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UMS Concert Program, December 19, 1981: International Presentations Of Music & Dance -- Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre

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Season: 103rd
Concert: Thirty-third
Power Center For The Performing Arts Ann Arbor, Michigan

Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre
Artistic Director
Michael Abbitt Helen Dexter Nancy Glynn
Charles Hagan Kenneth Nickel
Tamar Rachelle Hilda Reverte Margo Scharlin
Lisa Bettinger Natalia Botha Lisa Braham Kenneth Braso Lynn Elizabeth Coghill Holly Goble Elizabeth Hartwell Regina Helmer
Stephen Jackson Elisabetta Kintzoglou Jay Kirk Ellen Levine Laura Lidral Terry Scott Martin Bradley McCaskill
Lona Misserian
Peter Romero
Katalina Salcedo
Yvonne Salcedo del Castillo
Stephen Shotrou
Esther Suarez-Shotrou
Joseph Woelfel
Gwynne Ashton, Ballet Mistress Ottavio DeRosa, Music Director
Pat Simmons, Resident Lighting Director Mrs. Leon Falk, Jr., Executive Director
Saturday Evening, December 19, 1981, at 8:00
Power Center for the Performing Arts
Ann Arbor, Michigan
The Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre's four performances this week comprise a dance residency under the Dance Touring Program, with support from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Great Lakes Arts Alliance.
Thirty-third Concert of the 103rd Season
Eleventh Annual Choice Series
Music by Piotr Ilyitch Tchaikovsky
Choreography by Keith J. Martin
Costume Design by Henry Heymann
Lighting by Pat Simmons
Decor by William Brewer
Decor for this production made possible through the generosity of The Hearst Foundation and Oxford Development Company
Scenes 1 and 2
Dr. and Frau Silberhaus and their children, Clara, Fritz, and Louise, are welcoming neigh?boring families to their Christmas party when the mysterious Herr Drosselmeyer arrives unexpectedly. He has brought gifts for all the children and for Clara a very special gift--a Nutcracker doll dressed as a handsome prince. Fritz jealously grabs the splendid toy and hurls it to the floor, breaking it. Clara is heartbroken but magically Herr Drosselmeyer repairs the Nutcracker doll. The festivities continue until late into the night.
Scenes 3 and 4
After everyone has departed and gone to bed, Clara sneaks back into the living room to be with the Nutcracker doll. She suddenly feels a strange aura in the room, full of faint rustlings and a growing concert of curious noises. Magically the mice grow to gigantic pro?portions as does the room and the Christmas tree. Clara is terrified until the Nutcracker appears life-size and with his army of soldiers engages the mice in a fierce battle. He wins the battle and as he turns victoriously to Clara, she sees that he isn't a wooden doll but a handsome cavalier. With a flourish he invites Clara to journey with him to the Kingdom of Snow, a land of glittering crystal and ice.
Clara and her cavalier continue their journey to the Kingdom of Sweets where Herr Drosselmeyer introduces them to a court full of confections from many lands dancing just for them--chocolate from Spain, coffee from Arabia, tea from China, and other tasty treats. Clara suddenly finds herself transformed into a grown-up ballerina, the Sugar Plum Fairy, and she and her cavalier dance a bautiful pas de deux. The whole kingdom joins with Clara and her cavalier in a grand finale and pay homage to the couple as they continue on their journey to the Kingdom of Enchantment.
CAST (in order of appearance)
Lamplighter...........Kenneth Nickel (Fri., Sat. eve.),
Stephen Shotrou (Sat. mat., Sun.)
Chestnut Man...........Stephen Shotrou (Fri., Sat. eve.),
Bradley McCaskill (Sat. mat., Sun.)
Ruffians........Michael Abbitt, Stephen Jackson, Joseph Woelfel
Parents..............Members of the Company
Children..............Members of the Company
Herr Drosselmeyer..............Patrick Garza
Herr Silberhaus...............Peter Romero
Frau Silberhaus.........Hilda Reverte (Fri., Sat. mat, Sun.),
Helen Dexter (Sat. eve.)
Clara...........Mireille Leterrier (Fri., Sat. eve., Sun.),
Tamar Rachelle (Sat. mat.)
Fritz.............Charles Hagan (Fri., Sat. eve.),
Terry Scott Martin (Sat. mat., Sun.)
Louise.............Nancy Glynn (Fri., Sat. eve.),
Lisa Braham (Sat. mat., Sun.)
Grossvater............Michael Abbitt (Fri., Sat. eve.),
Stephen Jackson (Sat. mat., Sun.)
Grossmutter...........Margo Scharlin (Fri., Sat. eve.),
Ellen Levine (Sat. mat., Sun.)
Bear..............Bradley McCaskill (Fri., Sun.),
Stephen Shotrou (Sat.)
Servants..........Natalia Botha, Holly Goble, Joseph Woelfel
Nutcracker...........Mark Silver (Fri., Sat. eve., Sun.),
Kenneth Nickel (Sat. mat.)
Mouse King................Peter Romero
Mice..............Members of the Company
Soldiers............. Members of the Company
Cavalier............Mark Silver (Fri., Sat. eve., Sun.),
Kenneth Nickel (Sat. mat.)
Snowflakes.............Members of the Company
Sleigh Bearers..........Joseph Woelfel (all performances),
Stephen Shotrou (Fri.), Bradley McCaskill (Sat., Sun.)
Spanish......... . . Kenneth Braso (all performances),
Laura Lidral, Yvonne Salcedo del Castillo (Fri., Sat. eve.),
Natalia Botha, Holly Goble (Sat. mat., Sun.),
Nancy Glynn (Fri.), Stephen Jackson (Fri., Sun.),
Bradley McCaskill (Fri., Sat. mat.), Michael Abbitt (Sat.),
Joseph Woelfel (Sat. eve., Sun.)
Arabian.........Terry Scott Martin and Tamar Rachelle (Fri.),
Hilda Reverte and Peter Romero (Sat.), Margo Scharlin and Stephen Shotrou (Sun.)
Chinese............Regina Helmer (all performances),
Natalia Botha (Fri., Sat. eve.),
Joseph Woelfel (Fri., Sat. mat., Sun.),
I.;iui;i Lidral (Sat. mat., Sun.),
Stephen Jackson (Sat. eve.)
Russian...........Charles Hagan (Fri., Sat. eve., Sun.),
Terry Scott Martin (Sat. mat.)
Shepherd and Shepherdesses........Michael Abbitt (Fri., Sun.),
Lisa Braham (Fri.), Margo Scharlin (Fri., Sat.),
Charles Hagan (Sat. mat.), Ellen Levine (Sat., Sun.),
Kenneth Nickel (Sat. eve.), Nancy Glynn (Sun.)
Waltz of the Flowers .... Helen Dexter and Kenneth Nickel (Fri., Sat. eve., Sun.),
Nancy Glynn and Stephen Jackson (Sat. mat.) and Members of the Company
Finale..............Members of the Company
Sugar Plum.........Mireille Leterrier (Fri., Sat. eve., Sun.),
Tamar Rachelle (Sat. mat.)
Attention Please
Thanks to a generous gift from Mr. Thomas S. Monaghan, the Power Center is now equipped with a listening system to aid the hearing impaired. To use this equipment, see the House Manager at the concession stand at the south end of the lobby.
Announcing: May Festival, 1982 Wednesday-Saturday, April 28, 29, 30, May 1, in Hill Auditorium
The Philadelphia Orchestra The University Choral Union
Eugene Ormandy, Conductor Laureate Aldo Ceccato, Guest Conductor
Yo-Yo Ma, Cellist Sherrill Milnes, Baritone
Bella Davidovich, Pianist Louise Russell, Soprano
Susan Starr, Pianist Lorna Myers, Mezzo-soprano
Henry Price, Tenor
Wednesday--Ormandy and Ma: Sibelius: Symphony No. 7; Shostakovich: Cello Concerto No. 1; Brahms: Symphony No. 2.
Thursday--Ceccato and Starr: Bernstein: Symphony No. 2 for Piano and Orchestra "The Age of Anxiety"; Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 6 ("Pathetique").
Friday--Ceccato, Choral Union, Milnes, Russell, Myers, Price: Mendelssohn: "Elijah."
Saturday--Ormandy and Davidovich: Beethoven: "Egmont" Overture; Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto No. 1, Symphony No. 2.
Series ticket orders now being accepted: $50, $40, $30, $20.
"Messiah" Recording and Anniversary Book
Available for purchase in the lobby are these two "special editions" stemming from our 100th Anniversary Season. The "Messiah" Recording, a 3-record set, is from the Choral Union's Christmas Concerts of that season, and the 200-page book entitled "100 Years of Great Performances" reflects upon the long and distinguished life of the Musical Society in Ann Arbor. Both will provide many hours of enjoyment in your own home, and their attractive?ness makes them ideal year-round gifts for all who love music. They may be purchased in the lobby during this concert, in our Burton Tower office, or ordered by mail on the form below.
Please send _______ "Messiah" Recording @ $13.75 $_
Please send _______ Anniversary Book @ $11.00 $_
Total enclosed .... $_
(Check payable to University Musical Society; mail to address below.)
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Burton Memorial Tower, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109 Phone: 665-3717, 764-2538

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