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UMS Concert Program, May 10, 2008: Sir James Galway --

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Hill Auditorium And Michigan League, Ann Arbor

University Musical Society and Ford Motor Company present
Sir James Galway
The 2008 Ford Honors Program
University Musical Society Distinguished Artist Award
Ford Motor Company Fund and Community Services
A Recital and Tribute to
Sir James Qalway
Sir James Galway
Lady Jeanne Galway
Phillip Moll
with appearances by the
Tribute Student Flute Choir Barbara Ogar, Director
Tribute Community Flute Choir
Terry Herald, Conductor
Kenneth C. Fischer
A Benefit for the University Musical Society Education Program
Saturday, May 10, 2008 at 6:00 pm Hill Auditorium and Michigan League Ann Arbor
LR: The Ulrich Family, K
pianist Christopher O'Riley,
Joan Morris, Sir James Galway,
and William Bolcom following
the 1994 Galway recital.
I Sir James with UM Emeritus Professor of Voice ' George Shirley.
I LR: Pianist Jose Feghali.
' Charles Hamlen (Founder of Classical Action), Sir James, and Ken Fischer at the 1995 Benefit Concert for Classical Action: Performing Arts Against AIDS.
Sir James greeting John Romani K and Barbara Anderson.
Sir James and Christopher O'Riley backstage at Hill Auditorium with the Serras family.
Performance and Tribute Program
Francis Poulenc
Philippe Caubert Gaubert
Antonio Bazzini, Arr. Akio Yashiro
Franz and Karl Doppler Cecile Chaminade
Traditional, Arr. Brian Boru
Sonata for Flute and Piano
Allegro malinconico Cantilena: Assez lent Presto giocoso
Nocturne and Allegro Scherzando
La Ronde des Lutins, Op. 25
Rigoletto Fantasy
with Lady Galway, Flute
Concertino, Op. 107 o o o
Kenneth C. Fischer
President, University Musical Society
Galway Tribute Student Flute Choir
o o o
Presentation of the
UM.S Distinguished Artist Award
James G. Vella
President, Ford Motor Company Fund and Community Services
o o o
Terry Herald Fantasie on Danny Boy
Galway Tribute Community Flute Choir
60th Performance of the 129th Annual Season
The photographing or sound and video recording of this performance or possession of any device for such recording is prohibited.
The Ford Honors Program is made possible by Ford Motor Company Fund and Community Services.
Special thanks to Ford Motor Company Fund and Community Services for its generous and continued support of the UMS Education Program.
Additional thanks to Ford Honors Program Gala CoChairs Naren and Nishta Bhatia and to all members of the Committee for their care, time, and planning of this evening's Gala.
Special thanks to Barbara Ogar, Penny Fischer, and Terry Herald for their assistance with this evening's tribute program.
Special thanks to the Eastern Michigan University Flute Choir, Dr. Julie Stone, Director, for their contribution of prelude music in the lobby.
Special thanks to Tom Thompson of Tom Thompson flowers for his generous donation of stage floral art for this evening's program.
Sir James Galway, Lady Jeanne Galway, and Phillip Moll appear by arrangement with IMG Artists, LLC, New York, NY.
Sir James Galway records exclusively for Sony Classical--a MASTERWORKS Label.
For more information on Sir James Galway, please visit
Large print programs are available upon request.
Notes on this Evening's Program
The repertoire chosen for tonight's concert spans a 100year period between the 1850s and 1950s, taking us to France with a short diversion over to Austria and Hungary. The earlier part of the 19th century found the Romantic move?ment in full swing all over Europe, manifested in musical performances marked by passionate per?sonal expression and interpretation, with surges of nationalism and popular use of the melodies and rhythms found in folk music. It was also the age of the traveling virtuoso who made concert tours performing on piano, violin, or even the flute.
The flute had developed from its prehistoric roots into a simple wooden onekeyed pipe found in the Baroque era (introduced first in the 1680s at the French Court of Louis XIV). It evolved rapidly during the Classical era (17501830) in four, six, and finally an eightkeyed form that made the flute a fully chromatic instrument. The flute enjoyed great popularity in the 18th century, heard in the court orchestras and concert halls in France, Ger?many, Italy, and England. An instrument of kings, Frederick the Great of Prussia and George III of England played the flute as enthusiastic amateurs at their courts, starting a trend of European noble?men who took up the flute as an amateur sport. Music scholars of some renown have referred to this phenomenon as "Flutomania."
As the 19th century entered its early decades, the middle class, with its rising economic and so?cial status, sought to imitate the gentry, so the flute continued to be a favorite gentleman's instrument. Young gentlemen met ladies, who played piano as a necessary social grace, in home parlors where many a duet started a romantic encounter. This was also the era when opera grew in popularity, and whole operas were routinely arranged for home perfor?mance--transcribed not just for piano, but also for flute and piano or two flutes. The most common form was the fantasia or air varie, based on operatic themes of the day or traditional national melodies. Many of these pieces became so virtuosic that only a handful of professional performers could play them. France produced an unusual number of mu?sic virtuosos trained at specialized music schools like the famous Paris Conservatory of Music (est. 1795). These musicians, in turn, inspired, commissioned, or composed a number of pieces we will hear tonight. The first piece we will hear is also the most recent.
Sonata for Flute and Piano
Francis Poulenc
Born January 7, 1899 in Paris
Died January 30, 1963 in Paris
Poulenc attained success as a French composer and pianist at an early age. During the 1920s, he was one of the leading spirits of the group of young French composers including Arthur Honegger, Germaine Tailleferre, Darius Milhaud, Georges Auric, and Louis Durey known as "Les Six" (The Six). Their music was often light, clever, and satiri?cal. Poulenc specifically juxtaposed witty passages with lush melody.
The Sonata for Flute and Piano was the first in a series of three woodwind sonatas composed in the last years of his life. His clarinet and oboe sonatas date from 1962. Poulenc was a gifted melodist, and this piece is a lyrical, urbane, and classicallybalanced work which quickly became an important addition to the flute repertoire. The composer described it as "simple but subtle," con?taining hallmarks of his style: incisive rhythms, spicy harmonies, witty musical gestures, and abrupt shifts of mood. It was commissioned by the Elisabeth Sprague Coolidge Foundation, dedicated to the great patroness of chamber music Elisabeth Sprague Coolidge, and premiered at the Stras?bourg Festival in 1957 by French flutist JeanPierre Rampal with the composer at the piano.
According to the score, the Sonata for Flute and Piano was composed at the Hotel Majestic in Cannes between December 1956 and March 1957, although its genesis went back to sketches from 1952. The composer, by his own admission, injected the musical spirit of Soeur Constance, one of the doomed nuns from what was to become his masterpiece, the opera Dialogues des Carmelites (1957). You will find her in the haunting middle movement titled "Cantilena."
Philippe Gaubert
Bom July 5, 1879 in Cahors, France
Died July 8, 1941 in Paris
Frenchman Philippe Gaubert had three careers: French flutist, conductor, and composer. He start?ed flute in Paris as a young boy, studying with a neighbor Jules Taffanel (Paul Taffanel's father) who immediately recognized his potential and persuad?ed Paul to accept him as a private pupil in 1890.
When Paul Taffanel was appointed flute professor at the Paris Conservatory in 1893, Gaubert joined his class at age 13. His artistry was far beyond his years and he was awarded the First Prize less than a year later in the yearend concours in July 1894. Soon Gaubert was playing in the orchestras of the Opera and Societe des Concerts (today Orchestra de Paris), in the exclusive Paris salons as a soloist, and in popular chamber music ensembles. During this time, he also continued to study harmony and composition and began composing and conduct?ing. He became the assistant conductor of the So?ciete des Concerts in 1904. By this time, Taffanel was the principal conductor. When World War I erupted, Gaubert enlisted and while on active duty fighting the Germans, he composed several pieces while in the trenches.
In 1919 after the war, he returned to Paris where he was appointed Principal Conductor of the Societe des Concerts and flute professor at the Paris Conservatory. The following year he also became Principal Conductor at the Opera. He kept up a fran?tic pace and was a tireless worker, demanding much of himself and his colleagues. He squeezed in time to compose mostly during summer breaks. Besides compositions for flute, he wrote operas, ballets, or?chestral pieces, songs, and chamber music.
Eventually his frantic life took a toll on his health, and several days after the premiere of his ballet Le chevalier et la demoiselle at the Paris Opera, he died suddenly of a cerebral hemorrhage in 1941. Today in France he is known as a famous conductor, while in America he is best known as the coauthor of the TaffanelGaubert flute meth?od and some flute solos.
Madrigal was written in 1908. This piece (Moderato quasi allegretto) was composed the year Gaubert's mentor and teacher Paul Taffanel died. It is one of Gaubert's enduring and mostloved compositions for flute and piano. It is in a modi?fied SonataAllegro form and musically has a strong connection with Gabriel Faure and Cesar Franck.
Nocturne and Allegro Scherzando
Nocturne and Allegro scherzando was commis?sioned by Paul Taffanel in 1906 to be that year's concours yearend competition piece for his flute students at the Paris Conservatory. It is one of many concours pieces that Gaubert wrote for flute over the next 30 years. It enjoys a continued popularity with flutists around the world to this day.
La Ronde Des Lutins, Op. 25
("Dance of the Goblins") Antonio Bazzini
Born March 11, 1818 in Brescia, Italy Died February 10, 1897 in Milan, Italy
When the young Italian violinist Antonio Bazzini met the famous Italian virtuoso Paganini, the lat?ter became a great influence. Bazzini left Italy and studied in Leipzig, devoting his time to learning Bach and Beethoven, but he toured all over Eu?rope as a violin virtuoso. He was greatly admired by Schumann and Mendelssohn and eventually accepted a position at the Milan Conservatory, where he taught composition and influenced the great Italian opera composers Puccini and Mascagni, who were his pupils. His own music was known for its great virtuosic techniques.
La Ronde des Lutins, Op. 25 is his famous operatic fantasy written for violin and piano and has been a continued favorite with violin virtuosos. There is a long tradition of performers of various instruments transcribing and adapting successful pieces such as this. The violin and flute particu?larly make a habit of trying out each other's pieces. When the flute transcribes the violin part in this work, it becomes a showpiece for a fast display of doubletonguing and other articulation and tech?nical acrobatics.
Rigoletto Fantasy
Albert Franz Doppler
Bom October 16, 1821 in Lemberg, Poland
(nowLviv, Ukraine) Died July 27, 1883 in Baden (near Vienna)
Karl Doppler
Born September 12, 1825 in Lemberg, Poland
Died March 10, 1900 in Stuttgart, Germany
The Polish flutist Franz Doppler debuted at age 13 in Vienna in 1834. He toured extensively with his younger brother Karl, also a flutist, through Brus?sels, London, and Paris before residing in Pest (later part of Budapest). There he became first flutist at the Pest opera in 1839 and helped found the Phil?harmonic Orchestra in the 1850s. By 1858 he moved to Vienna to become first flutist and eventual con?ductor of the Vienna Opera Ballet as well as the flute professor at the Vienna Conservatory (187467). In the meantime, his brother Karl became conductor of the court chapel in Stuttgart in the 1860s and com?posed operas, ballet music, and pieces for flute.
When the Doppler brothers toured around Europe, they caused a mild sensation with their au?diences. Being lefthanded, Karl played the flute in reverse. This added an optical effect to the concerts with his brother Franz. Both of the brothers wrote many pieces for opera as well as flute. Like their op?eras, their flute works combine Polish, Italian, Rus?sian, and Hungarian influences. National or operatic derivations were often specified in the titles.
Rigoletto Fantasy is a set of virtuosic fire?works for two flutes and piano using themes from Giuseppe Verdi's 1851 opera Rigoletto. For the Doppler brothers, this would have been a popular contemporary opera upon which to base their the?matic material.
Concertino, Op. 107
Cecile Chaminade
Born August 8, 1857 in Paris
Died April 18, 1944 in Monte Carlo, Monaco
Cecile Chaminade was fated to be best remem?bered by a little piece that represents neither her highest aspirations nor her greatest accomplish
merits. The pretty Scarf Dance helped make her a popular pianist, but she played her much more serious Concert Piece when she made her Ameri?can debut in 1908 with the Philadelphia Orchestra. Subjects, today considered "feminist," interested her greatly, and among her major works is a big "lyric symphony" for chorus and orchestra entitled Les Amazones.
In 1902 Chaminade received one of the mi?nor official honors that French composers enjoyed. She was asked to write a test piece for the annual concours competition at the Paris Conservatory, and she responded with this Concertino for flute and piano or orchestra. It consists of a single flu?ently written movement, and its extremely difficult solo part is designed to challenge not only finalyear Conservatory students but the most experi?enced of flutists as well.
All program notes by Dr. Penelope Peterson Fischer, except the Chaminade note written by Leonard Burkat.
TAQA New World, Inc.
TAQA New World, Inc. (the Global Power Group of Abu Dhabi National Energy Company (TAQA) PJSC), Ann Arbor, Michigan, is proud to be a sponsor of The Ford Honors Program benefiting the UMS Education Programs.
Founded in 2005, TAQA is a global energy company with a growing asset base that now exceeds AED 68 billion.
TAQA employs 2,383 people from 38 different nations and operates from its offices in Abu Dhabi, Michigan, Aberdeen, Calgary, Amsterdam and The Hague. Our footprint is further extended through partnerships and investments across Africa, the Middle East, Europe, North America and India.
Since inception, our business portfolio has expanded to capture benefits from across the energy value chain and we now have operations in exploration, production, storage, transmission and generation.
Sir James Qalway
A one of the most televised and recorded classical artists performing today, . Sir James Galway has made himself a legend; a modern musical master whose virtu?osity on the flute is equaled only by his limitless ambitions and vision. Through his extensive tour?ing, over 30 million albums sold, and his frequent international television appearances, Sir James has endeared himself to people worldwide. As an in?structor and humanitarian, Sir James is a tireless promoter of the arts.
In his most recent recording. My Magic Flute, Sir James, his wife Lady Jeanne Galway, and harp?ist Catrin Finch transport listeners on a journey through the works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. He delighted fans with the RCA Red Seal album The Essential James Galway featuring selections ranging from Peer Gynt and Concertino for Flute and Piano, Op. 107, to The Girl from Ipanema and Riverdance. Other recent albums include Ich war ein Berliner: James Galway and the Berlin Philhar?monic and his performances on the soundtrack to The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. A discography of over 60 CDs with BMG Sony Classics reflects his mastery of musical diversity.
Highlights of the current concert season be?gan in Asia where Sir James performed with the Japan and Osaka Philharmonic and National Chi?nese orchestras. In Europe, Sir James rang in the New Year with a starstudded concert with the Zurich Chamber Orchestra, led by Muhai Tang in the famed Luzern Concert Hall and on New Years Day in the Zurich Tonhalle.
His US presence sees him performing with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, San Antonio Sym?phony, Buffalo Philharmonic, Virginia Symphony, and Minnesota Orchestra. He will also perform in recital at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC;
Sarasota and Clearwater, Florida; Kansas City; and Ann Arbor, Michigan; where Sir James will be pre?sented with the 2008 UMS Distinguished Artist Award at the 13th Annual Ford Honors Program (previous recipients include Rostropovich, Jessye Norman, and Van Cliburn).
Born in Belfast, Sir James went on to study in London and Paris before embarking on his orchestral career with Sadler's Wells, the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden Opera, and the BBC, Royal Philharmonic, and London Symphony Orchestras. In 1969, he took over the coveted po?sition of solo flutist with the Berlin Philharmonic under Herbert Von Karajan.
Since launching his solo career in 1975, Sir James has continuously performed with the world's leading orchestras and conductors, par?ticipated in chamber music engagements, played popular music concerts, and given masterclasses. He has created definitive treatments of classical repertoire and masterworks by Bach, Vivaldi, and Mozart. He also features contemporary music in his programs, including new flute works commis?sioned by him and for him by composers such as Amram, Bolcom, Corigliano, Heath, and Lieberman.
Sir James has played for such dignitaries as Queen Elizabeth II, Pope John Paul II, President Clinton, President George W. Bush, President George H.W. Bush, President Mary McAleese, Prince Charles, HRH The Princess Royal, The Em?press of Japan, The Queen of Norway, Princess Diana, TRH The Earl and Countess of Wessex, TRH The Duke and Duchess of Kent, and shared the stage with an amazing array of entertainers including Stevie Wonder, Henry Mancini, John Denver, Elton John, the Chieftains, Ray Charles, Joni Mitchell, Jessye Norman, Cleo Laine, and An
drea Bocelli. He performed with Pink Floyd in their memorable concert at the Berlin Wall, was part of the Nobel Peace concert in Norway, and per?formed at the G Seven summit hosted by Queen Elizabeth II in Buckingham Palace.
Alongside his busy performing schedule he finds time to share his wisdom and experience with the generations of tomorrow by conducting annual masterclasses, commissioning new works for the flute, and publishing articles, books, and flute studies. His website is devoted to all students, educators, and flute lovers worldwide. Sir James devotes much of his free time supporting charitable orga?nizations such as SOS, FARA, Future Talent, Swiss Artistic Foundation, The Caron Keating Founda?tion, and UNICEF, where he holds the title of Spe?cial Representative.
Sir James was named the 1997 Musician of the Year by Musical America and has received "Record of the Year" awards from Billboard and Cash Box magazines, as well as the Grand Prix du Disque for his recordings of the Mozart Concerti. His 60th birthday was commemorated with 1999's Sixty Years, a 15CD retrospective of his works for the RCA Victor Red Seal label.
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of England has honored him twice: in 1979 with an Order of the British Empire and in 2001 with a Knighthood for services to music. In 2004, Sir James was given the President's Merit Award from the Recording Academy at the Grammy's 8th Annual "Salute to Classical Music." He was also honored at the prestigious Classic Brits Awards held in London's Royal Albert Hall in 2005, where he received the coveted "Outstanding Contribution to Classical Music" award in celebration of his 30 years as one of the top classical musicians of our time.
One of the leading female flute soloists of the decade, Lady Jeanne Galway con?tinues to grace international platforms with her eloquence and virtuosity. She has per?formed as a soloist with many US orchestras, including the Chicago, Philadelphia, Seattle, and the National Symphonies. Internationally, she has appeared in the cultural capitals of the world in?cluding London, Rome, Vienna, Zurich, Dublin, Tokyo, and Beijing. She appears regularly as the premiere flute duo partner with her husband Sir
Lady Jeanne Galway
James Galway, delighting audiences and bringing a rare freshness to the platform.
Lady Galway has recorded to critical acclaim for RCA Victor, BMG Classics, and Deutsche Grammophon. Most recently she can be heard perform?ing with Sir James on the Deutsche Grammophon album My Magic Flute. Lady Galway is also an ac?complished chamber musician, touring regularly with the trio Zephyr (with pianist Jonathan Feldman and cellist Darrett Adkins). The group's first recording Zephyr--Winds of Romance, includes works by Haydn, Martinu, and Weber. Lady Gal?way continues to collaborate in recital with Phillip Moll and a varied array of ensembles.
Her versatile concert engagements include performances in the presence of The Empress of Japan, TRH The Earl and Countess of Wessex, TRH The Duke and Duchess of Kent, The Queen of Norway, and The Queen of Spain.
Lady Galway is dedicated to encouraging the next generation. She is cofounder of the Galway Junior Network, an interactive website for the young flutist, and serves as a patron to the charity Future Talent headed by the Duchess of Kent. A native of New York and graduate of the New York City's Mannes College of Music, Lady Galway lives with her husband, Sir James, in Switzerland. She performs on an 18caratgold Nagahara flute.
Born in Chicago, Phillip Moll has lived in Berlin since 1970. After receiving degrees in English from Harvard University and in music from the University of Texas, and follow?ing a year at the Hochschule fur Musik in Munich on a DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) grant, he was employed as a rehearsal coach by the Deutsche Oper Berlin until 1978. Since then he has been active as an accompanist and ensem?ble pianist, collaborating with such diverse artists as Kathleen Battle, HSkan HSgegard, Jessye Nor?man, Kurt Moll, Sir James Galway, Kyung Wha Chung, AnneSophie Mutter, Akiko Suwanai, and Kolya Blacher.
Mr. Moll has performed and recorded with numerous Berlin ensembles, including the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, the German Symphony Orchestra, the RIAS Chamber Choir, and the Ber?lin Radio Choir. For many years he has worked throughout Europe, North America, and the Far East, and has appeared as harpsichord soloist with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, the Eng?lish Chamber Orchestra, the Orchestra of Saint John's Smith Square, and the Philharmonic Kammermusik Kollegium Berlin.
He has taught privately and in masterclasses and has been on the faculty of the Steans Insti?tute at Ravinia, near Chicago. Mr. Moll currently holds a professorship for song interpretation at the Hochschule fur Musik und Theater in Leipzig. His recent recordings include the Berlin Philhar?monic Piano Trio, Two Voices One Name with the
brothers PaulArmin and Peter Edelmann, Gypsy Songs with mezzosoprano Renee Morloc, Rossi?ni's Petite Messe Solennelle with the RIAS Cham?ber Choir, Opera Fantasies with the wind soloists of La Scala, and Music for my Little Friends, a program of shorter pieces for young people with flutist Sir James Galway. He has accompanied Sir James Galway since 1975.
Phillip Moll
UMS Archives
The Ford Honors Program marks the 30th anniversary of Sir James Galway's UMS debut. Sir James's first UMS appearance was on November 21, 1978 as flute soloist with the New Irish Chamber Orchestra. Since that time, he has performed concerts of baroque music with harpsichord continuo, solo recitals, a fluteguitar evening with Kazuhito Yamashita, as soloist with the Detroit Symphony and MET Orchestras, and even donated his services for a special "house concert" at the Gandy Dancer Restaurant to benefit Classical Action: Performing Artists Against AIDS, with proceeds benefiting local AIDS service providers in the Ann Arbor community. We welcome him back this evening for his 13th UMS appearance.
Lady Jeanne Galway makes her second UMS appearance this evening after her 2005 de?but with Sir James. Tonight's recital marks Phillip Molls' sixth appearance under UMS auspices. Mr. Moll made his UMS debut in 1978 as the assisting pianist for soprano Jessye Norman.
The Ford Honors Program
The Ford Honors Program is a University Musical Society gala event that honors a worldrenowned artist or ensemble with whom UMS has maintained a longstanding and significant relationship. In one evening, UMS pays tribute to the artist with the UMS Distinguished Artist Award and hosts a dinner in the artist's honor. The 2007 Ford Honors Gala celebrates the 13th anniversary of the UMS Dis?tinguished Artist Award. Previous awardees are Van Cliburn (1996), Jessye Norman (1997), Garrick Ohlsson (1998), Canadian Brass (1999), Isaac Stern (2000), Marcel Marceau (2001), Marilyn Home (2002), Christopher Parkening (2003), Sweet Honey In The Rock (2004), the Guarneri String Quartet (2005), Dave Brubeck (2006), and Mstislav Rostropovic (2007). Ford Motor Company's leadership grant to UMS, along with the additional support UMS receives from individuals and organizations participating in this evening's event, provides significant support to UMS's nationally recognized Education Program.
Kenneth C. Fischer is the
President of the University Musical Society (UMS) of the University of Michigan, a position he has held since 1987. He has contributed to the performing arts pre?senting field as a speaker, workshop leader, writer, consultant, panelist, and
cultural ambassador under US State Department auspices to Brazil, China, Lithuania, and Mexico. He currently serves on the boards of directors of The Association of Performing Arts Presenters, Interlochen Center for the Arts, Arts Midwest, Sphinx Organization, and Ann Arbor SPARK, and chairs the board of National Arts Strategies. Mr. Fischer received the Patrick Hayes Award from the International Society for the Performing Arts in 2003 for his career achievements in the arts and has been honored locally by The Links, Inc., Ann Arbor Public Schools Foundation, Jewish Family Services of Washtenaw County, and Performance Network for his contributions to the Ann Arbor community. Before joining UMS, Mr. Fischer was a management consultant, independent concert presenter, and association executive in Washington DC. Mr. Fischer grew up in nearby Plymouth and has degrees from The College of Wooster in Ohio and the University of Michigan. He is married to flutist Penelope Peterson Fischer whom he met at the Interlochen Arts Camp in his teens. They have one son, Matthew, who is director of marketing and partnerships for Apple iTunes and lives with his wife Renee Danielson Fischer in the San Francisco Bay Area.
James G. Vella is Presi?dent of Ford Motor Com?pany Fund and Community Services. In this role, he leads all philanthropic and community servicerelated activities, including coordi?nation of volunteer efforts by Ford employees and all activities of the Ford Motor
Company Fund, a separate philanthropic organi?zation funded largely by Ford Motor Company profits.
Ford Motor Company Fund's primary focus is education, and it also supports organizations and innovative programs that promote automo?tive safety education and assist communities with a variety of needs.
Mr. Vella, a native of Detroit, Michigan, holds a bachelor's degree in Communications from the University of DetroitMercy. He serves on many area boards of directors, including Detroit Public Television and the Henry Ford Academy. He also serves on the Executive Committees of Detroit Renaissance, New Detroit, and the United Way for Southeastern Michigan; the Board of Advisors for the Ad Council and the Henry Ford Heart and Vascular Institute; and he is a member of UMS's Corporate Council. Prior to joining Ford in 1988, Vella worked in television news at local affiliate stations for 14 years.
Barbara Ogar is an active freelance musician and teacher. She received her Music Education degree from Wayne State University where she
studied with Clement Barone. Ms. Ogar has a thriving practice in private instruction of the flute at her studio. In addition to an active chamber music schedule, she plays flute and piccolo in the Rochester Symphony and BirminghamBloomfield Symphony Orchestras.
Ms. Ogar directs a student flute choir, comprised of her private instruction students, and they per?form regularly at events, services, and benefits throughout the Detroit area. She has been a guest speaker at two National Flute Association Conventions. Her company, Ogar Music Produc?tions, produces music events, and has released the Christmas CD Joy to You! featuring Detroit musicians.
Terry Herald holds a master's degree in Music Theory from Wayne State University and is cur?rently a member of the faculty of Oakland Univer
sity. His accomplishments as a composer include music for the NBC Special Not Without Hope, and the orchestral score for the awardwinning PBS Special Air Force One: the Planes and the Presidents. 2006 saw the premiere of his Grand Design, a work commissioned by the
Metropolitan Youth Symphony for 275 musicians. In addition, he has conducted the Baltimore Symphony for guitarist Earl Klugh, produced a special arrangement of We Shall Overcome for Orchestra and Jazz Band for the Detroit Symphony Civic Orchestra, and acted as musical arranger for the CBS Montreaux Jazz Festival broadcast.
Letter From the Ford Honors Qala Chairs
We are pleased and honored to be the cochairs of the Ford Honors Gala paying tribute to Sir James Galway. His contributions to the world of music have won him popular and critical acclaim. His efforts to cultivate young flute players are of particular significance to us as they meld with the mission of the UMS Education Program.
It is our privilege to help raise funds for the Education Program by means of this Gala. We hope to continue expanding the horizons of the minds and hearts of schoolchildren and educators in southeast?ern Michigan, by affording them the opportunity to savor the wide range of cultures and performing arts brought by UMS.
We give our heartfelt thanks to the Gala Committee members and to the UMS staff for their enthusiastic and unstinting effort in making this event a success.
Nishta and Naren Bhatia
Ford Honors Gala Honorary Cochairs
Mary Sue Coleman President, The University of Michigan
Gala Chairs
Naren and Nishta Bhatia
Gala Committee
Meg Kennedy Shaw Elizabeth Palms Stephen Rosoff Nancy Stanley
James G. Vella
President, Ford Motor Company Fund and Community Services
Leadership Donors
Bank of Ann Arbor
TAQA New World, Inc.
University of Michigan Health System
Leadership Hosts
Michael Allemang and Janis Bobrin
DTE Energy
Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn
Masco Corporation
Tisch Investment Advisory
Susan B. Ullrich
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Dinner menu cards courtesy of Kathy Zelenock
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UMS Teacher Advisory Committee
Abby Alwin Fran Ampey Robin Bailey Greta Barfield Joey Barker Alana Barter Judy Barthwell Rob Bauman Brita Beitler Elaine Bennett Ann Marie Borders Sigrid Bower Marie Brooks Susan Buchan
Deb Clancy Leslie Criscenti Karen Dudley Saundra Dunn Johanna Epstein Susan Filipiak Katy Fillion Delores Flagg Joey Fukuchi Jeff Gaynor Joyce Gerber Jennifer Ginther Bard Grabbe Chrystal Griffin
Nan Griffith Joan Grissing Linda Hyaduck Linda Jones Jeff Kass
Deborah Kirkland Rosalie Koenig Sue Kohfeldt Laura Machida Jamie McDowell Jose Mejia Eunice Moore Michelle Peet Anne Perigo
Rebecca Pietrzak Cathy Reischl Jessica Rizor Tracy Rosewarne Viki Shields Greg Sipp Sandra Smith Julie Taylor Cayla Tchalo Dan Tolly Barbara Wallgren Joni Warner Kimberley Wright Kathryn Young
UMS National Council UMS Corporate Council
Clayton E. Wilhite,
John Edman Janet Eilber Eugene Grant Charles Hamlen
David Heleniak Toni Hoover Judith Istock Zarin Mehta Herbert Ruben Russell Willis Taylor
Doug Rothwell,
Albert Berriz Bruce Brownlee Bob Buckler Jim Garavaglia Rob Gruen
Steve Hamp Carl Herstein Bob Kelch Mary Kramer Sharon Rothwell Mike Staebler Jim Vella
UMS Senate
Robert G. Aldrich Herbert S. Amster Gail Davis Barnes Richard S. Berger Maurice S. Binkow Lee C. Bellinger Janice Stevens
Botsford Paul C. Boylan Carl A. Brauer William M. Broucek Barbara Everitt
Letitia J. Byrd Kathleen G. Charla Leon S. Cohan Jill A. Corr Peter B. Corr
Ronald M. Cresswell Robert F.
DiRomualdo Cynthia Dodd James J. Duderstadt David Featherman Robben W. Fleming David J. Flowers George V. Fornero Beverley B. Geltner William S. Hann Randy J. Harris Walter L. Harrison Deborah S. Herbert Norman G. Herbert Peter N. Heydon Toni Hoover Kay Hunt
Alice Davis Irani Stuart A. Isaac Thomas E. Kauper David B. Kennedy Gloria James Kerry Thomas C. Kinnear Marvin Krislov F. Bruce Kulp Leo A. Legatski Earl Lewis Patrick B. Long Helen B. Love Judythe H. Maugh Paul W. McCracken Rebecca McGowan Barbara Meadows Alberto Nacif Shirley C. Neuman
Jan Barney Newman Len Niehoff Gilbert S. Omenn Joe E. O'Neal John D. Paul Randall Pittman John Psarouthakis Rossi RayTaylor John W. Reed Richard H. Rogel Prudence L. Rosenthal
Judy Dow Rumelhart Maya Savarino Ann Schriber Erik H. Serr Harold T. Shapiro George I. Shirley
John 0. Simpson Herbert Sloan Timothy P. Slottow Carol Shalita
Smokier Jorge A. Solis Peter Sparling Lois U. Stegeman Edward D. Surovell James L. Telfer Susan B. Ullrich Eileen Lappin Weiser B. Joseph White Marina v.N.
Whitman Clayton E. Wilhite Iva M. Wilson Karen Wolff
UMS Staff
Kenneth C. Fischer, President Luciana Borbely, Assistant to the
President John B. Kennard, Jr., Director of
Beth Gilliland, Gift ProcessorITAssistant Patricia Hayes, Senior Accountant John Peckham,
Information Systems Manager
Choral Union
Jerry Blackstone, Conductor and Music
Jason Harris, Assistant Conductor Kathleen Operhall, Chorus Manager Nancy K. Paul, Librarian Jean Schneider, Accompanist Scott VanOrnum, Accompanist Donald Bryant, Conductor Emeritus
Susan McClanahan, Director Susan Bozell, Manager of Corporate
Rachelle Lesko, Development Assistant Lisa Michiko Murray, Manager of
Foundation and Government Grants
M. Joanne Navarre, Manager of
Annual Giving Marnie Reid, Manager of Individual
Support Lisa Rozek, Assistant to the Director
of Development Cynthia Straub, Advisory Committee
and Events Coordinator
EducationAudience Development
Ben Johnson, Director
Bree Juarez, Education and Audience
Development Manager Mary Roeder, Residency Coordinator Omari Rush, Education Manager
MarketingPublic Relations
Sara Billmann, Director Jim Leija, Public Relations Manager Mia Milton, Marketing Manager Erika Nelson, Assistant Marketing Manager
Douglas C. Witney, Director Emily Avers, Production Operations
Director Jeffrey Beyersdorf, Technical Manager
Michael J. Kondziolka, Director Mark Jacobson, Programming Manager Carlos Palomares, Artist Services
Coordinator Claire C. Rice, Associate Programming
Ticket Services
Nicole Paoletti, Manager
Sally A. Cushing, Ticket Office Associate
Suzanne Davidson,
Assistant Ticket Services Manager,
FrontofHouse Coordinator Jennifer Graf, Assistant Ticket
Services Manager
Karen Jenks, Group Sales Coordinator Parmiss NassiriSheijani,
Ticket Office Assistant Sara Sanders, Assistant FrontofHouse
CoordinatorTicket Office Assistant Stephanie Zangrilli,
Ticket Office Associate Dennis Carter, Bruce Oshaben,
Brian Roddy, Head Ushers
UMS Education and Community Engagment
Striving to provide worldclass educational events and cultural exchange to the broadest community, in 0708 the UMS Education and Audience Development Program continued its progressive growth and a commitment to audiences through a wide variety of partnerships and collaborations with individuals and community organizations. We recognize that every single person has a unique relationship to the arts, and our role is to enhance that connection through activities designed for different people. UMS Education has been awarded the "Best Practice" award by both ArtServe Michigan and the Dana Foundation. In the past season, UMS was able to offer 164 events to over 16,000 people as part of our Education and Audience Development program.
The largest youth performance initiative in Michi?gan, UMS's Youth Education Program is uniquely developed in partnership with the Ann Arbor Public Schools and the Washtenaw Intermediate School District. We provide worldclass artistic experiences and professional development to stu?dents, young adults, teachers, and families. UMS has been in partnership with the AAPS and WISD since 1997 as part of the Kennedy Center Partners in Education program. Over 45 events serving over 12,000 people were planned in the 0708 season.
K12 Youth Performance Series
UMS offered nine acclaimed performances for students, featuring seven different artists. This program allowed over 8,000 students to experi?ence the live performing arts. Over 120 schools from 25 districts participated in UMS's Youth Per?formance Series.
UMS Teacher Workshop Series
Along with parents, we feel that teachers are in?strumental in the development of the arts in our children. UMS is part of the Kennedy Center Part?ners in Education Program, bringing worldclass Kennedy Center workshop leaders to Ann Arbor, as well as offering workshops designed by local arts experts in our community. Nearly 300 teach?ers attended 10 workshops in the 0708 season. From book clubs to Cambodian dance workshops to daylong immersions on both China and the city of Detroit, UMS provided a year's worth of professional development for teachers to utilize immediately in their classroom.
UMS Curriculum Packets
UMS creates teacher curriculum packets, CDs, and DVDs for all schools participating in our diverse programs. These essential tools for connecting the classroom and performance experience have garnered national attention and are used through the performing arts industry.
Urban Bush Women public masterclass
UMS K12 School Enrichment
UMS has expanded efforts in schools by provid?ing additional support to the classroom teacher. Trained arts professionals visit classrooms to provide context, workshops, and a firsthand per?spective on the arts. Over the course of last year, UMS facilitated these classroom visits, affecting over 1,000 students.
Breakin' Curfew 2008
Celebrating the artistic voice of the local teen community is important to UMS. Through a part?nership with the Neutral Zone, Ann Arbor's teen center, Breakin' Curfew allows over 20 teen cura?tors and 150 local teens to create, perform, pro?duce, and market a professional performance at the Power Center for Performing Arts. Breakin' Curfew is unique to the city of Ann Arbor and an exciting showcase for emerging teen talent.
UMS Family Series
The Family Series is designed to allow parents and their children to have a meaningful bonding and artistic experience. UMS is committed to worldclass family programming with nearly 900 people attending our familyoriented events. UMS teamed up with other area cultural organizations to pres?ent the fourth annual Ann Arbor Family Days. This twoday event offered free and lowcost familyfriendly cultural events to the Ann Arbor commu?nity in multiple venues throughout the city.
The UMS Adult Education and Community Engagement Programs serve many different audi?ences through a variety of educational programs. Providing relevance and context to our audiences is of crucial importance to UMS, as we strive for full audience engagement in the performance ex?perience. To this end, UMS strongly emphasizes the importance of partnering with community or?ganizations in the development of our programs. Throughout the past season, UMS partnered with over 100 individuals, community organizations, and university units to plan over 100 events. Near?ly all events were free and open to the public.
China Immersion workshop
(udamani masterclass with Bowling Green students
Pianist Wu Man at Emerson School
UMS Teacher of the Year Dan Tolly
Ann Arbor Open School, Ann Arbor Public Schools
To see Dan Tolly teach music is to see an educator use the sum of his life experiences and in?terests to engage students in learning. For years, Dan's participation in UMS programs has been deep and consistent. He has found a way to meld such disparate topics as Cambodian dance, tableau, and Mexican mural arts into a cohesive strategy for working with students, and to great effect--students at Ann Arbor Open School love his class and are full participators in his brand of arts learning. UMS extends congratulations to Dan on his achievements.
UMS School of the Year
Lead Participants:
Judy Barthwell, Music
Rob Bauman, 4th Grade
Sigrid Bower, Kindergarten
Joyce Gerber. 5th Grade
Barb Grabbe, 2nd Grade
Linda Lakshminarayanan, Librarian
Penny PopeSchmidt, Art
Jan Walker, Technology
Ruth Wilson, 2nd Grade
Emerson School
Patricia Adams, Head of School
At most UMS Youth Education events, one is likely to see a group of Emerson School educators: classroom teachers, librarians, music and art teachers, and technology special?ists. Each season the faculty of Emerson School explores the arts and cultures of the world through UMS--regular?ly attending after school workshops, bringing students to youth performances, and hosting artists for inclass visits. The result of their extensive engagement is an inspiring model of integrated arts learning and team teaching that moves towards ensuring their students' success.
The Teacher and School of the Year Awards are designed by potter and visual artist Sara Frank, UMS Advisory Committee.
Artist Residencies
Artists presented by UMS are frequently working both on and offstage to be actively engaged in the community. UMS facilitated and managed many major residencies this season, including the Khmer Arts Ensemble, eighth blackbird, Noism08, Leila Haddad, and the San Francisco Symphony. Through planned artist interviews, panel discus?sion, symposia, social receptions, workshops, and informal dialogues, UMS served over 5,000 people in southeast Michigan.
Partnership and Collaboration
UMS celebrates diversity in all of its forms, a value represented by both the performances UMS pres?ents and the communities with which it engages. UMS has earned national acclaim for its work with diverse cultural groups thanks to its proactive stance on partnering with and responding to in?dividual community needs. Though based in Ann Arbor, UMS Community Engagement programs reach out to the entire southeastern Michigan region.
For example, the NETWORK is an initiative launched by UMS three seasons ago to create an opportunity for African Americans and the broad?er community to celebrate the worldclass artistry of today's leading African and AfricanAmerican performers and creative artists. This year, the NETWORK connected nearly 100 people.
Left: Pamina Devi perfomers greet an excited young audience member at the family performance.
A Disappearing Number
Conceived and Directed by Simon McBurney
Mark Morris Dance Group
Wayne Shorter Quartet and Imani Winds
A Tribute to Munir Bashir and the Baghdad Conservatory of Music
Sphinx Orchestra
(copresented with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra)
Tokyo String Quartet Sabine Meyer clarinet
The Rite of Spring Compagnie Heddy Maalem
Soweto Gospel Choir
Milton Nascimento and the Jobim Trio
AnneSophie Mutter violin Camerata Salzburg
Beethoven Sonata Project Concerts 5 & 6 Andras Schiff piano
Emanuel Ax and Yefim Bronfman pianos
Joe Lovano
"Us Five" Quintet
and Jason Moran
Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir
Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra
Leon Botstein conductor
Handel's Messiah Rubberbandance Group
Rubberbandance Group
Family Performance
Farewell Tour
Guarneri String Quartet
Tord Gustavsen Trio
Kinan Azmeh clarinet
Kevork Mourad MaxMSP
Richard Goode piano Chanticleer
Lawrence Brownlee tenor Martin Katz piano
UlYic Subscribe Today! " 734.764.25381
outside the 734 area code, call tollfree 800.221.1229
130th Season ?? V M, V n r
Sweet Honey in the Rock
Batsheva Dance Company
Ohad Naharin artistic director
New York Philharmonic
Lorin Maazel music director
Wynton Marsalis and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra
Brentano String Quartet
Peter Serkin piano Richard Lalee baritone
Aswat: Celebrating the Golden Age of Arab Music
The Silk Road Ensemble with YoYo Ma cello
Altenberg Trio Vienna
Sulayman AlBassam Theatre Richard III An Arab Tragedy
Based on Richard III by William Shakespeare
Zakir Hussain tabla Pandit Shivkumar Sharma santoor
The Romeros
Dan Zanes & Friends
John Williams guitar
St. Louis Symphony
David Robertson conductor
Chick CoreaJohn McLaughlin: Five Peace Band
Beethoven Sonata Project Concerts 7 & 8 Andras Schiff piano
"Dedicated to You" Kurt Elling Sings the ColtraneHartman Songbook
Takacs Quartet MarcAndre Hamelin piano
Fez Festival of Sufi Culture in Fez, Morocco Mohammed Bennis and the Hmadcha Ensemble
Julia Fischer violin Milana Chernyavska piano
Compagnie Marie Chouinard
Series packages on sale beginning
Monday, May 12
Annual Fund Support
July 7, 2007 -March 1, 2008
Thank you to those who make UMS programs and presentations possible. The cost of presenting worldclass performances and education programs exceeds the revenue UMS receives from ticket sales. The difference is made up through the generous support of individuals, corporations, foundations and government agencies. We are grateful to those who have chosen to make a difference for UMS!
This list includes donors who made an annual gift to UMS between July 1, 2007 and March 1, 2008. Due to space constraints, we can only list those who donated $250 or more. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list. Please call 7346471175 with any omissions or corrections. Listing of donors to endowment funds begins on page 32.
$100,000 or more
Doris Duke Charitable Foundation Ford Motor Company Fund Michigan Council for Arts
and Cultural Affairs Michigan Economic Development
Corporation Pfizer Global Research & Development:
Ann Arbor Laboratories University of Michigan Health System
DTE Energy
DTE Energy Foundation
Esperance Family Foundation
Northwest Airlines
The Power Foundation
Borders Group
Cairn Foundation
Brian and Mary Campbell
CFI Group
Charles H. Gershenson Trust
Detroit Auto Dealers Association
Charitable Foundation Fund Maxine and Stuart Frankel Foundation
Kaydon Corporation
Robert and Pearson Macek
Masco Corporation
Natalie Matovinovic
National Dance Project of the New England
Foundation for the Arts National Endowment for the Arts Gilbert Omenn and Martha Darling Mr. and Mrs. Laurence A. Price ProQuest
Dennis and Ellie Serras Toyota University of Michigan Office of the Vice
President for Research The Whitney Fund at the Community
Foundation for Southeast Michigan Ann and Clayton Wilhite
Michael Allemang and Janis Bobrin
AMGEN Foundation, Inc.
The Ann Arbor News
Arts at Michigan
Arts PresentersMetLife Foundation Award for
Arts Access in Underserved Communities Emily Bandera and Richard Shackson Bank of Ann Arbor
Linda and Maurice Binkow Philanthropic Fund Carl and Isabelle Brauer Fund Chamber Music America Charter One Bank Concord Music GlaxoSmithKline Foundation
Eugene and Emily Grant
David and Phyllis Herzig
Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn LLP
LaSalle Bank
Lawrence and Rebecca Lohr
Charlotte McGeoch
Mrs. Robert E. Meredith
Donald L. Morelock
A. Douglas and Sharon J. Rothwell
Jane and Edward Schulak
Barbara Furin Sloat
TAQA New World, Inc.
Universal Classics Group
University of Michigan Credit Union
Marina and Bob Whitman
Morris and Beverly Baker Foundation
Paulett Banks
Edward Surovell RealtorsEdward and
Natalie Surovell Carl and Charlene Herstein Miller, Canfield, Paddock and Stone, P.L.C. M. Haskell and Jan Barney Newman Performing Arts Fund Herbert and Ernestine Ruben Sesi Lincoln Mercury Volvo Mazda James and Nancy Stanley
Mrs. Bonnie Ackley
Herb and Carol Amster
Ann Arbor Automotive
Arnold and Janet Aronoff
Blue Nile Restaurant
Tom and Marilou Capo
Pat and Dave Clyde
Comerica Bank
Al and Kendra Dodds
Jim and Patsy Donahey
Ken and Penny Fischer
llene H. Forsyth
General Motors PowertrainWillow Run Plant
Sue and Carl Gingles
Paul and Anne Glendon
Tom and (Catherine Goldberg
Linda and Richard Greene
David W. and Kathryn Moore Heleniak
Debbie and Norman Herbert
Mohamad and Hayat Issalssa Foundations
David and Sally Kennedy
Jill Latta and David Bach
Leo and Kathy Legatski
Richard and Carolyn Lineback
Mainstreet Ventures, Inc.
Sally and Bill Martin
Susan McClanahan and Bill Zimmerman
Merrill Lynch
National City
Tom, Meghan, Mary, and T.J. O'Keefe
Pepper Hamilton LLP
Philip and Kathy Power
Red Hawk Bar & Grill
Don and Judy Dow Rumelhart
Alan and Swanna Saltiel
Craig and Susan Sincock
Nancy and Brooks Sitterley
Loretta M. Skewes
Thomas B. McMullen Co.
Tisch Investment Advisory
United Bancorp
United Bank & Trust
Ronald and Eileen Weiser
Whole Foods Market
Marion T. Wirick and James N. Morgan
Zanzibar Restaurant
Gerald B. and Mary Kate Zelenock
terry and Gloria Abrams
Bernard and Raquel Agranoff
Raymond and Janet Bernreuter
Suzanne A. and Frederick J. Beutler
Joan Akers Binkow
Edward and Mary Cady
Mary Sue and Kenneth Coleman
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Ford
Sara and Michael Frank
Susan and Richard Gutow
Dr. H. David and Dolores Humes
Keki and Alice Irani
Robert L. and Beatrice H. Kahn
Martin Neuliep and Patricia Pancioli
Virginia and Gordon Nordby
Mrs. Charles Overberger (Betty)
Eleanor and Peter Pollack
Kenneth J. Robinson and Marcia Gershenson
Rosebud Solutions
Prudence and Amnon Rosenthal
Lois A. Theis
UM Michigan Union
Dody Viola
Robert 0. and Darragh H. Weisman
Max Wicha and Sheila Crowley
Introducing the
Ann Arbor Summer Festival's 25th season celebration.
From country music legends to acoustic folk to daredevil acrobats to overthetop cabaret, this year's Mainstage Series offers a remarkable diversity of talent. Plus, we'll feature free concerts and movies at Top of the Park. Summer is finally on its way. And we can't wait to see it.
See the full lineup at
Summer's in the air.
Jim and Barbara Adams
Susan and Alan Aldworth
Barbara A. Anderson and John H. Romani
Bob and Martha Ause
Essel and Menakka Bailey
Robert and Wanda Bartlett
DJ and Dieter Boehm
Charles and Linda Borgsdorf
Elizabeth Brien and Bruce Conybeare
Jeannine and Robert Buchanan
Robert and Victoria Buckler
Barbara and Al Cain
Jean and Ken Casey
Anne and Howard Cooper
John Dryden and Diana Raimi
Fidelity Investments
Stephen and Rosamund Forrest
Beverley and Gerson Geltner
General Motors Corporation
William and Ruth Gilkey
Dr. Sid Gilman and Dr. Carol Barbour
John and Helen Griffith
Janet Woods Hoobler
Herbert Katz
Shirley Y. and Thomas E. Kauper
Gloria and Bob Kerry
Samuel and Marilyn Krimm
Marvin Krislov and Amy Sheon
Donald J. and Carolyn Dana Lewis
Jeff Mason and Janet Netz
Ernest and Adele McCarus
William C. Parkinson
Richard and Lauren Prager
Jim and Bonnie Reece
John and Dot Reed
Duane and Katie Renken
Corliss and J.C. Rosenberg
Dr. Nathaniel H. Rowe
John J.H. Schwarz, MD
Muaiad and Aida Shihadeh
TCF Bank
Jim Toy
Don and Carol Van Curler
Don and Toni Walker
Elise Weisbach
Roy and JoAn Wetzel
Keith and Karlene Yohn
Robert and Katherine Aldrich
Michael and Suzan Alexander
Anastasios Alexiou
Dr. and Mrs. David G. Anderson
Jonathan Ayers and Teresa Gallagher
Laurence R. and Barbara K. Baker
Lesli and Christopher Ballard
Walter and Mary Ballinger
Bradford and Lydia Bates
Beacon Investment Company
Anne Beaubien and Phil Berry
Astrid B. Beck and David Noel Freedman
Frederick W. Becker
Rachel Bendit and Mark Bernstein
Linda and Ronald Benson
Kathy Benton and Robert Brown
James K. and Lynda W Berg
Jim Bergman and Penny Hommel
Ruth Ann and Stuart J. Bergstein
Naren K. and Nishta G. Bhatia
John Blankley and Maureen Foley
Howard and Margaret Bond
Gary Boren
Laurence and Grace Boxer
Dr. Ralph and Mrs. Mary W. Bozell
Jacquelyn A. Brewer
Dale E. and Nancy M. Briggs
Barbara Everitt Bryant
Lawrence and Valerie Bullen
Charles and Joan Burleigh
Letitia J. Byrd
Amy and Jim Byrne
Betty Byrne
Jean W. Campbell
Patricia and Michael Campbell
David and Valerie Canter
Bruce and Jean Carlson
Carolyn M. Carty and Thomas H. Haug
John and Patricia Carver
Janet and Bill Cassebaum
Tsun and Siu Ying Chang
Anne Chase
Pat and George Chatas
James S. Chen
Leon S. Cohan
Hubert and Ellen Cohen
Lois and Avern Cohn
Cynthia and Jeffrey Colton
William J. and Ellen A. Conlin
Phelps and Jean Connell
Jim and Connie Cook
Jane Wilson Coon and A. Rees Midgley, Jr.
Kathleen Crispell and Tom Porter
Judy and Bill Crookes
Julia Donovan Darlow and John O'Meara
Susan T. Darrow
Charles W. and Kathleen P. Davenport
Hal and Ann Davis
Sally and Larry DiCarlo
Andrzej and Cynthia Dlugosz
Alice Dobson
Molly Dobson
Heather and Stuart Dombey
Dallas C. Don
Ivo Drury and Sun Hwa Kim
Aaron Dworkin and Afa Sadykhly
Jack and Betty Edman
Joan and Emil Engel
David and JoAnna Featherman
Dede and Oscar Feldman
YiTsi M. and Albert Feuerwerker
Susan Fisher and John Waidley
Susan A. Fisher
Robben Fleming
Esther Floyd
Food Art
James W. and Phyllis Ford
Dan and Jill Francis
Leon and Marcia Friedman
Enid H. Galler
Patricia Garcia and Dennis Dahlmann
Prof. David M. Gates
Thomas and Barbara Gelehrter
Karen and Karl Gotting
Cozette T. Grabb
Elizabeth Needham Graham
Walter Z. Graves
Robert A. Green MD
Leslie and Mary Ellen Guinn
Arthur W. Gulick MD
Helen C. Hall
Jeanne Harrison and Paul Hysen
Alice and Clifford Hart
Sivana Heller
Paul Herstein
Diane S. Hoff
Carolyn B. Houston
Robert M. and Joan F. Howe
Dr. Howard Hu and Ms. Rani Kotha
John and Patricia Huntington
Cheryl and Kevin Hurley
Eileen and Saul Hymans
Perry Irish
Jean Jacobson
Rebecca S. Jahn
Janet and Wallie Jeffries
Timothy and Jo Wiese Johnson
Robert and Jeri Kelch
David and Gretchen Kennard
Connie and Tom Kinnear
Diane Kirpatrick
Philip and Kathryn Klintworth
Jim and Carolyn Knake
Michael J. Kondziolka and
MathiasPhilippe Florent Badin Charles and Linda Koopmann Bud and Justine Kulka Scott and Martha Larsen Ted and Wendy Lawrence Melvin A. Lester MD Richard LeSueur Myron and Bobbie Levine Carolyn and Paul Lichter Ken and Jane Lieberthal Patricia Little and Raymond Barbehenn Jean E. Long
Richard and Stephanie Lord John and Cheryl MacKrell Cathy and Edwin Marcus Ann W. Martin and Russ Larson Claude and Marie Martin Marilyn Mason
Mary and Chandler Matthews Judythe and Roger Maugh Carole J. Mayer Raven McCrory W. Joseph McCune and
Georgiana Sanders Griff and Pat McDonald Mercantile Bank of Michigan
Henry D. Messer and Carl A. House
Paul Morel
Alan and Sheila Morgan
Melinda and Bob Morris
Cyril Moscow
NuStep, Inc.
Marylen S. Oberman
Marysia Ostafin and George Smillie
Mohammad and J. Elizabeth Othman
Donna Parmelee and William Nolting
Bertram and Elaine Pitt
Peter and Carol Polverini
Richard and Mary Price
Produce Station
Mrs. Frances Quarton
Donald Regan and Elizabeth Axelson
Malverne Reinhart
Maria and Rusty Restuccia
Nancy and Doug Roosa
Rosalie EdwardsVibrant Ann Arbor Fund
Jeffrey and Huda Karaman Rosen
Doris E. Rowan
Craig and Jan Ruff
Agnes and David Sarns
Norma and Dick Sarns
Maya Savarino
Schakolad Chocolate Factory
Erik and Carol Serr
Janet and Michael Shatusky
Frances U. and Scott K. Simonds
Elaine and Robert Sims
Dr. Bernard Sivak and Dr. Loretta Polish
Jim Skupski and Dianne Widzinski
Dr. Rodney Smith
Susan M. Smith and Robert H. Gray
Kate and Philip Soper
Lloyd and Ted St. Antoine
Michael B. Staebler
John and Lois Stegeman
Victor and Marlene Stoeffler
Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Strasius
Karen and David Stutz
Judy and Lewis Tann
Mrs. Robert M. Teeter
Brad and Karen Thompson
Louise Townley
Jeff and Lisa TulinSilver
Jack and Marilyn van der Velde
Bruce and Betsy Wagner
Florence S. Wagner
Robert D. and Liina M. Wallin
Harvey and Robin Wax
W. Scott Westerman, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Max V. Wisgerhof II
Charles Witke and Aileen Gatten
Jeanne and Paul Yhouse
Edwin H. and Signe Young
Maria Zampierollo and Brian Partin
$500$999 3POINT Machine. Inc. Wadad Abed
Roger Atbin and Nili Tannenbaum
Christine W. Alvey
Catherine M. Andrea
Dr. and Mrs. Rudi Ansbacher
Harlene and Henry Appelman
Penny and Arthur Ashe
Mary and Al Bailey
Robert L. Baird
Reg and Pat Baker
Nan Barbas and Jonathan Sugar
David and Monika Barera
Norman E. Barnett
Frank and Lindsay Tyas Bateman
Harry Benford
L.S. Berlin
Seth Bonder
Bob and Sharon Bordeau
Catherine Brandon MD
David and Dr. Sharon Brooks
Donald R. and June G. Brown
Morton B. and Raya Brown
Trudy and Jonathan Bulkley
Dr. Frances E. Bull
H.D. Cameron
Susan and Oliver Cameron
Margot Campos
Carlisle Wortman Associates, Inc.
Jack and Wendy Carman
Drs. Andrew Caughey and Shelley Neitzel
John and Camilla Chiapuris
Dr. Kyung and Young Cho
Janice A. Clark
Cheryl and Brian Clarkson
Tris and Edna Coffin
Alice S. Cohen
Jonathan Conn
Wayne and Melinda Colquitt
Arnold and Susan Coran
Malcolm and Juanita Cox
Joan S. Crawford
Peter C. and Lindy M. Cubba
Jean Cunningham and Fawwaz Ulaby
John G. and Mary R. Curtis
Roderick and Mary Ann Daane
Connie D'Amato
Robert and Joyce Damschroder
Norma and Peter Davis
Ellwood and Michele Derr
Linda Dintenfass and Ken Wisinski
Steve and Judy Dobson
Cynthia M. Dodd
Robert J. and Kathleen Dolan
Bill and Marg Dunifon
Eva and Wolf Duvernoy
Gavin Eadie and Barbara Murphy
James R. Eng and Patricia L. Randle
Stefan and Ruth Fajans
Elly and Harvey Falit
Irene Fast
John and Margaret Faulkner
Sidney and Jean Fine
Carol Finerman
Clare M. Fingerle
David Fink and Marina Mata
Herschel and Adrienne Fink
C. Peter and Beverly A. Fischer
John and Karen Fischer
Ray and Patricia Fitzgerald
Jason I. Fox
Ann Friedman
William Fulton
Barbara and James Garavaglia
Tom Gasloli
Beverly Gershowitz
Ronald Gibala and Janice Grichor
Paul and Suzanne Gikas
Zita and Wayne Gillis
Amy and Glenn Gottfried
John and Renee Greden
Anna and Robert Greenstone
Ingnd and Sam Gregg
Don P. Haefner and Cynthia J. Stewart
Tom Hammond
Martin D. and Connie D. Harris
Susan Harris
Alfred and Therese Hero
Herb and Dee Hildebrandt
Peter Hinman and Elizabeth Young
SunChien and Betty Hsiao
Jane Hughes
Ralph and Del Huletl
Ann D. Hungerman
Thomas and Kathryn Huntzicker
Eugene and Margaret Ingram
INVIA Medical Imaging Solutions
Stuart and Maureen Isaac
Jim and Dale Jerome
Mark and Madolyn Kaminski
Christopher Kendall and
Susan Schilperoort Rhea K. Kish Paul and Dana Kissner Hermine Roby Klingler Regan Knapp and John Scudder Charles and Linda Koopmann Dr. Melvyn and Mrs. linda Korobkin Rebecca and Adam Kozma Barbara and Ronald Kramer Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Krause Jane Laird
Marilyn and Dale Larson John K. Lawrence and Jeanine A. De Lay Drs. Bill Lee and Wendy Wahl Marilyn and Martin Lindenauer E. Daniel and Kay M. Long Ralph Lydtc and Helen Baghdoyan Frances Lyman Brigitte and Paul Maassen Pamela J. MacKintosh Nancy and Philip Margolis Susan E. Martin and Randy Walker Olivia Maynard and Olof Karistrom Margaret E. McCarthy Margaret and Harris McClamroch Dr. Paul W. McCracken Joanna McNamara and Mel Guyer Fei Fei and John Metzler Shirley and Bill Meyers Joetta Mial
James M. Miller and Rebecca H. Lento
Myrna and Newell Miller
Ben and Kathy Moberg
Jeanne and Lester Monts
Frieda H. Morgenstern
Lewis and Kara Morgenstern
Elizabeth and Robert Oneal
Mrs. Elizabeth Ong
Susan and Mark Omnger
Constance and David Osier
Marie L. Panchuk
Donna D. Park
Zoe and Joe Pearson
Jean and Jack Peirce
Margaret and Jack Petersen
Elaine Piasecki
Evelyn Pickard
Juliet S. Pierson
Wallace and Barbara Prince
Anthony L. Reffells and Elaine A. Bennett
R. E. Reichert
Marc and Stacy Renouf
Retirement Income Solutions
Timothy and Teresa Rhoades
Richner & Richner
Richard and Edie Rosenfeld
Margaret and Haskell Rothstein
Samuel H. Kress Foundation
Miriam Sandweiss
Diane and Joseph Savin
Ann and Thomas J. Schriber
Drs. David E. and Monica S. Schteingart
Julie and Mike Shea
Howard and Aliza Shevrin
George and Gladys Shirley
Johnson Shiue
Carl P. Simon and Bobbi Low
Sandy and Dick Simon
Elaine and Robert Sims
Don and Sue Sinta
IrmaJ. Sklenar
Andrea and William Smith
David and Renate Smith
Shelly Soenen and Michael Sprague
Mrs. Gretchen Sopcak
Joseph H. Spiegel
Andrea and Gus Stager
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Stahle
James and Naomi Starr
Virginia and Eric Stein
Eric and Ines Storhok
Cynthia Straub
Ellen and Jeoffrey Stross
Brian and Lee Talbot
Craig Timko
John and Geraldine Topliss
Fr. Lewis W. Towler
Dr. Sheryl S. Ulin and
Dr. Lynn T. Schachinger Andrea and Douglas Van Houweling Steven and Christina Vantrease Shirley Verrett Elizabeth and David Walker Enid Wasserman Carol Weber
Angela and Lyndon Welch Iris and Fred Whitehouse Leslie C. Whitfield Sally M. Whiting
Tom Wieder and Susan Schooner Reverend Francis E. Williams Robert J. and Anne Marie Willis Dr. Lawrence and Mary Wise James and Gail Woods Dr. and Mrs. Clyde Wu Mayer and Joan Zald
Judith Abrams
Tim and Leah Adams
Dont Adler
Thomas and Joann Adler Foundation
Helen and David Aminoff
Arboretum Ventures
Bert and Pat Armstrong
Jack and Jill Arnold
Frank Ascione
Penny and Arthur Ashe
AT&T Foundation
James and Dons August
Drs. John and Lillian Back
Marian K. Bailey
Bruce Baker and Genie Wolfson
Daniel and Barbara Balbach
John and Gmny Bareham
Frank and Gail Beaver
Gary M Beckman and Karla Taylor
Prof, and Mrs. Erling Blondal Bengtsson
Linda Bennett and Bob Bagramian
Rodney and Joan Bentz
Dr. Rosemary R. Berardi
Sandra L. and Stanley Bies
Jack Bill, and Sheryl Hindi
llene and William Birge
Paula L. Bockenstedt and David A. Fox
Beverly j. Bole
Amanda and Stephen Borgsdorf
Victoria C. Botek and William M. Edwards
Susie Bozell
Paul and Anna Bradley
Dr. Robert M. Bradley and
Dr. Charlotte M Misttetta Wilham R Brashear Joel Bregman and Elaine Pomeranz Alexander and Constance Bridges Jane Bridges Pamela Brown Trudy and Jonathan Bulkley Tony and Jane Burton Heather Byrne Nathan and Laura Caplan Brent and Valerie Carey Thomas and Colleen Carey James W. and Mary Lou Carras Dennis J. Carter Margaret and William Caveney J. Wehrley and Patricia Chapman Charles Reinhart Company Realtors Charles Stewart Mott Foundation John and Christine Chatas Linda Chatters and Robert Joseph Taylor Joan and Mark Chester Andy and Dawn Chien Kwang and Soon Cho Reginald and Beverly Ciokajlo Coffee Express Company Theodore and Jean Cohn
Edward and Anne Comeau
Minor J. Coon
Peter and Celia Copeland
Katharine Cosovich
Cliff and Kathy Cox
Lloyd and Lois Crabtree
Clifford and Laura Craig
Merle and Mary Ann Crawford
Mary C. Crichlon
Connie D'Amato
Sunil and Merial Das
Arthur and Lyn Powrie Davidge
Ed and Ellie Davidson
Alice and Ken Davis
Jean and John Debbink
Elena and Nicholas Delbanco
Elizabeth Dexter
Mark and Beth Dixon
Judy and Steve Dobson
Elizabeth A. Doman
Michael and Elizabeth Drake
Mary P. DuBois
Elizabeth Duell
Peter and Grace Duren
Swati Dutta
Jane E. Dutton
Bradley Dyer
Kim and Darlene Eagle
Dr. Alan S. Eiser
Mary Ann Faeth
Mark and Karen Falahee
Dr. and Mrs. S.M. Farhat
Phil and Phyllis Fellin
James and Flora Ferrara
Dr. James F. Filgas
David Fink and Marina Mata
Dr. Lydia Fischer
Jessica Fogel and Lawrence Weiner
Howard and Margaret Fox
Hyman H. Frank
Jerrold A. and Nancy M. Frost
Philip and Renee Frost
Carol Gagliardi and David Flesher
Martin Garber and Beth German
Michael Gatti and Lisa Murray
Allan and Harriet Gelfond
Beth Genne and Allan Gibbard
Deborah and Henry Gerst
Elmer G. Gilbert and Lois M. Verbrugge
J. Martin Gtllespie and Tara Gillespie
Beverly Jeanne Giltrow
Joyce L. Ginsberg
Oavid and Maureen Ginsburg
Irwin Goldstein and Martha Mayo
Eszter Gombosi
Richard Gonzalez and Carrie Berkley
Mitchell and Barbara Goodkin
Enid M. Gosling and Wendy Comstock
Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Janet Goss
James and Maria Gousseff
Michael Cowing
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher l_ Graham
Martha and Larry Gray
Jeffrey B. Green
Daphne and Raymond Grew
Mark and Susan Griffin
Werner H. Grilk
Dick and Marion Gross
Bob and Jane Grower
Robin and Stephen Gruber
Anna GrzymalaBusse and Joshua Berke
Ken and Margaret Guire
HSR Block Foundation
George and Mary Haddad
M. Peter and Anne Hagiwara
Yoshiko Hamano
Walt and Charlene Hancock
Martin 0. and Connie D. Harris Naomi Gottlieb Harrison and Theodore Harrison DOS Dan and Jane Hayes Trida and Steve Hayes Anne Heacock Rose and John Henderson J. Lawrence and Jacqueline Stearns Henkel Keith and Marcelle Henley Kathy and Rudi Hentschel James and Ann Marie Hitchcock Mary Ann and Don Hitt Ronald and Ann Holz Robert and Barbara Hooberman Mabelle Hsueh Harry and Ruth Huff Heather Hurlburt and Darius Sivin Maha Hussain Robert B. Inglmg ISCIENCES, L.L.C. John H. and Joan L. Jackson Myra and Mel Jacobs Beverly P. Jahn Dr. David and Tina Jahn Frances and Jerome Jelinek Mark and Linda Johnson Mary and Kent Johnson Paul and Olga Johnson The Jonna Companies Jack and Sharon Kalbfleisch Irving and Helen Kao Arthur A. Kaselemas MD Penny Kennedy
Nancy Keppelman and Michael Smerza Roland and Jeanette Kibler Don and Mary Kiel Fred and Sara King Richard and Patricia King James and Jane Kister Dr. David E. and Heidi Castleman Klein Steve and Shira Klein Anne F. Kloack
Joseph and Marilynn Kokoszka Alan and Sandra Kortesoja Barbara and Michael Kratchman Dons and Don Kraushaar Gary and Barbara Krenz Mary and Charles Krieger Dorothea Kroell and Michael Jonietz Bert and Geraldine Kruse Donald John Lachowicz Kathy and Timothy Laing Neal and Anne Laurance Jean Lawton and James Ellis Bob and Laurie Lazebnik David Lebenbom Julaine and John LeDuc John and Theresa Lee Sue Leong
Melvyn and Joan Levitsky David Baker Lewis Jacqueline H. Lewis Don and Erica Lindow Michael and Debra Lisull Michael Charles Litt
Dr. Daniel Little and Dr. Bernadette Untz Gail Solway Little Rod and Robin Little Dr. and Mrs. Lennart H. LofStrom Julie M. Lof tin Charles P. and Judy B. Lucas Melvin and Jean Manis Manpower, Inc. of Southeastern Michigan Ken and Lynn Marko W. Harry Marsden H.L. Mason Larry and Rowena Matthews
Laurie McCauley and Jessy Grizzle
Peggy McCracken and Doug Anderson
Liam T, McDonald
Eileen Mclntosh and Charles Schaldenbrand
James A. Mclntosh
James H. Mclntosh and Elaine K. Gazda
Bill and Gtnny McKeachie
McNaughton & Gunn. Inc.
Frances McSparran
Nancy A. and Robert E. Meader
Gerlinda S. Mekhiori PhD
Warren and Hilda Merchant
Sara Meredith and James Chavey
ftussand BrigitteMerz
Art and Liz Messiter
Walter and Ruth Metzger
Don and Lee Meyer
Shirley and Bill Meyers
Joetta Mial
Leo and Sally Miedler
Kitty and Bill Moeller
Olga Moir
William G. and Edith 0. Moller
Jean Mane Moran and Stefan V. Chmielewski
Patricia and Michael Morgan
Mark and Lesley Mozola
Roy and Susan Muir
Thomas and Hedi Mulford
Terence and Patricia Murphy
Drs. Louis and Julie Jaf fee Nagel
Gerry and Joanne Navarre
Frederick C. Neidhardt
Kay and Gayl Ness
Susan and Richard Nisbett
Eugene W. Nissen
Laura Nitzberg
Arthur S. Nusbaum
John and Gwen Nystuen
Kathleen I. Operhall
David and Andrea Page
William C. Panzer
Karen Park and John Beranek
Frank and Arlene Pasley
Shirley and Ara Paul
Judith Ann Pavitt
Donald and Evonne Plantinga
Allison and Gregory Poggi
Susan Pollans and Alan Levy
Pomeroy Financial Services, Inc.
Bill and Diana Pratt
Ann Preuss
The Produce Station
Elisabeth and Michael Psarouthakis
Maxwell and Marjone fteade
Stephen and Agnes Reading
Michael J. Redmond
Mamie Reid and Family
Alice Rhodes
Betty Richart
Constance Rinehart
Riverbend Condominium
Jack A. and Aviva Robinson
Jonathan and Anala Rodgers
Dr. Susan M. Rose
Jean P. Rowan
Bob and Susan Rowe
Rosemarie Rowney
Carol D. ftugg and Richard K. Montmorency
Linda Samuelson and Joel Howetl
Ina and Terry Sandalow
Michael and Kimm Sarosi
Rosalyn Sarver and Stephen Rosenblum
Stephen J and Kim Rosner Saxe
SBC Foundation
Jochen and Helga Schacht
Frank J. Schauerte
David and Marcia Schmidt
Leonard Segel
Harriet Selin
Robert D. Shannon
Matthew Shapiro and Susan Garetz
David and Elvera Shappirio
Patrick and Carol Sherry
Jean and Thomas Shope
Hollis and Martha A. Showalter
Patricia Shore
Edward and Kathy Silver
Dr. Terry M. Silver
Gene and Alida Silverman
Scott and Joan Singer
Tim and Marie Slottow
Carl and Jan Smith
Greg and Meg Smith
Robert W. Smith
Ralph and Anita Sosin
Doris and Larry Sperling
Jim Spevak
Jeff Spindler
Judy and Paul Spradlin
David and Ann Staiger
Rick and Lia Stevens
James L Stoddard
Ellen M. Strand and Dennis C. Regan
Clinton and Aileen Stroebel
Donald and Barbara Sugerman
Peg Talburtt and Jim Peggs
Sam and Eva Taylor
Steve and Diane Telian
Mark and Patricia M Tessler
Mary H. Thieme
Edwin J. Thomas
Nigel and Jane Thompson
Claire and Jeremiah Turcotte
Dr. Hazel M and Victor C. Turner. Jr.
Alvan and Katharine Uhle
Susan B Ullrich
Dr. Samuel C. and Evelyn Ursu
Hugo and Karla Vandersypen
Mary Vandewiele
Andrea and Douglas Van Houweling
Michael Van Tassel
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Van Wesep
Marie Vogt
Drs. Harue and Tsuguyasu Wada
Jack Wagoner
Virginia Wait
Thomas and Mary Wakefield
Charles R and Barbara H Wailgren
Shaomeng Wang and JuYun Li
Jo Ann Ward
Arthur and Renate Wasserman
John M Weber
Deborah Webster and George Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Webster
Jack and Jerry Weidenbach
Lisa and Steve Weiss
John. Carol and Ian Welsch
Mary Ann Whipple
(Catherine E. White
Leslie C Whit field
Nancy Wiernik
IW and Beth Winsten
Charlotte A. Wolfe
Brian Woodcock
Ms and Stan Woollams
Phyllis B. Wright
Bryant Wu
Donald and Charlotte Wyche
Mary Jean and John Yablonky
Richard and Kathryn Yarmain
MaryGrace and Tom York
Erik and Lineke Zuiderweg
Gail and David Zuk
Endowment Fund Support
July 7, 2007 -March 1, 2008
he University Musical Society is grateful to those who made a gift to UMS endowment funds, which will benefit UMS audiences now and in the future. These gifts were matched by challenge grants from the Wallace Foundation and the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation.
$50,000 OR MORE
Estate of Douglas Crary
Lenore M. Delanghe Trust
Doris Duke Charitable Foundation
Estate of Dr. Eva L. Mueller
The Power Foundation
Bernard and Raquel Agranoff
Ralph G. Conger Trust
Robert and Frances Gamble Trust
Susan and Richard Gutow
David and Phyllis Herzig
Verne and Judy Istock
Sesi Investment
Herbert Sloan
Kathy Benton and Robert Brown
Maxine and Stuart Frankel Foundation
Toni M. Hoover
Robert and Pearson Macek
Estate of Melanie McCray
Robert and Janet Miller
(of R. & P. Heydon) James and Nancy Stanley Mary Vanden Belt
Herb and Carol Amster
Joan Akers Binkow
CFI Group
Richard and Carolyn Lineback
Mrs. Robert E. Meredith
Prudence and Amnon Rosenthal
Susan B. Ullrich
Marina and Bob Whitman
Ann and Clayton Wilhite
Michael Allemang and Janis Bobrin
Essel and Menakka Bailey
Robert and Wanda Bartlett
DJ and Dieter Boehm
Charles and Linda Borgsdorf
Jean and Ken Casey
Jean W. Campbell
Barbara Mattison Carr
Jane Wilson Coon and A. Rees Midgley, Jr.
Kathleen Crispell and Tom Porter
Macdonald and Carolin Dick
Molly Dobson
Jack and Betty Edman
Charles and Julia Eisendrath
Dede and Oscar Feldman
James and Chris Froehlich
Patricia Garcia and Dennis Dahlmann
Dr. Sid Gilman and Dr. Carol Barbour
Paul and Anne Glendon
David W. and Kathryn Moore Heleniak
Debbie and Norman Herbert
Carl and Charlene Herstein
Robert M. and Joan F. Howe
Jim Irwin
Gloria and Robert Kerry
Jill Latta and David Bach
Lawrence and Rebecca Lohr
Natalie Matovinovic
Jerry and Deborah Orr May
W. Joseph McCune and Georgiana M. Sanders
Melinda and Bob Morris
Elizabeth and Robert Oneal
Mark and Susan Orringer
Mrs. Charles Overberger (Betty)
Richard N. Peterson
Steve and Tina Pollock
Jeffrey and Huda Karaman Rosen
Nancy W. Rugani
Norma and Dick Sarns
Frances U. and Scott K. Simonds
Karl and Karen Weick
Ronald and Eileen Weiser
Mac and Rosanne Whitehouse
Betty and Bob Wurtz
Jeanne and Paul Yhouse
Gerald B. and Mary Kate Zelenock
Jerry and Gloria Abrams Mrs. Bonnie Ackley Barbara A. Anderson and
John H. Romani Anonymous
Arts League of Michigan Lynne Aspnes John U. Bacon Daniel and Barbara Balbach Emily Bandera and Richard Shackson Gary Beckman and Karla Taylor James K. and Lynda Berg Harvey Berman and
Rochelle Kovacs Berman Inderpal and Martha Bhatia Sandra L. and Stanley Bies Jack Billi and Sheryl Hirsch Sara Billmann and Jeffrey Kuras Linda and Maurice Binkow David and Martha Bloom Blue Nile Restaurant Mimi and Ron Bogdasarian Paul Boylan Carl A. Brauer, Jr. Dale E. and Nancy M. Briggs Jeannine and Robert Buchanan Andrew and Emily Buchholz Robert and Victoria Buckler John and Janis Burkhardt David Bury and Marianne Lockwood Letitia J. Byrd Carolyn M. Carty and
Thomas H. Haug Jack Cederquist and
Meg Kennedy Shaw Sue and Bill Chandler Shana Meehan Chase Dr. Kyung and Young Cho Toby Citrin and Phyllis Blumenfeld Donald and Astrid Cleveland Michael and Hilary Cohen Phelps and Jean Connell M.J. Coon Katharine Cosovich Malcolm and Juanita Cox George and Connie Cress Mary C. Crichton Dana Foundation David Lieberman Artists
Representatives, Inc. Linda Davis and Robert Richter Neeta Delaney and Ken Stevens Nicholas and Elena Delbanco Macdonald and Carolin Dick Steve and Lori Director Steve and Judy Dobson Cynthia M. Dodd Robert J. and Kathleen Dolan Hal and Ann Doster Michele Eickholt and Lee Green Janet Eilber Bruce N. and Cheryl W. Elliott
Charles N. and Julie G. Ellis
Stefan and Ruth Fajans
Beth B. Fischer
Gerald B. and Catherine L. Fischer
Harold and Billie Fischer
Jeanne and Norman Fischer
Esther M. Floyd
Bob and Terry Foster
Lucia and Doug Freeth
Marilyn L. Friedman
Susan Froelich and Richard Ingram
Bart and Cheryl Frueh
Tavi Fulkerson
Luis and L. April Gago
Beverley and Gerson Geltner
Gail Gentes and Phil Hanlon
Joyce and Steve Gerber
Ronald Gibala and Janice Grichor
Heather and Seth Gladstein
Kathleen and Jack Glezen
Tom and Katherine Goldberg
William and Jean Gosling
Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Janet Goss
Lewis R. and Mary A. Green
Robert A. Green MD
Linda and Richard Greene
Walt and Charlene Hancock
Carol I. Harrison
Alice and Clifford Hart
Dan and Jane Hayes
Joyce and John Henderson
Dr. John and Mrs. Donna Henke
J. Lawrence and Jacqueline Stearns
Bob and Barbara Hensinger Lorna and Mark Hildebrandt Diane S. Hoff Jerry and Helga Hover Ann D. Hungerman Joyce M. Hunter Judith Hurtig
IATSE Local 395 Stagehands Independence Community
Foundation Keki and Alice Irani Myra and Mel Jacobs Beverly Jahn
Ellen Janke and Ian Lewis Ben M.Johnson Harold Johnson Robert L. and Beatrice H. Kahn Perry and Denise Kantner Christopher Kendall and
Susan Schilperoort John B. Kennard David and Sally Kennedy Nancy Keppelman and
Michael Smerza Robert and Bonnie Kidd Paul and Leah Kileny Diane Kirpatrick Dr. David E. and
Heidi Castleman Klein
Anne Kloack
Gary and Barbara Krenz
Daniel H. Krichbaum
Marvin Krislov and Amy Sheon
Edna LandauIMG Artists
Wendy and Ted Lawrence
Cyril and Ruth Leder
Mary LeDuc
Leo and Kathy Legatski
Melvin A. Lester MD
David Baker Lewis
Donald and Carolyn Dana Lewis
Emmy LewisLewis & Company Mar?keting Communications, Inc.
Ken and Jane Lieberthal
Marilyn and Martin Lindenauer
William and Lois Lovejoy
John and Kathy Loveless
Jimena Loveluck and Tim Veeser
Dale Schatzlein and Emily Maltz Fund
Ted and Teresa Marchese
Nancy and Philip Margolis
Mrs. Shirley D. Martin
Mary and Chandler Matthews
Jon McBride
Laurie McCauley and Jessy Grizzle
Susan McClanahan and Bill Zimmerman
Dores M. McCree
W. Joseph McCune and Georgiana Sanders
Bill and Ginny McKeachie
Joanna McNamara and Mel Guyer
Barbara Meadows
Joetta Mial
John and Carla Michaud
Patricia Mooradian
Jean M. Moran
Mary Morse
Lisa Murray and Michael Gatti
Gerry and Joanne Navarre
Frederick C. Neidhardt
Kay and Gayl Ness
M. Haskell and Jan Barney Newman
Susan and Richard Nisbett
Patricia and Max Noordhoorn
Constance K. and Charles E. Olson, Jr.
Jan Onder
Susan and Mark Orringer
Constance and David Osier
Anne Parsons and Donald Dietz
Francis and Arlene Pasley
Steven and Janet Pepe
Marv Peterson
Nancy S. Pickus
Julian and Evelyn Prince
Steve and Ellen Ramsburgh
Stephen and Agnes Reading
John and Dot Reed
Dr. Riley Rees and Elly Wagner
Marnie Reid and Family
Theresa Reid and Marc Hershenson
Kenneth J. Robinson and
Marcia Gershenson Corliss and Dr. J.C. Rosenberg Doris E. Rowan Bill and Lisa Rozek Herbert and Ernestine Ruben Harry and Elaine Sargous Maya Savarino Ann and Thomas J. Schriber Ruth Scodel
Ingrid and Clifford Sheldon Mikki Shepard Don and Sue Sinta Jim Skupski and Dianne Widzinski Andrea and William Smith Carl and Jari Smith Rhonda Smith Scott and Amy Spooner John and Lois Stegeman Victor and Marlene Stoeffler Ronald Stowe and
Donna Power Stowe David and Karen Stutz Teresa A. Sullivan and Doug Laycock Charlotte B. Sundelson Mark and Patricia Tessler Denise Thai and David Scobey Norman and Marcia Thompson Carrie and Peter Throm John and Geraldine Topliss Jonathan Trobe and
Joan Lowenstein Claire and Jeremiah Turcotte Elizabeth and Stephen Upton Thomas and Mary Wakefield Richard and Madelon Weber W. Scott Westerman, Jr. Sally M. Whiting Max Wicha and Sheila Crowley Frances A. Wright Phyllis B. Wright Betty and Bob Wurtz Jeanne and Paul Yhouse
Joseph S. Ajlouny
Arts Alliance of the Ann Arbor Area
Barbara B. Bach
Jenny BilfieldFriedman and Joel Friedman
Ed and Luciana Borbely
Barbara Everitt Bryant
Simon Carrington
Mark Clague
Edward and Ruth Cogen
GuyL. Cooper III
Dr. Hugh Cooper and EllyRose Cooper
Jill Crane
Richard and Edith Croake
Sally Cushing
Diana Engel
Martha Fischer and Bill Lutes
Kristin Fontichiaro
Friends at Alverno
John N. Gardner
Walter Helmreich
Ken and Joyce Holmes
Dr. Nancy Houk
Dria Howlett
John and Patricia Huntington
Mike and Danielle LaVaqueManty
Judie and Jerry Lax
Rod and Robin Little
Shelley MacMillan and Gary Decker
Jaclin and David Marlin
Janice Mayer
Beth McNally
Ronald G. Miller
Shelley and Dan Morhaim
Warren and Shelley Perlove
Julianne Pinsak
Eileen Pollack
Elisabeth and Michael Psarouthakis
Thomas and Sue Ann Reisdorph
Omari Rush
Margaret and Glen Rutila
Liz Silverstein
Charles E. Sproger
Lloyd and Ted St. Antoine
Peg Talburtt and Jim Peggs
Christina and Thomas Thoburn
Linda Tubbs
Harvey and Robin Wax
Zelma Weisfeld
Warren Williams
The future success of the University Musical Society is secured in part by income from UMS's endowment funds. UMS extends its deepest ap?preciation to the many donors who have established andor contributed to the following funds:
H. Gardner and Bonnie Ackley
Endowment Fund Herbert S. and Carol Amster Fund Catherine S. Arcure and Herbert E. Sloan
Endowment Fund Carl and Isabelle Brauer Fund Choral Union Fund Hal and Ann Davis Endowment Fund Doris Duke Charitable Foundation
Endowment Fund Ottmar Eberbach Funds Epstein Endowment Fund JazzNet Endowment Fund William R. Kinney Endowment Fund Natalie Matovinovid Endowment Fund Medical Community Endowment Fund NEA Matching Fund Palmer Endowment Fund Mary R. RomigdeYoung Music
Appreciation Fund Prudence and Amnon Rosenthal K12
Education Endowment Fund Charles A. Sink Endowment Fund University Musical Society
Endowment Fund The Wallace Endowment Fund
The Burton Tower Society recog?nizes and honors those very special friends who have included UMS in their estate plans. UMS is grateful for this important support, which will continue the great traditions of artistic excellence, educational opportunities, and community partnerships in future years.
Bernard and Raquet Agranoff
Carol and Herb Amster
Mr. Neil P. Anderson
Dr. and Mrs. David G. Anderson
Catherine S. Arcure
Linda and Maurice Binkow
Elizabeth S. Bishop
Mr. and Mrs. W. Howard Bond
Mr. and Mrs. Pal E. Borondy
Carl and Isabelle Brauer
Barbara Everitt Bryant
Pat and George Chatas
Mr. and Mrs. John Alden Clark
H. Michael and Judith I. Endres
Dr. James F. Filgas
Ken and Penny Fischer
Ms. Susan Ruth Fischer
Beverley and Gerson Geltner
Paul and Anne Glendon
John and Martha Hicks
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ives
Marilyn G. Jeffs
Thomas C. and
Constance M. Kinnear
Diane Kirkpatrick
Charlotte McGeoch
Michael G. McGuire
M. Haskell and Jan Barney Newman
Len Niehoff
Dr. and Mrs. Frederick C. O'Dell
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Powers
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Radock
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Ricketts
Mr. and Mrs. Willard L. Rodgers
Prudence and Amnon Rosenthal
Margaret and Haskell Rothstein
Irma J. Sklenar
Herbert Sloan
Art and Elizabeth Solomon
Roy and JoAn Wetzel
Ann and Clayton Wilhite
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Zollars
Contributions have been received in honor andor memory of the follow?ing individuals:
H. Gardner Ackley
Herb and Carol Amster
Matthew Arcure
Robert G. Bartle
Abe Berman
Wendy Bethune and Roland Pender
Linda and Maurice Binkow
Mary Gene Birdsall
llene Birge
Carl and Isabelle Brauec
Charles and Evelyn Carver
Jean Burnett Cassidy
Germaine Chipault
Cheryl Clarkson
Mary Lou Coon
Jon Cosovich
Arthur F. Cox, Jr.
Douglas D. Crary
Edith Deitch
Pauline DiPietro
Angela S. Dobson
John S. Dobson
Janel Fain
Ken and Penny Fischer
Sally Fleming
Sara B. Frank
Maxine and Stuart Frankel
Martha Gall
Boris Gankin
Fred M. Ginsberg
Jeffrey B. Green
Lila Green
Lisbeth Louise Hildebrandt
Johnson Harbeck Harold Haugh Carl Herstein Dr. Sidney S. Hertz David and Phyllis Herzig Robert Kelch MD Francis W. Kelsey Marilyn Krimm Dr. and Mrs. Edwin Marcus Kenyatta Martin Marilyn Mason Dr. Josip Matovinovic" Susan McClanahan Valerie D. Meyer James D. Moore Ella Baker Munger Holmes E. and
Susan E. Newton Kathleen Nolan and
Doug Kelbaugh James G. Pattridge Raymond Peck Gwen and Emerson Powrie Gail W. Rector Steffi Reiss Claire Rice Amnon Rosenthal Margaret E. Rothstein Eric H. Rothstein Nona Schneider William J. Scott Marvin Selin Marjorie Merker Sell '39 Michael and Molina Serr Sam Silverman George E. Smith Edith Marie Snow Burnette Staebler James Stanley Virginia W. Stuart Sonja Astrid Stutz Dr. and Mrs. E. Thurston
Charles R. Tieman Francis V. Viola III George and Ailie Wappula Edward C. Weber
Raoul Weisman Clayton Wilhite CarlH. Wilmot'19 Dr. Jan Winkelman Maria Wolter Peter Holderness Woods Barbara E. Young
16 Hands
4 Seasons Perfume and Lingerie
Allure Boutique Wadad Abed
Abracadabra JewelryGem Gallery Acme Mercantile Benjamin AcostaHughes Bernie and Ricky Agranoff Alice Lloyd Residence Hall Carol and HerbAmster Blair Anderson Ann Arbor Art Center Ann Arbor Art Center Gallery Shop Ann Arbor Aviation Center Ann Arbor Chinese Traditional
Music Orchestra Ann Arbor District Library Ann Arbor Framing Ann Arbor HandsOn Museum Ann Arbor Public Schools Ann Arbor Tango Club Ann Arbor's 107one Association for Asian Studies. Inc. Arbor Brewing Company Avanti Hair Designers Ayla & Company John U. Bacon Bailey. Banks & Biddle Bana Salon and Spa Bob and Wanda Bartlett Joseph W. Becker Gary Beckman Bellanina Day Spa Kathy Benton and Robert Brown Yehonatan Berick Lynda Berg Berry Goldsmiths The Betty Brigade Nishta Bhatia
Maurice and Linda Binkow Jerry Blackstone Carolyn Blessing Bloomfield Gourmet Shoppe Blue Nile
Boychoir of Ann Arbor Enoch Brater Meta Brown
Beth BruceThe Carlisle Collection Bob Buckler Jim Bumstein
Bustan alFunun Foundation Patty ButzkeOrbit Hair Design Cafe Zola Cake Nouveau Lou and Janet Callaway Camp Michigania Mary CampbellEveryday Wines Nathan Caplan Casey's Tavern Cass Technical High School Cesar Chavez High School Charlie's LaShish Mignonette Cheng Cherry Republic Chinese American Society
of Ann Arbor Chinese Association
of Greater Detroit Chinese Women's Association The Chippewa Club Chary Chum Mark Clague Deb Clancy
Coach Me Fit
Cole Street Salon & Spa
The Common Grill
Community High School
Community High School Dance Program
Complete Chiropractic and Bodywork Therapy
Howard Cooper Howard Cooper Import Center
Liz Copeland
James Corbett and Mary Dempsey
Habte Dadi
Pornrat Damrhung
Gary Decker
Judith DeWoskin
Sally and Larry DiCarlo
Andrews. Dixon
Personal Computer Advisor
Heather Dombey
Julie Donnelly
Downtown Home & Garden
DTE Energy
Phary Duch
Duggan Place Bed and Breakfast
Aaron Dworkin
Kelly Dylla
The Earle Restaurant
Eastern Michigan University Dance Department
Eastern Michigan University Depart?ment of Theater Education
Gillian Eaton
Jack and Betty Edman
Lisa and Jim Edwards
El Bustan Funoun
Anthony Elliott
Julie Ellison
Emerald City Restaurant
Espresso Royale
Mary Ann Faeth
Fantasy Forest
JoAnna and David Featherman
Susan Filipiak
Ucal Fintey
Susan Fisher and John Waidley
Kristin Fontichiaro
Forsythe Middle School
Frame Factory
Fran Coy Salon
Sara Frank
Maxine and Stuart Franket
Traianos Gagos
Deborah Gabrion
Zvi Gitelman
Glass Academy LLC
Anne Glendon
Kathy and Tom Goldberg
The Golden Apple
Larry Greene
Greenstone's Fine Jewelry
Linda Gregerson
Father Gregory Joyce
Tim Grimes
Groom & Go
Susan Guiheen
Susan and Richard Gutow
Walt and Charlene Hancock
Lavinia Hart
Heather's Place
David W. and
Kathryn Moore Heleniak
Herb David Guitar Studio
Cart and Charlene Herstein
Alan Hicken and Family
Hill Top Greenhouse and Farms
Barbara Hodgdon
The Homestead Bed and Breakfast
Hong Hua
Howell Nature Center
Carol and Dan Huntsbarger
The Moveable Feast Robert Hurst Iguanaworks
Integrated Architecture
Inward Bound Yoga
Julie's Music
Imagining America
Mohammad Issa
Andrew Jennings
Mercy and Stephen Kasle
Meg Kennedy Shaw
Ken's Flower Shops
Kerrytown Concert House
Patty and David Kersch
Iman Khagani
Kenneth Kiesler
Tom and Liz Knight
Knit A Round Yarn Shop
Knit Pickers
Joan Knoertzer
Susan Kung
Joseph Lam
Gayle LaVictoire
Lynnae Lehfeldt
Lori LentimWilbur
Richard LeSueur
Bobbie and Myron Levine
Lewis Jewelers
Linda Lim
Karen Lindenberg
Logan An American Restaurant
Eleanor Lord
Stephanie Lord
Martin and Jane Maehr
Mariachi Especial de Alma
Martha Cook Residence Hall
Marygrove College Dance
Chandler and Mary Matthews Marilyn McCormick Masri Sweets Joanna McNamara Zarin Mehta Kate Mendeloff The Metro Cafe MFit Culinary Team MFit Fitness Center Joetta Mial Michigan Theater Carla Milarch Miles of Golf
Jeff MoreAshley's Restaurant Morgan and York Mosaic Youth Theater Motawi Tileworks Vince Mountain Louis Nagel The Neutral Zone John NevilleAndrews M. Haskell and Jan Barney Newman Sarah and Dan Nicoli Tom OgarMerrill Lynch Opus One
Liz and Mohammad Othman Marysia Ostafin Pacific Rim by Kana Paesano's Restaurant Kimberly Pearsall Penny Stamps Visiting Distinguished
Visitors Series Performance Network Peter's Palate Pleaser Pierre Paul Art Gallery Pioneer High School Gregory and Allison Poggi The Polo Fields Golf and
Country Club David Potter Phil and Kathy Power Yopie Prins Purple Rose Theater Putterz Golf & Games The Quarter Bistro and Tavern Ingrid Racine David Ralston
Paula RandJuliana Collezione Mamie Reid Cathy Reischl Ray Robinson
Huda and Jeff Rosen Steve Rosoff Ellen Rowe Russell S. Bashaw
Faux Finish Studio. LLC Afa Sadykhly Sam's Clothing Store Agnes and David Sarns Jamie Saville and Rusty Fuller Schakolad Chocolate Factory Michael Schoenfeldt Penny Schreiber Ruth Scodel SeloShevel Gallery Sesi Lincoln Mercury Volvo Mazda Seva Restaurant Rabia Shade
Shaman Drum Bookshop Nelson Shantz Piano Service Wei Shen Bright Sheng George Shirley John Shultz Photography Silkmoons Susan SilverFink Deborah SiposRoe Loretta Skewes Tim and Marie Slottow Andrea Smith Mandisa Smith Elizabeth Southwick Cynthia Sowers The Spa at Liberty Peter Sparling Rick Sperling Sphinx Organization Jim and Nancy Stanley St. Anne's Church in Detroit Bennett Stem Stonebridge Golf Club Cindy Straub Grace Stevick Charlie Sullivan Ed and Natalie Surovell
Edward Surovell Realtors Sweet Gem Confections Swing City Dance Studio Ten Thousand Villages Tom Thompson Flowers Liz Toman Trader Joe's
Travis Pointe Country Club Sue Ullrich
UM Alumni Association UM Arts of Citizenship UM Arts on Earth UM Arts Enterprise Club UM Arts at Michigan UM Black Arts Council UM Center for Afroamerican and
African Studies
UM Center for Chinese Studies UM Center for Education of
UM Center for Japanese Studies UM Center for Latin American and
Caribbean Studies UM Center for Middle Eastern and
North African Studies UM Center for Russian and East
European Studies UM Department of Dance UM Department of Internal
UM Department of Musical Theatre UM Gifts of Art UM Golf Course UM Hatcher Graduate Library UM Honors Program UM Institute for the Humanities UM International Institute UM LSA Honors Program UM Museum of Art UM Office of New Student
Programs UM Residential College
UM School of Art and Design UM School of Education UM School of Law UM School of Music,
Theater and Dance UM Women of Color in the
Academy Urban Jewelers Van Boven Shoes Arthur Verhoogt Vie Fitness and Spa Viking Sewing Center St. Vladimir Orthodox Church VOLUME Youth Poetry Project Martin Walsh
Washtenaw Community College Washtenaw intermediate
School District Enid Wasserman Waterscape Wayne State University
Dance Department Weber's Inn and Hotel The West End Grill Laurie White Steven Whiting Ann and Clayton Wilhite Cassie Williams Ralph Williams Debbie WilliamsHoak Robin Wilson Lori Wojtowicz Daisy Wu Linda Yohn YollesSamrah Wealth
Management, LLC Yotsuba Japanese Restaurant & Bar Dr. Ejuini Zen Tom Zimmerman Zingerman's Bakehouse Zingerman's Delicatessen
UMS would like to give special thanks to the following individuals and businesses who have made special contributions of time, talent, and service during the 0708 season. UMS also recognizes the contributions of its Board, Staff, Senate, National Council, Corporate Coun?cil, Advisory Committee, and Teacher Advisory Committee whose names are listed on page 16 of this program book. Spe?cial appreciation goes to:
David Aderente
Aerial EnterprisesJim Lillie
African Dance Works
Alhoussneyou Ba
Ann Arbor's 107one
Ann Arbor News
Ann Arbor Observer
Ann Arbor Open School
Ann Arbor Piano Teacher Guild
The Arab American News
Arts at Michigan
Robin Baily
Mark Berg
Between the Lines
Andrew Bishop
William Bolcom
Mary Breakey
Charlie Bright
Brookwood StudioDavid Lau
Alan S. Brown
Heather Byrne
Liqun Cao
Ronnie Cao
Christopher Carlon
Carpenter Elementary School
Dennis Carter
Evan Chambers
Amy Chavasse
Idy Ciss
Deb Clancy
J. Scott Clarke
Mary Cole
?Catherine Collier
Community High School
Chris Dempsey
Detroit Jewish News
Detroit News
Detroit Free Press
Angela Dillard
Darlene Eagle
Doug Edwards
John Ellis
Emerson School
Fantasee Lighting
Michaelene Farrell
Gallagher Security
Karen Gao
Charles Garrett
Beth Genne
Ghostly Intenational
Glacier Hills Retirement Center
John Godfrey
Tzywen Gong
Mark Gordon
Joe Gramley
Rhonda Green
Greenhills School
Ian Griffin
Robert Grijalva
Tim Grimes
Danny Gwirtzman
Michael Haithcock
Hammell Music
Christopher Claypoole and Wilbur Miller Daniel Herwitz Norman Hogikyan Judith Hommel Huron High School IATSE Local 395 Elizabeth James Andrew Jennings Larry Johnson Pricilia Johnson King's Keyboards Andy Kirschner Barry LaRue Roger LeLievre lie Li
MC DesignMargot Campos Laura Machida Andrea Manilla Christian Matjtas Amanda Mengden Metro Times Deb Mexicotte Michigan Chronicle Michigan Daily Michigan Front Page Michigan Radio Virgil Moorefield Donald Morelock Julie Morgan Mary Motherwell NV RentalsNeil V.llarreal Bob Needham Neutral Zone Lisong Ni Susan Isaacs Nisbett
Anis Mohd Nor
Northside Elementary School
Observer and Eccentric Newspapers
Kimberly Osburn
Marysia Ostafin
Jane Ozanich
Palmer CommonsDavid Disney
Amy Porter
Ingnd Racine
Kevin Ransom
Laura Raynor
Tamara Real
Shannon Rice
Lori Roddy
Zak Rosen
Steven Rush
St. Francis of Assist Parish
David Barera
Savitski DesignMike Savitski Scarlett Middle School Vivianne Schnitzer Senegalese Association of
SE Michigan Helena Schlorff Rafe ScobeyThal Dr. Muaiad Shihadeh Mary Simoni Elaine Sims Logan Skelton Bennett Stein Carol Stepanchuk Kathleen Stevens Will Stewart Mark Stryker Barbara SturgisEverett Kurt Thoma
Thurston Elementary School Tobins Lake Sales Tobins Lake Studios Summer Tucker Unit PackagingDave O'Brien UM Center for Research on
Learning and Teaching UM Center for South East Asian
Studies UM Center for World Performance
Studies UM Department of Jazz &
Improvisation UM Department of Slavic
Languages and Literature UM Duderstadt Center
Digital Media Commons UM Office of Academic
Multicultural Initiatives UM Public Goods Council UM Rackham School of
Graduate Studies UM Residential College UM Ross School of Business UM Stearns Collection UMS Usher Corps UMS Youth Education Ushers University ProductionsJeffrey Kuras WDET 101.9 FM WEMU 89 1 FM WGTE91.3FM WKAR 905 FM WRCJ 90.9 FM WUOM91.7FM Brent Wagner Frances Wang Hul Wang
Washtenaw Community College Don Watkins Wayne State University Shih Wen Wu Dianne Widzinski Eliza Woodford Angela Yang Louis Yen Linda Yohn Zeitouna Rong Zhao

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