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UMS Concert Program, April 26, 1997: University Musical Society Distinguished Artist Award --

UMS Concert Program, April 26, 1997: University Musical Society Distinguished Artist Award --  image UMS Concert Program, April 26, 1997: University Musical Society Distinguished Artist Award --  image UMS Concert Program, April 26, 1997: University Musical Society Distinguished Artist Award --  image UMS Concert Program, April 26, 1997: University Musical Society Distinguished Artist Award --  image UMS Concert Program, April 26, 1997: University Musical Society Distinguished Artist Award --  image UMS Concert Program, April 26, 1997: University Musical Society Distinguished Artist Award --  image UMS Concert Program, April 26, 1997: University Musical Society Distinguished Artist Award --  image UMS Concert Program, April 26, 1997: University Musical Society Distinguished Artist Award --  image UMS Concert Program, April 26, 1997: University Musical Society Distinguished Artist Award --  image UMS Concert Program, April 26, 1997: University Musical Society Distinguished Artist Award --  image UMS Concert Program, April 26, 1997: University Musical Society Distinguished Artist Award --  image UMS Concert Program, April 26, 1997: University Musical Society Distinguished Artist Award --  image UMS Concert Program, April 26, 1997: University Musical Society Distinguished Artist Award --  image UMS Concert Program, April 26, 1997: University Musical Society Distinguished Artist Award --  image UMS Concert Program, April 26, 1997: University Musical Society Distinguished Artist Award --  image UMS Concert Program, April 26, 1997: University Musical Society Distinguished Artist Award --  image UMS Concert Program, April 26, 1997: University Musical Society Distinguished Artist Award --  image UMS Concert Program, April 26, 1997: University Musical Society Distinguished Artist Award --  image UMS Concert Program, April 26, 1997: University Musical Society Distinguished Artist Award --  image UMS Concert Program, April 26, 1997: University Musical Society Distinguished Artist Award --  image UMS Concert Program, April 26, 1997: University Musical Society Distinguished Artist Award --  image UMS Concert Program, April 26, 1997: University Musical Society Distinguished Artist Award --  image UMS Concert Program, April 26, 1997: University Musical Society Distinguished Artist Award --  image UMS Concert Program, April 26, 1997: University Musical Society Distinguished Artist Award --  image UMS Concert Program, April 26, 1997: University Musical Society Distinguished Artist Award --  image UMS Concert Program, April 26, 1997: University Musical Society Distinguished Artist Award --  image UMS Concert Program, April 26, 1997: University Musical Society Distinguished Artist Award --  image UMS Concert Program, April 26, 1997: University Musical Society Distinguished Artist Award --  image UMS Concert Program, April 26, 1997: University Musical Society Distinguished Artist Award --  image UMS Concert Program, April 26, 1997: University Musical Society Distinguished Artist Award --  image UMS Concert Program, April 26, 1997: University Musical Society Distinguished Artist Award --  image UMS Concert Program, April 26, 1997: University Musical Society Distinguished Artist Award --  image UMS Concert Program, April 26, 1997: University Musical Society Distinguished Artist Award --  image UMS Concert Program, April 26, 1997: University Musical Society Distinguished Artist Award --  image UMS Concert Program, April 26, 1997: University Musical Society Distinguished Artist Award --  image UMS Concert Program, April 26, 1997: University Musical Society Distinguished Artist Award --  image UMS Concert Program, April 26, 1997: University Musical Society Distinguished Artist Award --  image UMS Concert Program, April 26, 1997: University Musical Society Distinguished Artist Award --  image UMS Concert Program, April 26, 1997: University Musical Society Distinguished Artist Award --  image UMS Concert Program, April 26, 1997: University Musical Society Distinguished Artist Award --  image UMS Concert Program, April 26, 1997: University Musical Society Distinguished Artist Award --  image UMS Concert Program, April 26, 1997: University Musical Society Distinguished Artist Award --  image UMS Concert Program, April 26, 1997: University Musical Society Distinguished Artist Award --  image UMS Concert Program, April 26, 1997: University Musical Society Distinguished Artist Award --  image UMS Concert Program, April 26, 1997: University Musical Society Distinguished Artist Award --  image UMS Concert Program, April 26, 1997: University Musical Society Distinguished Artist Award --  image UMS Concert Program, April 26, 1997: University Musical Society Distinguished Artist Award --  image UMS Concert Program, April 26, 1997: University Musical Society Distinguished Artist Award --  image UMS Concert Program, April 26, 1997: University Musical Society Distinguished Artist Award --  image UMS Concert Program, April 26, 1997: University Musical Society Distinguished Artist Award --  image UMS Concert Program, April 26, 1997: University Musical Society Distinguished Artist Award --  image UMS Concert Program, April 26, 1997: University Musical Society Distinguished Artist Award --  image
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Hill Auditorium And The Michigan League Ann Arbor, Michigan

The 1997 Ford Honors Program
riNivERSiTY Musical Society and Ford Motor company ?,. present
A Recital and Tribute to
ess ye or man
with Mark Markham
Leone Buyse
A Benefit for the University Musical Society Education Program
Saturday Evening, April 26, 1997 at 6:00 pm
Hill Auditorium and the Michigan League
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Richard Strauss
Zueignung Op. 10, No. i Allerseelen, No. 8
Standchen Op. 17, No. 2
Erik Satie JE TE VEUX
Maurice Ravel
Francis Poulenc
Les Chemins de L'amour
Maurice Ravel
La flute enchantee
John Carter
Rondo -Peter go ring dem bells
Recitative -Sometimes I feel like a motherless child
Air -Let us break bread together
Toccata -Ride on King Jesus
With former UMS President Gail Rector following a May Festival perfonnance.
Receiving an Honorary Degree from the University of Michigan with Maestro Kurt Masur.
Onstage at Hill Auditorium with James Levine and the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra.
Signing an autograph for a young admirer.
Introduction Kenneth C. Fischer, President, University Musical Society
Jessye Norman and the University Musical Society
Jessye Norman and Interlochen
Richard Odell, President, Interlochen Center for the Arts Performance by Soyeon Lee, piano
Frederic Chopin Barcarolle in Fsharp Major, Op. 60
Jessye Norman and the University of Michigan School of Music
Paul C. Boylan, Dean and Vice Provost for the Arts,
University of Michigan Performance by Xiang Gao, violin and Howard Watkins, piano
Edvard Greig
Sonata in c minor for Violin and Piano, Op.45 11. Allegretto expressivo alia Romania
Special Tribute Video montage
Presentation of the
UMS Distinguished Artist Award
Bruce Kulp, Chair, UMS Board of Directors Lee Bollinger, President, University of Michigan
Special thanks to Joseph Viinkman and Michigan Media Productions for their help and contribution to this year's Ford Honors Program Tribute.
The Steinway piano used in this evening's performance is made possible by Mary and William Palmer and Hammell Music, Inc., Livonia, Michigan.
Tonight's floral art is provided by Cheri Rehkopf and John Ozga of Fine Flowers, Ann Arbor.
Richard Strauss ZUEIGNUNG
(Von Gilm)
Ja, du weiBt es, teure Seele, DaB ich fern von dir mich quale, Liebe macht die Herzen krank, Habe Dank.
Einst hielt ich, der Freiheit Zecher, Hoch den AmethystenBecher, Und du segnetest den Trank, Habe Dank.
Und beschworst darin die Bosen, Bis ich, was ich nie gewesen, heilig, heilig an's Herz dir sank, Habe Dank.
(Von Gilm)
Stell auf den Tisch die duftenden Reseden, Die letzten roten Astern trag herbei, Und laB uns wieder von der Liebe reden, Wie einst im Mai.
Gib mir die Hand, daB ich sie heimlich drucke Und wenn man's sieht, mir ist es einerlei, Gib mir nur einen deiner suBen Blicke, Wie einst im Mai.
Es bluht und duftet heut auf jedem Grabe, Ein Tag im Jahr ist ja den Toten frei, Komm an mein Herz, daB ich dich wieder habe, Wie einst im Mai.
Ich trage meine Minne
Ich trage meine Minne vor Wonne stumm im Herzen und im Sinne mit mir herum.
Yes, dear soul, you know, away from you I'm in torment, love makes hearts sick, thank you.
Once I, drinker of freedom, held high the amethyst goblet and you blessed that draught, thank you.
And you drove out from it the evil ones till I, as never before, holy, sank holy upon your heart, thank you!
All Souls
Set on the table the fragrant mignonettes, bring in the last red asters, and let us speak of love again, as once in May.
Give me your hand to press in secret, if people see, I do not care; give me but one of your sweet looks, as once in May.
Each grave today has flowers, is fragrant, for one day of the year the dead are free, come close to my heart, and so be mine again, as once in May.
I bear my love with rapture mute, about with me in heart and thought.
Ja, daB ich dich gefunden, du liebes Kind, das freut mich alle Tage, die mir beschieden sind.
Und ob auch der Himmel trube,
kohlschwarz die Nacht,
hell leuchtet meiner Liebe
goldsonnige Pracht.
Und lugt auch die Welt in Sunden,
so tut mir's weh,
die arge muB erblinden
vor deiner Unschuld Schnee.
Mit deinen blauen Augen Siehst du mich lieblich an, Da ward mir so traumend zu Sinne, DaB ich nicht sprechen kann.
An deinen blauen Augen Gedenk' ich allerwarts: Ein Meer von blauen Gedanken ErgieBt sich uber mein Herz.
(von Schack)
Der Mond steht uber dem Berge, So recht fur verliebte Leut'; Im Garten rieselt ein Brunnen, Sonst Stille weit und breit.
Neben der Mauer im Schatten, Da stehn der Studenten drei, Mit Flot' und Geig' und Zither, Und singen und spielen dabei.
Die Klange schleichen der Schonsten Sacht in den Traum hinein, sie schaut den blonden Geliebten und lispelt: VergiB nicht mein!
Yes, that I have found you, sweet child, will cheer me all my allotted days.
And though skies be dim,
the night coalblack,
bright shines the
gold sun's splendor of my love.
And though the world may sinfully lie,
I'm sorry --
the mean world must be blinded
by your purity's snow.
Your eyes so blue and tender
Your eyes so blue and tender They gaze into mine own; As if in a dream world I wander, And speech from me has flown.
Of thy blue eyes so tender I dream forever more; A sea of azure reflections Before my spirit doth soar.
The moon is over the mountain, so right for people in love; in the garden purls a fountain; otherwise -silence far and wide.
By the wall, in shadow, there three students stand, with flute and fiddle and zither, and sing and play.
The music steals softly into the loveliest lady's dreams; at her blond lover she gazes, and whispers, "Remember me!"
Erik Satie
Je te Veux
J'ai compris ta detresse Cher amoureux, Et je cede a tes voeux, Fais de moi ta maitresse. Loin de nous la sagesse, Plus de tristesse, J'aspire a l'instant precieux Ou nous serons hereux; Je te veux.
Je n'ai pas de regrets
Et je n'ai qu'une envie;
Pres de toi, la, tout pres,
Vivre toute ma vie,
Que mon coeur soit le tien
Et ta levre la mien,
Et que toute ma chair soit tienne.
Oui, je vois dans tes yeux
La divine promesse
Que ton coeur amoureux
Vient chercher ma caresse.
Enlaces pour toujours,
Brules des memes flammes,
Dans des reves d'amours
Nous echangerons nos deux ames.
I Love You
You must know how I love you,
Lover divine,
And I swear you'll be mine,
I'll place no one above you.
All the past now forgetting
No more regrets,
For this is the moment
sublime when I'll hear one more time:
I love you.
I have no regrets
and I have but one desire;
To be near you, there, always near.
For all my life.
That my heart could be yours
And your lips mine,
And my body, yours.
Yes, I look in your eyes,
the divine promise
Of your loving heart
Comes seeking my caress.
Entwined forever,
Burned by the same flames,
In dreams of love
We exchange our souls.
Francis Poulenc
Les Chemins de L'amour
Les chemins qui vont a la mer
Ont garde de notre passage
Des fleurs effeuillees et l'echo
Sous leurs arbes de nos deux rires clairs.
Helas des jours de bonheur,
Radieuses joues envolees
Je vais sans retrouver traces dean mon coeur.
Chemins de mon amour Je vous cherche toujours; Chemins perdus vous n'etes plus Et vos echos sont sourds. Chemins du desespoir, Chemins du souvenir, Chemins du premier jour, Divins chemins d'amour.
Si je dois l'oublier un jour
La vie effacant toute chose,
Je veux dans mon coeur qu'un souvenir
Repose plus fort que l'autre amour
Le souvenir du chemin
Ou tremblante et toute eperdue
Un jourj'ai senti sur moi bruler tes mains.
Chemins de mon amour...
Paths of Love
The paths that lead to the sea
Down which we walked still retain
Petalshorn flowers and, beneath
Their trees, the echo of our bright laughter.
Alas, days of happiness,
Radiant joys that have fled away,
I find no traces of you in my heart.
Paths of love,
I keep looking for you;
Lost paths, you no longer exist
And your echoes are almost inaudible.
Paths of depair,
Paths of memory,
Paths of the first day,
Divine paths of love.
If I must forget all this one day,
Since life erases everything,
I want one memory to remain in
My heart with greater force than the other love,
The memory of the path
Where, all trembling and passionate,
I felt one day the warmth of your hands upon me.
Paths of love...
Maurice Ravel
(Tristan Klingsar) 1. ASIE
Asie, Asie, Asie.
Vieux pays merveilleux des contes de nourrice, Ou dort la fantaisie comme une imperatrice, En sa foret tout emplie de mystere.
Je voudrais m'en aller avec la goelette Qui se berce ce soir dans le port, Mysterieuse et solitaire Et qui deploie enfin ses voiles violettes, Comme un immense oiseau de nuit dans le ciel d'or.
Je voudrais m'en aller vers des iles de fleurs, En ecoutant chanter la mer perverse Sur un vieux rythme ensorceleur.
Je voudrais voir Damas et les villes de Perse, Avec des minarets legers dans l'air. Je voudrais voir de beaux turbans de soie, Sur des visages noirs aux dents claires.
Je voudrais voir des yeux sombres d'amour, Et des prunelles brillantes de joie, En des peaux jaunes comme des oranges. Je voudrais voir des vetements de velours Et des habits a longues franges.
Je voudrais voir des calumets, entre des bouches Tout entourees de barbe blanche. Je voudrais voir d'apres marchands
aux regards louches, Et des cadis, et des vizirs Qui du seul mouvement de leur doigt
qui se penche, Accordent vie ou mort, au gre de leur desir.
Je voudrais voir la Perse, et l'lnde,
et puis la Chine,
Les mandarins ventrus sous les ombrelles, Et les princesses aux mains fines, Et les lettres qui se querellent Sur la poesie et sur la beaute.
Asia, Asia, Asia,
ancient, marvellous country of fairy tales, where fantasy sleeps like an empress in her forest full of mystery.
I would like to go with the schooner which is rocking this evening in port, mysterious and solitary, and which finally spreads its violet sails, like a huge bird of night in the golden sky.
I would like to go away to the islands of flowers, while listening to the song of the wayward sea, with its old, bewitching rhythm.
I would like to see Damascus and the cities of Persia, with airy minarets in the sky. I would like to see beautiful silken turbans above black faces with shining teeth.
I would like to see eyes dark with love,
and pupils sparkling with joy,
in skins yellow as oranges.
I would like to see garments of velvet
and robes with long fringes.
I would like to see calumets, held between lips
fringed with white beards.
I would like to see avaricious merchants
with shifty glances, and cadis, and viziers who with a single movement of their
bending finger, decree life or death, just as they wish.
I would like to see Persia, and India,
and then China,
the portly mandarins beneath their sunshades, and the princesses with their delicate hands, and the scholars who dispute over poetry and beauty.
Je voudrais m'attarder au palais enchante, Et comme un voyageur etranger Contempler a loisir des paysages peints Sur des etoffes en des cadres de sapin, Avec un personnage au milieu d'un verger.
Je voudrais voir des assassins souriant
Du bourreau qui coupe un cou d'innocent,
Avec son grand sabre courbe d'Orient.
Je voudrais voir des pauvres et des reines,
Je voudrais voir des roses et du sang,
Je voudrais voir mourir d'amour ou bien de haine.
Et puis m'en revenir plus tard Narrer mon aventure aux curieux
de reves,
En elevant comme Sindbad ma vieille tasse arabe De temps en temps jusqu'a mes levres Pour interrompre le conte avec art...
2. La Flute enchantee
L'ombre est douce et mon maitre dort
Coiffe d'un bonnet conique de soie,
Et son long nez jaune en sa barbe blanche.
Mais moi, je suis eveillee encor
Et j'ecoute au dehors
Une chanson de flute ou s'epanche
Tour a tour la tristesse ou la joie.
Un air tour a tour langoureux ou frivole
Que mon amoureux cheri joue,
Et quand je m'approche de la croisee
II me semble que chaque note s'envole
De la flute vers ma joue
Comme un mysterieux baiser.
Tes yeux sont doux comme ceux d'une fille,
Jeune etranger, et la courbe fine
De ton beau visage de duvet ombrage,
Est plus seduisante encor le ligne.
Ta levre chante sur le pas de ma porte
Une langue inconnue et charmante,
Comme une musique fausse.
Entre! Et que mon vin te reconforte...
Mais non, tu passes,
Et de mon seuil je te vois t'eloigner
Me faisant un dernier geste avec grace
Et la hanche legerement ployee
Par ta demarche feminine et lasse...
I would like to linger in the enchanted palace,
and like a foreign traveller
gaze at leisure upon countrysides painted
on materials in pinewood frames,
with a figure in the midst of an orchard.
I would like to see assassins smiling
at the executioner who cuts off an innocent head
with his great curved oriental sabre.
I would like to see beggars and queens,
I would like to see roses and blood,
I would like to see death for love or else for hate.
And then returning later, to narrate my adventure to those interested
in dreams,
while raising like Sinbad my old Arabian cup from time to time to my lips, to interrupt the tale with artistry...
The Enchanted Flute
The shade is soft and my master is sleeping
With his conical silken cap on his head,
and his long yellow nose in his white beard.
But I, I am still awake
and I hear outside
the melody of a flute pouring forth
sadness and joy in turn.
And air now languorous, now gay,
that my darling lover plays.
And when I draw near the casement,
it seems as though each note flies
from the flute towards my cheek
like a mysterious kiss.
The Indifferent One
Your eyes are gentle like those of a girl,
young stranger, and the delicate curve
of your handsome face, shaded with down,
is still more attractive in its contour.
On my doorstep your lips chant
an unknown, charming tongue,
like false music.
Enter! And let my wine refresh you...
But no -you pass by,
and I see you departing from my threshold
gracefully waving farewell to me,
your hips lightly swaying
with your languid, feminine gait...
John Carter
Peter go ring dem bells Oh Peter go ring a dem bells. Bells! Bells! Bells! Bells! Ring dem bells.
Peter go ring dem bells today. Oh Peter go ring dem bells. I heard from heaven today.
Wonder where my mother has gone Heard from heaven today.
Sometimes I feel like a motherless child, a long way from home.
Sometimes, I feel like I'm almost gone,
a long way from home.
True believer,
a long way from home.
Let us break bread together on our knees. When I fall on my knees, wid my face to da rising sun, Oh Lord have mercy on me.
Let us drink wine together on our knees. When I fall on my knees, with my face to da rising sun, Oh Lord have mercy on me.
Let us praise God together on our knees.
When I fall on my knees,
wid my face to da rising sun,
Oh Lord have mercy on me.
Ride on Kingjesus, no man can hinder me. Ride on Kingjesus, ride on, no man can hinder me.
He is King of Kings. He is Lord of Lords. Jesus Christ, first and last, no man works like him.
Kingjesus rides a milk white horse, no man works like him. The river of Jordan He did cross, no man works like him.
Ride on Kingjesus, no man can a hinder me. Ride on Kingjesus, ride on, no man can hinder me.
, he immensity of her voice struck like a thunderbolt.. It was like an eruption of primal power." This is how one writer described the vocal phenomenon that is jessye Norman. Whether portraying operatic heroines, inter?preting Lieder or appearing with the world's premier orchestras and conductors, her exquisite artistry invariably enthralls capacity audiences across the globe. The integrity and depth of her performances are often charac?terized as in a recent Neio York Times article, which stated, "This is an amazing voice, a cata?logue of all that is virtuous in singing."
Ms. Norman's performances in the sum?mer of 1995 included a stunning new produc?tion of Schoenberg's Erwarliing at the Salzburg Festival, directed by Robert Wilson. She opened the 199596 seasons of the New York Philharmonic with Kurt Masur, and the Boston Symphony Orchestra with Seiji Ozawa and in January 1996, sang the leading role in The Metropolitan Opera's much acclaimed premier production of The Makropulos Case of Janacek. She joined the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra once again in March for a perfor?mance with James Levine at New York's Carnegie Hall. The 9596 season also included concert tours in Europe and North America, with a recital at Lincoln Center's Avery Fisher Hall in May.
This past summer, she opened the seasons of the Ravinia Festival, with Christoph Eschenbach conducting the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and the Tanglewood Festival, with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, under the baton of Seiji Ozawa. In July, she sang the finale of the Opening Ceremonies of the Centennial Olympic Games in Atlanta, for a combined live and television audience in excess of 3.4 billion. She followed this triumphant appear?ance with concert performances with the Orchestras of Atlanta and Savannah as part of their Olympic Arts Festival.
Highlights of Ms. Norman's 199697 sea?son include recital appearances in Europe in Amsterdam, Cologne, Munich, Hamburg, London's Royal Festival Hall, Barcelona, Paris, Brussels and Vienna. In the United States she will be heard in this concert in Ann Arbor, and in Seattle, Calgary, Minneapolis, and New York's Carnegie Hall. In May, Ms. Norman will perform with violinist Pinchas Zuckerman in a Live from Lincoln Center telecast of the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, and later that month in concerts with Michael Tilson Thomas and the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra. She will sing the opening concerts of the summer 1997 festivals at Ravinia, Tanglewood and the Jazz Festival of Antibes (France). Her summer appearances also include recitals in the festivals of SchleswigHolstein, Ludwigsburg, and Salzburg.
Jessye Norman sings a widely varied oper?atic repertoire, having appeared at La Scala, Milan; the Teatro Comunale, Florence; the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden; the Stuttgart Opera, Vienna and Hamburg State Operas, Opera Company of Philadelphia, The Lyric Opera of Chicago, AixenProvence Festival and the Salzburg Festival. Her Metropolitan Opera debut, in Berlioz' Les Troyens opened the Met's 100th anniversary season in 1983.
Her televised appearances include several Live from the Mel and Live from Lincoln Center telecasts, two Christmas specials, fessye Norman at Notre Dame and Christmastide, and the film Jessye Norman Sings Carmen, a documentary chronicling her recording of the Bizet opera, released in 1990. Millions worldwide also saw the telecast of the spectacular Bastille Day fes?tivities celebrating the 200th anniversary of the French Revolution in July 1989, where Ms. Norman sang the Marseillaise.
She has been presented with many presti?gious awards and distinctions, including hon?orary doctorates at some twentyeight colleges, universities and conservatories around the world. In 1984 the French Government invest
I ys s v t Norman
ed Ms. Norman with the title "Commandeur de l'Ordre des Ars et des Lettres" and the National Museum of Natural History in Paris named an orchid for her. In October 1989 she was awarded the "Legion d'Honneur" by French President Mitterand, and in June 1990 she was named Honorary Ambassador to the United National Academy of Cable Programming for Jessye Norman at Noire Dame, and the Grand Prix at Japan's Symphony Hall 1992 International Music Awards.
One of the most distinguished and prolific recording artists of our day, Ms. Norman's Grammy Award winning recordings include Songs of Maurice Ravel, Wagner's Lohengrin, and Die Walkiire. Further awards include the Paris "Grand Prix National du Disque" for albums of Liederby Wagner, Schumann, Mahler and
Schubert. She has also received the prestigious Gramophone Award in London for her outstanding interpretation of Strauss' Four Last Songs, the Edison Prize in Amsterdam, and recording prizes in Belgium, Spain and Germany. Her recent record?ings include Strauss' Salome, with Seiji Ozawa and the Dresden State Orchestra on the Philips label, and a Berg collection including early songs with piano accompani?ment, and the Altenberg Lieder and Seven Early Songs with Pierre Boulez conducting the London Symphony Orchestra on Sony Classical. In November of 1996, Phillips Classics released her third recording of sacred music for Christmas, entitled In the Spirit. In addition to her busy per?formance schedule, Ms. Norman serves on the Board of Directors for the Ms.
Foundation, the National Music Foundation, CitymealsonWheels in New York City, and the New York Botanical Garden. She is national spokesperson for The Partnership for the Homeless as well as The Lupus Foundation and is a member of the National Advisory Board of the Dance Theatre of Harlem. A relentless cookie seller, Ms. Norman is a life?time member of the Girl Scouts of America. She is a member of the Board of Trustees of Paine College in her hometown of Augusta, Georgia. Ms. Norman resides in New York State.
This performance marks Jessye Norman's eighth appearance under UMS auspices.
Whether performing solo repertoire, chamber music, or collaborating with the great singers of our time, pianist Mark Markham has received critical acclaim for his performances throughout Europe and North America.
This season he performs in this Ann Arbor
recital with soprano Jessye Norman and in additional recitals in Amsterdam, Cologne, London, Munich, Hamburg, Barcelona, Valencia, Paris, Brussels, Denver, Seattle, Calgary, Minneapolis, and in New York City at
Mark Markham
Carnegie Hall. Last season included recitals in Paris, Brussels, Lyon, Luxembourg, Bern, Boston, Toronto, Berkeley, Lajolla, Athens, Georgia, and New York City at Avery Fisher Hall.
With countertenor Derek Lee Ragin, he has performed in Vienna, Brussels, Washington DC, Chicago, Quebec City, and in Naples, Italy for a live television broadcast throughout the country.
Since 1985 he has been the recital partner for Soprano Phyllis BrynJulson and has toured the United States with her. This year his debut recordings with Ms. BrynJulson, which have been praised by critics, were released by the Music and Arts label.
A champion of the music of our time, Mr. Markham has worked closely with many composers including Shulamit Ran, Charles Wuorinen, and Richard Danielpour. For five seasons he was the pianist for the Contem?porary Music Forum of Washington DC. As a soloist he has given recitals throughout the United States and in 1988 won the First Prize and the Contemporary Music Prize at the Frinna Awerbuch International Piano Competition in New York City.
Mark Markham is on the faculty of the Peabody Conservatory of John Hopkins University and has been a vocal coach at the BrittenPears School in England and at the
Norfolk Chamber Festival for Yale University. He has given lectures for John Hopkins University and the Metropolitan Opera Guild. Born in Pensacola, Florida, Mr. Markham began to accompany singers at the age of nine. He has studied with Robert and Trudie Sherwood in Florida and with Ann Schein at the Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore where he received the Doctor of Musical Arts degree.
This performance is Mark Markham's debut under UMS auspices.
In September, 1997 Leone buyse will join the faculty of Rice University's Shepherd School of Music in Houston as Professor of Flute and Chamber Music. Currently Professor of Flute at the University of Michigan, she relinquished her position with the Boston Symphony in 1993 to pursue a more active solo and teaching career after twentytwo years as an orchestral musician. At the invitation of Seiji Ozawa, Ms. Buyse joined the BSO in 1983 as assistant principal flutist and principal flutist of the Boston Pops, and became acting principal flutist of the BSO in 1990. A former member of the San Francisco Symphony and the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, she has appeared as soloist on numerous occa?sions with those orchestras and also with the
Boston Symphony, the Boston Pops, the Utah Symphony, and l'Orchestre de la Suisse Romande. Her solo recordings include The Sky's the Limit, a Crystal compact disc devoted to twentieth century American flute music,
Leone Buyse
and Contrasts, a Boston Records release of American music for flute and harp with Boston Symphony principal harpist Ann Hobson Pilot.
The only American prize winner in the 1969 Geneva International Flute Competition, she has presented recitals and master classes
across the United States and in Canada, Japan, Greece, and Turkey. She has served on the faculty at the New England Conservatory, Boston University, the Tanglewood Music Center, and Boston University's Tanglewood Institute, and is in great demand as an adjudi?cator and clinician.
The Ford Honors Program
The Ford Honors Program is a University Musical Society program made possible by a generous grant from Ford Motor Company and by the special support of many other com?panies and individuals. Each year UMS honors a worldrenowned artist or ensemble with whom UMS has maintained a longstanding and significant relationship. In one evening, UMS presents the artist in concert, pays tribute to and presents the artist with the UMS Distin?guished Artist Award, and hosts a dinner in the artist's honor. Proceeds from the evening will benefit the UMS Education Program.
Kenneth C. Fischer
Master of Ceremonies
Ken Fischer is President of the University Musical Society (UMS). Before assuming his present position at UMS in 1987, Mr. Fischer
was a management con?sultant, independent concert presenter, and association executive in Washington, DC for sev?enteen years. Fischer is active in a number of community and profes?sional organizations including Ecumenical
Kenneth Fischer
Center and International Residence, NonProfit Enterprise at Work, Rotary International, Chamber Music America, United Negro College Fund, International Society for the Performing Arts, American Association for Higher Education, and Classical Action Performing Arts Against AIDS. Mr. Fischer
grew up in nearby Plymouth, attended the Interlochen Arts Camp, and has degrees from the College of Wooster in Ohio and the University of Michigan.
Ken Fischer has had the privilege of presenting Jessye Norman on three occasions during his tenure at UMS.
(ICA) since its formation in 1928 has become the country's premier site for young musicians, dancers, actors, visual artists, and writers to explore and develop their talents. Interlochen alumni comprise more than 10 of the members of the nation's major symphony orchestras. Among the Center's 67,000 alumni are actors Meredith Baxter, Richard Brooks, and Linda Hunt; dancers Peter Sparling and Janet Eilber; musicians Peter Yarrow, Jessye Norman, Peter Erskine, and Lorin Maazel; writers Pamela White Hadas and Cathy Guisewite; broadcaster Mike Wallace; and visual artists Wendy Midener and Keane Paradiso.
Richard Odell is the fifth president of Interlochen Center for the Arts, having assumed the leadership of this world renowned arts institution in February of 1995. Mr. Odell has held key administrative positions in the arts and education throughout his career. He has served as headmaster of the Chicago Academy for the Arts, director of external affairs at Northfield Mount Hermon School, Northfield, Massachusetts, and director of development at Birch Wathen School, New York. His many professional affiliations include serving as an active member of the National Association of Independent Schools and the Council for Advancement and Support of Education, of which he is currently chairman of District V. He also chairs the Arts Advocacy Working Group, an assembly of major national arts organizations, which promotes a better under?standing of the value of arts and arts educa?tion. Now in the third year of his Interlochen administration, Mr. Odell has charted a new
course for this "world center for arts educa?tion" in northern Michigan. His aggres?sive and energetic leadership has launched an ambitious Capital Campaign, a campus renovation project, strategic planning for
Richard Odei.i.
the future, and exciting student outreach tours around the state, nation and the globe.
soyeon lee, from Seoul, Korea, is a senior at Interlochen Arts Academy where she continues her piano studies with Victoria Mushkatkol. Having started her piano studies at die age of five, Ms. Lee came to the United States in 1989 and was a soloist with the Westmoreland Symphony Orchestra at the age of thirteen. Her achievements and honors since then include placing third in both the Isabel Scionti Piano Competition and the Corpus Christi International Young Artists' Competition. Ms. Lee was the winner of the precollege division of the National Young Artists' Competition and the Pittsburgh Young Artists' Auditions. For the past two years, she was chosen as one of Interlochen Arts Academy's annual concerto soloists, represented
Interlochen at the International Irving S. Gilmore Keyboard Festival as a masterclass student, and performed at the UMS Ford Honors 'Tribute to Van Cliburn" concert last May in Ann Arbor. Ms. Lee has also studied extensively in
Soyeon Lee
the past with Marina di Pretoro, participated in masterclasses with such eminent artists as Julian Martin and Susan Starr, and has received occasional coachings from Dr. Peter Amstutz.
Paul C. boylaim, University of Michigan vice provost for the arts and dean of the School of Music, joined the faculty in 1965 and has been active as teacher of music theory, as chamber musician and accompanist and as administrator. He was director of the University and AllState divisions of the National Music Camp at Interlochen from 1971 to 1975 and associate dean of the School of Music from 1974 to 1979, becoming dean in July 1979. Mr. Boylan's principal research, teaching and performance interests center on nineteenthcentury Lieder, particularly the music of Hugo
Wolf. He is active in a number of organiza?tions, having read papers, led seminars and held offices in the American Musicological Society, Music Teachers National Associations and National Associa?tion of Schools of
Paul Boylan
Music, among others. He serves as a consul?tant for several state boards of regents and universities throughout the United States.
Emerging as one of this country's most promising artists, Xiang gao has already won a number of competitions in the United States including the prestigious Aspen Music Festival Violin Competition inl995 at the age of twentytwo. He has performed for world leaders such as former President George Bush, and the for?mer president of China, Xiannian Li.
A native of Beijing, China, Xiang Gao came to the United States shortly after winning the 1991 China National Violin Competition where he was cited as one of the "most visible Chinese young concert artists." Mr. Gao returned to China in 1993 to perform three concertos with the China Central Symphony and the Beijing Symphony. He has continued his close association with the Beijing Symphony and
performed most recently with that orchestra in February 1996.
Highly regarded by audiences and critics in the Far East, Mr. Gao is also gaining recognition throughout North America for his recital and orchestral appear
ances. Highlights ot recent seasons include giving the US premiere performance of Temberg's Violin Concerto No. 1 with the Absolute Ensemble in Merkin Concert Hall, New York City; performances of Mendelssohn's concerto with the Brevard Symphony Orchestra in Florida; recitals at the Music at St. Paul's series in Flint, Michigan; recitals in Kansas City, Dayton, Aspen, Vail, Colorado Springs and performances with the Kansas City Symphony and the Aspen Music Festival Orchestras. In addition Mr. Gao has won the National Solo Competition of the American String Teacher's Association (ASTA), the Bach Festival Solo Competition, the Corpus Christi International Music Comeptition.
Born into a family of musicians, Xiang Gao began violin studies at the age of eight with his parents, both of whom are professional violin?ists. The following year, he performed the Bruch Violin Concerto in g minor as the gold medal winner of the China Young Soloist Competition in Beijing.
Mr. Gao resides in Ann Arbor, Michigan where he received a Bachelor's degree in violin performance at the University of Michigan. He continues his studies at the University as a Graduate Fellow with Paul Kan tor.
Howard Watkins is a native of Dayton, Ohio where he began his piano studies at the age of eight. He received the Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Dayton as a scholarship student of Hungarian emigre
Tibor Szasz. He was the holder of the Albert Lockwood Memorial Fellowship at the University of Michigan where he studied with Professors Charles Fisher and Martin Katz, receiving the Master of Music degree in Piano Performance in 1989. Mr. Watkins was a win?ner in the Graduate Concerto Competition and was a soloist with the University of Michigan Orchestra. Mr. Watkins is a much soughtafter collaborative pianist whose work in this capacity has taken him throughout the United States,
Europe, the former Soviet Union, and the Far East. He has per?formed in master class?es and recitals for such artists as Josef Gingold, Elly Ameling, Misha Dichter, Lynn Harrell, John Perry, and Yehuda Hanani. For three years
Howard Watkins
he was a member of the accompanying faculty of the Meadowmount School of Music in New York State and has occupied a similar position at the Aspen Music Festival in Aspen, Colorado. Formerly a Lecturer on the music faculty of the University of Michigan, Mr. Watkins is now a doctoral student in the Piano Accompanying and Chamber Music Program where he studies under Professors Martin Katz and Anton Nel.
Bruce kulp joined the Ford Motor Company Legal Staff in 1964 and has held numerous positions since including General Counsel of Ford of Europe. He recently assumed the position of Executive Director of Strategic Planning and External Affairs of the Ford Financial Services Group. He is a member of the Michigan State Bar and American Bar Associations and is Vice Chairman of the Association of Financial Services Holding Companies. Mr. Kulp graduated with a BBA from the University of Michigan Business
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Key PrivateBank
Key. For a new America."
School in 1961 and a JD from the UM Law School in 1964. Mr. Kulp has been a mem?ber of the University Musical Society Board of Directors since 1994, has served on several committees, and is currently Chair
Bruce Kulp
of the UMS Board of Directors.
Lee bollinger is President of the University of Michigan and a member of the faculty of law. He is a graduate of the University of Oregon and the Columbia Law School, where he was an Articles Editor of the Law Review. After serving as a law clerk to Judge Wilfred Feinberg on the United States Court of Appeal for the Second Circuit and for Chief Justice Warren Burger on the United States Supreme Court, he joined the faculty of the University of Michigan Law School in 1973.
In 1987 he was named Dean of the University of Michigan Law School, a position he held for seven years. He became Provost of Dartmouth College and Professor of Government in July, 1994, and was named twelfth President of the
Lee Boi.linger
University of Michigan in November, 1996. His primary teaching and scholarly interests are focused on free speech and first amendment issues, and he has published numerous books, articles, and essays in scholarly journals on these and other subjects. Two highly acclaimed contributions to First Amendment literature include Images of a Free Press, published by the University of Chicago Press in 1991 and The Tolerant Society: Freedom of Speech and Extremist Speech in America, published in 1986 by Oxford University Press. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.
A Natural Choice For A Natural Look
llniuersity Musical SociQty
of the University of Michigan Ann Arbor
Nadja SalernoSonnenberg
Chicago Symphony Orchestra Christoph Eschenbach, conductor and piano Nadja SalemoSonnenberg, violin
Chamber Music with Members of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Pat Metheny Group
Moscow Conservatory Chamber Ensemble
Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir Tallinn Chamber Orchestra
Orchestra of St. Luke's Chamber Ensemble Philippe Herreweghe, conductor
Guitar Summit IV Herb Ellis, jazz Michael Hedges, acoustic Sharon Isbin, classical Rory Block, blues
Marilyn Home, mezzosoprano Martin Katz, piano
Gabrieli Consort & Players
Celia Cruz with Jose Alberto "El Canario
Hakan Hagegard, baritone
Ursula Oppens, piano First piano concert of the the Contemporary" cycle
Celia Cruz
Ursula Oppens
Sir Georg Soiti
American String Quartet First string quartet concert of the "Beethoven the Contemporary" cycle
Orpheus Chamber Orchestra Richard Goode, piano
Itzhak Perlman In the Fiddler's House A Hezmer Summit
Handel's Messiah Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra UMS Choral Union Thomas Sheets, conductor
The Harlem Nutcracker Donald ByrdThe Group &
David Daniels, countertenor Martin Katz, piano
Israel Philharmonic Orchestra Zubin Mehta, conductor
Christopher Parkening, guitar A Tribute to Andres Segovia
Boys Choir of Harlem Tokyo String Quartet
American String Quartet Second string quartet concert of the "Beethoven the Contemporary" cycle
Ursula Oppens, piano
Second piano concert of the ' "Beethoven the Contemporary" cycle
St. Paul Chamber Orchestra Hugh Wolff, conductor Emanuel Ax, piano The Dale Warland Singers
Gabrieli Consort & Players
The Canadian Brass
Royal Concertgebouw Riccardo Chailly, conductor
JuanJose Mosalini and His Grand Tango Orchestra
Chen Zimbalista, percussion Petersen String Quartet
Chick Corea, piano Gary Burton, vibes
Mendelssohn's Elijah Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra UMS Choral Union
JeanYves Thibaudet, piano
New York City Opera National Company Donizetti's Daughter of the Regiment
Los Munequitos de Matanzas Batsheva Dance Company of Israel
Russian National Orchestra Mikhail Pletnev, conductor Gil Shaham, violin
Australian Chamber Orchestra Richard Tognetti, conductor Steven Isserlis, cello
American String Quartet
Chick Corea
Evgeny Kissin
Batsheva Dance Company
Ursula Oppens, piano Third piano concert of the "Beethoven the Contemporary" cycle
Paco de Lucia and His Flamenco Orchestra
American String Quartet Third string guartet concert of the "Beethoven the Contemporary" cycle
StrebRingside: POPAC7TON Suzanne Mentzer, mezzosoprano Evgeny Kissin, piano
MarsalisStravinsky The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center David Shifrin, artistic director and Jazz at Lincoln Center Wynton Marsalis, artistic director
Luz y Worte (Light and Guiding Star) The Harp Consort
Hagen String Quartet
The MET Orchestra Sir Georg Solti, conductor
The Harlem Nutcracker
Qjommitiees ? Donors
Honorary CoChairmen
President Lee C. Bollinger and Jean Magnano Bollinger The University of Michigan
Maestro and Mrs. Kurt Masur New York Philharmonic
Toni Morrison
Nobel Prize Winner in Literature
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Trotman Ford Motor Company
Len Niehoff
Paulett Banks
Ford Motor Company Robert and Ann Meredith Randall and Mary Pittman
David and Lynn Engelbert
Peter and Rita Heydon
Mike and Phyllis Korybalski
Dr. Herbert Sloan
Raymond Tanter and Maya Savarino
Martin Taylor and Anna Diggs Taylor
Richard and Laura Van House
Ron and Eileen Weiser
Liz and Paul Yhouse
John and Barbara Everitt Bryant George Carignan and Margo Halsted Jan and Bob DiRomualdo David and Joanna Featherman Ray and Pat Fitzgerald Mark and Susan Orringer Rosalie and David Schottenfeld Irv and Carol Smokier Steve and Cynna Spencer
Detroit Edison
Masco Corporation
St. Joseph Mercy Hospital
The Edward Surovell Co.Realtors
ParkeDavis Pharmaceutical Research
Robert and Katie Aldrich Herb and Carol Amster Catherine Arcure Ron and Mimi Bogdasarian James and
Janice Stevens Botsford Paul Boylan
Carl and Isabelle Brauer Butzel Long Attorneys Letitia Byrd Betty Byrne Ed Carlson and
Barbara Cooper Leon and Heidi Cohan Susan and Arnold Coran Katharine and Jon Cosovich Mary and Bill Dobson Thomas and Elaine Evans Ken and Penny Fischer Gerson and Beverley Geltner Joyce and Fred Ginsberg Betty Graham Richard and Linda Greene Norman and Debbie Herbert Kerry and Matthew Hoffmann Stephen and Mercy Kasle Richard and Sylvia Kaufman Bob and Gloria Kerry Leo Legatski Richard LeSueur Richard Levey and
Sigrid Christiansen Carolyn and Paul Lichter Alan and Carla Mandel Roger and Judy Maugh Hattie and Ted McOmber Joe McCune and
Georgiana Sanders David and Connie Osier
Mary and Roscoe G. Parker John Paulson John and Dot Reed John and Lois Stegeman Helmut and Candy Stern Marlene and Victor Stoeffler Sue Ullrich Charlotte VanCurler and
Art Patstone Dody Viola
Marina and Robert Whitman Helen and Clyde Wu
Peter and Charlene Aliferis
Emily Bandera
Kathleen Beck
Maurice and Linda Binkow
Robert and Jeannine Buchanan
Anne Chase
Maurice and Margo Cohen
Phil Cole
Mary and John Curtis
Jennifer and Guillermo Flores
William and Beatrice Fox
David Fugenschuh and
Karey Leach Cozy Grabb Lucy Hayden
Bert Herzog and Jo Vranesh Kay and George Hunt Henry and Billie Johnson Shirley and Tom Kauper Richard L. Kennedy Ted and Emily Kennedy Dick and Pat King Mike and Phyllis Korybalski John and Cheryl MacKrell Ken Marblestone and
Janisse Nagel Roger and Judy Maugh Kathleen and James McGauley
Charlotte McGeoch Jack and Janet Miller M. Haskell Newman and
[an Barney Newman Karen and Joe O'Neal Mark Ouimet and
Donna Hrozencik Bertram and Elaine Pitt Gerald and Lorna Prescott James and leva Rasmussen Ken Robinson and
Nina Swanson Robinson John H. Romani and
Barbara Anderson Jorge and Nancy Solis Linda Sprankle Geoffrey and Ellen Stross Nancy Sudia and Lisa Profera Elise and Jerry Weisbach Steven Werns Iva and Tom Wilson
List reflects reservations as of April 8, 1997
Qlnioersit Miusicaluoce
Board of Directors
F. Bruce Kulp, Chair Marina v.N. Whitman,
Via Chair Carol Shalita Smokier,
Secretary Elizabeth Yhouse,
Treasurer Herbert S. Amster
Gail Davis Barnes Maurice S. Binkow Paul C. Boylan Barbara Everitt Bryant LetitiaJ. Byrd Leon S. Cohan Jon Cosovich Ronald M. Cresswell Beverley B. Geltner
Randy J. Harris Walter L. Harrison Norman G. Herbert Kay Hunt Stuart A. Isaac Thomas E. Kauper Rebecca McGowan Lester P. Monts Joe E. O'Neal
John Psarouthakis Richard H. Rogel George I. Shirley John O. Simpson Herbert Sloan Edward D. Surovell Susand B. Ullrich Iva M. Wilson
Advisory Committee
Maya Savarino, Chair Len Niehoff, CoChair Dody Viola, Secretary
Treasurer Betty Byrne, Staff Liason
Gregg Alf
Paulett Banks
Kathleen Beck
Janice Stevens Botsford
Jeannine Buchanan
Letitia Byrd
Chen Oi ChinHsieh
Phil Cole
Mary Ann Daane Rosmine Duncan H. Michael Endres Don Faber
Katherine Hilboldt Farrell Penny Fischer Barbara Gelehrter Beverley Geltncr Joyce Ginsberg Linda Greene Esther Heider Debbie Herbert Matthew Hoffmann Maureen Isaac Marcy Jennings
Damn Johnson Barbara Kahn Mercy Kasle Steve Kasle Maxine Larrouy Barbara Levitan Doni Lystra Margaret McKinley Scott Merz Clyde Metzger Ronald G. Miller Len Niehoff Nancy Niehoff Karen Koykka O'Neal Marysia Ostafin
Mary Pitlman leva Rasmussen Maya Savarino Janet Shatusky Meg Kennedy Shaw Aliza Shevrin Cynny Spencer Ellen Stross Nina Swanson Kathleen Treciak Susan B. Ullrich Dody Viola David White Jane Wilkinson Shirley Williams
UMS Teacher Advisory Committee
Fran Ampey Kitty Angus Gail Davis Barnes Alana Barter Elaine Bennett Letitia Byrd Diane Davis DebKatz John Littlejohn Dan Long Laura Machida Ken Monash Gayle Richardson Karen Schulte Helen Siedel Sue Sinta Sandy Trosien Linda Warrington
UMS Staff Kenneth C. Fischer,
Catherine S. Arcure Emily Avers Jonathan Belcher Sara Billmann Betty Byrne Yoshi Campbell Sally A. dishing Elaine Econoinou Erika Fischer Susan Fitzpatrick Rachel Folland Michael L. Gowing Philip Guire Timothy Haggerty
Elizabeth Jahn Ben Johnson Paul Jomantas John B. Kennard.Jr. Michael J. Kondziolka John Peckham Ronald J. Reid Kathi Reister Kate Remen Henry Reynolds R. Scott Russell J. Thad Schork Thomas Sheets Anne Griffin Sloan
Donald Bryant, Conductor Emeritus
Work StudyInterns Jerry Benitez Laura Birnbaum Laura Birnbryer Sabine Chanton Rebekah Camm Meighan Denomme Jessica Flint Michelle Guadinino Amy Hayne Kirsten Jennings Sara Jensen Michael Lawrence Najean Lee Susanna OrcuttGrady Tansy Rodd Sara Slawnik Caen ThomasonRedus Lisa Vogen
The UMS and the Ann Arbor Public Schools have been accepted into the Kennedy Center's "PerformingArts Centers and Schools: Partners in Education'program.
The University Musical Society would like to give special thanks to all who have helped to make the 199697 season a great success. Special appreciation goes to:
Jerry Adams David Adereme Aerial Sound African American
Cultural and
Historical Museum
of Ann Arbor Gregg T. Alf Al Nalli Music Richard Allen Alternative Light Frederick Amrine Herb Amster Dolores Anderson Ann Arbor Chapter of
the Links, Inc. Ann Arbor District
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Schools Ann Arbor Summer
Another Ann Arbor, Inc. Lynne Aspnes Olaf Baer Virginia Bailey Lynn Baker Sally Banes Paulett Banks Rosemund Bartlett Bob Beckley Joan llfhi in.uin Richard Beene Bell Tower Hotel Ralph Belnapp Mark Berg Bethel A.M.E. Tom Beyer Jerry Blackstone William Bolcom Bess Bonnier James Borders Borders Books
and Music
Janice Stevens BoLsford Gerald Brennan Tobias Brcycr David Hi nmi.ui John Briggs Jan Brown
Barbara Evcrill Bryant Jeannine Buchanan Faye Burton
Leone Buyse Lelitia Byrd Margot Campos Campus Inn James Carter Center for Japanese
Studies Center for Russian and
Eastern European
Tamar Charncy Chen Oi ChinHsieh Cyrus Chestnut Chinese American
Educational and
Cultural Center Deborah Chodacki Ted Ciganik ('.hi isiopher Claypoole The Cleveland
Orchestra Mary Cole Joe Colineri Russ Collins Community Church
of God Community High
Diana Cordero Steven Cornelius Cottage Inn Restaurant Don Courtois Mary Craig Richard Crawford Ronnie Cresswell Stanley Crouch Joseph Curtin Curtin and Alf,
Violinmakers Andy Dahlmann Charles Daval Gaye Delanghe Bamidele Demerson Ellwood Derr Detroit Free Press Detroit News Detroit Public School
Dance Program Jennifer Dix Dough Boys Bakery Tony Ellioti Julie Ellison Mike Emlaw
H. Michael Endres Escoffier
Espresso Royale Cafe Daisy Evans Sheri Faulhaber Fine Flowers Linda Fitzgerald Dwight Fontentot Lynette Ford Ford Electronics Carrie Forgie Friends of the Ann
Arbor District library Karen Ganiard Lynn Garafola JeffGeiger Beverley Geltner Beth Gcnne Melanie Gilbert Anne Glcndon Mike Grace Sin Goldicb Steve Graham Dr. Deborah Grayson Robert Grijalva Tim Grimes Paula Gryzbowski Leslie Guinn JoAnnc Hall Gregory Hamilton Hammell Music Ty Harris Walter Harrison Jim Haven Gary Hines Barbara Hoover Jo Hulcc Kay Hunt Carol Hurwitz IATSE, Local 395 Mia Ini Institute for the
Humanities Institute for Research
on Women and
Father Charlie Invin Elena Ivanova Earl Jackson Fran Jaede Markjanello Neeme Jarvi Dr. Shirley Jenkins
Karen Johnson
Lawrence B.Johnson
Paul Join an tas
Lola Jones
KriLz Kaenzig
Martin Katz
Brian Kennedy
Chuck Kiefer
Kenneth Kicsler
John Killacky
Howard King
Lynne Konstantin
Bruce Kulp
Jeffrey Kuras
Barry IaRue
Jim Leonard
Richard LeSueur
David Lieberman
Jim Lillie
Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra
Elizabeth Unefellner
Carolyn Lipp
John Litdejohn
David Loesel
Maggie Long
Perfectly Seasoned
Stephanie Lord
David Lyman
Shelley MacMillan
Steve Maggio
Susan Manning
Wynton Marsalis
Bruce Martin
Dr. Nora Martin
Lorna McDanicl
Terry McGinn
Barb McNally
Barbara Meadows
Meredith Monk Vocal Ensemble
Piotr Michalowski
Michigan Daily
Michigan Music Edu?cators Conference
Michigan Theater staff
Debbie Mitchell
Meredith Monk
Lester Moms
Paula Morning
Dallas Moore
Eunice Moore
Mosaic Youth Theater Mary Motherwell Tom Mull Michael G. Nastos National Traditional
Orchestra of China Anton Nel New Hope Baptist
Church New York City Opera
National Company Nexus Percussion
Ensemble Len Niehoff Susan Isaacs Nisbett Peter Norlin Susan O'Brien Rob Oliver Janelle O'Malley Joe and Karen O'Neal Regrets Only Marysia Ostafin John Ozga Mary and Bill Palmer Parents of The Harlem
Nutcracker children's
Leon Parker Parking volunteers at
St. Francis Jorge Parodi Veronica Pasfield Willis Patterson Persian House
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IMiGrant Wcnaus Steven Moore Whiting Willis Patterson Our
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Volunteer Ushers Joe Yunkman
f--n reat performances --
V__y the best in music,
v--S theater and dance -are presented by the University Musical Society because of the muchneeded and appreciated gifts of UMS supporters, members of the Society.
The list below represents names of current donors as of April 7, 1997. If there has been an error or omission, we apologize and would appreciate a call at (313) 6471178 to correct it.
The University Musical Society would also like to thank those generous donors who wish to remain anonymous.
Burton Tower Society
The Burton Tower Society is a very special group of University Musical Society friends. These people have included the University Musical Society in their estate planning. We are grateful for this important sup?port to continue the great tradi?tions of the Society in the future.
Mr. Neil P. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Pal E. Barondy
Mr. Hilbert Beyer
Elizabeth S. Bishop
Mr. and Mrs. John Alden Clark
Dr. and Mrs. Michael S. Frank
Mr. Edwin Goldring
Mr. Seymour Greenstone
Marilyn Jeffs
Dr. Eva Mueller
Charlotte McGeoch
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Powers
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Radock
Herbert Sloan
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Zollars
and several individuals who ivish to remain anonymous
Dr. and Mrs. James Irwin
Elizabeth E. Kennedy
Randall and Mary Pittman
John Psarouthakis
Richard and Susan Rogel
Herbert Sloan
Carol and Irving Smokier
Edward Surovell and
Natalie Lacy
Ronald and Eileen Weiser Paul and Elizabeth Yhouse and several anonymous donors
Conlin Travel
Consumers Energy
First of America Bank
Ford Motor Company
Ford Motor Credit Company
Forest Health Services
Corporation JPEincThe Paideia
Foundation McKinley Associates NBD Bank NSK Corporation ParkeDavis Pharmaceutical
Research Regency Travel The Edward Surovell Co.
TriMas Corporation University of Michigan Wolverine Temporaries, Inc.
Arts Midwest
Grayling Fund
Lila WallaceReaders Digest
Arts Partners Program Michigan Council for
Arts and Cultural Affairs National Endowment
for the Arts
New England Foundation for the Arts
Herb and Carol Amster Robert and Ann Meredith Mrs. John F.Ullrich
Deroit Edison Foundation
Great Lakes Bancorp
Carl and Isabelle Brauer
Margaret and Douglas Crary
Ronnie and Sheila Cresswell
Robert and Janice DiRomualdo
Mr. and Mrs. Howard S. Holmes
SunChien and Betty Hsiao
F. Bruce Kulp
Mr. David G. Loesel
Charlotte McGeoch
Mr. and Mrs. George R. Mrkonic
Karen Koykka O'Neal and
Joe O'Neal
Monti and Gui Ponce deLeon Mrs. M. Titiev
Marina and Robert Whitman and several anonymous donors
First of America
Ford Electronics
Masco Corporation
Thomas B. McMullen Company The Monroe Street Journal O'Neal Construction
Joe and Karen Koykka O'Neal Pepper, Hamilton & Sheetz Project Management Associates St. Joseph Mercy Hospital
Foundations Herrick Foundation World Heritage Foundation of Mr. and Mrs. Heinz Prechter
Robert and Martha Ause Maurice and Linda Binkow Dr. James Byrne Kathleen G. Charla Katharine and Jon Cosovich Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Evans John and Esther Floyd Rebecca McGowan and
Michael Staebler John W. and Dorothy F. Reed Prudence and Amnon Rosenthal Maya Savarino and
Raymond Tanter Professor Thomas J. and
Ann Sneed Schriber Mrs. Francis V. Viola III John Wagner and several anonymous donors
Corporations AAA Michigan Curtin & Alf Violinmakers Gelman Sciences, Inc. Miller, Canfield, Paddock and Stone, PLC
Benard L. Maas Foundation
The Mosaic Foundation (of
Rita and Peter Heydon)
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Abrams
Professor and
Mrs. Gardner Ackley Dr. and Mrs. Robert G. Aldrich James R. Baker, Jr., M.D. and
Lisa Baker
Dr. Emily W. Bandera A. J. and Anne Bartoletto Bradford and Lydia Bates Raymond and Janet Bernreuter Joan A. Binkow Howard and Margaret Bond Barbara Everitt and
John H. Bryant Lawrence and Valerie Bullen Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Burstein LetitiaJ. Byrd Betty Byrne Edwin F. Carlson and
Barbara Cooper George R. Carignan Jean and Kenneth Casey Mr. and Mrs. John Alden Clark David and Pat Clyde Leon and Heidi Cohan Maurice Cohen Roland J. Cole and
Elsa Kircher Cole Susan and Arnold Coran Dennis Dahlmann Peter and Susan Darrow Jack and Alice Dobson Jim and Patsy Donahey Jan and Gil Dorer Cheri and Dr. Stewart Epstein Dr. and Mrs. S.M. Farhat David and JoAnna Featherman Adrienne and Robert Feldstein Ken, Penny and Matt Fischer Ray and Patricia Fitzgerald Richard and Marie Flanagan Michael and Sara Frank Margaret Fisher Mr. Edward P. Frohlich Lourdes and Otto Gago Marilyn G. Gallatin Beverley and Gerson Geltner
William and Ruth Gilkey Drs. Sid Gilman and
Carol Barbour Sue and Carl Gingles Norm Gottlieb and
Vivian Sosna Gottlieb Dr. and Mrs. William A. Grade Ruth B. and Edward M. Gramlich Linda and Richard Greene Seymour D. Greenstone Walter and Dianne Harrison Anne and Harold Haugh Debbie and Norman Herbert Bertram Herzog Julian and Diane Hoff Mr. and Mrs. William B. Holmes Robert M. and Joan F. Howe John and Patricia Huntington Keki and Alice Irani Stuart and Maureen Isaac Mercy and Stephen Kasle Herbert Katz
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William Steinhoff Judythe and Roger Maugh Paul and Ruth McCracken Joseph McCune and
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'All excellence is equally difficult'.
Thornton Wilder
. readership in any arena is not only difficult to achieve but deserving of recognition. The Edward Surovell Company salutes the University Musical Society for its 118year tradition of excellence in the presentation of the performing arts.
Washtenaw County's leader in real estate sales
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Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Fair Jr. Mark and Karen Falahce Elly and Harvey Falil Dr. and Mrs. Cyrus Farrehi Katherine and Damian Farrcli Inka and David Fclbcck Reno and Nancy Feldkamp Phil and Phyllis Fellin Ruth Fiegcl Carol Fincrman Clan M. Fingerle Clay Finkbciner Lydia H. Fischer Patricia A. Fischer Eileen and Andrew Fisher Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Fisher Susan K. Fisher and
John W. Waidley Winifred Fisher James and Barbara Fitzgerald Jonathan Fliegel David and Ann Flucke Scott and Janet Fogler
Ernest and Margot Fontheim Mr. and Mrs. George W. Ford Susan Goldsmith and
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Karen Ban lei Ina HanelGerdenich Michael Gerstenbergcr W. Scott Gerstcnberger and
Elizabeth A. Sweet Beth Gcnne and Allan Gibbard Paul and Suzanne Gikas Albert and Almeda Girod Peter and Roberta Gluck Sara Goburdhun Robert and Barbara Gockcl Albert L. Goldberg Dr. and Mrs. Edward Goldberg Ed and Mona Goldman Irwin J. Goldstein and
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Mary Anna Harper Mi. and Mrs. Robert B. Harris Robert and Susan Harris M.Jean Hartcr Jerome P. Hartweg James B. and Roberta Hause Mr. and Mrs. G. Hawkins Jeannine and Gary Hayden Dr. Lucy K. Hayden Laurecn Haynes Bob and Lucia Heinold Mrs. Miriam Heins Sivana Heller Rose and John Henderson Rose S. Henderson Mr. and Mrs. Karl P. Henkel Dr. and Mrs. Keith S. Henley Margaret Martin Hcrmel C. C. Herrington, M.D. Fred and Joyce Hershenson Carl and Charlcne Herstein Charles W. Fisher and
Elfrida H. Hiebert Peter G. Hinman and
Elizabeth A. Young Ms. Teresa Hirth Jacques Hochglaube, M.D., P.C. Louise Hodgson Jane and Dick Hoerner Bob and Fran Hoffman Carol and Dieter Hohnkc Dr. Carol E. Holden and
Mr. Kurt Zimmer Donna and John Hollowell Richard Holmes Jack and Davetta Homer Arthur G. Horner, Jr. Dave and Susan Horvath George M. Houchens and
Caroline Richardson Fred and Betty House Jim and Wendy Fisher House
Hclga Hover ])is Richard and
Diane Howlin Che C. and Teresa Huang Mrs. V. C. Hubbs Charles T. Hudson fude and Ray Huetteman Harry and Ruth Huff Mr. and Mrs. William Hufford Joanne W. Hulce Ralph and Del Hulett Ann D. Hungerman Diane Hunter and Bill Ziegler Jewel and John C. Hunter Mr. and Mrs. Russell L. Hurst Eileen and Saul Hymans Amy Iannacone Margaret and Eugene Engrain Perry Irish Carol and John Isles Manuel and Joan Jacobs K. John Jarrctt and
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Jerome Jclinek James and Elaine Jensen Ktiih Jensen
Dr. and Mrs. James Jerome JoAnn J. Jeromin Mr. and Mrs.
Donald L. Johnson Billie and Henry Johnson Paul and Olga Johnson Timothy and Jo Wicse Johnson Constance L. Jones Dr. Marilyn S.Jones John and Linda K. Jonides Stephen G.Josephson and
Sally C. Fink Tom and Marie Justcr Mary Kalmes and
Larry Friedman Dr. and Mrs. Mark S. Kaminski Paul Kantor and Virginia Wcckstrom Kantor Mr. and Mrs. Irving Kao Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Kaplan Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Kaplin Thomas and Rosalie Karunas Noboru and Atsuko Kashino Alex F. and Phyllis A. Kato Martin and Helen Katz Nick and Meral Kazan James A. Kelly and
Mariam C. Noland Frank and Patricia Kennedy Linda Atkins and
Thomas Kenney Konstantyn Kim William and Betsy Kincaid
Brett and Lynnette King EvaJ. Kinney
John and Carolyn Kirkcndail James and Jane Kister Dr. David E. and
Heidi Castleman Klein Shira and Steve Klein Drs. Peter and Judith Klcinman Gerald and Eileen Klos Sharon L. Knight Rosalie and Ron Koenig Charles and Linda Koopmann Mehyn and Linda Korobkin Edward and
Marguerite Kowalcski Richard and
I'.i ind.i Krachenberg Jean and Dick Kraft Marjorie A. Kramer David and Martha Krehbiel Alexander Krezel William G. Kring Alan and Jean Krisch Ko and Sumiko Kiirsu hi Danielle and George Kuper Dr. and Mrs.
Richard A. Kutcipal Dr. and Mrs. J. Daniel Kutt Jane Laird
Mr. and Mrs. John Laird Mr. and Mrs. Seymour lunpert Connie and Dick Landgraff Patricia M. Lang Carl and Ann I .a Rue Ms. Jill Latta and
Mr. David S. Bach Robert and Leslie Lazzcrin Mrs. Kent W. Leach Chuck and Linda Leahy Fred and Ethel Lee Moshin and Christina Lee Diane and Jeffrey Lehman Sue Leong Margaret E. Leslie Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lcvine, III Deborah S. Lewis Donald and Carolyn Dana Lewis Jacqueline H. Iwis Thomas and Judy Lewis Lawrence B. Lindemer Mark Lindley Mr. Ronald A. Lindroth Rod and Robin Little ViCheng and HsiYen Liu Jackie K. Livesay Dr. and Mrs. Peter Y. Lo Louis Loeb and Tully Lyons Mary F. Locffler and
Richard K. Rohrer Naomi E. Lohr
Jane Lombard
Dan and Kay Long
Mi. and Mrs. Richard S. Lord
Bruce and Pat Loughry
Joann Fawn Love
Donna and Paul Lowry
Janny Lu
Ross E. Luckc
Lynn Luckenbach
Fran Lyinan
LaM uriel Lyman
Donald and Doni Lysira
Susan E. Macias
M.111 i.i M.ii
Sally C. Maggio
Geoffrey and Janet Mainr
Suzanne and Jay Mahler
Deborah Malatnud and
Ncal Plotkin Dr. Karl D. Malcolm Claire and Richard Malvin Mr. and Mrs. Ka.uhiko Manabe Melvin and (can Manis Pearl Manning
Geraldine and Sheldon Markel Professor Howard Markel Lee and Greg Marks Ann W. Martin James E. and Barbara Martin Rebecca Martin and
James Grieve John D. Marx, D.D.S. Debra Mattison Margaret Maurer Helen Byrne May John M. Allen and
Edith A. Maynard Susan C. Guszynski and
Gregory F. Mazure Mr. and Mrs. Brian McCall Margaret E. McCarthy Margaret and
Harris McClamroch Dores M. McCree Joseph and Susan McGrath Eileen Mclntosh and
Charles Schaldenbrand Mary and Norman Mclver Bill and Ginny McKeachie Fred McKcnzic Margaret B. McKinley Nancy and Robert Meader Dr. and Mrs.
Theodore Meadows Anthony and Barbara Medeiros Samuel and Alice Mciscls Robert and Doris Melling Mr. and Mrs. John Merrifield Bernice and Herman Mcrtc Russ and Brigelte Merz
Henry D. Messcr
Cari A. House John and Fei Fei Metzler Ms. Anna MeyendorfF Don and Lee Meyer Shirley and Bill Meyers Helen M. Michaels Andy and Nancy Miller Carmen and Jack Miller Dr. Robert R. Miller Thomas and Doris Mirce Kathleen and James Mitchiner Mr. and Mrs.
William G. Moller, Jr. Jim and Jeanne Monue Rosalie E. Moore Arnold and Gail Morawa Robert and Sophie Mordis Jane and Kenneth Moriarty Dr. and Mrs. George W. Morley Paul and Terry Morris Mclinda and Bob Morris Dick and Judy Morrissctt Robert C. Morrow Brian and Jacqueline Morton Cyril and Rona Moscow Dr. Thomas E. Muller and
Barbara J. Levitan Gavin Eadie and
Barbara Murphy Dr. and Mrs. Guilder A. Myran Linda M. Nadcau Rosemaric Nagel Mr. and Mrs. Homer Neal Frederick G. Neidhardt and Gcrmaine Chipault Barry Nemon and
Barbara StarkNcmon Susan and Jim Newton Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Niehuss K.i! in.i H. Niemeyer Shinobu Niga Susan and Richard Nisbctt Virginia and Clare North John and lexa O'Brien Patricia O'Connor Dr. and Mrs.
Frederick C. O'Dell Michael J. O'Donnell and
Jan L. Garfinkle Henry and Patricia O'Kray Nels and Mary Olson Mr.J. L. Oncley Zibby and Bob Oneal Mr. and Mrs. James O'Neill Kathleen I. Opcrhall Dr. Jon Oschcrwitz Lillian G. Ostrand Mrs. Charles Overberger Julie and Dave Owens
Dr. and Mrs. Sujit K. Pandit
Michael P. Parin
Evans and Charlene Parrott
Mr. and Mrs. Brian P. Patchen
Robert and Arlene Paup
Ruth and Joe Payne
Hon. Steven and Janet Pepe
Dr. Owen Z. and
Barbara Pcrlman Susan A. Perry Doris I. Persyn Frank and Nelly Petrock James L. and Julie Phelps Joyce and Daniel Phillips Mr. and Mrs.
Frederick R. Pickard Robert and Mary Ann Pierce Roy and Winnifrcd Pierce William and Barbara Pierce Dr. and Mrs. James Pikulski Sheila A. Pitcoff Martin Podolsky Mr. and Mrs. John R. Politzer Philip and Kathleen Power Drs. Edward and
Rhoda Powsner Robert and Mary Pratt Bill and Diana Pratt Jacob M. Price Bradley and Susan PritLs Ernst Pulgram David and Stephanie Pyne Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Radcliff Dr. and Mrs. Robert Rapp Mr. and Mrs.
Douglas J. Rasmussen Mr. and Mrs.
Robert H. Rasmussen Sandra Reagan Catherine R. Reebel Stanislav and Dorothy R. Rehak JoAnne C. Reuss H. Robert and Kristin Reynolds John and Nancy Reynolds Alice Rhodes Ms. Donna Rhodes Paul Rice
Dennis and Rita Ringle Mary Ann Riltcr Lisa Rives and Jason Collens Kathleen Roelofs Roberts Peter and Shirley Roberts Dave and Joan Robinson Janet K. Robinson, Ph.D. Richard C. Rockwell Mary Ann and Willard Rodgcrs Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Rogers Yelena and Michael Romm Elizabeth A. Rose Dr. Susan M. Rose

Bernard and Barbara Rosen Drs. Stephen Roscnblum and
Rosalyn Sarver Richard Z. and
Edie W. Rosenfeld Gay and George Rosenwald Mr. and Mrs. John P. Rowc Michael and Margie Rudd Dr. and Mrs.
Raymond W. Rnddon Samuel and Irene Rupert Tom and Dolores Ryan Mitchell and Carole Rycus Ellen and James Saalberg Theodore and Joan Sachs Dr. and Mrs. Jagncswar Saha Arnold Sameroif and
Susan McDonough Ina and Terry Sandalow John and Reda Santinga Elizabeth M. Savage Court and Inga Schmidt Charlcne and Carl Schmult, Jr. Thomas Schramm Gerald and Sharon Schreiber Albert and Susan Schultz Aileen M. Schulze Drs. R. R. Lavelle and
M. S. Schuster Alan and Marianne Schwartz--
The Shapero Foundation Ed and Sheila Schwartz Jane and Fred Schwarz Jonathan Bromberg and
Barbara Scott
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Scovcll John and Carole Segall Richard A. Seid Suzanne Selig Gerda Seligson
Stan and Judalyn Greer Seling Ms. Janet Sell
Louis and Sherry L. Scnunas Erik and Carol Serr George H. and Mary M. Sexton Dr. and Mrs. J. N. Shanberge Matthew Shapiro and
Susan Gareu, M.D. David and Elvera Shappirio Maurice and
Lorraine Sheppard Dr. and Mrs. Ivan Sherick William J. Shenter Drs. Jean and Thomas Shope Hollis and Martha Showaltcr Mary Ann Shumaker Ned Shure and Jan Onder John and Arlene Shy Dr. Bruce M. Siegan Milton and Gloria Siegcl
Eldy and Enrique Signori Ken Silk and Peggy Bumnhriin Drs. Doril Adler and
Terry Silver
Alicl.i and Gene Silverman Sandy and Dick Simon Frances U. and
Scott K. Simonds Michael and Maria Simonte Robert and Elaine Sims Donald and Susan Sinta Mrs. Loretta M. Skewes Martha Skindell IrmaJ. Sklenar Beverly N. Slater John W. Smillie, M.D. Dr. and Mrs. Michael W. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Smith Susan M. Smith Virginia B. Smith Richard Soble and
Barbara Kessler Dr. Yoram Sorokin Mrs. Herbert W. Spendlovc
(Anne) Cretta Spier and
Jonathan Rubin JeffSpindler Edmund Sprunger Francyne Stacey David and Ann Staiger Caren Stalburg M.D. Betty and Harold Stark Dr. and Mrs.
William C. Slebbins Bert and Vickie Steck Ron and Kay Stefanski Virginia and Eric Stein Thorn and Ann Sterling Barbara and Bruce Stevenson Harold Stevenson Steve and Gaylc Stewart John and Beryl Stimson Mr. James L. Stoddard Robert and Shelly Stoler W. F. Stolper Anjanetle M. Stoltz, M.D. Ellen M. Strand and
Dennis C Regan Aileen and Clinton Slroebel Joe Stroud and Kathleen Fojtik Mrs. William H. Stubbins Valeric Y. Suslow Earl and Phyllis Swain Peg Talburlt and Jim Peggs Ki 'iiiia and Kent Talcotl Jim and Sally Tamm Kciko Tanaka Jerry and Susan Tarpley Eva and Sam Taylor
George and Mary Tcwksbury Gauri Thergaonkar and
Giri Iyengar Paul Thielking Bette M. Tliompson Ted and Marge Thrasher Mrs. Peggy Ticman Albert Tochet
Dr. and Mrs. Merlin C. Townley James W. Toy
Dr. and Mrs. John Triebwasser Angie and Bob Trinka Sarah Trinkaus Irene Truesdell Luke and Merling Tsai Marilyn Tsao and Steve Gao Dr. Ha.el M. Turner William H. and
Gcrilyn K. Turner Michael and Nancy Udow Taro Ueki
Alvan and Katharine Uhle Mr. Gordon E. Ulrey Dr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Ursu EmmanuelGeorge Vakalo Madeleine Vallier Carl and Sue Van Appledorn Tanja and Rob Van dcr Voo Robert P. Van Ess Fred and
Carole S. Van Reesema Kate and Chris Vaughan Phyllis Vegtcr Sy and Florence Veniar Carolyn and Jerry Voighl John and Jane S. Voorhorst Jerry Waldcn and Julia Tiplady Richard and Mary Walker Charles and Barbara Wallgren Mr. and Mrs. Chip Warrick Lorraine Nadelman and
Sidney Warschausky Robin and Harvey Wax Barry and Sybil Wayburn Edward C. Weber Willcs and Kathleen Weber Deborah Webster and
George Miller Leone Buysc and
Michael Webstei Jack and Jerry Weidcnbach Lawrence A. Weis and
Sheila Johnson Donna G. Weisman Barbara Weiss Lisa and Steve Weiss Carol Campbell Welsch and
John Welsch Rosemary and
David Wesenberg
Mr, and Mrs. Peter Westen Tim and Mini Westerdale Susan and Peter Wcsterman Marjoric Westphal Paul E. Duffy and
Marilyn L. Whealon Ruth and Gilbert Whitaker Harry C. Wliite Janet F. White Mr. and Mrs.
Nathaniel Whitestde Christina and William Wilcox William and Cristina Wilcox Reverend Francis E. Williams Shelly F. Williams Jan and Sarajane Winkelman Beth and I. W. Winsten Charles Witke and
Aileen Gatten Jeffrey and Linda Wiuburg Charlotte Wolfe Patricia and Rodger Wolff Dr. and Mrs. Ira S. Wollner Muriel and Dick Wong Nancy and Victor Wong J. D. Woods
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Wooll Charles R. and Jean L. Wright David and April Wright Phyllis B. Wright Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Yagle Sandra and Jonathan Yobbagy Frank O. Youkstetter Professor and Mrs.
Edwin H. Young James P. Young Shirley Young Ann and Ralph Youngren Dr. and Mrs. Joe H. Win Olga Zapotny Mr. and Mrs. F.L. Zeisler Bertram and Lynn Zheutlin Gail and David Zuk David S. and Susan H. ZurvaJcc and several anonymous donors
Gams, Garris, Garris & Garris
Law Office
John Leidy Shop, Inc. Loomis, Saylcs and Co. L.P. Alice Simsar Fine Art, Inc. University Bank University Microfilms
Robert S. Feldman Zelina Kniuss Firth George R. Hunsche Ralph Herbert Alexander Krezel, Sr. Katherine Mubarak Frederick C. Matthaci, Sr. Gwen and Emerson Powrie Steffi Reiss Clare Siegcl Ralph L. StefTek Charlene Parker Stern William Swank Charles R. Tieman John F. Ullrich Francis Viola III Peter Holderness Woods
InKind Gifts
Catherine Arcure John H.and
Barbara Everitt Bryant David G. Loesel, Cafe Marie Katy and Tony Derczinski Dough Boys Bakery Einstein's Bagel Espresso Royale Caffes Damian and
Katherine Farrell Guillermo and
Jennifer Flores Ford Electronics Matthew and
Kerry Hoffmann Don and Gerri Lewis Stephanie Lord Ron Miller
Susan and Richard Nisbett John and Cynthia Nixon Mary and Bill Palmer Maggie Long,
Perfectly Seasoned Polygram Regrets Only Richard and Susan Rogel Ann and Tom Schriber Aliza and Howard Shevrin Dr. Herbert Sloan Nat Lacy and Ed Surovell Tom Thompson Whole Foods Warner Electric Atlantic Ron and Eileen Weiser Sabrina Wolfe Zingerman's
Giving Levels
The Charles Sink Society cumulative giving totals of $15,000 or more.
Maestro: $10,000 or more Virtuosi: $7,500 9,999
Concertmaster: $5,000 7,499
Leader: $2,500 4,999 Principal: $1,0002,499 Benefactor: $500 999 Associate: $250 499 Advocate: $100 249 Friend: $50 99 Youth: $25

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