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UMS Concert Program, December 2, 1981: The Romanian Folk Festival "maramuresul" --

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Season: 103rd
Concert: Twenty-fifth
Power Center For The Performing Arts Ann Arbor, Michigan

The Romanian Folk Festival "Maramuresul"
Angela Buciu and Nicu Moldovan, Vocal Soloists
Dimitru Dobrican, Shepherd's Pipe, Ocarina, Pipes-of-Pan, Taragot, Little Whistles
Gheorghe Costache, Accordion
Vasile Seras and Gheorghe Soponaru, Trumpet, Violins Gavril Martocean, Cembalon
The "Maramuresul" Popular Orchestra
and The "Maramuresul" Ensemble of Dancers
Wednesday Evening, December 2, 1981, at 8:00
Power Center for the Performing Arts
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Twenty-fifth Concert of the 103rd Season Eleventh Annual Choice Series
Suite of Popular Melodies from the Maramures region of Transylvania
The Orchestra
Dances of the Maramures
These dances are from the lovely picturesque mountains of Transylvania in the northwest of Romania. The dances and colorful native costumes are traditional throughout that region. The constant change of moods and rhythmic variations show a wide scope of the beauty and vitality of the country.
Instrumental Solos on the Shepherd's Pipe, the Ocarina, and the Little Whistles Dimitru Dobrican, Soloist, with The Orchestra
Suite of Dances from Salaj
Although more mountainous than the hills of Transylvania, this region is also in northern Romania. The people of Salaj are of quite a different character, combining the ancient folklore with the more contemporary, showing the astonishing variety from other parts of Romania as well.
Suite of Melodies from Banat
Banat borders on both Yugoslavia and Hungary so it is not unusual that characteristics from both of these neighboring countries can be heard in these beautiful songs--both pensive and jubilant.
Angela Buciu, Vocalist, and The Orchestra
Suite of Dances from Banat
The complexities of these dances and the intricate costumes again combine the best of three worlds---Hungary, Yugoslavia and Romania! The rhythmic drive of the beat is in constant change, as is the life of the people of this southwest region.
"Hora" and "Sirba" Songs
Gavril Martocean, Cembalon Soloist
"Fecioreasca" Dance from Crihalma
The girls of southern Transylvania show that beneath their gentle and graceful exterior, hides unexpected resources of vigor and passion!
A great popular dance in which the village men perform some of the most intricate dance steps. It is an athletic demonstration of their male prowess and sheer zest for,life. The girls of "Fecioreasca" soon join their neighbors from southern Romania in this very special holiday dance.
Suite of Popular Melodies from Transylvania
The Orchestra
Suite of Dances from the Mures Riverside
The Mures region is particularly known for the infinite variety of its choreography. These dances of the valley are a study in contrasts and styles.
Popular Songs of Romania
Nicu Moldovan, Soloist
Melodies from Bihor
Vasile Seras and Gheorghe Soponaru, Trumpet-Violin Soloists
Suite of Dances from the Somes
These dances, again from northwest Romania, range from the most simple to the most complex, climaxing in a finale of great virtuosity with an energetic display of the male prowess.
Popular Melodies
Gheorghe Costache, Accordion Soloist
Vocal Duo of Traditional Melodies
Angela Buciu and Nicu Moldovan
Wedding in Oas
The dancers and the folk-music band join together for this delightful ceremonial dance portraying a local wedding from northwest Romania.
Popular Melodies
Dimitru Dobrican, Pipes-of-Pan and the Taragot
"Ciocirlia" (The Skylark)
One of Romania's most popular native songs, and the theme of Enesco's Romanian Rhapsody No. 1.
The Orchestra
Suite of Dances from Oltenia
The Grand Finale presenting a true picture of the Romanian folk culture. Dancers, Soloists, and The Orchestra
Surrounded by the Transylvania Alps and the Carpathian mountains of Romania lies the valley of the Maramures, with a folk culture famous throughout the world. The musical and choreographic folklore of the area have been transmitted through many generations of a vigorous people with a fierce pride in their arts and traditions. From this region comes the acclaimed "Maramuresul" ensemble, whose individual members have received an impressive array of awards, with the honor of "Laureate" given to many of its artists. The Romanian Folk Festival "Maramuresul" has shared this folk legacy with audiences in Poland, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Czechoslovakia, East and West Germany, England, France, Holland, Morocco, Algeria, Korea, the Sudan, the Soviet Union, Mongolia, and China. The ensemble is currently on its debut tour of America.
Coming Events
Handel's "Messiah".........Fri.-Sun. Dec. 4-6
Choral Union and U-M Orchestra, Donald Bryant, conductor, Soloists: Susan Belling, Melanie Sonnenberg, Joseph Evans,
Michael Burt, and Bejun Mehta, boy soprano.
Vienna Chamber Orchestra & Philippe Entremont . . Tues. Dec. 8 All-Mozart: Divertimento in D, K. 136; Piano Concerto No. 9, K. 271; Symphony No. 29, K. 201.
Concerto Soloists of Philadelphia......Sat. Dec. 12
Haydn: Horn Concerti, Nos. 1 and 2, Hermann Baumann, French horn;
K. P. E. Bach: Sinfonia No. 5; Respighi: Ancient Airs and Dances (Suite No. 3);
Britten: Simply Symphony for Strings.
Pittsburgh Ballet, Tchaikovsky's "Nutcracker" . Fn.-Sun. Dec. 18-20 Andre Watts, Pianist, and Charles Treger, Violinist . . Sun. Jan. 10
Sonatas of Beethoven, Prokofiev, Debussy, and Franck.
Joffrey II Dancers........Fri. & Sat. Jan. 15, 16
Janet Baker, Mezzo-soprano........Sun. Jan. 17
Oakland Ballet Company......Mon.-Wed. Jan. 25-27
Anthony di Bonaventura, Pianist (free admission) . . . Fri. Jan. 29 World premiere--Alberto Ginastera's Piano Sonata No. 2
Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra.......Thurs. Feb. 4
Carlos Montoya, Guitarist.........Sat. Feb. 6
Orpheus Chamber Ensemble........Sun. Feb. 7
Founders Day Concert (free admission).....Sun. Feb. 14
Versailles Chamber Orchestra......Thurs. Feb. 18
Paul Taylor Dance Company.....Tues. & Wed. Mar. 2, 3
Detroit Symphony Orchestra........Fri. Mar. 5
Erich Bergel, Conductor; Radu Lupu, Pianist
Heinz Holliger, Oboist.........Sun. Mar. 7
Marcel Marceau, Mime......Thurs.-Sat. Mar. 11-13
Jury's Irish Cabaret.........Tues. Mar. 16
Peter Serkin, Pianist.........Thurs. Mar. 18
Tokyo String Quartet.........Sat. Mar. 20
Maurizio Pollini, Pianist.........Wed. Mar. 24
Tedd Joselson, Pianist.........Thurs. Apr. 1
Faculty Artists Concert (free admission) .... Sun. Apr. 4 Pennsylvania Ballet.......Mon.-Wed. Apr. 19-21
May Festival, 1982 Wednesday-Saturday, April 28, 29,30, May 1, in Hill Auditorium
The Philadelphia Orchestra
The University Choral Union
Eugene Ormandy and Aldo Ceccato, Conductors
Programs and artists to be announced next week; series ticket orders accepted beginning December 7.
Gail W. Rector, President Richard S. Berger John W. Reed
Harlan Hatcher, Vice-President Allen P. Britton Harold T. Shapiro
Douglas D. Crary, Secretary Paul W. McCracken lx)is U. Stegeman
Wilbur K. Pierpont, Treasurer Sarah Goddard Power E. Thurston Thieme
Burton Memorial Tower, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109 Phone: 665-3717, 764-2538

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