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UMS Concert Program, February 13, 15, 16, 1991: New York City Opera National Company --

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Season: 112th
Concert: 23rd, 24th, 25th
Power Center For The Performing Arts, Ann Arbor, Michigan

University Musical Society
Betty Carter
and the Betty Carter Trio
Cyrus Chestnut, pianist
Chris Thomas, bassist
Willie James Terrill, III, drummer
Saturday Evening, September 25, 1993, at 8:00 Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan
About The Artists
Betty Carter on Betty Carter
"My professional singing career was started at the Paradise Theatre in Detroit, winning an amateur contest. Soon after, I had the experience of 'sitting in' with the Dizzy Gillespie Big Band at a night club in my home town of Detroit. Another big experience was to 'sit in' with Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Max Roach, Duke Jordan, and Tommy Potter while never having to leave Detroit.
"In 1948 I had the good fortune to join the Lionel Hampton Orchestra. I remained with the band for two and one half years, while learning as much as I could. I soon learned to write orchestrations and wrote my first big band arrangement while remaining a member of the band. I left the band in 1951 to try my luck alone.
"After taking up residence in New York City, I began performing at all the small 'dives.' In other words, I was 'paying my dues.' Quickly, work became more suitable and I was performing at better clubs and theatres, including the Apollo, Howard, Royal, Regal, Earl, and many others.
"I was working with Miles Davis at the Howard Theatre in Washington, D.C., and he introduced me to his agents. That meeting led to a tour with Ray Charles, which in turn led to a recording session with Ray and consequently, an upswing in my career. The album was recorded in 1960 and released one year later.
"In 1969 I ventured out and formed my own record company, BET-CAR productions. It was around the same time when record companies became disenchanted with 'jazz' and no longer wanted to record the music. The reason for this was that commercial music had become really big business. In a word, MONEY!"
This is Miss Carter's first performance under University Musical Society auspices.
Cyrus Chestnut, pianist, first met Betty Carter as a student at the Berklee College of Music, where she was teaching a master class. He joined her trio in 1991. Cyrus has performed with Dizzy Gillespie, Wynton Marsalis, Branford Marsalis, Chick Corea, Joe Williams, Charnett Moffett, George Adams, Jon Hendricks, Terrence Blanchard, and Donald Harrison at venues that include Avery Fisher Hall, The Blue Note, Village Vanguard, the JVCJazz Festival, the Monterey Jazz Festival, the Newport Jazz Festival in Japan, the Umbria Jazz Festival in Italy, "Sesame Street" on PBS, and "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno."
Willie James Terrill, III, drummer, is a sophomore music major at North Carolina Central University. In 1990 and 1991, he was named North Carolina All-State Percussionist and has participated in workshops led by Wynton Marsalis and the Count Basie Orchestra.
Christopher Thomas, bassist, has performed with Marcus Roberts, Ellis Marsalis and the JVC Young Futures, which toured Europe in 1991.
Thank You!
Great music happens through the University Musical Society because of the much needed and greatly appreciated gifts of UMS supporters.
The list below represents names of donors from August 1992 through August 1993. If an error or omission is noted, we sincerely apologize and would appreciate a call at your earliest convenience (747-1178).
The University Musical Society would also like to thank those generous donors who wish to remain anonymous
Bravo Society Members
Richard S. Berger Dr. and Mrs. Edwin Deer Mr. and Mrs. Howard Holmes Richard and Susan Rogel Mary R. Romig-de Young Dr. and Mrs. Harry A. Towsley Dr. and Mrs. James Irwin
Concert Masters
Herb and Carol Amster
Isabelle and Carl A. Brauer, Jr.
Ralph Conger
Joe and Karen O'Neal
John and Mary Kay Pearson
Herbert Sloan
Carol and Irving Smokier
Maya Savarino and Raymond
Tanter Ronald and Eileen Weiser
Mr. and Mrs. Guido A. Binda Maurice and Linda Binkow Thomas H. and Mary Steffek
Blaske Jim Botsford and Janice Stevens
Margaret and Douglas Crary Gregg Alf and Joseph Curtin Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Evans Ken, Penny and Matt Fischer Mr. and Mrs. Robben Fleming Dale and Marilyn Fosdick Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Frohlich Rosemary and Wood Geist Carl and Sue Gingles Walter and Dianne Harrison Mr. and Mrs. Roger Maugh Paul and Ruth McCracken
Rebecca McGowan and Michael B.
Ginny and Cruse Moss Mr. and Mrs. William B. Palmer Dory and John Paul Tom and Mary Princing Mary and Ron Vanden Belt Paul and Elizabeth Yhouse
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald D. Abrams
Mr. Jerry Albrecht
Dr. and Mrs. Robert G. Aldrich
Bob and Martha Ause
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Barfield
Bradford and Lydia Bates
P.E. Bennett
Dr. and Mrs. George L. Blum
Sue and Bob Bonfield
Bowles Family Trust George
Jean M. and Kenneth L. Casey Don and Betts Chisholm Mr. and Mrs. John Alden Clark Leon and Heidi Cohan Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Conger Katharine and Jon Cosovich Mr. and Mrs. George H. Cress Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Cresswell Jack and Alice Dobson William T. Dobson and Mary
Hunter Dobson David and Lynn Engelbert Dr. Stewart Epstein Charles and Mary Jane Fisher John and Esther Floyd Judy and Richard Fry Lourdes and Otto Gago Drs. Sid Gilman and Carol Barbour Vivian S. and Norman N. Gottlieb Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Graham Miss Dorothy Greenwald Mr. and Mrs. Elmer F. Hamel Mrs. Robert Hamilton Harlan and Anne Hatcher Harold and Anne 1 laugh Mrs. Judith M. Heekin Debbie and Norman Herbert Dr. Bertram Herzog Mrs. W.A. Hiltner Mr. and Mrs. Howard S. Holmes Keki and Alice Irani Jim and Millie Irwin Thomas E. and Shirley Y. Kauper Mr. and Mrs. David G. Loesel Charlotte McGeoch H. Dean and Dolores H. Millard Dr. and Mrs. Joe D. Morris Mrs. Charles Overberger Maxine and Wilbur K. Pierpont Philip and Kathleen Power Jim and Bonnie Reece John and Dorothy Reed Ginny and Ray Reilly Glenda Renwick Dr. Hildreth H. Spencer
Jerrold G. Utsler
Dr. and Mrs. Francis V. Viola III
Mrs. Marc von Wyss
Martha Wallace and Dennis White
Elise and Jerry Weisbach
Marina and Robert Whitman
Brymer and Ruth Williams
Len and Maggie Wolin
Gardner and Bonnie Acldey
Bernard and Raquel Agranoff
Catherine S. Arcure
James R. and Lisa Baker
M. A. Baranowski
Raymond and Janet Bernreuter
Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Berry
Mr. Hilbert Beyer
Howard and Margaret Bond
Charles and Linda Borgsdorf
Allen and Veronica Britton
David and Sharon Brooks
Drs. Susan S. and Wesley M. Brown
Drs. Barbara Everitt and John H. Bryant
Frederick and Marion Buckman
Lawrence and Valerie Bullen
Dr. and Mrs. James P. Byrne
Jean W. Campbell
Bruce and Jean Carlson
Daniel Carroll and Julie Virgo
Roland J. and Elsa Kircher Cole
H. Richard Crane
Dean and Mrs. John H. D'Arms
Martin and Rosalie Edwards
Julia and Charles Eisendrath
Dr. and Mrs. William L. Fox
Henry and Beverly Gershowitz
Margaret G. Gilbert
William and Ruth Gilkey
Dr. and Mrs. William Gracie
Seymour D. Greenstone
John R. and Helen K. Griffith
H.L. Harsha
Julian and Diane Hoff
Claudette Stern and Michael Hogan
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Holmes
Frederick G. L. Huetwell
Joanne W. Hulce
Pat and John Huntington
Gretchen and John Jackson
Dr. and Mrs. Stevo Julius
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Kellman
David and Sally Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. A. William Klinke H
Carolyn and Jim Knake
Charles and Barbara Krause
Lisa Krueger
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Kueng
Bud and Justine Kulka
Mr. and Mrs. Lee E. Landes
Jack Lapides
Olya K. Lash
Leo A. Legatski
John and Ann Leidy
Mr. and Mrs. Fernando S. Leon
Carolyn and Paul Lichter
Harold J. Lockett, M.D.
Dr. and Mrs. Charles P. Lucas
Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Lutkehaus, Jr.
Brigitte and Paul J. Maassen
Geraldine and Sheldon Markel
Jack and Joanne Martin
Marilyn Mason
Joseph McCune and Georgians Sanders
Margaret McKinley
Richard and Elizabeth McLeary
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin E Meader
Mr. and Mrs. Warren A. Merchant
Ann and Robert Meredith
Dr. Barry Miller
Myrna and Newell Miller
M. Haskell and Jan Barney Newman
William A. Newman
Bill and Marguerite Oliver
William R. and Joan J. Olsen
Dr. and Mrs. Mark B. Orringer
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Pierce
Eleanor and Peter Pollack
William and Christine Price
Frances B. Quarton
Mrs. Joseph S. Radom
Mr. and Mrs. Gail W. Rector
Dr. and Mrs. Rudolph E. Reichert
William and Mary Revelli
William and Katherine Ribbens
Jack and Margaret Ricketts
Amnon and Prudence Rosenthal
Mrs. Bernard J. Rowan
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Rubin
Mr. Peter C. Schaberg
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Schmidt
Mrs. Richard C. Schneider
Professor Thomas J. and Ann Sneed
Alan and Maryanne Schwartz Mr. Sandro D. Segalini Michael and Janet Shatusky Julianne and Michael Shea Edward and Marilyn Sichler George and Helen Siedel Mrs. Charles A. Sink George Smillie and Marysia Ostafin Paul and Betty Snearline Mr. and Mrs. John C. Stegeman Victor and Marlene Stoeffler Dr. and Mrs. Jeoffrey K. Stross Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Teeter James L. and Ann S. Telfer Dr. and Mrs. E. Thurston Thieme Dr. and Mrs. John F. Ullrich Mr. and Mrs. Herbert H. Upton, Jr. Jack and Marilyn van der Velde Dr. and Mrs. Philip C. Warren Dr. and Mrs. Andrew S. Watson Robert 0. and Darragh H. Weisman Angela and Lyndon Welch Roy and JoAn Wetzel Thomas and Iva Wilson John B. and Ann F. Woodward Martin and Nancy Zimmerman
Marilyn and Armand Abramson Dr. and Mrs. Peter Aliferis Anne and George Amendt Joan and David Anderson Catherine M. Andrea Harlene and Henry Appelman Mr. and Mrs. Max K. Aupperle Barbara and Daniel Balbach Emily W. Bandera Andrea and Simon Bare Mr. and Mrs. Cyril H. Barnes, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Mason Barr, Jr. Leslie and Anita Bassett Mr. and Mrs. Raymond 0. Bassler Dr. and Mrs. Jere M. Bauer
Neal Bedford and Gerlinda Melchiori
Henry J. Bednaiz
Mr. Ralph Beebe
Harry and Betty Benford
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Berlin
Abraham and Thelma Berman
Andrew H. Berry, D.O.
Suzanne A. and Frederick J. Beuller
Drs. John E. Billi and Sheryl Hirsch
Carl and Pauline Binder
Joan and Howard Binkow
Elizabeth S. Bishop
Visvaldis and Elvira Biss
Bob and Liz Bitterman
Marshall J. Blondy, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Bloomer
Mr. and Mrs. Milford Boersma
Robert and Sharon Bordeau
Ruth Bordin
Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Bozell
William R. Brashear
Ernie and Betsy Brater
Dr. and Mrs. Don Briggs
Marvin and Joanna Brode
Helen L. Brokaw
Morton B. and Raya Brown
Jeannine and Robert Buchanan
Arthur and Alice Burks
Mrs. Wellington R. Burt
H. D. Cameron
Dr. and Mrs. Darrell A. Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Campbell
Charles and Martha Cannell
Isabelle Carduner
Edwin F. Carlson
Mr. and Mrs. C. William Castor
Andrew F. Caughey, M.D.
Maggie Cavallaro
Mr. and Mrs. Tsun Chang
J. Wehrley and Patricia Chapman
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond S. Chase
Dr. Kyung and Young Cho
Nancy Cilley
John and Nancy Clark
Vivian Cole
John and Penelope Collins
Kenneth Collinson
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Comeau
Gordon and Marjorie Comfort
Maria and Carl Constant
James and Constance Cook
Mr. William P. Cooke
Lolagene C. Coombs
Gage R. Cooper
Arnold and Susan Coran
Clifford and Laura Craig
Merle and Mary Ann Crawford
Richard and Penny Crawford
Jean and James I. Crump
Pedro and Carol Cuatrecasas
Paul and Mary Ellen Danos
Peter and Susan Darrow
Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Davenport
Ronald and Dolores Dawson
Mr. and Mrs. Jay De Lay
Jean and John Debbink
James M. Deimen
Benning and Elizabeth Dexter
Dr. and Mrs. Edward F. Domino
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Donn
Prof, and Mrs. William G. Dow
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Dunham
Charles and Dorothy Dybvig
Mr. Kenneth C. Eckerd
Morgan and Sally Edwards
Dr. Alan S. Eiser
Emil and Joan Engel
Mark and Patricia Enns
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Erb
Ms. Barbara Essick
Dr. and Mrs. Stefan S. Fajans
Claudine Farrand and Daniel Moerman
Dr. and Mrs. John A. Faulkner
Inka and David Felbeck
Reno and Nancy Feldkamp
Dr. James F. Filgas
Sidney and Jean Fine
Mrs. Beth B. Fischer
Ray and Patricia Fitzgerald
Richard and Marie Flanagan
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Fontheim
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Ford
Jim and Anne Ford
Mrs. George H. Forsyth
Phyllis Foster
David A. Fox and Paula L. Bockenstedt
Dr. David Noel Freedman
Deborah and Ronald Freedman
Lucia and Douglas Freeth
Gail Frames
Harriet and Daniel Fusfeld
Arthur Gallagher
Victor and Marilyn Gallatin
Dr. and Mrs. Richard R. Galpin
David and Marian Gates
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Gelehrter
Beverly and Gerson Geltner
Dr. and Mrs. Paul W. Gikas
Fred and Joyce Ginsberg
Grace M. Girvan
Paul and Anne Glendon
Robert and Barbara Gockel
Steve and Nancy Goldstein
Mrs. Eszter Gombosi
Dr. Alexander Gotz
Mrs. William Grabb
Ruth B. and Edward M. Gramlich
Jerry and Mary K. Gray
Whit and Svea Gray
Dr. and Mrs. Lazar J. Greenfield
Margaret and Ken Guire
George N. Hall
Marcia and John Hall
Mr. Patrick C. Hall
Harry L. and Mary L Hallock
Susan R. Harris
Clifford and Alice Hart
Douglas A. and Anne M. Hayes
Kenneth and Jeanne Heininger
Margaret Martin Hermel
Dr. and Mrs. Clark Herrington
Fred and Joyce Hershenson
Herb and Dee Hildebrandt
Ms. Barbara Hill
Dr. and Mrs. James D. Hoeschele
Dr. Carol E. Holden and Mr. Kurt
John and Maurita Holland Mrs. Janet Woods Hoobler Kristin and Wolfgang Hoppe Arthur G. Homer Graham and Mary Jean Hovey Sally Howe
Linda Samuelson and Joel Howell Mrs. V. C. Hubbs Mrs. George R. Hunsche Mr. and Mrs. David Hunting, Jr. Ann K. Irish Mr. and Mrs. Alan Israel John and Joan Jackson
Wai lie and Janet Jeffries
Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Johnson
Elizabeth and Lawrence Jordan
James J. Judson
Cynthia Kabza and Robert Vercruysse
Mary B. and Douglas Kahn
Robert L and Beatrice H. Kahn
Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Kaplan
Elizabeth Harwood Katz
Anna M. Kauper
Rachel B. Keith, M.D. and The Hon.
Damon J. Keith Richard and Ann Kennedy Robert and Gloria Kerry Howard King and Elizabeth Sayre-King Mr. Richard E. King Thomas and Constance Kinnear Rhea and Leslie Kish Drs. Paul and Dana Kissner Howard Klee, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Klinke Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Kokoszka Dick and Betty Jo Kolb Dimitri and Suzanne Kosacheff Alan and Jean Krisch Karlene and Bruce Kulp Barbara and Michael Kusisto Dr. and Mrs. Bert La Du, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Lapeza John K. Lawrence Professor and Mrs. John C. Lee Linda and Brian Lenehan Dr. and Mrs. Francis Lenhart Bobbie and Myron Levine Professor and Mrs. Harold M. Levinson Jacqueline H. Lewis Allen and Evie Lichler Daniel E. and Susan S. Lipschutz Vi-Cheng and Hsi-Yen Liu Leslie and Susan Loomans Dean S. Louis, M.D. Dr. Robert G. Lovell Mr. Ross E. Lucke Edward and Barbara Lynn Steve and Ginger Maggio Mark Mahlberg Virginia Mahle Claire and Richard Malvin Alan and Carla Mandel Ed and Cathy Marcus Rhoda and William Martel Sally and William C. Martin Margaret Massialas Mrs. Lawrence Maugh Margaret and Harris McClamroch Ms. Patricia Kaiser McCloud Mrs. Lester McCoy Dores M. McCree Bruce and Mary McCuaig Griff and Pat McDonald Elaine J. McFadden Catharine Riggs McFall Mr. and Mrs. F.N. McOmber Martha and Dady Mehta Jerry and Rhona Meislik Robert and Doris Melling Herman and Bernice Merte, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Metzger Mr. and Mrs. Francis L. Michaels Dr. and Mrs. Leo J. Miedler Jack and Carmen Miller Robert R. and Frances H. Miller Ronald G. Miller Anne Moroun
Dr. Eva L. Mueller
Dr. and Mrs. Gunder A. Myran
Frederick C. Neidhardt and Germaine
Wallace and Laura Newcomb George and Claire Nichols Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Niehuss Virginia and Gordon Nordby Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Nottingham Dr. and Mrs. Frederick C. O'Dell Marylen and Harold Oberman Gary and Judy Olson P. Kim Packard Richard and Miranda Pao William C. Parkinson Mr. Randolph Paschke Colonel and Mrs. Clare Passink Mr. and Mrs. Brian P. Patchen John Paulson
Elizabeth and Beverly Payne Ruth and Joe Payne Dr. Owen Z. and Barbara Perlman Mr. Ellsworth M. Peterson Lorraine B. Phillips Mr. and Mrs. William Pierce Meryl D. and Richard A. Place Maj. Gen. and Mrs. Robert R. Ploger Cynthia and Roger Postmus Bill and Diana Pratt Mrs. J.D. Prendergast Lawrence and Ann Preuss David and Stephanie Pyne Leland and Elizabeth Quackenbush Michael and Helen Radock Dr. Homayoon Rahbari Susan L. Rasmussen Agnes and Stephen Reading Katherine R. Reebel Mr. Donald H. Regan and Ms. Elizabeth
Mr. and Mrs. H. Robert Reynolds Frances Greer Riley Dave and Joan Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Rogers Robert and Joan Rosenblum Gay and George Rosenwald Daria A. Rothe Dr. Nathaniel H. Rowe Jonathan Rubin and Gretta Spier Mr. and Mrs. William F. Ruzicka David Sadler
Jerome and Lee Ann Salle Richard and Norma Sarns Ms. Elizabeth M. Savage Dr. and Mrs. Albert J. Sayed Mr. and Mrs. F. Allan Schenck Dr. and Mrs. David W. Schmidt Charlene and Carl Schmult Dr. and Mrs. David Schottenfeld Ms. Patricia H. Schwartz Suzanne Selig Harriet and Marvin Selin Sherry and Louis Senunas Mr. and Mrs. Clifford G. Sheldon Constance Sherman Thomas and Jean Shope Hollis and Martha Showalter Gene and Alida Silverman Robert A. Sloan and Ellen M. Byerlein Allan and Alcne Smith Carl and Jari Smith George and Mary Elizabeth Smith Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Edward Sopcak Adrena Spaulding
Bert and Pat Armstrong
Dr. and Mrs. Wallace A. Arneson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Ashe
Nancy and Eric M. Aupperle
Michael Avsharian
Donald and Shirley Axon
Jerald and Virginia Bachman
Robert L. Baird
Jean and Gaylord Baker
Mr. William B.Ballis
Peter and Paulette Banks
Anthony and Patricia Barclae
Ms. Gail Davis Barnes
Donald C. Barnette, Jr.
Robert A. Barnhart
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Bartlett
Karen and Karl Bartscht
John J. Beck
Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Beckert
Robert M. Beckley and Judy Dinesen
Robert B. Beers
Mary-Martha and William Beierwaltes
Millie and Bill Bell
Soly S. and Rita Bencuya
Ronald and Linda Benson
Dr. and Mrs. Rodney R. Bentz
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Berger
Ruth Ann and Stuart J. Bergstein
Mark and Pauline Bernhard
Gene and Kay Berrodin
Bharat C. and Palsy A. Bhushan
Steve M. Billcheck
Eric and Doris Billes
William and Ilene Birge
Drs. Ronald C. and Nancy V. Bishop
John E. Bloom
Gary Bloomfield, D.D.S.
Dr. and Mrs. Lynn W. Blunt
Amal H. Bogary
Ronald and Mimi Bogdasariao
Beverly J. Bole
Mark D. Bomia
Frank P. Bongiomo
Roger and Polly Bookwalter
Dean Paul C. Boylan
Paul and Anna Bradley
Richard B. Brandt
Ms. Carol S. Brodbeck
Donald R. and June C. Brown
John M. and Mary Brueger
Mrs. Webster Brumbaugh
Mr. and Mrs. William Burmeister
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Burstein
Marilyn Buss
Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Butsch
Patricia Butte
LetitiaJ. Byrd
Wanela Byrnes and Sherry A. Byrnes
Skp and Barb Campbell
Dr. and Mrs. Malcolm Campbell
Dennis R. Capozza
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Dr. and Mrs. James T. Cassidy
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Cerny
Isotta Hornauer Cesari
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Roger A. and Elizabeth E. Cunningham Nathalie and John R. Dale Orien Dalley
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Damschroder Dr. and Mrs. Charles Davenport Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Davidge Ed and Ellie Davidson Dr. Laning Davidson Roy C. and Donna B. Davis Ferol and H.T. Decker Dr. and Mrs. Raymond F. Decker Ms. Karen deKoning Elena and Nicholas Delbanco Mildred F. Denecke Raymond A. Detter Marnee and John DeVine Kenneth and Judith DeWoskin Elaine and Gordon Didier Dr. and Mrs. Edward R. Doezema Mrs. Carl T. Doman Joan S. Doman
Father Timothy J. Dombrowski James and Patsy Donahey Thomas and Esther Donahue Robert L. Donofrio Deanna and Richard Dorner Dr. and Mrs. Richard Dorr Ruth P. Don-Roland and Diane Drayson Mr. and Mrs. Harry Dreffs Allan and Cecilia Dreyfuss Mr. John J. Dryden and Ms. Diana Raimi Nancy Griffin DuBois Ivan and Betty Anne Duff Richard F. Dunn Mr. Robert Durfy Mr. and Mrs. William G. Earle Jacquelynne S. Eccles Ms. Mary Eckert
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew C. Eisenberg Judge and Mrs. S.J. Elden Ethel and Sheldon Ellis Mrs. Genevieve Ely Mackenzie and Marcia Endo Bill and Karen Ensminger Dr. and Mrs. J. L. Epstein Ellen Wagner and Richard Epstein Dorothy and Donald F. Eschman Joel L. Evilsizer Mr. Don Faber
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Fair, Jr. Karen and Mark Falahee Dr. and Mrs. Harvey Falit Dr. John W. Farah Ms. Diane S. Farber Gerald E. Faye Phil and Phyllis Fellin Ms. Clare M. Rngerle Susan R. Fisher and John W. Waidley Winifred Fisher Linda and Thomas Fitzgerald Dr. and Mrs. Melvin J. Flamenbaum Mr. and Mrs. John Floreno Mr. and Mrs. Howard P. Fox
Mr. and Mrs. John Hummon
Ronald R. and Gaye H. Humphrey
Ann D. Hungerman
Donald and Lynn Hupe
Mr. and Mrs. Russell L. Hurst
Dr. Dorothy A. Huskey
Robert and Virginia Ingling
Perry Elizabeth Irish
Stuart A. and Maureen Isaac
Jean and Harold Jacobson
Donald E. Jahncke
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Emil H. and Noma R. Jebe
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Jelinek
John M.Jenks
Jim and Dale Jerome
Frank and Sharon Johnson
Paul and Olga Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Jones
John and Linda K. Jonides
Stephen G. Josephson and Sally C. Fink
Dr. and Mrs. Mark S. Kaminski
Mr. and Mrs. Irving Kao
Julian M. Kaplin
Kurt D. and Marilee Kaufman
Mr. Atsushi Kawasaki
Mrs. Mary L. Kaylor
Ms. Janice Keller
Mr. John B. Kennard, Sr.
Frank and Patricia Kennedy
Thomas E. Kenney and Linda D. Atkins
Shake Ketefian
Donald F. and Mary A. Kiel
Paul and Leah Kileny
William and JoAnn Kimbrough
John S. King
James and Jane Kister
Mr. Mark Kiuchi
Dr. David E. Klein and Heidi Castleman
Shira and Steven Klein
The Reverend Dr. David Kleis
Dr. Kevin and Mrs. Terri Klimek
Hermine Roby Klingler
Philip and Kathryn Klintworth
Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Klose
Michael E. Korybalski
Jerome and Geraldine Koupal
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kowaleski
Doris and Donald Kraushaar
David and Martha Krehbiel
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Krimm
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold H. Kuethe
Mr. John Kufta
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Kuper
Ms. Kathy Kurtz
Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Kutcipal
Carl F. and Ann L. La Rue
Dr. and Mrs. James Labes
Dr. Barbara J. LaHood and Archie
Cameron Brown Mr. and Mrs. John Laird Mr. and Mrs. Seymour R. Lampert Alice and Henry Landau Mrs. Kent W. Leach Mr. and Mrs. Charles E Leahy Fred and Ethel Lee Paul and Ruth Lehman Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Lehmann Ms. Sue Leong Richard E. LeSueur Jody and Leo Lighthammer Deborah A. Lloyd Dean and Betty Lockwood
Kay H. Logan
Naomi E. Lohr
Jane Lombard
Mr. and Mrs. E. Daniel Long
Ronald Longhofer
Luisa Lopez-Grigera
Fran Lyman
Dr. and Mrs. James C. MacBain
Susan E. Macias
Marcy and Kerri MacMahan
Geoffrey and Janet Maher
Roseann and Donald Majkowski
Melvin and Jean Manis
Drs. Michael and Pamela Marcovitz
Nancy and Philip Margolis
Mr. and Mrs. Damon L. Mark
Robert and Marjorie Marshall
Dr. and Mrs. J.E. Martin
Cmdr. and Mrs. Timothy H. Marvin
Dr. and Mrs. Josip Matovinovic
Mary and Chandler Matthews
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Maxbauer
Ms. Marilyn A. Mazanec
Mr. and Mrs. David W. McComb
David G. McConnell
John J. McGowan
Norman E. and Mary Mclver
Bill and t Jinny McKeachie
Daniel and Madelyn McMurtrie
Robert E and Nancy A. Meader
Terri and Alan Mellow
Henry D. Messer and Carl A. House
Bettie and Robert Metcalf
Professor and Mrs. Donald Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert M. Meyers
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Michael
Jeanette and Jack Miller
Kristine Miller-Pinti
James and Kathleen Mitchiner
Patricia A. Montgomery
Rosalie E. Moore
Arnold and Gail Morawa
James and Gladys Morgan
Mrs. Rosemarie Morgan
Dr. and Mrs. George W. Morley
Melinda and Bob Morris
Rona and Cyril Moscow
Roy Muir
Gavin Eadie and Barbara Murphy
Lora G. Myers
Rosemarie Nagel
Mr. Tatsuyoshi Nakamura
Paz and Bernard Naylor
Ms. Nancy S. Neubacher
Sharon and Chuck Newman
James A. Kelly and Mariam C. Noland
Mr. and Mrs. James O'Neill
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Osier
Lillian G. Ostrand
Dr. David G. Ostrow
David and Andrea Page
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard P. Paige
Mrs. John Panchuk
Dr. and Mrs. Sujit K. Pandit
Donna D. Park
Evans and Charlene Parrott
Allen and Pat Lee Patrick
Richard C. Patterson
Ara and Shirley Paul
P. D. Pawelski
Professor and Mrs. J. Raymond Pearson
Roy Penchansky and Elizabeth W. Bates
Mr. David Peshlakai
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Petrosky
Victor and Laura Sonnino
Mr. and Mrs. E. Philip Soper
Mr. and Mrs. H.W. Spendlove
Jeff Spindler
Irving M. Stahl and Pamela M. Rider
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Stahman
Betty M. Stark
Eric and Virginia Stein
Dr. Martha Stephens
Dr. and Mrs. James E. Stephenson
Robin Stephenson and Terry Drent
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stevenson
Ms. Lynette Stindt and Mr. Craig S. Ross
James L. Stoddard
Mr. and Mrs. Willis Stoick
W.F. Slolper
Mrs. Ruth B. Stone
Mr. James Robert Stout, Sr.
Aileen and Clinton E. Stroebel
Joe Stroud and Kathleen Fojtik
Mrs. William H. Stubbins
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Suchy
Mrs. J. Wilner Sundelson
Edward Surovell and Natalie Lacy
Joan C. Susskind
Alfred S. and Selma Sussman
Mrs. Waldo E. Sweet
Brian and Lee Talbot
Frank and Carolyn Tarzia
Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Taylor
Eva and Sam Taylor
Lois A. Theis
Catherine and Norman Thoburn
Bonnie and Bradley M Thompson
J. Mills Thornton III
Egons and Suzanne Tons
Paul and Barbara Trudgen
Marilyn Tsao and Steve Gao
Dr. and Mrs. Jeremiah G. Turcotte
Paddy Ulrich
Dr. Samuel C. Ursu
Emmanuel-George Vakalo
Rebecca W. Van Dyke
Mrs. Durwell Vetter
Weston E. Vivian
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore R. Vogt
Ms. Sally Wacker
James Davis and Elizabeth Waggoner
Charles and Barbara Wallgren
Ms. Ann E. Walton
Nancy Waring and Gerritt De Vries
Charles and Ruth Watts
Dr. and Mrs. Alan Weamer
Lee and Ellen Weatherbee
Christine L. Webb
Ju Lin Wei
Mrs. Stanfield Wells, Jr.
Dr. Steven Werns
Marjorie Westphal
Janet F. White
Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Whiteside
Clara G. Whiting
Father Francis E. Williams
John Troy Williams
Raymond C. Williams
Shelly F. Williams
Ms. Diane Willis
Ms. Lois Wilson
Professor and Mrs. Charles Witke
Patricia and Rodger Wolff
Dr. and Mrs. Ira S. Wollner
Charles R. and Jean L. Wright
Mr. and Mrs. David Wright
Mrs. Phyllis Wright
John G. and Elizabeth F. Young
Ms. Donna Benson Zajonc
Martin and Gertrude Zeile
Frank Zimmerman
Gail and David Zuk
David S. and Susan H. Zurvalec
Rev. D.L. Adams and Lisa Eaton-Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Adams
Judith and Ronald Adler
Mary and William Ager
Mr. and Mrs. Harold F. Allen
John W. and Karen M. Allen
Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Allen
Forrest Alter
Pamela Amidon
Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Anderson
Sandra and David Anderson
Mr. James Anderson and Ms. Lisa Walsh
James and Kathleen Andonian
Mary C. Arbour
Dr. Eduardo Arciniegas
Thomas J. and Mary E. Armstrong
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Amett
Rudolf and Mary Arnheim
John and Kristina Arundel
Mr. and Mrs. Dan E. Atkins UJ
John and Rosemary Austgen
Erik and Linda Lee Austin
Charlene and Eugene Axelrod
Jonathan and Marlene Ayers
Mrs. Reeve Bailey
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Baks
Dr. Kate F. Barald and Dr. Douglas
Gary N. Barber Mr. and Mrs. David Barera Leonard Barkan Maria K. Barna Norman and Mary Barnett Joan W. Barth John W. H. Bartholomew Dorothy W. Bauer Florence N. Beach Ms. Evelyn R. Beals Mrs. William Benninghoff Alice R. Bensen
Mr. and Mrs. Ib Bentzen-Bilkvist Dr. Rosemary R. Berardi Reuben and Barbara Levin Bergman Robert Hunt Berry Ralph and Mary Beuhler Narendra K. and Nishta G. Bhatia Roderick Bieber and Catherine
Dr. and Mrs. John C. Bilello Claire Billingham and Philip Krupp Jack and Anne Birchfield Donald and Roberta Blitz Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Bloom Mr. and Mrs. Francis X. Blouin Mrs. Wallace J. Bonk Robert and Shirley Boone Victor and Thelma Bordo Paul D. Borman Dr. and Mrs. Morris Bornstein Jeanne and David Bostian John D. and M. Leora Bowden Robert and Jan Bower Sally and Bill Bowers Drs. Laurence and Grace Boxer Arthur and DeLynn Brainerd John F. Brandmeier and Lynda M.
Garry and Shelley Brewer
Cy and Luan Briefer
Razelle and George Brooks
William M. and Sandra Broucek
Mr. and Mrs. Olin L. Browder
(Catherine Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Browning
Dr. Joachim Bruhn
James and Peggy Budd
Judith Buley
Robert and Carolyn Burack
Mr. Joseph Burke
Ms. Susan Burke
Sibyl Burling
Marjorie H. Burnell
Ms. Sarah M. Burns
Rosalie and William E. Burns
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert E. Bursley
Betty M. Bust
Ms. Doris Caddell
Edward and Mary Cady
Shelly Calfin
Susan and Oliver Cameron
Ms. Diana Campbell
Dr. Ruth Cantieny
Dennis and Kathleen Cantwell
Ms. Susan Cares
Jim and Priscilla Carlson
Philip C. Carpenter
Mark A. Case
Joanne C. Ceru
Donald Chalfant and Loretta Kallay
Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Chandler
Edward and Rebecca Chudacoff
Earl Clemens
Mr. and Mrs. J. Climer
Mr. and Mrs. R. N. Coe
Dorothy Burke Coffey
Alice S.Cohen
Jan and Carl Cohen
Hilary and Michael Cohen
Hubert and Ellen Cohen
Eleanor S. Collins
Ms. Joan K. Connell
Dr. and Mrs. William W. Coon
Mr. Joell P. Cooper
Elaine B. Cousins
Mary Crawford
Dr. Mary C. Crichton
Kathleen Crispell
Richard J. Cunningham
Audrey and Edward Curtis
Suzanne and Eugene Curtis
Sally A. Cushing
George Daigle and Lois Godel
Dr. and Mrs. Harold Daitch
Marylee Dalton
Sunil and Merial Das
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Dascola
Ms. Adah Davis
Ruth and Bruce Davis
Robert and Barbara Ream Debrodt
Don and Pam Devine
Carolin and Macdonald Dick
Douglas and Ruth Doane
Thomas Doran
Joy G. Doss
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Dunn
Dr. and Mrs. Theodore E. Dushane
Herb and Hildegard Ebell
Mr. John Ebenhoeh
Dwight and Mary Ellen Eckler
The Rev. and Mrs. Ralph A. Edwards
David A. Eklund
Sol and Judith Elkin
Achieving what its name im?plies, the New York City Opera National Company takes top-quality opera perfor?mances to communities throughout the country, at the same time providing talented young artists with valuable performing experience. Now with its new production of The Marriage of Figaro, the National Company is making its tenth and most extensive tour, covering 24 states from Maine to Florida and as far west as Kansas over a period of eleven weeks. As in previous years, the Company features its popular and much-praised supertitles, an innovation in opera that clarifies all of the action onstage while preserving the integrity of the original language libretto.
The New York City Opera National Company is now making its sixth visit to Ann Arbor, after Rigoletto (1985), Madama Butter?fly (1987), The Barber of Seville (1988), La Traviata (1989), and La Boheme (1990).
After last year's highly successful per?formances of La Boheme for fourth grade students in the Ann Arbor area, the Musical Society again collaborates with the National Company to present two abbreviated, spe?cially constructed performances of The Mar?riage of Figaro on Thursday. The Musical Society was recently recognized for this inno?vative Youth Opera Program when it received the Dawson Achievement Award from the Association of Performing Arts Presenters for creative achievement in arts administration. The Youth Opera Program is part of the larger UMS Youth Program that seeks to broaden the musical education, activities, and vision of young students in Ann Arbor and surround?ing communities.
Bass-baritone Eduardo Chama (Figaro) appears for the first time with the New York City Opera National Company this season. Mr. Chama began his musical training in his native Argentina and received both his
bachelor's and master's degrees in music at the Rubin Academy of Music in Jerusalem. He has sung many of his major roles with the New Israeli Opera in Tel Aviv, including Colline in La Boheme, Bartolo in II Barbiere di Siviglia, Don Alfonso in Cosi fan tutte, and Dulcamara in L'Elisir d'Amore. With the Israel Philhar?monic and Zubin Mehta, Mr. Chama sang Baron Douphol and Dr. Grenvil in La Traviata and performed in the world premiere of Leonard Bernstein's Jubilee Games, with Bernstein conducting. Upcoming engage?ments include a concert version of L'Enfant et les Sortileges with the New World Sym?phony and a return to the New Israeli Opera for both Crespel in The Tales of Hoffmann and the title role in Don Pasquale. He will also appear in the Metropolitan Opera Guild's production of Don Pasquale.
Matthew Lau (Figaro) returns to the New York City Opera National Company in a role he has also performed with Fargo-Moor-head Opera, Aspen Music Festival, and New Jersey's June Opera Festival. The bass-bari?tone appeared as Colline in La Boheme on the National Company's 1990 tour. This past season, he made his New York City Opera debut as Dr. Bartolo in Le Nozze di Figaro and also performed the roles of Colline, Jim Larkens in La FanciuUa del West, Elder 3 in Moses und Aron, and the Armchair and Tree in L'Enfant et les Sortileges. Mr. Lau began his musical career as a violinist and while earning degrees in music from Indiana University and Eastman School of Music, he served as an apprentice with both Central City Opera and the Santa Fe Opera. Additional credits in?clude Escamillo in Carmen with Austin Lyric Opera, the title role in the Metropolitan Opera Guild's Gianni Schicchi, Colline with Virginia Opera and Texas Opera Theater, Leporello in Don Giovanni and the Gardener in The Secret Garden, both with the Pennsyl?vania Opera Theater, and the Bonze in Madama Butterfly with Atlanta Opera.
Ms. Kathryn Foster Elliott
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Ellis
James Ellis and Jean Lawton
Jack and Wilma Elzay
Mr. and Mrs. H. Michael Endres
Lawrence J. Ernst
Adele Ewell
Mary K. Fancher
Karen and Gregory Farris
Drs. George and Susan Fee
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Feely
Dorothy Gittleman Feldman
Barbara L. Ferguson
C. William and H. Jane Ferguson
Erika and Dennis Ferguson
Yi-tsi Feuerwerker
Ruth C. Fiegel
Clarisse Finkbeiner
Eileen C. Fisher
Stephen and Suzanne Fleming
George and Kathryn Foltz
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Forgacs
Mr. Ronald Fracker
Michael S. and Sara B. Frank
Tom S. Frank
Julia M. Freer
Mr. Louis Fulgoni
Richard and Patricia Fulkerson
Mr. John Fuller
Elizabeth and Keith Gadway
Carol Gagliardi and David Flesher
Mr. James Gaier
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Gamble
Mrs. Shirley H. Garland
Ms. Ann M. Davis Garvin
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Germane
Leonore Gerstein
W. Scott Gerstenberger and Elizabeth A.
Mr. Fred Gezich Linda Marie Gilbert Robert and Debbie Gilbert Elida F. Giles
Drs. John and Marcia Gilroy Edward and Judith Glass Drs. Vijay and Sara Goburdhun Dr. and Mrs. Howard S. Goldberg Edie N. Goldenberg Ed and Mona Goldman Anita and Al Goldstein Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell A. Goodkin Mr. and Mrs. Neil Goodman Jesse E. and Anitra Gordon Enid M. Gosling William and Jean Gosling Dr. and Mrs. Serge Gratch Shirley Greene
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Gribble Marshall J. and Ann C. Grimm Henry M. Grix Laurie Gross
Cyril Grum and Cathy Strachan Ms. Carol Guardo Doris and Harvey Guthrie Barbara and David Hall Marc and Jill Halman David M. Hamel Judy and Tom Hanks David and Patricia Hanna Mr. and Mrs. Glenn A. Harder Laurelynne and George Harris Mr. and Mrs. Robert Harris Katherine and Terry Harris John and Anita Hartmus Elizabeth C. Hassinen
Mr. and Mrs. Myron Hayden
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Hayes
Miriam Heins
Mrs. William Heidreth
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Helmick
Mr. and Mrs. William Hendershot
Norma and Richard Henderson
Karl P. Henkel
Ewa and Michael Hepner
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hermalin
Mr. and Mrs. Ramon R. Hernandez
Ron Herrema
Mrs. Emily F. Hicks
Ms. Sandra L. Higgins
Mr. and Mrs. Stu Hilbert
Brian and Anne Hill
Ceilon Hill and Marjorie Graessle
David and Barbara Hill
Peler Hinman and Elizabeth Young
Carol and Dieter Hohnke
Jeanette Holtman
Dr. Ronald and Ann Holz
Eugene and Joan Homeister
Jack and Davetta Horner
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Horwitz
James S. House and Wendy Fisher House
Helga C. Hover
Hubert and Helen Huebl
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Hughes
Roger and Audrey Hunt
Lew and June Hutchings
Eileen and Saul Hymans
Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Imredy
Mr. and Mrs. Sid Israel
Ken Ito and Elizabeth Hokada
Eric and Mary Ann Jaeger
James and Baiba Jensen
Elizabeth Johnson
James S. Johnson
Judith and Joseph E Johnson
Wilma Johnson
Elizabeth M. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin H. Kasle
Alex and Phyllis Kato
Ralph and Deborah Katz
Leverett and Eva Kelly
Mary Kemme
Raynette and Dan Kempf
Mr. James Kent
Martha Stockard Kerrick and Merlin
Kerrick Jeanne M. Kin
Mr and Mrs. William H. Kincaid Ms. Martha Kinney Klair H. Kissel
Dr. and Mrs. William L. Knapp James and Sandi Knight Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Knoll Glenn and Shirley Knudsvig Seymour Koenigsberg Ms. Barbara A. Kong Mr. and Mrs. Dirk F. Kooiman Linda and Melvyn Korobkin Mr. Chris Korow Alan and Sandra Kortesoja Ms. Karen M. Koupal Jean and Dick Kraft Darlene Rae Krato John A. and Justine Krsul Mr. and Mrs. Sol G. Kurtzman Mr. Robert La Zebnik James and Karen Lahey Dr. Stephen G. Landau Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lane
Louis and Julie Nagel
Ruth Nagler
Dr. and Mrs. James V. Neel
Elizabeth R. Neidhardt
Philip and Wanda Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Nesbitt
Mr. and Mrs. Milton Netter
Shinobu Niga
Susan I. and Richard E. Nisbett
John and Cindy Nixon
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Norton
Ms. Patricia O'Connor
Jan and Mike O'Donnell
Maury Okun
Nels and Mary Olson
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Oncley
Prof. Fred Ormand
David Owens and Ruth Mohr
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Packard
William and Janet Paige
George Pally
Mr. Michael P. Parin
Janet Parkes
Mary Parsons
Anita H. Payne
Dr. and Mrs. M. Joseph Pearson
Susan A. Perry
Doris and Maurice Persyn
C. Anthony and Marie Phillips
Susan Pierson
Dr. Paul Pintrich
Merrill Lougheed Poliner and Robert
Mr. Albert M. Pollmar Marc and Nancy Possley Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Powrozek Roland W. Pratt Mr. Jerry Preston John and Nancy Prince Ruth S. Putnam G. Robina Quale Mrs. Tad Rae
Steve and Ellen Ramsburgh Rhoda Rankin
Alfred and Jacqueline Raphelson Maxwell and Marjorie Reade Anthony L. Reffells Caroline Rehberg Jim and Linda Reinhardt Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Remleyjr. Mr. and Mrs. Warren Renlschler Alice Rhodes Paul Rice
Samuel and Janice Richards Mr. Timothy F. Richards Mr. Jerry Robbins Doug and Kathy Roberts Janet K. Robinson Jay and Machree Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Wiliam P. Rock Mary K. Roeser Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Rogers John H. Romani Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Rose Bernard and Barbara Rosen Larry and Abby Rosenthal Charles W. Ross Andrew R. Rothman Edward and Christina Rourke Edward and Lenore Rupke James and Ellen Saalberg Amy Saldinger and Robert Axelrod Arnold Sameroff and Susan C.
Sandra and Doyle Samons
Miriam S. Joffe Samson
Ina and Terry Sandalow
Samuel Sanders
Marjorie and William Sandy
Jochen and Helga Schachl
Bonnie R. Schafer
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Schall
Elizabeth and Gerald Schmitl
Drs. Robert J. and Franziska I.
Gerald and Sharon Schreiber Sue Schroeder Janice Schuette Mary L. Schuette Albert and Susan Schultz Mr. Daniel S. Schultz Aileen and Earl Schulze Mr. and Mrs. Edward Schwartz Leonard and Sylvia Segel Gerda Seligson Dr. and Mrs. Earl W. Shaffer Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Shalit Matthew D. Shapiro and Susan L.
David and Elvera Shappirio Larry Shear and George Killoran Kathleen A. Sheehy Mr. and Mrs. Jack Shipman Susan Shore Janet E. Shultz Ray and Marylin Shuster Dr. Bruce M. Siegan Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sims Scott and Joan Singer Donald and Sharyn Sivyer Mr. Juergen Skoppek Beverly N. Slater Stephanie Smith Virginia B. Smith Mr. Robert Smuts Barbara B. Snyder Richard and Jo-Ann Socha James A. Somers Ms. Ellen Sparks Ms. Barbara Spencer Lesile Bruch and Jim Spevak Mary Stadel Lori and Steven Stein Dr. Michael and Helene Steinberg Joan Starkweather Stern Thomas O. and Jeanne D. Stock Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Sloermer Mr. and Mrs. James Stokoe Dr. and Mrs. Robert Staler Leslie D. and Nancy Yakes Stone Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Stulberg Drs. Eugene Su and Christin Carter-Su Nicholas Sudia and Nancy Bielby Sudia Mr. and Mrs. Robert Suliman Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Super Mr. and Mrs. Earl G. Swain John and Ida Swigart Suzanne Tainter and Ken Boyer Maria K. Tendero Mr. and Mrs. Marcel Thirman Carol and Jim Thiry Edwin J.Thomas Jean Thornburg Charles and Peggy Tieman George and Helen Timmons Connie and John Toigo Samuel S. and Betty J. Tomion Mr. and Mrs. Franz Topol Santa and Michael Traugott
In-Kind Contributors
Ann Arbor School for the Performing Arts
Gail Davis Barnes
Chelsea Flower Shop
Dr. John Collins
Conlin-Faber Travel
Cousin's Heritage Inn
Curtin & Alf Violinmakers
Dr. and Mrs. Edwin Deer
Deloof Limited
Ford Audio
For Motor Company
Judy Fry
Robert Grijalva
Matthew C. Hoffman and Kerry
Jeffrey Michael Powers Beauty Spa Howard King Letty's Ltd. Marco's Pizza Marty's Menswear Maude's Restaurant Perfectly Seasoned Caterers Ronald Miller Regency Travel Mary Romig de Young SKR Classical
George Smillie and Marysia Ostafin Song Sisters
Raymond Tanter and Maya Savarino John and Sue Ullrich University of Michigan Athletic
University of Michigan Marching Band Liz Yhouse
Burton Tower Society
Neil P. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. John Alden Clark Graham H. Conger Michael and Sara Frank Vera Goldring William R. Kinney Michael and Helen Radock Dr. Herbert Sloan
Century Club Members
The Century Club is a special group of UMS donors. Their gifts commemorate 100 years of May Festivals while supporting this year's exciting season. Their commitment to the arts benefits us all. Their generosity helps UMS thrive and grow. We salute them.
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald D. Abrams Bernard and Raquel Agranoff Dr. and Mrs. Robert G. Aldrich Mr. and Mrs. David Aminoff Catherine M. Andrea Arbor Farms Market Catherine S. Arcure Bert and Pat Armstrong Rudolf and Mary Arnheim Barbara and Daniel Balbach Emily W. Bandera Anthony and Patricia Barclae Sylvia E. Bargil Robert A. Barnhart The Barfield CompanyBartech
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond O. Bassler
Bradford and Lydia Bates
Ms. Evelyn R. Beals
Mr. Ralph Beebe
Mary-Martha and William Beierwalles
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Berger
Abraham and Thelma Berman
Andrew H. Berry, D.O.
Dr. and Mrs. John C. Bilello
Steve M. Billcheck
Drs. Milli and Hirsch
Joan and Howard Binkow
Elizabeth S. Bishop
Monica A. Blair
John E. Bloom
Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Bloomer
Gary Bloomfield. D.D.S.
Mr. and Mrs. Milford Boersma
Roger and Polly Bookwalter
Jim Botsford and Janice Stevens
James and Linda Bowman Paul C. Boylan Paul and Anna Bradley Richard B. Brandt William R. Brashear Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Brauer, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Don Briggs Jeannine and Robert Buchanan Rosalie and William E. Bums Marilyn Buss Patricia Butte LetitiaJ. Byrd
Dr. and Mrs. James P. Byrne Jean W. Campbell Skip and Barb Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Robert Campbell Dennis R. Capozza Edwin F.Carlson Philip C. Carpenter Daniel Carroll and Julie Virgo Andrew F. Caughey, M.D. Dr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Cerny Isotta Hornauer Cesari Mr. and Mrs. Tsun Chang Valerie R. Cherry-Williams Nancy Cilley Leon and Heidi Cohan Phil Cole
Roland J. and Elsa Kircher Cole Eleanor S. Collins Maria and Carl Constant James and Constance Cook Mary K. Cordes Katharine and John Cosovich Mr. and Mrs. John Courtney Clifford and Laura Craig Creditanstalt-Bankverein Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Cresswell Jean and James I. Crump Pedro and Carol Cuatrecasas Frances Dan forth Jean and John Debbink Ferol and H.T. Decker Elena and Nicholas Delbanco Raymond A. Detter Marnee and John DeVine William T. Dobson and Mary Hunter
Mrs. Carl T. Doman Joan S. Doman
Father Timothy J. Dombrowski Robert L. Donofrio Ruth P. Dorr
Jacquelynne S. Eccles Ms. Mary Eckert Martin and Rosalie Edwards Dr. Alan S. Eiser Ethel and Sheldon Ellis David and Lynn Engelbert Dr. Stewart Epstein Mr. and Mrs. Fred Erb Don Faber
Karen and Mark Falahee Reno and Nancy Feldkamp Dr. James F. Pilgas Sidney and Jean Fine Ms. Clare M. Fingerle Ray and Patricia Fitzgerald Richard and Marie Flanagan Dale and Marilyn Fosdick Mr. and Mrs. Howard P. Fox Lucia and Douglas Freeth Richard and Joann Freethy Bernard and Enid Galler Joann Gargaro David and Marian Gates Mrs. Nancy Geddes Henry and Beverly Gershowitz Dr. and Mrs. Paul W. Gikas Drs. Sid Gilman and Carol Harbour James and Janet Gilsdorf Grace M. Girvan Paul and Anne Glendon Dr. David W. Gnegy AnnaJ.Gora
Vivian Sosna Gottlieb and Norm Gottlieb Cale and John Grady-Benson Ruth B. and Edward M. Gramlich Seymour D. Greenstone Susan and Mark Griffin Arthur W. Gulick, M.D. Howard B. Gutstein, M.D. Hagopian World of Rugs Harry L. and Mary L. Hallock Dora E Hampel Nile and Judith Harper Susan R. Harris H.L. Harsha
Harlan and Anne Hatcher Mr. Ted Hefley Kenneth and Jeanne Heininger James and Esther Heitler Margaret and Walter Helmreich Dr. and Mrs. Keith S. Henley Debbie and Norman Herbert Dr. and Mrs. Clark Herrington Mrs. W.A. Hiltner Louise Hodgson
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Holmes Nina and Michael Homel Graham and Mary Jean Hovey Linda Samuelson and Joel Howell Kenneth Hulsing Mr. and Mrs. David Hunting, Jr. Donald and Lynn Hupe Robert and Virginia Ingling Keki and Alice Irani Stuart A. and Maureen Isaac Jean and Harold Jacobson Emil H. and Noma R. Jebe John E. Green Company Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Johnson Frank and Sharon Johnson Cynthia Kabza and Robert Vercruysse Robert L. and Beatrice H. Kahn Dr. and Mrs. Mark S. Kaminski Katherine's Catering and Special Events, Inc.
Vera Tsu Concertmaster
Dale Chao
Assistant Concertmaster
Alice Bodnar Principal Second
Karen Banos Kathleen Dillon Nancy Ditto Wende Namkung Jenny Lind Nilsson Vivian Wolf
Allegra Askew Cook
David Lennon
JohnWhitfield Peter Howard Margot Marlatt
Bass Martha Cox
' Peter Ader
Linda Ganus
Linda Kaplan Alicia Chapman
? Barbara Koostra Janet Greene
Stephen Wisner
John Falcone
French Horns ' Donna Dolson Louise Crowley
Kenneth De Carlo
John Sheppard
Timpani James Thoma
Elizabeth Hastings (Wed., Sat.)
William Robertson ( Fri.)
New York City Opera National Company Staff
Peter Hauser, Production Manager; Karen Cerreta, Tour Coordinator; Peter Carwell, Assistant to the Administrative Director; Patricia S. Exstein, Director of Publicity; Elizabeth Hastings, Assistant Conductor; Shannon R. Mayers, Production Stage Manager; James McWilliams, Master Carpenter; Rolf Lee, Master Electrician; Susan Goulet, Master of Properties; Linda Rice, Principal MakeupWigmaster; Dean Nichols, Wardrobe Master; Anne Marie Paolucci, Assistant Stage Manager; Andrew Sather, Assistant Electrician; Karen Cerreta, Supertitle Coordinator; Stephen Cowles, Assistant to the Lighting Designer; John Beeson, Rehearsal Coach and Accompanist; James Festa, Company Manager

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