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UMS Concert Program, September 21, 2012 - September 29, 2012 - Kidd Pivot; Chicago Symphony Orchestra; Suzhou Kun Opera Theater

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2l-22 23 27 28-29
Kldd Pivot: Th., Tempest Replica Natlonal The31re Uve: The Curious IncidGnt of tho Dog in thQ Night-Tim. Chla80 Symphony Orchestra - Riccardo Muti, conductor Suzhou Kun Opfl"a Theater of Jiangsu Province
Bllslanl Aspen 5,,"'4 Fe Ballet Jerusalem Quartet TheAtre de La Ville: lonesco's RhinocWos MurrllY Perahla. plano Marllnsky Orchestra of St. PetersbUfl! - Valery Gergiev, conductor National Theatre Uve: Last of th" Houssmons
Belcea Quartet
GUberto Gil HoiLand Big Band
National Theatre Un: Timon ofAthQIIs Handel's Messloh
Olanne Reeves Quartet with specialguesl Raul Midon
~ 4 ~ 6-7
10 11-13 20 27 28
> 11 ~ 16 17
w 0
"z 8-13 National Theatre of Scotland: ThQ StrongQ Undoing of Prudflncio Hart
25-26 27 31
2 9 10 14 15 16 17 20-24 23-24
mw ~
Detroit Symphony Orchestra - Leonard Slatkin, conductor Gabriel Kahane & Friends From Coss Corridor to thQ World: A TributQ to OQtroit's Musical GoIdQnAgQ Martha Graham Dance Company Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wyntan Marsalis
Angelique Kidjo New Century Chamber Orchestra - Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberl!, violin and leader Berlin Philharmonic Woodwind Quintet with Martin Katz, piano National Theatre Live: ThQ MogistrotQ The King's Singers Kodo Amjad Ali Khan with Amaan Ali Khan and Ayaan Ali Khan, sarods The English Concert with David Daniels, countertenor: Handel's Rodamisto Propeller: Shakespeare's T_/fth Night and ThQ Toming ofthQ ShrQw New York Philharmonic - Alan Gilbert, conductor
Artemis Quartet Anne-Sophie Mutter, violin Yo-Yo Ma and The Silk Road Ensemble (Ford Honors Program) Hamid Al-Saadi Iraqi Maqam Ensemble and Amir EISaffar's Two Rivers
Darius Milhaud's CXQstQion Trilogy University Symphony Orchestra UMS Choral Union & U-M School of Musk, Theatre & Dance Choral Ensembles Kenneth Kiesler, conductor Esperanza Spalding Radio Music Society 1927: ThQ Animals ond ChildrQn Took to thQ StrQQts Takacs Quartet Bobby McFerrin: spirit you 011 Alison Balsom, trumpet, and the Scottish Ensemble Ragamala Dance: SocrQd Eorth SITI Company: Tro;on ~mQn (oftw EuripidQs)
14 16
~ 4 JllIido 01 HillAurliloriumwith crgan pOplE.o\$T "ICH~
VIRTUOSO, $10,000-$19,999
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University of Michigan Center for Chinese Studies
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n -- CONCERTMASTER, $5,000-$9,999
U M\]!
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SPECIAL CELEBRATION DINNER Chicago Symphony Orchestra Thursday, September 27, 5:30 pm Speaker: Ken Fischer, UMS President
PRELUDE DINNERS Mariinsky Orchestra Saturday. October 2:1, 5:30 pm Speaker: Inna Naroditskaya, Associate Professor of Musicology, Northwestern University
New York Philharmonic Saturday. February 23, 5:30 pm Speaker: Mark Clague, Associate Professor of Music, U- M School of Music, Theatre & Dance
Alison Balsom, trumpet. and the Scottish Ensemble Saturday, April 20, 5:30 pm Speaker: TBD
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A production by Kidd Pivot
Crystal Pite
Friday Evening. September 21. 2012 at 8:00 Saturday Evening. September 22. 2012 at 8:00 PowE'f Center' Ann Arbor
This QVQnlng's (>QrtormanCQ Is approximately 80 minutes in duration and Is PQrformQd without Intllf'mlsslon.
Bryan Arias Eric Beauchesne Sandra Marin Garcia
Yannick Matthon Jin Pokorny Cindy Salgado
jermaine Maurice Spivey
Openlnl Performances of the 134th Annual Season 22nd Annual Oance Series
Owen Belton
Sound Designers
Alessandro juliani, Meg Roe
Peter Chu, Meg Roe
Lighting Designer
Robert Sondergaard
Set Designer
jay Gower Taylor
Projection Designer
jamie Nesbitt
Costume Designer
Costume Builder
Linda Chow
Prop Builders
Hagen Bonifer, Arnold FrOhwald
Choreographer's Assistant
Production Assistant
Sandra Li Maennel Saavedra
josef Chung Bernard Sauve Sharon Simpson jim Smith Bonnie Sun
Technical Director
jeremy Collie-Holmes
Assistant Technical Director Wladimiro Woyno
Stage Manager
Caroline Kirkpatrick
Company Manager
Brent Belsher
International Agent
Menno Plukker Theatre Agent Inc,
Nancy Bryant World premiere: October 20, 2011
KOnstlerhaus Mousonturm, Frankfurt, Germany
These performances are supported by the Renegade Ventures Fund, a mUlti-year challenge grant created by Maxine and Stuart Frankel to support unique, creative, and transformative performing arts experiences within the UMS season,
The Saturday performance is supported by Richard and Linda Greene, Media partnership is provided by Between the Lines, Metro Times, and WDET 101.9 FM,
Special thanks to Grace Lehman, Diane Carr, and the Ann Arbor Y, and Clare Croft and the U-M Dance Department for their support of and participation in events surrounding this week's performances by Kidd Pivot
The Tempest RepUca is a co-production of KOnstlerhaus Mousonturm (Frankfurt), GemeinnOtziger Kulturfonds Frankfurt Rhein Main, Monaco Dance Forum (Monaco), Sadler's Wells (London), National Arts Centre (Ottawa), DanceHouse (Vancouver), L'Agora de la danse (Montreal), and SFU Woodward's (Vancouver),
Kidd Pivot gratefully acknowledges Kemptener Tanzherbst (Kempten) and SFU Woodward's (Vancouver) for the residencies provided towards the creation of this work,
Kidd Pivot gratefully acknowledges the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, the Province of British Columbia through the British Columbia Arts Council, the City of Vancouver. Eponymous gratefully acknowledges the support of the Canada Council for the Arts,
Kidd Pivot would like to thank jim Vincent and joke Visser at Nederlands Dans Theater, Dorothee Merg, David Raymond and Tiffany Tregarthen, Kaja Maennel and Leela, Daniel and Katharina Wiedenhofer, Mauricio Salgado, Peter Chu, julie-Anne Saroyan, jason Dubois, and Artemis Gordon at Arts Umbrella,
Kidd Pivot Performing Arts Society is a non-profit, charitable organization registered in British Columbia, Canada,
Kidd Pivot I info@kiddpivotorg I www,kiddpivotorg
~ I SMALL BITES Crystal Pite is the artistic director and founder of Kidd Pivot which is based in
Vancouver, British Columbia.
Crystal broke out quite early in her career as both a contemporary ballet dancer and creative collaborator during her time with Germany's hugely famous Ballett Frankfurt under the direction of William Forsythe.
Crystal integrates puppetry-in this instance, shadow theater-with dance movement in many of her works.
Several of Crystal's works have reflected a creative engagement with other art forms, particularly literature. In addition to The Tempest referenced in tonight's piece, Field: Fiction (2002) was inspired by the book The Writing Life by Annie Dillard.
Crystal says that The Tempest Replica is based on motives drawn from Shakespeare's text, but is in no way meant to be a staging of the play.
Prospero, a magician and the uSlXped Duke of Milan Miranda, his daughter Ariel, a spirit, indebted to PrOSpE£O Caliban, resident monster of the Island, enslaved by Prospero Alonso, The King of Naples
Sebastian, The King's brother :- Ferdinand, The King's son Antonio, Prospera's usurping brother
Prospero, a magician and the usurped Duke of Milan, intends to have revenge upon his enemies by having them delivered, by shipwreck, to the island where he and his daughter Miranda have been exiled for 12 years. Prospero instructs the spirit Ariel to manifest a tempest, and the ship is wrecked upon the shores.
Upon seeing the shipwreck, Miranda is panicked, fearing for the lives of the passengers. Prospero calms her, and explains that 12 years ago his brother, Antonio, jealous and frustrated with Prospero's studies of magic arts, conspired with King Alonso and the King's brother, Sebastian, to usurp Prospero from his Dukedom. The three nobles captured Prospero and his two-year-old Miranda, forced them into a small boat, and cast them out to sea with no oars or sail. Eventually they arrived at the Island, where they met the resident monster, Caliban, and Ariel, a spirit trapped on the Island by a witch's spell. Prospero tried to tame and educate Caliban along with Miranda, teaching him language and the ways of civilization, but when Caliban tried to rape Miranda, Prospero enslaved him.
Now the three nobles have been delivered safely to the Island, along with the King's son, • Ferdinand. Prospero's intention is to have revenge upon his enemies, and to arrange a proper marriage for Miranda to Ferdinand.
Following his explanation, Prospero casts a spell on Miranda so she sleeps, and summons the spirit ArieL Ariel, indebted to Prospero since he released her from bondage, yearns for the freedom he has promised her once her tasks are complete, After describing the shipwreck, Ariel reminds Prospero that he promised to free her. Prospero sternly tells her there is still much work to do,
He asks Ariel to bring Ferdinand to Miranda so they can meet, When they behold each other, they fall instantly, desperately in love, In order to slow things down, Prospero pretends to mistrust Ferdinand, and forces him to perform hard physical labor as punishment
On the other side of the Island, Ariel watches as King Alonso, Sebastian, and Antonio wash up on the beach, The men believe that Ferdinand may have drowned, The King is devastated, Ariel casts a spell to make him sleep, and watches as the other two men conspire to kill him, Just as Sebastian raises his sword to murder his brother, Ariel awakens him, The men make excuses, and the three nobles exit in search of Ferdinand,
Meanwhile, Caliban, the enslaved monster, imagines killing Prospero and having the Island as his own,
Prospero is haunted by the guilt and shadow of Caliban, but he is focused on his revenge against the three nobles, He instructs Ariel to create a magic banquet, The nobles, tired and hungry, discover a table laid with food and wine, but as they touch it, the banquet turns rotten and terrifying, Ariel appears as a giant harpy and condemns the men to madness,
Following the banquet, Prospero releases Ferdinand from his heavy tasks and gives him Miranda's hand in marriage, He instructs Ariel to conjure a magical wedding, Prospero's joy at the wedding is interrupted by his thoughts of Caliban, and he leaves abruptly,
Ariel reminds Prospero that the nobles are still suffering in their madness, Prospero is moved by Ariel's compassion and, choosing virtue over vengeance, decides to forgive the three men and to give up his magic forever. Upon releasing the men, he reveals to the King that Ferdinand is alive, introduces Miranda, and asks Ariel to magically repair the ship and send them all back to Milan where Prospero intends to enjoy the rest of his days as the Duke and a father.
Finally, Prospero frees ArieL Caliban is left behind,
Integrating movement, original music, text, and rich visual design, KIDD PIVOT's performance work is assembled with recklessness and rigor, balancing sharp exactitude with irreverence and risk, Under the direction of internationally renowned Canadian choreographer Crystal Pite, the company's distinct choreographic
language-a breadth of movement fusing classical elements and the complexity and freedom of structured improvisation-is marked by a strong theatrical sensibility and a keen sense of wit and invention,
Crystal Pite has collaborated with celebrated dance artists, theater companies, and filmmakers in Canada, Europe, and the US, Since 2002, she has created and performed under the banner of her own company, Her work and her company have been recognized with numerous awards and commissions, Kidd Pivot tours extensively around the world with productions that include The Tempest Replica (2011), The You Show (2010), Dark Matters (2009), Lost Action (2006), and Double Story (2004), created with Richard SiegaL Kidd Pivot is the recipient of the 2006 Rio Tinto Alcan Performing Arts Award, and was resident company at KOnstlerhaus Mousonturm, with the support of Kulturfonds Frankfurt Rhein Main, in Frankfurt, Germany from 2010 to 2012,
This weekend's performances mark Kidd Pivot's UMS debut
Born and raised on the Canadian West Coast, choreographer and performer CRYSTAL PITE is a former company member of Ballet British Columbia and William Forsythe's Ballett Frankfurt Ms. Pite's choreographic debut was in 1990, at Ballet British Columbia. Since then, she has created works for Nederlands Dans Theater I, Cullberg Ballet, Ballett Frankfurt, The National
Ballet of Canada, Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal (Resident Choreographer, 2001-2004), Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet, Ballet British Columbia, Alberta Ballet, Ballet largen, and several independent dance artists; most re5oMted with suppOft from Catherine S. Arcure Endowment Fund; Media partn&rS WGTE 91.3 FM, WRCJ 90.9 Ftv1, DetroitJ_ish Ntws, and WDET 101.9FM
Tickets on Sale Now For more information. visIt www.ums.orgorcall 734.764.2538.
Shen Fengying, Yu Hulin. Zhou Xuefeng, Shen Guofang, LU Jia, LU Fuhai
Musicians Zou Jianliang, Dizi (flute) Zhou Zhihua, Dizi and Xiao (vertical flute) Xin Shilin, Percussion Fu jianping and Yao Shenxing, Erhu Xu Chunxia, Erhu and Zhonghu l!'apher: unknown.
T angXianzu
Four Scenes from The Peony Pavilion (Mudanting) Youyuan jlngmeng (Slroltlng In the Garden and the Interrupted Dream) Xunmeng (Pursuing the Dream)
Shihua jlaohua (The Portrait Retrieved and Examined) YOU8OU (Nightly Rendezvous)
Tonight's program Is pflr/ormedwlrh one Intermission and has Q approximately 135 mfnurQs.
duration of
Tonl(!ht's performance Is sponsored by the Confucius Institute at the University of Michigan.
Special thanks to Joseph Lam and the U-M Confucius Institute, and Elaine Sims and the U-M Health System Gifts of Art Program for their support of and participatlon In the Suzhou Kun Opera Theater residency.
Four Scenes from The Peony PaviLion (Mudanting) Tang Xianzu (1550-1616)
Tonight's program presents four seminal scenes from Tang Xianzu's masterpiece. the Peony Pavilfon, which simultaneously tells a love story and launches a philosophical debate of humanity. As told by Tang. who is now often discussed as a Chinese Shakespeare, the Peony Pavilion is a complex drama of 55 scenes. telling how Bridal Tu, the daughter of an elite family, finds meanings of life through love, death. and resurrection. A gist of the drama runs as follows. One day, Bridal Tu ventures into the family garden. finds flowers blossoming among crumbled walls and dried up wells; there and then, she realizes how a life without love is meaningless. Emotionally exhausted. she takes a nap in the garden. and dreams a rendezvous with her future beloved, only to wake up with an insatiable yearning for him. In the following day. she comes back to the garden. trying to find her dream lover again. She goes back to her boudoir disappointed. Soon, she falls love-sick and dies. To preserve herself for her lover. she makes a portrait of herself before her untimely death. and has it hidden by a giant rock in the garden after her funeral. Meeting her judge in the underworld, however. she begs and gets another chance to live again.
She is to be resurrected by her destined husband. Master Liu. a talented young scholar. Searching for love and career. he comes to the Bridal Tu's town and finds her portrait in the garden she left behind. Gazing at the painting, he finds Bridal Tu's beauty irresistible; thus, he worships her painted presence, and begs her to come alive. She does. and they begin to cavort with one another. Having his love for her, dead or alive, assured, she reveals her identity to him. and asks him to resurrect her. With the help of a Daoist nun, he opens up her grave, finds her in perfectly human form. and wakes her from her death. They begin to live as husband and wife. Living in the human world. nevertheless, they have to secure their conjugal bliss by having his career as a scholar- official launched. Thus she sends him to the capital to take the national examinations. the gateway for male careers in imperial China. He passes the examinations as a top candidate. Before he can take the good news to Bridal Tu. however. he has to convince her stubborn father. a powerful court official whom he finds in the capital, that he is not an evil grave digger, and that she has actually resurrected. Only with the emperor's intervention, the father is persuaded. And the drama concludes with a grand and happy finale.
The four scenes featured in tonight's program represent major dramatic turns in the drama. The first scene is entitled "Strolling in the Garden and the Interrupted Dream." It shows Bridal Du and her maid strolling in the garden and her meeting with her destined husband in a romantic dream. This scene is arguably the most frequently performed scene in contemporary kunqu. Its main aria, the "Black Silk Gown." is one of the most discussed and performed compositions among all kunqu arias. The second scene is entitled "Pursuing the Dream; which tells how Bridal Tu returns to the garden and attempts to meet her destined husband again. She cannot. and thus she falls love- sick and dies disappointed. This scene is a favorite among kunqu masters performing as the young female role. It affords them opportunities to sing and act at their greatest capabilities, expressing female desire and demeanor that Bridal Du personifies, and Chinese audiences idealize and want to envision for themselves.
The third scene is entitled 'The Portrait Retrieved and Examined." It tells how Master Liu finds Bridal Du's portrait, tries to figure out who she is, and concludes that she is an angel from heaven, who has nevertheless become the object of his desire. Through acting, singing. and chanting by himself-for almost 30 minutes. the performer acting in this scene would dramatically project a young and talented man falling in love with a woman whom he has yet to meet in person. As such, the scene is a theatrical testimonial to not only the performer's skills and talents but also the ways traditional Chinese imagine how an educated and romantic scholar-official would feel and act. The fourth scene is entitled "Nightly Rendezvous." which is love-making symbolically staged. Hearing Master Liu's genuine call for her, Bridal Du comes out to meet him in his studio. Surprised to seean unknown beauty coming to his room uninvited. he asks who she is; she says she is the beauty on the painting whom he begs to appear. He then asks why
she comes. and she tells him that she wants to spend the night with him. This scene is both musically and visually expressive and emotional. Listen to the melodic twists and turns the performers sing. and watch out for their caressing one another with their long and flowing sleeves (shuixiu).
Program note fyy Professorjoseph Lam, director, Confucius Institute at the University of Michigan.
For an introduction to kunqu, please refer to page 25 in your program book.
MR. CAl SHAOHUA is Director of the Suzhou Kun Opera Theater. An energetic and forward-looking artistic administrator, he has guided. since 2002, the troupe to gain international fame and artistic successes. With collaborative projects and strategic use of artistic and human resources. he has developed not only the troupe's effective preservation of kunqu as a cultural heritage of China. but also its innovative and well-received productions of grand operas. which include: The Peony
Pavilion the Young Lovers' Edition (2004): The Palace of Eternal Youth (2004): the jade Hairpin (2010): and Lanke Mountain (2008).
MS. SHEN FENGYING is an internationally renowned kunqu performer of the young and unmarried female role, a specialty that she learned from Ms. Zhang jiqing. Ms. Hua Wenyi, Ms. Wang Fang. and other distinguished masters. Noted for her onstage beauty and exquisite acting. Ms. Shen has won many awards and honors, which include: Top 10 Best Young Kunqu Performers Award (2007): the Plum Flower Award. the highest Chinese award for operatic performers (2007); and national designation as a Class One Performing Artist. She plays leading roles in several canonic kunqu operas, such as the Peony Pavilion: the Young Lovers' Edition; the jade Hairpin, and the Romance of the West Chamber. Ms. Shen performs internationally. In 2007, she performed kunqu in Tokyo for Prime Minister Wenjiabao's state visit to japan; in the same year, she performed in Paris at the UNESCO Festival of Masterpieces of Oral and Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
YU jlULlN is an internationally renowned kunqu performer of the young male role, a specialty that he learned from Wang Shiyu, Vue Meiti, Shi Shaomei, and other distinguished masters. Noted for his stage persona as a handsome, talented, and erudite scholar. Mr. Yu has won several major awards, which include: Top 10 Best Young Kunqu Performers Award (2007), the Plum Flower Award, the highest Chinese award for operatic Chinese performers (2007); and national designation as a Class One Performing Artist. Mr. Yu plays leading roles in several canonic kunqu operas, such as The Peony Pavilion: the Young Lovers' Edition. the jade Hairpin, and the Romance of the West Chamber. Mr. Yu performs internationally. In 2007. he performed kunqu in Tokyo for Prime Minister Wen jiabao's state visit to japan; in the same year,
he performed in Paris at the UNESCO Festival of Masterpieces of Oral and Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. In 2008. he performed in Tokyo in a Chinese-japanese version of the Peony Pavilion.
ZHOU XUEFENG is an acclaimed kunqu performer of the young male role. He studied kunqu with Cai Zhengren, Wang Shiyu, and Vue Meiti and other distinguished masters. To advance his artistry. Mr. Zhou became, in 2003. a formal disciple of Cai Zhengren. and since then, has continuously received personalized coaching from the senior master kunqu. Mr. Zhou has won a number of awards. which include: Top 10 Best Young Kunqu Performers Award (2007); and the Red Plum Golden Award (2009). Mr. Zhou plays leading roles in a number of kunqu plays. which include the Palace of Eternal Youth and the Lioness Roar (Shihou ji).
MS. SHEN GUOFANG specializes in the teenage female role, and her vivid portrayal of charming and innocent maids. such as Chunxiang in the Peony PavWon the Young Lovers' Edition and Yunxian in The Hairpin and the Bracelet, has been popularly received. Recognized as a National Class Two Performer. Ms. Shen has won a number of national awards. which include Outstanding Young Kunqu Performers Award (2007), the Silver Prize of First Kunqu Festival (2000), and New Performers of Suzhou Award (2007).
LO jlA specializes in the teenage female and martial female roles. Her teachers include Zhao Guozhen. Wu Meiyu, Liang Guyin, and other famous kunqu masters. Recognized as a National Class Two Performer. and noted for her performance of many operatic characters, LO has vividly performed Hongniang in the Romance of the West Chamber. Van Xijiao in the Water Margin (Shuihu ji), and other beloved female characters. LO has won a number of national awards, which include silver prizes in the third and fourth Red Plum Competition of Operatic Performances in Jiangsu Province (2007 and 2009).
LO FUHAI specializes in the clown and fu (supporting male) roles. A designated National Class One Performer. and a recognized artistic successor of Wang Chuansong, a legendary performer of the clown role. LO performs clownish characters with perfect timing and witty humor. His famous roles include Zhang Sanlang of the Water Margin and Lou the Mouse of the Fifteen Strings of Cash. LO's many awards include: Outstanding Performance Award at the First Kun Opera Festival (2000) and Distinguished Performer Award at the Second Kun Opera Festival (2003).
ZOU JlANLlANG is the vice president of Suzhou Kun Opera Theater and a National Class One dizi (flute) performer. After childhood lessons with his father, Zou learned dizi playing from several renowned teachers. In 1977. he enrolled in the jiangsu Province Kunqu academy and there he learned from Gu Zhaoqi and other distinguished kunqu dizi artists. Zou is the principle dizi player for several major productions of the Suzhou Kun Opera Theater, which include the Peony PavWon: the Young Lovers' Edition, the Palace of Eternal Youth, and the Jade Hairpin. Zhou performs extensively in Asia, Europe, and the US.
ZHOU ZHIHUA is a young and promising player of dizi and xiao (vertical flute). A graduate of the jiangsu Province Opera Academy, Zhou joined the Suzhou Kun Opera Theater in 2004 asa wind instrument performer, and received further coaching from Zou jianliang, the troupe·s principle dizi player. Zhou plays for many traditional productions of kunqu shows. and has performed many times in Hong Kong and across Asia.
XIN SHILlN is the principle percussionist of Suzhou Kun Opera Theater. A graduate of the Shandong Province Opera Academy. he plays both traditional and contemporary repertories of kunqu. In 2006, he was named one of Ten Outstanding Young Persons in Suzhou. Traveling with the troupe. Xin has performed in many Western. Asian. and Chinese cities.
FU jlANPING is a National Class Two Performer and a principle erhu player for the Suzhou Kun Opera Theater. who also plays a number of other string, wind, and percussion instruments. Fu also composes/arranges kunqu instrumental music; his works include instrumental compositions for The Palace of Eternal Youth and The Lanke Mountain. Traveling with the troupe. Fu has performed in different countries and places including Italy. Austria, Belgium, and Singapore.
XU CHUNXIA is a young and promising performer of the ertJU and zhonghu fiddles. She joined the Suzhou Kun Opera Theater in 2001, and since then toured with the troupe, performing kunqu instrumental music in Asian and European venues.
WANG YINGYING is a National Class Two Performer who plays a number of Chinese string and/or plucked instruments, which include the pipa, the kunqu lute (quxian). the
zhong ruan (lute), and guqin (seven-string zither), In addition to her performances with the troupe's international tours, Wang also performs as a soloist, and has earned critical acclaims for her performances,
YAO SHENXING has played erhu since the age of 12, She joined the Suzhou Kun Opera Theater in 2003, and since then, performs internationally as both a member of the troupe's orchestra and as a soloist, Noted for her solo playing, she has performed in many cultural and official functions in Suzhou,
As a performer who joined the Suzhou Kun Opera Theater in 1977, GU LING (Make-up Artist) specialized in the roles of young and unmarried woman and military female, In 2000, she changed her career to become a make-up stylist, Since 2004, she has produced critically acclaimed make-up designs for leading characters in a number of major productions, which include the popular Peony Pavilion: the Young Lovers' Edition and the Jade Hairpin, Gu tours internationally with the troupe,
Upon graduation, in 2003, from the Suzhou University specializing in cloth designs, BAI L1NGFANG (Costume Designer) joined the Suzhou Kun Opera Theater as a costume designer. She has created costumes for the troupe's Chinese and Japanese joint productions of the Peony Pavilion and the Romance of the West Chamber, and supervised the making of costumes for new productions of the Peony Pavilion, the Jade Hairpin, and the Palace of Eternal Youth, Bai tours internationally with the troupe,
This weekend's performances mark Suzhou Kun Opera TheaterofJkmgsu Province's VMS debut
lonesco's Rhinoceros Theatre de la Ville Emmanuel Demarcy-Mota, director
Thursday, October 11, 7:30 pm Friday, October 12,8 pm Saturday, October 13, 8 pm Power Center
Supported by Rene&:ade Ventures Fund; Funded in part by Wallace Endowment Fund; Media partners Between the Lines, Michi&:an Radio 91.7 FM, WDET 101.9 FM, and Ann Arbor's107one
Tickets on Sale Now For more information, visit www,ums,orgorcall 734,764,2538,
Through Monday, October I. 2012 The below UMS activities are FREE, open to the public, and take place in Ann Arbor
unless otherwise noted. For complete details and updates, please visit The post-performance party never ends at Check it out and let
us know what you think!
UMS on Film: /consAmong Us Wednesday, September 19, 6:00 pm U-M Museum of Art, Stern Auditorium, 525 S. State Street Jazz is undergoing changes of monumental magnitude and importance. Icons Among Us (2009,93 min.) examines the jazz music scene today by focusing the spotlight on many current jazz icons, including Terence Blanchard, Ravi Coltrane, Robert Glasper, Donald Harrison, Jr., Anat Cohen, and Esperanza Spalding, among others. The film also features the legendary predetr Nne and P.... Glendon Katl>tand TomGoid:>erl Rkl'lardand LhdiIGreene S U s a n a n d R k " - d G u t o w ' D.1YId and F'hyIIs I-ierzI8 """,,,,,MId)ua\t1SlOdbIiIand NOrmln Herbert c.1 and CI\aJ1eneHer!iteln
D o r I s C U o e ~ F c u l d i t l o n --
FoundatIcn fa" ~ ASIOOMIon 01 ~ Arts
'"""'"""_ft MaxIne and stuart F.........
om _1-let:b-V McMuten McMullen Prcpe"tIes MI5. Rebert E. MetedtM MId1Iean Councillor ....ts and
CUltural A ll","
Lao..:l KWoy Lee_t
c:--.or0·S49. ,9'
U-MCen""IQrC"res.Stuo:Ie; lInlv d M i r y Cad\' )ear> andKeroCas.y' " , L I DonotJan o a _ a n d } o m
Corbett O'Meata Rosalie E"""ardSIV"Ibfani Ann Arbor
'''''' DI\Od _)0-1«01 f'eathermIn
""'" CNo1I!5 H. G e n h e n 5 o n " l t U S (
.5, - I;i
M&noI! S. and UndI G. ~ -,-
(01 R ' P.Heydon)
and Joe..:l Y-..rne Sesl
iIrd S j m o u s F o o d 01 1 M C o r r v r u l n y
Rlcl\attl and UIIIan I\Oe5 Trusl TIle.....-.:nw W. Mellon Foundaotlon Mkr.l8l1nEooncrrOc:~I --
Molnll,eet VenlU"es
5tfopI\e;ldcIodc & SIDne,
CorIosand Dr.1. e. ~
e. ~,- Herbertand~IU>en
....... Cornrru1ItyFoundaotlonIQr
GII>efIOmernMIdMirtMa~ /1mand Palrlc:lo. ReKI Retlremenllna;ome SolutIons I.Inda ~ and)oel HOwell Oemls and Ellie SetrilS
_,FumSlcil ]oc:mw.and~ ~
Ta - St.t* '" MaIN ChowdIuy
COitman PalolOa Garcia
I«!nnethand ~ EI5enber!i: _ Plano InradlEA jazz MaUnlMe
igan CrttIcioI CII. Consultants,
CIa\Od N. PIf"SII\An
I'rlMMId....... Rosenthal' IlcioJRand SI\iron _ _
-_.- LWII!d _ and"ltUS(
Kar"" Ind D.1YId SllJIz Robetrtand~
Jl o.IIa5and SNron Dolt
PRO PI.L bobo:aINfIoMbVS- KIrt~ KM!nGottIrc
Dr. ! W e n B a n t e l a n d Dr. Steott!
C _ G l _
OJ and 0IeU!r eo.nm )ell ......... and IV .AIi:ward Co:lql«
0 .E.andNancyM.801_ --- Bort::oiv.IE_Bry~
Char.... and l>rI$.lIor'aSdOrt """"'
-~""""' )oIIn~_ DlarwlRaimI
......, RobertM._1OIn F _
SaIl H....,EM«! 0. Hyrn;Jns Kftjand~lrar1
JolIn R EdrNn _1!eftlI II. Ectnan Susan"""'-_)om ~ Sata MId MIchael Ft_ ProI'.0avId M. Gate!;
leon ~QI)SOO
T m o I h y a n d Jo W I e s e j c t r n . o n ~ctoen Ken"""'
Tnomas and Batbara GbeU M a r I o u a n d T a n c a p o )anetandBII~ ca.......,..,
)oM and _ GeandSusanRoseerant
Jam K ~ence_jeanlneA.
)clan and EmI EneeI j o m a n d MIEftFEoJer_ _ M 0 . . _ . . F r a n t I $
Jmy A..,.;I 0etlcratI On" loUt" SUsan McCIiNrIIn _ e .
o n d T o n I _
w( $ _
)0-$2, 499) _
MaI"i..."McKl~ Mml) L.vncll HarryandNatalieMobley L.e;(of and)NnM Monts A I a n . - . d S h e l l M a r . . . " ........ and IC.-a MCqen5tem ..........
Gr.r and PIlI MCDonald ~ Mt:HiIt_)orIn Andenon
-""'~. JIm_ /I)AllaIn»
RoOert a n d ~ 0VIstIne W. ~ Dr..-.dMn.DOYidG.~ IAcnandIds
~ and GnIce 80Kef Dr. _ t . h . R M p h 9 0 z e I
""""""" Hf,tr>w;aY. P.e.
C _
an::! joan 8\.rIeWl )aneI and Lou C"~y
walle and Jal'let teIfMs _ and Mary /OI"nson
,,,~ PHlpandK.iI~KIrrwot1I'I ..,.. ~~Kooc1zI;rdMath\;&
Chefylan:l BrIon CIiwkson
!-U>ert and EIIo1n eor..... Phetpsand)NIICorv>M /1mand Com.Cook Paul Ccuant and ~ MM6IdI su...r.DImIw
ChanesW._ KalI"'Hnp. ' " ' " -
loMond Dot Reed AntIlOnyL _ e lls CI\arIe5 R~ntIartCOIr(>I.... RsItcn Dr. and M n. Nathaniel H. ~ SWanna and Alan SalIktt SusanM SmIthandRa-tH.Gdng and noll services, the Beilonina d4o"re PIlleIt DuYI>moy ~Gos"'tt KIm and Darlene Eaete Bart>.Ya Ekt1mun..r ~ene Fast
Mar~aret and)otln F_...... carolFl"""""" ClareM FlnIler(e DaW! FInk and MariN Mata Harold and BlUe Fl5d'ief !.au'el FI5her and Robert FabrlIate Factory )otIn).I-I. Schwarz, MD. E'" and carol Sen M-Ichael and)anet st>atu~ Mualad and Aida S h I _ SlvIo'. Or\lanlc RI,torante and
carl P. SImon and Bobbl Low DIdeeo; F\orl'n(e S. wat/.....
Ulna and Bob waIIn )oAnnYiald Harvey and RobIn Wax
Arbor Area Cornn>.JnIIy FoI..ndatIon Ann Arbor FIre station # 1 -_. ArmenCIe......,..,
Mrs. Gardner C. Quarton
Frank). Asdone Pemy and Arttu Ashe )otIn and Linda Acre Ralph W. and Barbara L. Babb l.a"l'n(e R and Barbara It Baker Usa and ~m Bak.... ReI! and Pat Baker Barbara and DanIel Balbach Nan Barba. and)onatt>an SUIIar DavId and Moo.,.. Barera Frank and LIndsay l'yas Bateman Astrid B. Beef Renate Gerr\e Bullen LetltlaJ. Byrd Amy and)lm Byrne SU...n and OlIver\e carey Thoma. and Colleen Carey Barbara Mattison Carr ,~~ Marlara and MkhaI'l Kratctman Kresile Foundation l.a PltaFresh jane Fryman LaIrd
RonandE....... W. Scott Max and Mary WI.~enathan Buidey )uct; and T oby Burt Anthony and)ane Buton Mar~arel W. Carroll and Dennis B.
Nillel and)ilne Thompson Pel....cameandErrvnaThrom ,~~
Lau:\e McC....1ey and " " ' " Grtzzle W.)osephMcCuneand~
Fr. LewIs W. Towlell )ilrT1es and Gall ~
Mary jean and)ohn YabIonI Mary Denvie'I and )a" " " Corbell Of. and Mrs. Ron OKeanne Navarre )ohnandAM Nkld"" Kathleen Nolan and Dou~
Thomas P. Non1s and Sa"""ne _.
WlIIam). and Roberta G. Stapleton ""~-
Brad and Kar"" Thompson
Ia Gareth and Lauren William:.Ya Pr1nc:e Harold It RatSIemj RoserbeI't! HasIour ErlcandNancy~ )1mandst~Austln RobBtLBaIrd
BanIerts Helen V. Ber\l
Robert .........t Berry The el~ PIcture Partners LLC Sara BlllmaM and)el!rey IWra.s )on and Kathy Bltslrorn WlIIam and Ilene BlrI1l' )my and Oody Blild.Ya Murphy
)ame5F. Eder
RIchard and MYfna Ed~ar
GlorIa). Edwards
Alan S. Elser
Char"" and )ulle Elts
)can and David Evan.
Of. and Mrs. S.M. Farhat _ and Rad"oaeI Fayrolan
)oe Fazio and Usa PalreU PhIl and Ph){lUs Fellin )ames and Flora F...,.ara jean Fine
Sara and Em FInk
=~- )ohn So.Jddl>r and ~
)ulle and MIIeII'Torno Alvan a n d KatheI1ne UhIe FifflWM. Ulaby and jean CUnnIn~ )aand 0iI.\OdI(j"",ua
IV&"PIan Zaid Gal and DavId ZUk
The donors listed below have provided significant support to UMS over a number ofyears. We recognize those whose cumulative giving to UMS totals $500,000 or more.
Linda and Mau'ke Blnl::ow Commu:'llty Foundation torSoutheast Mlc:tM~an DorIs DuIre Charitable FU:'>CIatlon Ford Motor Company Fund and Community Serv\c", F"""tHealthSeMe", Rkt\a,d and Lllian Iv", Trust The ArOfffl W. Metlon FU:'>CIatlon Mkt1l~ Coo..ndl tor Art, and Cullu'al Allal,,;
National Endowment lor the Art, Pi'll..... Inc. Randall and Mary Pittman Phil and Kathy Pow«
The Pow« Foundallon Estate at Mary Roml~-deYoun~ l-lerbert E. Sloan. Jr. M.D. The Wallace Foundallon
The future success of UMS is secured in part by income from UMS's endowment funds. We extend our deepest appreciation to the many donors who have established and/or contributed to the following funds:
H. Gardner and Bonnie Ackley Endowment Fund Hert>ert S. and Carol Amster Endowment Fund catherine S. Ar«"e Endowment Fund (a(1 and lsabetle Brauer Endowment Fund
Hal and Ann Davis Endowment Fund DorIsDuIreCharitableFU:'>CIatlonEndowmentFund Epstein Endowment Fund Ilene H. Foro;yth Endowment Fund SUs.1n and Rkhard Gutow R"""1lade Venlu'es
Endowment Fund Norman and DebbIe Herb«t Endowment Fund DavId and PhyI"' ~ Endowment Fund )anNet Endowment Fund
WlWam R Kinney Endowment Fund Franc", Mauney LoIv Choral Union Endowment Fund
Natalie Matovlnor.>it Endowment Fund Medeal Commu:'llty Endowment Fund NEA Mat{t1I~ Fund ottmar Eberbac:t1 Funds
The arts unite us all.
The power of the arts is to unite commlllrlies. givirP;J usa rush of emotion we want to share wrth others. At lklrted Bar;; &Trust. we're unrted in oor mission to acti'A'lyshow oor support for the arts. and for the manyvibranl communities we seM'.l.efscomJKIsesollllions together.
Solutions Together
3990 JACKSON ROAD, ANN ARBOR, MI 48103 (73 4 I 668-6100
We are grateful to the following donors for including UMS in their estate pians. These gifts will provide financial support to UMS for generations to come.
Bel and Judith LEnd,,·, Ken and Pemy FIKher SUs.1n Ruth Fisher Mefedth L. and Neal Fosleert E. Sloan ArtandEllzabethSolomon Roy and)oAn Wetzel Ann and Clayton WUHle Mr. and Mrs. ROMId G. loll...
carol and Herb Am,teara and LiIU'ara Everttt Bryant Pat and Geor~e Chata, Mr. and Mrs.johnAldenCIalt Mary C. Crichton
DIane K1rkpatrkl§ St..ley V...,ell Mar~a,el HoweU Wekt1 ,-~ BarbaraWyk...
yLA --~
§(lone Dr. Mel Barclay
Raymond 8eme1' Dorothy Denhart C'ai~ Jean Coulter Crump Mart K. Culotta )olin S. Dobson Barbara F...~ )on T. F...rIef Dr. James F. Al~as
Mkt\aet Alleman~ Jean W. campbell Dr. Mlnor)."Ml" Coon Ken and Pemy FI§(her S-Usa-n R.Fisher Kathy and Tom GoIdberil Wall and Charlene Hancock
Ian KrIe~ Sha,on Anne M'>InI'IIc: Deara Meadows Mercy" R",tao.xant Robin and VIctor Mk>seI. Harry and Natalie Mobley MorIIan & YorIor£e Hardware Bebe'. Nalls and Spa Kathy Benton and Robert Brown KaltM'yn BIeda Linda and Mau'lc:e Blnkcw Blue Nile Restaurant OJ and Dieter Boehm Jim BoI_Ioan and Melvyn Le,,;tsky ~ An Aml'IIcan Rl>sI....anl (M'les and Judith Luca. Robert and Pearson Mal Frank Maxine and Stuart Frankel Gat... Iw Sable ~ Mart GjulE.\RTIi"
2268 S. Main St. Localed by Busch·s (In the oomer (If S. Main St. and Ann Arbor-Saline Rd.
734-998-1245 www.irisdrycleaners.oom
Carol Austad, MD Carol Barbour, PhD Ronald Benson, MD Meryl Berlin, PhD Peter Bios. Jr.. MD Linda BrakeL MD Robert Cohen. PhD Susan Cutler, PhD Joshua Ehrlich, PhD Lena Ehrlich, PsyO Harvey Falit, MO Richard Hertel, PhD Erika Homann, PhD Bernadette Kovach, PhD Alan Krohn, PhD Howard Lerner, PhD Barry Miller, MO Giovanni Minonne, PhD Julie NageL PhD Jean-Paul Pegeron,MD Dwarakanath Rao, MD Ivan Sherick. PhD Merton Shill, PhD Michael Shulman. PhD Michael Singer, PhD Jonathan Sugar, MO MarieThompson,MD Dushya n t Trived!. MD Jeffrey Urist, PhD
Gail van Langen.PhD MargaretWalsh. PhD Elisabeth Weins1llln. M ) Mark Ziegler, PhD
UMS Ticket Office Michigan League 911 North University Avenue Mon-Fri: 9am-Spm Sat: 10am-lpm
Venue ticket offices open 90 minutes before each performance for in-person sales only.
(Outside the 734 area code, call toll-free 800.221.1229)
UMS TIcket Office Burton Memorial Tower 881 North University Avenue Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1011
If you are unable to use your tickets, please return them to us on or before the performance date (accepted until the published performance time). A receipt will be issued by mail for tax purposes. Please consult your tax advisor. Ticket returns count towards UMS giving levels.
All UMS venues are accessible for persons with disabilities. For information on access at specific UMS venues, call the Ticket Office at 734.764.2538. Ushers are available for assistance.
For hearing-impaired persons, Hill Auditorium, Power Center, and Rackham Auditorium are equipped with assistive listening devices. Earphones may be obtained upon arrival. Please ask an usher for assistance. For events with high sound volume, ask your usher for complimentary earplugs.
For items lost at Hill Auditorium, Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre, Power Center, Rackham Auditorium, or Arthur Miller Theatre, please call University Productions at 734.763.5213. For the Michigan Theater, call 734.668.8397. For St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, ca1l734.821.2111.
Refreshments are available in the lobby during intermissions at events in the Power Center, in the lower lobby of Hill Auditorium, and in the Michigan Theater. Refreshments are not allowed in seating areas.
If you want to make parks greener, improve neighborhoods, even support the arts, the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan can help. And keep your donation giving for generations to come.
Visit or call1-888-WE-ENDOW to find out more. for more information on how we can help.
Scan the QR Code
We know that parking in downtown Ann Arbor can be difficult and can sometimes take longer than expected. Please allow plenty of time to park. Parking is available in the Church Street, Maynard Street, Thayer Street, Fletcher Street, and Liberty Square structures for a minimal fee.
UMS donors at the Patron level and above ($1,000) receive 10 complimentary parking passes for use at the Thayer or Fletcher Street structures in Ann Arbor. Valet parking is available for all Hill Auditorium performances on the Choral Union Series for a fee ($20 per car). Cars may be dropped off in front of Hill Auditorium beginning one hour prior to the performance. UMS donors at the Virtuoso level ($10.000 annually) and above are invited to use the valet parking service at no charge.
As of July 1, 2011, the smoking of tobacco is not permitted on the grounds of the University of Michigan, including the exteriors of U-M theaters and concert halls. Smoking is allowed on sidewalks adjacent to public roads.
Subscribers may exchange tickets free of charge up until48 hours prior to the performance. Non-subscribers may exchange tickets for a $6 per ticket exchange fee up until 48 hours prior to the performance. Exchanged tickets must be received by the Ticket Office (by mail or in person) at least 48 hours prior to the performance. You may send your torn tickets to us by mail, fax a photocopy of them to 734.647.1171, or email a scanned copy to Lost or misplaced tickets cannot be exchanged.
We will accept ticket exchanges within 48 hours of the performance for a $10 per ticket exchange fee (applies to both subscribers and single ticket buyers). Tickets must be exchanged at least one hour before the published performance time. Tickets received less than one hour before the performance will be returned as a donation.
Children of all ages are welcome to attend UMS Family Performances. Children under the age of three will not be admitted to regular. full-length UMS performances. All children must be able to sit quietly in their own seats throughout the performance. Children unable to do so, along with the adult accompanying them. may be asked by an usher to leave the auditorium. UMS has posted age recommendations for most performances at Please use discretion in choosing to bring a child. Remember, everyone must have a ticket regardless of age.
Discover AmI Arbor's Best Kept Cultural Secret
.... "\\\11 cHI L M",ilri; N.DnaI Anocia4on, Mooilor FDIC ord &Ja' IWli>;t Unler. IIM>mm ts..:
Key.comio•fedoraIyrogiolemd........,.",",01KI¥Corp.C20t21'.e)CG- ''',.
For more detailed information on how to get involved with UMS, please visit
Internships with UMS provide valuable experiences in all areas of arts management, including performing arts production, education, administration, ticket sales, programming. development, and marketing. For more information about available positions and how to apply, please visit
The UMS Student Committee is an official U-M student organization dedicated to keeping the campus community connected to the performing arts. For more information on how to join, please email
Usher orientation sessions are held twice annually for new and returning ushers. You must attend an orientation to be eligible for ushering. Information about upcoming sessions is available at www.ums.or8lushersassessionsarescheduled. For more information, contact Kate Gorman at 734.615.9398 or
Open to singers of all ages, the 170-voice UMS Choral Union performs choral music of every genre in presentations throughout the region. Participation in the UMS Choral Union is open to all by audition. Auditions are held in the spring and the fall of each year. To learn more, please contact Kathy Operhall at or 734.763.8997.
If you are passionate about arts advocacy. are looking for ways to spend time volunteering, and have a desire to connect with our organization on a deeper level the UMS Advisory Committee may be a great match for you. To learn more, please contact Cindy Straub at cstraub@umich.eduor734.647.8009.
54 Academy of Early Music 42 Alumni Association of the
University of Michigan 48 Ann Arbor Public Schools
Educational Foundation 34 Ann Arbor Symphony
Orchestra 24 Bank of Ann Arbor 36 Bellanina Day Spa 46 Center for Plastic and
Reconstructive Surgery 26 Charles Reinhart Co.
Realtors 12 Community Foundation
4 Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn. LLP
48 Iris Dry Cleaners 56 Jaffe, Raitt, Heuer & Weiss
PC 42 Kensington Court 54 Key8ank 56 Kumon 36 Mark Gjukich
Photography 34 Maryanne Telese, Realtor 38 McMullen Properties IFC Michigan Economic
38 44 26 32 38
54 32 22 26 44 38
Rotary Club of Ann Arbor Sesi Motors Sheraton Ann Arbor Silver Maples of Chelsea Smith Haughey Rice & Roegge
The Gilmore Tom Thompson Flowers Toyota UMS Prelude Dinners United Bank and Trust University of Michigan Credit Union University of Michigan Health System University of Michigan Museum of Art
for Southeast Michigan 52 Community Foundation 50
for Southeast Michigan 28 Confucius Institute at the 22 University of Michigan 40
36 Donaldson & Guenther 24 Edward Surovell Realtors 48 2 Ford Motor Company 48
Fund and Community Services 28
Development Corporation Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute and Society Michigan Radio Miller, Canfield, Paddock and Stone, p,Le Real Estate One Red Hawk and Revive

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