Spanish nobleman, has fallen in love with the charming Rosina. The young lady, however, is jealously protected by her guardian, Dr. Bartolo, who himself intends to marry her. .
I souare i SeWe: In the opening scene the Count serenades his lady love, but all his efforts seem to be of no avail. Luckily, his suit is facilitated by a chance meeting with Figaro, formerly the Count's valet, but now a barber. Rosina manages to drop a note from the balcony, asking for help. Unwilling to be loved for the sake of his wealth and position, the Count informs her with another song, that he is a poor student named Lindoro. Figaro concocts to smuggle the Count into Dr. Bartolo's household under the guise of an inebriated soldier who is looking for lodging.
ACT II, A room in Dr. Bartolo's house: Rosina writes a letter to her Lindoro and entrusts it to the care of Figaro, who, in the meantime, has managed to incapacitate Dr. Bartolo's servants by administering sneezing potions and sleeping pills. Rosina's music master, Don Basilio, who is in league with Dr. Bartolo, arrives with the news that Count Almaviva is in Seville. Don Basilio recommends the use of slander to get rid of the dangerous rival. Dr. Bartolo prefers to hurry his own wedding arrangements, but the entrance of Count Almaviva, mas?querading as the drunken soldier, leads to amusing complications involving the intervention of the police, much confusion, and a finale of riotous turmoil.
ACT III, A room in Dr. Bartolo's house: The Count manages to gain entrance again into Dr. Bartolo's house, this time disguised as a music master named Don Alonso. He claims to have been sent in place of the allegedly ill Don Basilio, and succeeds in winning Dr. Bartolo's confidence. Soon Figaro arrives to shave Dr. Bartolo, and the lovers are about to enjoy a little privacy when the appearance of the healthy Don Basilio leads to further trouble. After the intruder is disposed of, the disguised Count and Rosina arrange to elope at midnight. Dr. Bartolo's suspicions are aroused, however, and Don Alonzo and Figaro have to depart in a great hurry. The crafty guardian now confronts Rosina with the letter she has written to Lindoro and convinces her that her admirer is in reality only an agent for Count Almaviva, who thinks of her merely as a passing plaything. Horrified, Rosina agrees to marry Dr. Bartolo at once and confesses the elopement scheme to him. At midnight, after a thunderstorm, Figaro and the Count arrive through the balcony door. Rosina at first repulses Lindoro, but is overjoyed when she learns that he is, himself, Count Almaviva and honestly desires to marry her. Mean?while, Dr. Bartolo has removed the ladder from beneath the balcony so that the lovers cannot escape. The situation is saved by the appearance of Don Basilio, who has brought with him a notary to solemnize the marriage between Dr. Bartolo and Rosina. Don Basilio is offered a bribe, readily consents to desert his friend and serve as a witness in the marriage ceremony between Rosina and Count Almaviva. When Dr. Bartolo arrives with the police, it is too late, and he is obliged to resign himself to his fate and join in the general rejoicing.
Coining Events
Ballet Folklorico Mexicano.......Thurs. Oct. 9
Mstislav Rostropovich, Cellist.......Sun. Oct. 12
Smithsonian Chamber Players.......Tues. Oct. 14
Anthony di Bonaventura, Pianist.......Sat. Oct. 18
Toronto Symphony Orchestra Andrew Davis . . . Tues. Oct. 21
San Francisco Symphony Edo de Waart.....Sat. Oct. 25
Lar Lubovitch Dance Company .... Tues. & Wed. Oct. 28 & 29
Faculty Artists Concert.........Sun. Nov. 2
Academy of St. Martin in the Fields.....Mon. Nov. 3
Julian Bream, Guitarist.........Mon. Nov. 10
Murray Perahia, Pianist........Thurs. Nov. 13
Kenneth Gilbert, Harpsichordist.......Sat. Nov. 15
Martti Talvela, Basso.........Sun. Nov. 16
The Feld Ballet........Mon.-Wed. Nov. 17-19
Kalichstein-Laredo-Robinson Trio.....Thurs. Nov. 20
Caribbean Carnival of Trinidad.......Fri. Nov. 21
Los Angeles Philharmonic Carlo Maria Giulini . . Sun. Nov. 23
Handel's "Messiah".........Fri.-Sun. Dec. 5-7
New Swingle Singers..........Fri. Dec. 12
Rudolf Serkin, Pianist.........Mon. Dec. 15
Pittsburgh Ballet, Tchaikovsky's "Nutcracker" . Thurs.-Sat. Dec. 18-20
Burton Memorial Tower, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109 Phone: 665-3717, 764-2538

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