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UMS Concert Program, October 27, 1985: International Presentations Of Music & Dance -- Western Opera Theater

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Season: 107
Concert: Thirty-ninth
Power Center For The Performing Arts Ann Arbor, Michigan

Western Opera Theater
Sunday Evening, October 27, 1985 at 8:00
Power Center for the Performing Arts
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Don Giovanni
Music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Libretto by Lorenzo da Ponte English translation by Ruth and Thomas Martin
Evan Whallon, Conductor Albert Takazauckas, Stage Director
Jay Kotcher, Set Designer James Quinn, Lighting Designer
Kerry Rider, Wigs & Make-up Clifford Hestdalen, Costume Coordinator Costumes by Walter Mahoney, San Francisco Opera Costume Shop Kate Lewis, Alan Smith, AccompanistsCoaches
Donna Anna, A Spanish noblewoman................................. Deborah Voigt
Donna Elvira, a lady of Burgos, deserted by Don Giovanni.............Karen Wicklund
Zerlina, a peasant girl............................................. Katherine Harris
Don Giovanni, a licentious nobleman................................E. Mark Delevan
Don Ottavio, betrothed to Donna Anna............................... Robert Swensen
Leporello, servant to Don Giovanni......................................Mark Coles
Masetto, a peasant boy, betrothed to Zerlina............................ Thomas Potter
The Commendatore, father of Donna Anna................................. Jose Garcia
Chorus: Peasants and Invisible Demons....................... Tracy Dahl, Julia Faulkner,
John David DeHaan, Richard Rebilas, George Hogan, Douglas K. Wunsch
The action takes place in Seville, Spain, in the middle of the 17th century, covering a period of 24 hours. The opera is in two acts, with a 20-minute intermission.
The Don Juan Legend -with its implicit theme of the conflict between good and evil in man's nature, his eternal quest for love, and its moral of inescapable retribution for the licentious life -was especially appealing to Mozart. Don Giovanni was suggested as a subject by Mozart's librettist, Lorenzo da Ponte, and the score was composed even as the text was being written. A historical notation reveals that many events in the life of the fictitious Don were supplied by the notorious Giovanni Jacopo Casanova de Seingalt, then in his sixties, whose surname was later to become a universal synonym for an amorous adventurer.
Thirty-ninth Concert of the 107th Season
Fifteenth Annual Choice Series
The courtyard outside the Commendatore's home. A complaining Leporello, ser?vant to Don Giovanni, awaits his master's return. Don Giovanni enters, pursued by Donna Anna, the Commendatore's daughter, who attempts to unmask her would-be seducer. Com?ing to her defense, the Commendatore is killed by Giovanni. Donna Anna and her fiance, Ottavio, swear to revenge her father's death.
The next morning on a road near Seville. Leporello reproaches Don Giovanni for his scandalous life. Donna Elvira arrives, bewailing her fate: seduced and abandoned. Sensing a new conquest, Giovanni commiserates with her, only to discover she is an old conquest. Making a hasty retreat, Giovanni leaves Leporello to explain to the lady that she is far from the first and will not be the last.
The countryside around the Don's estate. Villagers celebrate the imminent wedding of Zerlina and Masetto. Giovanni introduces himself to the couple and, masking his desire for the bride-to-be, offers his protection to them -meanwhile arranging with Leporello to get Masetto out of the way. Don Giovanni persuades Zerlina to go with him to his castle. Donna Elvira interrupts the seduction of Zerlina and takes the peasant girl away.
To add to Giovanni's bad luck, Donna Anna and Ottavio solicit him for aid in finding the Commendatore's killer. Don Giovanni agrees. Donna Anna suddenly realizes that Giovanni was her attempted seducer and demands that Ottavio seek revenge with her. Giovanni and Leporello plan a formal party for the peasant couple and their guests.
In a garden outside the Don's house. Zerlina tries to calm the jealous Masetto. After a confrontation between Masetto the peasant and Giovanni the aristocrat, Giovanni ushers the couple to dinner. Donna Anna, Elvira, and Ottavio, wearing domino masks, are also invited to join the party by an unsuspecting Giovanni.
Don Giovanni's ballroom. Between courses, Giovanni maneuvers Zerlina away from the party. Hearing screams for help, the masked trio rushes to Zerlina's defense. Giovanni's attempt to pass off Leporello as Zerlina's seducer fools nobody, and he's forced to make a hasty retreat.
Outside the inn where Donna Elvira is staying. In order to seduce Elvira's maid, Don Giovanni changes places with Leporello. Leporello then convinces Elvira that he is Giovanni and runs off with her. Leading a band of vigilantes, Masetto seeks Giovanni, who, now disguised as Leporello, scatters the mob and beats Masetto. Zerlina then comforts Masetto.
A dark courtyard. Elvira and Leporello are interrupted by Donna Anna, Ottavio, Zerlina, and Masetto. Elvira pleads with them to spare the life of her "husband." In order to save himself, Leporello reveals his true identity.
A graveyard. Hiding from their pursuers, Giovanni and Leporello find themselves reunited in a graveyard. When Don Giovanni recognizes the Commendatore's memorial statue, he forces Leporello to invite the statue to dinner that evening. The statue replies with one word: "Yes."
Anna's house. Ottavio presses Anna to name the wedding day. She puts him off.
Don Giovanni's banqueting hall. During his lavish dinner, Elvira begs Giovanni to change his way of life before it is too late. Don Giovanni rejects her advice. As she leaves, her scream announces the arrival of the stone guest. Invited to supper, the statue insists on returning Don Giovanni's hospitality. Giovanni gives his hand to seal his promise and is surprised by the statue's cold grip. The statue gives Giovanni one last chance to repent. When Don Giovanni refuses, he is dragged off to an eternity of hell, fire, and damnation.
Western Opera Theater is part of the San Francisco Opera Center and is the recipient of grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Western States Arts Foundation, the California Arts Council, and the San Francisco Hotel Tax Fund.
Evan Whallon, Music Director Debra Girard, Company Manager Robin Hodgkin, Presenter Services Representative
James Quinn, Production Manager Michael Borelis, Master Carpenter Douglas Vogel, Master Electrician
Clifford Hcstdalen, Wardrobe Supervisor Kerry Rider, Wig & Make-up Supervisor Thomas Heimberg, Orchestra Contractor
Catherine Reilly, Robert Jackson Gwinn II, Thomas E. Kline, Production Assistants
Burton Memorial Tower, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-1270 Phones: (313) 665-3717, 764-2538

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