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UMS Concert Program, May 7, 2005: Breakin' Curfew --

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Power Center

teen talent worth sneaking out for
8 pm Power Center
The Ruckus Drumline Ann Arbor Youth Poetry Slam Team
Flirting With Simple The Punjabi Dance Club
Sarah Johnson Ben Balmer featuring Nick Wickstrom
No Biggie
Christine Choi
Ben Beilman
Sadie Yarrington, Jordan Peshke & Kylee Elenio
Lauren Friedman
The Huron Bomb Squad
Ben Alfaro
Hillbilly Heroin
The Cipolla Trio
The Stone School West African Drumming Choir
The Ghost Dog Quartet Ann Arbor Youth Poetry Slam Team
CHS Dance Body
Dlux featuring John Bernos
Angel Nafis
The Skafia
The photographing or sound recording of this concert or possession of any device for such photographing or sound recording is prohibited.
Note: strobe lighting effects will be used in this production. Please set all pagers and cell phones to off or vibrate.
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The Ruckus Drumline
The Pioneer Ruckus Drumline began in 2003. It started out as a winter PepDrumline for hockey and basketball games, but over the course of time has played many more venues. The Drumline is all volunteer, unlike the Pioneer Marching band drumline: "Conga". Brian Young coleads the 20042005 season with Billy Harrington. Members of this year's line include: Snare: Billy Harrington, Adam Carrier, Nate Slottow, Louis Barry, Charlie Whitmer. Tenors: Brian Young, Jesse Broman Bass: Zach Barnes, Jared Greenberg, Mark Phillips, Nick Ten Brink, John Taylor, Amit Khankari. Cymbals: Annie Azrak, Nicole Mitchell, Izzy Novak
Flirting With Simple
Flirting With Simple is a group of true tal?ent. They do just what the name implies--take simple styles and add a bit of their own flair. With Sierra Lopez (pro?fessional shower singer), Nate Lutz (seductive bassist), Nick Wickstrom (gui?tar genius), Cade Sperlich (mad drum?ming machine) and Brain CavanaughStrong (savvy pianist), Flirting With Simple is sure to make an impression.
The Punjabi Dance Club The members of the Punjabi Dance Club--Neha Narula, Guneet Bajwa, Shruti Saran, Kathleen Cregan, Tina Nigam, Aditi Sabharwal--come from diverse backgrounds, all representing the roots of the Punjab (Northern India) in a dance called 'bhangra.' This dance is usually performed for any special occa?sions signifying the dignity of the Punjabis.
Ben Balmer
Ben Balmer is 18 years old and first started playing music with the harmonica after listening to old blues albums. His influences in singing and playing, range everywhere from Frank Sinatra and Bobby Darin to Stevie Ray Vaughn and Aretha Franklin. Ben learned how to beatbox by listening to old hip hop artists like Doug E. Fresh, Greg Nice, and the Phat Boyz.
No Biggie
Though No Biggie has only been around for a year, it has already garnered many loyal fans. Guitaristsvocalists Tyler Kane (16) and Trevor Stevenson (17), both jun?iors in high school, are accompanied by freshman bassist Matt Kane (14) and junior drummer AJ Patton (16). All four band members attend Lincoln High School in Ypsilanti, Michigan. They play many shows in their hometown, usually at their high school, and also at Ann Arbor's Neutral Zone and Canton's Internet Cafe. Look out for No Biggie in the near future,
Christine Choi
Christine Choi, 18, is currently a student at Community High School. She has been studying piano for almost fifteen years, and she has set her path into per?forming as a concert pianist. Ms. Choi has attended numerous national and international competitions and received many awards. She also has received scholarship to continue her study at the New England Conservatory this fall.
Ben Beilman
Ben Beilman, 15, is a freshman at Community High School. He began play?ing the violin at age five and currently studies with Almita and Roland Vamos at the Music Institute of Chicago. Ben made his Carnegie Hall debut in December 2004 with the New York String Orchestra and has appeared on NPR's From the Top. He is the national winner of the Music Teachers National Association Junior String Competition and was recently chosen as one of fifteen young artists to take part in the StarlingDeLay Symposium at Julliard. Future engage?ments include solo performances with the BirminghamBloomfield, Toledo, and Ann Arbor symphonies.
Sadie Yarrington,
Jordan Peshke & Kylee Elenio
This a capella trio has been performing together since the seventh grade. Performing everything from R&B to Disney songs, they write all their own arrangements and are known for creat?ing their own sound with large ranges and laidback harmonies. All three girls attend Pioneer High School; Sadie is also a member of the CHS Dance Body.
Stranger is a four piece rock group made up of Ian Pollack on vocals and guitar, Josh Hayward on guitar, Billy Mero on bass, and Galen MarkGriffen on drums. The sound is a mix between influences such as Incubus, Brand New, and A Perfect Circle; notable venues played are Liberty Plaza, The Neutral Zone, and Oz's Music.
The Huron Bomb Squad
The Huron Bomb Squad is a step crew from Huron High School, comprised of Katrina (14), Nikita (15), Tiara (16), Elisha (17), Allyce (17), and Deseraye (18). They've been together for three years and have performed at Oakbrook, the VA hospital and various school func?tions. They write and choreograph all their own routines.
Hillbilly Heroin
Hillbilly Heroin has been together as a "cyber metal" band since the fall of 2004. Its members all attend Community High School and include Jon Kallet who is 17, Caleb Fiser, Graham Dishman, Tavi Veraldi, and Anthony Caruso, all 16 years old. They frequently perform at local venues such as The Blind Pig, The Bad Idea, The Planet and Neutral Zone.
The Cipolla Trio
The Cipolla Trio is Jane Lee piano, Marie Elliott violin and Simon LinnGerstein cello. All three have been studying music since they were little. In the summer of 2003, they formed a clas?sical piano trio and named themselves 'Cipolla,' or onion in Italian, a name signi?fying many layers of musicality and an emotional depth worthy of tears. In 2004, the Cipolla Trio was named the Outstanding String Ensemble in the State at the Michigan Youth Arts Festival, and was nominated again this year for the same honor. This fall, Jane will attend the University of Michigan, Marie will study at DePaul University, and Simon will attend Haverford College. The Cipolla Trio would like to thank Paula and Anthony Elliott for their exceptional efforts in coaching.
The Stone School
West African Drumming Choir
The Stone School West African Drum Choir, which learns and plays traditional West African rhythms on authentic instruments, began in January 2000. Since that time, the Drum Choir has been named the Michigan Alternative Education Organization's Program Component of the Year and in 2001, was selected by the MEA as one of only four Exemplary Statewide Programs and sub?mitted as the Michigan representative for NEA National Recognition. They regular?ly perform at schools and events throughout southeast Michigan. For more information, please call the school (7349712665) or email the Director, Kurt Maier.
The Ghost Dog Quartet
The Ghost Dog Quartet started as a trio born in the fall of 2002. After a brief hia?tus the group is back as a quartet, com?posed of bass, drums, piano, and saxo?phone. On bass is Rob Bickley, a junior; on piano is Brian CavanaughStrong, a senior; on the drums is Elliot Sapalla, a freshman; and on saxophone is Russ Malcolm, also a senior. All members in the group have a strong jazz background yet this will be their first large venue per?formance together.
CHS Dance Body
"In the Back of My Mind," was choreo?graphed by Community High senior Kaitlin McCarthy. Set to The Cranberries' "Daffodil Lament," the piece explores doubt and the everpresent questioning of that of which we are the most certain. While this piece only contains part of the company, the CHS Dance Body itself represents dancers from all across the district. "In the Back of My Mind" fea?tures: Audrey Garrett, Tori Kuhagen, Kaitlin McCarthy, Rachel Nadler, Alison Reimann, Marley Schneider, Louise Wolgat, and Lauren Yoder.
Dlux featuring John Bernos
Dave 'Dlux' first got into making music and rapping in the London area when he was about 13, emceeing over UK garage and hiphop beats, eventually producing his own. Breakin' Curfew is his first stateside appearance. Lux's style is a fusion of many different influences but his set tonight represents the freshest sounds of London's grime scene.
John Bernos, a junior at Pioneer High School, has been dancing for about five years. Most of his dancing falls into the category of Pop & Lock (ticking, waving, gliding, etc). He was featured in Pioneer's Future Stars 2005 and has performed solo as well.
The Skafia
The Skafia, a rockska band from Ann Arbor, formed in November, 2002. They have enjoyed a prominent place within Youth Owned Records, The Neutral Zone's record label. Last year, The Skafia debuted their first CD, a split LP with After School Special, entitled From the Mean Streets of Ace Deuce -it quickly turned into a big hit in the local ska scene. They have performed with The Ninjas, ASOB, I Voted for Kodos, The Know How and The Hot Flashez. This year, the Skafia will be releasing a full length CD.
Angel Nafis
Angel Nafis has been a part of the Volume Youth Poetry Project since the beginning of the school year. She is a junior at both Community High and Huron. Angel has performed in Lay Your Comfort Down and is a member of the 2005 Youth Poetry Slam Team that com?peted at nationals in San Francisco.
Daniel Bigham
Daniel Bigham is a senior at Pioneer High School. He has been writing rhymes and freestyling for years but made his public debut this year, perform?ing at Poetry Night in Ann Arbor IV and winning a spot on the 2005 Youth Poetry Slam Team.
Maggie Ambrosino
Maggie Ambrosino is a 16 year old soph?omore at both Community and Pioneer. She has been making up stories for as long as she has spoken English; she has been writing them down since she has been able to write (1st grade). Maggie has been slamming and performing her poems for two years. She was the 2004 Ann Arbor Youth Poetry Slam Champion and a member of the 2005 Ann Arbor Team that made it to finals at the nation?al youth slam in San Francisco.
Claire Forster
Claire Forster is a senior at Pioneer High School in her 4th semester in Jeff Kass' creative writing class. She wrote her first haiku in kindergarten, her first freeverse poem in 6th grade, and fell in love with performance poetry in 8th grade. She performed at Poetry Night in Ann Arbor IV and is also in Lay Your Comfort Down. She is the 2005 Ann Arbor Youth Poetry Slam Champion. She will attend the University of Michigan next year and looks forward to seeing where her poetry will take her next.
Nina Feldman
Nina Feldman is a 17 year old senior at Community High School. She's been a part of VOLUME for 3 years, and this year was her second year as a member of the Ann Arbor Youth Poetry Slam team. She loves to write as work and play, in poetry and beyond. In the fall, she's going to Bard College in New York.
Sam Weiss
Sam Weiss, 17, has been writing for the past 5 years. He is a senior at Pioneer High School and an aspiring Weightlifting Olympic gold medalist.
Lauren Friedman
Lauren Friedman has been in Jeff Kass1 creative writing class for two semesters. She was a finalist in the Ann Arbor Youth Poetry Slam for the past two years and performed at Poetry Night in Ann Arbor IV. She is a peer educator at Planned Parenthood and plans on attending Wellesley College in the fall, playing for their varsity field hockey team.
Sarah Johnson
Sarah is currently a senior at Pioneer High School; this year, she found Jeff Kass'creative writing class, and has real?ly taken to it. Though she has been writ?ing since middle school the structure of this class has truly helped her to find her niche. She looks forward to continuing to write and improve herself through this newfound medium.
Ben Alfaro
Ben Alfaro is 15 years old. He attends Pioneer High School and has been a member of the Volume youth poetry proj?ect for one year. Ben has been writing for 5 years and this year, he was a finalist at the 2005 Ann Arbor Youth Poetry Slam.
DJ AK40 Ben DJ Me
DJ AK40 Ben (Ben Detlefs) and DJ Me (James Killen) have been DJing for two and a half years and are still going strong. As men of eclectic tastes, the records they spin are "that hot fire!"
Emma Raynor
Emma Raynor, a senior at Community High, has been taking photos and work?ing in the dark room for four years. She has a photography internship at the Neutral Zone. Emma was recently recog?nized with a Congressional Award for winning a teen art competition. In the fall she will be attending the University of Michigan. Her work is for sale -contact her at
The YouthRoots Production Committee, a teen collective, seeks out and presents the best of Ann Arbor's youth talent. Working from September through May under the mentorship of the University Musical Society, these twenty teens take on all the production and marketing responsibilities for this show, from scouting talent to writing budgets, recruiting acts to composing promotional materials, selling advertisements to designing light plots -short of rigging the P.A. system, YouthRoots does it all. They are proud to offer a professional opportunity to showcase the boundless amount of talent from the area. Breakin' Curfew exhibits Ann Arbor teens at their best, both on stage and behind the curtains.
Steve Hall
Promotion Manager
Claire Forster
Promotion Committee
Maggie Ambrosino Emmy Bengston Leeya Correll Kate Vandertuig
Neutral Zone Staff Lisa Dengiz, Executive Director Brian Goffney, Director of Operations Lori Roddy, Program Director Jaci Portaro, Development Director Mary Moffet. Public Relations Director Jackson Perry, Musk; Programs Director Jeff Kass, Writing Programs Director Pamela Waxman, Graphic Design
Production Manager
Josh Hayward
Production Committee
Jake ScobeyThal Nina Feldman Jess Meves Bennett Stein
Teen Consultants
Isaac Goldszer Andrew Berriz Corey Dorris James Stevik Cassie Anderson David Emmert Vanessa King
UMS Staff
Ben Johnson, Director of Education
and Audience Development Jeff Beyersdorf, Technical Manager Doug Witney, Technical Director Will Maddix, Education Manager Emily Avers, Production Operations
Director Suzie Dernay, Front of House
Coordinator Erika Nelson, Education Dept Intern
Neutral Zone and UMS gratefully acknowledge the following groups and individuals for supporting Breakin' Curfew 2005 with their generous contributions:
Swanna & Alan Saltiel, Pfizer, Lizann & Gerry Anderson, Chelsea Milling, Perich & Partners, the production services of Aerial Enterprises, Fantasee Lighting, NV Rentals, Gregory F. Mazure, Jim Lillie, Brian Kemp, David Bartlebaugh, IATSE Local 395, Hammell Music Inc., Above Ground Hair Studio, Cookie Whalen, Lauren Hill, Vito Travino, Callie McKee, Ralphie Hoy, and Ayron Nelson.
University Musical Society
One of the oldest performing arts presenters in the country, UMS serves diverse audiences through multidisciplinary performing arts programs in three distinct but interre?lated areas: presentation, creation, and education.
With a program steeped in music, dance, and theater, UMS hosts approximately 75 performances and 150 free educational activities each season. UMS also commissions new work, sponsors artist residencies, and organizes collaborative projects with local, national, and international partners.
The Neutral Zone
The Neutral Zone is a youthorient?ed, youthadvised place which offers a fun, entertaining environment for teenagers to meet with friends and meet new people, learn new things and satisfy their need for a home away from home; a place to call their own during highrisk hours.
The Neutral Zone's teens continue to enrich each other and our communi?ty with their good works, creativity, and passion. But don't take our word for it. Come see for yourself. Visit the Neutral Zone, where everyone is welcome. We offer regularly sched?uled tours (with no solicitation) on the 3rd Wednesday of every month, 11am & 4pm, and by appointment. Or just stop by whenever you get a chance.

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