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UMS Concert Program, February 1, 1993: University Musical Society -- Krasnayarsk Siberian Dance Company

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University Musical Society
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Season: 114TH
Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan

University Musical Society
Krasnayarsk Siberian Dance Company
Monday Evening, February 1, 1993, at 8:00 Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Mikhail Godenko, Choreographer and Scenic Designer
Arkady Kondakov, Chief Ballet Master
Vladimir Ryabtsev, Chief Conductor
Alexandre Davidovich, Director
Vladimir Alekseyev, Natalia Zuzkevich, Irina Press,
Costume Designers
Production Staff: Harry Rakowski, Company Manager
Alison Spak, Stage Manager Tibor Spak, Assistant Stage Manager
Krasnayarsk Siberian Dance Company is represented by Columbia Artists Management, Inc., New York.
The tour is produced in association with Art Time Corporation, Moscow. Coach Transportation for the Company is provided by Anderson House Tours.
Sibir Moia ("My Siberia").................Music: Vladimir Kornev
Libretto: Mikhail Godenko
This is a folk dance welcoming the audience to Siberia, a rough and beautiful land of vast forests and mighty rivers. The true richness of Siberia lay in its courageous, hard-working people.
Siberian Lyric Dance..................Music: Alexander Vagner
Libretto: Mikhail Godenko
This is a tender dance reflecting the reserve of the Siberian character. The young men and women move with grace and dignity. The young men need a little time to work up the courage to speak to their loved ones, but as the night approaches, the young men escort their sweet?hearts home.
Vo Derevne To Bylo Olkhovke .............Music: Vladimir Kornev
("In the Village of Olkhovka") Libretto: Mikhail Godenko
Soloists: T. Zhuravleva, I. Voronova, A. Leonov, I. Gorlov
This dance originates from an ancient marriage ceremony, elements of which can still be found in many regions of Siberia.
Krasny Yar ("Red Yar").................Music: Vladimir Kornev
Libretto: Mikhail Godenko
This dance is devoted to the Siberian Cossaks who, in the 7th century, founded the town of Krasny Yar, on the banks of the mighty Yenisei River. Krasny Yar was later renamed Krasnayarsk.
U Kolodtsa ("At a Well")................Music: Vladimir Kornev
Libretto: Mikhail Godenko
The image of a girl at a well is one of the most popular themes of Siberian folk art. Young girls used to meet at the well to share their romantic secrets.
Vlublennyie ("Sweethearts")...............Music: Vladimir Kornev
Libretto: Mikhail Godenko
Several young girls are in love with the handsome musician, but he is smitten with only one of them.
Vdol Po Ulitse ("Along the Street") ...........Music: Vladimir Kornev
Libretto: Mikhail Godenko
After the day's work, the young people of the village meet to laugh and dance, setting the mood with joyful chastoushkas (humorous folk songs).
Circle Dance with Rattles................Music: Vladimir Kornev
Libretto: Mikhail Godenko Soloists: A. Lysenki, A. Gotsa
Kalinka ......................Soloists: I. Pshenichnikova,
E. Lykova
Vecherni Zvon ("Evening Chime")............Music: Vladimir Kornev
Libretto: Mikhail Godenko
This circle dance is based on the theme of one of the well-known and best-loved folk romances.
Balalaika solo.......................Soloist: S. Mayorov
Parania .......................Music: Vladimir Kornev
Libretto: Mikhail Godenko Soloists: I. Mikhlina, A. Leonov, I. Gorlov
A young girl named Parania meets a happy, curly-headed boy named Ivan and falls in love. Everyone merrily dances and sings chastoushkas.
Uvezu Tebia la V Tundru ("We Go to the Tundra") .......Music: M. Fradkin
Libretto: Mikhail Godenko
Soloists: L. Popova, L. Demina,
S. Sytnik, A. Esaulenko
Far away in the North, when the first rays of light appear after the long polar night, reindeer-breeders celebrate the occasion (known as Kheiro).
Na Ptichiem Dvore ("In the Chicken Yard")........Music: Vladimir Kornev
Libretto: Mikhail Godenko
Soloists: I. Mikhlina, E. Vasilieva,
V. Stroikov, M. Matushin,
I. Goroshevsky, A. Demin
In this choreographic composition the dancers create the scene in a chicken yard, with roosters, hens and chicks. The dance is full of humor, creativity and skill.
Dance with Wooden Spoon and Beresta.........Libretto: Mikhail Godenko
Soloists: I. Mikhlina, A. Leonov, A. Demin
In this dance the players use simple folk music instruments, wooden spoons and beresta, which are made from any readily available materials. The dance and the music are derived from traditional Russian folk art.
Sibirskaia Potekha ("Siberian Joy Party") .........Music: Alexander Vagner
Libretto: Mikhail Godenko Soloists: A. Leonov, M. Matushin
This dance recalls the joyful spirit of the early Siberian open flea markets, which were often visited by Skomorokhs, merry-makers who entertained the shoppers by making fun of lazy people.
About The Artists
1 he Krasnayarsk Siberian Dance Company, an ensemble of 80 dancers and its own orchestra of musicians from Krasnayarsk, Siberia, has thrilled audiences worldwide since its formation in 1960. Applying modern interpretation to traditional Siberian folk dance, Krasnayarsk's dancers whirl with kaleidoscopic choreography, contrasting rhythms and vivid character portrayals.
The dancers are graduates from leading schools for choreography, and continue to perfect their skills with award-winning Arkady Kondakov, Krasnayarsk's chief choreographer. Arkady Kondakov worked as a dancer and choreographer with Mikhail Godenko, Krasnayarsk's internationally revered founder and artistic director, and succeeded him as its chief choreographer after Godenko's death in 1990.
Krasnayarsk continues Godenko's legacy with a repertoire ranging from round and lyrical dances to one-act ballets and choreographic suites. The Company includes many distin?guished soloists of striking individuality, some of whom have won international awards. Although the Company tours for ten months each year, it continually sets aside time to expand its repertoire in fresh and innovative ways.
Krasnayarsk's orchestra of national instruments is an integral part of its success, weaving the music into the "fabric of the dance" in a most original manner. Vladimir Kornev, Krasnayarsk's music director, composes and arranges music for its one-act ballets, suites, and folk dances. His music is distinctive for its folk character and melodiousness.
Awarded the Prize Winner of the Krasnayarsk Komsomol (1967) and the Prize of the Leninist Komsomol in the year of the Lenin Centenary (1970), the Company has won spectacular acclaim for its performances in more than fifty countries. The Spanish newspaper ABC wrote: "Fantastic! Sensational! Thrilling! The ten thousand spectators in the Sports Palace gave a standing ovation to the wonderful performance by the Siberian ballet, the most interesting in the U.S.S.R." During the Company's North American tour in 1979, a reviewer for The Washington Post wrote that words failed to express the deep impression created by the beautiful figures, swift movements and virtuoso performance.
The Company's popularity grows each year at home and abroad. With its return to North America this year, Krasnayarsk brings unique energy derived from the remarkable events taking place in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States.
Tonight, the Krasnayarsk Siberian Dance Company performs in Ann Arbor for the first time since its local debut in December 1973.
Mikhail Godenko, the late founder, artistic director, and chief choreographer of the Krasnayarsk Siberian Dance Company, takes his place of honor beside such outstanding choreographers as Igor Moiseyev, Nadezhda Nadezhdina, and Tatiana Ustinova. Renowned for his unique style, Godenko was the first Russian ballet master to create the one-act ballet in the folk rather than classical style.
Siberia and Godenko are inseparable. Siberia's freedom-loving spirit, its strong, healthy people, its power, energy, revelry and daring and its strong dance traditions were a source of inspiration for Godenko. His choreography continues to fascinate audiences all over the world.
Art Time Corporation (ATC) is a leading multi-purpose international enterprise born of Perestroika and the new developments in Russia. ATC is engaged in theatre and show business and produces folk and modern music, dance and ballet companies, and the Russian Circus. ATC deals with only the best ensembles, individual musicians and actors from throughout the former Soviet Union.
Recently, ATC and Columbia Artists Management Inc. produced the highly successful tours of The Moscow Balalaikas and Druzhba and are currently producing a tour of Russia's Malinki Star Circus, a new family program designed for the stage.

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