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Cover image for list titled 'CULT FILMS ' CULT FILMS
Movies that have developed a "cult" following of some kind usually for their original often over-the-top style, genre mixing or genre all their own. The films on this list are films that I most likely have already seen, if not owned several times, but would love to see if not own, a nicely, fairly newly restored version on DVD or Blu ray.
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Cover image for list titled 'Horror Films-International [DVD]' Horror Films-International [DVD]
Films from the horror genre, can be from any time period and any country. High to low budget, cult classics, etc... Asian Horror (Japan, S.Korea), Italian filmmakers like Argento, Bravo, French classic's like Eyes Without a Face. 1960's films from the U.K. like The Innocent's, Repulsion and Peeping Tom. Silent films, especially German expressionist's (F.W. Murnau), also Hollywood filmmakers like Tod Browning (esp. with Lon Chaney).
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Cover image for list titled 'Want Blu-ray in My Collection' Want Blu-ray in My Collection
Movie that I like so much that I would love to own a commercial copy of it (preferably a Criterion Collection Print)
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