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UMS Concert Program, May 5, 2000: A Recital And Tribute To Isaac Stern --

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Hill Auditorium And The Michigan League, Ann Arbor, Michigan

A Recital and Tribute to
Amelia Piano Trio
Anthea Kreston, Violin
Jason Duckles.Cco
Jonathan Yates,Piano
Samuel Johnson, Cello Louis Nagel,Piano
Sarah Chang, Violin Anton Nel,Piano
SUSAN STAMBERG, Guest Interviewer Kenneth C. Fischer, Host
A Benefit for the University Musical Society Education Program
Friday Evening, May 5, 2000 at 6:00 pm
Hill Auditorium and the Michigan League
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Backstage at Hill Auditorium, Isaac Stem looks over a chamber music score for his November 1958 recital.
Isaac Stern's UMS debut at age 26: the Fiftyfourth Annual May Festival with the Philadelphia Orchestra--original historic program dated May 10, 1947.
Personalized for UMS President Emeritus Gail Rector: "With greet?ings for many happy years of musical collaboration." Signed and dated 1973.
Kenneth C. Fischer President, University Musical Society
Isaac Stern : A Life
A Video Montage
Ludwig van Beethoven PIANO TRIO IN BFLAT MAJOR, Op. 11 (III)
Tema: Pria ch'io l'impegno
Felix Mendelssohn PIANO TRIO No. 1 IN D MINOR, OP. 49 (II)
Andante con moto tranquillo
Johannes Brahms
Allegro energico
Amelia Piano Trio
Johannes Brahms
Isaac Stern And ums
A Video Montage
Sonata for Cello and Piano in e minor, Op. 38 (i, in)
Allegro non troppo Allegro
Samuel Johnson,cello Louis Nagel,piano
Isaac Stern : The Man
Susan Stamberg
Special Correspondent for National Public Radio
Niccolo Paganini Arr. Kinsky and Rothschild
Cantabile in D Major for Violin and PIANO, MS 1O9, Op. 17
Pablo de Sarasate
Sarah Chang, violin Anton Nel,piano
Presentation of the
UMS Distinguished Artist Award
Lee C. Bollinger
President, University of Michigan
John M. Rintamaki
Group VicePresident and Chief of Staff, Ford Motor Company
of the 121st Season
The Ford Honors Program is made possible by Ford Motor Company Fund. Special thanks to Ford Motor Company Fund for its generous and continued support of the University Musical Society.
Support for Samuel Johnson's performance is provided by Texaco, Inc.
Additional support is provided by media partner, HOUR Detroit Magazine.
Special thanks to Lee Lamont, Chairman of ICM Artists Ltd., for her invaluable help in making this evening a reality.
Additional thanks to UMS Advisory Committee Chairs Debbie Herbert and Mary Pittman, and to all members of the Committee, for their care, time, and planning in making this evening's gala celebra?tion possible.
Tonight's floral art is provided by Cherie Rehkopf and John Ozga of Fine Flowers, Ann Arbor.
The piano used in this evening's performance is made possible by Mary and William Palmer and Hammell Music, Inc., Livonia, Michigan.
Sarah Chang appears by arrangement with ICM Artists Ltd.
Large print programs are available upon request.
is recognized worldwide as one of the foremost violinists of this century. Throughout his sixtyplus years as a professional musician, he has appeared on the world's most prestigious concert stages, guided the careers of countless young musicians and devoted himself to the advancement of the arts nationally and inter?nationally. Mr. Stern is one of the most recorded musical artists of our time, with more than 100 recordings of over 200 works by sixtythree composers to his credit. He has been an exclusive Sony Classical (formerly CBS Masterworks) recording artist for fifty years and was named that label's first Artist Laureate in 1985 in recognition of this long?standing association. In 1995, Sony Classical launched the reissue of a major edition of his recordings under the title Isaac Stern: A Life in Music. Renowned for his highly acclaimed interpretations of the standard repertoire, Mr. Stern is also an avowed cham?pion of contemporary music, having performed many world and American premieres, both in concert and on record. He is the recent
author, with Chaim Potok, of a memoir enti?tled My First 79 Years, published by Alfred A. Knopf in September 1999.
Additional career highlights for Mr. Stern include his work for feature films and televi?sion, notably the Academy Awardwinning documentary From Mao to Mozart: Isaac Stern in China; the CBS broadcast of Carnegie Hall: The Grand Reopening, which received an Emmy award in 1987; and Isaac Stern A Life, which was nominated for Best Classical Documentary at the 1993 MIDEM conference in France, as well as the films A Journey to Jerusalem, Tonight We Sing and Humoresque. He has been featured in innumerable televised concert broadcasts and on major talk shows and news programs on all of the networks, both here and in Europe.
Mr. Stern's performing schedule remains exceptional and wideranging. In recent sea?sons he has collaborated with pianist Yefim Bronfman for recitals and recordings, includ?ing the Brahms Violin Sonatas (recorded live during a 1991 tour of Russia), the complete Mozart Violin Sonatas and the two Bart6k Violin Sonatas. Mr. Stern has also toured reg?ularly in recital with Robert McDonald and
in a quartet with Emanuel Ax, Jaime Laredo and YoYo Ma, performing and recording the piano quartet repertoire, including works of Beethoven, Brahms, Faure, Mozart, Schumann and Dvorak. Mr. Stern toured with this quar?tet in February 2000, appearing at Carnegie Hall as well as in Los Angeles and San Francisco. During the 199899 season, Mr. Stern played seasonopening concerts with the New York Philharmonic and the Pittsburgh Symphony, and gave several performances on tour with the Moscow Philharmonic. He also returned to the Miyazaki Festival in Japan, which he helped to inaugurate in 1996.
Mr. Stern has recently been expanding his work with young musicians, as an outgrowth of his highly successful chamber music semi?nars at Carnegie Hall and international music encounters at the Jerusalem Music Centre. Additional encounters during the 199899 season took place in Amsterdam and Cologne, and at the Miyazaki Festival in Japan. In November 1999, Mr. Stern returned to China for seminars in Beijing.
An originating member of the National Endowment for the Arts, Mr. Stern is currently Chairman Emeritus of the AmericaIsrael Cultural Foundation and Chairman and Founder of the Jerusalem Music Centre. As President of Carnegie Hall for nearly forty years, he spearheaded the drives to save the hall from demolition in 1960 and to restore it in 1986. He is the recipient of numerous honors, all among the most prestigious in the performing arts, and holds honorary degrees from many institutions, including Bucknell University, Columbia University, the Curtis Institute of Music, Harvard University, Hebrew University in Jerusalem, the University of Illinois, Johns Hopkins University, The Juilliard School of Music, New York University, Oxford University, the University of Tel Aviv and Yale University. In December 1992 he was awarded the nation's highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom. He has also received high decorations from the govern
ments of France, Japan, Israel and Denmark.
Isaac Stern was born in Kreminiecz, Russia, in 1920, and came to America when he was ten months old. Raised and educated in San Francisco, he started playing the violin at age eight. His principal teacher, Naoum Blinder, was concertmaster of the San Francisco Symphony. After his recital debut at age thirteen, Mr. Stern made his formal orchestral debut in 1936 playing the SaintSaens Violin Concerto No. 3 with the San Francisco Symphony, conducted by Willem Van den Berg. His New York recital debut followed at Town Hall in 1937, with his Carnegie Hall debut occurring in 1943.
Mr. Stern and his wife, Linda, reside in Connecticut. He has three children and five grandchildren. He plays a Guamerius del Gesu violin.
The 2000 Ford Honors Program marks Isaac Stern's thirteenth appearance under UMS auspices. He made his UMS debut at the age of twentysix on May 10, 1947 as soloist with the Philadelphia Orchestra under Maestro Alexander Hilsberg. Since then, Mr. Stern has appeared under UMS auspices five additional times as violin soloist with three orchestral ensembles and has made six individual recital appear?ances. Throughout this remarkable collabo?ration with UMS, Isaac Stern appeared in five May Festivals spanning from 1947 through 1986. Mr. Stern last appeared in Ann Arbor on January 30,1992 in recital at Hill Auditorium with pianist Robert McDonald.
Piano Trio in bflat Major, Op. 1 1 (in)
Ludwig van Beethoven
Born December 16, 1770 in Bonn
Died March 26, 1827 in Vienna
Little is known about the compositional his?tory of this trio, but two pieces of documen?tary evidence are available. The theme for the variations in the last movement is from an aria in Joseph Weigl's (17661846) opera L'amor marinaro, which was first performed in Vienna on October 15,1797. Weigl, Haydn's godson and student of Salieri and Albrechtsberger, was a successful composer of German and Italian operas.
Since the publication of the trio score was advertised in Vienna on October 2, 1798, it is safe to assume that it was composed dur?ing that year. The only pertinent information about the circumstances that prompted Beethoven to compose the trio appears in Czerny's Complete Theoretical and Practical Pianoforte School. He stated that the variation theme was chosen at the wish of the clarinetist for whom the trio was written. Czerny does not mention him by name. A.W. Thayer, however, in his monumental biography of the composer, suggests the musician in question is Josef Beer. This theory is qualified with a question mark; however, it is not without foundation. Beer (17441811), a Bohemian clarinet virtuoso who improved the instru?ment by adding a fourth key, lived and played in Vienna. He took the clarinet part in Beethoven's Quintet in Eflat Major for Piano and Winds, Op. 16, in a performance with the composer at the piano on April 2, 1798, six months before the publication of the trio. In spite of its opus number, the quintet is the earlier work. The trio could be the artistic fruit of the collaboration of Beethoven and Beer, who also participated in the first perfor?mance of the septet on April 2,1800.
In any event, Beer was not a casual
friend; for Beer to suggest that Beethoven compose a clarinet trio is highly plausible. Perhaps Beer wished, and Beethoven intended, to create a companion piece to Mozart's Trio for Clarinet, Viola and Piano, K. 498. Beethoven's threemovement structure parallels Mozart's, in which soprano and alto instru?ments are added to the piano. On the other hand, Beethoven chose soprano and tenor instruments. The tenor (cello) also has to function as a bass.
The work appeared with the title Grand Trio pour le Pianoforte avec une Clarinette oil Violon, et Violoncelle, with the dedication to Countess Thun. The lady was a piano student and supporter of Mozart, and her daughter and soninlaw, Prince Lichnowsky, would play a crucial role in the performance history of Fidelio a few years later. Because chamber music was composed primarily for musicmaking at home and amateur clarinetists were scarce, the substitution of violin for clarinet was a forgone conclusion (this is also the case with Mozart's Trio in Eflat Major). Since the eighteenth century, countless amateur musi?cians have played both trios in their alternate versions--the version heard this evening.
The Trio in Bflat Major is shorter than those of Beethoven's Op. 1, because it does not have a scherzo. Yet, it shows technical refine?ment, concentration and a predilection for imi?tative writing. Concluding a largescale work with a variationfinale, Beethoven set the stage on which momentous events were to unfold.
Program note by Dr. Joseph Braunstein.
Piano Trio No. 1 in d minor, Op. 49 (II)
Felix Mendelssohn
Born February 3, 1809 in Hamburg
Died November 4, 1847 in Leipzig
Felix Mendelssohn belonged to a cultivated and wealthy family, and consequently he received a thoroughly sound education in all
academic disciplines. He was a close student of the classics, yet his music abounds in Romanticism. His works even the early ones are beautifully polished and construct?ed; they show much refinement and a fin?ished craftsmanship.
Most members of Mendelssohn's family were dedicated amateur musicians, and the family hosted weekend "home musicales," in which the young Mendelssohn was exposed to the characters and idiosyncrasies of vari?ous musical instruments. On alternate Sunday mornings, musicians and friends of the Mendelssohns stopped by for the musi?cales, and as a teenager Felix took charge of them, choosing the programs, conducting and playing the piano. At age eleven, Mendelssohn had already begun composing chamber music, but aside from an early attempt at age ten, he did not write his first trio for the standard piano, violin and cello combination until age thirty.
Mendelssohn wrote his exuberant Piano Trio in d minor, Op. 49 in the summer of 1839, during a joyful holiday spent with his family in Frankfurt and the Rhineland; the work was completed on September 23, receiv?ing publication the following year. A second trio, the Piano Trio in c minor, followed in 1845. Of these two splendid, mature piano trios, the Piano Trio in d minor caught on immediately and is today considered one of Mendelssohn's greatest achievements. Mendelssohn's friend and admirer, Robert Schumann, wrote of this work, "This is the mastertrio of our time, even as Beethoven's Bflat and D, and Schubert's in Eflat were masterpieces in their day; it is an exceedingly fine composition which will gladden our grandchildren and great grandchildren for many years to come." In his praise for his col?league, Schumann went on to say, "Mendelssohn is the Mozart of the nine?teenthcentury; the most illuminating of musicians, who sees more clearly than others through the contradictions of our era and is the first to reconcile them."
Although the three instruments share motivic materials in this work, the piano stands a bit apart from the strings. In the sec?ond movement, the strings form a duo behind which the piano spreads a backdrop. This may very well be because the virtuoso pianist Ferdinand Hiller asked the composer to "polish up" his part. Nonetheless, the writ?ing flows effortlessly throughout, and no rough edges remain to mar the seamless expanse of melody.
The "Andante con moto tranquillo" brings a short moment of quiet beauty, with the Schumannesque middle section lending a more dramatic mood. The abundance of melody is reminiscent of the composer's own Songs without Words.
Piano Trio No. 3 in c minor, Op. 1O1 (i)
Johannes Brahms
Bom May 7, 1833 in Hamburg, Germany
Died April 3, 1897 in Vienna
Brahms wrote his third and last trio for piano, violin and cello during an especially productive summer vacation in Switzerland (the Cello Sonata in F Major, Op. 99 and the Violin Sonata in A, Op. 100, were also com?posed at the same time). In the Trio, Brahms revisited the key of c minor, a tragic and tur?bulent tonality since the days of Haydn and Mozart.
True to tradition, the opening "Allegro energico" sets the tone for a fourmovement work characterized by predominantly dark colors. Fullbodied chords and tense patterns in dotted rhythm mark the first subject; the second is a lyrical melody (as might be expected), yet it is cut short by an early return of the agitated primary material. The development section combines the two themes in a way that only increases the ten?sion. The recapitulation concludes in a calm
and soothing C Major, but Brahms appended a lengthy coda in c minor, ending the move?ment, as Malcolm MacDonald put it in his 1990 monograph, "in a mood of grim, tragic determination."
Program note by Peter Laki.
During his long, productive life, Brahms pub?lished two dozen pieces of chamber music, from duosonatas to sextets, but he may have written and destroyed two or three times as many. Musical ideas from those lost works probably found their way into the other com?positions that he assembled, disassembled, and reassembled through the years, but no critic of the music he published was half as severe on his worksinprogress as he, him?self. He published the Sonata for Cello and Piano in e minor, Op. 38 in 1866, but it had changed radically since he had begun the piece in 1862.
Brahms' original intention was to write a fourmovement cello sonata, with a central slow movement and scherzo, but he stopped after the second. He was dissatisfied with the direction in which he was taking the music, and he hesitated to show it even to such close friends as Clara Schumann, Robert Schumann's widow, and Josef Gansbacher, a singing teacher at the Vienna Conservatory, who also played the cello and who had helped him get a job as conductor of a choral society there. In 1865, Brahms took up the sonata again and converted it into a threemovement work by rewriting the first, discarding the second, and adding two new movements. It is dedi?cated to Gansbacher.
The sonata is a dark, solemn, and stately
work, but, as Brahms wrote to his publisher, "not too difficult to play, for either instru?ment." In the first movement, "Allegro non troppo," the big wideranging melodies are broadly developed. The finale, "Allegro," is a vigorous and powerful fugue on a long sub?ject that seems to have been borrowed, almost exactly, from Bach's The Art of Fugue.
The earliest known public concert per?formance of the sonata was not given until fourandahalf years after it was published, on January 14, 1871. The occasion was a chamber music concert in the Leipzig Gewandhaus: the cellist, Emil Hegar, and the pianist, the wellknown composer Carl Reinecke.
Program note by Leonard Burkat.
Cantabile in D Major for Violin and Piano, MS 1O9, Op. 17
Niccolo Paganini
Born October 27, 1782 in Genoa, Italy
Died May 27, 1840 in Nice
The colorful career of Niccolo Paganini was, in part, a triumph of early "pressagentry." During the years from about 1810 to 1833, he traveled everywhere all over Europe and amassed a huge fortune, giving concerts at which commentators said the devil himself was sometimes to be seen standing with him on stage. He received praise for his wizardry and simultaneous blame for being a charla?tan, but among his great admirers, nonethe?less, were contemporary composers as serious and various as Berlioz, Chopin, Liszt, Mendelssohn, Schubert and Schumann.
Like most of the great virtuosos of his time, Paganini was a prolific composer and played little or nothing but his own music at his concerts. To avoid giving away the secrets of his technique, he allowed almost none of
his music to ever escape his hands. The origi?nal parts of this composition, in his own handwriting, are now at the Biblioteca Casanatense in Rome; his heirs kept the piece hidden until 1922 when it was first published by Universal in Vienna. The date of its com?position is unknown. It is thought that it was perhaps composed for Sivori, an Italian child prodigy and student of Paganini.
A romantic and melodic composition with simplicity of style, this lyrical movement was originally written for violin and guitar. Tonight it will be played in an arrangement by Kinsky and Rothschild for violin and piano.
Copyright O by Burkat Program Notes.
Pablo de Sarasate
Born March 10, 1844 in Pamplona, Spain
Died September 20, 1908 in Biarritz, France
Pablo Martin Meliton Sarasate y Navascuez is the full name of the Spanish violinist who was one of the great virtuosocomposers of his time. When Queen Isabella of Spain first heard him play, as a tenyearold boy, she generously presented him with a Stradivarius violin and subsidized his studies at the Paris Conservatory. He made his home in France for most of the rest of his life, but an annual visit to Spain was always part of the touring itineraries that took him almost everywhere in Europe and the Americas. SaintSaens, Bruch and Lalo were some of the composers who wrote concertos for him, and it was Lalo's Symphonic espangnole that gave Tchaikovsky the idea for his intensely national Violin Concerto.
George Bernard Shaw, writing as a music critic in London in the 1890s, said that Sarasate played with "a quiet and certain
mastery" and with "exclusive attention to the absolutely musical side of his classical reper?tory." This is testimony enough to the serious, artistic aspect of Sarasate's career. In addition, he was a brilliant virtuoso with a repertoire of dazzling showpieces, among which were many original compositions flavored with recollections of the folk songs and dances of Spain. This one is a medley of gypsy songs, six of them in suddenly contrasting fast and slow tempi, like the Hungarian rhapsodies that Franz Liszt based on gypsy songs from his native country. It is usually known by the German title of its first edition, Zigeunerweisen, which directly translates into "Gypsy Tunes."
Program note by Leonard Burkat.
The Amelia Piano Trio, comprised of Anthea Kreston, violin, Jason Duckies, cello, and Jonathan Yates, piano, was formed in Hartford, CT, in 1998, and has quickly begun to enjoy a busy per?formance schedule throughout the Northeast. In the spring of 1999 they participated in Isaac Stern's Chamber Music Workshop, which culminated in a Carnegie Hall perfor?mance that was lauded by the New York Times as having "embodied a real sense of com?mand." Strad magazine noted of the Amelia Piano Trio: "Its careful attention to balance, tonal beauty and teamwork was exemplary."
Mr. Stern has presented the Trio in Weill Hall and at the Harvard Club of New York. The Trio has also appeared with clarinetist John Bruce Yeh in Chicago on the Fine Arts Series and the Orpheus Young Artists Series. This summer they will be one of three young ensembles in residence at La Jolla Summerfest. Other future engagements include a performance at the Green Lake Music Festival in Wisconsin, and a return to Chicago for the Dame Myra Hess Memorial Concert Series. The Trio has worked with such artists as violinists Jaime Laredo and Henry Meyer, cellists David Geringas, Peter Wiley, and Sharon Robinson, and pianists Wu Han and Joseph Kalichstein.
Violinist Anthea Kreston graduated from the Curtis Institute of Music and has soloed with orchestras in Illinois, Ohio, Connecticut, California, and Minnesota. Her teachers have included Roland and Almita Vamos, Felix Galimir, Ida Kavafian, Shmuel Ashkenasi, and Phillip Setzer. She holds a bachelor's degree in Women's Studies from Cleveland State University, and a master's degree from the Hartt School of Music. She also serves as violist of the Avalon String Quartet.
Jason Duckies, cellist, made his solo debut at the age of seventeen with the Oregon Symphony. Jason received his bachelor's degree from Northwestern University, and his master's and doctorate from the State University of New York at Stony Brook as a student of Timothy Eddy. Also a member of the Avalon String Quartet, Jason frequently appears as the cellist for the Mark Morris Dance Group, which tours throughout the US and Europe.
Pianist Jonathan Yates is a master's stu?dent of Gilbert Kalish at SUNY Stony Brook, and received his bachelor's degree from Harvard University. A recipient of Harvard's John Knowles Paine Travelling Fellowship, which sent him to Siena, Italy for chamber music studies, Jonathan has also performed in France, Monaco, Bulgaria, and Japan. In
addition, Jonathan has an avid interest in conducting; he has served as Apprentice Conductor of the Chicago Youth Symphony, as Music Director of the Harvard Bach Society Orchestra, and conducted the National Symphony Orchestra in a special Millennium Stages performance.
This performance marks the Amelia Piano Trio's debut under UMS auspices.
Fourteenyearold Samuel Johnson lives in northeastern Oregon and began cello lessons at the age of five. He currently studies with Toby Saks at the University of Washington in Seattle, Naomi Blumberg in Portland, and Benjimen Gish at Walla Walla College. Johnson has competed in the Spokane Music Festival since the age of eight, winning several gold and silver medals, and has received scholarships for several
summer institutes, including Encore. He had the privilege of performing in the Marc Johnson master class at the 1998 Chicago Suzuki Convention and will be performing for the 2000 Cincinnati Suzuki Convention as well. In November 1999, he participated
in the Janos Starker master class at the University of Washington.
In February 1999, he won the junior divi?sion of the Sphinx Competition in Ann Arbor, Michigan and won the Portland, Oregon Corbett Competition in May 1999. He will be appearing with the Oregon Symphony twice in the 20002001 season. Johnson was featured in the Young Artist's Concert on April 14,2000 in Portland, Oregon. He has soloed with the Ann Arbor
Symphony, Detroit Symphony, and Walla Walla Symphony, with whom he will solo twice in the 2001 season. Samuel was privi?leged to have a private lesson with YoYo Ma in January 2000. He has also appeared on the NPR program From the Top in Spokane, Washington. James Depriest, conductor of the Oregon Symphony, will be taking Johnson to Phoenix, Arizona in November 2000 to meet Maestro Mstislav Rostropovich.
He joyfully anticipates all future engage?ments and works daily with great dedication and diligence on his cello technique and repertoire.
This performance marks Samuel Johnson's debut under UMS auspices.
Louis Nagel is a graduate of The Juilliard School, where his teachers were Rosina LheVinne, Josef Raieff, and Joseph Bloch. He also worked with Vladimir Ashkenazy. He joined the University of Michigan faculty in 1969. He has served as an adjudicator in the National Federation of Music Clubs; the Canadian National Competitive Festival; and the Kingsville, Joanna Hodges, and the Texas Piano Teachers' Competitions. His perfor
mances have taken him to New York, Washington, DC, Dallas, Detroit and many other American cities as well as solo and orchestral appear?ances in Berlin, Budapest, St. Petersburg, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Sydney and Taichung. Mr. Nagel
has been state convention artist in Minnesota and Louisiana, and presented a lecture recital on The WellTempered Clavier at the 1997 National Music Teachers Association
Convention in Dallas. His reviews and arti?cles appear in Piano and Keyboard magazine. As Artistic Director of the Lyric Chamber Ensemble of Michigan, he performs yearly in Detroit's Orchestra Hall and in chamber music programs throughout the metropolitan Detroit area. He has recorded J. S. Bach's Partitas for Educo, and a CD entitled Four Centuries off. S. Bach. In the summer of 1998 he was artistinresidence at the Adamant Music Center in Vermont and at the International Music Camp in Warsaw and Lublin, Poland. Mr. Nagel is a Steinway Artist.
This performance marks Louis Nagel's sixth appear?ance under UMS auspices.
Violinist Sarah Chang, now nineteenyearsold, is recognized the world over as one of classical music's most capti?vating and gifted artists. Appearing in the music capitals of Asia, Europe and the Americas, she has collaborated with near?ly every major orchestra, including the New York Philharmonic, the Philadelphia Orchestra, the Chicago Symphony, the Boston Symphony, the Cleveland Orchestra, the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the San Francisco Symphony and the Pittsburgh Symphony. Internationally, she has appeared with the Berlin Philharmonic, the Vienna Philharmonic, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra of Amsterdam, the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra, the Orchestre National de France and the principal London orchestras. Among the esteemed conductors with whom she has worked are Daniel Barenboim, Sir Colin Davis, Charles Dutoit, Bernard Haitink, James Levine, Lorin Maazel, Kurt Masur, Zubin Mehta, Riccardo Muti, Andre Previn, Sir Simon Rattle, Wolfgang Sawallisch and Leonard Slatkin. Her notable recital engagements have included her Carnegie Hall debut in November 1997 and performances at the Kennedy Center in
Washington DC, Orchestra Hall in Chicago, Symphony Hall in Boston, the Barbican Centre in London, the Philharmonie in Berlin, the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, and Ann Arbor's Hill Auditorium under the auspices of UMS. She has reached an even wider audience through her many television appearances, including several concert broad?casts, and her bestselling recordings for EMI Classics. The remarkable accomplishments of her career to date were recognized in 1999 when she received the Avery Fisher Prize, one of the most prestigious awards given to instrumentalists.
Her summer season in 1999 included sev?eral performances of the Karl Goldmark Violin Concerto -at the Aspen, Tanglewood, St. Ricquier and Montpellier festivals -as well as a recording of the work with James Conlon and the Giirzenich Orchestra of Cologne. She also appeared at the Ravinia Festival, the Hollywood Bowl and the BBC Proms in London as well as at Austria's Attergauer Kultursommer festival, perform?ing both a chamber music program with members of the Vienna Philharmonic and giving concerts with the Attergauer Institute Orchestra under Sir Neville Marriner.
Her schedule for this season includes appearances with the Berlin Staatsoper Orchestra, the National Symphony, the New York Philharmonic, l'Orchestre de Paris, the
Philadelphia Orchestra, the Philharmonia Orchestra and the Pittsburgh Symphony, as well as the orchestras of Houston, Montreal, St. Louis, San Francisco and Toronto. She makes a major tour of Europe including concerts in London, Frankfurt, Munich, Paris and Vienna with Michael Tilson Thomas and the London Symphony Orchestra. She also tours Germany and Italy with Vladimir Ashkenazy and the Czech Philharmonic, and Spain with James Conlon and the Gurzenich Orchestra. In May and June 2000 she visits Asia and the Pacific, giving performances in Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Japan and Australia.
Born in Philadelphia to Korean parents, Sarah Chang began to study the violin at age four and within a year had already performed with several orchestras in the Philadelphia area. Her early auditions, at age eight, for Zubin Mehta and Riccardo Muti led to immediate engagements with the New York Philharmonic and the Philadelphia Orchestra, respectively. She graduated in 1999 from high school in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, and from the precollege program at The Juilliard School, where she has been a student of Dorothy DeLay.
Ms. Chang is a past recipient of the Avery Fisher Career Grant as well as a special Gramophone award as "Young Artist of the Year," Germany's "Echo" Schallplattenpreis and "Newcomer of the Year" honors at the International Classical Music Awards in London.
This performance marks Sarah Chang's second appearance under UMS auspices. She made her VMS debut on April 25, 1999 in Hill Auditorium with the NHK Symphony Orchestra of Tokyo under the baton of Maestro Charles Dutoit.
Anton Nel has enjoyed a versatile career that has taken him around the globe since his debut at the age of twelve with Beethoven's Piano Concerto in C Major after only two years of study. Winner of the First Prize in the 1987 Naumburg International Piano Competition, he appears regularly as recitalist, chamber musician, and concerto soloist with distinguished orchestras in the US and abroad. Recent highlights in the US include performances with The Cleveland Orchestra, San Francisco, and Detroit symphony orches
tras, and the Boston Pops. He performed the American premiere of the recentlydiscov?ered Piano Concerto No. 3 by Felix Mendelssohn in November 1997. He has given numerous performances on the Great Performers at
Lincoln Center series, at the Library of Congress, and the Ambassador Auditorium in Pasadena. In summer festivals he has per?formed with the Chicago Symphony at Ravinia, at Lincoln Center's Mostly Mozart Festival, and at the Aspen Music Festival. He has also performed widely in Canada, Europe, Mexico, and South America, and has toured his native South Africa thirteen times. He records for Virgin Classics, EMI, MusicMasters, Bridge and Essay. He served on the faculties of the University of Texas at Austin and the Eastman School of Music before coming to the University of Michigan in 1992. Mr. Nel is a graduate of the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg and the University of Cincinnati. His teachers include Adolph Hallis, Bela Siki and Frank Weinstock.
This performance marks Anton Nel's eighth appear?ance under UMS auspices.
The Ford Honors Program
The Ford Honors Program is a University Musical Society gala event made possible by a generous grant from Ford Motor Company Fund and by the special support of many other companies and individuals. Each year UMS honors a worldrenowned artist or ensemble with whom UMS has maintained a longstanding and significant relationship. In one evening, UMS pays tribute to and honors the artist with the UMS Distinguished Artist Award, and hosts a dinner in the artist's honor. Proceeds from the evening benefit the UMS Education Program. Previous awardees are Van Cilburn (1996), Jessye Norman (1997), Garrick Ohlsson (1998) and The Canadian Brass (1999).
Kenneth C. Fischer
Kenneth C. Fischer is the President of the University Musical Society (UMS). Before assuming his present position at UMS in 1987, Mr. Fischer was a management consultant, independent concert presenter, and association executive in Washington, DC for seventeen vears. Mr. Fischer is active in a number of
community and profes?sional organizations including Rotary Inter?national, Chamber Music America, United Negro College Fund, Interna?tional Society for the Performing Arts, American Arts Alliance and Classical Action
Performing Arts Against AIDS. Mr. Fischer grew up in nearby Plymouth, Michigan, attended the Interlochen Arts Camp, and has degrees from The College of Wooster in Ohio and the University of Michigan. He is married to flutist Penelope Peterson Fischer. They have one son, Matthew, living in San Francisco.
Susan Stamberg
Guest Interviewer
Nationally renowned broadcast journalist Susan Stamberg is the Special Correspondent for National Public Radio (NPR). Stamberg is the first woman to anchor a national nightly news program and has won every major award in broadcasting.
Beginning in 1972, Stamberg served as cohost of NPR's awardwinning newsmagazine All Things Considered for fourteen years. She then hosted Weekend EditionSunday, NPR's morning newsmagazine, from its premiere in January 1987 through October 1989, and now serves as substitute host of NPR's Weekend EditionSaturday, in addition to reporting on cultural issues for all the NPR newsmagazines.
One of the most popular broadcasters in
public radio, Stamberg is well known for her conversational style, intelligence, and knack for finding an interesting story. Her interviewing has been called fresh, friendly, downtoearth, and (by novelist E.L. Doctorow) "the closest
thing to an enlightened humanist on the radio." Her thousands of interviews include conversations with Nancy Reagan, Annie Liebowitz, Rosa Parks, Dave Brubeck and James Baldwin.
Stamberg is one of the pioneers of National Public Radio, on staff since the net?work began in 1971. Prior to joining NPR, she served as producer, program director, and general manager of NPR member station WAMUFMWashington, DC.
Stamberg is the author of two books and coeditor of a third. TALK: NPR's Susan Stamberg Considers AH Tilings chronicles her two decades with NPR. It was published by Turtle Bay Press
Random House in 1993, and in paperback by PeriqeeG.P. Putnam's in 1994. Her first book, Every Night at Five: Susan Stamberg's All Things Considered Book, was published in 1982 by Pantheon. Stamberg also coedited Tle Wedding Cake in the Middle of the Road, which was published in 1992 by W.W. Norton. That col?lection grew out of a series of stories Stamberg commissioned for Weekend EditionSunday. The Wedding Cake in the Middle of the Road has been translated into Japanese.
In October of 1996, Stamberg was inducted into The Radio Hall of Fame in Chicago.
In 1994 she was inducted into the Broad?casting and Cable Hall of Fame in New York City. Other recognition includes the Armstrong and Dupont Awards, the Edward R. Murrow Award from the Corporation for Public Broad?casting, Ohio State University's Golden Anniversary Director's Award and the Distinguished Broadcaster Award from the American Women in Radio and Television. She also received a Jefferson Fellowship for Journalism from the EastWest Center in Hawaii.
A native of New York City, Stamberg earned a bachelor's degree from Barnard College and has been awarded numerous honorary degrees including a Doctor of Humane Letters from Dartmouth College. She is a Fellow of Silliman College, Yale University, and serves on the boards of the PENFaulkner Fiction Award Foundation and Northwestern University's Medill School National Arts Journalism program. Stamberg has hosted a number of series on PBS, moder?ated three Fred Rogers television specials for adults, served as commentator, guest or cohost on various commercial TV programs and has appeared as a narrator in performance with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra and the National Symphony Orchestra.
She is married to Louis C. Stamberg of the Department of State's Agency for International Development in Washington. They have one son, Joshua, an actor.
Lee C. Bollinger is the President of the University of Michigan and a member of the faculty of the Law School. He is a graduate of the University of Oregon and Columbia Law School, where he was an articles editor of the Law Review. After serving as law clerk for Judge Wilfred Feinberg on the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit and for Chief Justice Warren Burger on the United States Supreme Court, he joined the faculty
of the University of Michigan Law School in 1973. In 1987 he was named the Dean of the University of Michigan Law School, a position he held for seven years. He became Provost of Dartmouth College and Professor of Govern
ment in July 1994 and was named the twelfth President of the University of Michigan in November 1996. His primary teaching and scholarly interests are focused on free speech and first amendment issues, including his acclaimed published works Images of a Free Press, published by the University of Chicago Press in 1991 and The Tolerant Society: Freedom of Speech and Extremist Speech in America, published in 1986 by Oxford University Press. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. President Bollinger was born in Santa Rosa, California, and raised there and in Baker, Oregon. He is married to Jean Magnano Bollinger, who graduated from the University of Oregon and received a master's degree from Columbia University. She is an artist with studios in Vermont and Dexter, Michigan. They have two children a son, Lee, a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley and the University of Michigan Law School; and a daughter, Carey, a graduate of Harvard University and presently a student at Columbia Law School.
John M. Rintamaki is Group VicePresident and Chief of Staff at Ford Motor Company. He assumed this position on January 1, 2000. Prior to this, he served as Vice President General Counsel and Secretary.
In his new role, Rintamaki is responsible for the activities of Ford's Governmental Affairs, Office of the General Counsel, Environment and Safety Engineering, Dealer Policy Board, and the Ford Fund. He also continues to serve in his role as corporate secretary.
Rintamaki joined Ford Motor Company in July 1973 as an attorney with PhilcoFord Corp. after serving nine years as an attorney and officer in the United States Army's Judge Advocate General's Corps at various locations in the US and the Far East.
He joined Ford's Office of the General Counsel in September 1978 as a senior attor
ney handling interna?tional matters. Six years later, he was named Associate Counsel Corporate Financing. In September 1986, he was named Assistant Secretary and Associate Counsel. In October 1991, he was appointed
Assistant Secretary and Assistant General Counsel SEC and Corporate Matters. He was elected Corporate Secretary and Assistant General Counsel in 1993 and then appointed Vice President General Counsel and Secretary in January 1999.
Rintamaki is also a member of the Board of Directors of The Hertz Corporation.
Born in 1942 in Wakefield, Michigan, Rintamaki earned a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the University of Michigan and graduated with distinction. He then graduated cum laude from the Uni?versity of Michigan Law School and is a mem?ber of Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society. He is a member of the Michigan and Pennsylvania bars.
He lives in Ann Arbor.
Ford Motor Company Fund
Peter and Jill Corr Forest Health Services Robert and Ann Meredith Randall and Mary Pittman Texaco Inc.
WarnerLambertParkeDavis Pharmaceutical Research
Alcan Global Automotive
Products Masco Corporation
A.J. and Anne Bartoletto Kathleen Benton and
Robert Brown Barbara Everitt Bryant Beverley and Gerson Geltner William and Jane Hann THE MOSAIC FOUNDATION
(of R. and P. Heydon) KeyBank
Richard and Stephanie Lord Roger and Judy Maugh Gilbert Omenn and
Martha Darling Maya Savarino Herbert Sloan
Richard and Laura Van House Clyde and Helen Wu
Herb and Carol Amster Karen and Karl Bartscht Edwin and Judith Fall Carlson David and Pat Clyde David and JoAnna Featherman Ray and Patricia Fitzgerald James and Anne Ford Leo and Kathy Legatski Ruth and Paul McCracken Susan and Mark Orringer Steve and Cynny Spencer
Mrs. Gardner Ackley Bernard and Ricky Agranoff Butzel Long Attorneys Mrs. Raymond S. Chase Leon and Heidi Cohan Jon and Timmie Cosovich Tom and Elaine Evans Susan Feagin and John Brown Ken and Penny Fischer Douglass and Betsy Fox Elizabeth Needham Graham Carl and Julia Guldberg Norman and Debbie Herbert Keki and Alice Irani Stuart and Maureen Isaac Richard and Sylvia Kaufman Tom and Shirley Kauper Robert and Gloria Kerry Ted and Hattie McOmber Eugene Nissen William and Mary Palmer John Paulson John and Dorothy Reed Ray and Ginny Reilly Maria and Rusty Restuccia James and Adrienne Rudolph Loretta Skewes Mr. and Mrs. Neil J. Sosin John and Lois Stegeman Candis and Helmut Stern Sally Stegeman Susan B. Ullrich Charlotte Van Curler Dody Viola
Patricia and Bruce Arden
Lois and David Baru
Ron and Mimi Bogdasarian
Carl and Isabelle Brauer
Dale and Nancy Briggs
Robert and Jeannine Buchanan
James and Amy Byrne
Jean Campbell
Nancy Cantor and Steve Brechin
James and Priscilla Carlson
Janet and Bill Cassebaum
Michael and Joan Crawford
John and Mary Curtis
Judge and Mrs. S.J. Elden
Michael and Sara Frank
Michael and Betsy Hanna
Jane H. Hughes
Mercy and Stephen Kasle
Ann Katz
Tom and Connie Kinnear
Anne and Clyde Kloack
Marvin Krislov and Amy Sheon
Evie and Allen Lichter
Paul and Carolyn Lichter
John and Cheryl MacKrell
Robert and Melinda Morris
National City Corporation
James and leva Rasmussen
Ruth Rattner
Howard and AJiza Shevrin
Jorge and Nancy Solis
Ed and Nat SuroveU
Merlin and Louise Townley
Kathleen and Edward Van Dam
Cheryl Farmer Shirley and Ara Paul Willes and Kathleen Weber Phyllis Wright
List reflects reservations received as of April 4, 2000.
of the University of Michigan
Beverley B. Geltner,
Chair Lester P. Monts,
ViceChair Len Niehoff,
Secretary David Featherman,
Lee C. Bollinger Janice Stevens Botsford Paul C. Boylan Barbara Everitt Bryant Kathleen G. Charla JillA.Corr Peter B. Corr Robert F. DiRomualdo Deborah S. Herbert Alice Davis Irani
Gloria James Kerry Leo A. Legatski Earl Lewis Helen B. Love Alberto Nacif Jan Barney Newman Gilbert S. Omenn Joe E. O'Neal Randall Pittman Rossi RayTaylor
Prudence L. Rosenthal Maya Savarino Herbert Sloan Timothy P. Slottow Peter Sparling James L. Telfer Marina v.N. Whitman Elizabeth Yhouse
(former members of the UMS Board of Directors)
Robert G. Aldrich Herbert S. Amster Gail Davis Barnes Richard S. Berger Maurice S. Binkow Carl A. Brauer Allen P. Britton Letitia J. Byrd Leon S. Cohan Jon Cosovich Douglas Crary Ronald M. Cresswell John D'Arms
James J. Duderstadt Robben W. Fleming David J. Flowers Randy J. Harris Walter L. Harrison Norman G. Herbert Peter N. Heydon Howard Holmes Kay Hunt Stuart A. Isaac Thomas E. Kauper David B. Kennedy Richard L. Kennedy
Thomas C. Kinnear F. Bruce Kulp Patrick B. Long Judythe H. Maugh Paul W. McCracken Rebecca McGowan Alan G. Merten John D. Paul Wilbur K. Pierpont John Psarouthakis Gail W. Rector John W. Reed Richard H. Rogel
Ann Schriber Daniel H. Schurz Harold T. Shapiro George I. Shirley John O. Simpson Carol Shalita Smokier Lois U. Stegeman Edward D. Surovell Susan B. Ullrich Jerry A. Weisbach Eileen Lappin Weiser Gilbert Whitaker Iva M. Wilson
Dody Viola,
Chair Robert Morris,
ViceChair Sara Frank,
SecretaryTreasurer Lisa Murray,
UMS Staff Liaison
Martha Ause Barbara Bach Lois Baru Kathleen Benton Victoria Buckler Barbara Busch
Phil Cole Patrick Conlin Erie Cook Juanita Cox Mary Ann Daane Norma Davis Lori Director Betty Edman Michael Endres Nancy Ferrario Penny Fischer Anne Glendon Maryanna Graves Linda Greene Karen Gundersen
Jadon Hartsuff Nina E. Hauser Debbie Herbert Mercy Kasle Steve Kasle Anne Kloack Maxine Larrouy Beth LaVoie Stephanie Lord Esther Martin Ingrid Merikoski Ernest Merlanti Jeanne Merlanti Candice Mitchell Nancy Niehoff
Mary Pittman leva Rasmussen Elly Rose Penny Schreiber Sue Schroeder Meg Kennedy Shaw Morrine Silverman Maria Simonte Loretta Skewes Cynny Spencer Sally Stegeman Louise Townley Bryan Ungard Suzette Ungard Wendy Woods
Administration Finance
Kenneth C. Fischer,
President Elizabeth E. Jahn,
Assistant to
the President John B. Kennard, Jr.,
Director of
Administration John Peckham,
Information Systems
Box Office
Michael L. Gowing,
Sally A. Cushing, Staff Ronald J. Reid, Assistant
Manager and Group
Choral Union
Thomas Sheets,
Conductor Edith Leavis Bookstein,
CoManager Kathleen Operhall,
CoManager Donald Bryant,
Conductor Emeritus
Christina Thoburn,
Director Lisa Michiko Murray,
Advisory Liaison Theresa Nemetz, Assistant Alison Pereida, Assistant J. Thad Schork, Direct
Mail, Gift Processor Anne Griffin Sloan,
Assistant Director
Individual Giving L. Gwen Tessier,
EducationAudience Development
Ben Johnson, Director Warren Williams,
Manager Susan Ratcliffe,
MarketingPublic Relations
Sara Billmann, Director Aubrey Alter,
Coordinator Ryonn Clute,
Coordinator Maria Mikheyenko,
Gus Malmgren, Director Emily Avers, Production
and Artist Services
Manager Jennifer Palmer, Front
of House Coordinator Brett Finley, Stage
Manager Eric R. Bassey, Stage
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Supervisor Bruce Oshaben, Usher
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Usher Supervisor Brian Roddy, Assistant
Usher Supervisor
Michael J. Kondziolka,
Director Mark Jacobson,
Karen Abrashkin Nadine Balbeisi Erika Banks Megan Besley Helene Blatter
Rebekah Camm Patricia Cheng Mark Craig Patrick Elkins Mariela Flambury Orit Greenberg David Her Benjamin Huisman Jennifer Johnson Carolyn Kahl Laura Kiesler Jean Kim Un Jung Kim Fredline LeBrun Dawn Low Kathleen Meyer Amy Pierchala Beverly Schneider Cara Talaska
Lindsay Calhoun Stephen Dimos Bree Doody Aviva Gibbs Steven Jarvi Brooke McDaniel
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Gail W. Rector
Fran Ampey Kitty Angus Gail Davis Barnes Alana Barter Kathleen Baxter Elaine Bennett Lynda Berg Yvette Blackburn Barbara Boyce Letitia J. Byrd Doug Cooper Nancy Cooper
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university musical society
University of Michigan Ann Arbor
Keith Jarrett piano Gary Peacock bass Jack Dejohnette drums
Itzhak Perlman violin
AJascha Heifetz Recital Evening
Bulgarian Women's Choir: Angelite
Takdcs Quartet with Andreas Haefliger piano
Iceland Symphony Orchestra
Rico SaCCani music director
Judith IngblfssonKetilsdottir violin
Gate Theatre of Dublin: Waiting for Godot Directed by Walter Asmus
Gate Theatre of Dublin: Krapp's Last Tape Directed by Pat Laffan
Buena Vista Social Club presents Omara Portuondo with special guest Barbarito Torres laud
Jose van Dam bassboritone
American Repertory Theater: The King Stag Directed by Andrei Serban Movement, Costumes, Masks and Puppetry by Julie Taymor
Bryn Terfel baritone Misia
Bale Folclorico da Bahia 20002001 Nina Simone
Oumou Sangare with
Habib Koite and Bamada
Accentus r
Laurence Equilbey artistic director
Camerata Academica Salzburg
Roger Norrington conductor
Joshua Bell violin
Herbie Hancock keyboards and Wayne Shorter saxophone
Young Uck Kim and Menahem Pressler Beethoven Sonatas for Violin and Piano
Ravi and Anoushka Shankar
Handel's Messiah
lite Lemper
Rudy Hawkins Singers: A Gospel Christmas
Moses Hogan Chorale
Vermeer Quartet
Mingus Big Band: Blues and Politics with Kevin Mahogany vocals
Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater
Judith Jamison artistic director
with the Rudy Hawkins Singers Dresden Staatskapelle
Giuseppe Sinopoli conductor
Brentano String Quartet Hubbard Street Dance Chicago Dubravka Tomsic piano Dairakudakan: SeaDappled Horse
Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and Choir Manfred Honeck conductor
Swedish Radio Choir and Eric Ericson Chamber Choir
Eric Ericson conductor
Manuel Barrueco guitar
Ballet Preljocaj: Paysage apres la Bataille
Prague Chamber Orchestra with the Beaux Arts Trio
Royal Shakespeare Company: The History Cycle Henry VI, Parts I, II 8. Ill and Richard III Directed by Michael Boyd
Les Violons du Roy Bernard Labadie conductor
David Daniels countertenor
Academy of St. MartinintheFields
Murray Perahia conductor and piano
Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center and Heidi Grant Murphy soprano
Brass Band of Battle Creek Ronald K. BrownEvidence
Orion String Quartet and Peter Serkin piano
Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra of Amsterdam Riccardo Chailly conductor Matthias Goerne baritone
Emerson String Quartet
John Relyea bassbaritone
Mark Morris Dance Group
Berlioz' Requiem
UMS Choral Union
Greater Lansing Symphony Orchestra
Thomas Sheets conductor
World Premiere
Curse of the Gold: Myths from the Icelandic Edda
Conceived and directed by
Benjamin Bagby and Ping Chong Performed by Ensemble Sequentia
in association with Ping Chong and Company
The 19992000 Education and Audience Development season expanded signifi?cantly on several fronts. It doubled the number of tickets available for K12 students from 9,000 to 18,500, and is even planning on greater expansion in the 20002001 season. This season saw an unprecedented turnout of collegeaged stu?dents and adults in the largest numbers ever -over 50,000 people attended the wide array of educational events sponsored by UMS. This growth and success strengthens UMS' firm commitment to making quality educa?tional experiences a part of everyone's daily experience.
Through dedicated, active committees, including the Education and Audience Development Board SubCommittee, the Teacher Advisory Committee, and over sev?enty community partners, the University Musical Society actively seeks new audiences and expands its commitment to current audi?ence members through a wide variety of activities designed for different ages and learning styles.
The following pages describe our current program and show memorable highlights of the past season. Be sure to check out the UMS fall brochure and the UMS website ( for details on the exciting and diverse array of educational events for the 20002001 season, which will include major residencies by the Royal Shakespeare Company and the Liz Lerman Dance Exchange.
Nearly 19,000 students and teachers attended performances of Amalia Hernandez' Ballet Folklorico de Mexico, Donald Byrd's The Harlem Nutcracker, Boys Choir of Harlem, Doudou N'Diaye Rose: Drummers of West Africa, New York City Opera National Company: Barber of Seville, Ballet d'Afrique Noir: The Mandinka Epic, and Trisha Brown Dance Company. Each classroom received teacher resource and learning materials, audiotapes, videotapes and posters.
First Acts
In its second year, First Acts sponsored nearly 500 students to attend classical music con?certs. This unique program tries to eliminate the barriers that prevent teachers and stu?dents from attending UMS performances by providing free bussing, subsidized tickets, and advanced educational materials.
UMS Teacher workshop Series
Teaching educators how to incorporate arts education into their daily instruction is of primary concern to UMS, which is why UMS continues to partner with the Ann Arbor Public Schools (AAPS) and the Washtenaw Intermediate School District (WISD) to help
facilitate teacher professional development. As part of the Kennedy Center: Partners in Education Program, UMS, AAPS and WISD are able to bring the world's best teacher workshops to southeastern Michigan, and this past year, nearly 300 teachers participated in eight workshops as part of this nationally recognized program.
Family Performances
The University Musical Society has consistently provided family performances to southeast?ern Michigan for nearly a decade, and it will continue to do so in the future. Recognizing the importance of shared learning and parental involvement in their children's appreciation of the performing arts, UMS offered four opportunities for family learning with Ballet Folklorico de Mexico, Boys Choir of Harlem, Jazz at Lincoln Center Sextet and New York City Opera National Company.
Ann Arbor
Beverly Hills
Commerce Township
Dearborn Heights
Grand Blanc
Highland Park
Huntington Woods
Lake Orion
Lathrup Village
Mt. Pleasant
New Baltimore
New Haven
Oak Park
Regional Home
Schools Romulus Saline Southfield South Lyon Taylor Temperance Toledo, Ohio Walled Lake West Bloomfield Whit mo re Lake Windsor, Ontario Woodhaven Wyandotte Ypsilanti
Master of Arts Public Interview Series
Aside from the performance, UMS offers a series of public interviews that allow artists to speak about their art forms, their careers and take questions from the community. Each year, UMS selects artists who offer compelling insights into their world, and this season nearly 1,500 people attended the series of seven interviews by Laurie Anderson, Ushio Amagatsu, Bebe Miller, Murray Perahia, Meredith Monk, Doudou N'Diaye Rose, Chen ShiZheng with Akira Matsui and Trisha Brown.
Providing context and understanding about a performance, prior to and just after the per?formance, is one of UMS' keys for enhanc?ing our audiences' performance experience. Throughout the season nearly 7,000 people attended our PREPs (Performance Related Educational Presentations) and Meet the Artist postperformance stage dialogues.
Artist Residencies
This season, UMS developed more ground?breaking interaction with artists, via partner?ship and collaboration, than ever before. Nearly 22,000 people participated in University of Michigan minicourses, sym?posia, lectures, master classes, and a wide variety of communitydeveloped events. UMS builds partnerships with over seventy community organizations and individuals to help procure, market, and involve a wide variety of learners throughout southeastern Michigan. Of special significance were the multifaceted residences of the Russian National Orchestra, the Jazz at Lincoln Center Sextet, the Watts Prophets with Toni Blackman, the artists featured in the produc?tion of Forgiveness and the community work for The Harlem Nutcracker.
19992000 PARTNERS
The UMS Education and Audience Development Department also collaborates with over fifty local, regional and national organizations including:
African American Cultural and
Historical Museum of Ann
Ann Arbor Art Center Ann Arbor Chapter of the Links,
Ann Arbor District Library Ann Arbor Public Schools Ann Arbor School for the
Performing Arts Arts League of Michigan Cass Technical High School CCS Center Galleries CCS Institute for Music and Dance CCS School of Art and Design Community Foundation for SE
Community High School Detroit Center for Creative
Studies Detroit High School for the
Performing Arts Detroit Public Library Detroit Opera House Detroit Public Schools Dance
Eastern Michigan University Marygrove College Department
of Dance Michigan American String
Teacher Association Michigan Dance Council Michigan Opera Theater Michigan School Band and
Orchestra Association Michigan State University Mott's Children's Hospital North American Secretariet for
the International Center for
African Music and Dance Neutral Zone
Peter SparlingDance Gallery Pioneer High School Senegalese Community of
Southeastern Michigan St. Romano's Ensemble UM African Student Association UM Arts of Citizenship
UM Departments of
Composition, Musicology, and
Music Theory UM Department of Dance UM Department of Jazz Studies UM Department of Music
UM Department of Strings UM Department of Theater and
UM Department of Vocal Arts UM Department of Women's
Studies UM Department of Winds and
Percussion UM Center for Afroamerican
and African Studies UM Center for Chinese Studies UM Center for Education of
UM Center for European Studies UM Center for Japanese Studies UM Center for Korean Studies UM Center for Russian and
Eastern European Studies UM International Institute UM Institute for the Humanities UM Institute for Research on
Women and Gender UM Museum of Art UM Office of the Provost UM Rackham Graduate School UM School of Art and
Architecture UM School of Music UM University Productions UM World Performance Studies UMS Advisory Committee WDET Public Radio Washtenaw Community College Washtenaw Intermediate School
District Wayne County Regional
Education and Service Agency Wayne State University Dance
UMS would like to give special thanks to the following people who have made special contribu?tions of time, talent, and service during the 19992000 season. Special appreciation goes to:
Access Productions
David Aderente
Aerial Enterprises
James Aikman
Naomi Andr?
Rachel Anderson
Catherine Arcure
Roger Arnett
Lynne Aspnes
Sharon Banks
Susan Barnes
David Barrera
Brett Batterson
Angie Beatty
Judith Becker
Joan Behrmann
Lynda Berg
Laura Bien
Yvette Blackburn
Terry Blackhawk
Jerry Blackstone
Jean Boote
John Briggs
Siglind Bruhn
George Bulanda
Letitia Byrd
Rebekah Camm
Margot Campos
Suzanne Chessler
Linda Chomin
Lily Chont
Kathleen Crispell
Mike Clarren
John Cogley
Mary Cole
Chris Collins
Larry Coppard
Diana Cordero
Christine Coronado
Karis Crawford
David Smith Photography
Hugh De Ferranti
Gay Delanghe
Darrin DeMott
Mona DeQuis
Ellwood Derr
Mamadou Diof
Glenda Dickerson
Paul Dorda
Aaron Dworkin
Brooke Eddy Anthony Elliott Julie Ellison Michael Endres Shari Faulhaber Alisha Fenty Juliet Fiebel Erika Fischer Linda Fitzgerald Erik Fredricken Olivia Frost Tavi Fulkerson Jenni Glenn Amy Goodman Mike Grace Tim Grimes Frank Gunderson Margo Halsted Holly Harrington Michelle HarrisReid Dan Harteau JeffHass Jim Haven Rudy Hawkins Kathy Henstchel Carole Hollenshead Victoria HolleyFoster Barbara Hoover Luke Howard Kay Huntzicker IATSE Local 395 James (ackson Andrew Jennings Brett Johnson Lawrence B. Johnson Paul Kantor Judy Kapner Ellen Katz Martin Katz Sue Kaufman Doug Kisor Rosalie Koenig Diane Koski Laura Kuhn Peter Laki Deb Lang Barry LaRue Matthew Lavoie Jim Leonard Richard LeSueur
Jim Lillie Bridget Lomax Maggie Long Jeanette LutonFaber David Lyman Sandy Machonochie Steve Maggio Main Street Area
Association loshua Major Bruce Martin Terry Martin Joseph Mbele Father James McDougal John McKeighan Anna Meyendorff Michigan Daily Staff Judith Molina Eunice Moore Mitch Morandy Theo Morrison John Moshier Mary Motherwell Michael Naylor Robert Newton Ibu Niang Susan Isaacs Nisbett Mbala Nkanga Janelle O'Malley Rachel Olivero Marysia Ostafin Chet Palowski The Parade Company Randy Parrish Mike Patterson Dana Pauls Bob Picard Mary Pittman Bob Poor Eva Powers Mary Price Rick Price Frank Provenzano Benjamin Pruitt Ed Quick Oliver Ragsdale Julie Ranspach Cherie Rehkopf Kate RemenWait H. Robert Reynolds
Shannon Rice
Marnie Ried
The Rudy Hawkins Singers
Dan Rosenberg
Ellen Rowe
Stephen Rush
Kelly Salow
Amadou Sarr
Mike Savitski
and Savitski Design Jean Schneider Karen Schulte David Scobey Rob Shand Helen Siedel SKR Classical Syd Smith Tony Smith Andrew Speight Michelle Spivak Ed Sprunger
State Street Area Association Jerry Stephens Abby Stewart Mark Stryker Jennifer Symanns Susan Thompson Joe Tiboni Sandy Trosien George Tysh Unit Packaging Ralph Valdez Sally Vandeven Mary Walker Glenn Watkins Gretchen Weir Anna Weller Steven Whiting Robert Williams Leslie Wimsatt Eliza Woodford Shizuko Yamagashi Linda Yohn Vincent York Joe Yunkman Teresa Zawiskie Mark Ziemba Gail Zimmerman
UMS also acknowledges the extraordinary contributions of its Board of Directors, Senate, Advisory Committee, Teacher Advisory Committee, and Staff, whose names are listed elsewhere in this program book.
Great performances the best in music, theater and dance are presented by the University Musical Society because of the generous gifts of UMS supporters (UMS Members). The list below represents names of current UMS Members as of March 13, 2000. If there has been an error or omission, we apologize and would appreciate a call at 734.647.1178 so that we can correct it immediately. UMS would also like to thank those donors who wish to remain anonymous.
Mrs. Gardner Ackley Carl and Isabelle Brauer Dr. Kathleen G. Charla Dr. and Mrs. James Irwin Charlotte McGeoch Randall and Mary Pittman Herbert Sloan And several anonymous donors
Aetna Corporation
Bank One, Michigan
Ford Motor Company Fund
Forest Health Services
Hudson's Project Imagine ParkeDavis Pharmaceutical
Research Office of the Provost, University
of Michigan
Community Foundation for
Southeastern Michigan Lila Wallace Reader's Digest
Audiences for the Performing
Network Lila Wallace Reader's Digest
Arts Partners Program Michigan Council for Arts
and Cultural Affairs National Endowment for
the Arts
Herb and Carol Amster Ronnie and Sheila Cresswell Robert and Janice DiRomualdo
Bank of Ann Arbor
Comerica Bank
Deloitte & Touche
Masco Corporation
McKinley Associates
Thomas B. McMullen Company
National City Corporation
NSK Corporation
Pepper Hamilton LLP
Edward Surovell Realtors
Texaco, Inc.
Wolverine Temporaries, Inc.
Detroit Edison Foundation Elizabeth E. Kennedy Fund Benard L. Maas Foundation MidAmerica Arts Alliance
Prudence and Amnon Rosenthal Edward and Natalie Surovell
CFI Group Holnam Inc.
Maurice and Linda Binkow
Douglas D. Crary
Ken and Penny Fischer
Beverley and Gerson Geltner
Charles N. Hall
F. Bruce Kulp and Ronna Romney
The Lohr Family
Joe and Karen Koykka O'Neal
Loretta M. Skewes
Carol and Irving Smolder
Ronald and Eileen Weiser
Marina and Robert Whitman
Ann and Clayton Wilhite
Roy Ziegler
Ann Arbor Acura Blue Nile Restaurant Butzel Long Attorneys Cafe Marie
Chelsea Milling Company Consumers Energy Dow Automotive Elastizell Corp of America Institute for Social Research Miller, Canfield, Paddock,
and Stone LLP O'Neal Construction Visteon
Chamber Music America Jewish Community Center
(ofR.&P. Heydon)
Martha and Bob Ause Bradford and Lydia Bates A.J. and Anne Bartoletto Raymond and Janet Bernreuter Jim Botsford and Janice Stevens
Mr. and Mrs. William Brannan Dr. Barbara Everitt Bryant Amy and Jim Byrne Edward and Mary Cady Kathleen and Dennis Cantwell Edwin and Judith Carlson Mr. Ralph Conger Katharine and Jon Cosovich Jim and Patsy Donahey David Eklund and Jeff Green Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Evans John and Esther Floyd James and Anne Ford Otto and Lourdes E. Gago Debbie and Norman Herbert Keki and Alice Irani Mr. David G. Loesel Robert and Pearson Macek Judy and Roger Maugh Paul and Ruth McCracken Robert and Ann Meredith Cruse W. and Virginia Patton Moss George and Barbara Mrkonic Gilbert Omenn and Martha Darling John Psarouthakis John and Dot Reed Mabel E. Rugen Don and Judy Dow Rumelhart Professor Thomas J. and
Ann Sneed Schriber Donald and Carol Van Curler Richard E. and Laura A. Van House Mrs. Francis V.Viola III Marion T. Wirick and
James N. Morgan
AAA Michigan
Alcan Automotive Products
Alf Studios
Dennis A. Dahlmann Inc.
ERIM International Inc
Lansstyrelsen Vastra Gotaland
Joseph Curtin Studios
Megasys Software Systems
Republic Bank Ann Arbor
SAS (Scandinavian Airlines System)
Ann Arbor Area Community
Foundation Shiffman Foundation Trust (Richard
Levey and Sigrid Christiansen)
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Abrams
Jim and Barbara Adams
Bernard and Raquel Agranoff
Lloyd and Ted St. Antoine
Max K. Aupperle
Emily W. Bandera, M.D.
Peter and Paulett Banks
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Bartlett
Karen and Karl Bartscht
Kathy Benton and Robert Brown
L. S. Berlin
Suzanne A. and Frederick J. Beutler
)oan Akers Binkow
Elizabeth and Giles G. Bole
Lee C. Bollinger and
Jean Magnano Bollinger Howard and Margaret Bond Laurence and Grace Boxer Jeannine and Robert Buchanan John T. Buck
Robert and Victoria Buckler Lawrence and Valerie Bullen Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Burstein Letitia J. Byrd Betty Byrne Jean W. Campbell Bruce and Jean Carlson Jim and Priscilla Carlson Jean and Kenneth Casey Janet and Bill Cassebaum Anne Chase
George and Patricia Chatas Mr. and Mrs. John Alden Clark David and Pat Clyde Leon and Heidi Cohan Anne and Howard Cooper Mary Cordes and Charleen Price Peter and Susan Darrow Beatrice C. DeRocco Jack and Alice Dobson Molly and Bill Dobson Elizabeth A. Doman Mr. and Mrs. John R. Edman Dr. and Mrs. S. M. Farhat Susan Feagin and John Brown David and JoAnna Featherman
Adrienne and Robert Z. Feldstein Ray and Patricia Fitzgerald David C. and Linda L. Flanigan Bob and Sally Fleming llene H. Forsyth Michael and Sara Frank Marilyn G. Gallatin James and Cathie Gibson William and Ruth Gilkey Sue and Carl Gingles Alvia G. Golden Norm Gottlieb and
Vivian Sosna Gottlieb Victoria Green and
Matthew Toschlog Linda and Richard Greene Frances Greer Taraneh and Carl Haske Anne and Harold Haugh David and Phyllis Herzig Bertram Herzog Julian and Diane Hoff Janet Woods Hoobler Robert M. and Joan F. Howe SunChien and Betty Hsiao John and Patricia Huntington Stuart and Maureen Isaac Lennart and Karin Johansson Mercy and Stephen Kasle Richard and Sylvia Kaufman Thomas and Shirley Kauper Robert and Gloria Kerry Michael and Phyllis Korybalski Amy Sheon and Marvin Krislov Barbara and Michael Kusisto Lee E. Landes
Jill Latta and David S. Bach Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Lee Leo and Kathy Legatski Evie and Allen Lichter Carolyn and Paul Lichter Dean and Gwen Louis Virginia and Eric Lundquist John and Cheryl MacKrell Natalie Matovinovic Margaret W. Maurer Joseph McCune and
Georgiana Sanders Rebecca McGowan and
Michael B. Staebler Hattie and Ted McOmber Dr. H. Dean and Dolores Millard Andrew and Candice Mitchell Lester and Jeanne Monts Grant W. Moore Julia S. Morris Eva L. Mueller Mr. and Mrs. Homer Neal
Principals, continued
Shirley Neuman
M. Haskell and Jan Barney Newman
William and Deanna Newman
Marylen and Harold Oberman
Mark and Susan Orringer
Mrs. Charles Overberger
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Palmer
Dory and John D. Paul
John M. Paulson
Maxine and Wilbur K. Pierpont
Elaine and Bertram Pitt
Eleanor and Peter Pollack
Stephen and Agnes Reading
Donald H. Regan and
Elizabeth Axelson Ray and Ginny Reilly Maria and Rusty Restuccia Kenneth J. Robinson Barbara A. Anderson and
John H. Romani Gustave and Jacqueline Rosseels Dr. Nathaniel H. Rowe Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Rubin Dick and Norma Sarns Maya Savarino Mrs. Richard C. Schneider Rosalie and David Schottenfeld Robert Sears and Lisa M. Waits Joseph and Patricia Settimi Janet and Michael Shatusky Helen and George Siedel J. Barry and Barbara M. Sloat Steve and Cynny Spencer Gus and Andrea Stager James and Nancy Stanley Mr. and Mrs. John C. Stegeman Sally A. Stegeman Victor and Marlene Stoeffler Bengt L. and Elaine M. Swenson James L. and Ann S. Telfer Lois A. Theis Dr. Isaac Thomas III &
Dr. Toni Hoover Susan B. Ullrich Jerrold G. Utsler Charlotte Van Curler Ellen C. Wagner John Wagner
Gregory and Annette Walker Willes and Kathleen Weber Elise and Jerry Weisbach Angela and Lyndon Welch Roy and JoAn Wetzel Dr. and Mrs. Clyde Wu Paul and Elizabeth Yhouse Ed and Signe Young
Allen & Kwan Commercial Briarwood Mall Shar Music Company
Rosalie EdwardsVibrant J. F. Ervin Foundation Harold and Jean Grossman
Family Foundation Hudson's Briarwood Mall
Community Giving The Lebensfeld Foundation Montague Foundation The Power Foundation
M. Bernard Aidinoff Robert Ainsworth Dr. and Mrs. Robert G. Aldrich Michael and Suzan Alexander Carlene and Peter Aliferis Michael Allemang and
Denise Boulange Dr. and Mrs. Rudi Ansbacher Catherine S. Arcure Jennifer Arcure and Eric Potoker Janet and Arnold Aronoff Gary and Cheryl Balint Norman E. Barnett Mason and Helen Barr Kathleen Beck Ralph P. Beebe Harry and Betty Benford Ruth Ann and Stuart J. Bergstein Philip C. Berry
John Blankley and Maureen Foley Ron and Mimi Bogdasarian Charles and Linda Borgsdorf Dale and Nancy Briggs Helen L. Brokaw David and Sharon Brooks June and Donald R. Brown Douglas and Marilyn Campbell Michael and Patricia Campbell Janice A. Clark John and Nancy Clark Edward J. and Anne M. Comeau Jim and Connie Cook Susan and Arnold Coran Elaine Buxbaum Cousins H. Richard Crane
George and Connie Cress Mary R. and John G. Curtis John and Jean Debbink James M. Deimen Pauline and Jay J. De Lay Katy and Anthony Derezinski Marnee and John DeVine Delia DiPietro and
Jack Wagoner, M.D. Dr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Director Mr. and Mrs. Raymond D.
Charles and Julia Eisendrath Dr. Alan S. Eiser Stefan S. and Ruth S. Fajans Claudine Farrand and
Daniel Moerman Dr. and Mrs. John A. Faulkner Dede and Oscar Feldman Dr. James F. Filgas Sidney and Jean Fine Clare M. Fingerle Phyllis W. Foster Drs. Steve Geiringer and
Karen Bantel
Thomas and Barbara Gelehrter Beverly Gershowitz Joyce and Fred Ginsberg Paul and Anne Glendon Susie and Gene Goodson Dr. Alexander Gotz Cozette Grabb
Dr. and Mrs. William A. Gracie Dr. John and Renee M. Greden John and Helen Griffith Leslie and Mary Ellen Guinn Helen C. Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer F. Hamel William Hann Susan Harris
Paul Hysen and Jeanne Harrison Clifford and Alice Hart Anne Vance Hatcher Karl and Eleanor Hauser Nina E. Hauser Jeannine and Gary Hayden Margaret and Walter Helmreich Carl and Charlene Herstein Mrs. W.A. Hiltner Mr. and Mrs. William B. Holmes David and Dolores Humes Ronald R. and Gaye H. Humphrey Eileen and Saul Hymans Wallie and Janet Jeffries Robert L. and Beatrice H. Kahn Dr. and Mrs. Mark S. Kaminski Herbert Katz Richard L. Kennedy
Benefactors, continued
Howard King and
Elizabeth SayreKing Dick and Pat King Hermine R. Klingler Bethany and Bill Klinke Philip and Kathryn Klintworth Jim and Carolyn Knake Samuel and Marilyn Krimm Bud and Justine Kulka David and Maxine Larrouy John K. Lawrence Ted and Wendy Lawrence Ann M. Leidy Richard LeSueur Myron and Bobbie Levine Richard and Stephanie Lord Mark Mahlberg Edwin and Catherine Marcus Geraldine and Sheldon Markel Marilyn Mason Chandler and Mary Matthews Elaine J. McFadden Eileen Mclntosh and
Charles Schaldenbrand Richard and Elizabeth McLeary Ted and Barbara Meadows Gerlinda Melchiori Bernice and Herman Merte Gabrielle M. Meyer Valerie Meyer Leo and Sally Miedler Myrna and Newell Miller Brian and Jacqueline Morton Hillary Murt and Bruce A. Friedman Martin Neuliep and Patricia Pancioli Len and Nancy Niehoff Dr. and Mrs. Frederick C. O'Dell Bill and Marguerite Oliver Mr. and Mrs. James C. O'Neill Constance L. and David W. Osier Mitchel Osman, M.D. William C. Parkinson Shirley and Ara Paul Margaret and Jack Petersen Lorraine B. Phillips William and Betty Pierce Murray and Ina Pitt Stephen and Bettina Pollock Richard H. and Mary B. Price Mrs. Gardner C. Quarton Mrs. Joseph S. Radom Jeanne Raisler and
Jonathan Allen Cohn Jim and leva Rasmussen Jim and Bonnie Reece Rudolph and Sue Reichert Arthur J. Rose Mrs. Irving Rose
Dr. Susan M. Rose
Jeri Rosenberg and Victor Strecher
Mrs. Doris E. Rowan
James and Adrienne Rudolph
Sheldon Sandweiss
Ronald and Donna Santo
Drs. Edward and Virginia Sayles
Peter C. Schaberg and
Norma J. Amrhein David and Marcia Schmidt Meeyung and Charles Schmitter Sue Schroeder Dr. John J. H. Schwarz Julianne and Michael Shea Howard and Aliza Shevrin Frances U. and Scott K. Simonds George and Mary Elizabeth Smith Dr. Elaine R. Soller Cynthia J. Sorensen Mr. and Mrs. Neil J. Sosin Mrs. Ralph L. Steffek Nancy Bielby Sudia Charlotte B. Sundelson Brian and Lee Talbot Bob and Betsy Teeter John D. Tennant and
Barbara Campbell Dr. Sheryl S. Ulin and
Dr. Lynn T. Schachinger Dr. and Mrs. Merlin C. Townley Bryan and Suzette Ungard Walter E. Vashak Kate and Chris Vaughan Sally Wacker Warren Herb Wagner and
Florence S. Wagner Bruce and Raven Wallace Dana M. Warnez Joyce L. Watson Karl and Karen Weick Raoul Weisman and Ann Friedman Robert O. and Darragh H. Weisman Dr. Steven W. Werns Harry C. White and
Esther R. Redmount Clara G. Whiting Brymer Williams J. D. and Joyce Woods David and April Wright Phyllis B. Wright Don and Charlotte Wyche
The Barfield CompanyBartech Chelsea Flower Shop Detroit and Canada Tunnel
Corporation Dough Boys Bakery
Dupuis & Ryden P.C.
Guardian Industries Corporation
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African American Endowment Fund Advisory Committee
Anastasios Alexiou
Christine Webb Alvey
Dr. and Mrs. David G. Anderson
David and Katie Andrea
Harlene and Henry Appelman
Patricia and Bruce Arden
Jeff and Deborah Ash
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Ashe, III
Mr. and Mrs. Dan E. Atkins III
Jonathan and Marlene Ayers
Lesli and Christopher Ballard
John R. Bareham
Cy and Anne Barnes
Gail Davis Barnes
Victoria and Robin Baron
Lois and David Baru
Leslie and Anita Bassett
Astrid B. Beck and
David Noel Freedman Gary Beckman and Karla Taylor Srirammohan S. and
Shamal Beltangady Linda and Ronald Benson Robert Hunt Berry Sheldon and Barbara Berry Mary Steffek Blaske and
Thomas Blaske Cathie and Tom Bloem Jane M. Bloom Roger and Polly Bookwalter Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Bozell Dr. and Mrs. C. Paul Bradley James and Jane Bradner Mr. Joel Bregman and
Ms. Elaine Pomeranz Allen and Veronica Britton Mrs. A. Joseph Brough Olin L. Browder Morton B. and Raya Brown Virginia Sory Brown Dr. and Mrs. Donald T. Bryant Trudy and Jonathan Bulkley
Associates, continued
Arthur W. and Alice R. Burks Susan and Oliver Cameron Margot Campos Nancy Cantor Marshall F. and
Janice L. Carr Jeannette and Robert Carr James and Mary Lou Carras Tsun and Siu Ying Chang Dr. Kyung and Young Cho Soon K. Cho
Dr. and Mrs. David Church Nancy Cilley Gerald S. Cole and
Vivian Smargon John and Penelope Collins Wayne and Melinda Colquitt Lolagene C. Coombs Kathleen Cooney and
Gary Faerber Paul N. Courant and
Marta A. Manildi Clifford and Laura Craig Merle and
Mary Ann Crawford Mr. Michael J. and
Dr. Joan Crawford Constance Crump and
Jay Simrod Charles and
Kathleen Davenport Ed and Ellie Davidson Joe and Nan Decker Penny and Laurence B. Deitch Elena and Nicholas Delbanco Ellwood and Michele Derr Elizabeth Dexter lean Dolega
Heather and Stuart Dombey Dr. and Mrs.
Edward F. Domino Thomas and Esther Donahue Eugene and
Elizabeth Douvan Mr. and Mrs. Daniel G. Dow Phillip Duryea Jane E. Dutton Martin and Rosalie Edwards Judge and Mrs. S.J. Elden Ethel and Sheldon Ellis Mackenzie and Marcia Endo Joan and Emil Engel Patricia Enns Don and Jeanette Faber Yitsi M. and
Albert Feuerwerker Karl and Sara Fiegenschuh Carol Finerman Herschel and Annette Fink Beth B. Fischer (Mrs. G.J.) Susan R. Fisher and
John W. Waidley
Jennifer and
Guillermo Flores Ernest and Margot Fontheim Mr. and Mrs. George W. Ford Doris E. Foss Paula L. Bockenstedt and
David A. Fox
Howard and Margaret Fox Deborah and
Ronald Freedman Andrew and
Deirdre Freiberg Lela J. Fuester
Mr. and Mrs. William Fulton Harriet and Daniel Fusfeld Bernard and Enid Galler Gwyn and Jay Gardner Professor and Mrs.
David M. Gates Elmer G. Gilbert and
Lois M. Verbrugge James and Janet Gilsdorf Albert and Almeda Girod Edward and Ellen Goldberg Irwin J. Goldstein and
Marty Mayo Charles Goss
Elizabeth Needham Graham Jerry M. and Mary K. Gray Lila and Bob Green Dr. and Mrs.
Lazar J. Greenfield Lauretta and Jim Gribble Carleton and
Mary Lou Griffin Werner H. Grilk Bob and Jane Grover Ken and Margaret Guire Arthur W. Gulick, M.D. Don P. Haefner and
Cynthia J. Stewart Susan and John Halloran Yoshiko Hamano Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hanna Robert and Jean Harris Naomi Gottlieb Harrison and
Theodore Harrison DDS Thomas and Connie Heffner Bob and Lucia Heinold J. Lawrence and Jacqueline
Stearns Henkel Fred and Joyce Hershenson Peter G. Hinman and
Elizabeth A. Young Ms. Teresa Hirth Louise Hodgson Kenneth and Joyce Holmes Ronald and Ann Holz Drs. Linda Samuelson and
Joel Howell Jane H. Hughes Ralph and Del Hulett
Ann D. Hungerman Hazel Hunsche Thomas and
Kathryn Huntzicker Robert B. Ingling Margaret and Eugene
Harold and Jean Jacobson Jim and Dale Jerome Tim and Jo Wiese Johnson Elizabeth and
Lawrence Jordan Susan and Stevo Julius Steven R. Kalt and
Robert D. Heeren Perry and Denise Kantner David and Sally Kennedy Frank and Patricia Kennedy Emily and Ted Kennedy Don and Mary Kiel Tom and Connie Kinnear Rhea and Leslie Kish Paul and Dana Kissner James and Jane Kister Beverly Kleiber Laura Klem
Clyde and Anne Kloack Ruth and Thomas Knoll Nick Knuth Joseph and Marilynn
Melvyn and Linda Korobkin Bert and Catherine La Du Mr. and Mrs.
Henry M. Lapeza John and Theresa Lee Mr. and Mrs.
Fernando S. Leon Harry and Melissa LeVine Jacqueline H. Lewis Earl Lewis
Leons and Vija Liepa Alene and Jeff Lipshaw ViCheng and HsiYen Liu Peter and Sunny Lo Naomi E. Lohr E. Daniel and Kay Long Leslie and Susan Loomans Helen B. Love Charles and Judy Lucas Mr. and Mrs. Carl J.
Edward and Barbara Lynn Donald and Doni Lystra Steve and Ginger Maggio Virginia Mahle Melvin and Jean Manis Irwin and Fran Martin Melissa McBrien
Baks Family Margaret E. McCarthy Ernest and Adele McCarus
Susan McClanahan and
Bill Zimmerman W. Bruce McCuaig Griff and Pat McDonald Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Merlanti Walter and Ruth Metzger Helen Metzner Deanna Relyea and
Piotr Michalowski Prof, and Mrs.
Douglas Miller Jeanette and Jack Miller Robert Rush Miller Kathleen and
James Mitchiner Dr. and Mrs.
William G. Moller, Jr. Jane and Kenneth Moriarty Melinda and Bob Morris Cyril and Rona Moscow Frederick C. Neidhardt and
Germaine Chipault Gene Nissen Richard S. Nottingham Marysia Ostafin and
George Smillie Julie and Dave Owens David and Andrea Page Helen I. Panchuk Drs. Sujit and Uma Pandit Elizabeth M. Payne Zoe and Joe Pearson Dr. Owen Z. and
Barbara Perlman Jim and Julie Phelps Joyce H. and
Daniel M. Phillips William and Barbara Pierce Frank and Sharon Pignanelli Richard and Meryl Place Donald and
Evonne Plantinga Mary Alice Power Philip and Kathleen Power Bill and Diana Pratt Jerry and Lorna Prescott Larry and Ann Preuss Elizabeth L. Prevot Wallace and Barbara Prince Bradley and Susan Pritts J. Thomas and
Kathleen Pustell Leland and
Elizabeth Quackenbush Anthony L. Reffells and
Elaine A. Bennett Carol P. Richardson Jack and Margaret Ricketts Constance Rinehart John and Marilyn Rintamaki Jay and Machree Robinson
Mr. and Mrs.
Stephen ). Rogers Mary R. RomigdeYoung Elly Rose and Hugh Cooper Robert and loan Rosenblum Gay and George Rosenwald Ina and Terry Sandalow Robert E. Sanecki Michael and Kimm Sarosi Albert J. and Jane L. Sayed Christine J. ScheskyBlack Monica and
David E. Schteingart Suzanne Selig Marvin and Harriet Selin Erik and Carol Scrr Ruth and Jay Shanberge George and Gladys Shirley Irene and Oscar Signori Sandy and Dick Simon Robert and Elaine Sims Scott and Joan Singer John and
Anne Griffin Sloan Tim and Marie Slottow Alene M. Smith Carl and Jari Smith Radley and Sandra Smith Mrs. Robert W. Smith Susan M. Smith Jorge and Nancy Solis Yoram and Eliana Sorokin Tom Sparks Allen and Mary Spivey L. Grasselli Sprankle Curt and Gus Stager Sally A. Stegeman Virginia and Eric Stein Frank D. Stella Stephen and Gayle Stewart Wolfgang Stolper Professor Louis and
Glennis Stout Dr. and Mrs.
Stanley Strasius Joe Stroud and
Kathleen Fojtik Peg Talburtt and Jim Peggs Ronna and Kent Talcott Eva and Sam Taylor Mary D. Teal Paul E. Thielking Mrs. E. Thurston Thieme Mary H. Thieme Catherine and
Norman Thoburn Edwin J. Thomas Bette M. Thompson Mr. and Mrs.
W. Paul Tippett Patricia and
Terril Tompkins
Dr. and Mrs.
Merlin C. Townley Marilyn Tsao and Steve Gao Paul and Fredda Unangst Dr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Ursu Kathleen and
Edward Van Dam Hugo and K.irl.i
Vandersypen lack and
Marilyn van der Velde Tanja and Rob Van der Voo Michael Van Tassel ). Kevin and Lisa M. Vasconi William C. Vassell Shirley Verrett Carolyn and Jerry Voight John and Maureen Voorhees Mrs. Norman Wait Virginia Wait Charles R. and
Barbara H. Wallgren Robert D. and
Liina M. Wallin Dr. and Mrs.
Jon M. Wardner Mr. and Mrs.
Robert M. Warner Drs. Philip and
Maria Warren Robin and Harvey Wax Barry and Sybil Wayburn Mrs. Joan D. Weber Deborah Webster and
George Miller Walter L. Wells John and Joanne Werner Marcy and Scott Westerman B. Joseph and Mary White Reverend Francis E. Williams Mrs. Elizabeth Wilson Charlotte A. Wolfe Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Wooll MaryGrace and Tom York Ann and Ralph Youngren Gail and David Zuk
The Ann Arbor District
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Automation Systems Inc. Edwards Brothers, Inc. John Leidy Shop, Inc. Malloy Lithographing, Inc. Pollack Design Associates A. F. Smith Electric, Inc. Milan Vault
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Tim and Leah Adams
Dr. Dorit Adler
Gordon and Carol Allardyce
James and Catherine Allen
Richard and Bettye Allen
Barbara and Dean Alseth
Nick and Marcia Alter
Pamela and Gordon Amidon
Helen and David Aminoff
Dr. and Mrs. Charles T.
Anderson Clarence Anderson Joseph and Annette Anderson Timothy and
Caroline Andrcsen Barbara T. Appelman Bert and Pat Armstrong Gaard and Ellen Arneson Rudolf and Mary Arnheim Dwight Ashley Eric M. and Nancy Aupperle John and Rosemary Austgen Shirley and Donald Axon Virginia and Jerald Bachman Chris and Heidi Bailey Prof, and Mrs. J. Albert Bailey Robert L. Baird C. W. and Joann Baker Dennis and
Pamela (Smitter) Baker Laurence R. and
Barbara K. Baker Barbara and Daniel Balbach Helena and Richard Balon David and Monika Barera Maria Kardas Barna Joan W. Barth Robert and Carolyn Bartle Dorothy W. Bauer Mrs. Jere Bauer Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert M.
Bazil, Jr.
James and Margaret Bean Mr. and Mrs. John C. Bcatty James M. Beck and Robert J.
McGranaghan Mr. and Mrs.
Steven R. Beckert Robert Beckley and
Judy Dinesen Steve and Judy Bemis Walter and Antje Benenson Erlingand
Merete Blondal Bengtsson Bruce Benner and
Hely MerleBenner Linda Bennett Mr. and Mrs.
Ib BentzcnBilkvist Dr. Rosemary R. Berardi Mr. and Mrs. Joel S. Berger
Jim Bergman and
Penny Hommel Marie and Gerald Berlin Abraham and Thelma Berman Pearl Bernstein Gene and Kay Berrodin Mark Bertz
R. Bezak and R. Halstead Bharat C. Bhushan John and Marge Biancke Eric and Doris Billes John E. Billie and
Sheryl Hirsch lack and Anne Birchfield William and Ilene Birge Elizabeth S. Bishop Art and Betty Blair Donald and Roberta Blitz Marshall and Laurie Blondy Tom and Rosanne Bloomer Dennis Blubaugh Dr. George and Joyce Blum Mr. and Mrs. Ralph O.
Boehnke, Jr. Beverly J. Bole Mark and Lisa Bomia Dr. and Mrs.
Frank Bongiorno Harold W. and
Rebecca S. Bonnell Edward and Luciana Borbely Gary Boren
Morris and Reva Bornstein Jeanne and David Bostian Victoria C. Botek and
William M. Edwards Bob and Jan Bower Dean Paul C. Boylan Stacy P. Brackens William R. Brashear Robert and Jacqueline Bree Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Bright Patrick and Kyoko Broderick Lorna Brodtkorb Amy and Clifford Broman Linda Brown and
Joel Goldberg Cindy Browne Molly and John Brueger Mrs. Webster Brumbaugh Elizabeth A. Buckner Sue and Noel Buckner Dr. Frances E. Bull Robert and Carolyn Burack Marilyn Burhop Dan and Virginia Butler Joanne Cage
Louis and Janet Callaway H. D. Cameron Mrs. Darrell A. Campbell Douglass and Sherry
Charles and Martha Canncll James and Jennifer Carpenter Deborah S. Carr Margaret P. Carrigan
Advocates, continued
Dennis B. and
Margaret W. Carroll Carolyn M. Carty and
Thomas H. Haug Laura Cathcart
Joseph and Nancy Cavanaugh Dr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Cerny Bill and Susan Chandler Joan and Mark Chester Tim Cholyway Catherine Christen Edward and
Rebecca Chudacoff Sallie R. Churchill Pat Clapper
Brian and Cheryl Clarkson Donald and Astrid Cleveland Barbara Clough Roger and Mary Coe Dorothy Coffey Alice S. Cohen Hubert and Ellen Cohen Hilary and Michael Cohen Mr. and Mrs. William Cohen Mike and Tedi Collier Matthew and Kathryn Collins Ed and Cathy Colone Carolyn and L. Thomas Conlin Patrick and Anneward Conlin Nan and Bill Conlin Sandra S. Connellan M. C. Conroy
Philip E. and Jean M. Converse Donald W. Cook Alan and Bette Cotzin Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Couf Malcolm and Juanita Cox Marjorie A. Cramer Richard and Penelope
Charles and Susan Cremin Mary C. Crichton Mr. Lawrence Crochier Mr. and Mrs. James I. Crump Peggy Cudkowicz Townley and Joann Culbertson Jean Cunningham Richard J. Cunningham Dolores Nachman Curiel Roderick and
Mary Ann Daane Mr. and Mrs. John R. Dale Marylee Dalton Joyce Damschroder Mr. and Mrs. Norman Dancy Mildred and
William B. Darnton lane and Gawaine Dart Stephen Darwall and
Rosemarie Hester Sunil and Mcrial Das DarLinda and Robert Dascola Ruth E. Datz
Mr. and Mrs. lohn L. Dauer Mr. and Mrs.
Arthur W. Davidge
Judi and Ed Davidson Laning R. Davidson, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Roy C. Davis Dr. and Mrs.
Raymond F. Decker Rossanna and George DeGrood Mr. and Mrs.
Rolf A. Deininger George and Margaret Demuth Mona C. DeQuis and
Christine L. Cody Lloyd and Genie Dethloff Pamela DeTullio and
Stephen Wiseman Don and Pam Dcvine Elizabeth P.W. DeVine Macdonald and Carotin Dick T. L. Dickinson and
Lisa Landmeier Gordon and Elaine Didier lerry and Patti Dobbs Judy and Steve Dobson Paul Dodd and Charlotte Dodd Ed and Betty Doezema Rev. Dr. Timothy J.
Dombrowski Steven and Paula Donn Deanna and Richard Dorner Dick and lane Dorr Thomas Downs Roland and Diane Drayson Harry M. and
Norrene M. Dreffs Cecilia and Allan Dreyfuss Janet Driver and Daniel Hyde John Dryden and Diana Raimi Ronald and Patricia Due Rhetaugh Graves Dumas Rosanne and Sandy Duncan Robert and Connie Dunlap Richard F. Dunn Jean and Russell Dunnaback Edmund and Mary Durfee John W. Durstine George C. and Roberta R. Earl Elaine Economou and
Patrick Conlin Morgan H. and
Sara O. Edwards Julie and Charles Ellis Richard and Helen Emmons H. Michael and
Judith L. Endres Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. ErbErb
Foundation Roger E. Erickson Leonard and Madeline Eron Dorothy and Donald Eschman Eric and Caroline Ethington Sally Evaldson and John Posa Barbara Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Fair, Jr. Mark and Karen Falahee Elly and Harvey Falit Thomas and Julia Falk Inka and David Felbeck
Reno and Nancy Feldkamp Phil and Phyllis Fellin Larry and Andra Ferguson Dennis and Claire Fernly Dr. and Mrs. James Ferrara Susan FilipiakSwing City
Dance Studio Clarisse (Clay) Finkbeiner Marilyn Finkbeiner David A. Finn C. Peter and Bev Fischer Gerald B. and
Catherine L. Fischer Lydia H. Fischer Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Fisher Janet and Tom Fisher Barbara and James Fitzgerald Linda and Thomas Fitzgerald Beth and Joe Fitzsimmons Morris and Debra Flaum Mitchell and Carol Fleischer Kathleen and Kurt Flosky Rochetle Flumenbaum and
Paul Estenson Jessica Fogel and
Lawrence Wciner George and Kathryn Foltz Dr Linda K. Forsberg Burke and Carol Fossee Jason I. Fox
William and Beatrice Fox Dan and Jill Francis Mark and Gloria Frank Lynn A. Freeland Lucia and Doug Freeth Richard and Joann Freethy Sophia French Marilyn Friedman Esther and Peretz Friedmann Susan Froelich and
Richard Ingram Gail Fromes Mr. and Mrs.
Charles C. Froning Jerry Frost
Philip and Renee Frost Joseph E. Fugere and
Marianne C. Mussett Jane Galantowicz Dr. Thomas H. Galantowicz Frances and Robert Gamble C. J. Gardiner and
Cynthia Koch Mrs. Don Gargaro Jack J. and Helen Garris Janet and Charles Garvin Wood and Rosemary Geist Allan and Harriet Gclfond Deborah and Henry Gerst Michael Gcrstcnberger W. Scott Gerstenberger and
Elizabeth A. Sweet Leo and Renate Gerulaitis Paul and Suzanne Gikas Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gillis Zita and Wayne Gillis
Beverly Jeanne Giltrow Gary and Rachel Click Albert and Barbara Glover Robert and Barbara Gockel Albert L. Goldberg David and Shelley Goldberg Ed and Mona Goldman Arna and Michael J. Goldstein Steve and Nancy Goldstein Mrs. Eszter Gombosi Mitch and Barb Goodkin Jesse and Anitra Gordon Enid M. Gosling and
Wendy Comstock Jean and Bill Gosling Michael L. Gowing Mr. and Mrs.
Robert C. Graham Maryanna and Dr.
William H. Graves, III Isaac and Pamela Green Lewis R. and Mary A. Green Deborah S. Greer G. Robinson and Ann Gregory Bill and Louise Gregory Martha J. Greiner Linda and Roger Grekin Raymond and
Daphne M. Grew Marshall J. and Ann C. Grimm Marguerite M. Gritenas Betty and Chuck Gross Laurie Gross
Richard and Marion Gross Frederick and Iris Gruhl David and Kay Gugala Nancy and Jon Gustafson Jeff and LeAnn Guyton Jennifer Shikes Haines and
David Haines Claribel Halstead Sarah I. Hamcke Mrs. Frederick G. Hammitt Dora E. Hampel Dr. and Mrs. Carl T. Hanks Grace H. Hannenin Lourdes S. Bastos Hansen Mary C. Harms Stephen G. and
Mary Anna Harper Doug Harris and Deb Peery Laurelynne Daniels and
George Harris Ed Sarath and Joan Harris Martin D. and
Connie D. Harris Susan S. Harris Stephen Haskin and
Karen Soskin Elizabeth C. Hassinen Ruth Hastie
James B. and Roberta Hausc George and Lenore Hawkins Mr Edward J. Hayes D. Keith and Lori Hayward Anne Heacock
Advocates, continued
Kenneth and
Jeanne Heininger Mrs. Miriam Hcins Jim and Esther Heitler Bill Heifer Sivana Heller Paula B. Hencken and
George C. Collins Dr. and Mrs. Keith S. Henley Kathryn Dekoning Hentschel
and Rudi Hentschel Bruce and Joyce Herbert Jeanne Hernandez Stuart and Barbara Hilbert Herb and Dee Hildebrandt Lorna and Mark Hildebrandt James and
Ann Marie Hitchcock Jane and Dick Hoerner Frances Hoffman Robert and Claire Hogikyan Carol and Dieter Hohnke Donna M. Hollowell George M. Houchens and
Caroline Richardson Mr. and Mrs. F. B. House James and
Wendy Fisher House Jeffrey and Allison Housner Helga C. Hover Kenneth and Carol Hovey Drs. Richard and
Diane Howlin Mrs.V.C Hubbs Hubert and Helen Huebl Jude and Ray Huetteman Harry and Ruth Huff Mr. and Mrs. William Hufford Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas J. Hughes Joanne Winkleman Hulce Kenneth Hulsing Joyce M. Hunter Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Hurwitz Bailie, Brcnda and Jason
Prouser Imber Diane C. Imredy Edward C. Ingraham Ann K. Irish Sid and Harriet Israel Joan L. Jackson Judith G. Jackson Marilyn G. Jeffs Professor and Mrs.
Jerome Jelinek James and Elaine Jensen Keith and Kay Jensen Elizabeth Judson Johnson Paul and Olga Johnson Dr. Marilyn S. Jones Andrec Joyaux and
Fred Blanck Tom and Marie Juster Mary B. and Douglas Kahn Allyn and Sherri Kantor
Paul Kantor and Virginia
Weckstrom Kantor Helen and Irving Kao Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Kaplan Hans Peter Kappus Rosalie Brum Karunas Alex and Phyllis Kato Barbara Kaye and
John Hogikyan Julie and Phil Kearney William and Gail Keenan Frank and Karen Keesecker Robert and Frances Keiser Janice Keller James A. Kelly and
Mariam C. Noland Linda Atkins and
Thomas Kenney George L. Kenyon and
Lucy A. Waskell Paul and Leah Kileny Shira and Steve Klein Patricia S. Knoy Alan and Sandra Kortesoja Dimitri and
Suzanne Kosacheff Mr. and Mrs.
Richard Krachenberg Ron and Barbara Kramer Sara Kring William G. Kring Bert and Geraldine Kruse Danielle and George Kuper Dr. and Mrs. R. A. Kutcipal William and Marie
Kuykendall Alvin and Susan Lake Magdalene Lampert Mr. and Mrs. Seymour
Henry and Alice Landau Pamela and Stephen Landau Janet Landsberg LaVonne Lang Joan 1.11 sen and
Adam Pritchard Carl F. and Ann L. LaRue Neal and Anne Laurance Beth and George Lavoie Chuck and Linda Leahy Francois and Julie Lebel Cyril and Ruth Leder Fred and Ethel Lee Dr. Peter J. Lee and
Mrs. Clara Hwang Skip and Mary LeFauve Diane and Jeffrey Lehman Richard and Barbara Lcitc Ron and Leona Leonard Sue Leong Margaret E. Leslie David E. Levine Deborah Lewis Tom and Judy Lewis Mark Lindley and
Sandy Talbott
Dr. and Mrs.
Richard H. Lineback Rod and Robin Little Jackie K. Livesay Larry and Shirley Loewenthal Julie M. Loftin Jane Lombard Ronald Longhofer and
Norma McKenna Armando Lopez Rosas Barbara R. and Michael Lott Bruce Loughry Donna and Paul Lowry Ross E. Lucke
Pamela and Robert Ludolph Elizabeth L. Lutton Fran Lyman
Becky and Reno Maccardini Pamela J. MacKintosh Marilyn MacLean Walter Allen Maddox Suzanne and Jay Mahler Deborah Malamud and
Neal Plotkin
Claire and Richard Malvin Alan and Carla Mandel Panka; M.mku Ken Marblestone and
Janisse Nagel
Nancy and Philip Margolis Lee and Greg Marks Alice K. and Robert G. Marks Frederick and
Deborah Marshall Rhoda and William Martel James E. and Barbara Martin Wendy Massard Glenn D. Maxwell John M. Allen and
Edith A. Maynard Susan C. Guszynski and
Gregory F. Mazure LaRulh C. McAfee Richard and
Florence McBrien David G. McConnell Dores M. McCree Cornelius and
Suzanne McGinn Michael G. McGuire Mary and Norman Mclver Bill and Ginny McKeachie Kevin D. McVeigh Nancy and Robert Meader Marilyn J. Meeker Allen and Marilyn Menlo Warren and Hilda Merchant Debbie and Bob Merion George R. and Brigctte Merz Julie and Scott Merz Henry D. Messer
Carl A. House Lisa A. Mets Professor and Mrs.
Donald Meyer Shirley and Bill Meyers
Helen M. Michaels William and loan Mikkelsen Carmen and lack Miller John Mills
Bob and Carol Milstein Dr. and Mrs. James B. Miner Olga Ann Moir Mary Jane Molesky Bruce and Ann Moln Jim and Jeanne Montie Mr. Erivan R. Morales and
Dr. Seigo Nakao Arnold and Gail Morawa Robert and Sophie Mordis Dr. and Mrs.
George W. Morley A. A. Moroun Robert C. Morrow James and Sally Mueller Tom and Hedi Mulford Bernhard and Donna Mullcr Marci Mulligan and
Katie Mulligan Gavin Eadie and
Barbara Murphy Dr. and Mrs.
Gunder A. Myran Rosemarie Nagel Eugene and Katherine
Napolitan Penny H. Nasatir Edward C. Nelson John and Ann Nicklas Susan and Richard Nisbett Laura Nitzberg and
Thomas Carli Donna Parmelec and
William Nolting Christer Nordman Dr. Nicole Obregon Patricia O'Connor C. W. and Sally O'Dell Henry and Patricia O'Kray Cherie M. Olsen William and Joan Olsen Paul L. and Shirley M. Olson J. L. Oncley Karen Koykka O'Neal and
Joe O'Neal
Robert and Elizabeth Oneal Kathleen I. Operhall Dr. Jon Oscherwitz Elisa Ostafin and
Hossein Keshtkar Mr. and Mrs.
" James R. Packard Penny and
Steve Papadopoulos Michael P. Parin Bill and Katie Parker Frank and Arlene Pasley Nancy K. Paul Robert and Arlene Paup Edward J. Pawlak Lisa A. Payne William and Susan Penner
Steven and Janet Pcpe Don and Giannine Perigo Bradford Perkins Susan A. Perry Neal W. Persky, M.D. Jeff Javowiaz and
Ann Marie Petach Roger and Takako Peterson Frank and Nelly Petrock Douglas Phelps and
Gwendolyn JessiePhelps C. Anthony and
Marie B. Phillips Mr. and Mrs.
Frederick R. Pickard Nancy S. Pickus Robert and Mary Ann Pierce Roy and Winnifred Pierce Daniel Piesko
Dr. and Mrs. James Pikulski Lana and Henry Pollack Mr. and Mrs.
Jeffrey Michael Powers Robert and Mary Pratt Jacob M. Price John and Nancy Prince Yopic Prins and
Michael Daugherty Ernst Pulgram Dr. G. Robina Quale Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Radcliff Alex and Natasha Raikhel Nancy L. Rajala Patricia Randle and James Eng Alfred and
Jacqueline Raphelson Dr. and Mrs. Robert Rapp Mr. and Mrs.
Robert H. Rasmussen Sandra Reagan Gabriel M. Rebeiz Mr. and Mrs.
Richard W. Redman Dr. and Mrs. James W. Reese Mr. and Mrs.
Bernard E. Reisman Anne and Fred Remley Duanc and Katie Renken Glenda Renwick Molly Resnik and John Martin John and Nancy Reynolds Alice Rhodes Lou and Sheila Rice Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas D. Richardson Elizabeth G. Richart Kurt and Lori Riegger Thomas and Ellen Riggs Lita Ristine
Kathleen Roelofs Roberts Dave and Joan Robinson H. James and
Kathleen Robinson Janet K. Robinson, Ph.D. Jonathan and Anala Rodgers
Mary Ann and
Willard Rodgers Mary F. Loeffler and
Richard K. Rohrer Michael J. and
Yelcna M. Romm Elizabeth A. Rose Edith and Raymond Rose Dr. and Mrs.
Gary R. Rosenblatt Richard Z. and
Edie W. Rosenfeld Charles W. Ross Daria and Erhard Rothe Christopher Rothko Dr. Glenn R. Ruihley Samuel and Irene Rupert Bryant and Anne Russell Renee Rutz Scott A. Ryan Mitchell and Carole Rycus Ellen and Jim Saalberg Theodore and Joan Sachs Miriam S. Joffe Samson Daren and Maryjo Sandberg John and Reda Santinga Mike and Christi Savitski Helga and Jochen Schacht Mary A. Schieve Courtland and Inga Schmidt Elizabeth L. Schmitt Gary and Claudia Schnitker Susan G. Schooner Thomas H. Schopmeyer Yizhak Schotten and
?Catherine Collier Carol H. Schreck and
Ada Herbert David Schultz Aileen Schulze Alan and Marianne Schwartz Ed and Sheila Schwartz David and Darlene Scovell John and Carole Segall Sylvia and Leonard Segel Richard A. Seid Janet C. Sell
Louis and Sherry L Senunas George H. and
Mary M. Sexton Matthew Shapiro and
Susan Garetz
David and Elvera Shappirio Ingrid and Cliff Sheldon Lorraine Sheppard Dr. and Mrs. Ivan Sherick Mr. and Mrs.
Patrick M. Sherry Rev. William J. Sherzer Jean and Thomas Shope Hollis and
Martha A. Showalter John Shultz Photography Ned Shure and Jan Onder Douglas B. Siders, M.D. and
Barbara Siders
Dr. Bruce M. Siegan Milton and Gloria Siegel Alida and Gene Silverman Carl Simon and Bobbi Low Michael and Maria Simonte Alice Simsar Alan and Eleanor Singer Irma J. Sklenar Beverly N. Slater Kirsten Marie Carr and
Theodore A. D. Slawecki Mr. and Mrs.
Bernard N. Smith Donald C. and lean M. Smith John L. and Suzanne Smucker James A. Somers Dora Maria Sonderhoff Errol and Pat Soskolne Thomas Spafford Juanita and Joseph Spallina Becki Spangler and
Peyton Bland Elizabeth Spencer Mrs. Herbert W. Spendlove
(Anne) Scott Sproat Edmund Sprunger Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Stahle David and Ann Staiger Constance D. Stankrauff Betty and Harold Stark Dr. Erich M. Staudacher Mr. and Mrs.
William C. Stebbins Bert and Vickie Steck Thorn and Ann Sterling Deb Odom Stern and
David T. Stern
William and Georgine Steude lames and Gayle Stevens Mary Stevens
Barbara and Bruce Stevenson Harold and Nancy Stevenson John and Beryl Stimson James L. Stoddard Mr. and Mrs.
lames Bower Stokoe Robert and Shelly Stoler John Strand Ellen M. Strand and
Dennis C. Regan Clinton and Aileen Stroebel Dr. and Mrs. leoffrey K. Stross Mrs. William H. Stubbins Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Suchy Donald and
Barbara Sugerman Mike and Peg Supernault Valerie Y. Suslow Alfred Sussman Ronald and Ruth Sutton Eric and Natalie Svaan Earl and Phyllis Swain Rebecca Sweet and
Roland Loup John and Ida Swigart
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Taft
Jim and Sally Tamm
John Tamminen
lerry and Susan Tarpley
Stephan Taylor and Elizabeth Stumbo
Margie and Graham Teall
James B. Tcrrill
Scott Terrill and Maggie Long
Carol and im Thiry
Tom and Judy Thompson
Norman and Elaine Thorpe
Peggy Tieman
Bruce Tobis and Alice Hamele
Peter and Linda Tolias
Fran Toney
Ron and lackie Tonks
Jim Toy
Angie and Bob Trinka
Sara Trinkaus
Ken and Sandy Trosien
Luke and Merling Tsai
Jeff and Lisa TulinSilver
Claire and Jeremiah Turcotte
Jan and Nub Turner
Mr. Victor and
Dr. Hazel M. Turner
Alvan and Katharine Uhle
Fawwaz T. Ulaby
Joyce A. Urba and David J. Kinsella
Morella Urbina
EmmanuelGeorge Vakalo
Paul and Marcia Valenstein
Madeleine Vallier
Carl and Sue Van Appledorn
Rebecca Van Dyke
Mr. and Mrs.
Douglas Van Houweling
Fred and Carole van Reesema
Phyllis Vegter
Sy and Florence Vcniar
Katherine Verdery
Elizabeth Vetter Jack and Peg Vezina Alice and Joseph Vining Mr. and Mrs.
Theodore R. Vogt John and Jane Voorhorst Jerry Walden and Julia
TipladyWalden Stanley H. Waldon George and Lorraine Wales David C. and
Elizabeth A. Walker Jill A. Warren Lorraine Nadelman and Sidney Warschausky Marty Warshaw Ruth and Chuck Watts Carol Weber Edward C. Weber loan M. Weber lack and Jerry Weidcnbach Carolyn J. Weigle Dr. Neal Weinberg
Advocates, continued
Gerane and Gabriel Wcinreich
Lawrence A. Weis
David and Jacki Weisman
Donna G. Weisman
Barbara Weiss
Lisa and Steve Weiss
John, Carol and Ian Welsch
Tim and Mini Westerdale
Evie and Vern Wheat
Paul E. Duffy and
Marilyn L. Wheaton lames B. and Mary F. White lanet F. White Iris and Fred Whitehouse Mr. and Mrs.
Nathaniel Whiteside Thomas F. Wieder Ms. Nancy Wiernik William and Cristina Wilcox Benjamin D. Williams lohn Troy Williams Sara S. Williams Shelly F. Williams Christine and Park Willis Bruce Wilson and
Carol Hollenshead Richard C. Wilson Lois WilsonCrabtree Beverly and Hadley Wine Donna Winkelman and
Tom Easthope Sarajane and
Jan Z. Winkelman Beth and I. W. Winsten lames H. and
Mary Anne Winter Dr. and Mrs.
Lawrence D. Wise Charles Witke and
Aileen Gatten Dr. and Mrs. Ira S. Wollner Richard E. and Muriel Wong Nancy and Victor Wong Israel and Fay Woronoff Alfred and Corinne Wu Fran and Ben Wylie Sandra and Jonathan Yobbagy James and Gladys Young Phyllis Zawisza Craig and Margaret Zechman Mr. and Mrs. Martin Zeile Ronald W. Zorney David S. and
Susan H. Zurvalec
Ayse's Courtyard Cafe The BSE Design Group, Inc. Clarion Hotel Atrium
Conference Or. Diametron, Inc. Doan Construction Co. Dobbs Opticians Inc.
of Ann Arbor ECO Physics, Inc.
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Garris Law Office Lewis Jewelers Organizational Designs Pen in Hand SWEA Inc. Thingamajigs for Kids
Schwartz Family Foundation.
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Hour Detroit Magazine
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Burton Tower Society
The Burton Tower Society is a very special group of University Musical Society friends. These people have included the University Musical Society in their estate planning. We are grateful for this important support to continue the great traditions of the Society in the future.
Carol and Herb Amster
Mr. Neil P. Anderson
Catherine S. Arcure
Mr. and Mrs. Pal E. Barondy
Mr. Hilbert Beyer
Elizabeth Bishop
Pat and George Chatas
Mr. and Mrs.
John Alden Clark Dr. and Mrs. Michael S. Frank Beverly and Gerson Geltner Mr. Edwin Goldring Mr. Seymour Greenstone Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ives Marilyn Jeffs Thomas C. and
Constance M. Kinnear Sally C. Maggio Charlotte McGeoch Dr. Eva Mueller Len and Nancy Niehoff Dr. and Mrs. Frederick O'Dell Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Powers Mr. and Mrs. Michael Radock Herbert Sloan Roy and JoAn Wetzel Mr. and Mrs.
Ronald G. Zollars
I l,ulm N. Bloomer James A. Davies Alice Kelsey Dunn George R. Hunsche Thomas Michael Karun Anna Marie Kauper Katherine Mabarak Josip Matovinovic Frederick C. Matthaei, Sr. Glenn D. McGeoch Valerie Meyer Emerson and
Gwendolyn Powrie Steffi Reiss Frank Rudcsill Charles R. Tieman Govert W. Vanden Bosch Francis Viola III Norman Wait Carl H. Wilmot Peter Holderness Woods
InKind Gifts
Bernard and Ricky Agranoff
Gregg Alf
Catherine Arcure
Kathleen Benton
Maury and Linda Binkow
Edith Leavis Bookstein &
The Artful Lodger Janice Stevens Botsford Barbara Everitt Bryant Jeannine Buchanan Barbara Busch Charlie Trotter's Tomas Chavez Chelsea Flower Shop Chicago Symphony Orchestra Claridge Hotel Leon and Heidi Cohan Common Grill Conlin Travel Karin Wagner Coron Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Cresswell Mary Ann and
Roderick Daane David Smith Photography Peter and Norma Davis Dough Boys Bakery Downtown Home and Garden Charles and Julia Eisendrath
Grillworks, Inc. Encore Studio Fahrenheit Restaurant Ken and Penny Fischer Fitness Success Food Art
Ford Racing Technology Sara B. Frank Gallery Van Glahn The Gandy Dancer Gates Au Sable Lodge
Beverley and Gcrson Geltner Generations for Children Georgetown Gifts Joyce and Fred Ginsberg Anne and Paul Glendon The Great Frame Up Great Harvest Bread
Linda and Richard Greene Gregg Alt Studios Jeanne Harrison Nina Hauser Jim and Esther Heitler Debbie and Norman Herbert Matthew Hoffmann Bob Hughes Dan Huntsberger Iguanaworks, Inc. Stuart and Maureen Isaac Jeffrey Michael Powers
Beauty Spa John Leidy Shop John Shultz Photography John's Pack & Ship Jules
Mercy and Stephen Kasle Kerrytown Market & Shops King's Keyboard House Kitchen Port Bruce and
Ronna Romney Kulp Bernice Lamey Maxine Larrouy Carole Lasser Richard LeSueur Kathleen Letts Doni Lystra Stephanie Lord Esther Martin Mary Matthews Elizabeth McLeary Mediterrano Merchant of Vino Ingrid Merikoski Jeanne and Ernest Merlanti Michigan Car Services, Inc. Robert and Melinda Morris Richard and Christine Noyes Nicola's Books
Little Professor Off the Wall Designs Karen O'Neal Randall and Mary Pittman Pat Pooley leva Rasmussen Regrets Only Melissa Richter Anne Rubin Maya Savarino Peter Savarino Sarah Savarino Schlandercr & Sons Bo and Cathy Schembcchler Ann and Tom Schriber SeloShevel Gallery Grace Shackman
InKind Gifts, continued
Mike and Ian Shatusky Ingrid Sheldon Morrine Silverman Grace Singleton Lorctta Skewes Herbert Sloan George Smillie and
Marysia Ostafin Irving and Carol Smokier South House Bed
and Breakfast Peter Sparling Steve and Cynny Spencer Edward Surovell Bengt and Elaine Swenson Tom Thompson Flowers Donna Tope Susan Ullrich Mary Vandenbelt Andrea Van Houweling Emil Weddige & the
Craig Gallery
Robert and Marina Whitman Elizabeth and Paul Yhouse Youki Asian Bar & Bistro
AAA Michigan
Al Rental, Inc.
Alcan Automotive Products
Alf Studios
Alice Simsar Fine Art, Inc.
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Bank One, Michigan
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CFI Group
Charla Breton Associates
Charles Reinhart Company
Chelsea Milling Company Coffee Express Co. Comerica, Inc. Complete Design &
Automation Systems DaimlcrChrysler Deloitte & Touche Detroit Edison Foundation
Diamctron, Inc. Doan Construction DOW Automotive Edwards Brothers, Inc. Elastizell Corporation
of America ERIM International Forest Health Services
Corporation Ford Motor Company Garris, Garris, Garris
& Garris PC General Systems Consulting
Holnam, Inc. Howard Cooper, Inc. Hudson's Ideation
Joseph Curtin Studios KeyBank Lewis Jewelers Lufthansa
Malloy Lithographing, Inc. Masco Corporation McKinley Associates Mechanical Dynamics Megasys Software Services, Inc. Miller, Canfield, Paddock
and Stone National City O'Neal Construction Organizational Designs Paideia Foundation ParkeDavis Pharmaceutical
Pepper, Hamilton LLP Randy Parrish Fine Framing Regrets Only Republic Bank SAS (Scandinavian Airlines
System) Scientific Brake & Equipment
Sesi Lincoln Mercury Shar Products Company STM Inc. Swedish Office of Science
and Technology Target Stores Texaco,Inc. The Edward Surovell
Company Realtors Thomas B. McMullcn
Company Visteon Wolverine Temporaries
Giving Levels
$25,000 or more
$7,500 9,999
$5,000 7,499
$2,500 4,999
$500 999
$250 499
$100 249 FRIEND
$50 99
Ihe University Musical Society would like to express its deepest appreciation to the loilowing students for their special contribution to the 19992000 UMS season.
Molly Eitiermun (Interlochen Arts Academy)
Ann arbor. Ml Leoru Abdson Arnold
i iv 11.11J Avsharian
Stephanie Becker
Stephanie Becker
Allison Bilti
Kevin Boehnkc
K.k lu! Brainerd
I in11 Brosius
lenna Brubaker
Jeewon Chang
Myungwoii Chang
Katie Cleland
Anna Danziger
Lea Detlefs
Lauren Friedman
Marcie Grambeau
Andrew Harvey
Jessica Harvey
Alex Hegyi
Aron Hegyi
Larissa Jaskiewicz
Jacob Joyce
NingHsin ]uang
NingJu Juang
Tim Kanlor
Ben Kelemen
Ayako Kikuchi
Jeremy Kiltel
Meghan Knol
Michael Kong Toni Koram Vivian Lam
Hugh Laughlin Sam Lee Yao Liu Elisa Mai Emily Marinaro Will Miller Eve Montgomery Hal Montgomery Thomas Murphey Jeff Nercnz Ana Nettles Christine Olson A lisa Post Shannon Roberts Gavriel Savit Andrea Sivak Julian Trobe Natalie Vanderven Marcia Walker KyleWallner Kristy Whitmer Maybelle Yeum Berkley, Ml Amanda Hart
Rachel Dietrich
Bloohhfld HILLS, Ml
Barrett Anderson Elizabeth Lin
Anthony Sha Christie Tuny Charlie While Brighton, Ml Ann Claflin Josh Martin
loshua Stephenson
Adrian Davis Wesley Fritzemeier
Sarah Maynard
Trae McMaken
Dearborn Heights,
Anna Levitt
Carmen Price Rachel Price Dexter, mi
Amanda Jekabson East Lansing, mi Beverly Ho Vivek I.r,.11 , Karsha Sathianathan
lessica Bcrbohm Amanda Thennes Farmington Hills, Ml Elizabeth Igrisan Peter Ochab Nyssa Rabinowitz Jordan Rogers Braden Schrock
Courtney Cryer Flint, Ml Angela Fowlkes Sarah Kokosa Andy Moon Randy Moon Stephanie Thach
Jessica Evison Katie MacKenzic
Casey Lyndrup Grand Blanc, Ml Diane Chang Roger Pan
Grand ledge, mi Elyse Mayotte grand Rapids, mi Amy Jang Kelly Paulson Grass lake, Ml Loren Leventer Greenville, Ml Jamee DuCheny Melissa Weller
Grosse Pointe
Zak Brooks Alexander Jones Gabriela Jones Grosse pointe Woods. Ml Cam Creagcr Susan Rhee Hamburg, mi Ariel Swan Haslett, mi Katie Snyder
iiili till Abdikadirova Jackson, mi Christopher Tallman Lambertville. mi Chad Brenner Lansing, mi Caryn Disbrow Ben Fuhrman Jennifer Lee Brian Moore Lady Rebecca Richardson Melissa White Manchester, Ml Ann Hinkley Anna Toshach Michael Toshach Marysville, mi Caroline Colliding Midland, Ml Peter Choo
Township, Ml Micah Vanderhoof
Brian Lin Debbie Lin okemos, mi Peter Ahn Rachel Burrage Sameer Kashyap Rachel Keathley Rachel Linz Samantha Schultz Bonita Song Jessica Wey Tiffany Wey Owosso, Ml Kimberly Kuhlman
Jessica Neuner Port Huron, Ml Bridget McCarthy Rochester, mi Elliot Glaysher Ben Odhner Amy WernerAllen
Royal Oak, Ml
Andrew d'Allenwnd
Ping Fu
Eileen Hul lagan
Aileen Murphy
Erica Photiades
Saline, Ml
Mary Arvulson
Andrea larrett
Abigail Merritt
Melissa Merrill
Kale Troinbley
Shelby Township, Ml
Trevor Lalonde
I.mill.i Fyolek
Katie Cooper Samantha Cooper
Kyle Fort
Bridget Ascenzo Stephen Chang Emily Hudock Joshua Tylenda
Devon Colberg Michael JefTeries
Theresa Bonier Jessica Taylor Trenton, Ml Ariel Kulbacki Troy, Ml Kevin Jeng Olivia Kao Zach Pioch Henry Shih Vicki Tao Cathy Twu
Utica, Ml
Rachel Marcincavage West Bloomfield, Ml Rajat Daftuar Annlie Huang Zachary Huang Leah Saul Andrew Yeh
Whitmore Lake, Ml Janele Totten Ypsilanti, Ml Danielle Burke Brasov, Romania Diana Pepelea (Interlochen Arts Academy) Special Thanks: Elaine Osterbur Edmund Sprunger

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