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UMS Concert Program, October 3, 1991: University Musical Society -- Orpheus Chamber Orchestra

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Season: 113th
Concert: Second
Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Pianist and Leader
Thursday Evening, October 3, 1991, at 8:00 Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Celebrating the Mozart Bicentennial
Concerto No. 11 in F major for Piano and Orchestra, K. 413 (K. 387a) Allegro Larghetto Tempo di menuetto
Concerto No. 25 in C major for Piano and Orchestra, K. 503 Allegro maestoso Andante Allegretto
Concerto No. 22 in E-flat major for Piano and Orchestra, K. 482 Allegro Andante Allegro
Murray Perahia plays the Steinway piano available through Hammell Music, Inc., Livonia.
Mr. Perahia is represented by Frank Salomon Associates, New York City.
The Orpheus Chamber Orchestra records exclusively for Deutsche Grammophon; Mr. Perahia records fur
Sony Classical.
This concert is made possible in part by public funds from the National Endowment for the Arts.
The box office in the outer lobby is open during intermission for tickets to upcoming Musical Society concerts.
Second Concert of the 113th Season
113th Annual Choral Union Series
Program Notes
Piano Concertos of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)
Concerto No. 11 in F major, K. 413
Composed in 1782-83
When Mozart resigned from his Salzburg post in the musical establishment of Archbishop Colloredo in 1781 to move to Vienna, he anticipated making his living as a free?lance pianist, composer, and teacher. He outlined his plan in a letter to his father in January 1782: "1 have three pupils now, which brings me in some eighteen ducats a month ... I really need only one more, because four pupils are quite enough. With the income, a man and his wife can manage in Vienna if they live quietly and in the retired way which we desire; but, of course, if I were to fall ill, we should not make a farthing. I can write, it is true, at least one opera a year, give a concert annually, and have some things engraved and published by subscription. There are other concerts too where one can make money, particularly if one has been living in a place for a long time and has a good reputation."
The pupils, commissions, and concerts did materialize soon after his arrival, and he felt confident enough about the future to marry Constanze Weber the following Au?gust. She was expecting within a month -the first of a series of almost constant pregnancies during the nine years of their marriage that nearly ruined her health for good and Mozart soon had to incorporate supporting a growing family into his career plans.
In autumn 1782, he began planning his concerts for the following Lenten season. (Opera was forbidden in Catholic Austria during Lent, and early spring was the only time of the year when auditoriums were free for instrumental concerts.) By December, he was at work on a series of three new concertos, his first compositions after moving to Vienna. That he was concerned they should satisfy the popular Viennese taste for pleasant diversion while possessing something of deeper musical value is evidenced by his famous letter of December 28th to his father: "These concer?tos are a happy medium between what is too easy and too difficult; they are very brilliant,
pleasing to the ear, and natural, without being vapid. There are passages here and there from which connoisseurs alone can derive satisfaction; but these passages are written in such a way that the less learned cannot fail to be pleased, though without knowing why."
There is further evidence that he took care to please a wide audience with the three new concertos (K. 413, 414, 415): in addition to their easily accessible musical style, their orchestration was devised so that the wind parts were expendable, thereby making these works performable by as small an ensemble as a string quartet. In this form -as chamber music for the home he offered them in manuscript score for public subscription early in 1783. Artaria published the three concer?tos in March 1785.
The orchestra presents the two princi?pal themes of the opening movement of the F-major Concerto (K. 413), one of only three among the piano concertos in triple meter (K. 459 and K. 491 are the others): a main subject comprising a repeated-note gesture followed by a quick tumble down the scale; and a complementary melody, based on a rising figure with a trill, in the nature of a gently lilting dance. The soloist enters and takes over the main theme to provide a bridge to the elaborated repetition of the melodies. The central section of the movement treats the second theme in various transformations be?fore moving on to some purely decorative passagework for the soloist. The earlier mo?tives return in the recapitulation before the pianist takes a solo turn in the cadenza. (Mozart's cadenzas for this concerto survive in a manuscript copied in Papa Leopold's hand.)
The lovely binary-form song of the Larghetto (the only movement in which bas?soons join the little wind band of oboes and horns) is music of peerless grace and unruffled contentment such as could have been au?thored by no composer other than Mozart. The finale, a rondo in the style of a minuet, is a perfect example of Mozart's ability to write music that would please both the general public (with its infectious dance rhythms and pervasive amiability) and the connoisseurs (with the elegant contrary-motion counter-
point of its main theme and the sophistication of its form). "The whole work makes a singularly satisfying whole," wrote Philip Radcliffe, "its modest dimensions being well suited to its quiet demeanor. In its own way, this is one of Mozart's most perfect works."
Concerto No. 25 in C major, K. 503
Composed in 1786
By the end of 1786, the time of the majestic C-major Concerto (K. 503), Mozart had begun the de?cline into illness, debt, and over?work that would cut his life short at the age of only 35. He was beginning to dread the knock on the door for fear of finding a bill collector there; he was having difficulty meeting the rental cost of his apartment on Schulerstrasse; his family medical bills were piling up; a new son, Johann Thomas Leo?pold, was born October 18th and died less than a month later; and the revenues from The Marriage of Figaro, on which he had placed such great hope, were disappointing, his opera virtually driven from the Viennese stage by the popularity of Martin y Soler's Una cosa rara. Mozart considered moving to England to try to better his fortunes, but was frustrated in this venture by his tattered financial situation and the refusal of his father to take care of his son Karl in Salzburg. (Papa Leopold was still miffed at Wolfgang's choice of a marriage partner, besides which he, a widower, was already in charge at that time of another grandchild, NannerPs son Leo?pold.)
Having made a sensation when he moved to Vienna only five years before, much of Mozart's public slipped away during the months of 1786, confused and put off by the disturbing depth of expression in his recent works. Still, Mozart persisted in writing as he wanted, perhaps escaping from the pain of his personal life and the demands of the fickle crowd through his compositions. Some of his greatest works date from this year: Figaro, The Impresario, the K. 496 and K. 502 Piano Trios, the Clarinet Trio (K. 498), the Sym?phony No. 38 ("Prague"), and three surpass?ing Piano Concertos (K. 488, 491, and 503). Mozart entered the Concerto No. 25 (K. 503) into his list of compositions on December 4, 1786, only two days before he completed the "Prague" Symphony. The Concerto was probably written for his own
use at one of the Advent concerts he had scheduled at the Trattner Casino in Vienna, though there is no documentation that these programs, despite careful planning, ever took place. The date of the premiere, therefore, remains uncertain. This work was the last of the series of piano concertos Mozart com?posed in Vienna to play at his public concerts. (After 1786 he could no longer enlist enough subscribers to finance his own programs, so the need for concerted works to display his keyboard skills largely disappeared.) The Concerto No. 25 was played on a concert at the Karntnertor Theater in March 1787 by the young Viennese pianist Marianne Willmann, and again by the composer at a Leipzig performance for his own benefit in 1789. After that, it was largely forgotten. Unpublished in his lifetime, a poor edition was issued at her own expense by Mozart's widow Constanze in 1798, with a dedication to the music-loving Hohenzollern Prince Louis Ferdinand in the vain hope of arousing his interest in her late husband's works. It was heard in New York in 1865, but perhaps not played again in the United States until a Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra perfor?mance of 1942. More surprising still is that George Szell and Artur Schnabel, when they collaborated on presenting the Concerto in Vienna in 1934, could find no record of a performance of the piece in that city since Mozart's time.
Despite its relative neglect over the years, the Concerto No. 25 must be counted among Mozart's masterpieces. Sir Donald Tovey chose it for analysis as the principle example in his influential article of 1903 on "The Classical Concerto," an essay that led to the re-evaluation of the greatest examples of the concerto literature as the aesthetic peers of the symphony. Tovey ranked this Concerto with the "Jupiter" Symphony in its "triumphant majesty and contrapuntal dis?play." H. C. Robbins Landon, the noted authority on eighteenth-century music, wrote that this composition is "the most perfect example of Mozart's fusion of the concerto with Haydn's principles of thematic and mo-tivic work. ... In K. 503, Mozart reached the ideal he had so long striven after."
The Concerto opens with a sense of spaciousness and grandeur unsurpassed in eighteenth-century music. The bright nobil?ity of the prevailing C-major tonality is fre?quently clouded, however, by brief excursions
into darker harmonic areas as the thematic material is presented exactly the quality of expanded expression that so perplexed the Viennese public of Mozart's time. A succinct motive of four short repeated notes appears in the violins soon after the beginning and serves as the thematic kernel from which much of the movement grows. The soloist's entrance bridges to the repeat of the principal themes from the orchestral introduction with elaborations from the piano. (Many perform?ers rank this as Mozart's most difficult con?certo to play.) The richly textured development section (Tovey found eight si?multaneous parts in one passage) is built largely from the repeated-note motive pre?sented in the Concerto's opening measures. The recapitulation offers Mozart yet another opportunity to enrich the movement's themes in the suave, unerring manner that vivifies his best works.
The graceful opening theme sets the mood for the entire second movement, a fully worked-out sonataconcerto form in slow tempo, with the soloist providing precisely the right amount of decorative embellishment as the music unfolds. The theme of the finale is an almost literal copy of a gavotte in the ballet music of Mozart's 1781 opera, Idomeneo, which he was considering revising in 1786. The movement retains the sparkling quality usually associated with its rondo form, while adding to it a certain seriousness of thought that was such an integral component of Mozart's compositional language in the works of his later years.
Concerto No. 22 in ]flat major, K. 482
Composed in 1785
There were some 400 professional instrumentalists in Vienna in 1785, all struggling with those perennial problems of making a living and providing for a family. As long as a player's health held out, he could make an adequate living, but when sickness or death intervened, his family usually found themselves in dire straits. To help the be?reaved relatives of their companions, the Viennese performers established a "musician's society," one important function of which was to finance its pension and widow's relief fund through frequent benefit concerts. These Pension Concerts of the Tonkiinstler Societal were a regular fixture of musical life
in the Habsburg capital, and most of the musicians in town were, understandably, more than eager to take part and donate their services for the evening. Many new works were introduced at these events during the late eighteenthand nineteenth centuries, and it was at such a function that Mozart first displayed his E-flat Concerto. Though the work was originally intended for Mozart's own subscription concerts of 1786, he will?ingly agreed to unveil it at the Society's benefit concert the preceding December.
Mozart's life was hectic during the win?ter of 1785-1786. He completed the E-flat Concerto on December 16th, just four days after putting the finishing touches on the Violin Sonata, K. 481. He had recently received a commission from Emperor Joseph II for a musical diversion (The Impresario) to be given at the orangerie of the Schonbrunn Palace in February, and was making revisions and additions to ldomeneo for a revival of that opera in March. Work on numerous chamber and vocal pieces was also squeezed into his schedule, as was the tutelage of a sizable group of private students. His main concern at the time, however, was the composition of The Marriage of Figaro, which he was readying for production in the spring as soon as the theaters opened following the end of the Lenten prohibition of operatic performances. Mozart's father, Leopold, wrote that his son was "up to his ears" in work during those winter months.
Despite the commissions, the grand plans, and the facility with which he worked, however, Mozart was troubled. Always some?thing of a spendthrift, he was sinking into a difficult debt-ridden financial situation from which he would never be able to extricate himself. The first of what became a steady stream of letters to friends begging for money was sent to Hoffmeister, his publisher, on November 20, 1785. Mozart's health, like his finances, was also showing signs of deteriora?tion. Though not yet thirty, he was often seriously ill, and he started to be plagued by thoughts of his own death. A few months after his letter to Hoffmeister he wrote, "I never lie down at night without reflecting that young as I am I may not live to see another day." Many of the works of 1785 reflect his growing seriousness of mind: The D-minor Concerto (K. 466), the last two of the "Haydn" Quartets (K. 464 and K. 465), the C-minor Piano Fantasia (K. 475), the
G-minor Quintet (K. 478), and the Masonic Funeral Music (K. 477). It was just such music that bemused the fickle Viennese public. These probing compositions were not the simple little ditties and pretty musical bon?bons that they demanded, but something that puzzled them, and perhaps touched an emo?tional chord that they felt was as well left undisturbed on a pleasant evening after a tasty supper. The audience that Mozart had built during his first five years in Vienna began to slip away, and this E-flat Concerto, more gallant in style and closer to the popular taste than most of its neighbors (though with a surprisingly Romantic slow movement), was probably an attempt to win back the support of his patrons.
Richness of sonority and dignified gran?deur are two of the chief characteristics of the E-flat Concerto. In his study of Mozart's keyboard concertos, Cuthbert M. Girdlestone wrote, "Of all his concertos, this one is the queenliest. Combining grace and majesty, the music unfolds like a sovereign in progress, the queen of the concertos." H. C. Robbins Landon noted, "For sheer beauty of sound, no Mozart concerto approaches K. 482," which point Philip Radcliffe reinforced with a thought about the work's "luxuriant leisure-liness." The sound world of this piece is created largely by the prominent use of the winds, whose noble, rich tone colors are in part achieved by the substitution of clarinets for oboes, their first appearance in a Mozart piano concerto.
The orchestral introduction opens with a broad rhythmic gesture immediately an?swered by a brief response in the burnished sonorities of bassoons and horns. Further melodic ideas tumble one after another until the soloist's entry, which acts as a bridge to the second exposition and the pianist's elab?oration of the earlier thematic materials. Following the main theme group, Mozart chose to turn briefly to a darkly shaded minor tonality rather than to begin the second theme area in the dominant key, casting a certain Romantic spirit over these measures. The expected dominant key arrives with a rising scalar melody for soloist, after which the exposition concludes with rippling pianistic flourishes supported by a buoyant orchestral accompaniment. The central sec?tion, less a true development than a free fantasia, is dominated by the soloist, with the orchestra serving as the subdued background
for the display of tasteful virtuosity. The recapitulation recalls themes from both the introduction and the exposition, while pro?viding the obligatory cadenza opportunity for the pianist.
The second movement is a hybrid form, with elements of rondo, variations, and ter?nary constructions. Its unusual structure, however, is precisely suited to its mood, which is introspective and almost solemn in its rich harmonic coloring. Einstein described this music as "expression unadorned, almost an exhibition of sadness, false consolation, despair, and resignation." (It is an interesting note that, at the work's premiere, the audi?ence encored this movement rather than the sunnier outer ones. This incident may have led Mozart to believe that his listeners were ready to accept more from him in this Ro?mantic vein, an idea resoundingly dispelled by the lukewarm reception extended by the Viennese to The Marriage of Figaro just five months later.) This splendid Andante is beau?tiful and moving, and it opens expressive vistas that bring to this Concerto the emo?tional richness characteristic of all Mozart's great music of his last years.
The finale, one of Mozart's jauntiest rondos, returns to the gallant world of the first movement. Its effortless theme is announced by the violins and then the full orchestra before the soloist responds with an answering strain. Following the second return of the rondo theme, there is an episode in the manner of a tender Romanza, initiated by clarinets and bassoons, after which the gal?loping good cheer of the rondo resumes -with a brief pause for a cadenza to close this "Queen of Mozart's concertos."
Program Notes by Richard E. Rudda
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Season Opening Celebration
Party and Silent Auction
Saturday, October 12
after the concert of the
National Symphony Orchestra
Call 747-1175
About the Artists
Recognized as one of the world's most eloquent virtuosos, Murray Perahia was born in New York in 1947 and started piano studies at the age of four and later worked with Jeannette Haien. Upon entering Mannes College, where he majored in con?ducting with Carl Bamberger, Mr. Perahia broadened his musical interests by studying composition, harmony, and counterpoint. Work with Arthur Balsam developed his keen interest in chamber music, and he went on to spend four summers at the Marlboro Music Festival. Later pianistic work included studies with Mieczyslaw Horszowski.
In 1972, Perahia became the first American ever to win the prestigious Leeds Competition, a victory that led to over 50 European engagements, including a widely acclaimed London debut. That year, he also signed an exclusive contract with CBS Mas-terworksSony Classical, becoming the first pianist in ten years to be added to their list of recording artists. In 1973, Mr. Perahia gave his first concert at the Aldeburgh Festival, returning every subsequent year and develop?ing a close association with the Festival's founders, Benjamin Britten and Peter Pears, and he performed with Peter Pears in lieder
recitals for many years. In 1981, Perahia was named a co-artistic director of the Festival, a post he held through the summer of 1989.
Among his many recordings, the com?plete Mozart Piano Concertos, which he directs the English Chamher Orchestra from the keyboard, and the complete Beethoven Concertos with Bernard Haitink conducting the Amsterdam Concertgebouw Orchestra have won numerous awards throughout the world. Other concerto recordings include both Mendelssohn Concertos, the Schumann and Grieg Concertos, and the Chopin Con?certos Nos. 1 and 2 with Zuhin Mehta and the Israel Philharmonic. He has also made numerous solo recordings of the music of Schubert, Schumann, Mendelssohn, Chopin, Beethoven, and Bartok, and cham?ber music recordings with the Amadeus Quar?tet, Radu Lupu, Sir Peter Pears, and SirGeorg Solti. His and Solti's recording of BartcSk's Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion and Brahms' "Variations on a Theme for Two Pianos" received a Grammy Award for Best Chamber Music Recording. Perahia's most recent Sony Classical recording, "The Alde-burgh Recital," features music of Beethoven, Schumann, Liszt, and Rachmaninoff, and has also been released on laserdisc, as have his
new recordings of the Mozart Concertos K. 467 and 595 with the Chamher Orchestra of Europe, and Schubert's Winterreise with Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau. Sony Classical will issue several new recordings during the 1991-92 season, among which will he the Mozart Double and Triple Concertos with Radii Lupu, a disc of Brahms, and a Franck and Liszt album, bringing Mr. Perahia's catalogue to over 40 releases.
Murray Perahia's U.S. engagements during the 1990-91 season included a gala concert for the Centennial of the Chicago Symphony, as well as recitals in Boston, Detroit, Los Angeles, Ottawa, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto, Washington, D.C., and New York, where he helped Carnegie Hall celebrate its 100th Birthday.
In Europe, Perahia performed the Brahms Second Concerto, both with the Berlin Philharmonic and Haitink and with London's Philharmonia with Guilini; played Beethoven's Concerto No. 4 with the Am?sterdam Concertgebouw; and was soloist and conductor with the Berlin Philharmonic in two Mozart Concertos. In addition to per?forming recitals in all the world's major music centers, Murray Perahia made his long-awaited return to Japan, in recital and per?forming the complete cycle of Beethoven Concertos in Tokyo with the Chamber Or?chestra of Europe under Claudio Abbado. During the summer of 1991, Perahia made two appearances at the Salzburg Festival, in recital and in Mozart's Piano Concerto K. 466 with Sir Georg Solti. He was also a featured artist at the Berlin, Lucerne, and Schleswig-Holstein Festivals.
In celebration of the 1991-92 Mozart Bicentennial, Murray Perahia performs a spe?cial series of concerts, including Mozart Piano Concertos, chamber music, and recitals, in New York, Chicago, London, Paris, and Vienna. In this series, which takes place during the fall of 1991, Perahia will be joined by soprano Arleen Auger, clarinetist Harold Wright, and the Vermeer Quartet, as well as the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra in the U.S. and the Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields in Europe. Other North American and Euro?pean appearances include performances with the London Philharmonic and Haitink; con?certs with the Israel Philharmonic in Tel Aviv with Charles Dutoit and in Istanbul with Mehta; and appearances with the At?lanta and Toronto Symphonies.
Tonight's concert marks Murray Perahia's first orchestral performance in Ann Arbor; he has given six recitals between 1977 and 1990.
Hailed as one of the world's foremost chamber orchestras, Orpheus has received world?wide acclaim for its excep?tional performances and recordings. In addition to its annual Carnegie Hall series at home in New York City, the Orpheus season includes two or more inter?national tours, concerts in the United States, and at least four recordings for Deutsche Grammophon.
Since embarking on its first interna?tional tour in 1979, the conductorless orches?tra has now appeared in more than 200 cities in 33 countries throughout Europe, Asia, and North and South America. During the 1990-91 season the orchestra toured in Japan for the third time and made its debut at the Hong Kong Festival. Orpheus' European Festival Tour in the summer of 1991, with pianist Alicia de Larrocha as guest soloist, included performances at such distinguished festivals as Salzburg, Stresa, Santander, Lucerne, and the Proms in London.
In the United States, Orpheus has performed on prominent series in Los Ange?les, San Francisco, at Orchestra Hall in Chicago, the Kennedy Center in Washing?ton, D.C., and at Symphony Hall in Boston. This past summer marked the orchestra's first performance at the Tanglewood Music Cen?ter. Orpheus now returns to Ann Arbor for its fifth appearance, with previous Chamber Arts Series concerts in 1978, 1980, 1982, and 1984.
Orpheus was founded in New York City in 1972 by cellist Julian Fifer and a group of
fellow musicians who, in a dramatic break with the orchestral tradition, formed an or?chestra that rehearses and performs without a conductor. Orpheus initially gained recogni?tion with its Alice Tully Hall debut at Lin?coln Center in 1974. After making its Carnegie Hall debut in 1978 with pianist Peter Serkin, Orpheus has since appeared there and on tour with many renowned art?ists, including Elly Ameling, Emanuel Ax, Alfred Brendel, Jan DeGaetani, Maureen Forrester, Richard Goode, Heinz Holliger, Radu Lupu, Yo-Yo Ma, Isaac Stern, Tatiana Troyanos, Benita Valente, and soloists from among the members of the orchestra.
In 1984, Orpheus signed an exclusive contract with Deutsche Grammophon and has since made over 30 recordings that have been released worldwide. In addition to a selection of Haydn Symphonies, Mozart Ser?enades, and Mozart Concertos, in which members of the orchestra are soloists, the orchestra has also recorded Romantic works by Dvorak, Grieg, and Tchaikovsky, and a number of twentieth-century classics by Bartok, Prokofiev, and Stravinsky. The orchestra's Copland recording received a Grammy nomination for "Best Orchestral Performance" in 1990, and the recently re?leased disc of Schoenberg's two chamber symphonies and Veridarte hlacht has been highly acclaimed throughout the world.
Orpheus is a cooperative organization that provides an environment in which the musical judgments of each member are con?sidered and respected. The members them?selves are responsible for repertoire,
programming, rehearsal techniques, and the rotation of seating positions, giving each player the opportunity to be a section leader. Most important, they make the interpretive decisions that are ordinarily the responsibility of a conductor. Orpheus has developed its unique approach to the study and perfor?mance of music by incorporating the chamber music principles of personal involvement and mutual respect into the orchestral setting.
Members of Orpheus, who have re?ceived recognition for solo, chamber music, and orchestral performances, bring a rich diversity of musical experience to the orches?tra, which is completely self-governing. Of the sixteen string players and nine wind players who comprise the basic membership of Orpheus, many also hold teaching posi?tions at prominent conservatories and univer?sities in the New York and New England areas.
The unique processes of rehearsing and selecting principal players for each piece are central to the distinctive personality of Or?pheus. For every work, the members of the
orchestra determine the concertmaster and the other section leaders so that leadership opportunities and responsibilities are shared by mutual agreement. The section principal players for each piece form a core, which is then responsible for the initial concept and the rehearsal process of that piece. In the final rehearsals, all members of the orchestra par?ticipate in refining the interpretation and execution, with members taking turns going out into the auditorium to listen for balance, blend, articulation, dynamic range, and clar?ity of expression; and in recording sessions, everyone crowds into the production booth to listen to the initial playbacks.
During the 1991-92 season, Orpheus' Carnegie Hall series includes three celebrated artists: pianists Maria Tipo and Peter Serkin and mezzo-soprano Frederica von Stade. Other engagements include the current tour with Murray Perahia and European tours in January and May of 1992. Upcoming record?ings include Mendelssohn String Sympho?nies, the four Bach Suites, and works by Respighi.
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Marie Haller, Assistant to the Executive Director
Melissa Dibble, Operations Assistant
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The much needed and gready appreciated gifts of our Encore members make great music happen.
The list below includes individuals who have donated to the University Musical Society from July, 1990 through September 3, 1991. If you should notice an error or omission, we sincerely apologize, and would appreciate a call at your earliest convenience (747-1178).
The University Musical Society would also like to thank those generous donors who wish to remain anonymous.
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Keith and Kay Jensen
David and Sally Kennedy
Mrs. Edith Staebler Kempf
Howard King and Elizabeth Sayre-King
Barbara and Charles Krause
Mr. and Mrs. Lee E. Landes
Professor and Mrs. John C. Lee
Carolyn and Paul Uchter
Dean S. Louis, M.D.
Dr. and Mrs. Edwin L. Marcus
Jack and Joanne Martin
Larry and Rowena Matthews
Mr. and Mrs. John M. McColIum
Charlotte McGeoch
Richard and Elizabeth McLeary
Robert and Doris Melling
Dr. Barry Miller
M. Haskell and Jan Barney Newman
Marylen and Harold Oberman
Dr. and Mrs. T. N. T. Olson
Mr. R.V. Palmer
Lorraine B. Phillips
Mai. Gea and Mrs. Robert R. Ploger
USA (ret.)
P.M. and E.W. Pollack William and Christine Price Elisabeth J. Rees
Dr. and Mrs. Rudolph E. Reichert Clenda Renwick Mr. H. Robert Reynolds William and Katherine Ribbens Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Rogers Amnon and Prudence Rosenthal Mrs. Bernard J. Rowan Mrs. Richard C. Schneider Julianne and Michael Shea Constance Sherman Mrs. Charles A. Sink Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Sprecher Neil and Bumette Staebler Mr. Thomas D. Steiger Victor and Marlene Stoeffier Mrs. John D. Stoner Elizabeth L Stranahan Edward Surovell and Natalie Lacy Dr. and Mrs. E. Thurston Thieme Mrs. Mischa Titiev Jonathan Trobe and Joan Lowenstein Mr. and Mrs. Herbert H. Upton, Jr. Joyce A. Wahr
Dr. and Mrs. Philip C. Warren Robert O. and Darragh H. Weisman Brymer and Ruth Williams Thomas and Iva Wilson Dr. and Mrs. S. B. Winslow Mr. R. Roger and Bette F. Zauel Martin and Nancy Zimmerman Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Zollars Pinchas Zukerman
Armand and Marilyn Abramson
Bernard and Raquel Agranoff
Mr. and Mrs. Roy I. Albert
Judith Dow and Robert Alexander
Anne and George Amendt
Joan and David Anderson
David Andrea
Bert and Pat Armstrong
Mr and Mrs. Max K. Aupperle
Jean and Gaylord Baker
M. A. Baranowski
Mr. and Mrs. Cyril H. Barnes, Jr.
Donald C. Bamette, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Mason Barr, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Bartlett
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond O. Bassler
Hermann and Hella Baumann
Neal Bedford and Gerlinda Melchiori
Henry J. Bednarz
Mary-Martha and William Beierwaltes
Dr. and Mrs. Rodney R. Bentz
Ruth Ann and Stuart J. Bergstein
Raymond and Janet Bemreuter Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Beny Suzanne A. and Frederick J. Beutler Carl and Pauline Binder Steve Binder
James and Virginia Birchler Elizabeth S. Bishop Visvaldis Biss Bob and Liz Bitterman C. John Blankley and Maureen F. Foley Professor H. Harlan Bloomer Mr. and Mrs. Milford Boersma Ruth and Jay Bolt Sue and Bob Bonfield Edward and Ruth Bordin William Brashear Ruth and Jay Bolt Ernie and Betsy Brater Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Bridges Norman and Doreen Bristol Helen L. Brokaw Hugh C. and Ella M. Brown Jeannine and Robert Buchanan Steve Buchbinder Laurence and Valerie Bullen Arthur and Alice Burks Helen S. Butz Jean W. Campbell Charles and Martha Cannell Mr. and Mrs. David Caplan Bruce and Jean Carlson Professor Brice Camahan Mr. and Mrs. Roy A. Carpenter Mr. and Mrs. Tsun Chang Mr. and Mrs. Raymond S. Chase Joan and Mark Chesler David Chivas Maurice and Margo Cohen John and Penelope Collins Kenneth Collinson Wayne and Melinda Colquitt Mr. William V. Coltre Anne M. and Edward J. Comeau Gordon and Marjorie Comfort Alfred and Georgia Conard M.C. Conroy
James and Constance Cook Lolagene C. Coombs Gage R. Cooper Alan and Bette Cotzin Clifford and Laura Craig Richard and Penny Crawford Pedro and Carol Cuatrecasas Dean and Mrs. John D'Arms Peter and Susan Darrow Jane and Gawaine Dart Dr. and Mrs. Charles Davenport Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Davenport Roy C. and Donna B. Davis Ronald and Dolores Dawson James M. Deimen Elena and Nicholas Delbanco Ellwood and Michele Den-Judy and Steve Dobson Mrs. Carl T. Doman Dr. and Mrs. Edward F. Domino William Gould and Katherine Keene Dow
Mr. and Mis. Robert S. Dunham
Charles and Dorothy Dybvig
Evelyn Ecdes, M.D.
Kenneth C. and Kathryn E. Eckerd
Charles and Julia Eisendrath
Emil and Joan Engel
David and Lynn Engelbert
Barry and Joyce Eisenstein
Mark and Patricia Enns
Dr. Stewart Epstein
Adele Ewell
Daniel and Judith Fall
Claudine Farrand and Daniel Moerman
Dr. and Mrs. Stefan S. Fasans
Dr. and Mrs. John A. Faulkner
Inka and David Felbeck
Dr. and Mrs. Irving Feller
Dr. James F. Filgas
Sidney and Jean Fine
Sally Fink and Stephen Josephson
Mrs. Gerald J. Fischer
Ray and Patricia Fitzgerald
Mr. and Mrs. Robben Fleming
Dr. and Mrs. George W. Ford
Phyllis Foster
Ronald and Deborah Freedman
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas D. Freeth
Victor and Marilyn G. Gallatin
Mr. and Mrs. Garnet R. Garrison
Rosemary and Wood Geist
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Gelehrter
Beverly and Gerson Geltner
Mr. and Mrs. Clement Gill
James and Janet Gilsdorf
Paul and Anne Glendon
Melvyn and Muriel Gluckman
Dr. Alexander Gotz
Mrs. William Grabb
Ruth B. and Edward M. Gramlich
Whit and Svea Gray
Dr. and Mrs. John F. Greden
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Green
Sharon and Lazar Greenfield
Louise and Bill Gregory
Donald and Elizabeth Gresch
John R. and Helen K. Griffith
Werner H. Grille
Don P. Haefner and Cynthia J. Stewart
Harry L and Mary L. Hallock
Mrs. Robert Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. Walter F. Hamilton, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Charies Harris
Clifford and Alice Hart
Harold and Anne L. Haugh
Douglas A. and Anne M. Hayes
Kenneth and Jeanne Heininger
Fred and Joyce Hershenson
Dr. Bertram Herzog
Herb and Dee Hildebrandt
Ms. Barbara Hill
Charles and Virginia Hills
Maurice B. Hodges
Louise Hodgson
Robert and Frances Hoffman
John and Maurita Holland
Mrs. Janet Woods Hoobler
Mr. and Mrs. Zoltan L. Horvath
Mrs. Teresa Huang
Edward E. Hucke
Ray and Jude Huetteman
Frederick G. L Huetwell
Mrs. George R. Hunsche
Mr. and Mrs. David D. Hunting, Jr.
Patricia and John Huntington
Ann K. Irish
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Israel
John and Joan Jackson
Donald E. Jahncke
Mr. and Mrs. Emil H. Jebe
Wallie and Janet Jeffries
Paul D. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Jones
James J. Judson
Cynthia Kabza and Robert Vercniysse
Robert L and Beatrice H. Kahn
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kallewaard
Dr. and Mrs. Mark S. Kaminski
Elizabeth Harwood Katz
Mr. Herbert Katz
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Katz
Anna M. Kauper
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Kellman
Mary L Kemme
John B. Kennard, Jr.
Richard and Ann Kennedy
Emily and Ted Kennedy
Mr. Richard E. King
Dr. and Mrs. Costas Kleanthous
Dr. David E. and Heidi Castleman Klein
Mrs. Karl S. Klicka
Hermine R. Klingler
Mr. and Mrs. A. William Klinke U
Carolyn and Jim Knake Masato and Koko Koreeda Dimitri and Suzanne Kosacheff Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kowaleski Christopher J. Kresge Alan and Jean Krisch John A. and Justine Krsul Mr. and Mrs. Leo Kulka Barbara and Michael Kusisto Mae and Arthur Lanski Mr. and Mrs. Henry M Lapeza Dorothy and John Lapp George A. Lavoie John K. Lawrence Fred and Ethel Lee Prof, and Mrs. John C. Lee John and Ann Leidy Mr. and Mrs. Fernando S. Leon Professor and Mrs. Harold M. Levinson Allen Lichter and Karen Eve Simon Jody and Leo Lighthammer Vi-Cheng and Hsi-Yen Liu Harold J. Lockett, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. David G. Loesel Leslie and Susan Loomans Dr. Robert G. Lovell Robert and Pamela Ludolph Lawrence N. Lup Edward and Barbara Lynn Brigitte and Paul J. Maassen
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Maggio
Virginia Mahle
Alan and Carla Mandel
James and Ingrid Martin
Marilyn Mason
Margaret Massialas
Mr. Don Mathison
Mrs. Lawrence Maugh
Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. May, Jr.
Martha Mayo and Irwin J. Goldstein
Margaret and Harris McClamroch
Mrs. Lester McCoy
W. Bruce and Mary McCuaig
Griff and Pat McDonald
Mr. F. N. McOmber
Martha and Dady Mehta
Robert and Doris Melling
Ann and Robert Meredith
Herman and Bemice Merte, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Metzger
Mr. and Mrs. Francis L. Michaels
Dr. and Mrs. Leo J. Miedler
Mrs. Vaden W. Miles
H. Dean and Dolores H. Millard
George Miller
Jack and Carmen Miller
James M. Miller
Dr. and Mrs. James C. Mitchiner
C. Richard and Sharon Molenaar
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Monaghan
Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Morin
Dr. Eva L. Mueller
Frederick C. Neidhardt and Germaine
Chipault Ms. Lois Nelson Sarah Winans Newman Virginia and Gordon Nordby Frederick Odell, Jr., M.D. Lois and Michel Oksenberg Nels and Mary Olson Dr. and Mrs. Mark B. Orringer Mr. and Mrs. David W. Osier John and Penny Owen Richard and Miranda Pao Colonel and Mrs. Clare Passink Elizabeth and Beverly Payne Professor and Mrs. J. Raymond Pearson Mr. and Mrs. Frederick R. Pickard Mr. and Mrs. William Pierce Stephen and Tina Pollock Mr. and Mrs. L. Norris Post Cynthia and Roger Postmus Philip and Kathleen Power Lawrence and Ann Preuss Jerry Pryor
Hugo and Sharon L. Quiroz Katherine R. Reebel Jim and Bonnie Reece La Vonne and Gary Reed Donald H. Regan and Ms. Elizabeth
R. Axelson
Dr. and Mrs. Richard D. Remington Duane and Katie Renken William and Mary Revelli Paul Rice
Jack and Margaret Ricketts Tom and Sally Roach
Stephen and Sara Rogers
Mary R. Romig-de Young
Robert and Joan Rosenblum
Gay and George C. Rosenwald
Daria A. Rothe
Dr. Nathaniel H. Rowe
Theodore and Joan Sachs
Jerome and Lee Ann Salle
Dr. and Mrs. Albert J. Sayed
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Schenck
Dr. and Mrs. John E. Schenk
Andy Achenbaum and Mary Schieve
Dr. and Mrs. David W. Schmidt
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Schmidt
G. M. and M.F. Schmit
Charles and Meeyung Schmitter
Charlene and Carl Schmult
Dr. and Mrs. David Schottenfeld
Hollis and Martha Showalter
Drs. David and Monica Schteingart
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Schultz
John J. H. Schwarz, M.D.
Harriet and Marvin Selin
Janet C. Sell
Richard and Susan Shackson
Michael and Janet Shatusky
Victoria Sheagren
George and Gladys Shirley
Hollis and Martha Showalter
Edward and Marilyn Sichler
George and Helen Siedel
Irma J. Sklenar and Robert John Sklenar
Mr. and Mrs. Carl R. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Smith
Dr. and Mrs. William R. Solomon
Renate and Richard Soulen
Neil and Bumette Staebler
E. Lloyd and Theodore J. St. Antoine
Betty M. Stark
Mrs. Ralph Steffek
Kenneth and Edith Stephanz
Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Strasius
James R. and Jeraldine M. Suits
Mr. and Mrs. J. Wilner Sundelson
Steven and Mary Swanson
Dr. Jean K. Takeuchi
Gerald W. and Susan J. Tarpley
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Teeter
James L. and Ann Telfer
Scott Bennett Terrill
Richard and Yvonne Teske
George and Mary Tewksbury
Mary H. Thieme
John and Ann Treat
Paul and Barbara Trudgen
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Turner
Mr. and Mrs. Alvan Uhle
Dr. and Mrs. John F. Ullrich
Donald and Wendy Urquhart
Madeleine Vallier
Jack and Marilyn van der Velde
Bram and lia Van Leer
Fred and Carole van Reesema
Dr. Dedof von Berg
Warren H. and Florence S. Wagner
Bruce and Raven Wallace
Karl and Karen Weick
Lawrence A. Weis and Sheila Johnson
Angela and Lyndon Welch
Mr. and Mrs. B. Joseph White
Janet F. White
Dr. and Mrs. Max Wicha
Marion T. Wirick
Dr. Grant J. Withey
Noreen Ferris and Mark Wolcott
Dr. and Mrs. Ira S. Woliner
Colonel and Mrs. Ernest A.H. Woodman
Richard and Dixie Woods
Patricia A. Woodworth
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Wooll
Stan and Pris Woollams
Charles R. and Jean L. Wright
Phyllis Wright
Dr. and Mrs. Clyde Wu
Mr. Donald W. Wyche
Leslie and Tadataka Yamada
Mr. and Mrs. A. Michael Young
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin H. Young
Victor Adamo
Barbara and Jim Adams
Tim and Leah Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon E. Allardyce
Forrest Alter
Mr. and Mrs. David Aminoff
Harlene and Henry Appelman
Dr. and Mrs. Allan A. Ash
Nancy and Eric M Aupperle
Dr. and Mrs. Noyes L. Avery
Shirley and Donald Axon
Jerald and Virginia Bachman
Robert L. Baird
James R. and Lisa Baker
Barbara and Daniel Balbach
Ms. Gwendolyn L. Ball
Andrea and Simon Bare
Gail Davis Barnes
Dr. Ruth M. Barnard
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bartholomy
Gail Bauer
Dr. and Mrs. Jere M. Bauer
Susan Bay
Mr. Ralph Beebe
Robert B. Beers
Soly S. Bencuya
Harry and Betty Benford
Ronald and Linda Benson
Helen V. Berg
Reuben and Barbara Levin Bergman
Mr. and Mrs. S.E. Berki
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Berlin
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Bemhardt
Dr. and Mrs. John C. Bilello
Mr. and Mrs. Guido A. Binda
Joan and Howard Binkow
John E. Bloom
Dr. and Mrs. Lynn W. Blunt
Beverly J. Bole
Robert and Sharon Bordeau
Gil and Mona Borlaza
Thomas Brewer
Caesar and Luan Briefer
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Briggs
Dr. and Mrs. William D. Briggs
Judge Kenneth Branson
Dr. and Mrs. Arch Brown
Donald R. and June C. Brown
Ms. Michelle A. Brown
Morton B. and Raya Brown
Sylvia C. Brown
Dr. Joachim Bruhn
Mrs. Webster Brumbaugh
John H. and Barbara Everitt Bryant
Mis. Hempstead S. Bull
Sibyl Burling
Marjorie H. Bumell
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Burstein
Marilyn Buss
Letitia J. Byrd
Mrs. Theodore Cage
Dr. and Mrs. Darrell A. Campbell
Ms. Margot Campos
Brad Canale
Isabelle Carduner
Jim and Prisrilla Carlson
Jeannette and Robert I. Carr
Dr. and Mrs. James T. Cassidy
Mary and David Chambers
Ms. Kathran Chan
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas G. Chapekis, Sr.
J. Wehrley and Patricia Chapman
Ms. Linda Chatters
Jean Chenoweth
Dr. Kyung and Young Cho
Prof, and Mrs. Donald Cleveland
Eric Coates
Mrs. Bennett J. Cohen
Blanche Cohen
Howard and Vivian Cole
Mr. Donald A. Collins
Jeffrey and Cynthia Colton
Mr. and Mrs. L. Thomas Conlin
Sandra S. Connellan
Bill and Bonnie Coombe
Robert and Charlotte Copp
Dr. and Mrs. Arnold G. Coran
Marjorie A. Cramer
Dr. Mary C. Crichton
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Cross
Jean and James I. Crump
Roger A. and Elizabeth E. Cunningham
Audrey and Edward Curtis
Mr. Orien Dalley
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Damschroder
Paul and Mary Ellen Danos
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Davidge
James A. Davies
Dr. and Mrs. James H. Davis
Philip C. Davis
Ms. Pamela M. Day
Jean and John Debbink
Ferol and H.T. Decker
Dr. and Mrs. Raymond F. Decker
Mildred F. Denecke
Robert K. and Annie C. Denison
Benning and Elizabeth Dexter
Robert and linda Diebold, Jr.
Nelson and Eleanor Dingle
Ms. Delia DiPietro
Douglas and Ruth Doane
Dr. and Mrs. Edward R. Doezema Thomas and Esther Donahue Dr. and Mrs. Steven Donn Dick and Jane Don-Eugene and Elizabeth Douvan Roland and Diane Drayson Allan and Cecilia Dreyfuss Dr. and Mrs. Howard V. Dubin Nancy Griffin DuBois Ivan and Betty Anne Duff Rhetaugh G. Dumas Richard F. Dunn Morgan and Sally Edwards Dr. Alan S. Eiser Judge and Mrs. S.J. Elden Mrs. Genevieve Ely Mackenzie and Marcia Endo Mr. William Ensminger Dr. and Mrs. J.L Epstein Mr. and Mrs. Fred Erb Mr. and Mrs. Donald Eschman Joel L. Evilsizer Karen and Mark Falahee Dr. and Mrs. Harvey Falit Michael and Ann Feeney Dr. and Mrs. George J. Feldman Phil and Phyllis Fellin Mrs. Carl H. Fischer Charles and Mary Jane Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Melvin J. Flamenbaum Stephen and Suzanne Fleming Jennifer and Guillermo Flores Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Fontheim David A. Fox and Paula L. Bockenstedt Mr. and Mrs. Howard P. Fox Joanna and Richard Friedman Gail Frames Philip and Renee Frost Bart and Fran Frueh Mr. Mack Fuhrer Rebecca and Brace Gaffney Lourdes and Otto Gago Frances M. Gardner Mrs. Don Gargaro Stanley and Priscilla Gam Professor and Mrs. David M. Gates Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Gatzke Helen Gay
James and Jane M. Gay Michael Gerstenberger Ronald Gibala and Janice Grichor Allan Gibbard and Beth Genne Dr.andMrs.PaulW.Gikas Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gilbert Robert and Barbara Gockel Mrs. Eszter Gombosi Jesse E. and Anitra Gordon Keiko Goto Adon A. Gordus
Vivian Sosna Gottlieb and Norm Gottlieb Elizabeth Needham Graham Bob and Lisa Green Dr. and Mrs. Leslie M. Green Shirley Green
Daphne and Raymond Grew Susan and Mark Griffin Mr. and Mrs. James R. Griffith
Dr. Howard B. Gutstein James and Veronica Haines George N. and Katherine C. Hall Mrs. William Halstead Margo Halsted
Stephen G. and Mary Anna Harper Susan R. Harris Walter and Dianne Harrison Robert and Sherry Hatcher Larry and Jean Hauptman Kathleen L Hawkins William F. Hayden Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Hayes Prof. Loma Haywood John Henkel and Jacqueline Steams Margaret Martin Hermel Mr. and Mrs. E A Hershey Ms. Sandra L Higgins Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hilbish Dr. and Mrs. W. A. Hiltner John and Florence Hinman Lynn L. Hobbs Julian and Diane Hoff Mr. Matthew C. Hoffmann Frederic and Elizabeth House Margaret Houser Graham and Mary Jean Hovey Sally Howe Harry and Ruth Huff Dr. and Mrs. James F. Huffman Ronald and Gaye Humphrey Ann D. Hungerman Donald and Lynn Hupe Mr. and Mrs. Russell L. Hurst Dr. Dorothy A. Huskey Robert B. and Virgina A. Ingling Perry Elizabeth Irish Mitzi and Sam Irwin Esther Ann Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Z. J. Jania John M. Jenks Jean and Kenneth Jochim ' Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Johnson John and Linda K. Jonides Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Juett Dr. Stevo and Mrs. Susan Julius Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Kaplan Alex and Phyllis Kato Suzanne Kaufman Mr. Hiroki Kawata Mr. John B. Kennard, Sr. Thomas E. Kenney Robert L Keyes Dr. and Mrs. Paul Kileny Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Kimmel John R. Alexander and Ms. Carolyn King Rhea and Leslie Kish Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. KJinke Mr. John Koenig Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Kokoszka Jerome and Geraldine Koupal Alexander Krezel Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Krimm Mr. and Mrs. Arnold H. Kuethe Mr. and Mrs. George H. Kuper
Raybum L Howland and Katherine E.
Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Kutcipal Dr. and Mrs. Bert La Du, Jr. Dr. Barbara J. LaHood and Archie
Cameron Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Seymour R. Lampert LaVonne Lang Dr. Donald and Lois Largo Mr. and Mrs. Philip Lawler Robert and Leslie Lazzerin Chuck and Linda Leahy Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Lehmann Mr. and Mrs. William C. Lighthail Lawrence B. lindemer Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Loftus Mr. and Mrs. E. Daniel Long Peter A. Long Luisa Lopez-Grigera Florian A. Lux Ms. Marcy MacMahan Mark Mahlberg Suzanne S. and Jay J. Mahler Claire and Richard Malvin Melvin and Jean Mains George J. Marketos Rhoda and William Mattel Robert S. and Margaret R. Martin Dr. and Mrs. Josip Matovinovic Elaine J. McFadden John McGowan Mr. and Mrs. W. J. McKeachie Professor and Mrs. Gustav Meier Jerry and Rhona Meislik Mr. and Mrs. Warren A. Merchant Eva and Alfred Meyer Don and Lee Meyer Mr. Gordon R. Metzger Mr. and Mrs. A.S. Mignery, Jr. Myma and Newell Miller Timothy and Patricia Miller Kristine Miller-Pinti John and Dorothy Mohler Arnold and Gail Morawa Mr. James N. Morgan Dr. and Mrs. George W. Morley Miss Anne Moroun Rona and Cyril Moscow Mary Moss
Trevor Mudge and Janet Van Valkenburg Ms. Anna Hillenius Muller Dr. Dorothy V. Mummery John W. and Ruth A. Munger Gavin Eadie and Barbara Murphy Dr. and Mrs. Gunder A. Myran Rosemarie Nagel Dr. and Mrs. James V. Neel Wallace E. Newcomb George J. Nichols Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Niehuss Mrs. A. Geoffrey Norman Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Nottingham Garrick Ohlsson Bill and Marguerite Oliver Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Ondey Helen L. Osterlin Fred and Barbara Outwater
William and Janet Paige
Mrs. George L. Palmer
Dr. and Mrs. Sujit K. Pandit
Donna D. Park
David and Linda Parr
Mr. and Mrs. Brian P. Patchen
Ara and Shiriey Paul
Ruth and Joe Payne
Mr. Sumer Pek
Roy Penchansky and Elizabeth W. Bates
Thomas V. and Stephanie Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. Albert F. Petrosky
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Petrosky
Mr. and Mrs. D. Maynard Phelps
Jim and Julie Phelps
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Pierce
Sharon Pignanelli
Dr. and Mrs. Bertram Pitt
Donald and Evonne Plantinga
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Plummer
Senator Lana and Professor Henry Pollack
Susan Pollay and Bruce Watkins
Norman and Anna Mary Postma
Mary and Robert Pratt
Bill and Diana Pratt
Margaret Prendergast
Mrs. Dorothy M. Price
Ernst Pulgram
Mrs. Tad Rae
Laurie A. and Haran Craig Rashes
Susan L. Rasmussen
William and Mary Rave
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Rawitscher
Russell and Nancy Reed
Dr. and Mrs. James W. Reese
Dorothy R_ and Stanislaw Rehak
Caroline Rehberg
Mr. and Mrs. G. Robert Richards
Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Richart
Frances Greer Riley
M A. Ritter
Peter Roberts and Shirley Casebolt
James and Marietta Robinson
Willard and Mary Ann Rodgers
Mary K. Roeser
Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Rose
Dr. and Mrs. John Rosella
Gustave and Jacqueline Rosseels
Charles and Anne Rubin
George and Matilda Rubin
Jonathan Rubin and Gretta Spier
Dolores and Thomas E. Ryan
Mitchell and Carole Rycus
John and Reda Santinga
Herbert E. and Patricia Sawin, II
Mr. Donald Schmaltz
Courtland and Inga Schmidt
Drs. Robert J. and Franziska 1. Schoenfeld
Gerald and Sharon Schreiber
Professor Thomas J. and Ann Sneed
Marshall S. Schuster, D.O. Ms. Patricia H. Schwartz Mary and John Sedlander Sandro Segalini Leonard and Sylvia Segel Suzanne M. Selig
Dr. and Mrs. J.N. Shanberge
Stuart E. Sheill
Howard and Aliza Shevrin
Thomas and Jean Shope
Dr. Douglas and Barbara Siders
James Sidor, C.PA
Bruce M. Siegan
Ms. Ruth Siegel
Kenneth and Margaret Buttenheim Silk
Terry and Dorit Silver
Gene and Alida Silverman
Stephen Skelley
Allan and Alene Smith
George and Mary Elizabeth Smith
Dr. and Mrs. M. W. Smith
Cynthia J. Sorensen
Mrs. Jay Spaulding
Mr. and Mrs. H.W. Spendlove
Mrs. Alfred F.Staeb
Ed Stein and Pat McCune
Eric and Virginia E. Stein
Joanne Stein
Dr. and Mrs. Alan Steiss
Diane Stevens
James L Stoddard
Ellen M. Strand and Dennis C. Regan
Mrs. William H. Stubbins
DeVere and Zita Sturm
Alfred S. and Selma Sussman
Brian and Lee Talbot
Frank and Carolyn Tarzia
Eva and Sam Taylor
Edgar and Mary Lou Thibodeau
Catherine and Norman Thobum
Edwin J. Thomas
Joseph Thompson
J. Mills Thornton III
Dr. and Mrs. Robert F. Todd
Dr. and Mrs. Merlin C. Townley
Sarah Trinkaus
Penny and John Tropman
Irene Truesdell
Dr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Turcotte
Janet L. Turner
Andrew T. Turrisi III
Mr. George Unterburger
Rebecca W. Van Dyke
Barbara and Henry Vanderploeg
Edie and Paul Vegoda
Mrs. Durwell Vetter
Isabel M. Vitale
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore R. Vogt
Joe and Eleanor Voldrich
Cindy and Christopher Wackerman
Richard Walrnski
Gregory A. Walker
Eric and Sherry Warden
Dr. and Mrs. J. Wardner
Charles and Ruth Watts
Robin and Harvey Wax
Christine Webb
Ju Lin Wei
Mr. and Mrs. Stanfield Wells, Jr.
Dr. Steven Wems
P.,MJ-,C, and A. Westen
Mrs. L.K. White
Clara G. Whiting
Canoll and Dorothy Williams
Father Francis E. Williams
Dr. and Mrs. Francis S. Williams
John Troy Williams
Ms. Diane Willis
Mrs. Elizabeth Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. E. Winter
Professor and Mrs. Charles Witke
Charlotte Wolfe
Israel and Fay Woronoff
Miss Linda L Wotting
David M.H. Wu
Mary Grace and Tom York
Christine Young and Alex Halliday
Martin and Gertrude Zeile
Gail and David Zuk
Richard and Marie Abbott
Judge and Mrs. William F. Ager
Michihiko and Hiroko Akiyama
Ms. Karen Svendsen Al-Saadi
Mrs. John Alexander
Mr. and Mrs. Harold F. Allen
James and Catherine Allen
Pamela Amidon
Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Anderson
Mr. Edwin Anderson
James and Kathleen Andonian
Dr. Lyle and Shirley Andress
Ms. Lynn Anslow
Ms. Carolyne Anthony
Tammy K. Antonucci
Donna and Todd Anuskiewicz
Mary C. Arbour
Jill B. and Thomas J. Archambeau, M.D.
Thomas J. and Mary E. Armstrong
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Amett
Eleanore M. Amison
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Ashe
Mr. and Mrs. Dan E. Atkins III
Doris E. Attaway
Mr. David August
John and Rosemary Austgen
Michael Avsharian
Charlene and Eugene Axelrod
Jonathan and Marlene Ayers
Professor and Mrs. Reeve Bailey
Peter and Paulett Banks
Gary N. Barber
Ms. Karla Barber
Norman E. and Mary E. Bamett
Gary W. Baron
Marjorie and Loren Barritt
John W. H. Bartholomew
Leslie Bassett
Harold F. Baut
Gilbert and Mary Ellen Bazil
Florence N. Beach
Billie and Bill Bell
Mrs. Walter Benenson
Alice Benson
Mr. and Mrs. Ib Bentzen-Bilkvist
Dr. Rosemary R. Berardi
Mr. Abraham Berman
Gene and Kay Berrodin
Ms. Margaret C. Bignall
Claire Billingham
William and llene Birge
Ronald and Nancy Bishop
Kathleen Crispell Blackmer
Art and Berry Blair
Marshall and Linda Blondy
Greta L Bocciardi
Dr. and Mrs. David Bohr
C. Richard and Patricia S. Boland
Lee Bollinger and Jean Magnano Bollinger
Mark D. Bomia
Robert and Shirley Boone
Dr. and Mrs. Morris Bomstein
David W. Bosaan
John D. and M. Leora Bowden
Robert and Jan Bower
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce M. Bowman
Ken and Mary Bowman
Drs. Laurence and Grace Boxer
Dr. Robert R. Brewster
Mr. and Mrs. Dale E. Briggs
Dr. Paulette Bromberg
Razelle and George Brooks
William M. and Sandra Broucek
Mr. and Mrs. Olin L. Browder
Fred and Julia Buesser
Sarah M. Bums
Ruth Busch
Lucile C. Buta
Dan and Virginia Butler
Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Butsch
Helen S. Butz
Susan and Oliver Cameron
Dr. Ruth Cantieny
Ms. Susan Cares
Philip C. Carpenter
Mr. Douglass L Carson
Maggie Cavallaro
Jack Cederquist
Joanne C. Ceru
Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Chandler
Bill and Susan Chandler
Daniel and Linda Chapman
Cecelia Chemick
Mr. Chi Cheung
Dr. and Mrs. Alfred Ching
Soon and Kwang Cho
Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Choate
Mr. Jong-Wang Chow
Edward and Rebecca Chudacoff
Patty Clare
John and Carole Clark
Joseph F. Clayton
Earl Clemens
Irene Cleveland
Mr. and Mrs. R. N. Coe
Shirley A Coe
Dorothy Burke Coffey
Jan and Carl Cohen
Hilary and Michael Cohen
Catherine M. Collins
Peter and Katherine Cooley
Dr. and Mrs. William W. Coon
David and Myrtle Cox
Mary Sue Cox
Ms. Shelley Winters Cranmer
Mary Crawford
Geoffrey L Crosbie Ms. Julia K. Cucuro Sally A. Cushing
Mr. and Mrs. David G. Cylkowski Marylee Dalton David C. Darr Robert M. Dascola Ed and Ellie Davidson Laning R. Davidson, M.D. Ruth and Bruce Davis Dr. and Mrs. Leonard E. Davis Roger E. Davis David and Kay Dawson Dean and Cindy Degalan Ms. Carol Dejong Raymond A. Detter Kenneth and Judith DeWoskin Norma Diamond Carolin and Macdonald Dick Dr. Michael DiPietro and Alice Hshman Heather and Stuart Dombey Father Timothy J. Dombrowski Ruth P. Don-Mr, and Mrs. Harry Dreffs Ms. Jane Dutton Frances E. Dyer Mr. and Mrs. William G. Earle Dwight and Mary Ellen Eckler Ruth Eckstein
Dr. and Mrs. Irwin Eisenfeld Mr. Barry Eisenstein David A. Eklund Sol and Judith Elkin Dr. and Mrs. Charles Ellis Ethel and Sheldon Ellis James H. Ellis and Jean A. Lawton Jack and WilmaElzay Mr. and Mrs. H. Michael Endres Mr. Paul Epstein Mr. and Mrs. Glen Erickson Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Erlich Adeline S. Evemardus Ms. Joyce Ewing Mary K. Fancher Pierce H. Farrar Mr. and Mrs. John Feikens Barbara L. Ferguson Mr. Dennis Femly Kathryn Ferriell Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Fiegel Carol and Aaron Finerman Clarisse Finkbeiner Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Fisher Mr. and Mrs. M. Scott Fisher Mrs. Selma Fisher
Susan R. Fisher and John W. Waidley Winifred Fisher Linda and Thomas Fitzgerald Mr. James H. Flinn, Jr. Peter and Carol Flintoft George and Kathryn Foltz Ms. Andrea Foote Ms. Kay Ford Mrs. Violet M. Ford Mr. and Mrs. William C. Forgacs Mr. and Mrs. Leo Fox Mr. and Mrs. Larry Frank
Mr. and Mrs. Jarvis Franzblau
Selma and Newton L. Freedman
Julia M. Freer
Richard and Joann Freethy
Otto W. and Helga B. Freitag
Vivian H. French
Elizabeth and Keith Gadway
Jane Galantowicz
Marjorie and Arthur Gallagher
Mr. and Mrs. George J. Gallas
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard A. Caller
Elisabeth Garay
Mrs. Shirley H. Garland
Ms. Marie Garlick
Mr. and Mrs. Garnet R. Garrison
Janet and Charles Garvin
Ms. Myrtle Gasilo
Drs. Steve Geiringer and Karen Bantel
Nick and Sharon Genova
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Germane
Mr. Mark Gersovitz
W. Scott Gerstenberger and Elizabeth
A. Sweet
David and Helene Gidley Elida F.Giles Mrs. Sidney F. Giles John Gilstorf Dr. and Mrs. F.B. Glaser Dr. David W. Gnegy Mr. Albert L. Goldberg Ed and Mona Goldman Howard Goldman Anita and Al Goldstein Steve and Nancy Goldstein Audrey Goman
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell A. Goodkin LanaGore
William A. and Jean Gosling Naomi Gottlieb SherylT. and ToddW. Grant Dr. and Mrs. Serge Gratch Robert H. and Judith K. Gray Bertha M. Green Suzanne and Frank Grersheim G. Robinson and Ann Gregory Mr. and Mrs. James J. Cribble David and June Griffenhagen Laurie Gross
Lawrence and Esta Grossman Mary and Bob Grover Paul L Gruchala Frederick and Iris Gruhl Cyril Grum and Cathy Strachan Doris and Harvey Guthrie Ms. Mary Haab Dorothy S. Haake Mr. Amiya K. Hajra Barbara J. Hall Marc and Leslie Halman Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Hamilton Frances Hamman Mrs. Frederick G. Hammitt Dora E. Hampel David and Patricia Hanna Mrs. Olive Hansen Mr.andMrs.LT.Harbeck Ken Harbour
Laurelynne and Geoige Hams
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Harris
Ms. Dorothy J. Hart
M. Jean Harter
Mr. William G. Harter
David and Pat Haskell
Elizabeth C. Hassinen
Carolyn M Catty and Thomas H. Haug
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Haugh
Professor Jeffrey Heath
Albert E. Heins
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Helmick
Norma and Richard Henderson
Ralph and Ada Herbert
Jolene and Albert Hermalin
Mr. and Mrs. Ramon R. Hernandez
Ms. Mallory Hiatt
David and Barbara Hill
Peter Hinman and Elizabeth Young
Drs. John E. Billi and Sheryl Hirsch
Jane and Dick Hoemer
Mr. Timothy Hofer
Carol Hohnke
Ken and Joyce Holmes
Jeanette Holtman
Eugene and Joan Homeister
Penelope Hommel and Steven Pepe
Mr. and Mrs. Harry H. Hopkins
Bert G. Homback
Dr. Nancy Houk
James S. House and Wendy Fisher House
Kenneth Hulsing
Ms. Jean Huneke
Raymon and Sylvia Hunt
Eileen and Saul Hymans
Ilyas Iliya
Ms. Juko Imai
Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Imredy
Mrs. Jeane Van Deest Irwin
Mr. Hiroshi Kan Itoh
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Roger E. Jacobi
Richard Jaeger
Ms. Jerri M. James
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Jelinek
Mrs. Shwujing Jeng
James C. and Baiba G. Jensen
Russell E. Jenter
Mr. Kurt Jeppesen
Herbert and Susan Johe
Elizabeth Johnson
James S. Johnson
Mr. James Johnston
Anne Hough Jones
Elizabeth M. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest A. Jones
Ms. Susan Jordan
Glennda M. Joyce
Dominic M. Justewicz
Ms. Mary B. Kahn
Lois and Gordon Kane
Naomi M. Kane
Mr. and Mrs. Irving Kao
Julian M. Kaplin
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L Kaplin
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin H. Kasle
Ralph and Deborah Katz
Samuel H. Katz
Ms. Elizabeth Kaufman
Dr. J. Kaufman
Mr. Richard Keep
Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Kelsch
Roberta Keniston
Ms. Carol Kennedy
Frank and Patricia Kennedy
David J. and JoAnn Z. Keosaian
Esther G. Kerr
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kiel
Mr. Tim Killackey
Jeanne M. Kin
Mr and Mrs. William H. Kincaid
Donald R. Kinder
Ms. John R. Alexander and Ms. Carolyn
King V.King
Tom and Connie Kinnear KlairH. Kissel Steve T.Koeff, MX). Seymour Koenigsberg Mr. Alan L. Knaus Glenn and Shirley Knudsvig Fumio Komatsu
Sylvan and Elizabeth Humes Komblum Mr. Chris Korow William and Michele Kotowicz Jean and Dick Kraft Ms. Sale Kuusik James and Karen Lahey Mrs. Jane F. Laird Alice and Henry Landau Dr. Stephen G. Landau Dr. Raymond Landes Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lane Myroslav Lapchak Joan and Charles Larson Richard and Neva Larson Cad F. and Ann L. LaRue Edward W. Lauer Ted and Wendy Lawrence David Lebenbom Ms. Kathy Lee Paul and Ruth Lehman Ms. Sue Leong Dr. David J. Ueberman Mr.JohnRLillie Dr. and Mrs. Frederick S. Lim Dr. and Mrs. Richard Lineback Nathan and Eleanor Upson Mikhail Livshits Naomi E. Lohr Jane Lombard
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Lord Mr. Jack Losee Lawrence and Susan Loucka Mr. Jack Losee Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Loughry Charles and Elsie Lovelace Paul and Donna Lowry Lynn Bennett Luckenbach John and Jane Lumm FranLyman John J. Lynch William and Judith Lynn
Dr. and Mrs. James C. MacBain
Mary Egan MacDowell
Susan E. Macias
Mr. and Mrs. Alan B. Macnee
Ruth MacRae
Rev. and Mrs. Philip Rodgers Magee
Gertrude Maglott
Nancy Magnani and Kenneth C. Hass
Ella A. Mahnken
Dr. Karl Malcolm
Mikhail Malkin
Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Malloure
Kathleen Beck and Frank Mary
Ms. Patricia H. Mansfield
Nancy and Philip Margolis
Geraldine and Sheldon Markel
Mrs. Ruth Sizer Marshall
Ken Marushige
Cmdr. and Mrs. Timothy H. Marvin
Marion T. Marzolf
HI. Mason
Larry and Rowena Matthews
Mary and Chandler Matthews
E. Mayer
Josephine C. Mazzolini
Ms. Marcia McBrien
Margaret McCarthy
Ernest and Adele McCarus
David G. McConnell
David and Claire McCubbrey
Norman E. and Mary Mclver
Donald and Elizabeth McNair
Mr. Edward A. Mehler
Helen F. Meranda
Rev. Harold L Merchant, D.D.
James and Kristry Meretta
Alan G. and Sally Merten
Dr. Henry D. Messer and Mr. Carl A.
Valerie D. Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Herbert M. Meyers Mr. Victor L. Meyers Dr. William P. Mies William M. and Joan E. Mikkelsen Dr. and Mrs. Josef M. Miller Prof. Murray and Yetta R. Miller MadoUa E. Mills Ms. Eileen Moloney Van C. Momon, Jr. M.D. Ms. Mary K. Monteith Mr. and Mrs. Milton E. Moore Rosalie E. Moore Kittie Berger Morelock Robert Mrozinski Mrs. Erwin Muehlig Dr. and Mrs. Bemhard Muller Lora G. Myers Linda M. Nadeau Yoshiko Nagamatsu Louis and Julie Nagel Ruth Nagler Mr. M. P. Narayanan Carolyn E. Navarre Mrs. Elizabeth R. Neidhardt Mr. and Mrs. James K. Newton Richard and Susan Nisbett Ms. Laura Nitzberg
Bonnie and Andrew Nolan
James A. Kelly and Mariam C. Noland
Ms. Judith A. Nowack
Mr. Frank Okoh
Maury Okun
Zibby and Robert Oneal
Lillian G. Ostrand
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Packard
Viola Coin Palmer
Mr. and Mrs. George Palty
Janet Parkes
Mr. Michael S. Parmacek
Evans and Charlene Parrott
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Paton, Jr.
Sally S. Patten
Richard C. Patterson
Mr. William R. Paulson
P. D. Pawelski
Anita H. Payne
Dr. and Mrs. M. Joseph Pearson
Ms. Katie Pelz-Davis
Solti Peng
Susan A. Perry
Mr. Ellsworth M. Peterson
David and Marilyn Pettigrove
Drs. Joseph and Sharon Petty
Dr. and Mrs. James F. Pikulski
Mrs. Patricia Pitts
Martin A. Podolsky
Mr. Albert M. Pollmar
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Powrozek
Mrs. Anthony Preketes
Jacob M. Price
John and Nancy Prince
Julian and Evelyn Prince
Mr. Bradley Pritts
G. Robina Qualc
Marijean Quigley
Marshall E. Quinn
Steve and Ellen Ramsburgh
Alfred and Jacqueline Raphelson
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Rapp
Ethel Rathbun
David William Rau
Keith and Beth Reed
Anthony Reffells
Walter A. Reichart
Jim and Linda Reinhardt
Stephen P. Reinhart
Alice Rhodes
Mary K. Riley
Constance Rinehart
Bill Roberts
Doug and Kathy Roberts
Dave and Joan Robinson
Jay and Machree Robinson
Jonathan Rodgers
Tom and Junko Roehl
Richard and Susan Rogel
Dr. and Mrs. Leslie W. Rogers
Minnie and M. Minette Rollins
John H. Romani
Harry A. Rommel
Ms. Jane A. Ronca-Washbum
Bob and Jean Rorke
Milton and Marlene Rosenbaum
William and Elinor Rosenberg
Dr. and Mrs. David W. Roush Christopher Rothko Mr. and Mrs. Roger Rudd Mabel E. Rugen Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rupke John Paul Rutherford James and Ellen Saalberg Mr. Chris Sackeliares Mr. Kiyonori Sakakibara Dr. Don and Marlene Salberg Sandra and Doyle Samons Mirian and Fred Samson Marjorie and William Sandy Ms. Elizabeth M. Savage Dr. and Mrs. George Sayre Mr. and Mrs. Alan Schall Mr. Kurt Schmidt Lara Schmidt Mr. Michael Schrock Sue Schroeder Mary L. Schuette Albert and Susan Schultz Annette Schultz Geraldine Seeback Mr. Richard Seid Handan Selamoglu Gerda Seligson Mr. and Mrs. Kirtikant Shah Matthew D. Shapiro and Susan L. Garetz David and Elvera Shappirio Robert S. Sher Joan L. Shillis Ms. Laurie C. Shulman Ray and Marylin Shuster Milton and Gloria Siegel Paul and Pamela Sieving Sandy and Dick Simon Frances and Scott Simonds Nora G. Singer Donald and Susan Sinta Mrs. Beverly N. Slater Thomas and Cora Slavens ' Mr. and Mrs. David Boyd Smith Donald C. and Jean M. Smith Floyd and Fay Smith Dr. and Mrs. Gregory Smith Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Smith Virginia B. Smith Richard and Jo-Ann Socha Mr. and Mrs. Alan Solvay Dr. and Mrs. Rodolfo Son Mina Diver Sonda Mr. Garnet B. Sparks Dr. and Mrs. Robert Speer Ms. Barbara Spencer Jeff Spindler Ward H. Squires Mary Stadel
Mr. and Mrs. Gus Stager Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Stahman David and Ann Staiger Ms. Constance Stankrauff Charles and Julie Steedman Dr. Michael and Helene Steinberg Mr. J. Robert Sterling William and Georgine Steude Harold M. and Nancy G. Stevenson
M. Virginia Stevenson
Ms. Lynette Stindt and Mr. Craig S. Ross
Sue Stindt
Sally Stoehr
Dennis and Barbara Stoffer
Mr. and Mrs. Willis Stoick
Mr. and Mrs. James Stokoe
Aileen and Clinton E. Stroebel
Joe Stroud and Kathleen Fojtik
Drs. Eugene Su and Christin Carter-Su
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Suchy
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Super
Joan C. Susskind
Earl and Phyllis Swain
Waldo and Betty Sweet
John and Carol Swienckowski
Peg Talburtt and Jim Peggs
Dr. and Mrs. William B. Taylor
Toby J. and Juliette S. Teorey
Vem and Bonnie Terpstra
Bev Teuscher
Carol and Jim Thiry
Catherine and Norman Thobum
Charles and Peggy Tieman
Mr. and Mrs. Franz Topol
Mrs. Richard E. Townsend
James Toy
Irving and Barbara Tukel
Lisa and Jeffrey Tulin-Silver
James Turner
Jan and Nub Turner
William H. and Gerilyn K. Turner
Marilyn Twining
Mr. Koichi Uchida
Michael Udow
Barbara and Joseph L. Ullman
Ms. Elaine Umholtz
Paul and Fredda Unangst
Joyce A. Urba and David J. Kinsella
Brian A. and Susan R. Urquhart
Emmanuel-George Vakalo
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Valenstein
Jan Valentine
The Van Appledoms
Robert P. and Barbara Van Ess
Mr. Reynold Van-Til
Linda Vanek
Barbara and James Varani
Mr. Gary W. Vartanian
William CVassell
Joseph and Alice Vining
Terre Voegeli
Carolyn and Jerry S. Voight
Norman C. Wait
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Walker
Robert D. and Liina M. Wallin
Patricia Walsh
Ann E. Walton
Joseph C. Walters
Ann E. Walton
Ms. Graceann Warn
Kristine and Donald Warren
Margaret Warrick
Alice and Marty Warshaw
Dr. and Mrs. Alan Weamer
Christine L. Webb
Edward C. Weber
Joan M. Weber
Mrs. Joan D. Weber
Kathleen and William Weber
Deborah Webster
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Weisman
Dr. Bernard Weiss
Mary E. Welch
Thelma L. Wells
Mr. and Mrs. Byron L. West
Scott and Marcie Westerman
Michael N. Whitcombe
James Boyd and Mary F. White
Nicholas and Patricia White
William W. White
Rebecca S. Whitehouse
Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Whiteside
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Wiener, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Wilcox
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Wilhelm
Raymond C. Williams
Mr. Dean Willmer
Dr. Magnus Wilson
Stephen B. and Danette Wineberg
Donna Winkelman and Thomas Easthopi
Mr. Jim Winter
Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence D. Wise
David and Lia Wiss
Kristine and Donald Warren
Leonard and Sharon Woodcock
Barbara H. Wooding
Ms. Susan Wooding
Mr. and Mrs. David Wright
Ernst Wuckert
Mrs. Antonette Zadrozny
Ms. Mary J. Zako
Robert and Charlene R. Zand
Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Zeisler
Dr. and Mrs. George Zissis
Akira Abe
Mr. and Mrs. Jerroll Adams
Jo Ann Aebersold
Ms. Mary Agnello
Rev. and Mrs. Charles Akre
Dr. Roger Albin
Miss Sarah K. Albright
Ms. Lois Lynne Alexander
Mark and Suzan Alexander
Ms. Kelly Allen
Mrs. Barbara Anderson
James David Anderson
Ms. Judith L. Anderson
David Andrea
Ms. Ann Andrew
Vivienne N. Armentrout
Mrs. Barbara Armstrong
Dr. and Mrs. Wallace A. Ameson, Jr.
Rudolf and Mary Amheim
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Ash
Leslie and Michael Atzmon
Ronald E. and Anna Marie Austin
Kathy Babcock
Henry and Grace Bachofer
Wayne and Rachel Baer
Mr. and Mrs. J. Albert Bailey
Ms. Maureen A. Balke
Dr. and Mrs. Fleming Barbour
Mr. and Mrs. David Barera
Maria K. Bama
Ms. Toni Lee Owen Barstis
Joan W. Barth
Alan R. Bass
Mr. and Mis. Percy Bates
Mrs. Gerhard Bauer
Ms. Patricia Lynn Bauer
Mr. Tom Hay Bauer
Margarete Baum
Ms. Evelyn R. Beals
Ms. Carol A. Beardmore
Jim Beck and Katie Home
Mary T. Beckerman
Tamar and Harel Beit-On
David and Mary Anne Beltzman
Mr. John W. Bennett Jr.
Dr. Rosemary R. Berardi
Ruth Berean
Eric Berg
Dr. and Mrs. Eli V. Berger
Ms. Sara Berkovitch
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence S. Berlin
Andrew H. Berry, D.O.
Robert Hunt Berry
Ralph and Mary Beuhler
Irene Biber
Eric and Doris Billes
Sherry Hirsch and John E. Billi
Ms. Anne Birchfield
Dr. Stacy G. Birmingham
Mr. Bruce P. Block
Mr. Heinrich Bloemeke
Mr. Joseph Blotner
Mr. and Mrs. Francis X. Blouin, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Blumenberg
Martha M. Bohn
Mrs. Wallace J. Bonk
Thomas R. Boothby
Lola J. Borchardt
Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Bozell
Mr. Stephen Brabbs
Mr. Bruce Bradley
Kathryn Under Bradley
Paul and Anna Bradley
Mr. Duane and Mrs. Barbara Branch
Debra and Gregory Brandell
Richard B. Brandt
Anne Meyendorff and Hugo Braun
Mr. Joel Bregman and Ms. Elaine
Pomeranz Ruth M Brend Virginia A. Bridge Jim and Elizabeth Brien Mr. and Mrs. Steven Brouwer Mr. Charles C. Brown Kay Brown Martha L. Brown Robert W. Brown Mrs. Ruth A. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Browning Mr. and Mrs. Donald K. Brundage Donald R. and Ann D. Brundage Robert and Carolyn Burack Ms. Ann Burke Mr. Joseph Burke
Mr. and Mrs. William Burmeister
William and Rosalie Bums
Senator and Mrs. Gilbert E. Bursley
Ms. Jody Burton
Michele Bushaw
Mrs. (Betty) Thomas Bust
Thomas E. Butts
Mary C. Caggegi
John and Pat Calhoun
Mr. John T. Campbell
Ross and Bev Campbell
Dr. and Mrs. Brent Carey
Mr. Leo E. Carey
Daniel and Mary Carlson
Marc and Janet Carlson
Carolyn Longacre and Michael Wilens
Sally Carpenter
Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Cassel
Robert A. Castillo
Linda F. Chaikin
Mr. Hei-Ping Chang
Mr. and Mrs. Kee Man Chang
Ann Chapman
Evelyn M. Chase
Ms. Lori Cheek
Doris Chelune
Ms. Hisae Chen
Mignonette and Richard Cheng
Beverly and Morton Chethik
Ms. Janine Chey
Ms. Dianne J. Christopherson
Mr. Donald L Christopherson
Mr. T. Michael Church
Charles and Beth Clark
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Clayman
Ms. Julie Clifford
Ms. Elizabeth Cobbs
Hubert and Ellen Cohen
Ms. Joan Colladay
Michael Collins
Mr. Joseph Conlon
Maria Constant
Ms. Maria L. Constant
Ms. Cassandra X. Constantino
Cindy Cooke
Jeff Cooper and Peggy Daub
Ms. Nancy O. Cooper
Richard and Betty Jane Cooper
Mr. Karol J. Corson
Marjorie and Jack Craven
Dr. and Mrs. Orlo L. Crissey
Lora Crombez
Ms. Carolyn R. Culotta
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L Culver
Richard J. Cunningham
Ms. Marcia Dalbey
Dr. Jamie Dananberg
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Danielson
Judi and Ed Davidson
Mr. Dale De Vene
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Delos
Miss Judith Demick
Ms. Cindy Dempsey
Mr. and Mrs. William Dergis
Don and Pam Devine
Dr. Jack Disder
Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Dixon
Ms. Nesrin Dogan
Mr. Michael Dolan
Ms. Sharon Dolega
Thomas and Patricia Dooley
Ms. Margaret Douglass
Ms. Karen E. Downing
Mr. Leonard Drake
Ms. Gretchen D. Driskell
Joanne Draw
Ms. Grace Drowns
Bruce Duffy
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Dunn
G. Jean Dykhouse
Herbert and Hildegard Ebell
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Ehlhardt
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Elkins
Beulah Elving
Mr. and Mrs. Neal H. Elyakin
Ms. Suzy M. Engleberg
Ms. Anne Epstein
Ellen Wagner and Richard Epstein
Ms. Judy Erickson
Ms. Laurie Erickson
Lawrence J. Ernst
The Rev. and Mrs. Douglas Evett
Mr. Aren Fairchild
Barbara and Garry C. Faja
Drs. George and Susan Fee
Sheila Feld
Dorothy G. Feldman
John and Karen Ferguson
Yi-tsi Feuerwerker
Sharon Fike
Mrs. John V. A. Fine
Ms. Clare M. Fingerie
Mr. and Mrs. Leland Finkbeiner
Mr. and Mrs. James Finn
Ms. Laurel Firant
Linda J. Fimhaber
Lydia Fischer
Eileen Callam Fisher
Ira Fisher and Beth Eisler
Ms. Cheryll Forgue
Mr. Dan Foster
Mr. Michael Fotiadis
Joan and Tom Foumier
Mr. Ronald Fracker
Ms. Judith Francis
Tom S. Frank
Ms. Suzanne Frederick
Paul and Judy Freedman
Jonathan and Lynn Friendly
Eleanor J. Froehlich
Hamao Fujiwara
Mr. Louis Fulgoni
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Fyfe, Jr.
Lois W. Gage
Janet and Al Gallup
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Gamble
Ms. Mary P. Garske-Bilyeu
Mr. Clifton Gault
Hilma and Larry Geffen
Mr. Michael J.Geha
Ruth B. Gerler
Leonore Gerstein
Ms. Ruth Gewanter
Janet Giebel-Hoover
Mr. David M. Gilbertson
Dr. and Mrs. Gary GUlespie
Ms. Lydia Gilmour
John and Marcia Gilroy
Beverly Jeanne Giltrow
Ms. Zaida Giraldo
Mr. Jack Goldberg
Edie N. Goldenberg
David and Beryl Goldsweig
Dr. and Mrs. Luis A. Gonzalez
Mary M. Gooch
Mr. John Gorman
Michael L Cowing
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon J. Graham
Miss Pearl Graves
Mr. Tim Grech
Lewis R. and Mary A. Green
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Eileen Greenberger
Margaret and Adee Grillot
Dr. and Mrs. Alexander Grinstein
Henry M. Grix
Dr. and Mrs. Milton Gross
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Grotrian
Cathy Grovenburg
Mrs. Elizabeth S. Groves
Leora Grunhaus
Mr. Paul Gustafson
Jerfaas A. and Maria A. Haas
Stella and Karl Hackbarth
Roger F. and Caroline Hackett
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond R. Haggerty
Mr. and Mrs. John Hall
Mr. Matthew Hall
Tamara Halle
Mr. Douglas Halliday
Chaplain and Mrs. Louis Halsey
Dr. and Mrs. James C. Hamilton
Marjorie H. Hammes
Mrs. Oliver Hanninen
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Harms
Rena Harold
(Catherine and Terry Harris
Tim and Nancy Harrison
Kathleen A. Hart
John and Anita Hartmus
Marie D. Hartwig
Paul and Annabelle Harvey
Miss Margaret A. Harwick
Kenneth Hass and Nancy Magnani
Mr. Rex E. and Dr. Mary J. Hatt
Mr. Richard G. Hawkins
Mr. and Mrs. William Hawkins
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Hayes
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Heider
Glenda HeinzDance Arts Academy
James and Esther Heitler
Mrs. William Heldreth
William Heifer
Paula B. Hencken
Ewa and Michael Hepner
Dr. and Mrs. Clark Herrington
Ms. Thayer Herrmann
John and Merrill Herzenberg
Mrs. Emily F. Hicks
Robert and Cathy Hightower
Dr. H. M. Hildebrandt
Mr. Lawrence Hill
Ms. Paula Hiller and Dr. Ned Kirsch
Mavis Hines
Mrs. Carolyn Hiss
Mr. and Mrs. James Hoch
Ms. Dalia Hoffman
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Hoffmann
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Hoffmeyer
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Hogan
Suzanne Hogg
Dr. Carol E. Holden
Ms. Mary Martin Holliday
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Hollmann
Mr. Craig Holmes
Gerry Holowicki
Rose Marie Hooper
Jack and Davetta Homer
Eunice Hong
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Horwitz
Helga Hover
Kenneth and Carol Hovey
Helen and Hubert Huebl
Ms. Carol Hulbert
Dana Hull
Dolores Humes
Roger and Audrey Hunt
Ruth J. Husung
Robert A. and Lisa Huth
Mr. Alexander Izzo
Mr. Luther P. Jackson III
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar F. Jacobi, Jr.
Nicolette Jakubowicz
Mr. and Mrs. William Janke
Lily Jarman-Rohde
Ms. Susan C. Jarvis-Noetzel
Marilyn and J. Dale Jeffs
Mr. Jay Jemigan
Mr. and Mrs. Peter T. Jessup
Mr. Hun-Yong Jo
Carolyn T. Johnson
Mrs. Rita Johnson
Mr. Marshall W. Jorgensen
Ms. Barbara L. Joyce
Professor Fritz Kaenzig
Mr. Paul Kalas
Mr. Robert D.Kallay
Nancy S. Karp
Mrs. Barbara R. Kasle
Judith Katch
Ms. Geraldine Kaylor
Ruth Keirl
Charles and Jean Kelsey
Walter R. Kemnitz Sr.
Ruth and Norman Kemp
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ketrow
Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Kienle
Mrs. Grace F. Kikuchi
Raymond Kilmanas
William and JoAnn Kimbrough
John S. King
Mr. William Kinley
Elvina A. Kish
Peter and Susan Klaas
Shira and Steven Klein
William L. Knapp, M.D.
Ms. Julie Knight
Mrs. R. J. Knight
Peter and Margaret Knoess
Kay Delle Koch
Laura E. Kodres and Daniel O'Brien
Mr. Nicholas Kokkales
Mr. Donald Kootsillas
Alan and Sandra Kortesoja
Lisa A. Kozak
Ms. Brenda Krachenberg
Mr. and Mrs. L. Seelbach Kraft
Ms. Stephanie Krasnow
Darlene Rae Krato
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Krauss
Edward and Lois Kraynak
Ms. Janet Kreiling
John Krol and Debra M. Kirby
Ms. Beverly Krueger
Margaret Labadie
Susana Labastida
Anne-Marie and Anthony La Rocca
Janet Landsberg
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice I. Laney
Patricia M. Lang
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Larson
Mr. David Lau
Mrs. Kent W. Leach
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Leb
Mrs. Elaine Lebenbom
Ms. Patricia Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Legault
Paul H. and Genevieve Lemon
Dorothy R. Lenghart
Mr. Peter J.Lenk
Ms. Marci Lesperance
Dr. and Mrs. Morton B. Lesser
Robert Leuthner
Phyllis S. Levin
Sheldon G. and Mary Lois Levy
Ralph and Gloria Lewis
John and Sylvia Lewis
Ms. Annette Lilly
Chyi-ing Un
Yi-Guang Un and Sophia P. Iin
Arthur and Karen Undenbetg
Ms. Evelyn M. Lipphart
Mr. James Lorenz
Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Lorey
Merrill Lougheed Poliner and Robert M.
Ms. Pamela L. Lovell Jonathan and Beth Denenberg Lowe Dr. and Mrs. B. Lucchesi Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Lyons ID Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Maasab Donald and Barbara MacCallum Mr. Robert MacGregor Ian and Jean MacPherson Mr. and Mrs. Gregg E. Magmuson Mr. Walter Mahoney Mr. Bruce W. Main Marsha Main
Ronald Majewski and Mary Wolf Allen Malinoff Mr. Francis Manning Armena Marderosian and Ronald Suny Mr. Michael Marinetti Helen M. Marks
Bob and Alice Marks
Mr. and Mis. Michael Marietta
Todd and Margeret Marsh
W. Harry Marsden
Ms. Jeanette M. Martel
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Martelli
Ms. Anna Martens
Yasuo and Motoko Maruta
Renate Klass and Matthew J. Mason
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Massey
Donald J. Mathison
Mr. Joseph P. Mattimoe
Ms. Katherine N Maxey
Ms. Therease Maxwell
Mrs. Donald C. May
Ms. Kathryn M May
Michael Maylen
Ms. Nancy W. McAllister
Mr. William C. McCaughrin
Kenneth and Martha McClatchey
Mr. Michael McClelland
Mr. and Mrs. Robert McCollum
Ms. Mary J. McCully
Doris King McCurdy
Pat and Stewart McFadden
John and Bridit McGillcuddy
Stephen McKenny
Mr. and Mrs. Ed G. McKinley
Ms. Joan McMullan
Alice McRae
Ms. Mei-Ling Lin
Ms. Marion Meilaender
Norman Meluch and Laura Fisher
Ms. Martha Mesa
Anna Meyendorff and Hugo Braun
Henry and Suzanne Meyer
James R. and Gloria S. Meyer
Mr. A. Rees Midgley
Saunders and Shirley Midyette
Mr. and Mrs. A.S. Mignery, Jr.
Jerry and Emily Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Mitchell
William G.Moller, Jr.
Ruth M. Monahan
Rafael Montalvolugo
Patricia A. Montgomery
Mrs. Claudia Moore
Ms. Pauline T. Moore
Mrs. Rosemarie Morgan
Mr. Jeff Morton
Janet Muhleman.
Thomas P. Murtha
Elizabeth B. Mustard
Carroll and Sandra Nadig
Geneva Nelson
Mrs. Kathleen Nesbitt
Mr. Alex Neshkes
Sharon and Chuck Newman
Chris Nordhoff
Cheryl Norey
Penelope and Theodore Norris
Ms. Marcy North
Mr. John O'Brien
Ms. Patricia O'Connor
Jon and Diana Oadey
Ms. Mary Jane Olsen
Paul L and Shirley M. Olson
Ms. Arline Olvitt
Martin and Lucy Overhiser
Anneke de Bnjyn Overseth
Mrs. Charlotte Owen
Mr. David H. Owens
Mr. Dotun Oyedijo
Marianne E. Page
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Paine III
John Palmer
Gerard Pape
Mark and Susan Paris
Patricia Paris
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Parker
Dr. Mary Parks
Mr. and Mis. Timothy Parrott
Virginia B. Passon
Ms. Susan Patterson
Dimittis and Vassiliki Pavlidis
Douglas and Mariel Peck
Mr. Jack Pelton
Nancy and Bradford Perkins
Ms. Harriet A. Perry
Ms. Sandra Perry
Doris I. Persyn
Mrs. George Peruski
Patsy C. Peterson
Honorable Harry E. and Jeanne M
Ms. Jeanne M. Pietig Mr. Joseph A. Placek Joan Pollard
Ms. Mary Catherine Pollock Richard E. Popov Ruth S. Putnam Mr. and Mrs. S. Rabinovitz Norman and Norma Radin Dr. Dwarakanath G. Rao Mr. Kenneth Rapp William and Mary H. Rave Dr. and Mrs. Mark Rayport Maxwell and Marjorie Reade Gerald and Carol Rees Adrienne Reisner Rachel Resnick Ms. Maria Restuccia Ms. Ruth Reynolds Todd Rhodes Ms. Janis Richards Dr. Rebecca Ricoy Mr. F.L. Riddings Ms. Judy Ripple Ms. Grace Rising Mrs. Iita Ristine Renee A.C. Robbins Mr. Bill Roberts Marge and Don Robinson Byron and Alice Roe Janis M. Roese Terrie Rogers
Drs. Dietrich and Mary Ann Roloff Bernard and Barbara Rosen Mr. David Rosenbaum Edie W. and Richard Z. Rosenfeld Lawrence and Abby Rosenthal Ms. Joan Roth Elizabeth Rother
Mr. Christopher H. Rothko
Robert M. Rubin
Michael and Margie Rudd
James and Adrienne Rudolph
Mr. Peter N. Ruma
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Rups
Ms. Carolyn Russell
Ms. Joan Russell
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Rutledge
Jane Rutzky
Michael and Joy Ryan
Laura and Robert Sabol
Ms. Doris Salley
Julia E.Salo
Mr. and Mrs. John Salvette
Leonard and Mae Sander
Mr. Lewis J. Sappington
Frances Sawyer
Craig R. Saxton
Jochen and Helga Schacht
Bonnie R. Schafer
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Schankin
Mr. Peter Schappach
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Schieb
Erich S. Schifter
Ms. Helena Schlorff
Ms. Catherine M. Schmidt
Ms. Margaret Schmidt
Ms. Gwen Ellyn Schneider
James and Alice Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Schork
Yizhak Schotten and Katherine Collier
Schotten Shirley Schreidell Janice Schuette Mr. and Mrs. Donald Schulz Aileen and Earl Schulze Art and Mary Schuman Mrs. Ralph E. Schweitzer Ms. Mary Ann Scott Ms. Shirley Seals Hugh Sebastian Ms. Eithel Partlow Sech Ms. Bridgit Seeger Dr. and Mrs. John Segall Mary Ann Sellers Mr. Donald D. Sepanski Mr. John Sepp Ms. Suzanne Roth Settle Brahm and Lorraine Shapiro Kathleen A. Sheehy Ms. Dorothy Sherba Mr. and Mrs. John Shilcusky Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Shuler Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Siden Mr. and Mrs. Robert Silva Ron and Sheila Silver Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sims Scott and Joan Singer Ms. Teresa Singh Donald and Sharyn Sivyer William R. and Judy B.Sloan Ms. KathyK. Smiley Mr. Gerald R. Smith Kristin and Gerald Smith Ms. Helen Y. Smith Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Keith Smith
Michelle Smith
Ms. Barb Snyder
Mr. C. Robert Snyder
Mrs. Milton Snyder
John and Ellen Soave
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Solvay
Ms. Tamara Lynn Sorelli
Mr. Hani Soudah
Ms. Hazel Spangler
Martha E. Spencer
John and Karen Spittler
Mr. Tom Spollen
Mr. Jeff Squire
Irving Stahl
Ms. Meroe Stanley
Mary Decker Staples
William C. and Kathryn Stebbins
Erich and Dotty Steiner
Sarah and Fred Steingold
Mr. Robert S. Stephenson
Joan Stem
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stevenson
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Sn'efel
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Stoler
Mrs. Ruth B. Stone
Mr. and Mrs. Albert M. Straub
Aileen and Clinton E. Stroebel
Vera L Strongman
Mr. Robert D. Strozier
Manfred Stryk
Laura A. Stuckey
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Stulberg
Ms. Terri L. Stull
Charles and Barbara Sturm
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Swigart
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Szymanski
Suzanne Tainter and Ken Boyer
Karen I. Tank
Ms. Denise Taylor-Moon
Mr. Stephan Taylor and Ms. Elizabeth
Thomas and Leslie Tender Mr. and Mrs. James B. Terrill Ms. Georgia Theodore Mr. and Mrs. Marcel Thirman Dr. and Mrs. Gerd Till George and Helen Timmons Connie and John Toigo Richard Topping and Shauna Tindall Kathleen Treciak and Timothy Hill Ms. Roni Tripodi Mr. George Trumbull Mr. and Mrs. Warren Turski Mr. Lyle Uhlmann Mr. Alejandro Uribe-Ahumada Jeffrey and Rachelle Urist Chris and Deborah VandenBroek Virginia 0. Vass Al and Dorothy Vegter Ms. Connie Velin Peter Venrzek Ms. Patricia S. Verlee Carl T. Vial
John and Eunice Wagner Leigh and Robert Waldman Mr. and Mrs. David C. Walker Dr. Donna Wessel Walker
Ms. Hen Marie Walker Arlene and Alan Walt Dr. Christina Wang Marguerite E. Ward Lorraine Nadelman and Sidney
Warschausky Christine Weatherford Richard and Madelon Weber Wendell and LaDonna Weber Dr. and Mrs. Myron E. Wegman Carol and Jack Weigel Ms. Elaine Weingart Peri Weingrad Joanne Weintraub Donna G. Weisman Lisa and Steve Weiss Ms. Judith Wenzel Carol Westerman Mildred M. Wheeler Barbara Tate Whipple Cindy White
Nancy C. and James J. White Mr. and Mrs. Leonard A. Wilcox Jr. Mrs. Carolyn Wilde Ms. Joan Wilde
Carolyn Longacre and Michael Wilens Lindsey Wilhite Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wilkins Helen M. Wilkinson Edwyn Williams Mr. Mark Williams Ray and Twyla Williams Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Windecker Robert Winfield Inez Winslow
Dr. and Mrs. John R. Wiseman Mr. Stephen Wolpert J. Reimer Wolter, M.D. Julia Woodbury Mr. Allan D.Woodell Stewart and Carolyn Work George and Elsie Yellin Ms. Sandra Yobbagy Mr. Frank Youkstetter Frances L. Young Ms. Pamela Young Brian Yurewicz Paul and Yvonne Zenian William Zolkowski Julia M.Zielke
Business, Corporation & Foundation Support
Arts Midwest
Ford Audio
Ford Motor Company Fund
Great Lakes Bancorp
Manufacturers Bank of Detroit
Michigan Council for the Arts
Warner LambertParke Davis
Brauer Investment Company Chelsea Milling Company Comerica and Comerica Capital
Ford Motor Credit Company Jacobson's KMS Industries Benard L. Maas Foundation McKinley Associates, Inc. O'Neal Construction Philips Display Components
Company Regency Travel Society Bank Michigan
Aristoplay Ltd.
Association of Performing Arts
Creditanstalt-Bankverein General Motors Corporation The Irwin Group of Companies Michigan National Bank The Mosaic Foundation Estate of Marie Schlesinger NBD Ann Arbor Spear & Associates, Inc. The Edward Surovell Company Washington Street Station
Ann Arbor Area Community
Bodman, Longley & Dahling Chelsea Community Hospital Dobson McOmber Insurance Agency,
Michigan Trenching Service The Power Foundation Riverview Lumber & Building Supply
Co., Inc.
Shar Music Products T & T Sports Management Inc.
The Old German Restaurant
The Eugene and Margaret Ormandy
Foundation The Radom Fund Charles Reinhart Company SCP Enterprises, Inc. Vlasic & Company
Clark Professional Pharmacy Econo-Pak Quality Container Edwards Brothers, Inc. Garris, Cams, Gams & Garris, P.C. John E. Green Company Light Action Foundation Thomas S. Monaghan, Inc. Seva Restaurant and Market Washtenaw Urology Clinic, P.C.
Catherine McAuley Health Center
Culbertson Jacobs & Milling Architects
Chelsea Flower Shop
Johnson, Johnson and Roy, Inc.
King's Keyboard House
David Lindemer Associates, Inc.
Milliken Interiors, Inc.
Rollform, Inc.
SKR Classical
University Microfilms International
Ann Arbor Convention & Visitors Bureau Adistra Corporation Conlin Faber Travel Progressive Building Materials
Louis G. Redstone Architects
Dr. and Mrs. Robert G. Aldrich Joan and David Anderson Harry and Betty Benford Richard S. Berger Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Brauer, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Allen P. Britton Mr. and Mrs. John Alden Clark Gage R. Cooper Margaret and Douglas Crary Sally A. Cushing Jack and Alice Dobson Barbara L. Ferguson Ken, Penny and Matt Fischer Mary Jane and Charles Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Robben Fleming Mr. and Mrs. Garnet R. Garrison Fred and Joyce Ginsberg Anita and Al Goldstein Michael L Gowing Mr. and Mrs. Elmer F. Hamel Mrs. Robert Hamilton Harlan and Anne Hatcher Harold and Anne Haugh Debbie and Norman Herbert Mr. and Mrs. Howard S. Holmes
Ray and Jude Huetteman, Jr.
Alice and Keki Irani
Mr. and Mrs. Roger E. Jacobi
Keith and Kay Jensen
Herbert and Susan Johe
Dr. and Mrs. Richard D. Judge
David and Sally Kennedy
Richard and Ann Kennedy
King's Keyboard House
Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Lutkehaus, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John M. McCollum
Paul and Ruth McCracken
Charlotte McGeoch
Mr. and Mrs. Roger E. Maugh
Mrs. Donald C. May
Professor and Mrs. Gustav Meier
Alan G. and Sally Merten
Mrs. Eugene Ormandy
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Palmer
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Paul
Elizabeth and Beverly Payne
J. Raymond and Agnes I. Pearson
Maxine and Wilbur K. Pierpont
Eugene and Sadye Power
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip H. Power
Mary and Robert Pratt
Michael and Helen Radock
John and Dorothy Reed
William and Mary Revelli
Frances Greer Riley
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Rogers
Mary R. Romig-de Young
Professor Thomas J. and Ann Sneed
Schriber Stephen Skelley Mr. and Mrs. John C. Stegeman Elizabeth L. Stranahan Dr. and Mr. E. Thurston Thieme Mary H. Thieme
University of Michigan School of Music Mr. and Mrs. Marc R. von Wyss Jerry and Elise Weisbach Mr. and Mrs. Stanfield Wells, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. S.B. Winslow Phyllis B. Wright
Marion L. Beam John W. Bean Mrs. Hedy B. Berger Leonard Bernstein Roscoe and Lillian Bonisteel Hope H. Bloomer Dr. Gordon C. Brown Marion W. Brown Alice Kelsey Dunn Robert S. Feldman Carl Fischer Gerald J. Fischer Florence Fuller Leritia Gamer Dr. Paul Hogg George Hunsche Hazel Hill Hunt Donald Katz Jean Kennedy
George Michael Landes
Alfred and Grace Lovell
Alfred H.LoveU, Jr.
Betty S. Lovell
Doris L. Lueke
Frederick C. Matthaei, Sr.
Glenn McGeoch
VadenW. Miles
Margaret Peterson
Carl and Loretta Pollmar
Sara Power
Gwen and Emerson Powrie
Dr. Joseph Preston
George Quick
Steffi Reiss
Percy and Elisabeth Richardson
Denis Rigan
Ruth Rogne
Bernard J. Rowan
Dr. Richard G. Schneider
Mrs. Ethel Sharklin
Charles A. Sink
Mrs. Arthur W. Smith
Mrs. James H. Spencer
(Cornelia Miller Spencer) Robert Spicer Ralph LSteffek Mark C. Stevens Mischa Titiev Mrs. Flora A. Tomion Dur Vetter Mrs. Elena Vlisiders lone Wagner Peter Holdemess Woods
ADP Network
Allied Signal Foundation
Allstate Insurance Company
AT&T Foundation
Bechtel Foundation
Chrysler Corporation
Consumers Power Foundation
Detroit Edison Foundation
Dow Chemical U.S.A.
Eli Lilly and Company Foundation
Federal Mogul Corporation
Ford Fund
Gannett Foundation
General Electric Foundation
General Motors Corporation
Honeywell Foundation
J.C. Penney Company, Inc.
Johnson Controls Foundation
Libbey Owens-Ford Company
Maccabees Mutual Life Insurance Co.
Manufacturers Hanover Foundation
The Manufacturers Life Insurance Co.
McGraw-Hill Foundation, Inc.
Merrill, Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith, Inc.
Metropolitan Life Foundation
Michigan Bell Telephone
3-M Foundation
Northern Telecom, Inc.
Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance
Paramount Communications Inc.
The Proctor & Gamble Fund Rohm and Haas Company Scientific Brake and Equipment Society Bank UNISYS Corporation Warner Lambert Company
Acoustical Ceiling & PartitionRalph
Alice Simsar Gallery Peter Allen American Airlines
Ann Arbor Ceiling & PartitionRon Dunn Catherine Arcure Michael and Charles Avsharian Johnny and Betty Barheld Gail Davis Barnes Richard Bartlet Wills Batdes
BC Contractors, IncWayne Bryant J.C. Beal Construction Co.Fred Beal Bill Beck David Belmore
Benson House Bed and Breakfast Dave Bianco Charles Borgsdorf Dean Paul C. Boylan Carroll Bradley Mike Brady
Carl Brauer Investment CoVCarl Brauer Bricklayers & Allied CraftsmanSam
Palazzolo Brinker Mechanical InsulationGene
James F. Brinker Allen and Veronica Britton David O. Brown Earl Brown Jim Brunker
Bryant Air ConditioningJoe Sera Builders Heating SupplyDoug Beerens Brenda Briest Casher Conrad Cannon
Carpenters Local 512Edwin Nyhus Celotex CorpVGary M. Draisin Certainteed CorporationMike Witt Anne Charles, Canadian Consul General MikeCisman Cheers!
Chelsea Community Hospital Chelsea Flower Shop Don and Betts Chisholm Clinch-On ProductsTom Semett Scott Cogan Phil Cole F.G. Crampton Shannon Culver Curtin and Alf, Luthiers Scott Dault R.Day Roger Day Doug Defavero
Detroit Area Bulgarian Community Detroit Armenian Women's Club I. Domenech Jim Doneth
Trudy Dophosoh
Dow Chemical U.S.A.Mike Appicelli
Mike Eadie
Rosalie and Martin Edwards
Greg Eggleston
Electrical Workers Local 252John
Briston Paul Everett John Field Andy Fletcher Fine Flowers
Fingerle Lumber CoVJohn Fingerle Ken, Penny and Matt Fischer Fontanessi & Kaan Co.Jim Marzolf Herb Foor
Ford Division, Ford Motor Company Judy and Richard Fry Richard E. FryRichard E. Fry A.I.A.,Ltd. Gandy Dancer
Gasser & Bush, IncRandy Stowers Kerry Gauss Phil Gerwick
Glidden Paint CoVDavid Smith J.Grey Bob Grimston Margo Halsted Gregg Hamm Jim Hanson
Hardware AgentsRichard Suminski Mark Harper Paul Harrison Rob Henning Matthew Hoffmann JoAnne Hulce L. Hummel
Huron Valley GlassRich Sayles Alice Davis Irani Perry Irish
Ironstone WeldingDan Parrotte Stuart Isaac Sue Jantschak Jewish Community Center Timothy Julet Carol Kahn RexKanitz Russ Kanitz
Drs. Gloria and Bob Keny Chris King Howard King King's Keyboard House Dennis Kittel Charles Klein David Kwan Tom Lancaster
H.S. Landau, IncHenry Landau Landis & GYR Powers, Inc.Keith A.
Walker Wilson Little Gary Loy
Martha Cooke Residence Hall Madison Electric SupplyGary Matthews John Martin Jamie Mayband Michael Merrell
Metzger's Black Forest Restaurant Michigan Trenching ServiceBob Lyons
Doug Miller
Sandra L. MillerPlumbing & Mech.
Contractors Robert Millheim John Minud
Mister RubbishRod Kitchen A. Mitchell
MKK Technologies, IncSadaharu Honda Gary and Ann Moeller MarkMohr Dean Morrow MSIJack Moorhead
Netherlands-American University League New York City Opera Company Jon Nyhus Joe O'Neal Oxford Conference Center, Scott Terrill,
Paholak GroupCharles Phibbs Philip Paskan William Payne
Plumbers & Pipefitters 190Don House Jeff Porter Don Pruneall
Public Relations Society of Detroit Regency Travel Rob Reilly Harry Richardson Alyce RiemenschneiderRiemenschneider
Design Assoc.
Robertson-Morrison, IncFrank Johnson Ann and Tom Schriber Schlage Lock Co. Riggs Miller Ronald Seeley Kermit Sharp
Aliza and Howard Shevrin Siemens, I.T.EVScott Pemberton Jeff Simkiss
A.F. Smith & Son, IncBill Koepp David Smith Julius S. Smith Kathy Smith Dave Spicer Lois and Jack Stegeman Greg Stephans Helmut and Candy Stem T.J. Stillman Tony Swartz Pete Swope Garold A. Taylor The Trane CompanyJim Baker Dedof von Berg, German Consul General Chuck Visel United Mill & Cabinet CoTDennis
Ruppert University of Michigan Construction Rep.
Jim Tripp University of Michigan Armenian Studies
Program University Musical Society Advisory
Washington Street Station Washtenaw Community CollegeLes
Jack Weidenbach Shelly F. Williams Wyandotte Electric SupplyRichard Beck

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