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UMS Concert Program, September 26, 1992: Emerson String Quartet --

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Season: 114TH
Concert: First
Rackham Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Emerson String Quartet
Philip Setzer, violin Eugene Drucker, violin Lawrence Dutton, viola
David Finckel, cello
with David Shifrin, clarinet
Saturday Evening, September 26, 1992, at 8:00 p.m. Rackham Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Quartet in D major, K. 575............................................Mozart
Allegretto Andante
Menuetto: Allegretto Allegretto
Quartet No. 7 in F-sharp minor, Op. 108............Shostakovich
Clarinet Quintet in B minor, Op. 115...........................Brahms
Andantino; Presto non assai, ma con sentimento
Con moto
Mr. Setzer plays first violin in Mozart and Brahms Mr. Drucker plays first violin in Shostakovich
The public is inviied to greet David Shifrin and members of the Emerson String Quartet for a record-signing at SKR Classical, 539 East Liberty, Ann Arbor, immediately following this evening's concert.
The University Musical Society extends special thanks to David Shifrin and the Emerson String Quartet for "Rehearsal in Progress," this evening's Philip's Pre-concert Presentation.
The Emerson Siring Quartel and David Shifrin appear by arrangement through IMG Artisis. The Emerson Siring Quartel records exclusively for Deutsche Grammophon.
First Concert of the 1 14th Season Thirtieth Annual Chamber Arts Series
String Quartet in D major, K. 575 (1789)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)
Nowhere is it more clear that Mozart was able to separate his troubled physical and emotional condition from the spiritual and musical side of his life than in the melodic, optimistic D major quartet. Even though Mozart was suffering from the greatest adversity at the time, the work achieves a rare buoyancy of spirit. In one regard, though, the quartet bears the imprint of the immediate circumstances. Since it was written at the urging of King Frederick of Prussia, who was an excellent cellist, the cello plays an important role throughout. Then, to balance the prominent cello, Mozart wrote parts of greater consequence for the two inner voices, the second violin and viola.
The principal theme of the first movement is essentially a rising arpeggio and a descending scale. Stated by the first violin, it is repeated by the viola, and its extension features both the first violin and cello. The second theme, a rising arpeggio followed by a long held note, is introduced by the cello, but with turns for all four players. Either by calculation, or because the rising arpeggio is so common a figure, both first movement themes--and the main theme of the finale, too--share the same melody, although in completely different rhythms. The development and recapitulation are conventional, and continue the movement's buoyant good spirits through to the very end.
The second movement is in ternary form, A-B-A. The contrast between the two sections comes from the melodic contour of A, an earthbound line, and B, a soaring phrase that passes from instrument to instrument. It is also heard in the difference between the thick texture of A, with the violins doubled, and B, which is a single melodic line, well-distanced from the repeated-note accompaniment. In the very short coda, the first violin has a rapid, rising run that the second violin answers with a long note and a four-note turn; the cello and first violin echo this exchange to conclude the movement.
The sprightly Menuetto starts with the four-note turn that came at the finish of the Andante. Perking along in one-beat-to-a-bar pulse, the music glitters with sharp contrasts--soft and loud, staccato
and legato. The trio is a showcase for the cello, which sings out the cantabile melodies (with that same four-note turn), very high in its range. The Menuetto is repeated after the trio.
The cello introduces the main theme of the serenely happy last movement: it starts with the same rising arpeggio as the themes of the first movement. The contrasting interludes of the movement's rondo form spring from the ascending argeggios as well, but in different keys, settings, and scorings, so that they truly sound like new material. Tightly organized and highly contrapuntal, this movement is probably the most interesting one of the entire quartet.
The premiere of K. 575 was given at Mozart's lodgings in Vienna on May 22, 1790, very likely with the composer playing viola.
--Notes by Melvin Bergerfrom Guide to Chamber Music (AnchorDoubkday)
String Quartet No. 7 in F-sharp minor, Op. 108 (1960)
Dmitri Shostakovich (1906-1975)
It is a bouncy and playful phrase which opens Shostakovich's Seventh Quartet. The elements of this phrase are of the most basic kind: a descending line, some repeated tones, and simple short-short-long rhythms. This is Shostakovich's shortest quartet, and the musical language, for the most part, remains clear and simple throughout; but by the quartet's end, some twelve minutes later, we have traversed an emotional landscape of enormous tension and pathos. It is the essence of Shostakovich's art to invest his musical materials, no matter how simplistic, with apowerful human significance. A typical Shostakovich theme, rather than having a particular character, seems actually to be a character, as in a play, novel, or news story, and its developments and reappearances are charged with what feels like explicit dramatic meanings. When we take into account, as well, the dedications of Shostakovich's works--such as the Eighth Quartet's "In memory of the victims of fascism and war" (and, by extension, to those of Stalin's "great terror")--we realize that we are not dealing here with "abstract" music, if such a thing may be said to exist at all.
The Seventh Quartet is dedicated to the memory of Shostakovich's beloved wife, Nina Varzar.
Varzar, a research physicist, married the composer in 1932. During their courtship, Shostakovich was at work on his opera Lady Macbeth ofMtsensk District. He is quoted in Testimony (ed. S. Volkov; New York: Limelight Editions, 1984): "1 dedicated Lady Macbeth to my bride, my future wife, so naturally the opera is about love too, but not only love. It's also about how love could have been if the world weren't full of vile things. And the laws and proprieties and financial worries, and the police state. If conditions had been different, love would have been different too." But even through the terrible years of Stalinist purges and World War II, the bond between husband and wife remained solid. Varzar died in 1955, and although the Seventh Quartet, written five years later, may not display overt grief (the fugue does betray a great anger and resistance), the work is definitely a profound leave-taking.
There is, in all of Shostakovich's works, an extreme dynamic tension, a dialectic if you will, that helps explain his music's powerful impact and coherence. On a note-to-note level, for instance, Shostakovich will support a quite dissonant melody with a simple accompaniment of basic functional harmony; or will use common triads in complex or startling progressions; or will move passages of extreme harmonic dissonance in stately block patterns. Thus, the music is held together even as it threatens to fly apart. In the Seventh Quartet, we note how the descending line that begins the opening movement is balanced by the ascending line that begins the third and last movement, and how the fugue, to which this line forms a prelude, seems frantically torn between upward and downward melodic directions. And we also see that the most violent and emotionally turbulent section of the quartet is contained within the highly formal lineaments of the fugue, which in its turn is succeeded by a melancholy waltz. Thus, the learned is balanced by the popular, the formal by the violent, and the personal by the universal.
In the end, Shostakovich's music is about death, love, joy, freedom--in a word, life. And in this century, whose musical revolution has so often seemed obsessed with theory and technique, his music offers us a powerful and lifegiving tonic. --Notes by Paul Howard Epstein
Clarinet Quintet in B minor, Op. 115 (1891)
Johannes Brahms (1833-1897)
Early in the spring of 1891, Brahms heard clarinetist Richard Muhlfeld play, and it called forth what scholar Karl Geiringer calls a "surge of fresh creative power." That summer Brahms wrote his clarinet trio for Muhlfeld and sent a copy to his friend Eusebius Mandyczewski with a note that enigmatically referred to another work in progress, "a far greater piece of foolishness," that he was trying to "nurse along." The piece that he spoke of so lightly proved to be the monumental Clarinet Quintet, Op. 115.
While the general tone of the clarinet quintet tends toward autumnal melancholy, there are long stretches of great joy and rapture. Perhaps these buoyant passages reflect the aging composer's delight in finding his inspiration and skill undiminished. Or they may have to do with his enchantment with the tonal potentialities of the clarinet, especially as played by Herr Muhlfeld. Whatever the reasons, the quintet is unsurpassed in displaying the clarinet's most telling effects--its clear high soprano voice in the clarino register, the hollow, breathy mystery of its middle tones, and the dark, romantic cast of its low, chalumeau range.
The quintet opens with a fetchingly lovely theme played by the two violins. The theme, typical of the melodies Brahms crafted in his later years, was termed by him to be unscheinbar, or "unobtrusive." Rather than amazing the listener with its startling originality, the theme insinuates itself into one's consciousness with its lender beauty. A close analysis shows that set within the few measures of the melody are the seeds, as it were, that inform and shape the rest of the composition and provide it with a satisfying unity of conception and mood. After the opening theme, the excitement mounts, and there follows a transition built around forceful, staccato notes. This leads to the second theme, played by the clarinet, which is directly derived from the opening theme's rapid-note figure. These two themes provide the raw material out of which Brahms, using traditional sonata form, creates the entire eloquent movement.
The slow movement theme, in the clarinet, is a love song, serene and dreamlike in character. The
viola countermelody, though, has tendrils reaching back to the previous movement. It comes from a figure played by the first violin just after the last statement ol the first movement theme, which is derived in turn, from the quintet's opening rapid-note figure. The middle section that follows is a wild, Hungarian-style improvisation for the clarinet, in which the muted strings are relegated to supplying a cimbalomlike accompaniment and sadly echoing the clarinet's impassioned flights of fancy. This section, too, is related both rhythmically and melodically to the opening phrase. After a return of the earliest part of the movement, the clarinet recalls once more the germinal initial motif.
The principal theme of the Andantino is an augmentation made up of fragments found within the now-familiar opening phrase, the group of notes 3, 4, 5, and the group of 10, 11, 12. After the clarinet spins out the broad melody, and the others join in for its expansion, the lighter, faster Presto begins--a high-spirited elaboration of the beginning notes of the Andantino theme. The clarinet ends this charming movement with a fleeting glimpse of the Andantino theme in its original form.
The finale is made up of a theme and five variations. The theme, similar in nature to the principal Andantino melody, is seamlessly woven between the first violin and clarinet and derives from the second, rocking motif of the opening melody. Each variation explores a different aspect of the theme, until in the fifth variation we become aware that we have come full circle--the last variation is also a modification of the opening subject of the first movement. Lest there be any doubt of what has happened, Brahms underscores the point by presenting the opening melody nearly in its original form in the coda. The journey is over--and we're back home!
The first performance of the quintet was given in Berlin by Muhlfeld and the Joachim Quartet on December 12, 1891. The work made such a deep impression on the audience that the musicians were recalled many times by enthusiastic applause and were finally compelled to repeat the Adagio movement before being allowed to leave the stage.
--Notes by Melvin Bergerfrom Guide to Chamber Music (AnchorDoubkday)
About the Artists
Velebrating 15 years of commitment to chamber music, the Emerson String Quartet
is one of the premiere chamber ensembles of our time. Acclaimed for its musicianship, artistry and dynamic performance style, the Quartet has amassed an impressive list of achievements: an exclusive Deutsche Grammophon recording contract, two Grammy Awards, for Best Classical Album and Best Chamber Music Performance, regular appearances with virtually every important series and festival world-wide, a schedule that includes over 100 concerts each season, and an international reputation as a quartet that approaches both the classics and contemporary music with equal ease and enthusiasm.
Their extensive 1992-93 anniversary season includes a series of concerts at New York City's Tisch Center for the Arts at the 92nd Street Y and performances as resident quartet of the Smithsonian Institution and the Hartt School of Music. The quartet will also be featured at Tanglewood in a program of Beethoven's "Razumovsky" Quartets and at Lincoln Center's Mostly Mozart Festival with Andre Previn. North American engagements include concerts in New York City's Alice Tully Hall, Boston, Houston, Dallas, Detroit, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Seattle, Baltimore, San Francisco, Montreal, New Orleans, and Los Angeles. They will tour Italy, Austria, Germany, Holland, Switzerland and Mexico and
will perform an all-Russian series with Mstislav Rostropovich at the Evian Festival in France.
In 1987, the Emerson signed an exclusive contract with Deutsche Grammophon, which brought the release of their Grammy Award-winning recording of Bartok's complete string quartets. In 1990 the Emerson received the Grammy for Best Classical Album and Gramophone Magazine's Record of the Year award. This was the first lime in the history of each award that a chamber music ensemble had ever received the lop prize. Forthcoming releases for DG include the Schubert Cello Quintet with Mstislav Rostropovich, the Schumann Piano Quintet and Schubert's "Trout" Quintet with Maria Joao Pires, Samuel Barber's Dover Beach with Thomas Hampson, and the complete string works of Anton Webern.
The Emerson String Quartet took its name from the great American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson in the U.S. Bicentennial year. Violinists Eugene Drucker and Philip Setzer were founding members and alternate in the first chair position; Lawrence Dutton joined the ensemble in 1977 and David Finckel became cellist of the quartet in 1979. The quartet has been the topic of two award-winning films and is featured on a laser disc released by Teledec. Tonight marks the Emerson String Quartet's third Ann Arbor appearance in less than four years.
"There are quartets that are different, but none that are better." -Dallas Morning News
Unsurpassed as a clarinet soloist," (Clarinet Magazine), David Shifrin has elicited the kind of ecstatic response usually reserved for keyboard virtuosos for his performances with orchestra, in recital and on recordings.
Much in demand as an orchestral soloist, Mr. Shifrin's orchestral appearances include the Philadelphia Orchestra, the Pittsburgh, Dallas, Houston, Denver, Kansas City, Edmonton, Toledo and Honolulu symphonies, the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra and the New York Chamber Symphony of the 92nd Street Y. He made his debuts with the Minnesota Orchestra, the Milwaukee Symphony and the Calgary Philharmonic during the 9091 season. Mr. Shifrin's solo recitals include appearances at Alice
Tully Hall, the 92nd Street Y and Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall in New York City and the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.
In March, 1992, after an extensive nation-wide search, Mr. Shifrin was appointed Artistic Director of the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center. A highly acclaimed chamber musician, he appears frequently with such distinguished ensembles as the Guarneri, Tokyo and Emerson string quartets. Mr. Shifrin is also Music Director of Chamber Music Northwest, the acclaimed summer chamber music festival in Portland, Oregon.
In May 1987, Mr. Shifrin was chosen to receive one of the prestigious Avery Fisher Career Grants, an award given to outstanding American artists. He is also a recipient of a Solo Recitalists Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts. Currently a professor of music at Yale University, he has also served on the faculties of the Juilliard School, the University of Southern California, the University of Michigan, the Cleveland Institute of Music and the University of Hawaii.
Mr. Shifrin's most recent recordings are the Copland Clarinet Concerto for AngclEMl (which received a 1989 Grammy nomination) and a BrahmsSchumann recital album for Delos. He has also recorded for the Nonesuch, Arabesque, Vanguard, CRI and Chamber Northwest Collectors Series labels.
This evening marks Mr. Shifrin's fifth concert for the University Musical Society. He most recently performed in Ann Arbor in 1990 with the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center.
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Sprecher E. Lloyd and Theodore J. St.
Neil and Burnelte Staebler Eric and Virginia Stein Dr. and Mrs. Alan Sleiss W.F. Stolper
Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Strasius Dr. Jean K. Takeuchi Richard G. Teske Mary H. Thieme Tom and Judy Thompson
Mrs. Mischa Titiev Jonathan Trobe and Joan
Lowenstcin Andrew T. Turrisi 111 Alvan and Kalherine Uhlc Joe and Eleanor Voldrich Dr. Detlof von Berg John and Maureen Voorhees Bruce and Raven Wallace Robin and Harvey Wax Deborah Webster and George
Robert and Darrogh Weisman Angela and Lyndon Welch Alice and Ira Wheatley B. Joseph and Mary White Janet F. While Mrs. Elizabeth Wilson Marion T. Wirick Linda and Thomas Fitzgerald Mr. and Mrs. Peter Wirth Dr. Grant J. Wilhey Noreen Ferris and Mark
Wolcotl Charlotte Wolfe Dr. and Mrs. Ira S. Wollner Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Wooll Stan and Pris Wool lams Charles R. and Jean L. Wright Don and Charlotte Wyche Mr. and Mrs. A. Michael
Young Mr. and Mrs. Edwin H.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Ziegler Martin and Nancy
Victor Adamo and Michelle
Tim and Leah Adams Jody Alexander Mrs. John Alexander Charles D. Allen James and Catherine Allen Mr. and Mrs. David Aminoff Hugh B. and Margaret S.
Anderson Thomas J. and Mary E.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Ashe Mr. and Mrs Dan E Atkins
Nancy and Eric M. Aupperle Michael Avsharian Charlene and Eugene Axelrod Donald and Shirley Axon Jerald and Virginia Bachman Robert L. Baird Barbara and Daniel Balbach M. A. Baranowski Donald C. Barnette, Jr. Leonard and Mary Baron Mr and Mrs. Mark
Banholomy Robert M. Becklcy and Judy
Dinesen Mr. Ralph Beebe
Robert B. Beers
Soly S. Bencuya
Harry and Betty Benford
Alice R. Bensen
Ronald and Linda Benson
Ruth Ann and Stuart J.
Bergstein Mrs. S.E. Berki Mr. and Mrs. Abraham
Judith and Edward Berne Gene and Kay Berrodin Eric and Doris Billes Sally Lynch Binard Joan and Howard Binkow William and llene Birge Drs. Ronald C and Nancy V.
Bill and Susan Black Marshall J. Blondy, M D. H. Harlan Bloomer Dr. and Mrs. Lynn W. Blunt Amal H. Bogary BeverlyJ. Bole Lee C. Bolltnger and Jean
Magnano Bollinger Mark D. Bomia Drs. Laurence and Grace
Dr. and Mrs Ralph Bozell William Brashear Cy and Luan Briefer Mr. Robert P. Briggs Ms. Tess Brioness Ms. Carol S. Brodbeck Donald R. and June C. Brown Morton B. and Raya Brown John M. and Mary Brueger Mrs. Webster Brumbaugh Sibyl Burling Mr. and Mrs. Richard J.
Burstein Marilyn Buss
Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Butsch LetittaJ. Byrd
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Campbell Mr. and Mrs. David Caplan Mr. and Mrs. Edwin F.
Jim and Priscilla Carlson Mr. and Mrs. John Carow Jeannelle and Robert 1. Carr Dr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Cerny Ms. Kathran Chan Bill and Susan Chandler Mr. and Mrs. Tsun Chang Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas G.
Chapekis, Sr. Joan and Mark Chesler Edward and Rebecca
Chudacoff Nancy Cilley Irene W. Cleveland Mr. John Clifford Alice S. Cohen Dr. and Mrs. Francis S.
Alfred and Georgia Conard Graham H. Conger
Alan and Belie Cotzin Karen E. Cowles David and Myrtle Cox Clifford and Laura Craig Marjorie A. Cramer Margo Crisi Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey L.
Jean and James I. Crump Pedro and Carol Cuatrecasas Audrey and Edward Curtis Dean and Mrs. John H
Nathalie and John R. Dale Orien Dalley Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Damschroder Jane and Gawaine Dan Dr. and Mrs. Charles
Davenport Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W.
Ed and Ellie Davidson Dr. Lining Davidson James H. and Elizabeth W.
Roy C. and Donna B. Davis Ms Gail Davis-Barnes Ms. Pamela M. Day Ferol and H.T. Decker Kenneth and Judith
DeWoskin Norma Diamond Nelson and Eleanor Dingle Dr. and Mrs. Edward R
James and Patsy Donahey Thomas and Esther Donahue Fred and Michele Doner Thomas Doran Dr. and Mrs. Richard Dorr Roland and Diane Drayson Mr. John J. Dryden and Ms.
Diana Raimi Nancy Griffin DuBois Ivan and Betty Anne Duff Duane F. Dunlap and Laura
M. Merrihew
Richard F. Dunn Robert D. Durfy Mr. and Mrs. William G.
Morgan and Sally Edwards Dr. and Mrs. Andrew C.
Judge and Mrs. S.J. Elden Mrs. Genevieve Ely Dr. and Mrs. J. L. Epstein Mr. and Mrs. Donald
Eschman Joel Evilsizer Adele Ewell Mr. and Mrs. Robert B Fair,
Karen and Mark Falahee Dr. and Mrs. Harvey Falit Ms. Diane S. Farber Gerald E. Faye Phil and Phyllis Fellin Mrs. Beth B. Fischer
Winifred Fisher
Dr. and Mrs. MelvinJ.
Richard and Marie Flanagan Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Foniheim Mr. and Mrs. Howard P. Fox Julia M. Freer Richard and Vivian French Dean and Aviva Friedman Randy Friedman Joanna and Richard Friedman Gail Frames Mr. Mack Fuhrer Jane Galamowicz Bernard and Enid Galler Mrs. Don Gargaro Stanley and Priscilla Gam Mr. and Mrs. Garnet R.
Garrison Helen Gay Drs. Steve Geiringer and
Karen Baniel Dr. and Mrs. Thomas
Michael Gerstenberger Allan Gibbard and Beth
Dr. and Mrs. Paul W. Gikas Drs John and Marcia Gilroy Albert and Ameda Girod Dr. David W. Gnegy Drs. Vijay and Sara
Goburdhun LauraJ. Gold, M.D. Mr. Alben L Goldberg Clara Ellen Gonter Adon A. Gordus Mr. and Mrs. Robert C.
Bertha M. Green Lila and Bob Green Shirley Greene Joel E. and Carol Greenisen Daphne and Raymond Grew Mr. and Mrs James R. Griffith Werner H. Grilk Arthur W. Gulick, M.D. Dr. Howard B. Gutstein Don P. Haefner and Cynthia J.
Mr. David Hakes Margo Halsted Dora E. Hampel Ken Harbour Dorothy J. Hart M.Jean Haner
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Hayes Mr. Charles Heard Professor Jeffrey Heath Kenneth and Jeanne
Heininger John L. Henkel and Jacqueline
Mr and Mrs. Ralph Herbert Hershey Family Dr.JackHochglaube, M.D.,
Joanne and Charles Hocking Louise Hodgson
Dr. and Mrs. James D.
Robert and Frances Hoffman Dr. Carol E. Holden and Mr.
Kurt Zimmer Ken and Joyce Holmes Mr. and Mrs. William B.
Fred and Betty House Graham and Mary Jean Hovey Harry and Ruth Huff Ronald R. and Gail H.
Humphrey Ann D Hungerman Marilyn C. Hunting Mr and Mrs. Russell L. Hurst Mr Stuart Hyke Stuart A. Isaac Mr. and Mrs. Alan Israel Esther Ann Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Z. J. Jania Emil H. and Norma R. Jebe Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Jelinek John M.Jenks Jim and Dale Jerome Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E.
Ms. Cherylann Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Donald L.
Mark Johnson, M.D. Paul and Olga Johnson John and Linda K. Jonides Dr. and Mrs. Mark S.
Kaminski Julian M. Kaplin Mr. Alsushi Kawasaki Ms. Janice Keller Milton G. Kendrick Mr. John B. Kennard, Sr. Frank and Patricia Kennedy Thomas E. Kenncy and Linda
D. Atkins Shake Ketefian Donald F. and Mary A. Kiel Drs. Paul and Dana Kissner James and Jane Kister Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Klose Kay Delle Koch Michael E. Korybalski Dimitri and Suzanne
Kosacheff Mr. and Mrs. Arnold H.
Mr. John Kufta Ms. Kathy Kurtz Dr. and Mrs. Bert La Du.Jr. Carl F. and Ann L. La Rue Mr. and Mrs. John Laird Mr. and Mrs. Seymour R.
Myroslav Lapchak George and Beth Lavoie Mrs. Kent W. Leach Mr. and Mrs. Charles E.
Leahy Mr. and Mrs. Charles F.
Lehmann Ms. Sue Leong
Bobbie and Myron Levine
Dr. and Mrs. Frederick S. Lim
Naomi E. Lohr
Mr. and Mrs. E. Daniel Long
Ms. Rona Lum
Fran Lyman
Edward and Barbara Lynn
William and Judith Lynn
Donald and Doni Lystra
Dr. and Mrs James C.
MacBain Susan E. Macias Mr. Chun Mah Geoffrey and Janei Maher Suzanne and Jay Mahler Roseann and Donald
Claire and Richard Malvin Drs. Michael and Pamela
Marcoviiz Dr. and Mrs. Edwin L.
Alice and Bob Marks Robert and Marjorie Marshall Rhoda and William Martel Dr. and Mrs. J.E Martin Dr. and Mrs. Josip
Malovinovic Ms. Marilyn A. Mazanec Margaret E. McCarthy Dores M. McCree Mr. Ron McCullough W. Joseph McCune and
Georgiana M. Sanders Elaine J. McFadden Norman E. and Mary Mclver Bill and Ginny McKeachie Jerry and Rhona Meislik Tern and Alan Mellow Bettie and Robert Metcalf Mr. Gordon R. Metzger Professor and Mrs. Donald
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Michael Mr. and Mrs. Francis L.
Michaels Robert R. and Frances H.
Tim and Pal Miller Dr. and Mrs. James C.
Mitchiner Rosalie E. Moore Arnold and Gail Morawa Mr. James N. Morgan Dr. and Mrs. George W.
Anne Moroun Dr. and Mrs. James V. Neel Ms. Nancy S. Neubacher Wallace and Laura Newcomb Mrs. Hulda Novak Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Oncley Mr. and Mrs. David W. Osier Helen L. Osicrlm Dr. David G. Oslrow Mrs. John Panchuk Richard C. Patterson Ara and Shirley Paul P. D. Pawelski
Mr. Sumer Pek Roy Penchansky and
Elizabeth W. Bales Mr. and Mrs. Leo Petrosky Jim and Julie Phelps Mr. and Mrs. Frederick R.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Pierce Sharon McKay Pignanelli Jaine and Barry Pilt Donald and Evonne Plantinga Mr. and Mrs. Robert H.
Martin A. Podolsky Norman and Anna Mary
Mary and Robert Pratt Jacob M. Price Ernst Pulgram Ms. Mary F. Rabaut Dr. and Mrs. Robert Rapp Laurie A. and Haran Craig
Rashes Robert H and Betty A.
Rasmussen Susan L. Rasmussen Kaihcrine R. Reebel Mr. Donald H. Regan and Ms.
Elizabeth Axelson Dorothy R. and Stanislav
Rehak Mr and Mrs. Stephen P.
Reinhart Paul Rice
Dr. Barbara C. Richardson Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Richart Ms. Constance Rinehart Mary Ann Ritter Dave and Joan Robinson Harry A Rommel Dr. Susan Rose and Mr. Robin
Rose Gusiave and Jacqueline
Rosseels Jonathan Rubin and Gretta
Mr. John F. Rudd Mabel E. Rugen Mr. and Mrs. William F.
Mr. and Mrs James D Ryan Dolores and Thomas E. Ryan Mitchell and Carole Rycus Theodore and Joan Sachs Amy Saldinger and Robert
John and Reda Sanlinga Bill Zirinsky and Ruth
Courtland and Inga Schmidt Marshall S. Schuster, D.O. Ms. Patricia H. Schwartz Richard and Susan Shackson Mr. and Mrs. Kinikant Shah Dr. and Mrs. J. N Shanberge Brahm and Lorraine Shapiro Stuart E. Sheill Ms. Sharon Shelton Msgr. William J. Sherzer Howard and Aliza Shevrin
Hollis and Martha Showalter Douglas and Barbara Sidcrs James Sidor Dr. Bruce M. Siegan Milton and Gloria Siegel Ken Silk and Peggy
Gene and Alida Silverman Frances and Scott Simonds Donald and Susan Sinta Stephen Skelley Ms. Anne Sullivan Smith Cynthia J. Sorensen Rcnate and Richard Soulen Ms. Ellen Sparks Mr. and Mrs. H.W. Spendlove Jeff Spindler Mr. Ward H. Squires Dr. Phoebe Stanzler Betty and Harold Stark Kaihryn J. Stebbins and Dr.
William C. Stebbins Diane Stevens James L. Stoddard Mr. and Mrs. Willis Stoick Mr. and Mrs. LouisJ. Stout Ellen M Strand and Dennis
C. Regan Joe Stroud and Kathleen
Mrs. William H. Siubbins DeVere and Zita Sturm Ms. Barbara Sullivan Mrs. J. Wilner Sundelson Joan C. Susskind Alfred S. and Selma Sussman Richard and June Swartz Waldo and Betty Sweet Mr. Massi Takeda Brian and Lee Talbot Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Taylor Eva and Sam Taylor George and Mary Tewksbury Catherine and Norman
Thobum Bonnie and Bradley M.
Thompson J. Mills Thornton III Mr. and Mrs. Theodore
Mr and Mrs. W Paul Tippett Dr. and Mrs. Merlin C.
Penny and John Tropman Paul and Barbara Trudgen Dr. and Mrs. Vincent J.
Ms. Carol Turner Joyce A. Urba and David J
Michael L. Van Tassel William C. Vassell Mrs. Durwell Vetter Weston E. Vivian Mr. and Mrs. Theodore R.
Carolyn and Jerry Voight Mrs. Nancy Wacker
Warren H. and Florence S.
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Wan Richard S. Walinski Patricia Walsh Ms. Ann E. Wallon Dr. and Mrs. J. Wardner Charles and Ruih Walls Dr. and Mrs. Alan Weamer Christine L Webb Willes H. and Kathleen
Weber Ju Lin Wei Raoul Weisman Mr. and Mrs. Stanfield Wells.
P.,M.J.,C.,andA. Wcstcn Scott and Marcy Weslerman Richard and Beth Wexner Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel
Whiteside Mr. Carl Widmann Father Francis E. Williams John Troy Williams Ms. Dorothy N. Wilson Professor and Mrs. Charles
Richard and Dixie Woods Ms. Linda L. Wotting Mr. and Mrs. David Wright Phyllis Wright MaryGrace and Tom York Christine Young and Alex
Halliday John G. and Elizabeth F.
Ms. Donna Benson Zajonc Martin and Gertrude Zeile Frank and Elaine Zimmerman Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G.
Zollars Gail and David Zuk
JoAnn Aebersold
Judge and Mrs. William F.
Ager Michihiko and Hiroko
Michael and Suzan Alexander Mr. and Mrs. Gordon E.
Mr. and Mrs. Harold F. Allen Forrest Alter Ms. Enne Amann Richard Amdur and Daniela
Wiltmann Pamela Amidon Ms. Anne Andersen Mr. and Mrs. Charles T.
Sandra and David Anderson Mr. Edwin Anderson Catherine M. Andrea Dr. Lyle and Shirley Andress Tammy K. Anlonucci Ms. Carolyn Amal Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E.
Arnett lohn and Kristina Arundel
Ms. Akira Asano
Dr. and Mrs. Allan A. Ash
Dr. and Mrs. Peicr Ash
Doris E. Anaway
John and Rosemary Austgen
Dr and Mrs. Noyes L. Avery
Professor and Mrs. Reeve
Hugh E. Baker Gary N. Barber Leonard Barkan Ms. Nancy S. Barnetl Norman E. and Mary E.
Joan W. Barth Karen and Karl Banschl Mrs. Beverley M. Baskins Harold F. Baui Florence N. Beach Mary T. Beckerman Henry J. Bednarz Mary-Martha and William
Tamar and Harel Beii-On Dale and Joan Bell Mr. Roben Bell
Dr. and Mrs. Walter Benenson Dr. and Mrs. William
Benninghoff Mr. and Mrs. Ib Benlzen-
Bilkvist Helen V. Berg
Reuben and Barbara Levin Bergman
Mark and Pauline Bernhard Andrew H. Berry, DO. Robert Hunt Berry Ralph and Mary Beuhler Narendra K. & Nishtha G.
Bhatia Bharat C. and Patsy A.
Bhushan Roderick Bieber and
Catherine McMichael Dr. and Mrs. John C. Bilcllo Ms. Gayle Birdsong Kathleen Crispell Blackmer John E. Bloom Mr. and Mrs. Francis X.
Ms. Sondra Bobross Mrs. Gretla Bocciardi Ronald and Mimi Bogdasarian Robert and Shirley Boone Paul D. Borman Dr. and Mrs. Morris Bomstein John D. and M. Leora Bowden Robert and Jan Bower Dean Paul C. Boylan Paul and Anna Bradley John F Brandmeier and
Lynda M. McMillin Mr. Robert L. Bree Marilyn and Donald Breiter Ruth M Brend George and Lucia Brewer Prof, and Mrs. Dale E. Briggs Mark and Judith Bromberg Razelle and George Brooks
William M. and Sandra
Mr. and Mrs. Olin L. Browdcr Katherine Brown Linda Brown and Joel
Ms. Stephanie J. Brown Mr and Mrs. Edward W.
Dr. and Mrs. Donald Bryant Ms. Rinh Bucsh Fred and Julia Buesser Joseph F. Burke Marjorie H. Burnell Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cady Ms. Diana Campbell Ross and Bev Campbell Dr. Ruth Cantieny Dennis and Kathleen
Philip C Carpenter Ms. Margaret W. Carroll Mark A. Case
Brenda and Michael Casher Joanne C. Ceru Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Chandler Mr and Mrs. Kee Man Chang Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Choate Maggie and Toby Citrin Patty Clare and Helen Graves Joseph F. Clayton Earl Clemens Mr. and Mrs. J. Climer Mr. and Mrs. R. N. Coe Dorothy Burke Coffey Jan and Carl Cohen Hubert and Ellen Cohen Eleanor S. Collins Ms. Joan K. Connell Dr. and Mrs. William W.
Mr. Joell P. Cooper Ann and Russell Copeman Robert and Charlotte Copp Herbert Couf Morton and Mary Sue Cox Mary Crawford Dr. Mary C. Crichton James E. Crooks Richard J. Cunningham Janice and Donald Culler Roderick and Mary Ann
Marylee Dalton Lee and Millie Danielson Sunil and Menal Das Mr. and Mrs Robert M.
May and Morris Davidson Ruth and Bruce Davis William and Susan Dergis Raymond A. Detter Marnce and John DeVine Elaine and Gordon Didier Mr. Tom Diskin Douglas and Ruth Doane Mr. Gary J. Dolce and Ms.
Karen E. Yamada
Mrs. BcverlyJ. Dood
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Dreffs
Allan and Cecilia Dreyfuss
Thomas and Edilh Dunn
George C. and Roberta R. Earl
Mona East
Herb and Hildegard Ebell
Dwight and Mary Ellen Eckler
Ms. Barbara Edwards
The Rev. and Mrs. Ralph A.
Dr. and Mrs. Irwin Eisenfeld Barry and Joyce Eisenstein David A. Eklund Sol and Judith Elkin Ms. Kaihryn Foster Elliott Dr. and Mrs. Charles Ellis Ethel and Sheldon Ellis James Ellis and Jean Lawton Ns. Jean Ellis Mr. and Mrs. H. Michael
Endres Ellen Wagner and Richard
Lawrence J. Ernsi Mr. Don Faber Mary K. Fancher Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Feely Mr. and Mrs. John Feikens Reno and Nancy Feldkamp Mr. and Mrs. Dennis
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin G. Fiegel Ms. Clare M. Fingerle Clarisse Finkbeiner Mrs. Carl H. Fischer Larry and Carol Files Linda and Thomas Fitzgerald George and Kaihryn Foltz David A. Fox and Paula L.
Bockenstedt Leo and Dianna Fox Mr. and Mrs. Larry Frank Tom S. Frank Selma and Newton L.
Richard and Joann Freethy Otto W. and Helga B. Freitag Linda and Larry French Rebecca and Bruce Gaffney Mr. and Mrs. George J. Gallas Mr. and Mrs. Robert R
Mrs. Shirley H. Garland Janet and Charles Garvin Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J.
Germane Leonore Gerstein W. Scott Gerstenberger and
Elizabeth A. Sweet Mrs. Sidney F. Giles Dr. and Mrs. Gary Gillespie Ms. Lydia Gilmour Beverly Jeanne Giltrow Edward and Judith Glass Gary and Rachel Glick Dennis and Jayne Glocke Peter and Roberta Gluck
Ed and Mona Goldman Martha Mayo and Irwin J.
Steve and Nancy Goldstein Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell A.
Goodkin Ms. Jean Gordon Jesse and Aniira Gordon William and Jean Gosling Naomi Gottlieb Dr. and Mrs. Serge Gratch Helen Graves and Patty Clare Whit and Svea Gray Dr. and Mrs. LazarJ.
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Gribble Susan and Mark Griffin Mrs. John Griffith Mr and Mrs. Atlee L. Grillot Marshall J. and Ann C.
Henry M. Grix Laurie Gross
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Grotrian Cyril Grum and Cathy
Doris and Harvey Guthrie Dorothy S. Haake Ms. Lynn Haeussler Mr. Richard Hainer James and Veronica Haines Amiya and Mandipeepa Hajra Ms. BarbaraJ. Hall Mr. Patrick C. Hall Marc and Jill Halman Mrs. Frederick G. Hammiu David and Patricia Hanna Ms Joanne J. Hansen
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn A. Harder
Laurelynne and George Hams Mr. and Mrs. Robert Harris Kathleen A. Han Mr. William G. Haner John and Anita Hartmus Marie D. Hartwig Elizabeth C. Hassinen William F. Haydcn Wendel and Nancy Heers Mr. and Mrs. Albert Heinrich Dr. and Mrs Albert E. Heins James and Esther Heitler Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J.
Helmick Margaret and Waller
Hclmreich Norma and Richard
Henderson Karl P. Henkel Ewa and Michael Hepner Mr. and Mrs Albert Hermalin Mr. and Mrs Ramon R.
Hernandez Ron Herrcma Dr. and Mrs. Clark
Herrington Sandra L. Higgins Mr. and Mrs. Stu Hilben
Loma and Mark Hildebrandt
Ceilon Hill
David and Barbara Hill
Ms. Yoshiko Hill
John and Florence Hinman
Dr. and Mrs. Laurence Ho
Lynn L. Hobbs
Jane and Dick Hoemer
Carol and Dieter Hohnke
David and Joan Hollinger
John F and Mary Helen Holt
Dr. Ronald and Ann Holz
Nina Homel
Mr. and Mrs. Harry H.
Jack and Davetta Horner Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Horwitz Dr. Nancy Houk Mr. Shixin Hu Kenneth Hulsing Raymon and Sylvia Hunt Eileen and Saul Hymans Ms. Juko Imai Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Imredy Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Jackson Mrs. Nancy Bird Jacobson Marilyn and J. Dale Jeffs Ms. Shwujingjeng James S. Johnson Judith and Joseph E. Johnson Ms. Thelma Johnson Wilma Johnson Elizabeth M. Jones Mrs. Emest A. Jones Dominic M. Justewicz Mr. and Mrs. Irving Kao Mr. and Mrs. Franklin H.
Alex and Phyllis Kato Ms. Elizabeth Kaufman Mr. and Mrs. Martin
Suzanne Kaufman Mary Kemme Mr. James Kent Mr. Tim Killackey Mr. Joosang Kim William and JoAnn
Kimbrough Jeanne M. Kin Mr and Mrs. William H.
Kincaid John S King Ms. Martha Kinney Drs. Susan A. Kirkpairick and
W. Foster Thompson Klair H. Kissel Shira and Steven Klein Mr. Loren Klcvering Dr. Kevin E. and Mrs. Terri
A. Klimek Dr. and Mrs William L.
Knapp, M.D.
Glenn and Shirley Knudsvig Seymour Koenigsberg Lai-Cheng Kong Mr. and Mrs. Dirk F.
Linda and Melvyn Korobkin Mr. Chris Korow Alan and Sandra Konesoja Jerome and Geraldine Koupal Ms. Karen M. Koupal Jean and Dick Kraft Lillian M. Krezel Syma and Phi! Kroll John A. and Justine Krsul Mr. and Mrs. George H. Kuper
Dr. Stephen G. Landau Janet Landman Guy and Taffy Larcom Richard and Neva Larson Edward W. Lauer Ted and Wendy Lawrence Richard E. LeSueur Ms. Deborah Lewis Professor Donald J. and
Carolyn Dana Lewis Ms. Carolyn Lewis-Sione Dr. David J. Lieberman Mr. Clifford P. Lillya George and Mary Lindquist Dr. and Mrs. Richard
Nathan and Eleanor Lipson Mr. Mikhail Livshits Dr and Mrs. F. A. Locke Stephen and Kay D. Loftus C. Longacre and M. Wilens Art and Pearl Longmate Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Lord Mr. Jack Losee Lawrence and Susan Loucka Bruce and Pat Loughry Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Lovelace Jonathan and Beth Denenberg
Lynn Bennett Luckenbach Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Maassab James and Susan MacBride Donald and Barbara
MacCallum Ms. Marcy MacMahan Mr. and Mrs. Alan B. Macnee Reverend and Mrs. Philip
Rodgers Magee Sally Maggio Gertrude Maglott Ronald Majewski and Mary
Hedy K. Malki Mikhail Malkin Nancy and Philip Margolis Mr. and Mrs. Greg Marks Ms. Mary Martel Cmdr. and Mrs. Timothy H
Marvin H.L Mason Yasuko Matsudo Mary and Chandler Matthews Larry and Rowena Matthews Mr. and Mrs. William J.
Maxbauer Mr. and Mrs. Earl M. Mayer
Susan C. Guszynski and
Gregory F. Mazure Josephine C. Mazzolini Ernest and Adele McCarus Kenneth and Martha
Mr. and Mrs. McConvillc David and Claire McCubbrey Mr. Thomas McDonald JohnJ. McGowan Steve McKenny Mr. and Mrs. Edw. G.
McKinley Daniel and Madelyn
Donald and Elizabeth McNair Edward Mehier Dr. and Mrs. Donald A. Meier Samuel and Alice Meisels Helen F. Meranda Rev. Harold L. Merchant,
D.D. Henry D. Messer and Carl A.
House Lisa A. Mets
Charles and Helen Metzner Mr. and Mrs. Herbert M.
Mr. Victor L. Meyers Chyi-Chang Miao William and Joan Mikkelscn Florence H. Miller Jack and Carmen Miller Dr. and Mrs. Josef M. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Murray H.
Kristine Miller-Pinti Ms. Tonia Millstein William G. and Edith Moller Mr. and Mrs. Karl Mono Susan and Stanley Monroe Patricia A. Montgomery Man-in and Karen Moran Kittie Berger Morelock Beatrice G Morgan Dr. and Mrs. Richard A.
Ms. Nancy Morrison Brian and Jacqueline Morton Mary K. Moss Sophia J. Mrozinski Trevor Mudge and Janet Van
Valkenburg Mrs. Erwin Muehlig Janet Muhleman Dr. and Mrs. Bernhard Muller John W. and Ruth A. Munger Tom Munha and Stefanie
Lenway Lora G. Myers Ms. Linda Nadeau Yoshiko Nagamatsu Louis and Julie Nagel Ruth Nagler Elizabeth R. Neidhardt Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Nesbitl Wilma Newton Ms. Lisa Nielsen Dr. and Mrs John C. Nixon
Bonnie and Andrew Nolan Mr. C. C. Noordhoorn Carol and Dennis Norton Mr. Aisushi Nozoe Mr. Frank Okoh Maury Okun Nels and Mary Olson Lillian G. Ostrand Mr. and Mrs. James R.
Packard John Palmer
George and Manha P. Pally Janei Parkes
Evans and Charlene Parrou Mary Parsons Mr. and Mrs. William A.
Mr. William R. Paulson Anita H. Payne Dr. and Mrs. M. Joseph
Pearson Mr. Solli Peng
Nancy and Bradford Perkins Susan A. Perry Ruth and James Persons Doris 1. Persyn Mr. Ellsworth M. Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Albert F.
Roy and Winnifred Pierce Susan Picrson Dr. and Mrs. James F.
Dr. and Mrs. Bertram Pitt Mrs. Patricia Pitts Thomas and Sandra Plunkell Mr. Albert M. Pollmar Marc and Nancy Possley Mr. and Mrs. Gerald
John and Nancy Prince Julian and Evelyn Prince David and Stephanie Pyne Dr. Ellen Quart Mrs. Tad Rae
Steve and Ellen Ramsburgh Rhoda Rankin Ethel Rathbun Dr. and Mrs. Mark Rayport La Vonne and Gary Reed Russell and Nancy Reed Anthony L. Reffells Caroline Rehberg Waller A. Reichan Mr. and Mrs. Frederick
Dr. and Mrs. Edwin Rennell Mr. and Mrs. Warren
Rcntschler Rachel Rcsnick Alice Rhodes Ms. Judy Ripple Mr. Jerry Robbins Doug and Kathy Roberts Marjorie and Don Robinson Jonathan and Anala Rodgers Mary K Roeser
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Rogers Dr. and Mrs. Leslie W. Rogers John H. Romani Bernard and Barbara Rosen Milton and Marlene
Rosenbaum Elva Rosenzweig Ms. Karin Hunt Roth and Mr.
Richard Roth
Mr. Christopher H Rothko Dianne Rubin George and Matilda Rubin Mr. Robert Roger Rudd Grace Ruggles John Paul Rutherford James and Ellen Saalberg Sandra and Doyle Samons Miriam and Fred Samson Ina and Terry Sandalow Howard and Lili Sandier
Gar)' R and Arlene W.
Dr. and Mrs George Sayre Jochen and Helga Schachl Bonnie R. Schafer Mr and Mrs. Alan Schall Suzanne Schluedcrberg Ms. Elizabeth Schmitt Sue Schroeder Mar)' L. Schuetie Albert and Susan Schullz Aileen and Earl Schulze Dr. and Mrs. John Segall Ms. Handan Selamoglu Gerda Seligson Edward Senninger Mr. and Mrs. George H.
Robert L Shaffer Mr. Fred Shapiro David and Elvera Shappirio Maurice and Lorraine
Ivan and Judith Sherick Joan L. Shillis Janet E. Shultz John and Arlene Shy Paul and Pamela Sieving Ron and Sheila Silver Dorit and Terry Silver Sandy and Dick Simon Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sims Donald and Sharyn Sivyer lrma J. Sklenar and Robert
John Sklenar Mr. Juergen Skoppek Ms. Mary E. Slantz Mrs. Beverly N. Slater Mr Richard J. Smalling Dr. and Mrs. Gregory Smith Stephanie Smith Ms. Virginia Smith Mr. Derek Snyder Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Speer Ms. Barbara Spencer Mary Stadel
Mr. and Mrs Ralph Stahman David and Ann Staiger
Julie and Charles Sieedman Steven M. Stein, M.D. Dr. Michael and Helene
Steinberg Ms. Jan Stephens Joan Starkweather Stern Ms. Lynette Slindt and Mr.
Craig S. Ross
Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Stoermer Mr. and Mrs. DennisJ. Stoffer Dr. and Mrs. Robert Stoler Mrs. Ruth B. Stone Phillip and Roberta Stormont-
Mr. James Robert Stout, Sr. Kaiherine and Ralph Stribe Aileen and Clinton E Stroebel Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Stulberg Drs. Eugene Su and Christin
Carter-Su Edward Surovell and Natalie
Mr and Mrs. Earl G. Swain John and Ida Swigart Suzanne Tainter and Ken
Mr. and Mrs. Marcel Thirman Carol and Jim Thiry Edwin J. Thomas Ms. Patricia Thomas Jean Thomburg Charles and Peggy Tieman Edna W. Townsend James Toy Bob and Mary Trask Kathleen Treciak and
Timothy Hill Sarah Trinkaus Mr. and Mrs. Louis Trubshaw Irene Truesdell Bingrung Tsai Ms. Merling Tsai Irving and Barbara Tukel Lisa and Jeffrey Tulin-Silver James and Julianne Turner William H. and Genlyn K
Turner Mr. and Mrs. Herbert H.
Upton Brian A. and Susan R
Emmanuel-George Vakalo The Van Appledorns Rebecca W. Van Dyke Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Van
Lia and Bram Van Leer Mr. Dik van Meerten Barbara and Henry
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Vaughn Terrc Voegeli Judith R. Voisine Charles and Barbara Wallgren Robert D. and Liina M. Wallin Mr. Forrest VValpolc Joseph C. Wallers Eric and Sherry Warden Dr. Max Warren
Ms. Margaret Warrick Lorraine and Sidney
Warschausky Alice and Many Warshaw Edward C. Weber Mrs. Joan D. Weber John and Marianne Webster Dr. Jerrold and Deanna
Weinberg Donna G. Weisman Mr. and Mrs Gerald
Jack and Mary Welch Dr. Sleven Wems Carol F. Westerman Ken and Cherry Westerman Evie and Vem Wheat Cindy White
James Boyd and Mary F. While
Nicholas and Patricia White
Mr. Wayne Wiitanen
Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Wilcox
Carroll and Dorothy Williams
Edwyn Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph G. Williams
Raymond C Williams
Ms. Diane Willis
Ms. Barbara Windsor
Donna Winkelman and Thomas Easlhope
Mr. and Mrs. E. Winter
Mr. James H. Winter
Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence D.
Janet and Robert Wolfe Patricia and Rodger Wolff Richard E. and Muriel Wong Leonard and Sharon
Woodcock Barbara H. Wooding Israel and Fay Woronoff Frances A. Wright Ernst Wuckert Theophile and Barbara M.
Ben and Fran Wylie Mr. Jeff Yeargain Sandra and Jonathan Yobbagy Mr. Frank Youkstetter Ms. Linda Youmans Mrs. Anlonetie Zadrozny Robert and Charlene R. Zand Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Zeisler Paul and Yvonne Zenian Robert Zimmerman, M.D. Dr. and Mrs. George Zissis David S. and Susan H. Zurvalec
Charles and Sharon Akre
Dr. Roger Albin
Ms. Sarah K. Albright
Ms. Kelly Allen
Ms. Anne Alwin
Mr. James M. Andersen
Mr. James Anderson and Ms.
Lisa Walsh Ms. Angela Andresen Mary C. Arbour Jill B and ThomasJ
Archambeau, M.D. David and Susan Asplin Mr. David August Ronald and Anna Marie
Henry and Grace Bachofer Ms. Maureen A. Balke John W. H. Bartholomew Mr. Brian Batley Margarete Baum Jim Beck and Katie Home David and Mary Anne
Dr. Rosemary R. Berardi Mr. Eric Berg Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence S.
Berlin Mr. and Mrs. William L.
An and Betty J. Blair Mr. Bruce P. Block Mr. Joseph Blotner Mrs. Wallace J. Bonk Mr. Donald Bord James and Linda Bowman Ken and Mary Bowman Kalhryn L. Bradley Thomas W. Brandt Mr. and Mrs. Harold L. Brauc Ms. Lynn Bridges Mr. Charles C. Brown Mr. Robert W. Brown Robert and Carolyn Burack William and Rosalie Burns Senator and Mrs. Gilbert E.
Michele Bushaw Dan and Virginia Butler Shelly Calfin Ms. Eileen Callam Fisher Ms. Carol J. Campbell Ms. Susan Cares Ms. Kimberly Carlisle Mr. Blair Carlson Mrs. Mildred F. Carron Mr and Mrs Ezra Cassel Jack Cederquist Linda F. Chaikin Ann Chapman Evelyn M. Chase Peter and Doris Chelune Mr. Chih-ming Chiang Mr. Jong-Wang Chow Miss Sallie Churchill Ms. Janice A. Clark Dr. and Mrs. Charles
Ms. Kathryn L. Cline Ms. Jennifer Coble Ms. Katherine Coffey Phil Cole Ms. Joan Colladay Mr Michael Collins
Fernando and Lois Colon
Mr. Ralph and Gerry Conti
Jeff Cooper and Peggy Daub
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Cooper
Ms. Judith Cox
Ms. Shelley Winters Cranmer
Henry and Iracema Crawford
Dr. and Mrs. Orlo L. Crissey
Mrs. Lora Crombez
Dr. and Mrs. Francis M. Daly
Ms. Marie Davis
Ms. Mary T. De Wan
Elizabeth Delaney
Ms. DustiJ. Demarest
Ms. Judith Demick
Don and Pam Devine
Mr. Gil Diesendruck
Dr. and Mrs. Preston V.
Jana and Matteo diTommaso Jerry and Patti Dobbs Helen M. Dobson Father Timothy J.
Dombrowski Dorothy K Donahue Joy G. Doss
Donald and Joanne Drow Dan and Linda Dubay Mr. and Mrs. Harold Dunn Mr. Jerry Dyer and Ms. Elaine
Elsie J. Dyke
Ruth Eckstein
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E.
Mr. Edward V. Egen Ms. Suzy M. Engleberg Tom and Denise A. Erhan Ms. Toni Estrellado The Rev. and Mrs. Douglas
Karen and Gregory Farris Mr. Thomas Fayfer Drs. George and Susan Fee Sheila Feld
Dorothy Gitlleman Feldman Barbara L. Ferguson Mr. Ernesto Figueroa Carol and Aaron Finerman Mr Ken W. Fischer Eileen C. Fisher Susan R. Fisher and John W
Ms. Deborah Flanagan Ms. Cheryll Forgue Mr. Dan Foster Mr. Donald R. Frabutl Martha Friedlander Mr. Craig Frisch Howard Frisinger Jan Fyall
Art and liana Gafni Mr. and Mrs. Robert C.
Hilma and Larry Geffen Michael J. Geha Mr. Eberhard Gerlach Ms. Teresa Glowacki
Edie N. Goldenberg Anita and Al Goldstein Dr. and Mrs. Luis A.
Gonzalez Mr. John Gorman Ms. Catherine Grady-Bcnson Lidija Grahovac Dr. Robert and Mrs. Eileen
Greenberger Linda and Roger Grekin David and June Griffenhagen Ms. Susan Groat Lawrence and Esta Grossman Ms. Carol Guregian Ms. Debra Haas Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Haas Roger F. and Caroline
Mr. Terry Halatek Mr. William Hall Ms. Tamara Halle Mr. and Mrs. John Halloran Chaplain and Mrs. Louis
Halsey Mr. and Mrs. Walter F.
Hamilton, Jr. Mrs. Oliver Hanninen Mr. and Mrs. George W.
Susan K. Harris Mr. Todd Hayes Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Heider Ms. Glenda Heinz Mrs. William Heldreth William Heifer Paula Hendricks Mr. Len Henry Virginia R Henry Mr. Donald Hes Mrs. Emily F. Hicks Mr. and Mrs. Elmer E. Hieber Ms Kathleen Higman Dr. H. M. Hildebrandl Dr. Ena Hobelaid Mr. Craig Holmes Ms. Pamela Holmes Mr. Rick Homan Miss Eunice Hong Ms. Helga Hover Kenneth and Carol Hovey Mr. Duwaine Hoy Mabelle Hsueh Mr. Charles T. Hudson Dr. and Mrs. Hubert C.
Ms. Dana Hull Ms. Ling Hung Wendy Stalo Huntoon Edward C. Ingraham Mr. Ralph Insinger Ms. Barbara H. lnwood Perry Elizabeth Irish Mr. Yasufumi Iseki Dr. and Mrs. Charles Jackson Edgar F and M.Janice Jacobi Mr. and Mrs. Roger E. Jacobi Nicolette and Raymond
James and Baiba Jensen Ms. Carol Jespcrscn Dr. and Mrs. James M.
Randall H.Johnson Helen Johnstone Rick and Lisa Jones Michelle and Timothy Julei Professor Fritz Kaenzig Nancy S. Karp Mrs. Barbara R. Kasle Ms. Judith Katch Mr. Richard Kato Ms. Marilee Kaufman Mr. C. P. Kearney Ms. Ruth Keirl Raynette and Dan Kempf Esther G. Ken-Heidi Spencer and Josh Kerst Mr. Thoedore I Keves Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Kienle Raymond Kilmanas Ms. Sucha Kim William and JoAnn
Kimbrough Elvina A. Kish Mr. Mark Kiuchi Peter and Susan Klaas Alex and Beverly Klooster Mr. Gregory Knapp Mrs. R.J. Knight Ann Marie Kotre A.R. and Brenda Krachenberg Darlene Rae Krato Mr. and Mrs. Ted Krauss Edward and Lois Kraynak Janet Kreilingand William J.
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Kruse Ernest and Linda Kurtz James and Margaret Labadie Mrs. Susana Labastida Dr. and Mrs. James Labes Ms. Christine M. Laitncr Mr. Robert Lancelot Mr. and Mrs. Richard
Landgraff Janet Landsberg Mr. and Mrs. David Learned Dr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Leb Ms. Dawn Leimstoll Ms. Dorothy R. Lenghart Dr. and Mrs. Morton B. Lesser Mrs Phyllis S. Levin Sheldon G. and Mary Lois
Mr. Ronald A. Lindroth Deborah A. Lloyd Mr. George Lowrie Dr. and Mrs. B. Lucchesi Mr. Matthew Ludwig Ms Elizabeth Lutlon JohnJ. Lynch, 111 Mr. and Mrs. Gregg
Dr and Mrs Duncan Magoon Ella A. Mahnken
Mr Waller Mahoney Ms. Oksana Malanchuk Ms. Doris Malfese Allen Malinoff Mr. W. Harry Marsden Ms. Anna Martens Yasuo and Motoko Manila John and Nancy Mason Ms. Sara Maihews BcrniceJ. Maurer Ms. Therease Maxwell Mr. Michael H. Maylen LindaJ. McCall John and Bridgil
McGillicuddy James Mclniosh and Elaine
Suzanne V. McKinley Ms. Karen Mendelson James and Kristy Meretta Mr. and Mrs. John Mernfield Delores and Gerald Michael Shirley and William Mirsky Mr and Mrs. Charles R.
Mr. Hiroiaka Miyoshi Kent and Roni Moncur Mr. Rafael Montalvo-Lugo Constance Moore Ms. Pamela Moore Virginia Moshier J. Herben Mueller and Paincia
Mr. and Mrs. John Murrel Carrol and Sandra Nadig Mr. and Mrs. Milton Netler Ms. Madelyn Nichols Susan I. and Richard E.
Ms. Laura Nitzberg Mrs. A. Geoffrey Norman Marcy North Ms. Janice Nyman Ms. Patricia O'Connor Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C.
Ms Margaret Ogden Charlotte Owen Mr David H. Owens Marianne E. Page Mr. and Mrs Gerard Pape Howard and Dorothy Parker Ms. Louise Pauli Ms. Vassiliki Pavlidis Mr. William A. Penner Lissa Perrin Mr. David Pcshlakai Mr. Eldon Peters, Sr. Palsy C. Peterson Mr. Steven Pflieger Ms. Merrill L. Poliner Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas
Ms. Tracy Primich Ms. Dorothea Pullen Ruth S. Putnam Mr. Robert E. Pyke G. Robina Quale
Mr. and Mrs. S. Rabinoviiz
Ms. Elisabeth Radcliff
Norman and Norma Radin
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Rayman
Maxwell and Marjorie Reade
Mrs. Adriennc Reisner
Deanna Relyea
Krish and Mali Rengan
Mr. and Mrs. Roben Rich
Ms. Renee AC. Robbins
Mr. Bill Roberts
Drs. Dieirich and MaryAnn Roloff
Edie W. and Richard Z. Rosenfeld
Charles W. Ross
Michael and Elizabeth Rother
Robert M. Rubin
Mr. Donald W Runde
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Rups
Ms. Irene P. Ryan
Dr. Don and Marlene Salberg
Julia E. Salo
Shirley J. and Charles E. Sax
Craig R. Saxton
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond
Mr. Peter Schappach Ms. Helena Schlorff Yizhak Schotten and Katherine
Collier Schotten Shirley Schreidell Mr. Daniel S. Schullz Art and Mary Schuman Mrs. Ralph E. Schweitzer Ms. Shirley Seals Mr. Richard Seid Mary Ann Sellers Sherry and Louis Senunas Larry Shear and George
Kathleen A. Sheehy Mr. David Sickels Mr. and Mrs. Robert Silva Scott and Joan Singer Lt. Col. and Mrs. Gordon
V. Smith
Ms. Michelle Smith Mr. Robert Smuts Mrs. Milton Snyder Nancy and Jorge Solis Ms. Irene Solomon Mr. James A. Somers Robert M. and Lydia Soroosh Mr. and Mrs Augustus
Stager. Jr. Irving M. Stahl Ms Meroe Stanley William Stegeman
Robin Slephenson and Terry Drent
Ms. Ann Sterling
Mrs. Alfred H. Siockard
Mr and Mrs. James Stokoe
Les and Nancy Stone
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Suchy
Mr. Takeshi Tachibana
Ms. Karen Tank
Ms. Denise Tayior-Moon
Thomas and Leslie Teniler
TobyJ. and Juliette S. Teorey
Brian and Mary Ann Thelen
Mr. Eugene J. Thomas
Mr. Greg Thompson
Ms. Catherine Thorpe
Ms. Carol H. Tice
Mr. and Mrs. Franz Topol
Ms. Susan Topol
Ms. Alice Train
Mr. Glenn A. Trapp
Roni A. Tripodi
Ms. Linda Tubbs
Mr. and Mrs. Willis E.
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Turski Kay Tuttle
Paul and Fredda Unangst Ms. Barbara Urbanski Frantisek and Jarmila
Virginia O. Vass Mr. and Mrs. Albert Vegler James and Janet Vincze Vincent A. Vis Isabel M. Viiale Mary Felicia and Sandy Vong Ms. Tiffany Wagner Mr. and Mrs. David C.
Walker Mr. and Mrs. Richard
Walkowski Marlha Walter Margaret E. Walter Mr. and Mrs. Walton Marguerite E. Ward Ms. Alice Warsinski Christine Wcatherford Ms. Debrah Webb Richard and Madelon Weber Wendell and LaDonna
Weber Dr. and Mrs. Myron E.
Wegman Mr. and Mrs. John
Westmoreland Ms. Elizabeth Weymouth Mrs. Mildred M. Wheeler William W. White Ms. Nancy Whitmire Mr and Mrs Michael S.
Wilhelm Lindsey Wilhite Helen M. Wilkinson Dr. and Mrs Francis S.
Ms. Marie Williams Shari Williams Ms. Andrea Willis Ms. Barbara Wilson Mr. David Wilson Dr. and Mrs. John R.
Wiseman Mr. Peler Witte Ms. Erma Won
Fred and Mary Lee Woodhams
Stewart and Carolyn Work
Lynne Wright
Frances L Young
Mary Young
Ms. Julia M. Zielke
Business, Corporation & Foundation Support
Arts Midwest
Bell TowerCampus Inn
(Dahlmann Properties) Comerica Dayton Hudson
Corporation Ford Motor Company
The Handleman Company Elizabeth E. Kennedy
Fund Michigan Council for the
Arts and Cultural Affairs The Power Foundation Wamer-LambertParke-
Brauer Investment
Company Comerica Ervin Industries First of America Bank--
Ann Arbor Ford Motor Credit
Great Lakes Bancorp Jacobson Stores, Inc. KMS Industries Bernard L. Maas
Foundation McKinley Associates O'Neal Construction Philips Display
Components The Edward Surovell
Co. Realtors
Guido A. and Elizabeth H.
Binda Foundation Michigan National Bank National Endowment for
the Arts Pepper, Hamilton &
Scheetz Sarns Ann Arbor Fund
Association of Performing
Arts Presenters AWTEC (AW
Engineering, USA) Comerica Bank Conlin Faber Travel Dobson McOmber
Insurance Oyster Bar & Spaghetti
Bistro General Automotive
Corporation Mosaic Foundation Robertson Morrison Inc.
Doan Construction
Malloy Lithographing, Inc. Michigan Multisport
Productions, Inc. NBD Ann Arbor Old German Restaurant Charles Reinhart
Company Realtors Sams, Inc. Society Bank Michigan
Baker Construction
Company Cunin & Alf Erb Lumber King's Keyboard House Kiosk Information
H.S. Landau Inc. Organizational Designs,
Arthur Andersen &
Arnold Klein Gallery Austin Diamond
Company Bay Design Group The Boomer Company Catherine McAuley Health
Gale Research Inc. Meadow Brook Music
Festival Michigan Trenching
Robert Sheets Greenhouse Saline Picture Frame
Seva Restaurant & Market University Microfilms
Casey's Tavern Fingerle Lumber Company
Marty's Menswear
Periphorol, Publication &r Support
Gigi Andresen Rachel and Sara Bencuya Mrs. Hedy B. Berger Hazel Hunt Berry Hope Bloomer Joanna Comelt Horace W. Dewey Alice Kelsey Dunn Robert S. Feldman George R. Hunsche R. Hudson Ladd Alfred, Grace, and Betty
Lovell Frederick C. Matthaei,
Arthur Mayday, Jr. Carl and Loretta Pollmar Gwen and Emerson
Arthur W. Smith James H. and Cornelia
M. Spencer Ralph L. Steffek Charlene Parker Stem Jewel B. Slockard Peter Holdemess Woods
AAL: Fraternal Benefits
and Financial Security
for Lutherans A.D.P. Foundation Aon Foundation AT&T Foundation Arthur Andersen &
Company Foundation Bechtel Foundation Consumers Power Chrysler Corporation
Fund Dana Corporation
Foundation Dean Witter Reynolds,
Inc. The Detroit Edison
Foundation Dow Chemical U.S.A. Eli Lilly &r Company
The Equitable
Foundaiion Ernst &r Young
Foundation Federal-Mogul
Corporation Ford Fund General Motors
Foundaiion, Inc. Houghlon Mifflin
Company IBM
JSJ Foundaiion Johnson Controls
Foundaiion Maccabees Life Insurance
Company Manufacturers National
Bank of Detroil Mazda Motor U.S.A.
Corporation The McGraw-Hill
Incorporated Merrill Lynch &Co.,
Fdn., Inc. Metropolitan Life
Michigan Bell Telephone Minnesota Mining and
Manufacturing NBD Bank, N.A. Northern Telecom, Inc.
Digital Switching
Division Paramount
Communications Fdn. The Procter & Gamble
Fund Smilhkline Beecham
Foundation Society Management
Company Warner-Lambert
Whirlpool Foundation The Upjohn Company Xerox Corporation
Ann Arbor School for the
Performing Arts Gail Davis Bames Blinker Mechanical
Insulation Chelsea Florist Conlin-Faber Travel Curtin & Alf Sally J. Cushing John H. D'Arms
Dr. and Mrs. Edwin Deer Deloof Limited
Proprietors, The Cranley
Hotels Escoffier
Fitzgerald and Associates Ford (Public Affairs) Judy and Richard Fry Margo Halsted Matthew C. Hoffmann Howard King Jeffrey Michael Powers
Beauty Spa
Landis & Gyr Powers, Inc. Leuy's Ltd. The Maggio Line Marty's Menswear Midlife Crisis Ronald Miller O'Neal Construction Perfectly Seasoned Regency Travel Mary Romig de-Young SKR Classical Song Sisters
U-M Athletic Department Emil A. Weddige Workbench Inc.

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