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UMS Concert Program, Sat 15 May: Breakin' Curfew --

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University Musical Society
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Power Center

NZ & ums present
Breakin' Curfew
Sat. May 15 8 pm Power Center
with support drom TOYOTA
The Neutral Zone, Ann Arbor's Teen Center
and University Musical Society are proud to present the 7th annual
Breakin' Curfew
Washtenaw County Rugby Football Club
Glenna Benitez
Hannah Pearlman
Ryan King
CassTech High School Dance Workshop
Max'd Out!
Jon Daniel
F.I.R.E. Entertainment
Beats of Mass
Sole Transit
15 minute intermission w DJ Ell
Wruice Deuce
Ann Arbor Civic Ballet &The Breakbenders
Allison Kennedy
Ann Arbor 3+1
Aerie Em & Ben Gugino
Milan Griffes & Swing City Tap
NZ MC Wrkshp
Huron Trash Talkers
Dueling Fencers
Ann Arbor
Philharmonic Orchestra & Soul Merchants
Please set cell phones and pagers to vibrate. Sorry, no flash photography or video recording equipment. Enjoy the show.
The Curators
The Breakin' Curfew Teen Curators seek out and present the best of Southeastern Michigan's youth talent. Working from September through May under the mentorship of the University Musical Society, these two dozen teens take on the production and marketing tasks for this show, from scouting talent to writing budgets, recruiting acts to composing promotional material, selling advertisements to designing light plots short of rigging the P. A. system, they are involved at every level. They are proud to offer a professional opportunity to showcase the boundless amount of local talent. Breakin' Curfew exhibits teens at their best, both on stage and behind the curtains.
David Shapiro
Production Managers
Meghna Rao Charlie Held
Marketing Manager
Katherine Ford
Morgan Tucker Gabby George
Poster Concept
Maia Akiva & Kara Krause
Backdrop Artists
Cory Anderson Colleen O'Brien Jonas GearhartHall
Curator Team
Mara Abramson Cory Anderson Peter Urie Bae Max Bowen Jake Cinti Maddie Csere Senait Dafa Donovan Hyter Jacob Joyce Amin Lanseur Julia Mogerman Ben Pernick Martin Reidy Caroline Robb Niki Sabet Fakhri Daniel Sagher Alia PersicoShammas Hannah Sherman Will Smith Joe Weindorf
Thanks & Luv
Neutral Zone and UMS gratefully acknowledge the Toyota Technical Center and the following groups and individuals for supporting Breakin' Curfew 2010 with their generous contributions:
$2,500 Emcees & DJs
Carl Brauer
Toyota Technical Center
Sue & Rick Snyder
Leslie Desmond & Philip Stoffregen Debbie & Norman Herbert Leonard Weiss
Butzel Long
VIP Reception Volunteers
Michelle Anderson Carol Bowen Kate Harding Anne Jackson Susan Karp Billie Ochberg Ruby Shapiro
InKind Donors
The production services of Jim Lillie and David Bartlebaugh of Aerial Enterprises, Brian Kemp of Fantasee lighting, Dean Neeb and the members of IATSE Local 395, University Productions (UPROD), King's Keyboard, University of Michigan Life Sciences Institute, Cat's Cradle Media, Barry Bagels, Hello Faz Pizza, Cookie Whalen & associates of Above Ground Hair Studio and Sinderella.
Generally Awesome Folks
UMS Staff: Ken Fischer, Jeff Beyersdorf, Mary Roeder, Claire Rice, Mark Jacobson, Michael Kondiolka, Omari Rush, Sara Bilhnan, Suzie Davidson, Jim Leija, Liz Stover, Susan McClanahan, Mamie Reid, and Jennifer Graf.
Lighting designer: Greg Mazure
NZ Staff: John Weiss, Mary Moffett, Amy Milligan, Lori Roddy, Ingrid Racine, Trevor Stone, Jeff Kass, Chris Bathgate, Carlos Garcia, Natalie Berriz, Rebecca Bowman, Danny Brown, Mike Hyter, John Krohn, Xan Luck and former NZ staffer Pamela Waxman.
a, big 6wut out and thankb
to those who contributed the tasty treats at the VIP reception:
Ellen Abramson Espresso Royale David and Janice Robb
Ali Baba Anne Jackson Roly Poly Sandwiches
Carol Bowen Sheila Johnson Seoul Garden
Casey's Tavern Meijer on Jackson Road Shalimar
Marie Deveney Janet Nacu Ruby Shapiro
Eastern Accents Billie Ochberg Sheesh Mediteranean Cuisine
Pilar's Tamales Liz Allore Shurmur

University Musical Society
One of the oldest performing arts presenters in the country, UMS serves diverse audiences through multidisciplinary performing arts programs in three distinct but interrelated areas: presentation, creation, and education. With a program steeped in music, dance, and theater, UMS hosts approximately 75 performances and 150 free educational activities each season. UMS also commissions new work, sponsors artist residencies, and organizes collaborative projects with local, national, and international partners.
The Neutral Zone
The Neutral Zone is a diverse, youthdriven teen center dedicated to promoting personal growth through artistic expression, community leadership and the exchange of ideas. Last year, the Neutral Zone celebrated our milestone 10th anniversary. The Zone's teens continue to enrich each other and our community with their good works, creativity, and passion.
But don't take our word for it -come see for yourself. Visit the Neutral Zone the next time you find yourself downtown. We're at 301 E. Washington Street (at 5th).
Breakin' Curfew 2010 Performers
DJ Ell
DJ Ell is well known as the youngest professional DJ in the Midwest. DJ Ell (aka Elliott Sabbagh) entered the DJ scene at the age of eleven, when he got his first pair of turntables. By the time he turned twelve he was performing as a DJ at local events, house parties and small venues. By thirteen he had built a significant following and began playing clubs and venues in and around Michigan, like the Gruv Night Club, The Spot, Envy, The Power Center, The BSide, and The Elks Lodge. Ell was soon spotted by DJ Aries who invited him to join the Hood Hard Collective, and began getting gigs with the wellknown Channel 95.5FM Detroit and WJLB 97.9FM radio stations. In 2008, DJ Chill Will invited DJ Ell to cohost WCBN's well known hip hop show "The Prop Shop" with him. Currently DJ Ell and DJ Chill Will run the popular show together every Saturday night from 9:00 pm. to midnight (88.3 FM in Ann Arbor, MI). In 2009 Ell continues to "get them on their feet" with his radio show & gigs at clubs, high school promsdances, BarBat Mitzvahs, fund raisers, Sweet Sixteen parties, and public events across the state. For all music, events and news updates: www.myspace.comdjellmusic Bookings:
Washtenaw County Rugby Football Club
The Washtenaw Rugby Football Club (WRFC) is a rugby club for high school students in the Washtenaw county area. The club was founded in the mid90's with the goal of introducing the sport of rugby to high school students throughout the land. The current team has students from Pioneer, Skyline, Plymouth, and Saline. The haka is a dance traditionally done by the Maori of New Zealand that was adopted as a pregame ritual by the New Zealand national rugby team, the all blacks. The WRFC will be performing it with Captain Bailey Glassford leading.
Echoes is an Ann Arbor punk rock band hailing from Community High School. Its members are Jake Cinti (vocalsrhythm guitar), Charlie Held (drums), Adrian Koch (bassvocals), and Max Brown (lead guitar). Echoes was formed in February of 2008, and soon after, released a record called "This Will Never Fly" on the Youth Owned Records label. They are influenced by punk rock powerhouses like Four Year Strong, Set Your Goals, and Kid Dynamite.
Glenna Benitez
Glenna lives here. For now. She spends her time thinking of life as a movie, which makes everything more pleasant and bearable, sometimes even hilarious. This is her second year as an Ann Arbor youth slam team member and her last year in high school. She's currently trying as hard as she can not to spend all of her money on pesto dishes and items from "Sky Mall." Aside from being a casual archeologist, she enjoys dancing, playing the piano, and danger.
Hannah Pearlman
Hannah Pearlman is a senior at Pioneer High School. She has been singing for as long as she can remember and started writing songs a few years ago. "Shadow" the song she is performing this evening, was originally written as a song about her siblings growing up and moving on. Now it has sort of developed as a tribute for all who have loved and lost. Last year, Hannah performed in Breakin' Curfew with the a cappella group Soulfege, but this markes her first solo performance. Cheers!
Ryan King
Ryan King was born in a log cabin in Greely, Colorado in the winter of 1992. He was then raised on corn and soy in the heart of America, Illinois. Because he originally aspired to become an NBA star, Ryan's pursuit of music only began at age 8. The denning moment in his childhood came in 2001, when Ryan was uprooted from his home in Illinois and swept away to the snowy landscape known as Ann Arbor. While attending Dicken elementary school, Slauson middle school, and finally Pioneer High School, Ryan would always display an interest in music. He has played in the Michigan Youth Orchestra and the Detroit Symphony Civic Youth Orchestra, as well as the nationally recognized Cobahshi Trio. However, Ryan's interest in music goes beyond the concert hall. He plays guitar in the criticallyacclaimed rock group Space Cadet, and appeared as a guest artist on Ryan Yunck's progressiverock epic, "One Year." He plans on majoring in clarinet performance in college next fall. This is Ryan's first Breakin' Curfew performance, as well as his first time seeing the show.
Cass Tech Dance Workshop
This year, the Cass Tech Dance Workshop makes their debut performance in Breakin' Curfew. Cass Tech High School is one of four magnet schools in Detroit, and is the home of many notable alumni in the arts, including Diana Ross, Regina Carter, and Donald Byrd, to name just a few. The Dance Workshop attracts top students in dance from all over the city, many who go on to study at prestigious dance schools across the country.
Max'd Out! presents The Stank Factory
Performing this year in Breakin Curfew is Ann Arbor's own Community High School Jazz Band, Max'd Out. The group is led by guitarist Max Bowen who currently attends the 12th grade at Community High. With the exception of Will Smith, their newly added saxophone player, the band has been giggingwith each other for several years now. The whole band says that they are extraordinarily proud to represent the Ann Arbor teen jazz scene this year in Breakin' Curfew. "The group is loaded with lots of energetic and committed players," says Aidan Cafferty. "I have no doubt the show this year will be an amazing performance."
Jon Daniel
Born on a faraway island, Jon Daniel is a creature of the mist. After spending his capricious childhood in the forests of Borneo, he came to terms with his manhood and built a massive ship (an exact replica of the Mayflower) and sailed, over land and sea, to Michigan. Where there wasn't water, he pushed his boat. His soul is filled with poetry.
Forever Illustrating Real Entertainment (F.I.R.E.) is an inner city performing arts group founded on October 19,2009 by Joey Donaldson, inspired by band teacher Mr. Jeffrey D. Smith. The goal of F.I.R.E. is to display some of the unknown talent that exists in the city of Detroit. Their shows offer dance, music, and theater for all to enjoy, always with a creative twist. Currently there are about 30 active members of F.I.R.E. from different parts of metro Detroit, that come together for one purpose: YOUR entertainment.
Beats of Mass Destruction
Dayne WhiteBull and Mike Shack have been beat boxing and rapping with each other since they were in 8th Grade. They both grew up in Ann Arbor, and are influenced by artists such as WuTang Clan and Nirvana. When asked to describe their music, they say that it is a perfect mixture of two true hiphop fundamentals (beat boxing and rapping) with an emphasis on "real" lyrics.
Sole Transit
Sole Transit is the new, funk rock experience from Ann Arbor. Headed by the ripping trumpet licks of Leif Gearhart Hall, the wailing saxes of Will Smith and Kyle Morrison, the soulful keyboard cries of Paul Smith, the roaring guitar from Jordan Siden, the grooving basslines from Dan Sagher and the thunder from drummer Erez Levin Sole Transit is no ordinary group. Incorporating elements of funk, blues, New Orleans and rock and roll styles, Sole Transit is an eclectic collage of musical styles.
Wruice Deuce
Wruice Deuce began its career on St. Patrick's Day many years ago as "The Hobo Band," led by Bruce, an elderly freeloader, whom none of the current members had the opportunity to meet, besides Ryan. It wasn't until a couple years later that the band's drink manager Elliot suggested the name "Wruice Deuce" for Ryan's Club Penguin account, combining "wruice", the word that the band used for "limp" and "deuce" as in "what the deuce"The name stuck. Anyone who knows Wruice Deuce associates the band with the infamous Party Barn Show, which dubbed Wruice Deuce the coolest thing in all of Lodi Township. The band has gone through many slumps and met with many obstacles, but their motto got them through tough times. "Sometimes, failure is the best you can hope for." The members include, Aaron "flash drive"Trierweiler, Daniel "lips" Kriz, Ryan "2 by 4" Yunck, Tanay "Barney" Kulkarni and Duncan "BlueTooth" Polot, all from Pioneer. Wruice Deuce's album "Message From Mars" will be available to purchase, April 2070.
Ann Arbor Civic Ballet and The Breakbenders
For fifty years, the Ann Arbor Civic Ballet has been a focal point for dance in southeast Michigan. As the State's first chartered ballet company and the sixth in the United States, this nonprofit educational organization has provided training and performance opportunity for dozens of dancers each season. Many Ann Arbor Civic Ballet alumni have danced professionally in companies across the globe.
For this year's Breakin Curfew, the A2 Civic Ballet was challenged with the task of collaborating with some of Ann Arbor's finest break dancers. This BBoy crew is a combination of KAOS Crew and The Breakbenders, two BBoy crews including students from Pioneer, Huron, and Community High School.
Allison Kennedy
Allison Kennedy is a young person. She will be your next best friend. She tends to fondle kittens and her body while making poor verb choices. She dreams to one day be your wife and child. She builds small children's paper towel dispensers in her free time
Ann Arbor 3+1
The Ann Arbor 3+1 is an Ann Arbor Pioneer brass ensemble founded in 2007 for the MSBOA Solo and Ensemble festival. It is an unorthodox arrangement of 3 low brass players and one French horn player which gives it a smooth, balanced, and rich sound. The members are Jonathan Bower (trombone), Devin Webster (bass trombone), Amin lanseur (tuba), and Jay Yamakado (french horn). The group is performing Bach's "Tocatta and Fugue in D minor". Three of the members are planning for careers in music.
Aerie Em & Ben Gugino
Born and raised here in Ann Arbor, Ben began banging drums when he was in the 5th grade. He's been hooked ever since and has been evolving as a musician, experiencing everything from jazz combos to symphonic orchestras, punk rock bands to U of M youth ensembles, and musical theater pits to the "River Rat Marching Band". He's going to be furthering himself as a Jazz Drum set major at U of M and plans to pursue music as a career. Ben met Aerie at the City Wide Poetry Slam and they've been collaborating ideas ever since. He'd like to take the chance to thank his family, friends and teachers; they've made it all possible. Enjoy the show.
Organic. Raw. Rejuvinate. Restore. Revitalize. Replenish. Rengenerate. Aerie Em is a not a Kombucha drink, however, she is the freshest, purest, and most potent poet. She is a handmade tea that is delicately cultured for thirty days. She is a raw food. Strands of the culture may appear. These are natural, normal, and only occur in raw magic.
Milan Griffes
Milan Griffes has had a profound influence on the course of piano music for the past 310 years. He has performed with worldclass ensembles like Alexander's Ragtime Band, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club band and the Ann Arbor School of Performing Arts Wednesday Evening Combo. Mr. GrifFes is currently unemployed and is accepting gigs of any kind.
Swing City Tap
Swing City Dance Studio is one of Michigan's premiere studios for tap dance. Tonight, they will perform the piece "Bang the Floor." The members of the ensemble include Pelham Barron, Charlotte Cialek, Sophie Faylor, Maneesha Finkle, Sophie Hart, Katie Leite, Emma MargerumLeys, Mackenzie Moore, Natalie Roll and Chris Seto.
NZMC Workshop
The MC workshop is a diverse community of young, talented, and aspiring artists that are able to find common ground through their love of hiphop lyricism. Going on its third year, the workshop has established a local buzz as the place to find the area's hottest upandcoming emcees. Representing for the class of 2010 are seniors Donovan Hyter, Elisha Isreal, Eamonn O'Foighil, Martin Reidy, Harry Im, Randall Le, and Ryan Wint.
Huron Trash Talkers
It is believed that every percussionist, no matter his or her skilllevel, secretly yearns for the chance to wail on a trashcan or two among fellows. Few, however, are formally given the chance to do so. Among these few, are the Huron High School Trash Talkers, consisting of Charlie Nicoli (sophomore) and Nora Eder (sophomore) on the big trash bins; Donovan Hyter (senior) and Jacob HigleRalbovsky (sophomore) on the metal trashcans; Ben Gugino (senior), Don Gozzard (junior), and Jake Johengen (junior) on the metal buckets; Schuyler Bryant (senior), Tara Murthy (senior), and Emma Dolce (senior) on the plastic buckets; and Hannah Smith (junior) and Cameron Brown (senior) playing the lids. This ensemble is sure to be among the top three coolest things you've ever seen anybody do with a set of trashcans. They'll be playing "Talkin' Trash" by Lamar D. Burkhalter. All members of the Trash Talkers are also Huron High School percussionists, members of the HHS Drum line, and have been playing percussion for between 57 years. Enjoy the trashy yet tasteful stylings of the Huron High School Trashcan Ensemble, and remember, if your trash lids come up missing, it probably wasn't them.
Sierra & Etsie, the Dueling Fencers
A junior at Community High School, Sierra Koepele started fencing with the Ann Arbor Dueling Society when she was twelve years old. Now seventeen, she has competed in the 2010 Junior Olympics for Women's Sabre, instructs the youth foil fencing classes at the YMCA, and is preparing for the 2010 Summer Nationals.
Etsie Arruda is a sophomore at Community High School. She has been fencing since she was 15. She is a member of the Ann Arbor Dueling Society. She started fencing foil, and placed fourth in a tournament. She switched to sabre, and now plans to compete on a higher level. She plans to major in theater at a college in either Chicago or New York.
Ann Arbor Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Jacob Joyce
The Ann Arbor Philharmonic Orchestra is composed of 35 of the most talented musicians on all instruments from around the area. The group was formed with the sole purpose of performing in Breakin' Curfew, and aims to introduce the power of classical music to the show's great audience. Pioneer High School senior Jacob Joyce, a devoted promoter of classical music, conducts the ensemble in their performance of Rossini's William Tell Overture.
Soul Merchants
The Soul Merchants are a new funk r&b band from Ann Arbor. Guitarist Ben Pernick, bassist Dom Kenny, and Mattie Dedoes have been playing together for years, but this year's addition of singer Mara Abramson and drummer Don Gozzard bring a whole new dynamic to their performance. Well versed in jazz, blues, funk and soul, they draw their influences from everyone from Charlie Parker to John Legend, and of course are heavily influenced by the Jonas Brothers (not really.)
Rosanne Cash: The List
Jordi Savall and La Capetla Reial De Catatunya with Hesperion XXI and Tembembe Ensamble Continue
Paul Taylor Dance Company
Mariinsky Orchestra
Valery Gergiev mni.c af :tor and conductor
Denis Matsuev ano
Schubert Cycle Concert 1 Takacs Quartet Jeffrey Kahane piano
Jerusalem Quartet
Sanki Juku: Hibiki: Resonance from Far Away Ushio Amagatsu artiste direct
Venice Baroque Orchestra Robert McDuffie voim
Django Reinhardt's 100th Birthday Celebration The Hot Club of San Francisco The Hot Club of Detroit
ONCE.More Festival:
A 50th Anniversary Moment
The Historic Concert
The Tallis Scholars
Mariachi Vargas De Tecalitlan
Murray Perahia piano
Stew and The Negro Problem with Heidi Rodewald
Carolina Chocolate Drops Handel's Messiah Laurie Anderson's Delusion Renee Fleming soprano Grupo Corpo Joanne Shenandoah Sequentia Baby Loves Salsa
The Cleveland Orchestra
Franz WelserMost conducts PierreLaurent Aimard pianc
Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis
Nadja SalernoSonnenberg moim New Century Chamber Orchestra
Blues at the Crossroads
Big Head Todd b The Monsters David 'Honeyboy Edwards Hubert Sumtin Cedric Bumside Liqhtnin Malcom
Rafat Blechaczpane
Vijay Iyer Trio and
Rudresh Mahanthappa's Apex
Concertante and Rafat Blechacz piano Merce Cunningham Dance Company
Schubert Cycle Concert 2 Takacs Quartet
Scharoun Ensemble Berlin
Martin McDonagh's
The Cripple of Inishmaan
Druid and Atlantic Theater Compan
Garry Hynes director
Mahler's Symphony No. 8 Detroit Symphony Orchestra
UMS Choral Union Leonard Slatkin conductor
Bach Collegium Japan Masaaki Suzuki corductor
Shakespeare's Richard III and The Comedy of Errors Edward Hall elector
St. Petersburg Philharmonic Yuri Temirkanov conductor Nikolai Lugansky piano
Septeto Nacional Ignacio Pineiro deCuba
Schubert Cycle Concert 3 Takacs Quartet Jeffrey Kahane piano Paul Katz cello John Feeney dojs oass
Tetzlaff Quartet
Tony Allen's Secret Agent
"Songs and Waltzes of Love"

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