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UMS Concert Program, October 29, 1983: Leonid And Valentina Kozlov --

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Season: 105th
Concert: Tenth
Power Center For The Performing Arts Ann Arbor, Michigan

lnteifiatipnal Presentations
Leonid and Valentina Kozlov
1983 National Dance Tour
Andrew Baxter Anne Marie Dc Angclo William De Gregory Teresa de Rose
Deirdre Duffin Tamara Hadley Laurie Ichino Mark Lanham
Buuce Goldstein, Lighting Design
Anne Mauie De Angelo, Ballet Mistress
Mimi Maxmen, Costume Coordination
Saturday Evening, October 29, 1983, at 8:00
Power Center for the Performing Arts
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Music: Peteu Illyich Tchaikovsky Choreography: George Balanchine Tamara Hahley William De Gregory
Using music that had been discarded from the original Sii'iin Lake and rediscovered in the Bolshoi Theatre archives, George Balanchinc created a piece of maximum virtuosity to display the high artistry of his dancers. The Kozlovs have selected this work for inclusion in their first National Tour in tribute and gratitude to the genius of George Balanchinc.
Tenth Concert of the 105th Season
Special Concert
PAPILLON Music: Jacques Offenbach Choreography: Anne Marie De Angelo
Anne Marie De Angelo Mark Lanham Laurie Ichino Teresa de Rose
Papilloti is a tribute to the last of romantic ballets with the same title. It was choreographed in 1860 by the ballerina who initiated the romantic era -Mary Taglioni; this current production bears little resemblance to the original production.
The original ballet is based on a story about a Princess who is turned into a butterfly by a wicked fairy, who then tortures the butterfly-princess by burning her wings on a torch. She dies in the arms of her lover. A piece of historical irony is that the ballerina for whom the role was created tragically burned to death when her costume caught fire from one of the gas stage lamps. The story, when transformed into a ballet, had a happier ending; the butterfly is changed back into a beautiful princess.
This new adaptation keeps the butterfly motif, and changes the romantic style of dance to that of contemporary movement in the classical structure with romantic feeling.
Music: Francois Auber Choreography: Victor Gsovsky Staged by Valentina and Leonid Kozlov
Deirdre Duffin Andrew Baxter
This rarely-performed piece is known in the Bolshoi for its demanding lour de force chore?ography. An abstract love duct, it features complicated turns, leaps, and breathtaking elevations.
Music: Adolphe Adam Choreography: Jean Coralli Staged by Valentina and Leonid Kozlov
Valentina and Leonid Kozlov
Giselle is the story of a young, innocent woman in love, who, when confronted by the deceit of her lover Albrecht, goes mad and dies. Because she has died before her wedding, she is condemned to an afterlife as a Wilis -women who rise from their graves nightly in order to trap young men and compel them to dance to their death.
In Leonid Kozlov's original adaptation of this famous Pas de Deux, Albrecht, in his remorse and repentance, visits Giselle's grave searching for some solace from the anguish of their separation. Giselle, now a ghost, appears to him and they dance. Kozlov's expanded emotional choreography expresses the tragedy of two lovers never to be united in this world again. The piece climaxes with Albrecht carrying off the dead Giselle in his arms.
Music: Michael Kamen Choreography: Marco Saiiington William De Gregory Tamara Hadley
This sensuous ballet was inspired by the mobile sculpture of Alexander Calder, whose works grace the world's most famous museums.
Music: Boris Asafiev Choreography: Vasily Vainonen
Anne Marie De Angelo Mark Lanham
Music: Cesare Pugni Choreography: Arthur Saint-Leon Staged by Valentina and Leonid Kozlov
Valentina Kozlov
Andrew Baxter Teresa dc Rose Dcirdre Duffin Laurie Ichino Tamara Hadlcy
This new production of Vivandiere, inspired by the original Bolshoi style of staging, has been especially recreated by the Kozlovs for their first international tour. This piece is characterized by its use of elegant port de hras (carriage and movement of the arms) and mounted with impeccable detail. This work is choreographed in the original Boumonvillc style.
Music: Leon Minkus Choreography: Marius Petipa Staged by Valentina and Leonid Kozlov Based on the novel by Miguel de Cervantes
Valentina and Leonid Kozlov Laurie Ichino Dcirdre Duffin Teresa de Rose
The story centers on the lusty and spirited love of Kitri, an innkeeper's daughter, and Basil, a barber. The funny and poignant quests of Don Quixote are interwoven with the adventures of the young lovers in a ballet noted for its charm, roaring comedy, colorful sequences, and virtuoso passages for its principals.
About the Artists
Four years after their dramatic stagedoor defection from the Bolshoi Ballet in Los Angeles, Leonid and Valentina Kozlov are securing their place in the American dance world. During their first year in the West, the Kozlovs performed, both individually and together, in Britain, South America, Australia, and across North America. These appearances led to a more productive two-year associa?tion with the internationally known Australian Ballet. Continually seeking the work of major Western choreographers, one of the first works the couple danced in New York City after leaving the Bolshoi was Alvin Ailey's jazzy ballet The River. In this work, they appeared as guests with the International Ballet of Caracas, a company now known as the New World Ballet of Caracas which performed on this Power Center stage just three evenings ago.
Last winter, at the prompting of the now late choreographer George Balanchine, the Kozlovs successfully starred in Washington, D. C. and Seattle in the Broadway-bound musical On Your Toes. In March, they were welcomed to Balanchine's New York City Ballet as full principals by Peter Martins, and have recently returned from a three-country European tour with that company. Their appearance this evening is part of a 25-city, seven-week cross-country tour.
Both Kozlovs were born in Moscow. Valentina joined a children's ballet company at age seven, made the Bolshoi school at nine, and danced her first full-length ballet at twelve. Leonid, who began studying at age ten, was already a lead in the Bolshoi Ballet when he first met his wife-to-be -ironically, this took place in New York in 1973 when he was appearing with the Bolshoi and she was performing with a touring student troupe. The pair soon married, and Mrs. Kozlov eventually joined her husband as a principal dancer of the Bolshoi.
Leonid Kozlov received formal university training for teaching and choreography in Moscow, but had little opportunity to make use of those talents. In the West, he has created works for smaller troupes in New Jersey and Florida, as well as a Swan Lake and a Don Quixote for the National Ballet of Chile and a Nutcracker for the Australian Ballet. The current tour utilizes his directing and coaching abilities, as well as featuring the couple as performers.
Los Angeles Chamuer Orchestra Helmuth Rilling..........Tues. Nov. 1
Gaechingeu Kantorei of Stuttgart and soloists Bach: "Passion According to St. John"
Soviet Emigre Orchestra Lazar Gosman.................... Wed. Nov. 2
Britten: Simple Symphony: Prokofiev: Visions Fugitives; Barber: Adagio for Strings; Dvorak: Serenade for Strings
New World Strinc; Quartet..................................Sun. Nov. 6
Mozart: Quartet in D, K. 575; Berg: Quartet, Op. 3; Beethoven: Quartet in F major, Op. 59, No. 1
Warsaw Philharmonic Kazimierz Kord....................Thurs. Nov. 10
Misha Dichter, Pianist
Brahms: Piano Concerto No. 1 in D minor; Shostakovich: Symphony No. 10
Mstislav Rostropovich, Cellist.............................. Wed. Nov. 16
Marccllo: Adagio; Beethoven: Variations on "Ein Madchcn oder Weibchen" from The Magic Flute, Sonata in A, Op. 69; Schumann: Adagio and Allegro, Op. 70; Britten: Sonata in C major. Op. 65
Hermann Baumann, Horn.................................... Fri. Nov. 18
Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra Janos Rolla................Sun. Nov. 20
Corclli: Sarabanda, Giga c Badinerie; Bach: Double Violin Concerto; Rossini: Sonata No. 3 in G major; Mendelssohn: Octet in E-flat, Op. 20
Handel's Messiah I Donald Bryant....................... Fri.-Sun. Dec. 2-4
University Choral Union, U-M Orchestra; Kathryn Bouleyn, Soprano, John Fcrrante, Counter-tenor, Joseph Evans, Tenor, Jay Willoughby, Bass
Pittsburgh Ballet, Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker............ Fri.-Sun. Dec. 16-18
Richard Stoltzman, Clarinet, and
William Douglas, PianoBassoon............................ Thurs. Jan. 12
Telcmann: Sonata in B-flat; Schumann: Three Romances, Op. 94; Bach: Two-part Inventions; Douglas: Miniatures; Saint-Saens: Sonata in E-flat, Op. 167; Poulcnc: Sonata (1962)
Cecile Licad, Pianist...........................................Sat. Jan. 14
Welsh National Opera Chorus.............................. Mon. Jan. 16
Paul Taylor Dance Company......................... Fri.-Sun. Jan. 27-29
Burton Memorial Tower, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-1270 Phones: (313) 665-3717, 764-2538

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