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UMS Concert Program, October 10 & 11, 1988: Ballet West --

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Season: 110th
Concert: Third
Power Center For The Performing Arts Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ballet West
JOHN HART Artistic Director
Monday & Tuesday, October 10 & 11,1988, at 8:00
Power Center for the Performing Arts
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Marcello Angelini Robert Arbogast Daniela Buson Bruce Caldwell isabelle creste Wendee Fiedeldey
Charles Flachs Miguel Garcia Lisa Lamanna Rhonda Lee Erin Leedom
Raymond Van Mason Jiang Qi
Pamela Robinson Jeffrey Rogers Joseph Woelfel Jane Wood
Gregory Askins Bridget Boutin Peter Christie Mark Cisler Rachel del Vallc James Dlugokinski Kevin Englc Allyson Evans
Christie Freebairn Steven Green Virginia Hagood David Jackson Christine Jacques Leslie Kidd Lisa Lockerd Scott Marble Cameron McNinch
Dawn Meeker Nadia Miniclicr Steven Mueller Sarah Parsons Amy Thayne Patricia Vaughan Maggie Wright Rose Marie Wurzer
Terence Kern, Music Director
Sondra Sugai and Elaine Thomas, Assistants to the Artistic Director Petrus Bosman and Marrie Hadfield, Artistic Staff
Romeo and Juliet -The Prologue
"Two households, both alike in dignity, in fair Verona, where we lay our scene, From ancient grudge break to new mutiny, where civil blood makes civil hands unclean. From forth the fatal loins of these two foes a pair of star-crossed lovers take their life; Whose misadventured piteous overthrows doth with their death bury their parents' strive. The fearful passage of their death-marked love, and the continuance of their parents' rage Which, but their children's end, naught could remove, is now the two hours' traffic of our stage; The which if you with patient ears attend, what here shall miss, our toil shall strive to mend."
William Shakespeare
These concerts are supported in part by Arts Midwest's members and friends in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts.
Third and Fourth Concerts of the 110th Season Eighteenth Annual Choice Series
Romeo and Juliet
First performed in 1976 by the San Francisco Ballet
Music: Sergei Prokofiev Choreography: Michael Smuin Costumes & Scenery designed by William Pitkin
Lighting Designer: M. Kay Barrell Fencing Choreography: J. Steven White and Michael Smuin
Staged by Attila Ficzere and Diana Weber
Production & Staging coordinated by Paula Tracy Smuin
Sets and costumes courtesy of the San Francisco Ballet.
"Romeo and Juliet used by arrangement with G. Schirmer, Inc., sole Western Hemisphere representatives for Mezhdunarodnaya Kniga.
Ballet in Three Acts There will be two intermissions.
Cast of Characters
Juliet, daughter to Capulet ..........................Daniela Buson (Mon.), Jane Wood (Tues.)
Romeo, son to Montague...................Marccllo Angelini (Mon.), Robert Arbogast (Tues.)
Mercutio, friend to Romeo ............................Miguel Garcia (Mon.), Jiang Qi (Tues.)
Tybalt, nephew to Lady Capulet .................Bruce Caldwcll (Mon.), Charles Flachs (Tues.)
Benvolio, nephew to Montague and friend to Romeo............................Jeffrey Rogers
Paris, a young Nobleman ..........................Mark Cisler (Mon.), Peter Christie (Tues.)
Lord Capulet..................................Charles Flachs (Mon.), Bruce Caldwcll (Tues.)
Lady Capulet..............................Pamela Robinson (Mon.), Patricia Vaughan (Tues.)
Escalus, Duke of Verona.................Robert Arbogast (Mon.), Raymond Van Mason (Tues.)
Rosaline, a Capulet..........................Wendce Fiedcldcy (Mon.), Rachel del Valle (Tues.)
Rosaline's Guard ...........................................................Kevin Engle
Nurse to Juliet.............................................................Bene Arnold
Friar Lawrence...................................Peter Christie (Mon.), Steven Green (Tues.)
Lord Montague ..........................................................Gregory Askins
Lady Montague ..................................Dawn Meeker (Mon.), Lisa Lockcrd (Tues.)
Juliet's Friends ........................................Isabellc Crcste, Erin Leedom (Mon.)
Rose Marie Wurzer, Bridget Boutin (Tues.)
Street Dancers..........................................Christine Jacques, Jiang Qi (Mon.)
Isabelle Crestc, Joseph Woelfel (Tues.)
Serenade Dancers .....................James Dlugokinski, Cameron McNinch (Mon. & Tues.)
Lisa Lockerd, Patricia Vaughan, Jiang Qi (Mon.) Wendee Fiedcldcy, Rachel del Vallc, Miguel Garcia (Tues.)
Three Capulet Harlots ..................................Rose Marie Wurzer (Mon. & Tues.)
Lisa Lockerd, Maggie Wright (Mon.) Erin Leedom, Dawn Meeker (Tues.)
Three Montague Harlots...............Isabellc Crcste, Virginia Hagood, Sarah Parsons (Mon.)
Christine Jacques, Pamela Robinson, Maggie Wright (Tues.)
Juliet's Reflection...................................Jane Wood (Mon.), Sarah Parsons (Tues.)
Montague Camp: Bridget Boutin, Christine Frecbairn, Cyndi Ridler (Mon. & Tues.) Capulet Camp: Leslie Kidd, Amy Thayne (Mon. & Tues.)
Rachel del Vallc (Mon.), Nadia Miniclier (Tues.)
Ballroom Guests, Townspeople, Gypsies ...............................Artists of Ballet West
Act I, Scene I The Street
The curtain opens to reveal Romeo, Rosaline, and Rosaline's bodyguard. Romeo makes advances which are encouraged by Rosaline but discouraged by her over-zealous guard.
The street comes to life. Tybalt provokes a quarrel with Mercutio and a scuffle ensues, which develops into a full and fast-moving brawl. The two camps, the Montagues and the Capulcts, enjoy the fight. With the arrival of Escalus, the Duke of Verona, the row ceases.
Act I, Scene II Juliet's Room in the Capulet House
Juliet, playing with her nurse, is interrupted by her parents, Lord and Lady Capulet. They present her to Paris, a young Nobleman, who has asked for her hand in marriage.
Act I, Scene III Outside the Capulet's House
Lord Capulet greets guests arriving for a ball. Romeo, along with his friends Mercutio and Benvolio, decide to go to the ball in pursuit of Rosaline. Tybalt chases Bcnvolio and Romeo away, but Mercutio manages to sneak into the ballroom. He comes out again a few moments later with masks for himself, Romeo, and Bcnvolio so they can enter the ball in disguise.
Act I, Scene IV The Ballroom
Romeo and his friends enter the ballroom. All the guests are watching Juliet dance. Seeing that Romeo is enchanted by her and she drawn to him, Mercutio dances in order to attract attention upon himself. Later, Tybalt recognizes Romeo and orders him to leave, but Lord and Lady Capulet intervene and restrain Tybalt from pursuing Romeo.
Act I, Scene V Outside the Capulet's House
As guests leave the ball, Romeo hides from Mercutio and Benvolio.
Act I, Scene VI Juliet's Balcony
Unable to sleep, Juliet comes out onto her balcony and is thinking of Romeo, when suddenly he appears in the garden. They dance together to express their love for each other.
Act II, Scene I The Street
Romeo, reunited with his friends, tries to join in the fun and horseplay, but can think only of Juliet. Soon Juliet's nurse arrives, pushing the Montague men aside in search of Romeo to give him a letter from Juliet.
Act II, Scene II Friar Lawrence's Cell
The lovers are secretly married by Friar Lawrence, who hopes that their union will end the strife between the Montagues and the Capulets.
Act II, Scene III The Street
Interrupting the revelry, Tybalt fights with Mercutio and kills him. Romeo avenges the death of his friend and is exiled from Verona.
Act III, Scene I Juliet's Room in the Capulet's House
At dawn the next morning, we find Romeo preparing to leave before he is discovered. He kisses Juliet and departs for Mantua. Her parents enter with Paris; Juliet refuses to marry him. Lord Capulet's anger turns to rage. Juliet rushes to sec Friar Lawrence.
Act III, Scene II Friar Lawrence's Cell
She falls at the Friar's feet and begs for help. She threatens to kill herself. The Friar gives her a vial of sleeping potion that will make her fall into a deathlike sleep.
Act III, Scene III Juliet's Room in the Capulet's House
When Juliet returns, she agrees to marry Paris. That evening she takes the vial of sleeping potion. The next morning the Nurse and Lord and Lady Capulet arrive to find Juliet apparently lifeless on the bed.
Act III, Scene IV The Capulet Family Crypt
Romeo, unaware of Friar Lawrence's and Juliet's plan, returns to Verona and is stunned by grief at the news of Juliet's death. Disguised as one of the mourners, he enters the crypt and finds Paris by Juliet's body. Paris attacks Romeo and is slain. Believing Juliet to be dead, Romeo drinks a vial of poison. Awaking to find Romeo dead, Juliet stabs herself.
-Michael Smuin
About the Artists
Ballet West began as a modest civic ballet emerging from the first ballet department at an American university and is now one of America's leading ballet companies producing over 135 performances every year. It originated in Salt Lake City in 1963 as the Utah Civic Ballet under William F Christensen, creator of the company and its first artistic director. Christensen also established the first ballet department at an American university (University of Utah in 1951) and is noted for establishing, with his brothers Lew and Harold, the oldest ballet company in the United States -the San Francisco Ballet in 1937. In 1968, the Federation of Rocky Mountain States chose the Utah Civic Ballet to represent the West, and the company was then renamed "Bailer West" to reflect its regional status. The company toured Europe in 1971 and by 1973 had an extensive performance schedule in the West as well as tours across the country that included two performances in Ann Arbor. When Christensen retired in 1978, Toni Lender Marks, a former principal dancer with the Royal Danish Ballet, became artistic director, and in 1980 Ballet West made its East Coast debut at New York's City Center.
Already noted for its full-length ballet productions, Ballet West added major works to its repertoire in the 1981-82 season, including Eludes and a full-length Swan Lake, and in May 1983 both ballets received national acclaim during a residency at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. The company was invited back to perform in 1985 with the world premiere of Abdallah, which brought rave reviews from dance critics around the world, and again in 1986 with Sleeping Beauty.
Under John Hart's artistic direction since 1985, the company's past several seasons have been the most ambitious in its history. Several new ballets have been added, including John Cranko's Pineapple Poll, The Rake's Progress, choreographed by deValois, Andre Prokovsky's Gershwin, By George! and the full-length Anna Karenina, Ophelia, a new original work created specifically for the company by Val Caniparoli, and this season's Romeo and Juliet, choreographed by Michael Smuin.
Each summer, for nearly 20 years, Ballet West has been the resident company for the BalletAspen Summer Festival and also conducts the Ballet West Summer Dance School in neighboring Snowmass, which draws over 200 students trained by Ballet West's artistic staff and guest artists. In Salt Lake City, the School of Ballet West offers instruction to students wishing to prepare for a career in ballet.
John Hart, artistic director of Ballet West since September 1985, is considered one of England's most distinguished dancers and ballctmasters. He first joined the Sadler's Wells Ballet (now the Royal Ballet) in 1938, becoming a principal dancer in 1941, dancing the leads in all the classic ballets before the age of 21. After serving in the Royal Air Force in World War II, he rejoined the Sadler's Wells Ballet to dance with Margot Fonteyn and Moira Shearer, among others, in the major opera houses of Europe. Beginning in 1949, he performed at New York's Metropolitan Opera House for five seasons and toured with the company throughout the United States and Canada. Hart was appointed ballctmastcr of the Royal Ballet in 1955 and assistant director to Sir Frederick Ashton in 1961, and for 15 years he was in charge of the company's performances, including those in London, New York, Leningrad, Moscow, and at theaters throughout Eastern and Western Europe. During this time, he directed the Royal Ballet performances in some twenty film and television productions.
For five seasons, 1970-75, Hart was artistic director of the PACT Ballet of South Africa, staging Sleeping Beauty with Margot Fonteyn, Giselle with Natalia Makarova, Cinderella with Sir Frederick Ashton and Sir Robert Helpmann, and La Fille mal Gardec with Merle Park and Anthony Dowcll, at the same time serving as the director of dance at the United States International University in San Diego, California. He then returned to the Royal Ballet and restaged many of the company's repertory pieces for various companies, such as the JofTrcy and San Francisco Ballets, American Ballet Theater, and Ballet West.
John Hart is the author of two books: Ballet and Camera and The Royal Ballet. In 1970 he was awarded the Queen Elizabeth Award for Outstanding Achievement in Ballet, and in 1971 he was honored by Queen Elizabeth II with the title "Commander of the Order of the British Empire."
Michael Smuin, choreographer of Romeo and Juliet, was born and raised in Missoula, Montana, and began his career at the San Francisco Ballet where he was principal dancer and choreographer from 1957 to 1962. He went on to dance on Broadway in the Little Me original cast and with the cabaret and television dance team Michael and Paula. From 1966 to 1973, he was principal dancer and choreographer of American Ballet Theater and in 1973 became director of the San Francisco Ballet.
Smuin has choreographed The Tempest and Cinderella for "Dance in America" on PBS; scenes for the movies Ruinbleftsh, Cotton Club, and The Golden Girls; and for Mikhail Baryshnikov, Rudolf Nuryev, and Leslie Caron for Paris Opera Ballet American Ballet Theater Gala at the Metropolitan Opera House. Smuin won a 1984 Emmy Award for choreography of A Song for Dead Warriors on "Dance in America" and received a 1986-87 Emmy Award for direction of VoiceDance. Most recently he won a 1988 Tony Award, Drama Desk Award, and Fred Astaire Award for choreography for the Lincoln Center revival of Anything Goes.
Paula Tracy Smuin, a native of San Francisco, has staged Romeo and Juliet and Songs of Mahler for the San Francisco Ballet, as well as pieces for the Dance Theater of Harlem, Pacific Northwest Ballet, and The Washington Ballet. She choreographed the movies Twins, Tucker, and Wildcats.
As a dancer, Paula Tracy Smuin was a soloist with American Ballet Theater from 1966 to 1973 and a principal dancer with San Francisco Ballet from 1973 to 1983. She has appeared in films, on Broadway, and worked as a fashion model while living in New York.
Marcello Angelini (Romeo, Mon.) was born in Naples, Italy, where he began his ballet training at his father's school. At 15 he was given a contract at the San Carlo Theatre in Naples and the following year joined the Teatro Communale in Florence. A year later he was awarded a scholarship to study at the Kiev Institute of Dance in the U.S.S.R. with Denisienko. In October 1982, with Daniela Buson, Marcello was awarded first prize in the Pas de Deux section of the international competition in Rome and the Golden Rose at Milan for the most promising young Italian couple. Before joining Ballet West, he was a Soloist with the Deutsche Opera Ballet in Berlin, Principal with the Cincinnati Ballet, and Principal with Northern Ballet Theatre in Manchester, England. Among his Principal roles are Othello, Swan Lake, Nutcracker, Coppelia, Sleeping Beauty and Giselle, the Valet in Miss Julie and Rosalinda, as well as many Balanchine and more modern works. He also appeared as Principal Guest Artist with The Scottish Ballet, the Basler Ballet, Ballet Arizona, and The Palermo Opera House Ballet Company.
Daniela Buson (Juliet, Mon.) was born in Palermo, Sicily, where she began her dance training. After studying at the Jacques Beltrane School and scholarship study with Ana Schelest in Reggio Emilia, she was given a contract with the Teatro Communale in Florence. In October 1982, she and Marcello Angelini won first prize in the Pas de Deux section of Rome's international competition. Before joining Ballet West, she was a Soloist with Berlin's Deutsche Opera Ballet, Principal Ballerina in England's Northern Ballet Theatre, and Principal with the Cincinnati Ballet. She has also appeared as Guest Ballerina with the Basler Ballet, Ballet Arizona, Palermo Opera House Ballet, and England's Northern Ballet Theatre. She has danced Principal roles in Nutcracker, Coppelia, Les Sylphides, Romeo and Juliet, Swan Lake, Cinderella, Giselle, Sleeping Beauty, Miss Julie, and Rosalinda.
Robert Arbogast (Romeo, Tues.) began dance training at Point Park College in Pittsburgh and from 1977 to 1979 danced as a corps member with the Pittsburgh Ballet. He then joined Ballet West where he was promoted to Soloist in 1983, and to Principal in 1987. Robert has performed leading roles in Ballet West productions including the Grand Pas dc Deux in Nutcracker, Allegro Brillanle, Symphony in C, Oberon in The Dream, Prince Florimund in Sleeping Beauty, Carmina Burana, Albrecht in Giselle, and most recently in Romeo and Juliet.
Jane Wood (Juliet, Tucs.) began her ballet training at the Washington School of Ballet and then continued at the Academy of the Washington Ballet and at the University of Utah. From 1979 to 1981 she was on scholarship with Ballet West and joined the company in 1981, where she is currently a Soloist. Her professional experience includes dancing with Switzerland's Geneva Ballet. Jane's major roles with Ballet West include Juliet in Romeo and Juliet, Mikiya in La Bayadere, the Betrayed Girl in The Rake's Progress, Ophelia, Gershwin, By George!, Equinoxe, and Concerto in Turquoise and Rust.
Administrative Staff
Trevor A. Cushman, General Manager; Susan Barrell, Company Manager; Carol Baer, Assistant Company ManagerTour Manager; Olivette Orme, Development Director; Gay L. Rcdick, Associate Development Director; Debbie Drcitzler, Marketing and Public Relations; Heli Niclson, Associate Marketing and Public Relations; Jyl Shuler, Director of Audience Services; Mark E. Brinton, Comptroller; Cheryl Dalley, Assistant Comptroller; Zeenat Mohammad, Receptionist; Heidi Christenscn, Vickie Poulos, Box Office Staff; David Van Alstyne, Conductor & Music Associate; Joy Ludlow, Director, School of Ballet West
Production Staff
M. Kay Barrell, Production ManagerLighting Designer; Steven Smith, Stage Manager; David Thompkins, Assistant Stage Manager; Darin Playle, Head Carpenter; Dennis Schoenhardt, Assistant Carpenter; Kurt Crittendcn, Head Electrician; Robert Henry Schild, Property Master; John P. Duffy, Michael McCulloch, Assistant Electricians; David Heuvel, Costume Production Manager; Jackie Deike, Wardrobe Manager;Jacqueline Cintura, Assistant Wardrobe Manager; Liz Luccro, Head Seamstress; Annie Taylor, Cindy Farrimond, Seamstresses; Larry Pcnnington, Wigmaker; Steven Carson, Ray Welsh, Bruce Gibbons, Transportation
Scenery and costumes executed by the Production Division of Ballet West.
School of Ballet West is the official school of Ballet West.
The University of Utah Ballet Department is the affiliate school of Ballet West. Booking agent: Sheldon Soffer Management, Inc., New York
Coming Concerts
Paillard Chamber Orchestra Jean-Francois Paillard.......Sat. Oct. 15
Moscow State Symphony Yevgeny Svetlanov..............Sun. Oct. 23
Royal Ballet of Flanders ........................Wed., Thurs. Oct. 26, 27
Special Fundraising Gala, Saturday, October 29
"Our Night of Celebration" with Leonard Bernstein and the Vienna Philharmonic
Pre-concert Presentations
Make new discoveries and enjoy nuances in the performing arts with this season's series of presentations by authoritative speakers. All arc free and open to the public, held in the Rackham Amphitheater one hour before the concert.
Saturday, Oct. 15 at 7:00, preceding the Paillard Chamber Orchestra
Speaker: Richard Rosenberg, Associate Director of Orchestras, U-M School of Music Topic: A Chamber Orchestra Is Not Just Fewer Players
Sunday, Oct. 23 at 3:00, preceding Moscow State Symphony Orchestra
Speaker: Jim Leonard, Music Critic, Ann Arbor News; Manager, SKR Classical Topic: Purity in Music
Wednesday, Oct. 26 at 7:00, preceding Royal Ballet of Flanders
Speaker: Susan Nisbctt, Features Editor and Dance Critic, Ann Arbor News Topic: Afterimages: Writing About the Dance
John W. Reed, President
David B. Kennedy, Vice President
Thomas E. Kauper, Secretary Norman G. Herbert, Treasurer
Robert G. Aldrich James J. Dudcrstadt Richard L. Kennedy
Patrick 13. Long Judythc R. Maugh
John D. Paul Ann S. Schriber Herbert E. Sloan
Kenneth C. Fischer, Executive Director Advisory Committee
Ann S. Schribcr, Chair
Catherine Arcure Charles Borgsdorf Barbara Bryant Bradley Canale Sandra Conncllan Katharine Cosovich Elena Delbanco Anne Dudcrstadt
Judy Fry Joann Gargaro Joyce Ginsberg Anne Glcndon Charles Hills Stuart Isaac Janet Jeffries Frances Jelinek
Shirley Kauper Howard King Lynn Luckenbach Carl Lutkehaus Alan Mandel Ingrid Martin Charlotte McGeoch Joan Olsen
Agnes Reading Dorothy Reed Sally Rogers Alice Vining Raven Wallace Mary White Sally White Shelly Williams
Ex-offuio: Kenneth C. Fischer, Nancy Cordincr Judge, Rebecca Liss Kott
Sally A. Cushing Leilani Dcnison Barbara L. Ferguson Michael L. Gowing Nancy Cordiner Judge
Michael Kondziolka Rebecca Liss Kott William Orr Laura Rosenberg
Robin Stcplicnson Drent Pamela S. Teeple Carol G. Wargelin LornaJ. Young
U-M Student Intern: Mark Ewing
Student Assistants: Sara Billmann, Matthew Levy, Michelc Mustcrt, Susan Natan, Karen Paradis, Annette Sievert, Clare Stollak, Trevor Young
University Choral Union and Festival Chorus
Donald T. Bryant
Stephen L. Bryant
Nancy Hodge
Ncal Kurz
Burton Memorial Tower, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-1270 Telephone: (313) 764-2538

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