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UMS Concert Program, February 6, 1982: International Presentations Of Music & Dance --

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Season: 103rd
Concert: Forty-fourth
Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Carlos Montoya
Flamenco Guitarist
Saturday Evening, February 6, 1982, at 8:30 Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan
The Fandango comes from Huelva in the province of Andalusia. It is essentially melodic and sung at many Flamenco gatherings.
The Zapateao is played for a dance consisting of increasingly difficult heel and toe variations.
Tango Antiguo
One of the purest variants of the early "Tango Flamenco."
The most intricate and exciting of all Flamenco dance rhythms, from the province of Jerez de la Frontera.
Nana del Gitanito (The little Gypsy's lullaby)
There is, of course, nothing unusual about a lullaby, but this one is unique because Senor Montoya has created a Flamenco lullaby.
The authentic "Cante Jondo" from the eastern region of Spain, its origins unknown.
Cancion del Norte (by Tomas Rios), Mallorca, Gaita Gallega
A medley of a song from the North, the Bolero of Mallorca, and folk airs from Galicia where they play Spanish bagpipes.
The mother of Flamenco from which many other songs have grown.
Aires de Genii
A light air from the Puente de Genii. It is also said that the real Andalusian style begins from the "Puente" (the bridge) on South.
RCA Victor, ABC Paramount, United Artists, and Crystal Clear Records.
Forty-fourth Concert of the 103 rd Season
Special Concert
One of the most beautiful Flamenco forms, it evokes romantic memories of the famed Alhambra Moorish Castle in Granada.
The typical folk dance and song from the province of Aragon, in a masterly interpretation ending with some guitar fireworks.
Of all Spanish music, this shows the strongest Moorish influence. The dancing girls' tam?bourines are imitated on the guitar. One can still hear the Zambras in the Sacromonte, or Gypsy Quarter, of Granada.
The dance of Alegrias is at the heart of every "Cuadro Flamenco," with ever-changing rhythms and chord patterns.
Caribe aflamencao
This is one of Carlos Montoya's forms of Guajiras, brought to Spain from Cuba in the last century and played in Flamenco style.
Macarena en Tango
Carlos Montoya was inspired by a well known song, "La Virgen de la Macarena," to create his own original arrangement incorporating the song melody and much original material played in the rhythm of a Tango Flamenco.
Jaleo means excitement and improvised gypsy dancing.
A very strong Farruca by Carlos Montoya, full of new variations.
Note: Until now, there has been no written notation for Flamenco music. It comes from the Spanish Gypsies, with each of the great Gypsy guitarists adding to the folklore of the race. All of the pieces on tonight's program are Carlos Montoya's own arrangements of the old themes with his own compositions in typical Gypsy rhythm.
This evening's recital is Mr. Montoya's fourth in Ann Arbor.
Coming Events
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Founders Day Concert (free admission).....Sun. Feb. 14
Versailles Chamber Orchestra......Thurs. Feb. 18
Paul Taylor Dance Company.....Tues. & Wed. Mar. 2, 3
Detroit Symphony Orchestra........Fri. Mar. 5
Erich Bergel, Conductor; Radu Lupu, Pianist
Heinz Holliger, Oboist.........Sun. Mar. 7
Marcel Marceau, Mime......Thurs.-Sat. Mar. 11-13
Jury's Irish Cabaret.........Tues. Mar. 16
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Pennsylvania Ballet.......Mon.-Wed. Apr. 19-21
89th Annual May Festival.....Wed.-Sat. Apr. 28-May 1
The Philadelphia Orchestra at all concerts; the University Choral Union; Con?ductors: Eugene Ormandy and Aldo Ceccato; Soloists: Sherrill Milnes, Yo-Yo Ma, Bella Davidovich, Susan Starr, Louise Russell, Lorna Myers, and Henry Price.
Burton Memorial Tower, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109 Phone: 665-3717. 764-2538

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