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UMS Concert Program, May 9, 1998: University Musical Society Distinguished Artist Award --

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Hill Auditorium And The Michigan League Ann Arbor, Michigan

University Musical Society and Ford }
ft he 1998 Ford Honors Program
Ford Honors Program
A Recital and Tribute to
Garrick Ohlsson
A Benefit for the
University Musical Society
Education Program
Saturday Evening, May 9, 1998 at 6:00 pm
Hill Auditorium and the Michigan League
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Garrick Ohlsson
George Gershwin Three Preludes
Allegro ben ritmato e deciso Andante con moto e poco rubato Allegro ben ritmato e deciso
Ludwig van Beethoven Sonata in csharp minor. Op. 27, No.2 ("Moonlight")
Adagio sostenuto Allegretto and Trio Presto agitato
Frederic Chopin Ballade No. 3 in Aflat Major, Op. 47
Three Waltzes, Op. 64
Scherzo No. 2 in bflat minor. Op. 31
Being congratulated by fellow contestants Mitsuko Uchida and Emanuel Ax at the 1970 Chopin Competition in Warsaw
On stage in Rackham launching into the first of six Chopin recitals
Lecturing on Chopin to Ann Arbor students and townspeople, UM School of Music
Gmml Finale of Complete Chopin Cycle, Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor
Garrick Ohlsson
Kenneth C. Fischer,
President, University Musical Society
Garrick Ohlsson--A Video Montage
Presentation of the UMS Distinguished Artist Award
Bruce Kulp, Chair, UMS Board of Directors
Ed Hagenlocker, Vice Chairman, Ford Motor Company
Sixtyseventh Concert Special thanks to Ford Motor Company and the Ford Motor
of the 119th Season Company Fund.
Additional thanks to UMS Advisory Committee Chairs Paulett Banks and Dody Viola and to all members of the committee for their care, time, and planning in making this evening's gala celebration possible.
Tonight's floral art is provided by Cherie Rehkopf and John Ozga of Fine Flowers, Ann Arbor.
The Steinway piano used in this evening's performance is made possible by Mary and William Palmer and Hammell Music, Inc., Livonia, Michigan.
Large print programs are available upon request.
Preludes for Piano
George Gershwin
Born September 26, 1898 in Brooklyn,
New York Died July 11,1937 in Hollywood, California
The phenomenon we now call "crossover" -classical, jazz or pop musicians ven?turing into each other's specialties -was hot news in the freewheeling 1920s. Jazz and the musical stage influenced the music of classical composers as diverse as Stravinsky, Ravel and Copland. But it was the upstart Gershwin's invasion of the concert hall that really captured the public imagination. In the midtwenties, each year saw new Gershwin successes in both musical comedy and concert music: Lady, Be Good! and Rhapsody in Blue in 1924, TipToes and Concerto in F in 1925, and Oh, Kay! and the Preludes for Piano in 1926.
The Preludes, composed for a concert at New York's Hotel Roosevelt in which Gershwin accompanied the contralto Marguerite d'Alvarez, followed up his successes as piano soloist in the Rhapsody and the Concerto. He played five preludes that evening, and added a sixth when he and d'Alvarez repeated the program at Symphony Hall in Boston the following month. He later selected three for publication, arranging them in a traditional fastslowfast movement order for perfor?mance as a set.
The title "prelude" stretches back to Bach and beyond, denoting a brief, informal keyboard piece. It also suggests an improvisational character, which suited Gershwin; he was a legendary improviser, and it's likely this music came easily to him. The first piece in the set is in his Rhapsody in Blue manner -nervous, punctuated by rapping syncopations, and driven by a samba beat in the left hand. Both the familiar main theme and the central episode of the second prelude are types of twelvebar blues, a foretaste of the rich melodic world of Porgy and Bess.
The last prelude has a lot in common, melodically and rhythmically, with Golliwogs Cake Walk by Debussy -except that Gershwin, the modern urbanite, cranks up his ragtime rhythms to a tempo Scott Joplin would never have condoned.
Piano Sonata in csharp minor. Op. 27, No. 2 ("Moonlight")
Ludwig van Beethoven
Born December 15 or 16, 1770 in Bonn
Died March 26, 1827 in Vienna
If Ludwig Rellstab never lived, would Beethoven's Piano Sonata in Csharp minor, composed in 1801, have assumed an iconlike status Rellstab, a critic from Berlin, saw moonlight over Lake Lucerne when hearing the first movement in 1832, five years after Beethoven's death. One won?ders, had Beethoven reversed the order of the movements so that the demonic final movement came first, what title Rellstab would have given the composition.
The "Moonlight" sonata's origins, it would seem, have purposely been shrouded in myth by irresponsible and overzealous romanticists. That is not to say there is not an element of truth to some of those myths. In fact, Beethoven dedicated this work to his student and love interest Countess Gioletta Guicciardi, who later left the composer for one Count Gallenberg. Broken hearts, espe?cially those belonging to men of genius, are the stuff of powerful legend and it remains doubtful that romantic tales will ever cease being connected with this sonata.
Though fantasias were nothing new in sonatas (Op. 27, No. 1, this work's younger sister, also begins with a fantasy), the open?ing movement of the "Moonlight" sonata has no precedent. Charles Rosen noted that the structure of the fantasy in the Classical era was no less strict than that of the sonata, adhering to different principles of organiza
tion. What makes this movement so novel is its unique mood of otherworldly sadness. The historian Hutchinson remarked, "The leastdisciplined fingers can easily play the notes of the first movement, but only profoundest feelings can give expression to its yearning anguish."
Also unique are Beethoven's explicit directions (given twice in the original manuscript) that the dampers must always remain raised in the first movement. This poses a curious problem to the late twentiethcentury pianists. In light of the fact that Beethoven's piano was less resonant than today's instrument, could the composer have meant for the performer to create a wash of sound without clearing the pedal at the more conventional harmonic changes
If Franz Liszt called the second move?ment (neither a minuet nor scherzo), "a flower between the abysses", then this fragile bloom perishes at once when the tempestu?ous finale storms in. This last movement, in sonata form, which was undoubtedly the most turbulent music of its time, appears at first to be an abyss of an entirely different nature form the first movement. Gesturally however, Beethoven interrelates these outer movements in that the upward arpeggiated triplet figure appearing at the beginning of the sonata, explodes manifold in the finale into a convulsive series of upward thrusts. Also, due to the freer nature of the opening movement, the dramatic emphasis of this work now falls on the finale. This dramatic shift in the emphasis of the piece soon finds its way into Beethoven's symphonies and concertos and ultimately, this structural outlook becomes the norm in the nineteenthcentury symphony.
Ballade No. 3 in Aflat Major, Op. 47
Frederic Chopin
Born March 1, 1810 in Warsaw
Died October 17, 1849 in Paris
Chopin's Ballade No. 3, unlike its cele?brated precursors with their long gesta?tion periods, required less than twentyfour months from its start in 1840 to its comple?tion and publication in 1841. These months marked a high point in Chopin's Parisian career, as well as in his doomed affair with Mme. George Sand. Accounts exist of at least three public performances by Chopin of this work. Because the composer told Robert Schumman that there was a literary source behind his inspiration, one rooted deep in Polish nationalism -the literary Ballades of the composer's friend, the poet Adam Mickiewicz -Alfred Cortot linked this work to a specific poem. A summary by Cortot helps the listener to appreciate the narrative tone of this impassioned work:
Ondine takes place beside the Lake of the Wilis, where a young man pledges his fidelity to a young girl he has seen there. Doubting the constancy of men and despite her suitor's protests, she withdraws and reappears as a charming Ondine. Scarcely has she tempted the young man than he succumbs to her enchantment. Cursed, he is drawn into the watery abyss and condemned to pursue her slippery, flickering image forever.
Three Waltzes, Op. 64
The Three Waltzes, Op. 64 reached their public for the first time in 1847 and have magnetized listeners' ears ever since. Who has not been charmed by No. l's deli?cate swiftness and Mme. Sand's claim that its inspiration was her little dog chasing its tail Who has not been moved by the end
refrain of No. 2 as it alternates so eloquently with other sections -and who has not felt the odd rhythmic sway of No. 3 as its subtitle line halts over and over on the last beat of the bar This set of dancesnotfordancing is really a kind of triptych, each panel of which can be imagined as a scene from Chopin's inner life, undergoing change as his relationship with Sand entered its regret?table twilight. No. 1, which Chopin said "should unroll like a ball of yarn" (he did not mention any doglet running in circles), is dedicated to the beautiful Countess Delphine Potocki, who may have had an affair with the composer. No. 2 bears the name of the Baroness Charlotte Rothschild, wife of Chopin's banker friend, while No. 3 is inscribed to a wealthy socialite, the Countess Catherine Bronicka.
Scherzo No. 2 in bflat minor. Op. 31
The scherzo is most familiar to us now as a single movement in a long sonata, symphony, or string quartet, but Chopin wrote four of them as independent compo?sitions. He took the name and some formal ideas from Beethoven, but since he was not obliged to make them fit with other move?ments in style, mood, or proportion, he was at liberty to transform them and to give them any character he wished.
His first innovation was complete abandonment of the idea of "jest" or "joke", which is what the Italian word scherzo means when it is used in nonmusical con?texts. To avoid confusing or disappointing the public, the London publisher of the tur?bulent and passionate Scherzo No. 1 gave it a descriptive title "Le Banquet infernal" Robert Schumann said that the Scherzo No. 2 is like a poem by Byron; it is music of great brilliance and powerful contrasts, by
turns charming and lyrical, imaginative and exciting.
The first of its two principal subjects is in two contrasting halves: a quiet little repeated flutter and a powerful fragment of rhythmic melody. The second is a quick line that falls, scurries up, and then falls down again. In a long, contrasting central section, a hymnlike melody is set against a series of dancing phrases; the music becomes agitated, and there are brief anticipations of the opening section's return. The piece ends with a long, stormy coda.
Expressive power, a sure grasp of musical architecture, and a gigantic sweep mark the playing of the American pianist Garrick Ohlsson. Although he has long been regarded as one of the world's leading exponents of the music of Chopin, Mr. Ohlsson commands an enormous repertoire which encompasses virtually the entire piano literature. He has come to be particularly noted for his masterly perfor?mances of the works of Mozart, Beethoven, and Schubert, as well as the music of the late Romantic era.
During the 199495 and 199596 seasons Mr. Ohlsson gained accolades for his soldout cycles of the complete solo works of Chopin performed in New York City, Toronto, Ann Arbor, and Purchase, New York -an historic feat he is currently repeating in London and Paris. In his review of Mr. Ohlsson's final Chopin recital at Lincoln Center, Bernard Holland, chief music critic of the New York Times, praised the pianist's "tasteful virtuos?ity," "elegant sense of proportion," and "the balance between intimacy and declamation that so marks his playing." In Europe, Mr. Ohlsson's opening concerts of his Chopin cycle have met with similar accolades. In
characterizing Mr. Ohlsson as "a smiling giant in the service of Chopin," Le Monde of Paris exclaimed, "Garrick Ohlsson is one of the last known avatars in a tradition of pianists who know all the expressive and technical resources of the keyboard."
Mr. Ohlsson's concerto repertoire is unusually wide and eclectic -ranging from Haydn and Mozart to twentiethcentury masters -and he has at his command some seventy works for piano and orchestra. In North America during the 199798 season he appears as soloist with the Vancouver, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Oregon, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, New Jersey, and Boston sym?phonies; the New York Philharmonic; and the Philadelphia Orchestra (in Philadelphia and in New York's Carnegie Hall). His inter?national engagements include appearances with the Radio France Symphony Orchestra in Paris, with the Halle Orchestra, the Prague Symphony, the Nice Opera Orchestra, and the Bilbao Symphony.
Recital highlights include performances in San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia,
Rochester, Quebec City, Milwaukee, and Los Angeles. Recitals abroad include performances in Italy (Milan) and Spain (San Sebastian, Castellou). He also made his second guest appearance on Garrison Keillor's celebrated radio show A Prairie Home Companion.
An avid chamber musician, Garrick Ohlsson has collaborated with the Cleveland, Emerson, Takacs, and Tokyo String Quartets, among other ensembles. Together with violinist Jorja Fleezanis and cellist Michael Grebanier, he is a founding member of the San Franciscobased FOG Trio.
Mr. Ohlsson is a prolific recording artist who can be heard on the Arabesque, Angel, Bridge, BMG, Delos, Hanssler, Nonesuch, Telarc, and Virgin Classics labels. He has just completed recording Chopin's complete solo and orchestral piano music for Arabesque. Volumes IX, X, and XI (Orchestral Works; Etudes; Mazurkas) are scheduled for release in 1998 and 1999.
Mr. Ohlsson recently set to disc the Copland Piano Concerto and Gershwin's Concerto in F with Michael Tilson Thomas and the San Francisco Symphony for BMG Classics. On the Telarc label Mr. Ohlsson's recording of the Busoni Concerto with the Cleveland Orchestra under Christoph von Dohnanyi was nominated for a Grammy as "Best Classical Album of the Year" in 1990; and his Delos International recording of Henri Lazarof's Tableaux for Piano and Orchestra with the Seattle Symphony under Gerard Schwarz received a Grammy nomina?tion in 1991 as "Best Classical Performance by an Instrumentalist with Orchestra." Other recent releases, for the Hanssler label, are Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto No. 1 and Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 2 with the Academy of St. MartinintheFields under Sir Neville Marriner, and the Grieg Piano Concerto with the same forces.
Mr. Ohlsson was born in White Plains, New York where he began his piano studies at the age of eight. He attended the Westchester Conservatory of Music and at thirteen he entered The Juilliard School in New York City. In high school Mr. Ohlsson demonstrated an extraordinary aptitude for mathematics and languages, but the concert stage remained his true career objective. His musical development has been influenced by a succession of distinguished teachers, most notable Claudio Arrau, Olga Barabini, Tom Lishman, Sascha Gorodnitski, Rosina Lhevinne, and Irma Wolpe. Although he won First Prizes at the 1966 Busoni Competition and the 1968 Montreal Piano Competition, it was his Gold Medal triumph at the 1970 Chopin Competition in Warsaw that brought him worldwide recognition.
In the Spring of 1994 Mr. Ohlsson was awarded the Avery Fisher Prize. In the Spring of 1998 Mr. Ohlsson was granted the University Musical Society's Distinguished Artist Award at Hill Auditorium on the Ann Arbor campus of the University of Michigan. The two previous Awardees were Van Clibum and Jessye Norman.
This performance marks Garrick Ohlsson's ninth appearance under UMS auspices.
The Ford Honors Program
The Ford Honors Program is a University Musical Society program made possible by a generous grant from Ford Motor Company and by the special support of many other companies and individuals. Each year UMS honors a worldrenowned artist or ensemble with whom UMS has maintained a long?standing and significant relationship. In one evening, UMS presents the artist in concert, pays tribute to and presents the artist with the UMS Distinguished Artist Award, and hosts a dinner in the artist's honor. Proceeds from the evening will benefit the UMS Education Program.
Kenneth C. Fischer
Master of Ceremonies Ken Fischer is President of the University Musical Society (UMS). Before assuming his present position at UMS in 1987, Mr. Fischer was a management consultant, independent
concert presenter, and association executive in Washington, DC for seventeen years. Fischer is active in a number of community and professional organizations including Ecumenical Center and International Residence, NonProfit Enterprise at Work, Rotary International, Chamber Music America, The College FundUNCF, Inter?national Society for the Performing Arts, American Association for Higher Education, and Classical Action Performing Arts Against AIDS. Mr. Fischer grew up in near?by Plymouth, Michigan, attended the Interlochen Arts Camp, and has degrees from the College of Wooster in Ohio and the University of Michigan.
Bruce Kulp joined the Ford Motor Company Legal Staff in 1964 and has held numerous positions since including General Counsel of Ford of Europe. He recently assumed the position of Executive Director of Strategic
Planning and External Affairs of the Ford Financial Services Group. He is a member of the Michigan State Bar and American Bar Associations and is Vice Chairman of the Association of Financial Services Holding Companies. Mr. Kulp graduated with a BBA
from the University of Michigan Business School in 1961 and a JD from the UM Law School in 1964. Mr. Kulp has been a member of the University Musical Society Board of Directors since 1994, has served on several committees, and is currently Chair of the UMS Board of Directors.
Edward E. Hagenlocker, vice
chairman of Ford Motor Company, is responsible for an organization that includes the compa?ny's innovative new automotive systems organization, land development, techni
cal operations and rental car operations. Hagenlocker was elected vice chairman of Ford Motor Company on November 1, 1996. In September 1997, he was named chairman, Visteon Automotive Systems. In 1994, Hagenlocker became president, Ford Automotive Operations and chairman, Ford of Europe. Prior to that, Hagenlocker had been executive vice president, Ford North American Automotive Operations (NAAO) since January 1993. Hagenlocker joined Ford as a research scientist in 1964 and later held engineering management positions in a number of activities, including Product Development, Chassis Division, Body and Electrical Product Engineering, Climate Control Division and Truck Operations. He first joined Truck Operations in 1978 as chief engineer, Light Truck and was named product development manager, Light Truck in 1980. He was appointed general manager of Climate Control Division in 1982. He was named directorvice president, Operations for Ford of Brazil in 1984, and he became director, president of Ford Brazil in 1985. In 1986, Hagenlocker was elected a company vice president and named general manager
of Truck Operations. He was appointed vice president, General Operations for NAAO in 1992. He is a member of the board of direc?tors of Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., headquartered in Lehigh Valley, PA. Hagenlocker was born November 19, 1939, in Marysville, Ohio. He earned bachelor's and master's degrees in engineering physics from Ohio State University, a master's degree in business administration from Michigan State University and a doctorate in physics from Ohio State.
Committees & Donors
Honorary CoChairs
President Lee C. Bollinger and
Jean Magnano Bollinger
The University of Michigan
Alex and Valerie Trotman
Ed and Sylvia Hagenlocker
Ford Motor Company
Committee CoChairs
Paulett Banks Dody Viola
Corporate Sponsor
Ford Motor Company
John Psarouthakis Randall and Mary Pittman
Herb and Carol Amster A.J. and Anne Bartoletto Dr. Barbara E. Bryant David and Lynn Engelbert Norman and Debbie Herbert Maya Savarino Dr. Herbert Sloan Dr. Elaine R. Soller Richard and Laura Van House Ron and Eileen Weiser Liz and Paul Yhouse
Ed Carlson
David and JoAnna Featherman
Betty Graham
Gilbert Omenn and
Martha Darling Raymond and Virginia Reilly Loretta Skewes Steve and Cynny Spencer
ERIM International Masco Corporation ParkeDavis Pharmaceutical Research
Catherine Arcure Peter and Paulett Banks Dr. Carol Barbour and
Dr. Sid Gilman
James and Janice Stevens Botsford Carl and Isabelle Brauer Butzel Long Attorneys and
Counselors Letitia Byrd Betty Byrne Leon and Heidi Cohan Jon and Katharine Cosovich Jan and Bob DiRomualdo James and Pat Donahey Thomas and Elaine Evans Ken and Penny Fischer Paul and Anne Glendon Richard and Linda Greene William and Jane Hann Keki and Alice Irani Stephen and Mercy Kasle Shirley and Tom Kauper Bob and Gloria Kerry KeyBank
Ken Marblestone and Janisse Nagel Roger and Judy Maugh Charlotte McGeoch Jim and Deanna Miner NBD Bank M. Haskell Newman and Jan Barney
Len and Nancy Niehoff David and Connie Osier John Paulson John and Dot Reed Maria and Rusty Restuccia
Ken Robinson and
Nina Hauser Robinson John H. Romani and
Barbara Anderson Suzanne Schroeder Pauline Skinner Jorge and Nancy Solis Jack and Lois Stegeman Edward Surovell and Nat Lacy The Edward Surovell Co.Realtors Alleyne Toppin Sue Ullrich Dody Viola Marina and Robert Whitman
Patricia and Bruce Arden Arts Management Group, Inc. Ron and Mimi Bogdasarian Jean Campbell
William and Janet Cassebaum Anne M. Chase Mary and John Curtis Enid Gosling Mary Anne Hodel David W. Hoffman Jane Hughes Ted and Emily Kennedy Dick and Pat King Betty Overberger Jim and leva Rasmussen Sarah Savarino Howard and Aliza Shevrin Mr. and Mrs. Neil J. Sosin Cynthia Terrill Charlotte VanCurler Kathleen Treciak and Edward Van Dam Phyllis Wright
List reflects reservations as of March 27, 1998.
University Musical Society
Board of Directors
F. Bruce Kulp, Chair Marina v.N. Whitman,
Vice Chair
Stuart A. Isaac, Secretary Elizabeth Yhouse, Treasurer
Herbert S. Amster Gail Davis Barnes Maurice S. Binkow Lee C. Bollinger Janice Stevens Botsford Paul C. Boylan
Barbara Everitt Bryant Letitia J. Byrd Leon S. Cohan Jon Cosovich Ronald M. Cresswell Robert F. DiRomualdo David Featherman Beverley B. Geltner Walter L. Harrison Norman G. Herbert Alice Davis Irani Thomas E. Kauper Earl Lewis
Rebecca McGowan Lester P. Monts Joe E. O'Neal John Psarouthakis Richard H. Rogel George I. Shirley John O. Simpson Herbert Sloan Carol Shalita Smokier Peter Sparling Edward D. Surovell Susan B. Ullrich Iva M. Wilson
UMS Senate (former members of the UMS Board of Directors)
Robert G. Aldrich Richard S. Berger Carl A. Brauer Allen P. Britton Douglas Crary John D'Arms James J. Duderstadt Robben W. Fleming Harlan H. Hatcher Peter N. Heydon
Howard Holmes David B. Kennedy Richard L. Kennedy Thomas C. Kinnear Patrick B. Long Judythe H. Maugh Paul W. McCracken Alan G. Merten John D. Paul Wilbur K. Pierpont
Gail W. Rector John W. Reed Harold T. Shapiro Ann Schriber Daniel H. Schurz Lois U. Stegeman E. Thurston Thieme Jerry A. Weisbach Eileen Lappin Weiser Gilbert Whitaker
Advisory Committee
Len Niehoff, Chair Maureen Isaac, CoChair leva Rasmussen, Secreta ryTreas u rer Lisa Murray, Staff Liaison
Gregg Alf
Martha Ause
Paulett Banks
Kathleen Beck
Jeannine Buchanan
Letitia Byrd
Betty Byrne
Phil Cole
Mary Ann Daane
H. Michael Endres
Don Faber
Katherine Hilboldt Farrell
Penny Fischer Sara Frank Barbara Gelehrter Beverley Geltner Joyce Ginsberg Linda Greene Dianne Harrison Debbie Herbert Tina Goodin Hertel Darrin Johnson Barbara Kahn Mercy Kasle Steve Kasle Maxine Larrouy Beth Lavoie Doni Lystra Esther Martin Margie McKinley
Jeanne Merlanti
Scott Merz
Ronald Miller
Robert Morris
Nancy Niehoff
Karen Koykka O'Neal
Marysia Ostafin
Mary Pittman
Nina Hauser Robinson
Maya Savarino
Meg Kennedy Shaw
Aliza Shevrin
Loretta Skewes
Cynny Spencer
Susan B. Ullrich
Kathleen Treciak Van Dam
Dody Viola
UMS Staff
Kenneth C. Fischer, President Elizabeth Jahn, Assistant to
the President John B. Kennard, Jr.,
Administrative Manager R. Scott Russell, Systems Analyst
Box Office
Michael L. Gowing, Manager Sally A. Cushing, Staff Ronald J. Reid, Assistant Manager and Group Sales
Choral Union
Thomas Sheets, Conductor Edith Leavis Bookstein, Manager Donald Bryant, Conductor Emeritus
Catherine S. Arcure, Director Elaine A. Economou, Assistant Director -Corporate Support
Susan Fitzpatrick,
Administrative Assistant Lisa Murray, Advisory Support J. Thad Schork, Gift Processor Anne Griffin Sloan, Assistant Director -Individual Giving
EducationAudience Development
Ben Johnson, Director Kate Remen, Manager Susan Ratcliffe, Education Assistant
Sara Billmann, Director
Sara A. Miller, Advertising and
Promotion Coordinator John Peckham, Marketing
Gus Malmgren, Director Emily Avers, Artist Services and Production Coordinator
Kathi Reister, Head Usher Paul Jomantas, Asst. Head Usher
Michael J. Kondziolka, Director Mark Jacobson, Interim Programming Coordinator
Laura Birnbryer Rebekah Camm Jack Chan Danielle DeSwert Nikki Dobell Mariela Flambury Amy Hayne
Laura Birnbryer Carla Dirlikov Colin Mysliwic
President Emeritus Gail W. Rector
Sara Jensen Bert Johnson Melissa Karjala Un Jung Kim Beth Meyer Rebekah Nye Amy Tubman
UMS Education and Audience Development Program
In the 199798 season, the UMS Education and Audience Development department designed an ever increasing number of youth and adult enrichment events which advanced the University Musical Society's firm commitment to mak?ing the performing arts and arts education an integral part of our Southeastern Michigan community. The Education and Audience Development program, which began eight years ago with two youth perfor?mances and several preperformance lectures, produced this season over 150 events in which over 30,000 people participated.
Through dedicated, active committees, including the Education and Audience Development Board Committee and the Teacher Advisory Committee, over fifty
local, regional and national partners and the commitment of countless individuals, the University Musical Society actively seeks new audiences and expands its commitment to current audience members through a wide variety of activities, designed to reach every age group.
The following pages describe our current programs and show memorable highlights of the past season. Make sure to check out the UMS website ( and the season brochure available in August for details on an exciting and diverse array of educa?tional events for the 199899 season which will include major residencies surrounding the performances of The Harlem Nutcracker at the Detroit Opera House, The Gospel at Colonus and the Merce Cunningham Dance Company.
199798 Season Highlights
Students attending
the New York City
Opera National
Company Youth
The sold out Youth Performance Series
Approximately 7,000 stu?dents and teachers attended special performances of The Harlem Nutcracker, Chick Corea and Gary Burton, the New York City Opera National Company, Los Munequitos de Matanzas, and STREB.
Local student who performed in the New York City Opera National Company Youth Performance
UMS Education and Audience Development Program
The schools which sent classes to this season's Youth Performance Series include:
Angell Elementary Ardis Elementary (Ypsilanti) Bach Open Elementary Blanchette Center (Inkster) Burns Park Elementary Carl H. Lindbom Elementary
Carpenter Elementary Chelsea High School (Chelsea; Columbian Primary (Detroit) C.O.P.E. Ann Arbor C.O.P.E. Ypsilanti Country Elementary (Pinckney) Davison Elementary (Detroit) Dicken Elementary Eastern High School (Lansing) Emerson School Estabrook Elementary (Ypsilanti) George Elementary (Ypsilanti) Giving Tree Montessori (Detroit) Global Explorers (Whitmore Lake) Go Like the Wind Haisley Elementary Highlander Way (HoweU) Hilton Elementary (Brighton) King Elementary Lawton Elementary Lindbom Elementary (Brighton) Logan Elementary Lynch Elementary (Detroit) Mack Elementary Mitchell School M.Y.A. at Forsythe New School Pilot Northside Elementary Oak Trails
Pattengill Elementary Pioneer High School Project Education (Ypsilanti) Slauson Middle School Smith Elementary (Plymouth) Spencer Road Elementary
St. John's Lutheran (Adrian) Summers Knoll Thurston Elementary UMH Child Care Center Wayne State University Middle
School (Detroit) Willow Run High School
(Ypsilanti) Wines Elementary Woodhaven Band (Romulus) Wylie Middle School (Dexter)
Los Munequitos de Matanzas Teacher Workshop led by Alberto Nacif, with Laura Machida
Participants in the Teacher Workshop led by Kennedy Center Arts Educator, Leonore Blank Kelner
The Teacher Workshop Series
In preparation for classroom attendance at UMS Youth Performances, educators receive the UMS Teacher Resource Packet with artistic histories and biographies, cur?riculum connections, lesson plans, and audio and video tapes for each of the events on our Youth Series. In addition, teachers have the opportunity to participate in the Teacher Workshop Series, a professional development
initiative which seeks to help all teachers and educators enhance their students' learning skills through the positive influence of the arts. Over 100 teachers participated in six workshops which were led by local experts, UMS artists and nationally renowned educators. This series is codesigned with the Ann Arbor Public Schools as a part of the Kennedy Center "Performing Arts Centers and Schools: Partners in Education Program."
UMS Education and Audience Development Program
Artist Residencies
The 199798 season included numerous residencies bring?ing UMS artists in contact with students, community groups and the general pub?lic, expanding their breadth and understanding of the performances. Of special significance were the multifaceted residencies beginning with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra Residency which featured masterclasses, lec?tures, panel discussions and other community engagement activities reaching over 1000 individuals, the extensive Beethoven the Contemporary Residency and the weeklong residency with the STREB dance company.
The Harlem
Nutcracker children's
cast with
UMS President
Kenneth Fischer,
Letitia Byrd,
Education and
Development Board
Committee Chair,
Rehearsal Director
Tony Smith
and Coordinator
Colin Mysliwic.
Marilyn Home works with UM graduate student, Sylvia Twine at a vocal master class at the UM School of Music.
The Harlem Boys Choir visits the Bethel A.M.E. Church in Ann Arbor.
UMS Education and Audience Development Program
The Master of Arts Interview Series
In its second year, the Master of Arts Interview Series, in collaboration with the University of Michigan's Institute for the Humanities, the Institute for Research on Women and Gender and WUOM, engaged UMS artists, chosen for their sig?nificant contribution to their art form, in multime?dia interviews about their art form, body of work, and upcoming performances. This series was designed to allow audiences a compelling view into the artist's vision and process of creation. This season's artists included Marilyn Home, Celia Cruz, Ursula Oppens, Donald Byrd, the American String Quartet, Ngozi Onwurah, and Elizabeth Streb.
Chen Zimbalista's inschool visit at the Ann Arbor Hebrew Day School
Batsheva Dance Company teacher Alexander Alexandrov leads an Advanced Ballet Master Class at Dance GalleryPeter Sparling & Co.
Dr. Alberto Nacif, host of WEMU's Cuban Fantasy, interviews Celia Cruz
Kimberly Camp, President of the Museum of African American History, Detroit, interviews choreographer Donald Byrd
UMS Education and Audience Development Program
PREPs and Meet the Artists
With preperformance lectures (PREPs) given by local and national experts and postperformance discussions (Meet the Artist) with the artists, the UMS Education and Audience Development program seeks to expand enrichment opportunities for our audiences by provid?ing insight and context before performances, and the opportunity to ask ques?tions after performances. At season's end, twentytwo PPvEPs have included over 800 students and townspeo?ple while the postconcert discussions have given the opportunity for over 4000 audience members to interact with performers through question and answer sessions.
Family Performances
The UMS Education and Audience Development pro?gram expands its commit?ment to making the arts accessible to parents and their children of all ages
through its special Family Performances. The 199798 season included perfor?mances with the Tnuatron Dance Theatre and the New York City Opera National Company. At these special performances, families have the opportunity to meet the performers, see the "behind the scenes" action and attend specially designed events which surround the performance.
Parents and their chil?dren take part in the Family ACTION class taught by the STREB dance company at Dance GalleryPeter Sparling & Co.
University of Michigan Assistant Professor of Music, Steven Moore Whiting leads a PREP as a part of the Beethoven the Contemporary resi?dency.
Meet the Artist with Richard Tognetti, mem?bers of the Australian Chamber Orchestra, and Ben Johnson, UMS Director of Education and Audience Development.
UMS Education and Audience Development Program
Partnerships and Collaborations
The UMS Education Department is in partnership with the Ann Arbor Public Schools and the Washtenaw Intermediate School District as part of the Kennedy Center's "Performance Arts Centers and Schools: Partners in Education" program. Additionally, UMS is a part of the "Partners for Excellence" program with the Ann Arbor Public Schools. Both of these programs seek to advance UMS' commitment to teachers and students through the creation of pro?fessional development opportunities and programs which enhance student achievement and augment classroom learning.
UMS Education and Audience Development Board
Gail Davis Barnes Jeannine Buchanan Letitia Byrd Mary Craig Gay Delanghe H. Michael Endres Penny Fischer Beverly Geltner Joyce Ginsberg Lola Jones Barbara Kahn Barbara Levitan John Littlejohn Barbara Meadows Rebecca McGowan Marysia Ostafin John O. Simpson Janice Stevens Botsford Elizabeth Yhouse
UMS Teacher Advisory Committee
Fran Ampey Kitty Angus Gail Davis Barnes Alana Barter Elaine Bennett Barbara Boyce Letitia Byrd Naomi Corera Carolyn Hanum Taylor Jacobsen Callie Jefferson Deborah Katz John Littlejohn Dan Long Laura Machida Ed Manning Glen Matis Ken Monash Gayle Richardson Karen Schulte Helen Siedel John Simpson Sue Sinta Sandy Trosien Melinda Trout Barbara Hertz Wallgren Linda Warrington Jeanne Weinch
199798 Partners
The UMS Department of Education and Audience Development also collabo?rates with over fifty local, regional and national orga?nizations including:
African American Cultural
and Historical Museum of
Ann Arbor Alianza Ann Arbor Chapter of the Links,
Ann Arbor District Library Ann Arbor News Ann Arbor Piano Teachers Guild Ann Arbor Public Schools Ann Arbor School for the
Performing Arts
Another Ann Arbor, Inc. Bethel A.M.E. Borders Books and Music Boychoir of Ann Arbor Center for Latin and American
Studies Center for Russian and Eastern
European Studies Curtin and Alf Violin Makers Dance GalleryPeter Sparling & Co. Detroit Public Schools Dance
Program Martin Luther King Day
Celebration Committee Michigan American String
Teachers Association Frankel Center for Judaic Studies Friends of the Ann Arbor
District Library Hartford Memorial Church Hebrew Day School Institute for the Humanities Institute for Research on Women
and Gender The Ira F. Brilliant Center for
Beethoven Studies at San Jose
State University International Institute Jewish Community Center Kerrytown Concert House Michigan Music Educators
Conference Michigan Theater Mosaic Youth Theater Museum of African American
History (Detroit) New Hope Baptist Church Oak Grove A.M.E. Church Residential College Second Baptist Church SKR Classical S.O.S. Crisis Center UM Department of Dance UM Museum of Art UM School of Music UM Department of Theater UM Year of Humanities and Arts UMS Advisory Committee University Hospital's Gifts of Art
University Productions Vice Provost for Academic and
Multicultural Affairs Washtenaw Intermediate School
Wayne State University WEMU Public Radio WUOM Michigan Radio
i Eiko and Koma River
i San Francisco Symphony Michael Tilson Thomas, conductor and piano
i AfroCuban All Stars
i St. Petersburg Philharmonic Yuri Temirkanov, conductor Gidon Kremer, violin
i John Williams, guitar
i Capitol Steps
i Guarneri String Quartet
i Bill T. JonesArnie Zane Dance Company
We Set Out Early... Visibility Was Poor
Budapest Festival Orchestra Ivan Fischer, conductor Andras Schiff, piano
i David Daniels, countertenor with The Arcadian Academy Nicholas McGegan, director and harpsichord
i La Capella Reial de Catalunya and Hesperion XX with Jordi Savall, viola da gamba and Montserrat Figueras, soprano
i Kirov Orchestra of St Petersburg Valery Gergiev, conductor
i Vienna Virtuosi Principal Members of the Vienna Philharmonic
Ernst Ottensamer, clarinet
Jazz Tap Summit: An AllStar Celebration of Tap Dancing featuring tap legends Jimmy Slyde, Dianne Walker, LaVaughn Robinson, Germaine Ingram, Brenda Bufalino, members of the American Tap Orchestra and special guest Yvette Glover
American String Quartet
Beethoven the Contemporary series
Mitsuko Uchida, piano
Assad Brothers with Badi Assad
i Sequentia Hildegard von Bingen's
Ordo Virtutum (Play of the Virtues)
i A Huey P. Newton Story Created and performed by Roger Guenveur Smith with live sound design by Marc Anthony Thompson
i Emerson String Quartet with Menahem Pressler, piano
i The Harlem Nutcracker Donald ByrdThe Group
i Handel's Messiah UMS Choral Union Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra Thomas Sheets, conductor
i Trinity Irish Dance Company
i George Gershwin: Sung and Unsung New York Festival of Song
Steven Blier and Michael Barrett, artistic directors Dana Hanchard, soprano and Ted Keegan, tenor
University Mi
isical Society
Thc Harlem Nutcracker
Guarneri String
i Renee Fleming, soprano
i The Gospel at Colonus featuring The Steele Family Clarence Fountain and The Blind Boys of Alabama The Original Soul Stirrers Reverend Earl Miller UMS' Gospel at Colonus Chorus
i American String Quartet
Beethoven the Contemporary series
i Anne Sofie von Otter, mezzosoprano
Bengt Forsberg, piano Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center
i Beethoven the Contemporary Family Performance
With the American String Quartet
i ImMERCEsion: The Merce Cunningham Dance Company Residency
i Maxim Vengerov, violin
Igor Uryash, piano
i Orpheus Chamber Orchestra with Pepe Romero, guitar
i Meryl Tankard Australian Dance Theatre
i Kodo
i James Galway, flute i Abbey Lincoln i Takacs Quartet
i Alvin Alley American Dance Theater
i The Tallis Scholars
i Gypsy Caravan Gypsy Culture from India to Eastern Europe and Iberia
i Sweet Honey in the Rock
i American String Quartet
Beethoven the Contemporary series
i Trio Fontenay
i Steve Reich Ensemble
i Mozarteum Orchestra of Salzburg
Hubert Soudant, conductor Till Fellner, piano Katharine Goeldner, mezzosoprano
i Ewa Podles, contralto
Jerzy Marchwinski, piano
i Anonymous 4 and Lionheart
i Monsters of Grace A Digital Opera in 3 Dimensions Music by Philip Glass Design and Visual Concept by Robert Wilson
i Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis A Centennial Celebration of Duke Ellington
i NHK Symphony Orchestra of Tokyo
Charles Dutoit, conductor Sarah Chang, violin Kazue Sawai, koto
The University Musical Society would like to give thanks
to the following people who have made special
contributions of time, talent, and service during the
199798 season. Special appreciation goes to:
William Albright
Frances Aparicio
Lynne Aspnes
April Bayles
Joan Behrmann
Jerry Blackstone
Brenda Bowman
Gerry Brennan
Barbara Everitt Bryant
Chris Buck
George Bulanda
Margot Campos
Tamar Charney
Mary Craig
David Smith Photography
Gay Delanghe
Bamidele Demerson
Jennifer Dix
Annette Dixon
Jan Eaglin
Gina Ellis
Julie Ellison
Toby Faber
Hugh Gallagher
Melanie Gilbert
Bill Gill
Zvi Gitelman
Siri Gottlieb
Leslie Guinn
Walter Harrison
Ross Hocker
Barbara Hoover
Earl Jackson
Andrew Jennings
Lawrence B. Johnson
Terri Johnson
Lola Jones
Paul Kantor
Judy Kapner
Lee Katterman
Martin Katz
Sylvia Kaufman
Howard King
Alice Kornhauser
Sue LaPorte
Richard LeSueur
John Littlejohn
David Lyman
Bruce Martin
Bettye McDonald
John McKeighan
Carole McNamara
Barbara Meadows
Doreen Meffert
Bill Meredith
Joetta Mial
Michigan RadioWUOM
WFUMWVGR Kim Mobley Christella Moody Eunice Moore Theo Morrison Mary Motherwell Alberto Nacif Michael G. Nastos Anton Nel Susan Isaacs Nisbett Helen Oliver Marysia Ostafin Chet Palowski Parents of the Children's
casts for The Harlem
Kelly Parkinson
Julie Ann O'Brian Pedersen
Bev Plocke
Eva Powers
Rick Price
Linda Priescorn
Greg Reinhardt
Joan Siefert Rose
SKR Classical
Mike Savitski
Helen Siedel
Peter Smith
Ellen Stross
Mark Stryker
Donovan Reynolds
Dan Rosenberg
Prue Rosenthal
Elaine Sims
Sue Sinta
Gary Smith
Rick Sperling
Ed Sprunger
Bengt Svenson
Harriet Teller
Joe Tiboni
Sandy Troisen
John Turner
George Tysh
Ralph Valdez
Ken Westerman
Linda Yohn
Thank You!
Great performances--the best in music, theater and dance--are presented by the University
Musical Society because of the muchneeded and appreciated gifts of UMS supporters, members of the Society. The list below represents names of current donors as of April 1, 1998.
If there has been an error or omission, we apologize and would appreciate a call at
(734) 6471178 so that we can correct this right away. The University Musical Society
would also like to thank those generous donors who wish to remain anonymous.
The Burton Tower Society is a very special group of University Musical Society friends. These people have included the University Musical Society in their estate planning. We are grateful for this important support which will help us continue the great traditions of the Society in the future.
Carol and Herb Amster
Mr. Neil P. Anderson
Catherine S. Arcure
Mr. and Mrs. Pal E. Barondy
Mr. Hilbert Beyer
Elizabeth Bishop
Pat and George Chatas
Mr. and Mrs. John Alden Clark
Dr. and Mrs. Michael S. Frank
Mr. Edwin Goldring
Mr. Seymour Greenstone
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ives
Marilyn Jeffs
Thomas C. and
Constance M. Kinnear Dr. Eva Mueller Charlotte McGeoch Len and Nancy Niehoff Dr. and Mrs. Frederick O'Dell Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Powers Mr. and Mrs. Michael Radock Herbert Sloan Roy and Joan Wetzel Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Zollars
Randall and Mary Pittman
Herbert Sloan
Paul and Liz Yhouse
Ford Foundation
Ford Motor Company Fund
Forest Health Services
Corporation ParkeDavis Pharmaceutical
Research University of Michigan
Arts Midwest
Lila WallaceReader's Digest
Audiences for the Performing
Arts Network Lila WallaceReader's Digest
Arts Partners Program Michigan Council for Arts and
Cultural Affairs National Endowment for the
Carl and Isabelle Brauer
Sally and Ian Bund
Kathleen G. Charla
Dr. and Mrs. James Irwin
Elizabeth E. Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rogel
Carol and Irving Smolder
Edward Surovell and Nat Lacy
Mrs. M. Titiev
Ron and Eileen Weiser
Businesses Brauer Investments Detroit Edison Foundation Ford Motor Company Fund
JPEincThe Paideia Foundation McKinley Associates NBD Bank NSK Corporation The Edward Surovell
Co.Realtors TriMas Corporation Wolverine Temporaries, Inc.
Foundations Heartland Fund KMD Foundation Benard L. Maas Foundation New England Foundation for the Arts
Herb and Carol Amster
Businesses General Motors
Individuals Douglas Crary Ronnie and Sheila Cresswell Robert and Janice DiRomualdo Michael E. Gellert SunChien and Betty Hsiao Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Kulp Pat and Mike Levine David G. LoeselCafe Marie Robert and Ann Meredith Prudence and
Amnon Rosenthal Mrs. John F. Ullrich Ronald and Eileen Weiser Marina and Robert Whitman Roy Ziegler
Beacon Investment Company
First of America Bank
Ford Electronics
Thomas B. McMullen
Company Michigan Radio Miller, Canfield, Paddock, and
Stone, P.L.C. O'Neal Construction Project Management Associates The University of Michigan WDET WEMU
Foundations Chamber Music America
Individuals Martha and Bob Ause Maurice and Linda Binkow Lawrence and Valerie Bullen Dr. and Mrs. James P. Byrne Edwin F. Carlson Mr. Ralph Conger Katharine and Jon Cosovich Jim and Patsy Donahey Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Evans Ken and Penny Fischer John and Esther Floyd Mr. Edward P. Frohlich Beverley and Gerson Geltner Sue and Carl Gingles Norm Gottlieb and
Vivian Sosna Gottlieb John and Dorothy Reed Don and Judy Dow Rumelhart Professor Thomas J. and
Ann Sneed Schriber Loretta M. Skewes Maya Savarino and Raymond
Richard E. and Laura A. Van House Mrs. Francis V.Viola III John Wagner Marion T. Wirick and
James N. Morgan
Businesses AAA of Michigan Arbor TemporariesPersonnel Systems, Inc.
Butzel Long Attorneys Environmental Research Institute
of Michigan KeyBank
Masco Corporation Pepper, Hamilton, & Scheetz St. Joseph Mercy Hospital Target Waldenbooks
Ann Arbor Area Community
Foundation Mosaic Foundation (of Rita and
Peter Heydon)
Individuals Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Abrams Mrs. Gardner Ackley Dr. and Mrs. Robert G. Aldrich Janet and Arnold Aronoff Mr. and Mrs. Max K. Aupperle Emily W. Bandera, M.D. A. J. and Anne Bartoletto Bradford and Lydia Bates Raymond and Janet Bernreuter Joan A. Binkow Lee C. Bollinger and
Jean Magnano Bollinger Howard and Margaret Bond Jim Botsford and
Janice Stevens Botsford Barbara Everitt Bryant Jeannine and Robert Buchanan Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Burstein Letitia J. Byrd Betty Byrne
Kathleen and Dennis Cantwell Jean and Kenneth Casey Pat and George Chatas Mr. and Mrs. John Alden Clark David and Pat Clyde Maurice Cohen Susan and Arnold Coran Alan and Bette Cotzin Peter and Susan Darrow Jack and Alice Dobson Jan and Gil Dorer Cheri and Dr. Stewart Epstein David and JoAnna Featherman Adrienne and Robert Feldstein Ray and Patricia Fitzgerald Richard and Marie Flanagan
Robben and Sally Fleming
Ilene H. Forsyth
Michael and Sara Frank
Margaret Fisher and Arthur French
Lourdes and Otto Gago
Marilyn G. Gallatin
William and Ruth Gilkey
Drs. Sid Gilman and Carol Barbour
Enid M. Gosling
Linda and Richard Greene
Frances Greer
Susan Harris
Walter and Dianne Harrison
Anne and Harold Haugh
Debbie and Norman Herbert
Dr. and Mrs. Sanford Herman
Bertram Herzog
lulian and Diane Hoff
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Holmes
Robert M. and Joan F. Howe
John and Patricia Huntington
Stuart and Maureen Isaac
Mercy and Stephen Kasle
Herbert Katz
Thomas and Shirley Kauper
Michael and Phyllis Korybalski
Helen and Arnold Kuethe
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Kulk.i
Barbara and Michael Kusisto
Bob and Laurie LaZebnik
Elaine and David Lebenbom
Carolyn and Paul Lichter
Peter and Sunny Lo
Dean and Gwen Louis
Robert and Pearson Macek
John and Cheryl MacKrell
Alan and Carla Mandel
Judythe and Roger Maugh
Paul and Ruth McCracken
Rebecca McGowan and
Michael B. Staebler Hattie and Ted McOmber Dr. and Mrs. Donald A. Meier Dr. H. Dean and Dolores Millard Myrna and Newell Miller Andrew and Candice Mitchell Dr. and Mrs. Joe D. Morris Cruse W. and
Virginia A. Patton Moss George and Barbara Mrkonic Mr. and Mrs. Homer Neal Sharon and Chuck Newman M. Haskell and Jan Barney
Newman William A. and Deanna C. Newman
Bill and Marguerite Oliver
Gilbert Omenn and Martha Darling
Mark and Susan Orringer
Constance L. and David W. Osier
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Palmer
Dory and John D. Paul
John M. Paulson
Frances M. Pendleton
Maxine and Wilbur K. Pierpont
Donald H. Regan and
Elizabeth Axelson
Professor and Mrs. Raymond Reilly Glenda Renwick Molly Resnik and John Martin Jack and Margaret Ricketts Barbara A. Anderson and
John H. Romani Dr. Nathaniel H. Rowe Rosalie and David Schottenfeld Janet and Mike Shatusky Helen and George Siedel Dr. Hildreth H. Spencer Steve and Cynny Spencer Lloyd and Ted St. Antoine Mr. and Mrs. John C. Stegeman Victor and Marlene Stoeffler Dr. Isaac Thomas III &
Dr. Toni Hoover Jerrold G. Utsler Charlotte Van Curler Don and Carol Van Curler Mary Vanden Belt Elise and Jerry Weisbach Angela and Lyndon Welch Roy and JoAn Wetzel Douglas and Barbara White Elizabeth B. and Walter P. Work, Jr.
The Barfield CompanyBartech
Comerica Inc.
Curtin & Alf Violin Makers
Dennis Dahlmann, Inc.
Howard Cooper, Inc.
Jacobson Stores Inc.
Kantner and Associates
Mechanical Dynamics
Michigan Car Service and
Airport Sedan, LTD The Monroe Street Journal Pastabilities
Shar Products Company Swedish Office of Science
and Technology
Harold and Jean Grossman
Family Foundation The Lebensfeld Foundation Mid EastWest Fest The Power Foundation
liii) and Barbara Adams
Bernard and Raquel Agranoff
Carlene and Peter Aliferis
Dr. and Mrs. Rudi Ansbacher
Catherine S. Arcure
James R. Baker, Jr., M.D. and
Lisa Baker
Robert and Wanda Bartlett Karen and Karl Bartscht Ralph P. Beebe L. S. Berlin
Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Berry Suzanne A. and Frederick J. Beutler John Blankley and Maureen Foley Ron and Mimi Bogdasarian Charles and Linda Borgsdorf Laurence Boxer, M.D.;
Grace J. Boxer, M.D. David and Sharon Brooks F. Douglas Campbell Jean W. Campbell Bruce and Jean Carlson Janet and Bill Cassebaum Tsun and Siu Ying Chang Mrs. Raymond S. Chase Sigrid Christiansen and Richard Levey Leon and Heidi Cohan Roland J. Cole and Elsa Kircher Cole James and Constance Cook Mary K. Cordes H. Richard Crane Alice B. Crawford William H. and Linda J. Damon III Judy and Steve Dobson Molly and Bill Dobson Elizabeth A. Doman Rosanne and Sandy Duncan Charles and Julia Eisendraft Claudine Farrand and Daniel Moerman Sidney and Jean Fine Clare M. Fingerle Mrs. Beth B. Fischer Daniel R. Foley James and Anne Ford Phyllis W. Foster
Paula L. Bockenstedt and David A. Fox
David J. Fugenschuh and Karey Leach
Wood and Rosemary Geist
Charles and Rita Gelman
Beverly Gershowitz
Margaret G. Gilbert
Joyce and Fred M. Ginsberg
Grace M. Girvan
Paul and Anne Glendon
Dr. Alexander Gotz
Dr. and Mrs. William A. Gracie
Elizabeth Needham Graham
Jerry M. and Mary K. Gray
Lila and Bob Green
John and Helen Griffith
Leslie and Mary Ellen Guinn
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer F. Hamel
Robert and Susan Harris
Taraneh and Carl Haske
Mr. and Mrs. Ramon Hernandez
Fred and Joyce Hershenson
Mrs. W.A. Hiltner
Matthew C. Hoffmann and
Kerry McNulty Janet Woods Hoobler Mary Jean and Graham Hovey David and Dolores Humes Ronald R. and Gaye H. Humphrey Keki and Alice Irani John and Gretchen Jackson Wallie and Janet Jeffries James and Dale Jerome Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Jones Robert L. and Beatrice H. Kahn Richard and Sylvia Kaufman Robert and Gloria Kerry Howard King and
Elizabeth SayreKing Dick and Pat King Hermine Roby Klingler Philip and Kathryn Klintworth Jim and Carolyn Knake Samuel and Marilyn Krimm Bert and Catherine La Du Lee E. Landes
David and Maxine Larrouy John K. Lawrence Leo A. I q;.uski Myron and Bobbie Levine Evie and Allen Brigitte and Paul Maassen Ken Marblestone and Janisse Nagel Marilyn Mason Joseph McCune and
Georgiana Sanders
Ted and Barbara Meadows
Walter and Ruth Metzger
Mr. and Mrs. Francis L. Michaels
Grant Moore
John and Michelle Morris
Martin Neuliep and Patricia Pancioli
Len and Nancy Niehoff
Marylen and Harold Oberman
Dr. and Mrs. Frederick C. O'Dell
Mark Ouimet and Donna Hrozencik
Mary R Parker
William C. Parkinson
Lorraine B. Phillips
William and Betty Pierce
Barry and Jane Pitt
Eleanor and Peter Pollack
Jerry and Lorna Prescott
Richard H. and Mary B. Price
Mrs. Gardner C. Quarton
William and Diane Rado
Mrs. Joseph S. Radom
Jim and leva Rasmussen
Stephen and Agnes Reading
Jim and Bonnie Reece
La Vonne and Gary Reed
Rudolph and Sue Reichert
Maria and Rusty Restuccia
Katherine and William Ribbens
Ken and Nina Robinson
Gustave and Jacqueline Rosseels
Mrs. Doris E. Rowan
Sarah Savarino
Mrs. Richard C. Schneider
Joseph and Patricia Settimi
Howard and Aliza Shevrin
Sandy and Dick Simon
Scott and Joan Singer
Dr. Elaine R. Soller
Cynthia J. Sorensen
Mr. and Mrs. Neil J. Sosin
Allen and Mary Spivey
Judy and Paul Spradlin
Mrs. Ralph L. Steffek
Frank D. Stella
Professor Louis and Glennis Stout
Dr. and Mrs. Jeoffrey K. Stross
Bob and Betsy Teeter
James L. and Ann S. Telfer
Lois A. Theis
Dr. and Mrs. E. Thurston Thieme
Joan Lowenstein and Jonathan Trobe
Joyce A. Urba and David J. Kinsella
Sally Wacker
Gregory and Annette Walker
Willes and Kathleen Weber
Karl and Karen Weick
Raoul Weisman and Ann Friedman
Robert O. and Darragh H. Weisman
Dr. Steven W. Werns
Marcy and Scott Westerman
Mrs. Elizabeth Wilson
Len and Maggie Wolin
Frank E. Wolk
J. D. Woods
Dr. and Mrs. Clyde Wu
Don and Charlotte Wyche
Nancy and Martin Zimmerman
Businesses Arts Management Group Coffee Express Co. Jewish Federation of
Metropolitan Chicago Malloy Lithographing, Inc. St. Joseph Mercy Hospital Stirling Thermal Motors, Inc. UVA Machine
Foundations United Jewish Foundation of Metropolitan Detroit
Michael and Suzan Alexander
Anastasios Alexiou
Alf Studios
Christine Webb Alvey
Dr. and Mrs. David G. Anderson
David and Katie Andrea
Harlene and Henry Appelman
Patricia and Bruce Arden
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Ashe, III
Jonathan and Marlene Ayers
Essel and Menakka Bailey
Julie and Bob Bailey
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Balbach
Gary and Cheryl Balint
Lesli and Christopher Ballard
John and Betty Barfield
Norman E. Barnett
Dr. and Mrs. Mason Barr, Jr.
Leslie and Anita Bassett
Astrid B. Beck and David Noel Freedman
Kathleen Beck
Neal Bedford and Gerlinda Melchiori
P.E. Bennett
Linda and Ronald Benson
Ruth Ann and Stuart J. Bergstein
Jerry and Lois Beznos
Mary Steffek Blaske and Thomas Blaske
Cathie and Tom Bloem
Roger and Polly Bookwalter
C. Paul and Anna Y. Bradley
Richard Brandt and Karina Niemeyer
Mr. Joel Bregman and
Ms. Elaine Pomeranz Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Bright Mary Jo Brough Olin L. Browder June and Donald R. Brown Morton B. and Raya Brown Trudy and Jonathan Bulkley Arthur and Alice Burks Edward and Mary Cady Jim and Priscilla Carlson Jeannette and Robert Carr Andrew and Shelly Caughey James S. Chen Dr. Kyung and Young Cho Janice A. Clark John and Nancy Clark John and Penelope Collins Wayne and Melinda Colquitt Cynthia and Jeffrey Colton Edward J. and Anne M. Comeau Lolagene C. Coombs Merle and Mary Ann Crawford Mary R. and John G. Curtis Ed and Ellie Davidson Laning R. Davidson, M.D. John and Jean Debbink Louis M. DeShantz Elizabeth Dexter Gordon and Elaine Didier Delia DiPietro and Jack Wagoner, M.D. Dr. and Mrs. Edward F. Domino Thomas and Esther Donahue Eugene and Elizabeth Douvan Prof. William Gould Dow Martin and Rosalie Edwards Dr. Alan S. Eiser Joan and Emil Engel Stefan S. and Ruth S. Fajans Dr. and Mrs. John A. Faulkner Dede and Oscar Feldman Dr. James F. Filgas Herschel and Annette Fink Joseph J. Fitzsimmons Jennifer and Guillermo Flores Ernest and Margot Fontheim Mr. and Mrs. George W. Ford Howard and Margaret Fox Deborah and Ronald Freedman Lela J. Fuester Harriet and Daniel Fusfeld Bernard and Enid Gallcr Gwyn and Jay Gardner Professor and Mrs. David M. Gates Thomas and Barbara Gelehrter Elmer G. Gilbert and
Lois M. Verbrugge James and Janet Gilsdorf Maureen and David Ginsburg Albert and Almeda Girod DASH
Steve and Nancy Goldstein Dr. Luis Gonzalez and
Ms. Vilma E. Perez
Mrs. William Grabb
Dr. and Mrs. Lazar J. Greenfield
Carleton and Mary Lou Griffin
Ken and Margaret Guire
Philip Guire
Don P. Haefher and Cynthia J. Stewart
Helen C. Hall
Margo Halsted
Michael C. and Deanne A. Hardy
M. C. Harms
Clifford and Alice Hart
Kenneth and Jeanne Heininger
John L. and Jacqueline Stearns Henkel
Carl and Charlene Herstein
Herb and Dee Hildebrandt
Ms. Teresa Hirth
Louise Hodgson
David Hoffman
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Hob
Linda Samuelson and Joel Howell
Che C. and Teresa Huang
Ralph and Del Hulett
Mrs. Hazel Hunsche
George and Kay Hunt
Thomas and Kathryn Huntzicker
Eileen and Saul Hymans
Robert B. Ingling
Professor and Mrs. John H. Jackson
K. John Jarrett and Patrick T. Sliwinski
Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Johnson
Ellen C. Johnson
Billie and Henry Johnson
Kent and Mary Johnson
Tim and Jo Wiese Johnson
Stephen Josephson and Sally Fink
Susan and Stevo Julius
Dr. and Mrs. Mark S. Kaminski
Allyn and Sherri Kantor
Anna M. Kauper
David and Sally Kennedy
Richard L. Kennedy
Emily and Ted Kennedy
Donald F. and Mary A. Kiel
Tom and Connie Kinnear
Rhea and Leslie Kish
Drs. Paul and Dana Kissner
James and Jane Kister
Dr. George Kleiber
Joseph and Marilynn Kokoszka
Charles and Linda Koopmann
Dimitri and Suzanne Kosacheff
Barbara and Charles Krause
Konrad Rudolph and Marie Kruger
Thomas and Joy Kruger
John and Margaret Laird
Henry and Alice Landau
Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Lapeza
Jill Latta and David S. Bach
Ted and Wendy Lawrence
John and Theresa Lee
Richard LeSueur
Jody and Leo Lighthammer
Rebecca and Lawrence Lohr
Dan and Kay Long
Leslie and Susan Loomans
Charles and Judy Lucas
Edward and Barbara Lynn
Donald and Doni Lystra
Jeffrey and Jane MackieMason
Frederick C. and Pamela J. MacKintosh
Sally C. Maggio
Steve and Ginger Maggio
Virginia Mahle
Marcovitz Family
Edwin and Catherine Marcus
Nancy and Philip Margolis
Geraldine and Sheldon Markel
Rhoda and William Martel
Irwin and Fran Martin
Sally and Bill Martin
Dr. and Mrs. Josip Matovinovic
Mary and Chandler Matthews
Mary Mazure and Andy Tampos
Margaret E. McCarthy
W. Bruce McCuaig
Griff and Pat McDonald
James and Kathleen McGauley
Charlotte McGeoch
Bernice and Herman Merte
Deanna Relyea and Piotr Michalowski
Leo and Sally Miedler
Jeanette and Jack Miller
Dr. and Mrs. George W. Morley
Dr. M. Patricia Mortell
Sally and Charles Moss
Dr. Eva L. Mueller
Dr. and Mrs. Gunder A. Myran
Frederick C. Neidhardt and
Germaine Chipault Barry Nemon and
Barbara StarkNemon Veltajean Olson and D. Scott Olson Mr. and Mrs. James O'Neill Mrs. Charles Overberger Mariano Pallares, International
Translating Br.Inc Donna D. Park
Dr. Owen Z. and Barbara Perlman Frank and Nelly Petrock Joyce H. and Daniel M. Phillips William and Barbara Pierce Frank and Sharon Pignanelli Elaine and Bertram Pitt Richard and Meryl Place Donald and Evonne Plantinga Stephen and Bettina Pollock Cynthia and Roger Postmus Bill and Diana Pratt Larry and Ann Preuss Wallace and Barbara Prince Bradley and Susan Pritts Mr. and Mrs. Millard H. Pryor J. Thomas and Kathleen Pustell Leland and Elizabeth Quackenbush Anthony L. Reffells and Elaine A. Bennett Constance Rinehart Mrs. Irving Rose Gay and George Rosenwald
Drs. Andrew Rosenzweig and
Susan Weinman Craig and Jan Ruff Jerome M. and Lee Ann Salle Sheldon Sandweiss Gary and Arlene Saxonhouse Albert J. and Jane L. Sayed David and Marcia Schmidt Meeyung and Charles Schmitter Sue Schroeder Marvin and Harriet Selin Constance Sherman Alida and Gene Silverman John and Anne Griffin Sloan Alene M. Smith Carl and Jari Smith Mrs. Robert W. Smith Virginia B. Smith Richard Soble and Barbara Kessler Jorge and Nancy Solis Katharine B. Soper Dr. Yoram and Eliana Sorokin L. Grasselli Sprankle Francyne Stacey Gus and Andrea Stager Barbara and Michael Steer Steve and Gayle Stewart Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Strasius Charlotte Sundelson Brian and Lee Talbot Ronna and Kent Talcott Eva and Sam Taylor Mary D. Teal Cynthia A. Terrill Paul Thielking Edwin J. Thomas Alleyne C. Toppin Dr. Sheryl S. Ulin and
Dr. Lynn T. Schachinger Paul and Fredda Unangst Kathleen Treciak Van Dam Hugo and Karla Vandersypen Jack and Marilyn van der Velde Michael L. Van Tassel William C. Vassell Kate and Chris Vaughan Carolyn and Jerry Voight Ellen C. Wagner
Warren Herb and Florence Wagner Norman C. and Bertha C. Wait Charles R. and Barbara H. Wallgren Robert D. and Liina M. Wallin Dr. and Mrs. Jon M. Wardner Joyce and Andrew Watson Barry and Sybil Wayburn Mrs. Joan D. Weber Deborah Webster and George Miller B. Joseph and Mary White Harry C. White and Esther R. Redmount Janet F. White Clara G. Whiting Thomas and Iva Wilson Charlotte Wolfe Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Wooll
Phyllis B. Wright
Mr.zand Mrs. Edwin H. Young
Gail and David Zuk
Ann Arbor News
The Ann Arbor District Library
Atlas Tool, Inc.
Bj Because Company's Coming
Borders Books and Music
Joseph Curtin Studios
Edwards Brothers, Inc.
General Systems Consulting Group
John Leidy Shop, Inc.
Scientific Brake and Equipment
Company University Microfilms International
lim and lamie Abelson
John R. Adams
Irwin P. Adelson, M.D.
Michihiko and Hiroko Akiyama
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon E. Allardyce
Mike Allemang
James and Catherine Allen
Richard and Bettye Allen
Helen and David Aminoff
Dr. and Mrs. Charles T. Anderson
Catherine M. Andrea
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis L. Angellis
Elaine and Ralph Anthony
Bert and Pat Armstrong
Thomas J. and Mary E. Armstrong
Gaard and Ellen Arneson
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Arnett
Jeff and Deborah Ash
Mr. and Mrs. Dan E. Atkins III
Jim and Patsy Auiler
Eric M. and Nancy Aupperle
Erik and Linda Lee Austin
Eugene and Charlene Axelrod
Shirley and Don Axon
Virginia and Jerald Bachman
Jane Bagchi
Prof, and Mrs. J. Albert Bailey
Richard W. Bailey and Julia Huttar Bailey
Doris I. Bailo
Robert L. Baird
Bill and Joann Baker
Laurence R. and Barbara K. Baker
Drs. Helena and Richard Balon
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Banks
Barbara Barclay
John R. Bareham
David and Monika Barera
Cy and Anne Barnes
Robert and Shcrri Barnes
Mark and Karla Bartholomy
Dorothy W. Bauer
Rosemarie Bauer
Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Beckcrt
Robert M. Beckley and Judy Dinesen
Marquita Bedway
Nancy Bender
Walter and Antje Benenson
Harry and Betty Benford
Merete and Erling Blondal Bengtsson
Bruce Benner
Joan and Rodney Bentz
Mr. and Mrs. Ib BentzenBilkvist
Minnie Bcrki
Abraham and Thelma Berman
Harvey and Shelly Kovacs Berman
Pearl Bernstein
Gene and Kay Berrodin
Andrew H. Berry, D.O.
Robert Hunt Berry
Sheldon and Barbara Berry
Harvey Bertcher and Paula Rich
Mark Bertz
R. Bezak and R. Halstead
Bharat C. Bhushan
John and Marge Biancke
Irene Biber
lack and Anne Birchfield
William and Ilene Birge
Elizabeth S. Bishop
Art and Betty Blair
Marshall and Laurie Blondy
Beverly J. Bole
Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Bomia
Dr. and Mrs. Frank Bongiorno
Rebecca and Harold Bonnell
Ed and Luciana Borbely
Lola J. Borchardt
leanne and David Bostian
Bob and Jan Bower
Melvin W. and Ethel F. Brandt
Robert and Jacqueline Bree
Professor and Mrs. Dale E. Briggs
Allen and Veronica Britton
Dr. and Mrs. Ernest G. Brookfield
Linda Brown and Joel Goldberg
Cindy Browne
Mary and John Brueger
Mrs. Webster Brumbaugh
Dr. Donald and Lela Bryant
Phil Bucksbaum and Roberta Morris
Dr. Frances E. Bull
Margaret and John Burch
Robert A. Sloan and Ellen M. Byerlein
Sherry A. Byrnes
Joanne Cage
Susan and Oliver Cameron
Jenny Campbell (Mrs. D.A.)
Charles and Martha Cannell
James and Jennifer Carpenter
Jan and Steve Carpman
Dennis B. and Margaret W. Carroll
Carolyn M. Carty and Thomas H. Haug
John and Patricia Carver
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Cerny
Kathran M. Chan
William and Susan Chandler
J. Wehrley and Patricia Chapman
Dr. Carey A. Charles
Joan and Mark Chester
Mr. and Mrs. C. Bruce Christenson Edward and Rebecca Chudacoff Robert J. Cierzniewski Nancy Cilley Pat Clapper
Brian and Cheryl Clarkson Charles and Lynne Clippert Roger and Mary Coe Dorothy Burke Coffey Alice S. Cohen Hubert and Ellen Cohen Hilary and Michael Cohen Lois and Avern Cohn Gerald S. Cole and Vivian Smargon Howard and Vivian Cole Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Collier Ed and Cathy Colone Kevin and Judy Compton Patrick and Anneward Conlin Janet Cooke
Dr. and Mrs. William W. Coon Gage R. Cooper
Paul N. Courant and Marta A. Manildi Robert A. Cowles Clifford and Laura Craig Marjorie A. Cramer Mr. Michael J. and Dr. Joan Crawford Richard and Penelope Crawford Lawrence Crochier Constance Crump and Jay Simrod Mr. and Mrs. James I. Crump Margaret R. Cudkowicz John and Carolyn Rundell Culotta Richard J. Cunningham David and Audrey Curtis (Edward and Audrey Curtis) Jeffrey S. Cutter Roderick and Mary Ann Daane Marylee Dalton Lee and Millie Danielson Jane and Gawaine Dart Sunil and Merial Das Dr. and Mrs. Charles Davenport Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Davidge Mr. and Mrs. Roy C. Davis David and Kay Dawson Joe and Nan Decker Dr. and Mrs. Raymond F. Decker Penny and Laurence B. Deitch Elena and Nicholas Delbanco Lloyd and Genie Dethloff Don and Pam Devinc Elizabeth and Edmond DeVine A. Nelson Dingle Dr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Director Dr. and Mrs. Edward R. Doezema Heather and Stuart Dombey Fr. Timothy J. Dombrowski Steven and Paula Donn Thomas Doran Dick and Jane Dorr Thomas Downs Paul Drake and Joyce Penner Roland and Diane Drayson Harry M. and Norrene M. Dreffs
lohn Dryden and Diana Raimi
Robert and Connie Dunlap
Jean and Russell Dunnaback
Edmund and Mary Durfee
John W. Durstine
Jacquelynne S. Eccles
Elaine Economou and Patrick Conlin
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Edgar
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Edman
Sara and Morgan Edwards
Rebecca Eisenberg and Judah Garber
David A. Eklund
Judge and Mrs. S. J. Elden
Sol and Judith Elkin
Julie and Charles Ellis
Ethel and Sheldon Ellis
Jack and Wylma Elzay
Michael and Margaret Emlaw
Mackenzie and Marcia Endo
Jim and Sandy Eng
David and Lynn Engelbert
Patricia Enns
Carolyne and Jerry Epstein
Stephen H. Epstein
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A. Erb
Leonard and Madeline Eron
Dorothy and Donald F. Eschman
James and Mary Helen Eschman
Barbara Evans
Adele Ewell
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Fair, Jr.
Barbara and Garry C. Faja
Mark and Karen Falahee
Elly and Harvey Falit
Richard and Shelley Farkas
Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Farrington, Jr.
Inka and David Felbeck
Reno and Nancy Feldkamp
Phil and Phyllis Fellin
Larry and Andra Ferguson
Carol Finerman
Clay Finkbeiner
C. Peter and Bev A. Fischer
Gerald B. and Catherine L. Fischer
Lydia H. Fischer
Patricia A. Fischer
Eileen and Andrew Fisher
Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Fisher
Susan R. Fisher and John W. Waidley
Winifred Fisher
Barbara and James Fitzgerald
Linda and Thomas Fitzgerald
Morris and Debra Flaum
David and Ann Flucke
Bob and Terry Foster
William and Beatrice Fox
Ronald Fracker
Lucia and Doug Freeth
Richard and Joann Freethy
Andrew and Deirdre Freiberg
Otto W. and Helga B. Freitag
Gail Frames
Philip And Renee Frost
Joseph E. Fugere and Marianne C. Mussett
Ari and liana Garni
Jane Galantowicz Thomas H. Galantowicz Mrs. Shirley H. Garland Helen and Jack Garris Del and C. Louise Garrison Mr. James C Garrison Janet and Charles Garvin Jutta Gerber Michael Gerstenberger W. Scott Gerstenberger and
Elizabeth A. Sweet Beth Genne and Allan Gibbard James and Cathie Gibson Beverly Jeanne Giltrow Han Gittlen
Peter and Roberta Gluck Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gockel Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Godsalve Albert L. Goldberg Edward and Ellen Goldberg Ed, Mona and Jennifer Goldman Irwin J. Goldstein and Marty Mayo Mr. and Mrs. David N. Goldsweig Mrs. Eszter Gombosi Mitch and Barb Goodkin William and Jean Gosling Naomi Gottlieb and
Theodore Harrison DDS Siri Gottlieb Michael L. Gowing Christopher and Elaine Graham Dr. William H. and Maryanna Graves Alan Green and Mary Spence Isaac and Pamela Green Jeff Green
Bill and Louise Gregory Linda and Roger Grekin Daphne and Raymond Grew Mr. and Mrs. James J. Gribble Werner H. Grilk Laurie Gross
Richard and Marion Gross Robert M. Grover Robert and Linda Grunawalt Dr. Robert and Julie Grunawalt Arthur W. Gulick, M.D. Joseph and Gloria Gurt Margaret Gutowski and Michael Marlett; Caroline and Roger Hackett Harry L. and Mary L. Hallock Sarah I. Hamcke Mrs. Frederick G. Hammitt Dora E. Hampel Lourdes S. Bastos Hansen Charlotte Hanson Herb and Claudia Harjes Dr. Rena Harold Nile and Judith Harper Stephen G. and Mary Anna Harper Laurelynne Daniels and George P. Harri Ed Sarath and Joan Harris Mr. and Mrs. Randy J. Harris Robert and Jean Harris Phyllis HarrisonRoss M. Jean Harter Jerome P. Hartweg
Elizabeth C. Hassinen
Harlan and Anne Vance Hatcher
James B. and Roberta Hause
Jeannine and Gary Hayden
Dr. Lucy K. Hayden
Mr. and Mrs. Edward ). Hayes
Charles S. Heard
Bob and Lucia Hcinold
Derek and Cristina Heins
Mrs. Miriam Heins
Sivana Heller
Margaret and Walter Helmreich
Paula B. Hcncken
Karl Henkel and Phyllis Mann
Roger F. Hewitt
Hiroshi Higuchi
Peter G. Hinman and Elizabeth A. Young
Carolyn Hiss
Jane and Dick Hoerner
Anne Hoff and George Villec
Carol and Dieter Hohnke
John and Donna Hollowell
Dave and Susan Horvath
Dr. Nancy Houk
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Houle
James and Wendy Fisher House
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Housner
Helga Hover
Drs. Richard and Diane Howlin
John I. Hritz, Jr.
Mrs. V. C. Hubbs
Charles T. Hudson
Mr. and Mrs. William Hufford
Jane Hughes
Joanne Winkleman Hulce
Kenneth Hulsing
Ann D. Hungerman
Mr. and Mrs. David Hunting
Russell and Norma Hurst
Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Hurwitz
Edward C. Ingraham
Margaret and Eugene Ingram
Ann K. Irish
Perry Irish
Carol and John Isles
Morito Ito
Judith G. Jackson
Dr. and Mrs. Manuel Jacobs
Harold and Jean Jacobson
Robert and Janet James
Marilyn G. Jeffs
Professor and Mrs. Jerome Jclinek
Keith and Kay Jensen
Paul and Olga Johnson
Dr. Marilyn S. Jones
Elizabeth and Lawrence Jordan
Andree Joyaux and Fred Blanck
Tom and Marie Juster
Mary Kalmes and Larry Friedman
Paul Kantor and
Virginia Weckstrom Kantor Mr. and Mrs. Irving Kao Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Kaplan Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Kaplin Thomas and Rosalie Karunas
Bob and Atsuko Kashino
Alex F. and Phyllis A. Kato
Maxine and David Katz
Nick and Meral Kazan
Julia and Philip Kearney
Janice Keller
James A. Kelly and Mariam C. Noland
Bryan Kennedy
Frank and Patricia Kennedy
Linda Atkins and Thomas Kenney
Andrew Kim
William and Betsy Kincaid
Shira and Steve Klein
Drs. Peter and Judith Kleinman
Sharon L. KnightTitle Research
Ruth and Thomas Knoll
Shirley and Glenn Knudsvig
Rosalie and Ron Koenig
Melvyn and Linda Korobkin
Ann Marie Kotre
Dick and Brenda Krachenberg
Jean and Dick Kraft
Doris and Don Kraushaar
David and Martha Krehbiel
William J. Bucci and Janet Kreiling
Sara Kring
William G. Kring
Alan and Jean Krisch
Bert and Geraldine Kruse
Danielle and George Kuper
Ko and Sumiko Karachi
Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Kutcipal
Dr. and Mrs. James Labes
lane Laird
Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Lampert
Pamela and Stephen Landau
I.met Landsberg
Patricia M. Lang
Lome L. Langlois
Marjorie Lansing
Carl F. and Ann L. La Rue
Beth and George Lavoie
Robert and Leslie Lazzerin
Chuck and Linda Leahy
Fred and Ethel Lee
Moshin and Christina Lee
Mr. Richard G. LeFauve and
Mary F. RabautLeFauve Diane and Jeffrey Lehman Ann M. Leidy
Mr. and Mrs. Fernando S. Leon Ron and Leona Leonard Sue Leong Margaret E. Leslie David E. Levine George and Linda Levy Deborah Lewis
Donald J. and Carolyn Dana Lewis Jacqueline H. Lewis Norman Lewis
Thomas and Judy Lewis
Lcons and Vija Liepa
Lawrence B. Lindemer
Mark Lindley
Mr. Ronald A. Lindroth
Rod and Robin Little
ViCheng and HsiYen Liu
Jane Lombard
Ronald Longhofer
Armando Lopez R.
Luisa LopezGrigera
Richard and Stephanie Lord
Donna and Paul Lowry
Pamela and Robert Ludolph
Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Lutkehaus
Fran Lyman
Susan E. Macias
Marcia MacMahan
Walter A. Maddox
Suzanne and l.iy Mahler
Deborah Malamud and Neal Plotkin
Claire and Richard Malvin
Melvin and Jean Manis
Pearl Manning
Richard Marcy
Lee and Greg Marks
Alice and Bob Marks
Ann W. Martin
Rebecca Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Marvin
Jeffrey and Sandra Maxwell Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. May, Jr. Micheline Maynard Mr. and Mrs. Brian McCall Thomas and Jackie McClain Dores M. McCree Jeffrey T. McDole Eileen Mclntosh and
Charles Schaldenbrand Mary and Norman Mclver Bill and Virginia McKeachie Daniel and Madelyn McMurtrie Nancy and Robert Mcader Anthony and Barbara Mcdeiros Samuel and Alice Meisels Robert and Doris Melling Mr. and Mrs. Warren A. Merchant Debbie and Bob Merion Hely Merle
Henry D. Messer Carl A. House Robert and Bertie Metcalf Professor and Mrs. Donald Meyer Valerie Meyer Shirley and Bill Meyers Dr. William P. Mies William and Joan Mikkelsen Carmen and Jack Miller Robert Rush Miller John Mills
Kathleen and James Mitchiner Olga Moir
Dr. and Mrs. William G. Moller, Jr. lim and Jeanne Montie Lester and Jeanne Monts Rosalie E. Moore
Mr. Erivan R. Morales and Dr. Seigo Nakao Arnold and Gail Morawa Robert and Sophie Mordis Jane and Kenneth Moriarty Paul and Terry Morris Melinda and Bob Morris Brian and Jacqueline Morton James and Sally Mueller Bern and Donna Muller Marci Mulligan and Katie Mulligan Gavin Eadie and Barbara Murphy Laura and Charles Musil Rosemarie Nagel Isabelle Nash
Randy and Margaret Nesse Susan and Jim Newton John and Ann Nicklas Mrs. Marvin Niehuss Shinobu Niga Susan and Richard Nisbett Laura Nitzberg and Thomas Carli Richard S. Nottingham Dr. Nicole Obregon Patricia A. C. O'Connor Richard and Joyce Odell Mr. J. L. Ondey
Karen Koykka O'Neal and Joe O'Neal Kathleen I. Operhall Dr. Jon Oscherwitz
Mitchcl Osman, M.D.
Elisa A. Ostafin
Lillian G. Ostrand
Julie and Dave Owens
Dr. and Mrs. Sujit K. Pandit
Penny and Steve Papadopoulos
Michael P. Parin
Evans and Charlene Parrott
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Patterson
Robert and Arlene Paup
P. D. Pawelski
Sumer Pek and Marilyn KatzPek
Dr. and Mrs. Charles H. Peller
William A. Penner, Jr.
Bradford Perkins
Susan A. Perry
Ann Marie Petach
Jim and Julie Phelps
Joseph W. Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick R. Pickard
Nancy S. Pickus
Robert and Mary Ann Pierce
Roy and Winnifrcd Pierce
Martin Podolsky
Russell and Elizabeth Pollard Hines
Robert and Mary Pratt
Jacob M. Price
V. Charleen Price
Ernst Pulgram
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Radcliff
Patricia Randle and James Eng
Al and Jackie Raphaelson
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Rapp
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Rasmussen
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Rasmussen
Sandra Reagan
Katherine R. Reebel
Stanislav and Dorothy R. Rehak
John and Nancy Reynolds
Alice Rhodes
Paul Rice
James and Helen Richards
Elizabeth G. Richart
Commander Dennis Ringle (RCT)
John and Marilyn Rintamaki
Sylvia Ristic
Dave and Joan Robinson
Janet K. Robinson, Ph.D.
Mary Ann and Willard Rodgers
Marilyn L. Rodzik
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Rogers
Mary F. Loeffler and Richard K. Rohrer
Damian Roman
Elizabeth A. Rose
Dr. Susan M. Rose
Bernard and Barbara Rosen
Richard Z. and Edie W. Rosenfeld
Marilynn M. Rosenthal
Roger and O.J. Rudd
Dr. and Mrs. Raymond W. Ruddon
Robert and Beth Ruskin
Bryant and Anne Russell
Scott A. Ryan
Mitchell and Carole Rycus
Ellen and Jim Saalbcrg Theodore and loan Sachs Arnold Sameroff and Susan McDonough Miriam S. Joffe Samson Ina and Terry Sandalow Daren and Maryjo Sandberg Mike and Christi Savitski Helga and lochen Schacht Lawrence and Marilyn Schlack Courtland and Inga Schmidt Elizabeth L. Schmitt Charlene and Carl Schmult Carol Schreck
Gerald and Sharon Schreiber David E. and Monica N. Schteingart Albert and Susan Schultz Aileen M. Schulze Alan S. and Sandra Schwartz Ed and Sheila Schwartz lonathan Brombcrg and Barbara Scott David and Darlene Scovell Michael and Laura Seagram E. J. Sedlander Sylvia and Leonard Segel Suzanne Selig Gerda Seligson Janet C. Sell
Louis and Sherry L. Senunas George H. and Mary M. Sexton Ruth and J. N. Shanberge Matthew Shapiro and Susan Garetz, M.D. David and Elvera Shappirio Dan Sherrick and Ellen Moss Rev. William J. Sherzer Cynthia Shevel George and Gladys Shirley Jean and Thomas Shope Hollis and Martha A. Showalter John Shultz Pam and Ted Shultz Ned Shure and Jan Onder John and Arlene Shy Douglas B. Siders, M.D. Dr. Bruce M. Siegan Milton and Gloria Siegel Eldy and Enrique Signori Drs. Dorit Adler and Terry Silver Costella SimmonsWinbush Frances U. and Scott K. Simonds Michael and Maria Simonte Robert and Elaine Sims Alan and Eleanor Singer Donald and Susan Sinta Irma J. Sklenar Beverly N. Slater Dr. and Mrs. Michael W. Smith Susan M. Smith Richard and Julie Sohnly James A. Somers Judy Z. Somers Mina Diver Sonda Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Sopcak Juanita and Joseph Spallina
Mrs. Herbert W. Spendlove (Anne)
Edmund Sprunger
Samuel T. and Randy Dean Slahl
David and Ann Staiger
Constance Stankrauff
Betty and Harold Stark
Dr. and Mrs. William C. Stebbins
Bert and Vickie Steck
Virginia and Eric Stein
Ronald R. Stcmpien
William and Georgine Steude
Barbara and Bruce Stevenson
John and Beryl Stimson
Mr. James L. Stoddard
Robert and Shelly Stoler
W. F. Stolper
Ellen M. Strand and Dennis C. Regan
Mrs. William H. Stubbins
Donald and Barbara Sugerman
Peg Talburtt and Jim Peggs
Larry and Roberta Tankanow
Jerry and Susan Tarpley
Frank and Carolyn Tarzia
Margi and Graham Teall
Leslie and Thomas Tentler
George and Mary Tewksbury
Catherine and Norman Thoburn
Bette M. Thompson
Mrs. Peggy Ticman
Mr. Andrew Tomasch
Patricia and Terril Tompkins
Dr. and Mrs. Merlin C. Townley
James W. Toy
Angie and Bob Trinka
Sarah Trinkaus
Kenneth and Sandra Trosien
Marilyn Tsao and Steve Gao
Marlene C. Tulas
Jeff and Lisa TulinSilver
Jan and Nub Turner
Carol Turner
Dolores J. Turner
William H. and Gerilyn K. Turner
Taro Ueki
Alvan and Katharine Uhle
Mary L. Unterburger
EmmanuelGeorge Vakalo
Madeleine Vallier
Rebecca Van Dyke
Bram and Lia van Leer
Fred and Carole S. Van Recscma
Phyllis Vegter
Sy and Florence Veniar
Alice and Joseph Vining
Jane and Mark Vogel
John and Jane Voorhorst
Wendy L. Wahl, M.D. and
William Lee, M.D. Richard and Mary Walker Bruce and Raven Wallace
Lorraine Nadelman and Sidney Warschausky Ruth and Chuck Watts Robin and Harvey Wax Edward C. Weber Joan M.Weber Jack and Jerry Weidenbach Barbara Weiss Donna G. Weisman
Carol Campbell Welsch and John Welsch Rosemary and David Wesenberg Mr. and Mrs. Peter Westen Tim and Mim Westerdale Ken and Cherry Westerman Marjorie Westphal
Paul E. Duffy and Marilyn L Wheaton Iris and Fred Whitehouse Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Whiteside Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Widmann William and Cristina Wilcox Honorable Kurtis T. and Cindy M. Wilder Brymer and Ruth Williams Reverend Francis E. Williams Beverly and Hadley Wine Jan and Sarajane Winkelirjan Beth and I. W. Winsten Mr. and Mrs. Eric Winter Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence D. Wise Charles Witke and Aileen Garten Patricia and Rodger Wolff
Dr. and Mrs. Ira S. Wollner Muriel and Dick Wong Nancy and Victor Wong Stewart and Carolyn Work Ben and Fran Wylie Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Yagle Teruhiko Yamazaki Toshihiko Yarita Sandra and Jonathan Yobbagy Frank O. Youkstctter James and Gladys Young Ann and Ralph Youngren Craig and Margaret Zechman Mr. and Mrs. F.L. Zeisler Peter and Teresa Ziolkowski David S. and Susan H. Zurvalec
Ann Arbor Bivouac, Inc. Ayse's Courtyard Cafe Bodywise Therapeutic Massage The BSE Design Group, Inc. Doan Construction Co. Garris, Garris, Garris & Garris
Law Office Lewis Jewelers Organizational Designs Pen in Hand
Alice Simsar Fine Art, Inc. Zepeda and Associates
ohn H. Bryant
Margaret Crary
Mary Crawford
George R. Hunsche
Alexander Krezel, Sr.
Katherine Mabarak
Frederick C. Matthaei, Sr.
Miriam McPherson
Dr. David Peters
Emerson and Gwendolyn Powrie
Steffi Reiss
Ralph L. Steffek
Clarence Stoddard
William Swank
Charles R. Tieman
John F. Ullrich
Ronald VandenBelt
Francis Viola III
Carl H. Wilmot
Peter Holderncss Woods
Helen Ziegler
InKind Gifts
Bernard and Ricky Agranoff
Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra
Anneke's Downtown Hair and Company
Applause Salon
Catherine Arcure
The Ark
B Because Company's Coming
Dr. Emily Bandera
Paulett and Peter Banks
Gail Davis Barnes
Ede Bookstein
Janice Stevens Botsford
The Boychoir of Ann Arbor
Bella Ciao
Barbara Everitt Bryant
Butzel Long
David G. Loesel, Cafe Marie
Tomas Chavez
Chelsea Flower Shop
Chianti Tuscan Grill
Elizabeth Colburn
Conlin Travel
Curtin & Alf Violinmakers
Mary Ann and Roderick Daane
Sam Davis
Katy and Tony Derezinski
Dough Boys Bakery
Rosanne Duncan
Einstein's Bagels
Pat Eriksen
Espresso Royale Caffes
Damian and Katherine Farrell
Beth and Joe Fitzsimmons
Guillermo and Jennifer Flores
Ford Electronics
Gallery Von Glahn
The Gandy Dancer
Beverley and Gerson Geltner
Generations for Children
Lee Gilles of the Great Frame Up
Renee Grammatico of Viola
Linda and Richard Greene
Daphne Grew
Jim Harbaugh Foundation
Marilyn Harber, Georgetown Gifts
Esther Heitler
J. Downs Herold
Matthew and Kerry McNulty Hoffmann
Kim Hornberger
Kay and Tom Huntzicker
Stuart and Maureen Isaac
John Isles
Jeffrey Michael Powers Beauty Spa
Urban Jupena and Steve Levicki
Gerome Kamrowski
Stephen and Mercy Kasle
Katherine's Catering
Martha Rock Keller
Craig L. Kruman
Diane Kurbatoff
Henry and Alice Landau
John Leidy Shop
Don and Gerri Lewis
Stephanie Lord
Marty's Menswear
Michigan Theatre
Ron Miller
Moc Sport Shops
Monahan's Seafood Market
Motif Hair by Design
The Moveable Feast
Rosemarie Nagel
Susan and Richard Nisbett
John and Cynthia Nixon
Baker O'Brien The Labino Studio
Christine Oldenburg
Karen Koykaa O'Neal
Mary and Bill Palmer
Pen in Hand
Maggie Long, Perfectly Seasoned
Chris W. Petersen
Mary and Randall Pittman
Sharon and Hugo Quiroz
Radrick Farms Golf Course
leva Rasmussen
Regrets Only
Nina Hauser Robinson
Richard and Susan Rogel
Susan Tait of Fitness Success
Maya Savarino and Raymond Tanter
Sarah Savarino
Ann and Tom Schriber
Boris Sellers
Richard Shackson
Janet and Mike Shatusky
Aliza and Howard Shevrin
George Shirley
John Shultz
Dr. Herbert Sloan
David Smith
Steven Spencer
John Sprentall
Deb Odom Stern
Nat Lacy and Ed Surovell
Sweet Lorraine's
Tom Thompson
TIRA's Kitchen
Donna Tope
Tom Trocchio of Atys
University of Michigan
Charlotte Van Curler
Kathleen and Edward VanDam
Karla Vandersypen
Warner Electric Atlantic
Emil Weddige
Ron and Eileen Weiser
Marina and Robert Whitman
Whole Foods
Sabrina Wolfe
Young People's Theater Troubadours
Ann and Ralph Youngren
Giving Levels
Soloists $25,000 or more
Maestro $10,000 24,999
Virtuosi $7,500 9,999
Concertmaster $5,000 7,499
Leader $2,500 4,999
Principal $1,000 2,499
Benefactor $500 999
Associate $250 499
Advocate $100 249
Friend $50 99
Youth $25

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